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06-14-2004, 10:49 AM
*Ever since she left Lawbringer QLNZ, or Cooly, as she used to call him, Feabie has been flying through empty space, trying to find her own place to settle down.*

*Once she was the sole super-hero of Planet M, now she was the prodigal daughter of a Universe, which was crowded with superbeings. In an effort to be unique, she sew herself a new costume and wandered around trying to find a new home.*

*After months of traveling, she descended on a very strange world, where everything was black & white. Rubbing her eyes, she walked into the backyard of a middle class house, where she saw a white horse.*

Er Theres no sense in asking you *Finally said Feabie more to herself than to the horse.*

Well, you can still ask. My name is Mister Ed. :D


06-14-2004, 12:37 PM
::An old woman with a shotgun comes charging out of the house with a pot on her head.::

Granny: JEEEEDDD!!! There's an Injun in our backyard talkin' to one o' Elly-Mae's critters! Alright Injun, hands above yer head! You won't be scalpin' nobody today!

::Granny thrusts the rifle menacingly in Feabie's direction as Jed, Elly-Mae and Jethro all burst through the kitchen door to see what the commotion's all about.::

Jethro: Gosh Uncle Jed, I didn't know injuns was so purty! :D

Jed: Hesh up Jethro. Now Granny, why don't we see who this young lady is before puttin' a gun up in 'er face. *pulls rifle from Granny* Howdy ma'am. What brings you to our backyard?

06-16-2004, 09:34 AM
*Surprised, Feabie stared at the weird people pointing at her with a prehistoric weapon.*

You know you would be hurting yourselves if you shoot me with that thing, dont you? My body is thicker than steel and what you hold in your hands is no stronger than a bow and an arrow. I am a superhero, for Arguidians sake! I came here to save you all. Look at yourselves, you have no sense of fashion! :shock:

*After a shocking silence.*

Look at me, this is whats ON these days: the tights, the floating cape, the natural blonde and amazing blue eyes. Look at your outfits! :shock:, youre wearing prehistoric rags, youll never make a cover of any magazine, unless that is a comic book or something :roll:. That unless youre in the donation business

Anyway, is there a Mall nearby?

Lawbringer QLNZ
06-18-2004, 10:53 PM
**Descending from the black and white sky is the Lawbringer formerly known as QLNZ. This messanger of death and destruction is sheathed in an aura of devestating green fire. He crashes into the "cement pond" that lies a few dozen meters away from Feabie and her inbred welcoming commity. Upon impact the water evaporates and the swimming pool is reduced to a smoking crater. QLNZ climbs out of the crater. His skintight, ebony colored body armor gleams in the gray light of day. His grotesque face twists into a broad smile as his glowing green eyes looks upon the blonde super human he has spent so long searching for. As he walks towards Feabie the segmented tentacle that is QLNZ's right forearm slithers around him. The evil appendage seems focused on the gathering of hillbillies as if it were looking for some reason to strike at them. QLNZ stops walking when he stands in front of Feabie. The smiling Lawbringer speaks to his fellow visitor from a strange planet.**

Uhm, hi. http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/wub.gif

06-19-2004, 11:56 AM
((“Cooly”, huh? http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newrofl.gif http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newrofl.gif http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newrofl.gif
And nice touch with the qc#1 pose. http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newrofl.gif http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newrofl.gif.))

http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newblush.gif Cooly, is that you? *Images of all the time she spent with him ran wild through Feabie’s head. The first time she was disgusted by his horrible face, his dumb words, his weird tentacles, the moment she fell for this they-don’t-get-uglier-than-this Charming Prince.*

Hi… http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newblush.gif I really hope you’re not mad at me for running from you the way I did…

Lawbringer QLNZ
06-19-2004, 11:39 PM
((I already had the avatar made. It was originally meant for an SL idea that didn't work out.))

**QLNZ's green eyes stare into Feabie's eyes and any trace of malice in the psychotic Lawbringer's face seems to fade away.**

Of course I'm not mad at you. :wub:

**QLNZ's eyes then turn towards the group of hillbillies.**

Are those creatures bothering you my dear? :huh:

**Destructive power breifly flares up in the Lawbringer's eyes as he looks at the hillbillies. His face regains the look of malice.**

06-20-2004, 09:06 AM
::The Beverly Hillbillies just stand there in utter shock, mouths hanging open. Jethro finally manages to squeak something out.::

Jethro: Shucks, she's already got a boyfriend.

::Just then military helicopter flies overhead and two people rapelle down. The man is holding out his badge and the red-headed chick has a gun trained on Cooly.::

Man: Hello, I'm Agent Mulder and this is Agent Scully. I'm going to ask you to come with us peacefully.

06-20-2004, 12:20 PM
Are those creatures bothering you my dear? http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/huh.gif

Well, they are trying to murder me :roll:, but we both know they will only hurt themselves, because you know nothing can hurt me because I’m impervious, the only thing that can harm me is chocolate and I don’t see any chocolate around, remember that I told you about the Arguidian, didn’t I? And Arguidianites were all allergic to chocolate, too bad because I loved chocolate milk shakes, but if I ever drink some I might turn up dead.

*She would have gone on and on and on, when a very x-trange people dropped by.*

Hello, I'm Agent Mulder and this is Agent Scully. I'm going to ask you to come with us peacefully.

Can I go, too? http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newcry.gif I’ve been away from Cooly for too long to just watch you take him away from me once again. You know, once I had this boyfriend at Arguidian, we had a date once but I never saw him again, obviously he was kidnapped by aliens because he never answered my phone calls anymore, I was so sad for so long that I even gained a couple of pounds and had to change my whole wardrobe because nothing fit anymore, I was so depressed that my phone bill got incredibly high and my father almost evicted from the house, thankfully Arguidian got destroyed. :whaat:

Lawbringer QLNZ
06-22-2004, 05:59 PM
((I'm having the same problem with this page as well.))

**The Lawbringer looks at the new arrivals. Cooly's eyes blazed with destructive power.**

I am not going anywhere! I'm staying here with the radiant Feabie! :mad2:

**Cooly listens to Feabies story. His full attention is held by her every word. When she finishes he responds with a dopey grin on his pale face.**

Yes, it is a good thing Arguidian got destroyed. Would you like me to find your old date and break his legs for causing you so much concern. Or I could pull his arms off and beat him with the detached limbs. :wub:

06-23-2004, 02:14 PM
*Feabie frowned when the Lawbringer said that it was a good thing that Arguidian got destroyed, but she immediately cheered up when he mentioned he would kill her former date.*

:wub: Well, what can I say. If Jethro was still alive, I would love you to cut off his limbs and stuff. That would be so romantic *And she blinked seductively.*

Wait http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/blink.gif On second thought, you shouldnt kill no one in my name, you know Im a super-hero and super-heroes just dont do that.

*Turning to Mulder and Scully.*

What are you looking at?

06-25-2004, 05:31 AM
Mulder and Scully: :shock::shock:

Mulder to self: She looks like my sister :shock:

Mulder whispering to Scully: We're going to need back-up. And see if you can't bring in a counselor or shrink or something too.

::Scully backs off a bit, gun still aimed at the Lawbringer, and speaks a few words into a walkie-talkie. Moments later, a larger crew of guys with even bigger guns rapelle down from various helicopters and one woman pushes past them all to stand in front of the two lovers - that is, Cooly and Feabie. Her dark eyes and hair are in great contrast to her very pale skin. She is wearing some sort of purple bodysuit with a strange brooch affixed to her left shoulder.::

Counselor Deanna Troi: I sense anger and love. They appear to be sentient, but not capable of any complex thought - only base emotions.

Sergeant Whats-His-Face: I say we tranq 'em both and take 'em "downtown". :twisted:

::Just then, a large black van with red stripes blasts through the back hedge, runs over a few guys with guns and pulls up beside Cooly and Feabie, separating them from Mulder, Scully, Troi and all the other dudes. The door slides open and arms beacon them inside.::

Mr. T. : Well, hurry up foo! Dere's guys wit guns ova hea!!!

((BTW, people please feel free to jump in and use any of these character's I've introduced - they are disposible! ;) ))

07-03-2004, 11:21 AM
I sense anger and love. They appear to be sentient, but not capable of any complex thought - only base emotions.

:mad: Hey! I totally resent that! You’re talking to a super-hero, here! Not just your average friendly neighboring girl friend. I’m not the simple girl who goes to school, whose daddy keeps chasing away her boyfriends and who loves spending nights in pajama parties eating ice cream and watching horror movies and those stupid teenage sitcoms that are all cut with the same formula. Because formulas tend to be boring and I don’t even know what’s inside of a McDonald hamburger! :realmad:

:? Uh? Did I made a point already? I got kinda lost.

Well, hurry up foo! Dere's guys wit guns ova hea!!!

:shock: What a horrible haircut! http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/blink.gif

Lawbringer QLNZ
07-03-2004, 05:22 PM
**With a glance from his blazing green eyes the Lawbringer manages to melt all of the guns aimed at him and Feabie. Not that he felt they were in any danger. He just knows it isn't polite to point. He then looks at Feabie and listens to what she has to say to Counselor Troi. He pleasantly asks Feabie a question.**

Should I melt her for you, dear? :wub:

**QLNZ held out his hand to Mr. T and telekinetically pulled every item made of gold from him. The Lawbringer then used his vast amount of energy to shape all of the ear rings, rings, necklaces and whatever else into a necklace of incredibly dense and nearly indestructable gold. The segmented tentacle that makes up QLNZ's right forearm grabs the necklace and offers it to Feabie.**

I believe this will look much better on you. :wub:

07-03-2004, 09:22 PM
Should I melt her for you, dear? :wub:

That’s such a nice thing to say, Cooly http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newblush.gif, but you shouldn’t melt people just because they’re annoying. You know, many people would deserve to die if there ever was a death penalty for such a thing. I recall this one girl friend I had at school, God!, she did never shut up! :shocked: I swear if I had these wonderful powers back then, I would have turned her into fried chicken. Only there would be not fried potatoes with her, because I hate greasy products. You know, I’m watching my shape and I only eat light.

I believe this will look much better on you. :wub:

*With shiny eyes, Feabie grabbed the necklace.*

Awww… you’re so sweet… *She put the necklace on and showed it to everyone around.* Isn’t he cute? Of course, that’s a figure of speech, what he’s got is a lot of inner beauty, you know ;)

07-09-2004, 07:59 PM
Well, hurry up foo! Dere's guys wit guns ova hea!!!

:shock: What a horrible haircut! http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/blink.gif

::Mr. T. looks quizzically at the chick who dared insult his haircut and looks at the cap'n before lookin' back at Feabie.::

Mr. T.:I wasn't talkin' to you. And I'll have you know this is a fine head of hair. :evil:

::Pretty-boy and Crazy-dude dash out of the van, grab Mr. Ed and load him into the van.::

Crazy-dude:YeeHAW!!! We got Hee-Haw - lets go!

::The van careens out of the circle of confused guards and is soon out of sight down the street, outrunning the sucked out cop cars chasing them.::

((Yeah, I've only seen two episodes of A-Team - so sue me))

07-09-2004, 09:25 PM
Looks like they where after the talking horse after all. :whaat: Weird, huh?

So, what now, Cooly?

*Feabie stared at the Hillbillies standing very confused in front of them.*

And what about them? They weren’t too nice when I first met them... :?

07-10-2004, 08:31 PM
Something metallic, bulbous, shabby and bright green seemed to drop out of the sky. Finally it stopped bouncing along the ground, making its landing one which would probably have been considered a good landing only in reference to that saying about any landing one can walk away from. And three figures did walk away from that landing. Well, stagger, at least.

The first to stand up straight and cease coughing was an oddly-shaped person. His head seemed to be made of flat surfaces welded together none too tidily. Being an android tends to do that to one.

The second to stand up looked around himself, tried to find any surface on the Starbug reflective enough to see himself in, failed that task and began to preen. Being descended from a race of cats tends to do that to one.

The third continued to cough and splutter while trying to draw himself up to what remained of his full height. Being seriously unfit and the most complete and utter slob in the entire universe tends to do that to one.

This lasted for the time it took him to take in his surroundings.

"Wow," he said. "Kryten, look at that."

"Where, Lister?" the android asked.

"There," he pointed.

"I think it's a woman," Kryten commented, realising even in his pitiful android brain that Lister would have completely ignored the hillbillies and the alien looking sort of thing.

"Really," Lister replied sarcastically. "How can you tell?"

"Well, just look at her chest."

"... Yes?" Lister asked, finally.

"Right there on her shirt. "F" for "Female"."

"Congratulations, smeg-for-brains. Trust you to miss the bleeding obvious... Oh, no. What is the Cat doing?"

The Cat stopped in his tracks and turned to look at the others. "It's a woman, isn't it?"

"Yes. So...?"

"You know what women have, don't you?" the Cat asked, and continued slinking over to where "F" for "Female" stood.

"Excuse me, madam," the Cat asked. "Would you, by any chance, have a mirror I could borrow?"

Meanwhile Lister put his head in his hands. "I knew it. If I wanted intelligence on this mission, I should have left you two gimboids behind and taken the skutters and the talking toaster instead!"

Lawbringer QLNZ
07-12-2004, 04:49 PM
**This was not how he had imagined his reunion with Feabie would go. He did not envision annoying people, just him and Feabie. Now that there were so many loud, confusing and just plain ignorant individuals the Lawbringer felt his limitless rage bubbling to the surface. Soon he can no longer hold back his awsome rage and begins firing green beams of destructive energy from his eyes. He directs his attacks at everyone who is not Feabie or himself.**

Yyaaaaaghr! :flamingmad:

07-15-2004, 10:19 PM
Oh, no! :shocked: *yelled Feabie as she flew around.* Cooly is having a Bad Breath Attack. Stand back, if you smell it for too long, you’ll die. Well, you’ll die too if you’re hit by any of his rays… :whaat: Believe me! :shock: I’ve only survived because I’m invulnerable, because that’s part of my legacy and that’s who I am: Feabie, the sole super-hero of… uh… :? looks like I don’t have an adopted planet to protect any longer.

*Turning to the alien newcomers.* Anyway, you shouldn’t have asked me for a mirror. Cooly is very sensitive about the appearances and he has a very low self-steem when it comes to the way he looks. For the skies of Arguidian! :shocked: Look at him! No wonder his mother Sharon left him! I mean, not even a mother can see beauty in him. But I know him better, I know that deep inside of him there’s a puppy looking for love, seeking any affection he can get. I’d do anything for him. I mean, anything but feed him chocolate because all of my people died of chocolate poisoning, they were allergic to chocolate duh!, you know, chocolate brings me so many bad memories. I mean, as many bad memories as School, ‘cause I did hate School tons! :shocked: It was filled with rude people who made fun of me. You ask me, I don’t know why they treated me like that, it brings tears to my eyes and the only way to get me back into my happy mood, would be by eating a chocolate, but nooooooooooooooooo. I’m allergic! Geez! :realmad:

09-30-2004, 09:04 AM

09-30-2004, 09:20 AM
*When they returned from commercials, Feabie looked around and she was all alone. No Cooley. No annoying black & white people. No police. No nothing!*

Cooley? :cry: Where are you?

*With her heart broken, Feabie flew away from Sitcom World.*

Qwaring's clone#1
03-03-2006, 07:19 PM
**Qwaring's clone#1 appears outside of the old Munsters house as he walks "on panel (http://www.cbreview.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=85614#85614)". He stops and stands beside a "for sale" sign. The clone looks around at the gloomy looking home before consulting the realestate section of his newspaper for more information on this place.**

Hmmm, it says this place has a basement laboritory and a dragon under the stairs. And it's got plenty of old world charm. :study:

**The orange First once again looks up at the house.**

I guess "old world charm" because it's in black and white. :scratch:
Hmm, it seems like a nice enough place, I wonder why the family moved out? :thinking:

**The clone takes a look around at the neighboring houses. On one side is the "B. Summers" residence and on the other is the "F. Mulder" residence.**

What's a Fmulder? :huh: