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The Old Man
07-19-2004, 10:18 PM
It had been so long since he came to this far side of everything, that he could no longer remember why or how he came here.
He was looking out for something, or maybe escaping, no, he must have been looking out for something, or someone.
Why couldn't he put his mind together? :eh:
It was so confusing and his mind was so twisted. :hypnotized: :eh:

He no longer remembered why he was here, but he knew one thing, he didn't belong here and that really made him mad. :evil:
He didn't remember how it was when he first came here, but he did remember that for years now, he had been retreating from people.
He knew things they didn't, at least he knew he used to know things they didn't, it was so upsetting to be so lost inside of his own mind. :|

For years now, he had been staying in this very old house at the top of a hill.
He didn't answer the door when people came to visit him, because people insisted going at his place.
There was some kind of myth about this "Old Man".
He was supposed to be all the rage for all the wrong reasons. :? :eh:
Yet, the Old Man knew he was different from the commoners.
They looked so simple.
He used to be something else, he knew that, but what?
How different?
Why couldn't he put his mind together? :( :'(

Diana Hunter
07-20-2004, 09:16 PM
Diana unlocked the dead bolt to her door and walked in. She dropped her mail on the table and ploped down in a chair. She was so exhausted, and it was only mid-afternoon, but the work-a-holic in her wouldn't let her stop until she'd finished her project.
Rubbing her eyes she looked around her apartment. The place was neat and tidy but could use a good dusting. She had purchased this one story studio above the old building because it had always been something she had dreamed about. She had day dreamed when she was younger about having one of her own, decorating it a million times in her mind. Now that she was older, she could afford the dream. It hadn't mattered to her that she had to buy the building to go with it.
On her walls hung various plaques with her name inscribed upon them, most of the time she laughed at them. After a night like last night, she sometimes wondered how she had gained the noteriety of being the world's leading Quantum Physicist and Molecular Biologist. She supposed it had to do with being an only child and the fact that her parents didn't indulge her, but encouraged her in learning and being all she could be. She wondered how it would have been to have had siblings, but it was only just thought because she rather liked having been an only child. Now that her parents had passed, she pretty much made work her life. She was only in her early thirties but sometimes she felt much older.
Diana got up from her chair and flipped through the mail on the table. She went to the refrigerator and grabbed a cold bottle of water and grabbed her scheduler. Before she went to bed, she better she what she had planned for the next day. As Diana skimmed through the entries she gave out a long groan.

Oh, why me. Not tomorrow, anything but tomorrow. That Old Man is such a miserable old goat.

Penciled in on her scheduler was the words : 10:00am meeting with the Old Man. Diana sighed again. She had only had one other meeting with the Old Man, and she had dreaded every minute of it. He was not very sociable, and he was mean and bitter.

Why am I doing this?
Diana thought, but her mouth spoke the answer.

Because, he offers you a chance to discover a dream and to possible live it.

Disgusted with herself, Diana went to her bedroom and dressed into some sleep clothes. Laying back on her bed she stared at the ceiling wondering and dreaming about the future possibilities that this meeting might take her. She sighed again at the idea of having to be around the Old Man that much more. As she drifted off to sleep she mutter to herself.

Grouchy old buzzard.

Diana Hunter
07-22-2004, 08:14 PM
It was the strangest sensation and the most unexpected. She had only seconds ago been in one place and then suddenly pulled through time and space to another. Quickly she took a defensive posture, expecting the worst, all she got was a quiet room full of personal belongings. Quietly, she looked around for signs of life and possible danger. From a room in the back, she could hear the soft sounds of snoring. Making her way toward the sounds she could not help but feel that a familar presence here, not in this very room but perhaps on this planet itself.
She walked cautiously back into the back room, there on the bed lay a young woman with brown hair sound asleep.

There is a reason why I am here, she thought.

She decided that she would quickly look around the room to try and decipher why she had been pulled through time and space to this place. Laying on a table in room she had been, she found a book containing dates, something she'd seen before she knew. It was a calandar of sorts, and on the dates where various writings. As her fingers passed acrossed the words, one entry in particular struck her, 10:00am meeting with the Old Man. As her fingers passed across the words, she felt an excitement and relief. She wondered if it could be him. In her heart she knew it was, that was why she was brought here, because he was here. Her excitement however was quickly squelched as she felt something she hadn't felt before.

He is sick in the mind, she whispered.
If I go to him like this, I might lose him. I have to be careful.

Her mind raced with what she would do, and then it came to her. She had never tried it before, but she knew that she could do it. She wasn't one to flaunt her abilities and she knew that she was gaining more living where she now called home.
Swiftly she made her way back into the bedroom where the sleeping woman lie asleep. She made her way alongside the bed.

I'm sorry, she whispered.
I have to do this, it is the only way I can get him back safely. I promise it won't hurt and I will make it right when I have done what I need to do.

Before the woman could wake up, she took hold of her with both hands. The woman's eyes flew open in wide horror, but it had been to late, the change was beginning to take place. It took only moments for the process to take place and when it was done the woman on the bed, now had her face and she knew that she had hers. She stepped back and stared at the sleeping figure on the bed, the one that looked like her. She had never attenpted this before and she was mesmerized by the results.

I aplogize woman for doing this to you, but someone needs me. I have no deisre to lose him, so I must do what I must do to keep that from happening.
You will sleep until I am finished, there will be no ill affects to either one of us. It will all seem as if you've walked through this time dreaming.

The transformation had been complete, she even spoke with the woman's voice. She could feel her thoughts and let herself absorb all things about this woman. If she were to be convincing, she needed to know her completely. Walking around her house she saw the plagues on the wall and the name.

This must be the reason why I was drawn to you, Diana Hunter. It seems that something about who you are has a direct connection to him.

She past in front of a mirror and stopped to admire the strange face that know looked at her through strange eyes. She touched the face as if to confirm that it was real. She spent a good part of the afternoon looking through this Diana's personal belongings and picking information up out of her mind. She was beginning to like this woman, she had personality to her. She laughed out loud when she came across the thoughts she had of the Old Man. She also was disturbed by the notion that she was correct in her actions. Going to him in her own body would only cause her to lose him and she would not do that. She made her decision.

I will become Diana Hunter until my task is complete here. I must be her in action and thought if I am to not cause more damage. No more thoughts of who I am, where I come from. Today I am Diana.

The Old Man
07-22-2004, 09:22 PM
An incredibly strong sound made the Old Man stand on his feet and run to the window. :shock:
Once again it was one of these primitive crafts crossing through the sky.
He wondered why he called them ”primitive” since there was nothing of a higher technology around him, to compare it with :?.
Yet, for the strangest reasons of all, it seemed primitive to him.

Some far away murmur caught his attention, too, forcing him to check on the front door. :evil:
As usual, he opened it with extreme caution.
He didn’t like to be seen.
Not that he was a sight to anyone’s eyes.
At the base of his house’s hill, there was this group of people singing and praying to him.
It was so demeaning.
He didn’t even remember when it was that it started.
Some weird people thinking of him as something else.
Someone better.

Mad as hell, he yelled at the men and women.

Get out of here! :mad: Just because my whole body is rotten doesn’t give you the right to see me as some kind of miracle.
If anything, I’m a curse! Did you hear me well! I’m a curse! :evil:

The people ran away from the hill, some of them with tears in their eyes.
Tears of joy because the Old Man had spoken to them.

Diana Hunter
07-24-2004, 09:13 PM
It had only taken her long enough to go through her personal things and search her memories to know Diana. When she looked outside she noticed that the light had left. She decided that she better get some rest before tomorrow. Walking over to a couch in the middle of Diana's room she lay down. In the morning she would see him for the first time since he disappeared. She was both nervous and excited as she drifted off to sleep, her mind filled with dreams of him.
Night came and went, and in the morning as the sun rose, so did the body of Diana Hunter. No thoughts of home or of him were allowed into her mind. She would be until this was over, Diana, body, mind and soul. Drawing from the knowlege she had gained she walked through every moment as the woman herself would. She went to the refridgerator and grabbed an apple and ate it as she made her way to the bathroom. She ran hot water in the shower, testing it before she entered. She dried herself with the towel, wrapping it around herself as she layed out the clothes she would wear for her morning meeting. Once fully dressed Diana made her way downstairs to the bottom of the building. At the lower level parked inside were vehicles that the young woman used to get from place to place. Looking around she noticed a motorcycle parked in between two other vehicles. She smiled to herself, she really was beginning to like this woman. Opting for the more open machine, Diana grabbed the helmet that was sitting on the seat of the bike and climbed on. With a remote attached to the body of the bike she opened the door and started the machine. Giving it a few moments to warm up, she reved the engine and then peeled out of the garage. She knew exactly were she was going, the Old Man lived up on the hill just outside of town. She followed the path that led out of town and up the winding road. Looking at her watch, she noticed that she was going to be a little early. She brought the bike to a stop just outside the Old Man's house. Diana stepped off the bike, replacing the helmet on the seat and proceeded to walk up the porch and ring the doorbell. She waited patiently on the porch for the Old Man to make his appearance. She tried hard to keep the butterflies in her stomach at a mimimum swarm.

The Old Man
07-27-2004, 03:27 PM
The old man heard the bell ringing. :huh:
He doubted it could be one of the looneys that were praying to him, they had ran away and it always took them some time to gather all over again.
Could it be Diana Hunter? They had an appointment, but now it was early, she would be early and he hated that.
She was supposed to be helping him in his plans, but he didnt feel comfortable around her, mostly because it was obvious her disgust for his rotten skin.
He walked to the door and opened it. Right in front of him was Diana.

Youre early. :evil:
Give me a good reason to let you in.

Diana Hunter
07-27-2004, 04:42 PM
Diana had her back turned to the door as she waited for a response from the Old Man inside. She was beginning to get impatient when she heard the door open. Turning toward the door she was not quite prepared for what she saw. Luckily, she was an excellent rouse and managed to hide any surprise at all. It was the Old Man's rudeness that helped her to quickly let the real Diana's attitude kick in.

Because you asked for my help, not the other way around! And I'm not that early!

Diana stood her ground waiting for the Old Man to either kick her out or let her in.

The Old Man
07-28-2004, 09:24 PM
The old man stared at Diana with such anger, that if looks could kill, the woman would already be fried chicken, served on a plate. :evil:

Get inside.

The old man was not at ease, he needed something from her but he hated asking any favors.
He had been doing so since… since… since forever and the result had always been failure. :mad:

I want you to get me out of here. :mad:
But I don’t mean out of this world and into one of those ugly worlds that populate this sick universe of yours.
I’m sick of this place, I’m sick of all of you.
I want out. OUT!
Do you understand what I mean? :mad:

Diana Hunter
07-31-2004, 02:01 PM
Diana rolled her eyes as she followed the Old Man into his home. His place gave her the creeps, just like the Old Man himself, but she shook it off and listened to the rest of his ranting.

That is why I am here, to make arrangements with you to help fund this project. I have the equation worked out, it's just a matter of putting the machine together and testing it.

Diana was becoming angry at the way the Old Man acted. Yes, he maybe off his rocker, but his attitude really sucked. It was going to be very nerve wracking working with him this closely, that is if she didn't strangle him with her bare hands first.

Get this straight Old Man, I will not tolerate your rudeness. If you wish for me to help you, you will treat me with more respect. I don't care how you treat others, but you will not treat me in this manner. Do we have an understanding?

Diana waited for his response. What he said next would determine whether or not she worked with him. Secretly, however, she was hoping he wouldn't get angry with her and throw her out. She was just as excited as he, to see if she could pull off the impossible.

The Old Man
08-18-2004, 03:30 PM
I will treat you the way I see fit!
If your work is satisfying, I will be pleased and youll be rewarded, but if you dont accomplish your goal, no one will stop me from charging against you. :evil:
Ive waited too long to get rid of this whole world to see my dreams crushed once again.
If youve finally reached the technology to get me out of here, fine!
I dont want to spend another useless second trapped in this nauseating world.

Just before you get all proud on me, remember that your whole company is honored by my participation in this project.
Also remember that you cant dump me.
I may not be exactly loved by this community, but Im at the heart of it. My word is meaningful and all powerful.
Now choose your attitude very carefully before acting all offended on me.

Diana Hunter
08-21-2004, 08:26 AM
Diana let out a piercing scream inside her mind, she wanted to walk over there to the crazy Old Man and joke him like a chicken. What was even worse is that he was correct in more ways than she cared to admit. She bit her tongue before she spoke, she did not want to be replaced, though they both knew she was the only one who could pull off this miracle for him.

Very well Old Man, just remember that you and I both know I'm the ONLY one who can pull this off for you.

Diana pulled out a list she had folded inside her leather jacket, and handed it to the Old Man.

Here is a list of people that I recommend to help with this project. There is also a list of the supplies and contractors that we should use. A caution to you before you start rejecting every single person or company on that list Old Man. The machine needs to be made exaclty to my specs or you can forget it, it won't work. That is why I have chosen these particular people and companies on that list to help build this project. You can expect their complete cooperation and silence as well.

Diana stood silently as the Old Man looked over the list.

The Old Man
08-21-2004, 09:24 AM
The old man grabbed the list and read it half way when he stopped.
These names mean nothing to me.
Go get whomever you need for this research.
Get them all if you need to, I don’t care.
As long as they stay quiet and they don’t start with the “I’ve always admired you” or “I’ve always looked up to you” rants, they would be fine.

He walked to the front door and opened it.
I will be at your office tomorrow at 2 o’clock in the afternoon to personally meet this crew of yours.
Noticing that Diana wasn’t moving, he pointed at the opened door and added.
You’re dismissed. :evil:

Diana Hunter
08-21-2004, 10:10 AM
Diana wasn't expecting the Old Man to snatch the list right out of her hand, and she rolled her eyes as he started ranting. She was dumbstruck when he marched over to the door and "Dismissed Her." She screamed again inside her mind, suddenly glad this meeting was over with. She snatched the paper back from the Old Man as she stormed out the door, commenting on her way.

Fine, I'll see you tomorrow at 2 with all personnel!

Diana stuffed the list back in her jacket pocket and stormed to her bike, flinching as the Old Man slammed the door behind her. She zipped up her jacket and put her helmet back on as she climbed back on her bike. She started the engine, revving it and peeling out kicking rocks and dirt all around her. As she speed down the hill away from the Old Man's house, she screamed letting out her frustration.

Oooooh! I don't know how I'm going to tolerate that grouchy Old....

She stopped the word before it came out. She had never had any inclination toward curse words until she had stared working with the Old Man. She would not give him the satisfaction, it was bad enough that they word had even entered her mind.
Diana sped toward her office downtown, skidding to a stop at the underground garage security post. She flipped up the visor on her face mask as smiled warmly at the officer.

Good morning Lewis! How are you today? No baby yet?

Lewis the day time officer that worked the security for the building was a good and honest man. Diana really liked him, and on several occasions has the opportunity of spending time with him and his lovely wife.

Hello Diana! I'm doing just fine today thanks. No, Elizabeth hasn't gone into labor yet. She's due anyday now, so you may be getting a call from me from the hospital!
And I can tell from the look on your face that you had a meeting with the Crypt Keeper today! Don't let him get you down, you have too many people that love you to let some old mystery man steal your joy.

Diana laughed and then blushed at Lewis's comments. Her complexion lit up and the smile that was almost always on her face was once again showing itself.

What would your wife say to you making these comments Lewis? And thanks, I did indeed go see the "Crypt Keeper" today. I appreciate you reminding me of the important things.
I'll be looking forward to that call Lewis! I still can't believe you two won't let anyone tell you what sex the baby is. You know how much I hate not being prepared. I'm not good at last minute shopping. I guess it's a good thing that I've bought something for both a girl or boy then.

Diana flashed him a mischievious smile and took off before Lewis could reply. She could see him shaking his head and waving at her in the mirror mounted on the handle bars. Diana found her reserved parking spot and made her way up in the elevator to her office. She greeted everyone as she went inside and closed the door. Taking a seat at her desk, she sighed as she picked up the phone and began calling everyone on her list and setting up the meeting for tomorrow's 2 O'Clock pony show for the Old Man.

Diana Hunter
08-26-2004, 06:46 PM
Diana hung up the phone, finishing the last name on her list. As she crossed out the name she smiled and leaned back into her chair. It had taken her most of the day to get ahold of everyone, and if it wasn't for the fact that they were dealing with the Old Man, it would have been impossible for her to have arranged for everyone to be here at her office so quickly. Satisfied with completing her task, she stood up and headed toward the door. She would need a good night's sleep because tomorrow would be the start of many a long and exhausting days. Turning off the light and closing her door, she bid everyone a good day and headed to the elevator taking it to the basement. She climed on her bike and sped toward home. As she stepped through the door, she dare not thing anything at all, if she were going to keep up her ruse. Diana ate a late lunch and crashed on the couch.

The Old Man
08-26-2004, 08:10 PM
Night passed without further inconvenience for the Old Man.
He couldn’t sleep, but that was no news.
He couldn’t remember when was the last time he fell into the arms of whatever the god of dreams was.
No, it had been too long since he last rested well.

The next day, the Old Man sat on the couch looking at the clock, hours passed by until it was 1:45 p.m., exactly the time when the chauffeur would be there to pick him.
He put a cowl over his head, to avoid people from staring and walked down the stairs of the little hill where his house was.
Across the street a woman fainted of joy when she saw the Old Man.
He just sighed as he jumped into the limousine.
Get me out of here before we get a crowd.
The chauffeur didn’t respond because he wasn’t supposed to.
He was instructed to drive the Old Man and not to open his mouth.
Wise advice.

Ten minutes later, they arrived to the laboratories which name the Old Man had already forgotten.
Two bodyguards accompanied him inside into a white room.

Turn off the lights! :evil:
I hate it when there’s so much light. You should know it!

Once there, he sat down waiting for the scientists to fill the room.

Diana Hunter
08-26-2004, 08:27 PM
Diana had fallen asleep on the couch. She had hoped for a restful night, but her dreams were plagued by thoughts of Diana, her true self, and that of the twisted world of the Old Man. The dreams had really been more like nightmares, especially since she lost HIM to the Old Man. He had remained the Old Man, and she had lost him forever. She woke with a start, beads of sweat dotted her forehead. Silently, she went through the normal everyday routing, shoving the memories of her dreams to the farthest reaches of her mind. Once she was ready, she made her way to her office where she helped set up for the Old Man's arrival and that of her supporting staff.
They all waited patiently, if not a little nervously, for the arrival of the Old Man. They exchanged small talk, discussing the project until the Old Man made his appearance. It had not taken long before the Old Man began barking orders. Complying to his wishes, the lights were dimmed as the others began to take their seats. Once the room was full, Diana cleared her throat and began to make the introductions. Once those were complete, she would begin with the presentation.

Diana Hunter
08-29-2004, 08:03 PM
It did not take long for everyone to take their seats, and it was a good thing too, Diana could feel the impatient glare from the Old Man. Without waiting to give him a chance to open his mouth, Diana began.

Welcome everyone. I'd like to introduce our team for the Quantum Project. I'll go around the room and introduce our key players and they can fill you in on their part.
Starting on my left is Miriam Connalley who will be heading our team of Quantum Physicists, Linda Chan will head up our Engineering team, Andrew Black our team leader for Molecular Biology, Sasha Rabinski our construction team and of course Dr. Juan Chavez our site medical physician.
Now, I'll open up the floor for any questions and then each team leader can give a report on their part of the project.

Diana took a seat and waited for either the Old Man to begin his complaining or the team to begin their reports.

The Old Man
08-29-2004, 08:37 PM
The Old Man was about to complain on the protocols when Andrew Black stood in front of him and smiled at his disfigured face with unnatural charm.
You can be sure that we’re on the same page, Old Man.
You’re a legend. You know that, but we’re not here to worship you. We’re here to help you get wherever it is you want to go.

Just get me out of here. Said the Old Man madly.

We’ll do as you wish.
Said Juan Chavez as he bowed to the Old Man, causing even more disgust in him.
It is an honor for me to be part of this project…

The Old Man pushed the doctor away and walked right in front of Diana.
I warned you, Diana Hunter.
I’m not here to build a new church.
You know exactly what my goals are! :evil:

Diana Hunter
08-29-2004, 08:49 PM
Diana had hoped to avoid any problems today with the Old Man, but it was impossible. Without trying to scream or turn and choke the crazy Old Man, she turned a look to Dr. Chavez that made him lose his smile and take a seat.Through gritted teeth she replied.

Yes, Old Man, I do. Trust me, if I could send you this very second, I would do so. Now please, either take a seat or come with me to my office so we can discuss where you would like to begin this project.

If she had to work night and day to get this crazy Old Man off this planet and out of her life she would do so. The sooner she got away from this egotistical old goat the better!

The Old Man
08-29-2004, 09:07 PM
Realizing that his temper would get him nowhere, he sat down and crossed his arms in front of him.
He would like to flee this room and this world as soon as possible, but he had waited ages to get to this point to mess things up now, so, he held back his anger and sighed.
Let’s proceed. I don’t want to waste any more time on this.

Andrew Black winked at Diana and move forward.
As our colleague was trying to say. He pointed at Dr Chavez. Our studies have given very interesting results.
I’ll cut down to the basics and then you can get into details if you like.
He turned on the projector and showed the microscopic detail of some samples.
This picture shows the a detailed sample of your DNA.
This other one shows the basic molecular form of matter in our universe.
He paused for a moment.
They are the same.

Getting closer to the Old Man...
And there’s more. Your DNA code isn’t coded to let you age. If anyone wanted proof that you were eternal, here it is.
So, not only you’re immortal, your origin might be tied to the same spark of life that resulted in our universe…
You must have witnessed the Big Boom of creation!

Diana Hunter
09-03-2004, 09:06 AM
Linda Chan broke into the conversation, not wanting to get off the main subject, which was getting the Old Man where he wanted to go.

Needless to say on a scientific perspective Old Man, it is all facinating, but we are here to get you to where you want to go. Your DNA structure I assure you in no way affects the project at hand.

Miriam dovetailed Linda's comment with her own.

Yes, Linda is correct. Once we begin construction of the actual machine, it would not matter if you were a molecule, it will work. Linda has worked closely with Sasha on the construction of this machine, and we all concur that it will work. Figures have been checked and rechecked. We can begin construction as soon as you are ready and a suitable place has been chosen to build the Quantum Machine.

Diana watched closely as the Old Man sat stubbornly listening to her collegues. She silently rolled her eyes when Andrew winked at her. The truth is that she herself has been intricately involved in every aspect of this project. In the end, it will be all of their reputations on line, especially hers. She was sure the Old Man would make certain she was run out of town if this project failed. Funny thing is that she was more confident in her abilities now more than ever. It would work, it would be a success.

The Old Man
09-03-2004, 01:35 PM
The Old Man sat there frowning, with both hands joined and playing with his fingers. *
It was as if he was enjoying the fact that everyone was on the edge, waiting for his response.
He stood up and walked in front of the group of scientists knowing for sure that fear was growing in their hearts. :evil:
You know your race is so beneath my expectations. *
Ive waited long, too long for you, roaches, to finally gain some knowledge, to finally learn something worth of my attention.
His cold eyes stared into Dianas.
But it also looks like my patience with your kind has finally amounted to something. *
I am pleased. *

He sat once again, thinking for a moment.
I want, though, to ban all knowledge about what you call the Big Bang and its link to me. *
That information is non-important and I strictly forbid you to release it. *
I dont want any more worshipers at my door. *
I already have enough as it is.

So, how long till you build a medium of transport that takes me out of this damned world?

Diana Hunter
09-03-2004, 03:16 PM
Diana returned the look to the Old Man, she was not going to give him the satisfaction of cowering to his stare. When he was finished bantering about the "roaches," she rose and spoke out loud to answer his question and to give a look that said she meant business to the others.

Though we appreciate your accolades of "our kind," I assure you Old Man, that there will be NO more talk of your supposed link to the Big Bang.
Now, as to how long it will take to build the quantum transport, I have spoken in length with Sasha and he assures me that it will only take about a month. As long as you have no objections, the site will be my home building. My place has more than adequate space, all the privacy needed with the added security levels and I will be able to oversee at all times the project.

The Old Man
09-03-2004, 04:14 PM
The Old Man smiled as only he could.
His rotten face cracked under the weight of his laughter as he approached Diana.
Theres something appealing about you, Diana. *
Just dont overdo it. *You might come to regret it.

He walked to the door.
I am pleased with your advancement. *
Your whining is a little annoying, but I can live with it.
So, move the project into your place. *
Ill be checking it constantly because I wont allow any of you to mess things up. *Not this close to success.

Dr Chavez approached the Old Man trying to hide his nervousness.
Were glad youre satisfied with the results of our research, Mr. Old Man. *
Well do anything within our power to accomplish this mission and
Stop the bickering. *You annoy me deeply and Id be glad you never spoke to me again.
The doctor sat down trying to avoid the Old Mans disapproving stare.

Andrew Black walked to the door and opened it for the Old Man, with a soft smirk that pretended to be a smile.
Thank you for your time, Old Man.
I think this meeting is over.

The Old Man went through the door, leaving the room.

Diana Hunter
09-03-2004, 09:16 PM
Diana was surprised that the meeting went off as well as it had. The Old Man really tested her nerves. This was going to be a long month, but at least he agreed to let her begin the project on the ground floor of her home. The building was plenty big to house the Quantum Machine they would build. After the Old Man was out the door, Diana turned to her collegues.

Now that that unpleasantry is finished, lets all meet at my place tomorrow.

Diana left, she would see them all soon enough.

The Old Man
09-04-2004, 09:33 AM
Moving fast, Andrew Black got right after Diana, smiling at her making use of all of his charming ways.
I think you handled things beautifully back into the meeting room, Diana. This Old Man is acting like a cat trapped.
He’s so angry that he would lash out at anyone that inconveniences him in the slightest, yet, he’s willing to collaborate if we show him some results.
He smiled at her again.
Still, I think you should speak to Juan.
It’s obvious that that man worships the Old Man.
That could turn out ugly for all of us, you know.
He walked right in front of Diana making her stop.
Now, would you like to get a cup of coffee with me?
I think we deserve a little cheering after what we’ve accomplished. :)

Diana Hunter
09-05-2004, 12:08 PM
Diana had been walking down the hall when Andrew ran up beside her. Her iniitial reaction was just to let him talk until she could escape into the elevator, but when he deliberately walked in front of her, she about knocked him to the ground. Reminding herself to be calm, she realized that Andrew liked her, or rather Diana. This aggrevated her because she did not want any problems with her mission, and this could be a problem. She smiled warmly at Andrew trying not to give him the wrong impression before she spoke.

I appreciate your thoughtfullness Andrew, but I'm really tired and have a lot to do before all of you arrive tomorrow.

Diana stepped around Andrew and hit the down button on the elevator.

Have a good day Andrew, I will see you tomorrow. And don't worry about Chan, I will speak to him privately.

The Old Man
09-05-2004, 07:08 PM
Right before the elevator’s door closed, Andrew tilted his head slightly to look like a nice boy and smiled at Diana.
The “I’m tired card” won’t work too long with me, sweetheart. *
I can still smell your fragrance and the softness of your lips on mine.
It’s not like we’re strangers, you know.
As the elevator’s door closed, Andrew turned around smiling all the way back to the conference center. *
He knew she liked him.

Diana Hunter
09-06-2004, 11:53 AM
Diana's heart stopped beating with Andrew's words, or rather the goddess that was occupying said body did. Her face became enflamed with heat as she searched Diana's memories for anything remotely to do with Andrew. First she let out a frustrated sigh, then she laughed, followed by another sigh. Here she thought young Diana was a workaholic, and she was, but it seemed that she did find time to date once in a while, and wouldn't you know who happend to pop up in Diana's memories. This definately complicated matters, because she did not want to interfer in Diana's personal life, and two she would never, even occupying another's body, do anything she would consider hurtful to the one she loved. So much for rest, she would have to plot on ways to avoid Andrew without it being costly to Diana or herself. She finally chuckled again at one thought she could not let go of.

Diana Hunter, the more I know of you, the more I like you. So, you have an attraction to the bad boys as well.

Diana laughed one more time, and then she set her mind to plotting ways of avoiding Andrew. If things got to bad, she had one thing she would do, but it would only be if every other option had been exhausted.

The Old Man
09-06-2004, 08:54 PM
It didn’t take long for the limousine to get the Old Man back to his home.
A crowd was gathered at the base of his hill… *as usual.
The Old Man pressed his teeth hoping for them all to die.
The limousine stopped and he walked down.
Some bodyguards would be useful now, but he loathed so much this people, that having some of them work for him really sickened him.

A woman ran to him with a baby in her arms. *
Kiss my baby, please kiss him. *He needs to be healed, please. *
So desperate was the woman that she trampled over him pressing herself and the child against his chest.
Get off me, you stupid wench! *:realmad: *
The Old Man’s anger was so strong, the it was like he was about to strangle both the woman and the baby. *
I said, get off me! *
He pushed the woman against the crowd and grabbed the baby in one hand, making the creature cry in pain. *
You want it to be healed? *Take it to a doctor. *I don’t care about you! *I never did and I never will! *
The Old Man was about to smash the baby against the floor when he stopped. *
It was a baby… *and he had always loved babies… *didn’t he? *
For an instant, he looked into the baby’s eyes and saw an entirely different boy, a boy of his own…

Scared, he handed the baby to the woman and ran to his house. *
The crowd started to follow him, but the police stopped them preventing them to get harmed.

The Old Man healed my baby! *He healed my baby!

Diana Hunter
09-08-2004, 08:28 PM
Diana reached her home and made the appropriate preparations for her team to be practically living there. For safteys sake, she had the locks changed on her doors. She didn't need any unwanted guests in her home and finding the dormant body of a goddess lying on Diana's bed. Plus, she could not tell from the memories she gathered from Diana if Andrew had a key to her place. She doubted it, but took the necessary precautions anyway.
After the locks had been changed and the necessary arrangement made to accomodate the activity that would soon be prominent in this building, Diana sat down at the table and ate a small meal. She ran through her check list to see if she had covered everything.

Locks changed, check. Spare rooms made up for late nights, check. Spare refrigerator stocked, check.

Diana went down through her list until she came to the only two that did not have a check mark through them. She groaned out loud as she thought about them.

Talk to Andrew and to Juan.

Diana could deal with the doctor, it was Andrew that she was dreading the most. She would try and make sure she did not disrupt anything that might exist between the two, but she would not let it jeopardize her relationship with the one she had been searching for.
With all tasks complete except for the last two, Diana slipped into her night clothes to sleep. Morning would arrive too soon and then the chaos would begin. Hopefully, it would not take long, and if she had to find ways to push the project through at a fast pace, she would do it. Diana lay on the spare bed and closed her eyes and dreamt of a place far from here and of people she knew and loved.

The Old Man
09-11-2004, 09:18 AM
The next day arrived and things started to move quickly at Diana’s place. *
A lot of employees from the laboratory showed up early in the morning, working on the arrangements to set the whole place up for the definite experiment. *
Everyone knew this was being done for the Old Man, some were scared, some were pleased that they were doing something for such a legend.

One man in particular, wasn’t feeling at ease. *
This man was Juan Chavez.
He wasn’t quite the common guy. *He had won several award for scientist research on Medicine, yet this task might be proving being a little too much for him.

As everything was being put into place, he just sat down observing the whole deal like a total stranger.
Since he was a kid, he was told of the legend of the Old Man, a scarred man who had lived on top of a small hill since the beginning of time.
How could that be possible? *No one can live this long. *Yet the Old Man did.
At one point, Chavez worshiped him. *
He just couldn’t forget the rituals his grandmother performed with him to pray to that deformed creature.
Of course, he grew up and became a scientist and finally, he found a lot of answers that troubled him in his younger days.
But when they found out the Old Man had truly being there since the very beginning, all of his scientist faade fell off his face and the worshipping kid came back.

Yes, to say that he was troubled would be an understatement.
Right now, he didn’t know if he was doing the right thing by helping the Old Man to leave this world.

Diana Hunter
09-12-2004, 10:36 AM
Diana woke early in the morning and readied herself for company. It had not taken long and her place had become a madhouse. She directed people on where to set up the equipment and directed others on where to set up their personal belongings in the spare rooms. She had caught a glimpse of Dr. Chavez watching from afar, she did not like the look on his face. She had also managed to avoidAndrew for the better part of the day. It had been quiet easy though because like her, he liked to get tasks accomplished. Diana knew though that sooner or later she would have to speak with him. For the moment her main concern was Dr. Chavez. She took advantage of a lull in chaos and made her way to where he stood aloof from the others.

Dr. Chavez, may I have a word with you in private?

The Old Man
09-12-2004, 01:02 PM
Diana’s voice broke Dr. Juan’s daydreaming.
For a moment there he *didn’t know what to respond, but truth was that he was expecting anyone of the Quantum Project to give him a serious scolding after his poor performance in front of the Old Man.
Of course we can have a word, Diana. *
In fact, I think I could use some talking.
He stood up and walked with her. *
There was something about Diana that inspired him. *
She seemed so focused at work, always having the right answer for every little problem that might arise. *
Yes, she would be the best one to talk about his current situation.

Diana Hunter
09-12-2004, 05:57 PM
Diana smiled to Juan and lead him down the hall where they would be out of the prying eyes and eavesdropping ears of the others. She offered him a seat at a desk while she gave him something to drink. Sitting across from him in her chair, she set her glass down and studied Juan's face for a moment.

Juan, I'm sure you figured after yesterday, that someone would approach you. I feel it more my responsiblity to say something as chief operating officer of this project.

Diana continued to watch Juan as she spoke, she could see that he was a little nervous.

The situation we are in is very delicate, and with the Old Man's tendencies toward others we must be careful. I know that he's been looked upon to as a god, some immortal wonder, but trust me, he's not all that. He's just a grouchy, nasty old man that doesn't know how to treat people.
I know it is hard due to the recent discoveries of the Old Man, but we must not let that interfere with completing this project. We can look at ways to keep you away from the Old Man when he is present. I am willing to look for solutions that help you to be an active part of this team and keep out of the reach of the Old Man's claws.

Diana waited to see how Juan would respond. Her thoughts going to the "Old Man," himself. This was going to be a hard month, and she herself would have to watch how she acted around the Old Man.

The Old Man
09-16-2004, 08:45 PM
Dr. Juan knew it, he saw it coming. *
He behaved like a mindless fanatic in front of the Old Man and this could be his undoing.
Diana, I completely understand what you mean. *
The Old Man is not the easiest person to get along.
But we finally have proof that this whole world, maybe the whole universe, is tied to his sole existence.
Believe me, Diana, I don’t want to sound like one of those fouls that preach on the streets, but we know the truth. *We finally know it! *
I might have been out line, God, I definitely was out of line when we met Him, but the truth is we’re not dealing with a human being here! :shock:
Juan realized his emotional words wouldn’t be helping him out of this mess.
God, I’m sorry, Diana. *I’m really sorry. *
I don’t want to be out of this project. *
I want to help him, I really do.

A cold silence surrounded them both for a moment, until Dr. Juan finally gathered his ideas.
I won’t meet with the Old Man again. *
But please, don’t take this project away from me. *

As he begged to Diana, he realized he had to stay in the Quantum Project, but now his goal was entirely different. *
The Old Man was not just an immortal human, he was their God… *
Dr. Juan just wouldn’t allow their God to leave their world.

09-16-2004, 11:01 PM
Aqua-Pup's water bubble appeared in the Side-Verse carrying it's 11 passengers on their search for Nestl high above the planet on which The Old Man and Diana lived, just outside of the atmosphere. *NOw that he had everyone's attention, he spoke:
Bark Bark!!!! *Bark Bark Bark!!!!!! :D

Diana Hunter
09-18-2004, 06:28 AM
Diana sat at her desk and listened to Dr. Chavez. She began to wonder with Juan's every word if it was even safe to leave him on the project. Turning him loose now would be a bad idea, it would be easier for her just to keep an eye on him. There was something in his eyes that made her change her mind, almost a look of lunacy. It would be best if she worked closely with the doctor. Events were starting to take a turn in a direction she did not want to go, but she would not turn back, not when she was so close to having him home again. She placed a smile on her face as she spoke to Dr. Chavez.

Juan, I have no intentions of taking you off this project. In light of how you feel about the Old Man now, it is better that you realize that your very words and actions of praise may make the Old Man want you removed. I will keep you on the project and we will make sure that you are not in contact with the Old Man.
Just remember Juan, that this man you idolize as a god, despises those that throw themselves at him. Do not allow your knowledge of the Old Man to make you make mistakes. Now, let's go back and finish preparations.

The Old Man
09-18-2004, 08:53 AM
Juan listened carefully to Diana’s every word. *
He knew he had been out of line with his approach to the Old Man, but he was glad Diana wasn’t taking it all against him. *
Getting cut off from the Project could be the worst thing she could do to him. *Not at this point. *
He knew something for sure, though, the destiny of his God was in his hands.
I will do as you say, Diana. *I will avoid the Old Man at all costs.
Thank you for not taking me off the project, all of my research is involved and the work of several years are pointed into the Old Man’s direction.
As he stood up to walk away…
Now, if you don’t mind, I’d like to get back into work.

Just as Dr. Juan started to walk away, the Old Man arrived to Diana’s place. *
Looking around, he got impressed by the quickness everything was being settled down.
Looks like they’re in a hurry. *Good! *
The soonest I get out of this mud ball, the better.

Diana Hunter
09-18-2004, 10:51 AM
Diana stepped out of the office behind Juan only to see that the Old Man was here. She saw for the first time ever, that he seemed to be pleased. That would be short lived she was certain, and now she knew that the official fun had begun. She made her way down to the Old Man, deliberately taking her time. She stopped and checked the progress of several details before making her way to have to finally confront him. Diana finally made her way to the Old Man and began giving him a progress report.

The beginning of production is well underway, as you can see. If things progress this way the entire project, we will be way ahead of schedule. The progress this morning as already put us a week ahead of schedule.
There is a room set aside so that you can observe the project without beig bothered and I am here to answer any of your questions as we go along.

Diana directed the Old Man's attention to a room in the center of the larger room that was surrounded by tempered glass. She had made sure the Old Man could see the progress without having to be stared at. She had enough to content with without having additional problems.

If you like, I will show you the room. It will give you the ability for complete privacy without missing any of the work that is being done on the project.

The Old Man
09-18-2004, 01:12 PM
Take me into that room, Diana. *
Said the Old Man with a dry tone. *
He wasn’t being rude, though, he was too pleased by the current facts to be annoyed by anything going on. *
To be ahead of schedule was something that really motivated him. *
Finally, after so many eras, he would be able to leave this mud ball. *
He was looking forward to that moment, even if his mind wasn’t clear enough as to where he would be going. *
His mind was a mess, all of his memories were twisted, but he was fixated with the idea of leaving, that’s all that mattered to him and all he would pursue.

As they walked into the isolated room, he noticed it had one way glasses, that way he would be able to check on many works at once, without being noticed.
Looks like you considered everything, Diana. *
As the Old Man looked at Diana, for a moment, for a brief instant, it was as if he saw someone else’s face instead of hers. *A face that was all too familiar yet he couldn’t really place it. *
Taken for he a moment, he approached her and studied her sight. *
There was more to her than met the eye… *
You… *

Realizing what he was doing, he just stepped back and turned away from her, putting his mind in the work being done at the other side of the windows.

Let’s hope things get solved fast, Diana. *
I can’t wait to leave this place.

Diana Hunter
09-18-2004, 03:49 PM
Diana had lead the Old Man to the room and was glad to see that he seemed pleased. Anytime that he didn't strike back with a rude or sarcastic comment was something to celebrate. It was when he looked at her and then moved closer to her that made her heart stop beating for the briefiest of moments. It was as if he was seeing something else, seeing the other person within and at that moment she felt her legs become weak. She had not expected this and was releaved when he turned away. It gave her the opportunity to gather her wits. Quickly she recovered as if it had never happened.

Provided we do not run into any snags in the project, we will finish ahead of schedule. I suggest you check the star charts and begin plotting your destination Old Man, I must excuse myself and continue my work.

Diana quickly left the room, before anything else happened. His mind was still too fragile for him to have memories come rushing back so soon. Diana stepped outside the building, needing the fresh air and the chance to compose herself. She would then delve into her work, this would help to keep her mind on other things besides the Old Man.

Super NES
09-19-2004, 12:11 AM
In the water bubble, with all the others, NesTea exclaimed:
NesTea wants to know where the hell he is and what the hell just happened!!! :shock:

09-19-2004, 12:11 AM
HMMMMM, hmmmmmm *MMMhhhhMMMM *MMHhh!!! :mad: *Exclaimed Logan.

09-19-2004, 12:14 AM
Oh, you really are a simple bunch, aren't you? *It's obvious we're no longer in the same universe. Nestorian bragged.
WHAT!?!? :shock: *How isssssss that possssssssible!?!?! :eh: *Screeched Nessie's mom.

Super NES
09-19-2004, 12:20 AM
Ness' eyes grew large.
That's it!!!!
Nestl must have been on another base reality!!! :D
Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo... *Huh? :eh: *NesQuick froze half way through his chocolate O.D.
It's simple really. *Let me start from the beginning:
Meteoro vanished and Nestl went after him with his girlfriend Robin. *He used a trace amount of Meteoro's power which had been gifted to him long ago to track him. *When we went looking for Nestl though, with Aqua-Pup's power we were able to trace any Elysian energy in any reality. *Since Nestl's power is not of Elysia we decided to track that trace amount of M's energy he had.
When we came to the edge of the universe and stumbled across you guys at that broken down old farm, I thought we had lost the trail... *But now it all makes sense!!!!
Nestl must be in a pocket universe!!! *I side reality!!!!

09-19-2004, 12:24 AM
And that's where we are now? :eh: * Asked Hal as he attempted to give Logan his shots.

09-19-2004, 12:28 AM
Precisely! *Nestorian beamed.
We must be prepared, however, for this reality. *The universal laws which we cling to may be altered, or even destroyed.
What does that mean? *Asked Ness Lee.
It means that the sun may shine dark here, or maybe time passes at another rate. *For instance, the Nestl we're looking for may no longer be the young man from before. *He may be frail and old.
So keep your eyes peeled for anything.

The Old Man
09-19-2004, 11:12 AM
The moment Diana walked out of the room, the Old Man had been left at unease.
Diana asked him to check for his destination and that would be a problem. *
He wanted out of this world, *out of this universe altogether, but he didn’t know exactly where he should be headed.

He glanced at a star chart he had in front of him and nothing made sense. *
He didn’t want to go to any other star or planet in this system. *
He hated everything that had to do with all of it.
He wanted to go somewhere else, but where?

Consumed by his thoughts, his mind started to wander. *
The sight of perfect people flying over beautiful lands, decorated with the most wonderful palaces, images flashing like long forgotten memories started to appear.
The Old Man grabbed his head, more with heartache than any other pain.

I must be going crazy…

Diana Hunter
09-19-2004, 01:23 PM
After a few deep breaths and a moment alone, Diana felt ready to return to the building. She had to control the rapid beat of her heart when she was near him. Even though his face and appearance was different, she saw him as he truly is. Walking back into her building, she decided she would set a map of different kind on the table with the others. Perhaps if he recieved little doses of home, he would remember, until then she would do her best to avoid letting herself get into the position she was just in. Baby steps she kept thinking to herself as she walked back in and began checking on the construction progess. At night, when everyone was asleep, she would slip in and drop the maps on the table. Eventually, she would work her way into the planets and constellations that were most recognizable from home. By then, she would know how much work she would need to do to keep him from going crazy, but be able to help him slowly regain his memory.

The Old Man
09-20-2004, 10:18 AM
Andrew was directing the last arrangements to get his laboratory settled down when he noticed Diana walking by unusually absentminded. *He looked at her for a brief moment and then walked to her and grabbed her arm.
I know youre busy and that this Old Guy is driving you nuts.
At first I thought you were playing one of you kinky games, so hey, lets pretend were strangers, but now things are starting to smell fishy.
Tell me whats going on, Diana.
This time speak with the truth.

Diana Hunter
09-20-2004, 03:29 PM
Her first reaction was to grab him by the throat for grabbing her arm, but for Diana's sake she resisted. She could see that Andrew was hurt and was also hiding behind it with his playfulness. With a soft and sincere look, she motioned for Andrew to follow her outside, even taking his hand so that he would not feel like she was being cold or ordering him around like a child. Once outside, she gave him a look that only Diana would give him. One that was heartfelt, sincere and a little on the playful side as well.

Andrew I'm truly sorry, I just have been so wrapped up in getting this project done and over with, that I just haven't given thought to how it affected you. I should have spoken with you before this whole thing began. I don't feel like we can give each other the time we deserve together until after this project is done.

She gave him another one of Diana's looks, one she knew that he would know she was being sincere with him. Pulling out a cell phone she handed it to him. She laughed at the look he gave her.

I was going to leave it as a surprise, but since this happened you might as well find out now. I've called work and made arrangements for the two of us to get a way on vacation as soon as this project is finished. Our secretaries have cleared off an entire month on our calandars and booked us a trip by cruise to some of the vacation islands that we've been talking about going to. So that I won't spoil everything, I won't tell you which ones.
Call your secretary and mine to confirm it. Hopefully this is motivation for you to help me fly through this project. I promise you after this is all over, you will have my undivided attention.

She was glad that Diana had really actually done this, another reason she began to really like this woman, and another reason she did not hesitate on wanting to make sure she didn't mess things up for her. Good planning she thought to herself. She knew she would make sure before she left this planet, that Diana was rewarded greatly for her sacrifices.

09-20-2004, 06:51 PM
Then, without warning, before the others could finish their conversation, Aqua-Pup barked and the water orb shot towards a nearby planet, landing only a few hundred yards from the building which the old man was in.
Bark! *Bark Bark!!! :D
He said running ahead.

The Old Man
09-21-2004, 07:19 AM
At Dianas surprise, Andrew was left speechless. *:shocked: *
He knew there was something behind her apparent lack of interest and the total absence of phone calls, but he certainly didnt expect this.
For the most part of this relationship that started more like a game of some kind, it had always been him chasing after her.
As of late, things were seeming to be settling down and thats why Andrew got so upset by Dianas sudden coldness, but now, it happened that all along, Diana was planning a love trip with him.
Well, I guess you finally did it, Diana. *
You managed to embarrass me. http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newblush.gif
Not saying another word, Andrew approached her and gave her a heartfelt kiss.
Now Ill let you be.
And dont worry, I can get as workaholic as you do. *;)

Diana Hunter
09-21-2004, 03:01 PM
She was caught off guard by Andrew's kiss, but was relieved that it was not meant to be a more passionate one. Smiling at him they began to walk back into her building, when she decided to ask him for his help.

Andrew, I spoke with Juan this morning. I believe that he'll be okay, but he's really caught up in this whole god thing and the Old Man being part of the universe. I think he'll stay away from the Old Man, but I'm afraid he might try something rash. So many people want to worship him, I would hate to see something happen with the progress of this project.

Diana stopped and turned toward Andrew.

I need your help. I need you to help me keep a close eye on Juan, keep him busy, but watch him closely. Can you help me?

The Old Man
09-21-2004, 03:36 PM
Dont worry, Diana, Ill take care of Juan. *
Hes a good guy; you shouldnt worry so much. *
Its just that this whole Old Man affair has hit a little too close from home. *

Has he ever told you about his family? *
They are very religious people. *
It still amazes me that he studied Medicine of all things. *:whaat:

Andrew waved goodbye to Diana and went into a separate room, where he found Juan very focused on some of his notes.

Hey, dude!
Startled, Juan turned to Andrew.
:shocked: *Oh! *Its you. *:pale: *A little warning wouldnt hurt, you know, youre going to be the death of me.
Stop acting like an old fag. *You know you can stand this and much more.
Juan sighed. *What are you up to, Andrew? *Its not like you just dropped by, by accident, right?
Nothing gets past you, buddy?
Juan raised an eyebrow.
Youre good, man! *Andrew put a friendly arm around Juans shoulder. *Look, I have this thing for this girl and I need some advise. *Some manly advice. *Come with me, Ill buy you coffee.
Juan laughed and left the room with his friend.

Super NES
09-21-2004, 09:28 PM
Where are they boy? *Ness asked the excited little pup.
So... *Ummmm, *NesTea is curious... *What exactly do you guys farm? :eh:

09-21-2004, 09:30 PM
Sesame seeds. *Hal replied as he administered Logan's shot.
We're the universal source for bird food and spitz. :D

Super NES
09-21-2004, 09:31 PM
Nessie grinned.
Alright!!! *I love bird food!! :D ... :oops:

09-21-2004, 09:33 PM
Aqua-Pup barked bouncing up and down and ran towards the nearby building with those who actually cared about what was going on close behind.
Bark!!! *Bark!!!! :D

Super NES
09-21-2004, 09:36 PM
Alright... *We'll just stay here I guess. :whaat:
Nessie said shrugging as he stood with Hal, Logan, Loch Ness and NesTea and the unconscious NesCaf as the others went after the missing heroes.
So, how well does the Sesame farming business pay? o:) *Turning back to Hal.

09-21-2004, 09:40 PM
Alright, this must be done in a civilized manner. *Nestrorian hollared as she followed close behind the excited pup.
Turning back towards the others as they ran she said:
Aqua-Pup, Ness and I will sneak in quietly while you two, pointing to NesQuick and Ness Lee, will--
Just then, Aqua-Pup smashed through the wall ahead of them with out even slowing down.
Nevermind. :?

The Old Man
09-22-2004, 07:39 AM
Andrew was still having a heartfelt conversation with Juan, which dealt mostly on how hot were some women from the laboratory, when he heard the sound of a wall falling. *:shocked: *Now, this is something I didnt expect!
Andrew ran outside and, in fact, saw a wall on the floor, just as some workers started gathering around.

Staring at a blue dog which was right next to the fallen wall Now, this is something unexpected. *:blink:

Diana Hunter
09-22-2004, 07:34 PM
Diana had began to dig in to work on the Quantum Project, when the wall in her building exploded inward. Her first instinct was that of a battle mode, but remembering where she was and who she was suppose to be made her react in a shocked manner instead. As the dust cleared and the debris settled, to her amazement it was someone she recognized. Without realizing it, she softly spoke the pups name.


Super NES
09-22-2004, 11:00 PM
Coming face to face with the strange woman, Ness stepped in front of the water dog and asked:
Are we suppsed to know you? :eh:
--... *ROBIN!?!?! :shock:

Diana Hunter
09-25-2004, 06:00 AM
Chaos had suddenly erupted from a fairly peaceful day. There was a sudden joy that rose from the goddesses heart, but it was quickly drowned out by the prospect of consequences that could result from all of this. She could feel the Old Man's eyes boring down upon her and the surrounding scene. There was only one thing she could do to help remedy the situation. She looked straight as Ness and whispered instructions.

Whatever I say or do, follow my lead!

Hoping that Ness understood what she was about to do, she pressed forward.

What is the meaning of this?! Who are you and WHAT are you doing in my home?!

She quickly turned to check the others in the lab. She noticed that Andrew was making a move to come forward and she gave him a Not Now look. She turned back to Ness.

I don't know what the meaning of this is, but I want some answers. Please follow me, I need to talk to you ALL in private.

She glanced back at Andrew and gave him a look that said she would be fine and to trust her. She then quickly lead Ness and the others up to her home on the top floor of the building. Once inside, she turned *and smiled. She bent down at the waist and began to stroke Aqua-Pup behind the ears. Looking up as she petted Aqua-pup, she addressed Ness.

Now then that we have some privacy for the moment, I am not who you think I am.

Smiling she looked back at Aqua-pup and rubbed his ears some more.

But this little fellow does, don't you boy?!

Returning her gaze to the others she continued.

If you are thinking that I am Robin, then that means you believe the Old Man to be Nestle. There is some concern with the Old Man's mental condition, and I'm not entirely sure that your timing is a good or bad thing.

The Old Man
09-25-2004, 08:39 AM
This simply wasn’t right. *
The wall exploding wasn’t really a big deal, somehow it made sense… *
But a blue dog??? *:blink: *A talking blue dog????

When Diana turned to him and made him stay still and quiet, he should have fret.
This was unreal and Diana seemed so familiar with these creatures!!
The sole idea of the Old Man’s origin being tied to the universe’s origin was freaky, but this? *
This was out of a mad man’s storybook.

As these weird creatures walked pass Andrew, he just stared at the serpentine Loch Ness, the talking Bunny and the gray guy with the fin over his head.

Diana would have a lot to explain!

Super NES
09-25-2004, 02:21 PM
We realize you are Robin, but who is this Old ma--

09-25-2004, 02:24 PM
NesTorian cut the little boy off:
Why are you even acknowledging him?!? :mad:
He's not a member of the OFFICIAL Nestl Fan Club!! :mad:
Then smiling politely, she continued:
Hi, I'm NesTorian. :D
Now, what about this "Old Man?"

09-25-2004, 02:28 PM
Upon hearing the name "Old Man," *Aqua-Pup bolted to where the trace amount of energy was eminating from. *Ness Lee, who was holding onto the puppy's leash was torn along behind him through any walls that stood in their way. *NesQuick, without hesitation ripped after the two of them leaving Ness and NesTorian alone with Diana.

Aqua-Pup smashed through the wall bringing him into The Old man's room with Ness Lee dragging behind.
Bark!!! *Bark!!! *Bark!!!

Super NES
09-25-2004, 02:30 PM
Ness shrugged to Diana.
Oops. :oops:
While NesQuick took off:
Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!!!! :excited:

09-25-2004, 02:31 PM
Ness Lee bowed to the old man honorably as NesQuick caught up with him and the pup.
You must be the great Nestl. :ninja:

The Old Man
09-26-2004, 02:32 PM
The Old Man was sitting in front of the one way mirror, looking at the continuing work of the scientists, when a wall next to him crashed allowing a blue dog and a man walk into his room.
Who the hell do you think you are? *:realmad:
He heard Ness Lee calling him Nestl, a name that for some strange reason sounded familiar in the Old Man’s ears.
Nestl? *:?
Who do you think you are to address me like this?
Why do you break into this compound? *
I’m immortal, nothing you do would ever harm me and, as we speak, guards will be getting into this room to take you in!

Diana Hunter
09-26-2004, 03:49 PM
A little surprised by Nestorian's remark, chaos once again broke out. Perhaps it was a better idea to keep the facade going until the Old Man regained his true senses. As Aqua-pup burst into the room where the Old Man was, she made her decision. Addressing Nestorian, she intitiated her plan.

I'm glad your here. Now we won't have to worry about this silly contraption to get us off this planet.
Like I stated before, Nestorian is it? The "Old Man," is not himself you will see soon enough. If you will give me but a brief moment, I will help you gather him up so that we can leave.

As soon as the others left, Diana quickly signaled for Andrew. She would make things right before she left. As soon as Andrew came into view, she grabbed him by the hand and led him deeper into the apartment. Stopping, she turned to him and gave him a look that meant he better keep quiet and listen.

I'm sorry, I don't have time to explain everything, but I need your help.

Before his eyes, Diana changed into her true form. She quickly explained who she was and why she was here. Leading him back to the bedroom she showed him the slumbering Diana, whom she transformed back into her true form. She knew that there would be confusion, and a Myriad of emotions. Taking a deep breath she had changed back into the image of Diana, and explained the importance of his help and not blowing her cover.

She is not harmed, and when I leave she will awake only slightly confused. She will remember only that these last few days seem hazy. Continue your work once we have left, you were headed in the right direction. I have left a gift for you both for your trouble. Here within Diana's home is the coordinates you will need to travel to our home. Once the machine is complete, please come and visit. I will know when you arrive and I will give you a first class tour of my home.

Quickly because time was of the essence, she explained the plan to him.

Diana will awaken shortly after I leave this room. Make sure that you get her down the stairs and outside, so that she can make an appearance as coming back into the building. The only ones that will ever know of my existance will be you and her.
I know this was deceptive, but his mind is fragile and his life means more to me than my own. I know you love Diana, Andrew. Know that I did this for him and I am eternally grateful to you both. Remember to continue with the project. I must go, please for the love of Diana, understand and help me to help the one that I love.

Turning to leave, she stopped and faced this man Andrew. She gave him a loving kiss and smiled as she left the room. She left him with these words.

Thank You. And Andrew, she does love you, very much.

Making her way down the hall, she ran into the room that the Old Man had occupied. She could tell he was a little annoyed as well as perplexed. Something told her that he had remembered something.

It appears as if you will not have to wait, these beings have come for you. I suggest unless you have any protests that we make haste and get you aboard a transport before the whole town shows up at my door step.

The Old Man
09-26-2004, 06:38 PM
The Old Man was furiously discussing with Ness Lee and keeping the Aqua-Pup at arm’s length, when he saw the woman that was posing as Diana Hunter walk in front of him.

The moment he saw her, he froze. *:shocked:
He recognized her.
He knew she meant the life to him, yet he couldn’t place a name on her… *or a title, or something that could tell him who she really was.
You! *
Who are you?
What have you done to my mind that you confuse me so?
For the first time in ages, the Old Man realized how twisted his mind was.
He knew he had lost focus and the forgetting memories were driving him crazy, but now, the very moment he saw this woman, it was as if an open wound got cut into his soul.


Diana Hunter
09-26-2004, 07:18 PM
Her heart stopped, the look he was giving her frightened her. He was grasping at her identity and he was trying to remember his. What was worse was that he was questioning her, how was she going to do this without hurting him. Her heart yearned to change to her true form and hold him close. She longed to embrace him, kiss him and never let him go, but to what end would this lead if it happed too soon. Panick welled up within her and she looked to Ness Lee and the others as if pleading for help. Finally she said the only thing she could.

Someone who loves you. Someone who would go to the ends of the universe for you. Someone whose life means nothing without you in it, but fears telling you this moment who she truly is, because she's afraid it would cause her to lose you forever.

The Old Man
09-26-2004, 08:13 PM
The words said by the woman posing as Diana Hunter stung in the Old Man’s chest.
But still, he couldn’t place her.
Sometimes pain is better disguised as anger, and even an immortal creature such as the Old Man, preferred to go this way than show weakness.
How you dare to say you love me! *:realmad:
I’ve been known as the Old Man for ages. *Long before you were born, long before your ancestors even walked on their feet, long before the first amoeba first swam in this mud ball! *:evil: :realmad:
Your love to me is like an ant’s love for a rotten fruit!
He grabbed her strongly by her shoulders.
You mean nothing to me, whomever you are!

Diana Hunter
09-26-2004, 08:26 PM
His words stung, and they cut deeply into her heart and soul. She fought to remember that they were just words and he was not himself, but it hurt all the same. When he grabbed her by the shoulders and shouted those finally words it was all she could do to keep from breaking down. Tears welled in her eyes, but she refused to let them go. She had to be strong, but the lump in her throat and the wounds in her heart kept her silent. After a moment she looked into the Old Man's eyes and spoke, her voice not as strong as it had been.

Please remove your hands from my shoulders, it is time that we leave.

The Old Man
09-26-2004, 08:45 PM
Maybe it was the calmness in her words, maybe it was just that the Old Man was tired to fight everyone around him. *The fact was that he released Diana almost ashamed of his behavior and followed her.
How could a woman have such power over him. *Him! *Who was supposed to be in direct liaison to the creation of this very universe.

She was no commoner, he was sure of that.

Diana… *
Finally said the Old Man with a mellowed down voice.

But he remained silent.
Words were not enough to explain the confusing ideas going through his mind.

Diana Hunter
09-26-2004, 08:56 PM
The moment that she turned her back to the Old Man, a few lone tears found their escape. She quickly whiped them away as she looked to the Ness team to lead the way. She still found it difficult to speak, as the strained sound came forth as she addressed the others.

We need to leave, and quickly.

09-26-2004, 10:37 PM
Ness Lee watched The Old man and Diana's interaction confused. *Turning to NesTorian he asked:
Why is Nestl so old? *And shouldn't Robin and Nestl be... *Y'know... *In love? :eh:
NesTorian shook her head:
Remember Ness Lee... *This is another verse entirely. *Time here passes differently from our reality. *Though Nestl lived among the First he wasn't actually one and aged like a human.
And who knows how long Nestl and Robin have been trapped here. *They may have grown to hate each other... *Leaving room for another woman in his life... :twisted:

09-26-2004, 10:38 PM
:roll: *:pale:

Super NES
09-26-2004, 10:42 PM
Ness shook his head at NesTorian's scheming, then turned to Diana.
Whatever is happenning, you are right. *Nestl is in no state of mind to stay here. *We must return him to Elysia where the other gods can help.
Woo Hoo Hoo Hoo Hoo!!!! :excited:
NesQuick hollared, bouncing off the ground.
Then it's settled. *Closing his eyes, he sent a telepathic message to the others, and, within moments Loch Ness, NesTea carrying NesCaf, Logan, Hal and Nessie all came crashing through the other wall.
Looking down at Aqua-Pup, Ness grinned:
Alright... *It's your show. ;)

09-26-2004, 10:46 PM
Aqua-Pup grinned, then barked:
Bark!! :D
(Gee, that was kind obvious. :? )
Then a giant water bubble formed around the 13 travelers and wisked them off to another forum:
The Amazing Race: *Bringing Nestl Home.

The Old Man
09-27-2004, 10:35 AM
What are you doing? Where are you
But the Old Mans voice was cut short as his biggest wish was finally fulfilled and he got taken away from the Side-Verse (http://www.cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=25054#25054).

The Old Man
09-27-2004, 10:52 AM
At all the commotion caused by the continuous walls crashing against the floor, the workers and scientists started gathering around the event. *One amongst them couldnt believe his eyes

Noooooooooo! Screamed Juan Chavez as he realized the aliens were taking away the Old Man.

Running through the crowd, with tears in his eyes, he moved as fast as he could, but the moment he was arriving, the watery sphere had already taken the Old Man.

Sobbing like a child, he grabbed his head with his fists and fell on his knees
Our God *we just lost our God