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Magin's Reign of Terror (http://forumcorp.com/jsanborn/viewtopic.php?p=12561#12561)
The Essence War (http://forumcorp.com/jsanborn/viewtopic.php?p=12563#12563)
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Rebuilding of Sinister (http://forumcorp.com/jsanborn/viewtopic.php?p=12578#12578)
The Rise of the Olympians and the Return of Anubis (http://forumcorp.com/jsanborn/viewtopic.php?p=12580#12580)
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The Marriage of Minity and Lord Mattson (http://forumcorp.com/jsanborn/viewtopic.php?p=12620#12620)
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Night Games
Chai'i Transcendence
Nightmares of Tommorrow
Something to do with Rupiku (Chapter name not yet decided.)

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*Magin's reign of terror
-BigGator5 is killed
-During an accidental spill in a secret lab, Bard, The Rev and Ozzblair inadevrtently create Meteoro out a mix of the First' major essences.
-Magin Abducts Facade (The young Facade... (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000152))
-The sigil bearer Lord Mattson battles Magin and is blown to bits. Later he appears as a Secundae of unknown origins. (Somewhere in uncharted space..... (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000099))
-Scion the Nun becomes the first clone to claim independance from her master, Meteoro and starts a Clones Club which would later go bankrupt.

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*The Essence War.
-NEGATOR begins hearing things (Foreshadowing the Foreboding... (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000044) and A Prophecy Fulfilled (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000008))
-In an effort to help Negs, Mattson teleports him to a hospital where he gets the gem of the Essence of Destruction. (Capricia Medical Hospital DESTROYED (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000026&p=4))
-NEGATOR destroys House Sinister and House Dexter at which he only faces opposition from a few at first including Facade, Xan and Lord Mattson (House Sinister (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000166&p=7) and House Dexter DESTROYED (patent pending) (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000052&p=3))
-On one of Meteoro and Benbrass' adventures they come accross M's former sidekick, the Secondae puppy Nestl who had been trapped in one of his "Boom Tube incidents."
-Once the problem becomes too great, the First gather at LizardSnake's Cottage/Bastion to stop NEGATOR. (LizardSnake's Quaint, Heavily-Fortified Bastion (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000066&p=24))
-Combat ensues, and Klitke is nearly killed and vanishes. (LizardSnake's Quaint, Heavily-Fortified Bastion (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000066&p=32))
-Booster used his bear hands to rip the essence from NEGATOR's chest nearly killing him. *To save him, he is taken away by Xan. (LizardSnake's Quaint, Heavily-Fortified Bastion (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000066&p=33))

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*The forming of Medius. (House Medius (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000053))

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*The Gathering of the 15 Orbs of Power.
-Secondae Mattson helps the Hunters face down Magin as BigGator5 returns. (The Hunt For Magin (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000125&p=2))
-Shortly afterwards, Lord Mattson gains the Chimera Orb. (Battle at Neo Primordial II - The Return of BigGator5! (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000021&p=3))
-Eternity Williams gathers five of the orbs, two of which he absorbs into his body. (Battle at Neo Primordial II - The Return of BigGator5! (http://www.simplicitypoint.com/CrossGen/thread.asp?t=t0000021&p=3))

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*The battle against the Ancient Gods.
-The Ancient Gods rise from their slumber, the most horrifying of them is Anubis, a very scary Ancient God puppy.
-Fearing the knowledge that Eternity Williams posseses, Zeus kidnaps the First at the Kontiltan Keep, forcing him to leave the other three orbs in his possession there, where they were found by OzzBlair, Holo-M and Scion The Nun. Zeus later shoved a bolt of lightning into his heart, killing him along with his personal army, the Planetary Syndicate.
-Facade is turned evil and allies with Anubis, his bride of death.
-Anubis and (Dark) Facade assault Elysia.
-Lord Mattson ascends to Firsthood and learns who his parents are--Neo Avatar & SilntAngl.
-Nestl creates a clone of himself to impress a Hot-Chick. The Hot-Chick (Robin) and Nestl's clone (Rupiku) get together and become hated enemies of Nestl.
-A group of Old Gods gather on the recently abandoned Planet M. Among their ranks are: Anubis, Aphrodite, Brynhild, Ea, (Dark) Faade, Mahadevi-Kali and Odin.
Several battles, both large and small, erupts throughout the castle on Planet M. In addition to the group of Old Gods the battles include Apollo, Aqua-pup, Bard, BigGator5, Chevymetal, Daron Ceykol, First Evil, Klitke, Lord Mattson, Meteoro, Nestl, Kat, Prime Knight, Python, Quin and Sojourn_Fan.
-Facade kills her own half-brother KLitke. While Anubis battles the others, killing Kat.
-SF and OP meet again during the Planet M battle. He had left her for training and she been adopted by Lord Mattson.
-Rupiku joins with the Rift dividing House Sinister and Dexter, granting him all the powers of the First.
-During the conclusion of the battle on Planet M Anubis is defeated then killed, assassinated by his bride, Facade. She is returned to normal by Quin and Planet M is left devastated. Also betraying the Old Gods was Brynhild, who fell for Meteoro, hoping to start her life anew.
-Soon after the battle on Planet M SF and OP temporarily take over caring for the Orphanage for SilntAngl5.
During the rebuilding process Planet M becomes populated by factory created clones.

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*Sinister's Civil War.
-BigGator5 and Scion the Nun get married. During the wedding Python, a minion of BGs, shoots Meteoro with a poisoned arrow in an assassination attempt. This is all a part of the coup that BigGator has staged during his wedding in order to take over House Sinister.
-Odin attacks looking for M's baby. Lord Mattson teleportals Odin and himself to the Rift where they battle to a mutual victory.
-Many First become angered with Gator's take over. With slight prompting, they turn against him as Mattson reveals that he could have taken leadership from Meteoro to prevent Gator's take over before the event. In a compromise Mattson withdraws his claim and leaves House Sinister until Gator can unite it.
-Chevy Metal also leaves with his "royal half" of Sinister known as the House Metallus.

08-05-2004, 12:50 PM
*The Crayon Scandal of the Secundae Orphanage.
-In the aftermath of the Gator-Nun Wedding and the attempted assassination of Meteoro, NoCal and Ace tried to devise a plan to take control of the orphans while all of Elysia took sides in the Battle of House Sinister.
-After Myst added to the confusion by teleporting Murci and Tek from the Orphanage in front of Penny, NoCal decided this was his chance to gain the confidence of the orphans by protecting them from any more abductions.
-After enlisting Night into their plans, NoCal and his then twin brother, Ace started giving more and more crayons to the orphans.
-Once the orphans were fully addicted to the crayons, and once the NoCal, Night, and Ace had fully received the trust of the orphans, they distracted Kulit, who was the caretaker of the orphanage at the time, and made off with all of the crayons in the orphanage.
-During a misadventure with Qwaring QC#1 accidentally becomes ruler of the planet Veriosk.
-The three secundae were to become crayon dealers to the orphans as a means of controlling them when they needed help, but their plans were foiled when SilntAngl5 returned to the Orphanage and her charges.

08-05-2004, 12:51 PM
*The Return of House Dexter.
-In response to the fighting in House Sinister, SF pleads to the Dexters that it is time for their House to return in case of threat.
-Elections are held and Klitke is elected leader.
-SF and OP leave for a short time and go to Aurora's cabin where she gives birth to Reiss (Rescue).
-Nestl, attempting to create Unity between the Houses visits House Medius, who turns him down.
-Meteoro attacks House Dexter and kidnaps SF. However, an energy ball sent by OP was sent into the Boom Tube. She gets hit by it and only her "past" self remains with Meteoro in the future Elysia.

08-05-2004, 12:51 PM
*Elysia 100,000 years in the Future.
-Home of Optimus Prime and Cid, the world was almost destroyed by the enemy only know as the Boss who tried to conquer it. The Houses are united here.
-The land had stolen the powers of the First. Meteoro and his friends (Bryn, OP, SF, Nestl and Breaking Storm) came after leaving House Dexter. A young Sojourn Fan along with them. This is where OP and SF meet each other for first time.
-Back in the present, Planet M, sensing the absence of Meteoro, hands rulership of the world to the Vampyre Lestat. Lestat immediately unleashes an army of darkness onto the planet. The inhuman legion is composed of vampyres, werewolves, zombies, skeletons and a variety of other unholy beasts. They begin to hunt down and destroy the clones that inhabits the planet.
-In Future Elysia the Boss sends his army to attack the First and a large battle breaks out.
-While in the future, Nestl meets The Oracle for the first time.
-Lucien appeared to kill OP, as he had killed OP's father Jett, the leader of the united First of Elysia and leader in the war against the Boss.
-The Boss himself appeared and fought many of the Firsts. He tried to kill Optimus Prime and SojourFan, but Rescue gave his life to save them. The Boss went on to battle Meteoro, but he lost the battle and swore the death of all Firsts.
-Lestat hunts two Secundae, Baron Banter and Qwaring, who had mysteriously appeared during a gathering of House Metallus. This hunt leads them to Planet M where Lestat and the two Secundae arrive in the cave that housed the Kaas orb a dark artifact that Lestat had been seeking. It is soon learned that Qwaring and Banter had appeared at the House Metallus gathering because they were Lestats long lost sons. The hunt ends with Banter and Qwaring accepted into Lestats family and the vampyre gaining the Kaas orb.
-Lestat uses the Kaas orb to form the Kaas sword, which vastly increases his power but seems to have a corrupting influence on him.
-Baron Banter, who was the first to discover the Kaas orb also falls under the artifacts influence. He even hears a voice that tries to tempt him to steal the orb from his father.
-In an effort to get his daughter Mattson creates a time capsule with a digital copy of his memory in it and sets it to rest until it locates the missing first. The sphere remains active after the First return to their time.
-SojournFan returns home, and after some training OP joins her, entering at the time of the Anubis battle.

08-05-2004, 12:51 PM
*The wedding of Neo Avatar and SilntAngl
-Many gathered for the wedding. Amazingly enough no combat broke out during the wedding.
While in the Metallus system Qwaring is abducted by the nebula wraith called Keres. Keres impersonates Qwaring as part of his scheme to use Metallus resources against the First.
-Betraying House Sinister, Joe Stranger and Scion The Monk kidnap Scion The Nun forming a new House House called Diablo. The Monk poisons her, but KLitke and BiGator5 come to her rescue. In the confusion that followed, Joe Stranger killed his accomplis, but wasn't able to kill the others before they escaped. Trapped in his ship when it was destroyed, Joe Stranger was forced to stay in the shadow realm living off it's energies until his return as a scarred and changed man.

08-05-2004, 12:52 PM
*The Orb of Kaas.
-Continually hearing the orb, Baron Banter travels to Omnicron where he researches in the great library there for some way to turn the voice off.
-He finds the cure for himself and immediately heads to Planet M due to unannounced visitors The visitor is Meteoro, who has returned to reclaim his planet.
-During Lestat confrontation with Meteoro, which NoCal in SoCal, Chevymetal and Nestle are present for, Baron Banter and Qwaring (Keres) are sent to lead the army of darkness as it tries to destroy the last clone settlement on Planet M, a city called Clohan.
-While the First on Planet M are preoccupied with Meteoro Keres tries to destroy the planet with an antimatter-based bomb. Baron Banter learned of this and battled the wraith high above the planet. The battle ends with Keres destroyed, his planet destroying bomb sent away where it explodes harmlessly in space and Baron Banter ascends to Firsthood when he absorbs an energy charge from the dying Keres.
-In a battle Vampyre Lestat slays Meteoro by slicing off his head. Nestl takes the body and buries it on Elysia in House Sinister. Unknown to Nestl, however, he carries a spark of Meteoros power deep within him.
-Fearing the sword's influence over his father Baron Banter offers the cure to his father but it has the opposite effect and completely hands his father over to the sword.
- Juno and Mini-Juno try to kidnap Qwarings clone#1. When they learn that the clone can not access the money of his planet without Qwarings help they begin the quest to find the missing Qwaring.
- Planet M rebels against Lestat and Baron Banter is given control of the planet
- Lestat arrives during Meteoros funeral and single handedly fights several First. Chevymetal arrives and puts an end to the battle. Lestat leaves Elysia and attempts to flee into Negation space. House Metallus promises that they will bring Lestat under control.
-A future version of qwaring travels to this time and aids the Metallus family in their fight against the Kaas sword possessed Lestat.
-Baron Banter, Chevymetal, NoCal in SoCal, the future Qwaring and Scion the Nun confront Lestat on a lifeless moon. The battle ends when the group separates Lestat from the sword of Kaas and administers a cure to its corrupting influence. Chevymetal takes the sword of Kaas and banishes it to limbo. Lestat is seemingly restored to normal.

08-05-2004, 12:52 PM
*The Coming of Negation.
-Evil Rescue kidnaps baby Reiss and puts him through an experimental procedure that is meant to brainwash him and accelerate his aging. The whole process takes place on the planet Lycanthropie.
- Kulit is also abducted by the Negation. Due to a mishap in transport she ends up stranded in the wilderness of Lycanthropie. She encounters a tribe of werewolves that give her the Sword of Kran and seem to worship her.
-Juno, Mini-Juno and Qwarings clone#1 arrive on Lycanthropie in their quest for Qwaring. The meet up with Kulit, who is Junos mother.
-By the time Soujourn_Fan and Optimus_Prime arrive to the Negation controlled planet of Lychanthropia, Reiss is a young boy, who doesn't trust his parents.
-A large fight occurs, Evil Rescue is eventually killed with Ultima.
-Reiss and the blue spirit join to form...Rescue.
-BiGator5 mysteriously disappears, not telling anyone where he went.
-The quest to find Qwaring, which has been joined by Ruri and Warwolf, offers to protect a amnesiac Secundae named Law. She is being followed by the vampyre Lestat. The questers are also joined by Baron Banter who restores Laws memory so that she can remember that she is not only Banters mother but also the wife of Lestat. Lestat eventually catches up with the questers and destroys their ship, the Nadesico. Lestat, Law, Banter and QC#1 then use the information gained by the questers to locate and rescue Qwaring.

08-05-2004, 12:52 PM
*Rupiku's Reign.
-Scion The Nun, now leader of Sinister is tricked by Rupiku into thinking that he is Altwaal, bringing conflict to the House.
-Rupiku's allies in the UnderGround turn on him, forcing him to take on First and Clones alike.
-Rupiku sends thousands of spies throughout the universe to track down Nestl.
-On Demetria, one named Lord Pikachu finds Meteoro's spark in a man given accidentally by Nestl, he later becomes Meteoroh. Another Finds Nestl on a planet called Clemetria, where he is brought back from just in time to fight the monster he created.
-The future Qwaring that had aided in the defeat of the Kaas possessed Lestat returns to this era. His actions during the Kaas sword incedent had altered his history and erased his wife and children from existence and so he has come to this time in hopes of fixing the timeline. This scheme will require him to destroy tens of thousands of worlds.
-Meteoroh seeks out more power. This lead him to Planet M, where after a battle and near destruction of the planet he is made co-leader with Baron Banter. Meteoroh continues on to Elysia.
-The present Qwaring, along with Baron Banter confront the future Qwaring. The madman from the future is defeated, stripped of his First power and banished to another universe and can never return to the sigilverse. Qwaring gains the First power taken from his future self and the metamorphic Widgit device.
-Meteoroh, while trying to gain everything Meteoro once had, kidnaps SilentAngl. Kulit attempts to stop him and is also captured. Meteoroh takes the two goddesses to Meteoros grave site where he is attacked by a gathering of First. Meteoroh is joined by Rubiku and the Vampyre Lestat. During the battle Lestat feeds on the blood of both Law and Kulit, in order to incopacitate them and remove them from the battle.
-Honor's Angel takes care of the Orphanage and meets Millennium for the first time.
-Qwarings clone#1 returns to his planet, Veriosk, to find that it is in danger of being destroyed by an anti-matter bomb. The clone is only able to save his planet accidentally. When the bomb explodes its energies merge with the energies of thousands of clones of QC#1. This mingling of energy is unintentionally absorbed by QC#1. This new power causes the clone to ascend into Firsthood and gain bizarre out of continuity based powers.
-While recovering on Nights planet Kulit recieves a power boost from the Nights own shadow energy. She also kisses the other First, which is observed by the awareness of NoCals power ring, named Elocin. When Elocin informs NoCal of Kulits betrayal NoCal breaks off his relationship with Kulit.
-During the battle SF, as a result of an injury, loses her youngest child Raine. She is later reborn though.
-During the battle at Meteoros grave it is revealed that Lestat and Nestl are enemies of light (Nestle) and dark (Lestat).
-Lestat reanimates the dead body of Meteoro and uses this to attack Nestle. Nestl touches Meteoro's dead body, which also comes into contact with Meteoroh, returning the rest of the spark that both Nestle and Meteoro had and bringing him back to life. The reserected Meteoro takes the form of two Firsts, Meteoro Red, his Sinister half, and Meteroro Yellow, his Dexter half.
-Rupiku is betrayed by the only one on his side, Lestat, who absorbs his power.
-After defeating Lestat, in a desperate attempt to stop the mad God of Elysia, Nestl uses Robin's sigil to "unwish" himself and his creation. This reverses everything Rupiku did, bringing all those he killed back to life.

08-05-2004, 12:53 PM
*Rebuilding of Sinister.
-Scion The Nun is put on trial for listenning to Rupiku.
-SG becomes Scion's defense attorney, and, in an attempt to clear her name stumbles across a book in The Rift revealing all of Rupiku's thoughts and actions up to his demise.
- Unable to wait for the trial to begin the Nun decides to forge her own fate and escapes from captivity. She flees to one of Elysias moons, which is now called Scion the Moon.

08-05-2004, 12:53 PM
*The Rise of the Olympians and Return of Anubis
In an attempt to help a Planet M clone named Clonathan Qwarings clone#1 steals Baron Banters old magical staff. Together the two clones use the ystical artifact on several miscast spells before QC#1 uses it to accidentally send Planet M into the Negation universe. When QC#1 tries to use his powers in he is struck by feedback and sent to Charons throne world where he enters in a battle of wits with the god of the Negation universe. Somehow QC#1 manages to escape unharmed and with his powers restored.
-Planet M is invaded by a Negation armada, lead by General Bogure. Due to the efforts of the worlds inhabitants and Meteoro Yellow the invaders are fought off and Planet M is returned to the sigilverse through a Boomtube.
-Charon and all of his Lawbringers chase QC#1 to Planet M, just as it is escaping the Negation universe through the Boomtube. The clone manages to escape with the planet. Charon releases his outrage at this development, as well as a portion of his energy that had been tainted by QC#1s bizarre power, in the form of a new Lawbringer. The Lawbringer is named QLNZ.
-Lawbringer QLNZ and General Bogure are given the mission to travel to the Bright universe and assassinate Qwarings clone#1. QLNZs unique energy matrix gives him the ability to bypass the clones life preserving dumb luck power, which makes him the only being in any universe that can kill QC#1.
-Celeste (Hera) visited the Firsts and offered them powers of the Olympian Gods to do battle with Raven's Titans. She went on their weaknesses and they accepted.
-Celeste was defeated at the Saber Vortex and banished by her husband. However, she was reunited with her long lost lover, Anubis. They began a to cause terror.
-At a battle at Scion the Moon, it was revealed that Hera and Anubis were the parents of Millennium.
-Mil and Angel briefly broke up, but reunited when she gave birth to the twins, Danae and Pixie.

08-05-2004, 12:53 PM
*The Dark Alliance.
-Jas discovers he's Meteoro's First Born son.
-During an encounter with Qwaring General Bogures ship, the Interceptor, is powerless and adrift in space. Lawbringer QLNZ also is badly wounded and comatoes. They are saved by Lucien who offers them a chance to join the alliance of enemies of Elysia that hes putting together. Bogure accepts the offer and the Dark Alliance begins.
-Jas goes to Planet M and has his mind invaded by fragments of Keres. From the union of Keres, combined with Jas's mind, a new evil being, Saja, was created.
-Sinestros Protectorate conquers Kontiltan. Sinestro begins studying the orbs of power, that were discovered there.
-Jas and Quaxo's wedding on Tebryna.
-At the wedding, Baron Batner reveals to Quaxo that she is his daughter.
-In a battle against Saja on the Grove Planet, Jas had his neck broken by Saja, causing him to be paralyzed from the neck down
-General Bogure, armed with the Scion orb, and Syndy Swallows, armed with the Meridian orb, lead the abducted and controlled army of Veriosk in an invasion of Planet M. Bogure uses his orb to command the army while Syndy uses her orb to heal them from any and all injuries. Their army battles Planet Ms army of darkness until Baron Banter, Law and Lestat join the fight. Both Syndy and Bogure are defeated and lose their orbs. Banter is even cursed by Banter using the mYstic orb. The general is condemned to die a million horrible deaths. Syndy manages to escape Planet M with the corpse of Bogure. Later Bogure rises from the dead in order to die the remainder of the terrible deaths he is fated to endure.
Lawbringer QLNZ, armed with the Route 666 orb, attacks Qwarings clone#1 on the Resort world. The clone is defended by Juno, Ruri and Lady Red. The fight continues until QLNZ receives a flash from the rob that reveals Lucien had lied to him in order to trick him into attacking the clone instead of searching for his beloved Feabie. QLNZ leaves the Resort world in order to find Lucien and get revenge.
-In an attempt to cure himself of a venom he had been infected with Qwaring uses a gadget to separate the various energies that his body is composed of. A malfunction with the gadget causes Qwarings energy and mind to become scrambled. While trying to reassemble Qwarings shattered mind Widgit discovers memories of a Secundae named Xalidus, who was the son of Lestat and Law and the twin brother of Baron Banter. It was revealed that Qwaring was made using Xalidus soul. Once reassembled Qwaring had full knowledge of his lost childhood and even gained aspects of Xalidus personality.
-When SG removed the book from Rupku's fortress in the Rift, Rupiku was awakened, but, no longer a threat to the First as he was forever condemned to his fortress and the Rift with only his thousands of clones to keep him company. One of those water beings just happened to be a representation of who he thought Nestl, his creator was.
-After obtaining Nestl's sword from Lestat, the Super Friends (Robin, Toady, Pyrem and SG) were sent to the Rift by The Oracle after being told that Nestl was alive.
-In a battle between good and evil, Nestl finally freed all of Rupiku's clones from the Rift and condemned his evil creation to eternity alone, using the sword.
-The Boss and Celeste are permanently defeated. The coming of Ambrosia (the Boss' wife) set forth the actions to give Raine life.

08-05-2004, 01:14 PM
*The marriage of Minity and Lord Mattson

08-05-2004, 01:14 PM
*The Negation War.
-LawBringer BGTR appears from the Negation through a portal opened by Lucien. Using this portal he opens gates all over our universe allowing the Negation Empire to seep through.
-Unable to find Lucien and confused by the concept of good and evil that the Route 666 orb is showing him Lawbringer QLNZ wanders the universe in search of answers. His travels takes him to a Negation outpost, which he destroys, and eventually to Scion the Moon, where he begins killing members of the demon population that have taken up residence there.
-Sigil-Bearers gather in House Dexter from across the universe to battle the menace, making it the perfect location for the LawBringer to invade.
-Ursus, a First that was injured while fighting Negation forces in the Matrix Quadrant crashes on Scion the Moon. He is healed by Deanley, a blue angel. Ursus and Deanley travel into the Rift to investigate an alien presence that the First detects there. They encounter Rubiku, the presence that the First detected. They are followed into the Rift by QLNZ who soon gets involved in a massive battle with Rubiku while trying to learn about the evil he senses in the water being. The battle ends when QLNZ learns that Rubiku was created and so the Lawbringer leaves in order to find the answers from Rubikus creator. Ursus and Deanley leave shortly after.
-In a desperate attempt to defend Elysia, Nestl gathered the sigil bearers and sent them on The Dragon's Fang to escape Elysia, while he stayed to fight. Joined only by Python, who was soon captured and thrown onto one of the Negation's most dreaded planets.
-Planet M is invaded by another Negation force led by two Lawbringers, KNZT and VNTI. The Lawbringers turn the worlds undead into humans and place the planets consciousness into a catatonic state. They succeed in fighting the First off of Planet M and take control of Planet M. Also during the battle it appears as if Lawbringer KLNZ had managed to convert Lestat into a Lawbringer named VMPR. VMPR is accepted into the ranks of the Negation on Planet M.
-Elsewhere on Planet M on the blue clone controlled continent of Disne-stralia, the sigil bearer called #53 battles the ligis bearer called #35. During the course of the battle #35s ligis reveals a hidden function and everyone on Disne-stralia, except for #53 and another sigil bearer called Lynn, with a fragment of Charons power and intellect. By working together #53 and Lynn manage to free Disne-stralia from the Charon fragment and seemingly send it back to the Negation universe.
-Meanwhile, Nestl used his sword's power to disperse the power of the Rift and join the Houses. With the Rift gone, LM came with Sinister reinforcements. JAS' astral form also arrived and helped Nestl summon the rest of Dexter to their aid aswell.
-After defeating a lawbringer attacking the Dexter School, Sojourn Fan and Optimus Prime appear to help. They eventually give up their powers and send them into a sword to aid the Firsts. Later the sword is lost, as are their powers.
-In all the commotion, a new player, "Felix" absorbs a fraction of the power given off by Nestl's sword and spreads into a dozen clones, each as powerful as the first. Also, an assassin ligis-bearer by the name of Rye-Glinn decides it is his duty to follow the sigil bearers and stop them from attaining the weapon that will defeat the Negation.
-As a result of a mental attack from Swe-Qwan, and a mental weakening he was suffering from as a result of his body being at Kamiros, Jas was knocked into a coma.
-On Kamiros, Alexis, Jas's sister, tried to help revive the comatose Jas. The effort failed, and soon, he disappeared from existence, apparently the victim of a change in the timeline.
-VMPR betrays VNTI and KNZT while in the core of Planet M. He had tricked VNTI into awakening the planets consciouness, which he tried to create a bond with. Baron Banter, Brynhild, Law, Quaxo, Qwaring and Sheala arrived on Planet M and joined the fight to retake the planet. While merged with the core Lestat is seperated from his VMPR persona, which leaves the planet. Lestat then goes on to battle VNTI while the others fight KNZT. VNTI manages to escape. KNZT battles the others to a stand still until Shaela sacrifices her time crystal, and only means of returning to her home time, in an attack that shatters KNZT and spreads him throughout time and space.
-With the planet free from the Negation the worlds conciousness tries to make Lestat the new leader, but due to the blood gods link to Vermin and Gregorn these two are made co-leaders instead.
Immediately after the battle on Planet M Quaxo is abducted by the mysterious Seer and Law vanishes through a portal. Qwaring sends out hundreds of duplicate Widgits to search the universe for his missing family members and QC#1 is sent on a quest to locate Quaxo, who he has never met.
-Following the battle on Planet M, Alexis came to Planet M to find Shae'la. Together the two began a search to try to find out what happened to Jas, and who tampered with the timeline.
-The Sigil Bearers arrive on a planet known as Clemetria and join forces with another sword bearer (like Nestl) to find the Crux orb. Along the way they run into the mysterious and dark Leviathan and some of Rupiku's clones (Arik'hu and Lord Pikachu) who have joined with Rye-Glinn. Though the mortals are victorious in obtaining the weapon and kill Rye-Glinn, SG (The Son of Gator) steals it and goes after his father alone in an attempt to defeat the monster without hurting anyone else.
-Meanwhile, however, The First have been defeated by The Negation, losing several First, among them JAS. In a desperate attempt to regroup they give up Elysia, falling back to Scion's Moon, where they are attacked by the Deamons of the Nightmare Realm.
-Returning to Elysia, SG goes one on one with The Negation higher ups. One by one he is victorious over each of them until he finally comes to his father who beats him senseless. The Sigil Bearers catch up with him just in time however and stop the LawBringer from taking the orb. Within moments they are joined by the First who have formed an uneasy alliance with the Deamons and, together battle the Negation.
-Pyrem is among the casualties, but he did not die at the hands of the Negation, rather at the hands of SG who has fallen under their control.
-Felix was eventually killed in the (confusing) final battle on Elysia by his father The Tamer, and a comrade of his called Frax, who actually turned out to be the first Felix clone that was created, and now shared Felix's powers. Felix's remaining evil clones retreated to different corners of the universe and are still at large.

08-11-2004, 08:03 AM
*In the Wrong Hands.
-Lawbringer VMPR discovers Xyrillus' nightmare in the Realm of Nightmares. The nightmare depicts the horrible outcome of someone misusing Xyrillus' helmet.
-Left alone on Clemetria, Lord Pikachu and Arik'hu begin to fight over "leadership" of what's left of Rupiku's empire. Then, out of the blue, Pikachu claims he knows where Rupiku is and that he's alive. Leaving Arik'hu alone in the catacombs where they found the Crux Orb, he stumbles accross another weapon... One that could change the face of Rupiku's return.
-On Elysia, Pikachu finds the "being" that he though was Rupiku and it turns out to be Aqua-Pup, Nestl's faithful puppy. Before he can find out anything more, Aqua-Pup and Super NES take off in a search to find Nestl and Meteoro before the rival Nestl fan club (N-Gage) can. ¬*The Nestl fan clubs find more than they bargained for when they rescue Meteoro, Nestl, Brynhuild and Robin from the Side-verse, a parallel dimension created using Meteoro's powers. ¬*Once back on Elysia, Meteoro found the Red Book of Secrets to regain his powers.
-Arik'hu crash lands on Planet M where Lestat talks him into revolting against the two major powers there.
-Meteoro and Brynhild eloped and got married at Las Vegas Word.
-After his journey into the Realm of Nightmares Lawbringer VMPR returns to the sigilverse. He travels to the planet Starron and tries to force more information on the helmets location out of Isabel. VMPR and Isabel battle one another, but the Lawbringer proves to be too powerful and mortally wounds Isabel. VMPR leaves Starron shortly after Isabel finally gives him the information he seeks. Isabel dies shortly after.
-Following Isabel's information VMPR travels to the planet Terra. He then does battle with the First guardian of the helmet, Terran.
-In a rage that SG had killed his twin brother Pyrem, Pyro joins forces with BiGator5 and hires the assassin Fetch to hunt the Half-Blood. ¬*SG escapes to the Matrix Quadrant where he recieves protection from Mattson.
-Meteoro created the Valkyrie Palace for Brynhild as a gift.
-In a battle to save his life, Arik'hu reveals that he has in his possession the sword of Altwaal. *With all of the warrior knowledge he possesses, the sword melds with him creating glowing markings which cover his body.

02-06-2006, 03:55 PM
*Night Games
-SG is sent on a mission to retrieve a gem for the mysterious Janus and is gone for several months.
-The being only known as Levi traps Nestlé in a crack in reality and throws his companions to the other side of the universe.
-Night kills LM.
-Night corrupts Cao.
-Sil is banished.
-Night's allies try to replace SF and Optimus but only kill Optimus.
-Meteoro & Bryhuild left to Asgard for their honeymoon, where Brynhild was kidnapped by Loki.
-In his search for herMeteoro was retconned to the DC Universe by the Stranger, becoming a New God under the rule of Darkseid.
-Sil's absence leads to soulless births.

02-06-2006, 03:58 PM
*Chai'i Transcendence
-Shae'la is responsible for the symbiotic creatures (Quaxo had one) being altered and become puppet master like parasites. A side effect is an emotional sickness that spreads across the First.

02-06-2006, 04:00 PM
*Nightmares of Tommorrow
-Adam returns to the future only to find it altered. A nightmare conquered destopia replaces the utopia he once knew.
-The Nightmares took over Elysia and captured Qwaring, who had tried to attack Eve directly in an attempt to kill her. Qwaring, with his ability to travel to other universes and ability to invent just about anything he needed were the 2 abilities that Eve could use in her schemes to enter the Realm of Dreams. *They kept him emprisoned for years, torturing him in an effort to break him.
-QC#1 came to rescue Qwaring with his lost love Jelena from the Nightmares. Once again reunited they escaped and fled to the Matrix Quadrant, where he and Jelena got married and Q got a job building and maintaining the Quadrant's defenses.
-Q when Jelena become pregnant
-An aspect of Eve showed up to negotiate peace with the Dark Lady (Elixia) in exchange for Qwaring returning to Elysia in order to help Eve.
-Qwaring sent a nuclear bomb to the negotiations and is attempting to flee the MQ with Jelena.
-Egidion gathered together a group called the Secundae Underground. *The Underground goes on missions to Elysia and other Nightmare controlled worlds and free enslaved Elysians and take them to the Matrix Quadrant.
-Cao arrived seeking any children that needed to be taken to the Secundae Orphanage, which she had become caretaker of.
-Lestat brings Minity back to life, as a vampyre, and along with Neo Avatari, go to Planet M, where a Nightmare Lord, Armont, has taken up residence in the Twilight Palace. Armont had captured the real Lestat, and encased him in ivory, while trapping Lestat in a nightmarish version of the Negation Universe, with Lestat as its ruler. The Lestat that awoke Minity was a mere aspect of the real one. ¬*Taking his aspect back inside himself, Lestat broke free from his ivory prison.
-Caedmon offered to return Eve to the Realm of Dreams. ¬*When Caedmon brought Adam and Eve into the Realm of Dreams, Adam's crew used technology they developed after being in the Realm of Nightmares to pull Adam out of the Realm of Dreams, leaving only his dreamself behind.

02-07-2006, 11:02 AM
*Something to do with Rupiku (Chapter name not yet decided.)
-Nestlé is freed from a crack in Reality, where he was placed by Levi.
-The Stranger brought Meteoro back from the DC Universe. ¬*Meteoro joined up with the RupiClone, Arik'hu on Planet M, where he was reunited with Brynhild. ¬*To celebrate, they organized a massive banquet with all First envited.