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01-12-2007, 01:20 PM
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The new batch of abductees arrived to the island stuck in between time and space, and new alliances started being forged. A group of men and women with nothing in common, got stuck together by the chances of fate; where would this meeting lead?

Braddick: A killer of entire worlds was sentenced to death in the dark world of Tartarus, when Mahn took him and brought him to the island stuck in between time and space. A man with no soul, used to make a point by killing, Braddick started the slaughter in the primitive village as they arrived. A mission was imposed to him, an apparent impossible mission: "Only killing someone dear to you will grant you a way out of the island, nothing more, nothing less."

Melias: A woman with a wonderful gift that granted her to give life to her every drawing, Melias felt as much cursed as blessed. Taken from a conservative world, she was brought to the island by Mahn and given a mission as well: "You have to soften the heart of the killer and your destiny will be fulfilled."

MICU-2829: A cyborg, obsolete in his time, was taken from his world when he was about to be destroyed. He died once a man and had been granted a new life in the shape of a cyborg, now, on the verge of a new death, he had been given another chance at living. Uncertain of what his mission could be, he wanted answers.

Ryan: An apparent unimportant man with delusions of grandeur, Ryan was taken from his world leaving not much behind; although the ripples of his absence already started to be felt. As he arrived to the island, he saw an opportunity to be someone, and calling himself a superhero, he started his quest for dignity.

Eva Marie Saint: Already at the island when the new abductees arrived, she hid until she was discovered by MICU-2829, and later by Ryan, Braddick and Melias. She had been at the island apparently for a long time. She had seen Mahn manipulate others and could be of some help to the others, if only she could put her head together…

Two destinies were apparently tied together, as Braddick's and Melias' missions seemed to be a match, but were they right to believe it? Was really Melias the one to become dear to Braddick? Was Braddick the killer whose heart needed to be softened by Melias?

Just as Ryan, MICU-2829 and Eva Marie were stuck together with no clue as to what to do next, or would they?

01-12-2007, 04:55 PM

When Melias entered the bathroom, Braddick could be found standing over the sink, nearly half naked. The numerous scars and battle wounds on his upper body were clearly visible to the woman. One could not go through so much war and bloodshed as Braddick had and come out of it without a mark on him. He was a bit surprised when the woman entered. She was either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid. Either way, her words perked the killer's curiosity. And so he simply turned his head towards Melias and spoke.

"What do you think you know about my heart?"


Melias watched Braddick's scars in silence, feeling a wave of pain and fear at the same time. He should have lived such horrible things to be marked like that and even if she did experience wars outcomes and its deep sadness, aches shaked her silently.

"I... I do not know so to speak, sir." She paused a second keeping her eyes closed. "I feel... I see."
"When I looked at you standing upon the dead villagers, tainted with their blood ,oh by the Muse, I saw yours instead.

She stopped, resting her hand on her chest.

"Your will to live... you have lost so many and so much, haven't you warrior man?"

Melias was standing against the mirror, facing Braddick and her silence echoed the sadness she felt. At the same time, a thought whispered in her mind. The paintings... he has to see. I have to know...

Captain Kill
01-12-2007, 05:57 PM

"Yes well....I don't bleed easily..."

Braddick finished washing the blood from his body and put his prison issue shirt back on. He needed to find some new clothes. He could hear everything the three next door were saying. None of them were going to be of any use to him. The fake superhero and emotionally distrought black and white woman were simply dead weight. And the cyborg would be about as useful as a trashcan. He needed to find a way to the floating city...If there was anything, a data bank, or a mainframe in this world that would help him figure out how to beat the jigsaw man, it would be there. So far, however, Braddick hadn't seen anything on the ground with the technology capable of flight. But for the time being, this woman seemed oddly curious about him. Normally when he encountered women, they tended to cower in fear or run in the other direction. But this one stayed. She was obviously still afraid, Braddick could sense that, but somehow she still remained curious...

" My entire race was hunted down and exterminated...And as far as I know, I'm the last of my kind...So to say I have lost "many" is an understatement...But why do you even care anyway?"

01-12-2007, 07:39 PM
MICU-2829 pauses and looks at both Ryan and Eva Marie Saint. After a brief moment, he looks directly at Ryan.

You call yourself a hero. The truth of that claim is yet unknown. One does not have to be super to be a hero. I've seen ordinary men and women do very heroic things when necessary.

"That's easy to say coming from a man who's part machine. How much does that hardware enhance your strength and endurance? On my world, my power dwarfs all others. It's harder to be a hero when I actually have reason to be afraid. You wouldn't be so confidant and judgmental if your mortality had been increased a hundredfold like mine has.

Terron (Ryan's Homeworld)

Fred had worked at Super-Mart for 25 years as a bagger. He was even there the day little baby Ryan had been left behind, and that's why seeing Ryan everyday at work had always brought a smile to his face. When Ryan suddenly stopped coming to work, no one else seemed to care; his name slipped off the schedule and his locker was reassigned.

When Fred asked the others, "What happened to Ryan?" They'd shrug him off and frown, sympathizing with his disability.

"Poor Fred," they'd say, "there's no Ryan working here."

Jason Sanborn
01-12-2007, 07:56 PM

MICU-2829's emotionless expression and tones never changed. He simply looked back at Ryan as he responded to his statements.

My words were simply a matter of known facts. They were not intended to be judgemental. Being a hero doesn't come from physical strength and endurance. It comes from something inside that pushes you beyond normal limits, that allows you to face adversity, despite your fears. Being a hero is simply a matter of character.

01-12-2007, 08:07 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

As if gaining some sense of clarity, Eva grabbed MICU's and Ryan's hands. "Do you want to be true heroes?" She took a deep breath as a sense of determination was taking over her. "We can find what our 'missions' are. It might not be nice, it can be even traumatizing, but that's the only way out of this nightmarish island."

"There's a floating city right over there." She pointed through the window, towards the sky. "It's known for a fact that there's a woman over there who knows everyone's missions."

"We have to go over there."

01-12-2007, 09:01 PM

Ryan turns to the cyborg, "A hero is someone who saves someone. You know for an android you've got an awfully romanticized idea of a hero."

Then to Eva, "That sounds like a great plan Eva, but how do we get there? Normally I'd fly, but Mahn has taken my power from me. Is there an elevator?"

Terron (Ryan's homeworld)

"I'm looking for a man. He was left here as a child, about twenty years ago. Have you seen him?" the scrawny old man asks the cashier.

"Uhm, I just started here last week. Would you like me to get the manager sir?"

"Was he left here as a child?"

"I don't know sir, you can ask him when he comes up."

The young girl calls over the intercom for a manger as Fred walks up to the giant man. "You want Ryan," he says, "No one remembers Ryan. I remember Ryan, he was never scared. I found him and he didn't cry."

"Where is he? Can you take me to him?" the man replies, straightening his glasses as he talks.

"He hasn't been here. No one remembers. I know where he lived."

"Take me there please, it's very important."

Jason Sanborn
01-13-2007, 09:13 AM

There might be another way to get up there once we get closer. We don't know what kind of technology they have here. Let's go that direction and see what we can find.

01-13-2007, 09:18 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eve Marie smiled at the response she got from these unusual partners she just got. "Then, to the city we go."

She looked at the bathroom door and wondered for a moment.

"Should we wait for them? I really don't feel like hanging around a murderer, but I fear it would be worst to let him be all by himself and do what he pleases to the people stranded in the island..."

01-13-2007, 11:21 AM

"I don't need that psychopath hanging out with us," Ryan says as he starts pulling items towards the bathroom door in an attempt to block it. Not noticing how loud he's talking and how close he is to the door he continues, "I'm going to block the door, hopefully that will slow Braddick down and he won't be able to follow us."

Terron (Ryan's Homeworld)

Fred and the odd man arrive at Ryan's apartment. Knocking on the door frantically, the man calls, "Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson. Please open up, it's imperative I talk to you. My name is Thomas Milford, I'm a researcher at Fairweather University. I've uncovered some information you will very much be interested in."

With no reply, Thomas decides to force his way in. 10 minutes and one destroyed credit card later, he's in. Inside he finds the room a ransacked mess.

"Oh no," he says, "They did get him. We're doomed."

01-13-2007, 03:10 PM

She watched Braddick looking around the room for fitting clothes obviously and thought if she should answer or not to his question. It was rightful for him to ask because of her intrusion but still, she was not sure of what may come after if she was wrong or either right. Her dark eyes slided to the emerald bracelet she wore on her left wrist and finally, about to answer, she softly touched it. It glowed for less than a second and a painting appeared like an holograph.

"Because of this..." Melias said lowly.

The painting was quite unreal, seeming to live in itself. It was about a man, a soldier who were running for his life in a rubish river while thousand hunting shadows were after him. The stars shined like aimed weapons against the soldier and if one listened carefully, he would hear the heartbeat of that unfortunate one suddenly stopped. The soldier felt loudly and in eternal agony sank in the rubish river. Melias looked sad all the moment, her eyes lost in Braddick's ones. Sure he would have recognized one of his own.

"I was still a child when your peoples brought death and desolation in my homeland, sparking a new wind of wars for our misfortune. Why, we never knew but The Muse had to interferre and they vanished in the sky, leaving to us our deads." She paused. "Sadness was born in me and I wanted a rightful judgement, rettribution for them. In the painting, symbolising our invaders, their home of Chrodos, I immersed all my sadness in it, wishing all their kind to perish through space and time until one survives to live my suffering."

Melias stayed silent for few second and continued.
"At that childish time of my life, I was not yet aware of my abilities. It becomes true..."

Captain Kill
01-13-2007, 03:29 PM

Braddick looked at the woman with a confused expression on his face. He almost had to stop himself from bursting out laughing at her. She seemed to have far more mental issues than he did.

"So what you're telling me is that because you painted that picture, my entire race was exterminated? Are you feeling alright? Because I thought the fake super hero out there was the only delusional one amongst us...Your painting didn't do that to us, we did it to ourselves. We thought we could conquer the whole galaxy...and we almost did...But we were too arrogant and wound up paying for it. We lost, and that was it. There was no magic behind it, no supernatural event, we lost, and the galaxy made us pay for it...Now if you'll excuse me..."

Braddick said as he moved towards the door. He heard the plans of the people on the other side. Luckily they coincided with his own for the time being. He could hear Ryan on the other side stacking things against the door, as if that would stop him. And so with a smirk on his face, Braddick backed away from the door and gave a sharp kick to the area around the handle. The door immediately flung open with a crack, sending all the items Ryan was stacking against it across the room in various directions. Braddick simply stood there, ignoring the fake super hero's failed attempt, and began to speak once more.

"So....any of you three know how to fly?"

Jason Sanborn
01-13-2007, 03:35 PM

MICU-2829 deflected a lamp that flew in his direction.

Flying is not one of my abilities, but I believe there may be another way up there. We need only to find it.

01-14-2007, 01:03 AM

Braddick's words did not hurt Melias much except for the fact that she would not be able to wind away the terrible path she believed would come. People did believe her, even her own blood did not so what was she expecting? Perhaps it was a kind of regret feeling she had or maybe the growing dark sensations she had about the other thing. She watched Braddick walking his way out the bathroom in his unique style and was going to do so too.

"You paid for it... that is more than true but so far from truth." Melias thought, wishing not to force him to believe.

Then she joined the others, with a melancolic expression on her pale face, strengthened by the dark of her eyes and only a sincere smile to that elegant lady lighted her. Finding a way to join the floating city was the next priority apprently and if in any case they could not, she would help using her burden. A thorn in her heart.

01-14-2007, 07:51 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eve Marie's heart skipped a beat when Braddick broke the bathroom's door with his feet. Thankfully the killer found it somewhat amused; she worried he would act violently against them.

She approached Ryan and spoke to him quietly so no one else would notice. "You really should watch yourself, Ryan. Antagonizing the killer this way could only mean the death of one of us; and I don't want to die and I hope you don't either."

Turning to the rest of this motley crew, Eve Marie addressed them all.

"There's a mountain at the North's side of this village where the bird people live. We could ask their help."

01-14-2007, 12:44 PM

"How far away is it, fairlady?" Melias asked. Walking alltogether with so different personalities might not be a long calm river.

Suddenly, Melias was abducted (( o:) )) by Eva's word: Bird people. Her melancoly shadowed by a kind of excitement such a wonderful thought blossomed in her mind, surely perfect models and landscape as well to immortalize.

"But do you mean people with wings like birds or people having birds?" she wondered confused.

01-14-2007, 01:03 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

"It isn't far. The only good thing about this island is that everything is real close, it shouldn't take more than 5 minutes to get there." She looked through the window. "We'd have to do some mountain climbing, though, since their nests are in up there."

She moved closer to Melias. "They have wings that come out of their backs. At first they scared me a lot, but I got used to weird people just by being here."

01-14-2007, 02:22 PM
A thought came to Ryan's mind, "If that freaky abductor guy thinks he needs us all, he obviously won't let Braddick hurt me. In fact, I can probably get away with anything at this point."

Ryan turns to Eva and says, "I'm not worried about antagonizing him. I put dozens of villains in prison a hundred times crazier, menacing and evil then he. On my planet, I wouldn't have bothered with such an insignificant man; a rookie police officer could have caught him his first day."

"Now let's get out of here," he says to the others, "Eva can lead us to the mountain of the birdmen."

Terron (Ryan's Homeworld)
"Why do you want Ryan, Mr. Milford? No one else cares about him," Fred inquires.

"It's a long story you might not comprehend sir," Thomas replies, obviously still distracted and discouraged by Ryan's disappearance.

"Oh that's OK Mr. Milford, I like stories please tell me."

"Well it all started about a year ago. I found an ancient book in the ruins of a temple in the basin of a dried out lake in the middle of Azaktan."

Jason Sanborn
01-14-2007, 02:36 PM

MICU-2829 nodded.

These birdmen seem to be our best option at the moment. You know the way, Eva Marie Saint. Perhaps you could lead us there.

Captain Kill
01-14-2007, 06:14 PM

Braddick cocked one of his eyebrows in a confused look as he stared at Eva.

"So we're going to go climb a mountain, hop on the back of some people with wings, and fly all the way to the floating city?"

He couldn't believe what he was saying. Bird people? Granted there were species in his galaxy who evolved from bird-like animals. But they weren't humans with wings...This entire place was like one long drug trip.

"Well I can say I have done far stranger things in my life....Well....not really...But if thats what we gotta do....Lead the way Mrs. Black and White...."

Braddick said as he opened the front door of the house and made a hand gesture for Eva to lead.

01-15-2007, 06:36 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie responded with a shy smile to Braddick's move. After all, the killer had manners.

"Please, come with me; it's not that far." They started walking through the street as some of the villagers panicked at the sight of Braddick. Not that it wasn't expected, after all, he did kill a bunch of people as if they were just chicken tot he slaughter. Without interrupting their pace, Eva Marie approached Melias and talked to her. "I think we girls should stick together. The men of this group are a little awkward at best. Did we already make our acquaintance? In all that chaos I don't remember. My name is Eva Marie Saint and I'm an actress. I have a little trouble making sense of anything else, but this is what I'm sticking with."

01-15-2007, 05:23 PM

"I am Melias, painter of the Black Court, daughter of..."

She stopped as she suddenly remembered her treasured life on Etoile de Pourpre: a motherly caress on her hair, the radiant smile of lady Thornwool, the sadness of her beloved father and even the old millenary tree where she used to come when wanting to rest heart and mind. It lasted less than a second but it burned her like thousand years.

"Art and blessed by the Muse to meet a graceful presence on here." She finished calmly and Melias showing her courtesy, she bent her head lightly with kindness to Eva. To hold the wonderful lady's arm was a little and innocent thing that reassured and brought peace in her.

"You are an archeress, you said?" she asked, surprised by the unknown word.
Eva did not look like at all a soldier and her clothes would never be very fitting for combat...

Captain Kill
01-15-2007, 05:48 PM

Braddick continued to walk with the others towards this mountain they had to climb to meet the bird people. This entire thing was absurd. He looked over at Ryan as they walked. The man seemed oddly calm for just having insulted a mass murderer. He was quickly pressing his luck. Any more and Braddick would have to put an end to it...permanently. He directed his gaze forward again as he heard Melias speak as if she never heard the word "actress" before.

"She said actress....Not archeress. Don't you even have movies on your planet? She pretends to be fictional characters in a story, for entertainment. Its like a play, only on video. What the hell kind of backwards world did you come from? I'm kind of glad we laid waste to it now..."

And so Braddick simply kept walking....

01-16-2007, 08:19 AM

Her blood boiled to Braddick's words, turning her eyes into an expression of darkness. An angry voice hissed into Melias ears as she left Eva's arm to catch up the monster and with her left hand grabbing Braddick's shoulder, she forced him to face her and slapped him. It was sudden and almost unexpected from someone calm as she used to be. At that very moment, she ignored completely the deadly danger she was dealing with, overwhelmed by a painful emotion of anger. The voice hissed again for more but Melias heart wavered with sadness and stopped her. She was not like him, she would not take even little pleasure or smile from other suffering.

"I do not wish to paint death to you, please... "

It was so hard for her to refrain tears, so hard.


Jason Sanborn
01-16-2007, 09:38 AM

You may have the restraint to hold your violence, but still you lack the restraint to hold your tongue.

MICU-2829 replied to Braddick in his typical emotionless, flat tone. He then looked at Melias and spoke to her.

They are only words, Melias. Ignore them and they cannot harm you.

01-16-2007, 11:18 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie didn't say a word when Melias slapped Braddick. She just couldn't deal with violence and she feared the killer would hit her back. She approached Ryan and spoke to him softly.

"You said you were a sooper man, whatever that means. Please keep an eye on them; I fear Braddick might act violently against her if she doesn't restrain her impulses."

She sighed. There was such sadness within Melias, yet she was such a daring woman. One day she would learn to be that way.

The path they were following stopped abruptly as a tall mountain was standing there as if put by a giant's hand. "We have to go up there." Eva pointed up to the top of the mountain, which was crowned by some clouds.

"That's where the bird people live."

01-16-2007, 01:58 PM
Ryan nodded at Eva as she asked him to look out for Melias. "Well our abductor will be the one looking out for her and I, but I'll be happy to take the credit," he thought and smiled.

Still smiling and making sure to give Braddick a look as he spoke to Melias, "Just ignore him. He's nothing but a common scoundrel who's mother didn't love him enough as a child."

"There's something oddly empowering about having nothing to fear," Ryan thought as he continued his attempts to agitate Braddick, "Make fun of an insane murderer all day until he gets angry enough, then wait for the warden to come protect me."

Captain Kill
01-16-2007, 04:05 PM

The moment Melias' hand touched his shoulder, Braddick reverted back to pure instinct. As the woman turned him around, his left hand gripped one of the blades lining his belt, as he prepared to swing around and thrust it into the rib of whatever it was behind him. But the second he saw the face of Melias, he once again had to fight those instincts. Braddick managed to stop the blade mere inches from striking the woman, just as her hand came across his face. He stared down at her, the cold and chilling kind of stare that struck fear and panic into so many across so many worlds. She had no idea how close she had just come to death.

"If you were a man, you would be choking on your own blood right now...."

Were his only words before turning around, placing the blade back in its rightful spot. He gazed up at the mountain. That was when he heard Eva speak to the fake hero. Though it was but a whisper on her part, Braddick's ears could pick it out clearly. The only person in this entire group that could put up a fight against Braddick was the cyborg, and he knew that. So the mere mention of the fake hero protecting anyone drew a slight smirk to the killer's face. The man was wearing Braddick's patience thin. He would only be able to tolerate the coward's insults for so long. But it didn't matter much. Killing women and children was something Braddick specifically refrained from. The only time in his life where he willingly took the lives of them was the war (the destruction of the Tarsonis orbital embassy and the deaths that followed were purely an accident). And even when he did so, it was to achieve a specific military goal, and done with little enjoyment or pride. So what the rest of the group failed to realize at the time was, that no matter what Melias did, Braddick couldn't kill her. And perhaps it was better that way.

Either way, it would be along journey up that mountain. And without any sort of climbing gear, the trip would most likely be difficult on the entire group, with the exception of the cyborg and Braddick himself. Braddick then peered back to Melias.

"Lets get going, and don't expect me to carry you the entire way...."

And with that he began the ascent.

01-16-2007, 06:14 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie looked at the way up to the mountain and the almost vertical wall that was standing in front of them. With a sense of impotence, she looked at her high heels and her dress... they wouldn't be helping at all. And her hands... her tiny frail hands. She would never make it.

Getting closer to MICU-2829.

"I'm sorry about asking this but... I just can't climb this mountain. Would you please help me?"

01-17-2007, 08:58 AM

Melias kept her gaze upon Braddick and she was so angry about him that she did not see the death halting close to her. Only an emotion flashing her spine made she feel a danger. His words were so calm and cold that she believed him but yet, he would have killed her but still he did not when she wished so much. "Why are you like that" she wondered looking at them starting to climb the mountain. For the past times of her life, Melias had begin to experience sadness of that painting she did, considering it not rightful and yet, in one second, that man succeeded to crumble her regrets.
Ryan and the machine's presence mellowed her blood slowly and turning her thoughtful eyes, she kindly thanked them for their attention. Still, oddly, Melias couldn't sweep away of her heart the sorrow feeling about Braddick.

"Do not worry about me, but just don't fall on me."

She answered to Braddick's last politeness with a mixed feeling of anger, fear and regrets. Then, starting the ascent, Melias encouraged Ryan.

"Let's beat his record getting there, knightman."

Jason Sanborn
01-17-2007, 10:24 AM

There is no need to apologize. Can you at least hang on? I can carry you on my back.

01-17-2007, 10:50 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

"Sure I can." She said as she put her hands around his shoulders. She felt a little awkward, though, getting so close to a being she barely knew... a being that wasn't fully human at that, but she had learnt to adapt. Otherwise she would have been driven crazy since she first arrived. That is if she hadn't lost her mind already.

"Just try not to climb too fast. I'm not used to this."

Jason Sanborn
01-17-2007, 11:12 AM

Once Eva was on his back, holding tightly around his neck, MICU-2829 approached the mountain and began to ascend.

Tell me where to go so we can get to our destination.

Captain Kill
01-18-2007, 09:16 PM

Braddick took no time in waiting for the others as he began to scale the vertical face of the mountain with nothing but his bare hands. He would launch himself from one outcropping to the next, making his way up the mountain. There was something strangely calming about scaling the rock face. All the built up anger he had since his arrival in this place seemed to melt away. It was just him, and the mountain. His thoughts drifted back to his strange group of companions, as he thought how they might best serve his purposes in this trip. If he was lucky, the fake hero might just fall off the side of the mountain. That would be one less person he'd have to carry. The cyborg, out of date though he may have been, would be far more useful to him. Hopefully he would be able to interface with whatever technology they found on that floating city. The confused actrice had been here the longest, and so she knew more about this island world than he did. Braddick would make sure to keep her around. And then there was Melias. It couldn't have been pure coincidence that Braddick had invaded her planet. Even if her whole painting story seemed like a load of crap. But of all the time lines in all the realities he could have chosen from, the jigsaw man picked her, a victim of the Chrodos conquest. Maybe she was the one Braddick had to kill to get out of this place. But he felt no emotional connection to her. She was also far too pale for his taste. But if any of the people here had anything to do with his so-called "mission," it was her. He'd be sure to keep an eye on her, and make sure no one tried to kill her. And so the killer simply looked up towards the sky, and continued to climb...

01-19-2007, 04:39 AM
Melias kept climbing as fast and secure as she could, calming her bad feeling to focuse on every gestures. Somehow, it reminded her the old days when her father took her for a self-revealing kind of trip on north of her town to one of the Muse oracle. It was such a wonderful place at that time, where the sun and the three moons seemed to wrap everything with their mystic blessing, turning even the very small flower or rock into something grandiose to one who was looking for the true nature behind. "Do not look back, look at me" he was saying, what she did with confidence in her skilled father. His figure was rude but a strange joyfull light always sparked in his eyes and throught the melodies he played for anyone who wished, love seemed to wave around. Melias halted a few second, taking back a full breathing life. Her eyes did not look back, she was looking to the sky, to the clouds sitting prominently over the moutain and she noticed Braddick. Muse helps her, he was climbing very fast and no way she could match his speed. But inner, she wanted to surpass him to show that even small thing could be grand.

"Focuse" she talked to herself ending her pause. "Wings are waiting for us. Isn't that a sweet motive?"

And she resumed her caress on the rock of the moutain hoping to not fall. The achestress (did they even spell it like that?), the machineman and the knightman were apparently doing fine and that gave her more motivation, without speaking of Braddick. The man was a mystery to her mind with his so different way of thinking, acting and living. He was strong, certainly powerful in his skills but she cannot help but to wonder why, by the Muse wisdom, he would not use his abilities for something better than just killing. "Just killing", that rang strangely painful to say it.

"Noble hero, keep your heroic pace.
are you still alive?" she questionned Ryan.

01-19-2007, 12:04 PM

Ryan stared up at the sheer cliff face. Being afraid of heights doesn't lend itself well to rock climbing. He watched as the others began to climb out of sight and heard Melias call down to him.

"I'm on my way... uh, I just had to tie my shoe," he replies.

"There's got to be another way up," Ryan says aloud.

"Oh there is, and since I'm sooo very happy to see you hear I'll show you."

Ryan looks around seeing no one. "Who said that?"

"Over here under this rock," this voice responds.

Ryan walks over to the rock and sees no one. "Are you a talking bug or something? Why can't I see you?"

"I'm not there anymore. I'm over here," this voice says, now echoing from a wall just under a small ledge.

"I don't see anything there," he says, "why are you messing with me?"

"I'm not, I'm not. I would never do such a thing. Your presence here means great things for my people. Please just trust me and walk this way."

Ryan walks towards the ledge.

"Closer," the voice says again. Ryan creeps closer and closer until he realizes he's walked much to far without hitting the rock face. He stops and looks around, seeing nothing but darkness.

"What is this a cave?" Ryan yells, but his voice disappears into the distance; this was no cave, the walls were infinite.

"Your in the shadows now. And as long as you remain on our abductor's island, your homeworld will be in the shadows as well."

And with that remark the walls begin to dissolve from light and Ryan finds himself in the bird city, having arrived in advance of his traveling companions.

Terron (Ryan's Homeworld)
Professor Milford continues his story to Fred:

"Long ago there was another race of beings who called Terron home when our ancestors were still traveling nomads of the stars. These beings were known as the Shadon and when first arriving on this world, they gave us shelter and helped us. But as years passed our ancestors felt a kinship to Terron and decided to stay. As our numbers increased the Shadon grew concerned. Their home was being overcome.

A war ensued which decimated both factions and eventually wiped out the technology which had once allowed us to visit the stars. After several hundred years of fighting the war suddenly stopped and the Shadon disappeared. There was word of a hero, but no specifics. This is where most scholars studies end, as no books had been found from the following era. Until I found this book in the lake Basin.

It tells the story of other beings who visited our world. Most likely just a technologically superior race, but the ancients had been at war so long they had forgotten the scientific ways and assumed the beings were gods. The "gods" held a tribunal on Terron and heard each races case. And though the Shadon were the indigenous race, the tribunal felt they should be punished for starting the war. Casting the Shadon into exile in our shadows, they left us as rulers of Terron.

Now these "gods" knew they could not protect our people forever, so they created a guardian. One man from each generation of our people would be hidden in the populace; one man born without a shadow; one man purposefully designed to not draw attention to himself. This man would be a guardian, and if the Shadon ever attacked the people of Terron his powers would be unlocked. The Shadon have searched for this man in every generation since, hoping they might defeat him quickly before his powers could awaken.

A few days ago reports started emerging in the tabloids of shadow creatures killing people across the world. And so I used the tracking methods outlined in the book, and sought out our Guardian. Ryan was our Guardian Fred, with him gone I don't see much hope for our people."

01-19-2007, 03:56 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Sticking her hands and even her nails into MICU-2829's shoulders and neck, Eve hoped for the climbing to be over soon. For a moment she looked to the floor as it grew smaller and smaller because of the distance, until she saw a bird flying by their side and she realized she had a knot in her stomach already. Hoping it to be over soon, she narrowed her eyes trying not to see, but she just couldn't be oblivious of their situation; she had to know whatever happened. For a moment, though, she saw Ryan somehow getting into a cave; but the next moment he wasn't there. Holding her breath, she looked down but he didn't seem to have fallen either. What could have happened with him?

Eva Marie lost track of how long it took them to reach the gigantic cave that was their destination. She was finally sighing in relief when some twenty bird people surrounded them all, including Ryan who seemed to have arrived there first.

"You're trespassing!," said a tall tanned birdman pointing at them with an impressively big arrow. By his side, there were other winged people who didn't seem to have much in common other than the wings in their backs. One of them was blue. Another seemed half the size of the first one and his wings seemed like those of a butterfly. There was even one who had wings of fire… It was a painting of diversity even if all of them could respond to the name of "bird people"… In a way it did make sense. After all, Mahn's abductions seemed random at best and these men and women obviously came from different worlds and times.

"State your business or you'll be pushed into the great void!" Insisted the big man.

01-19-2007, 05:08 PM

"Finally..." Melias talked to herself, being relief to be there in one piece. A quick look around to see if everyone was there, and apparently yes, and her attention turned to the place they entered and the famous birdpeople of Eva. The cave was impressive in itself and she wondered if it was a natural creation or their own, for some unknown reasons to her. Afterall, everybody so far looked to try to survive for the best and the cave would have been a secure place, a priori. She just had a feeling of deception as she imagined something more fairy in her mind but the simple presence of the bird people made it special to her eyes. Something spaked in her eyes, attracted her curiosity about them. The bird people showed so different aspect of beauty that Melias felt disoriented for a second. It was the menace that brought her back to reality and worrying her too. She stood still, waiting for the next and Eva who might be the fittest person to talk as she was here since a while and knew more than the others and, finally, preparing for the worst she glanced at her companion quickly and hoping that Braddick wasn't in a fast and furious kind of mood right now. Please, no.

"Artbook of war, chapter 7, painting 15" She whispered almost silently with a sad taste in her light voice. You never know what may come, right?

Captain Kill
01-19-2007, 06:50 PM

When Braddick reached their destination, he looked about in surprise to see Ryan standing there. The guy barely had enough muscle on him to lift a twig. How could he have possibly gotten up here first?

"How the hell did you get up here super man?"

He said with a puzzled look, but his answer would have to wait. At that moment almost two dozen winged creatures appeared in front of them. His hands immediately tensed up around the blades on his belt. Though he needed these people to get to the floating city, he had no idea how hostile they were. Braddick had to keep himself from laughing again as the birdman with the butterfly wings came into view. That guy had to have drawn the short straw in the genetic lottery, he thought...He then heard Melias mutter something, just barely. She was probably going on about that stupid painting of hers. Whoever heard of a painting killing someone? Either way Braddick needed the bird people more than they needed him, so he chose to be the most diplomatic he was capable of.

"Mrs. Black and White here says you birdmen can give us a ride to that big ole' floating city over there....Mind giving us a lift?"

01-20-2007, 06:56 AM
Suddenly a portal opens behind the so called bird people as 2 of Minitys angels step out with Minity only a few feet behind, the portal carries Dragon, the other Goddess Nikita and her pet Dragon, and the small girl named Regan.

Minity's eyes glow as she half smiles and says...

So has anyone figured a way off this planet?...Oh well look at this...

Minity admires the 'bird people' for a moment...

Your so close to my babies and yet so different.

Minity places her hand on her chin as she thinks to herself and waits for the others of her party to say hello

01-20-2007, 06:58 AM
The Winged Man

The tall tanned man who was apparently leading the bird man raised an eyebrow as he focused his attention on Braddick, not letting down the arrow pointing at his heart, he addressed him.

"For a trespasser you seem to be an impertinent one. Why on the Island should we do something for you? What's our gain?"

He approached the newcomers slightly studying them briefly. "If you can grant one of a us a 'mission', we could help you, otherwise, you're facing a big fall..."

01-20-2007, 07:00 AM
The Winged Man

At the sudden arrival of the second group of abductees, the bird people grabbed their guns and got ready to fight.

01-20-2007, 07:31 AM
Minity roles her eyes, as she sighs and places a hand on her head...she forgot about how ignorant these mortals were after dealing with such pleasant company...Nabu her Historian who stands directly behind Minity simply laughs she writes this event down in her large book...

Captain Kill
01-20-2007, 08:26 AM

Braddick hated diplomatic negotiations, which is probably why he assassinated more diplomats than actually taking part in the negotiations. Either way the pompous birdman was on his last nerve.

"A mission? What the frack are you talking about? I gave you a mission...Flap your little wings and carry me and my other companions here over to the big floating city. What you think I look like that jigsaw man? You think I can set you on some quest to change the future? Is my skin gray? Am I sanding here talking all cryptic? You either get your little toy arrow out of my face and take us over to the city, or I cut off your stupid little wings and send YOU on a big fall....."

Just then Minity teleported behind the bird people. This was the last thing he needed. The lady was infinitely more arrogant than the bird people. But perhaps things were not as bad as they seemed. Minity could easily get them over to the city. And the fact that she was in the same situation as them made it easier to coax her into doing this. Which was quite fortunate for the bird people, because the new arrivals caused them to raise their guns and prepare to fight. That was all the reason he needed to grip two of the blades on his belt and get ready to do some good old fashioned artery slicing. But for the moment he held back to see who would make the first move.

Jason Sanborn
01-20-2007, 09:32 AM

That's enough.

MICU-2829 said to Braddick the moment that Minity appeared in the room. She obviously had some sort of teleportation device that was able to transport large groups of people. Perhaps they wouldn't need the birdmen after all. They didn't seem to be that willing to assist. Although he did wonder if that woman would be any better than their current situation.

The birdmen want a mission to be completed in payment for transportation to the floating city. Killing them will accomplish nothing, except satisfy your own thrist for blood.

MICU-2829 looked at Minity.

She appears to have the ability to teleport us all, en masse, to the floating city. Although, I do have to question why she chose this particular cave to appear in.

He directed his next questions to Minity directly.

Of al the places on the island, why did you come here?

01-20-2007, 10:35 AM
Nikita entered directly behind Minity. It couldn't be anymore obvious that there was trouble brewing. The egos in the room were far to vast for the space provided. With their connection, Nikita simply thought about what she wanted to say, so that only Minity would hear.

I know you wanted to mingle with the other captives, I had no idea you were planning a party. Nikita said with mischief in her tone.

01-20-2007, 01:08 PM

Melias did not speak words but the tension of the situation made her feel worried. Worried to fight, worried to never see again the star and moons of her home or just worried to travel to the otherworld definitely. With a gaze at Braddick, she was like saying to peace for the moment but somehow, she knew he would not act without any good reasons. Now the problem was would someone or something here would give him that reason? Hopefully not.

"Please, not again. These wingymen might now a bit more than us about the island and by our situation, even small things hold values." she told lowly and worried

Then that strange lady in red came out from nowhere, followed by another strange woman, like twins in their beauty and all-power-to-me attitude. She believed they were but would it mean a good or bad thing? Melias stayed silent waiting for a coming storm, knowing that she would not win anything from throwing a rock but at least, she would be able to protect herself, a priori, and if needed someone(s) else. Her eyes turned to Eva, wondering this and that. She knew about this place, about the gorgeous birdyboys but it was pretty dificult for her to climb earlier and, certainly, she didn't have what they waited and has not been pushed down the moutain, rolled back to the village then. To her infinite regrets, doubt was born in her but she had to trust for now... Wasn't Eva so lovely in her grey look afterall? She could not be bad. No, she could not.

"Eva, our saviors look lost here too... and politeness does not appear to be on top of the menu for now. Do you have an information to satisfy each party? " She asked with melancoly.

01-20-2007, 03:32 PM

"Oh! I didn't know we were coming here. These guys are such a bore, all they want to do is fight. They just don't get on like the rest of us do."

"See, look at them now, it's pathetic really."

01-20-2007, 04:31 PM
Minity smirked at Nikita's comment, she was really beginning to like her. She then turned her attention to the robotic person in front of her...Nabu, her historian, quickly runs over to him as she begins writing down what materials he is made of...

Look robot man, you all were brought here around the same time we were, we avoided your group because it was too reckless and this killer your housing here is too arrogant in his abilities to be open to any sort of rational thinking, so myself, my new ally Nikita, my husbands dragon, and the small girl Regan rested in my palace as we thought of ways off this prison...we have discovered a guaranteed path that can lead not only us but large groups of beings off this dreadful planet...however...we have not fully tested this mode of transportation and the results could be rather unpredictable unless we are able to run more tests. Now...we were wondering if your travels were as fruitfull (sp?) as ours.

Minity snaps her fingers as her historian runs back to her and giggles at her speech...Minitys eyes begin to glow...

However, it seems you have not be able to quench the blood thirst in this party so if your only concern is fighting off the planet, Ill find some smarter mortals...

Minity crosses her arms as she awaits a reply...

01-20-2007, 06:01 PM
Following Minity through the portal, Dragon looked at the winged people and growled.

Heys birdys want play? Me wonders if you tastes like chicken. :twisted:

His nostrils puffed smoke.

Gives me all yous valuables or me pick you-

He pointed at one of the winged men.

Be me first meal heres.

Captain Kill
01-20-2007, 06:14 PM

Braddicks eyes began to shift about the area when he heard the tinman speak.

"Thirst for blood?"

Braddick began in an annoyed tone as his fists still clenched the two daggers.

"I didn't know wanting to kill someone before they killed you made someone bloodthirsty. If someone sticks a gun in my face, I tend to want to make them remove it. And I can bet you all the money on this rock that those guns these bird people are aiming at us don't fire daisies........"

He then looked over to Minity as she began to speak. She was far too pompous for his tastes, but she still may prove useful.

"Arrogant? You want to talk arrogant? What about your horde of little angel servants you created there, who serve your every waking need? I can tell you one thing....I've been from one end of the galaxy to the other, and you are, beyond the shadow of a doubt, the most self absorbed creature I have ever met..."

Braddick thought for a second, and decided it might be unwise right now to reveal his true intentions. He could not have possibly cared less about getting off this rock. The only thing he desired was to show the jigsaw man his own intestines.

"Either way, my only goal right now is to get to that floating city over there. Because theres some sort of advanced technology holding that thing in the air. Which means theres probably a mainframe on that thing just overflowing with information about what this place is, where exactly we are, and maybe even something that could help me build a way off this rock....But I suppose you know nothing about technology, because you're probably too busy having your angels paint your toenails."

Braddick's eyes then continued to shift about the area, calculations and statistics running through his brain. He went over the numbers of birdmen, observed thier movements and their probably course of actions, and began to plot his strikes accordingly, if he ever so needed them. There was something strangely mathematical about plotting a slaughter. But by the time he was finished, Braddick knew every step of the fight well in advance, and of course, how it would end. The only thing now was for him to use this information, but he was almost hoping he wouldn't have to.

01-20-2007, 06:40 PM
Minity rolls her eyes as she places her hands on her hips when Nabu, her Historian steps forward, she places her finger on a page in an extremely ginormous text...

Actually it says right here in chapter 10 paragraph one that after our race was saved by the beautiful Goddess of the Sun and she allowed us freedom to roam the universe as we please, however because she was told to "cleanse" us from the universe, our spirits are bound to her essence, and there for after a unanimous vote we have decreed that 200 angels must be in the prescence of the goddess at all times to protect her and serve her needs should she require our services.

Nabu pushes her glasses up and throws the book behind her shoulder, it disappears before it hits the ground and another book just as large appears...

Nabu: Now in Chapter 1,700,059, the angelic army nearly destroys Minity and her unborn child after being brainwashed by an infection created by a rival goddess, the great goddess still welcomes us into her home and to this day the angelic army is still gratefull for the opprotunity of the glorious and long lived life where servitude is not demanded!

Minity smiles as Nabu slams the book shut and points in Braddicks directions...

Nabu: you should learn more about people before you speak and fyi, no one was killed during Minitys riot, it was simply done to draw attention and bring the master of the game out, I have it right here in chapter 3,999,998 and I will not have you tarnish her good name, she has saved my people on more than one occassion when she was told to eradicate us, if we serve her or get her a drink or two to make her feel comfortable, its out of gratitude, not servitude!

Minity laughs...

I havent done that much! but you see, they insist on coming around and besides I dont need anyone to do anything for me, I simply think of something and it appears..

And suddenly Minity has a drink in her left hand, she sips it slowly as she turns toward Nikita...

I love my babies!

She then turns back to Braddick...

And how do you know that the city isnt being held up by magic? or a mixture of the two, either way someone lives there...And by the way, I do know quite a bit about technology, Nabu has researched every piece of technological equipment in the universe, all I need to do is connect with her mentally to learn about any type of magic or technology...she even knows what the robot is made out of!

Minity begins to think to herself as she looks in Nikita's direction, waiting for her to give her opinion

01-20-2007, 07:06 PM
Nikita smiled, she felt Minity's beckoning for a response, before she actually made eye contact. Nikita took a moment to calculate her surroundings and the beings within it before responding.

The truth is, Minity is correct. If you take a moment and look around you will notice that there is not one thing that Mahn does not have represented here. There is not one being, one type of technology, or one type of ideal not present in some form.

Nikita moved around to take a better look at the beings within the cave.

To think that Mahn would simply have the answers that easily within our reach would be foolish. If he planned on making it that easy, why abduct us? Minity could just simply rip it from his mind, or I could simply leave by entering my own realm. The answers we seek will not be that easy to obtain. It will take some work, but if we can put egos and differences aside, we can all get out of here. There is not a one of us present that likes the idea of being a captive, or for lack of a better term, rats in a maze.

01-20-2007, 07:18 PM
Minity shrugs..

I could not have put it better myself!

Suddenly, however Nabu looks like she just had an idea, and begins looking around scanning the enviroment...

01-20-2007, 07:21 PM

"I have a Nintendo DS, does that count as technological? Well, it's at home I mean."

"The city seems to be partially held up by Magic. I can feel it." Added Regan.

01-20-2007, 07:28 PM

Nightmare continue to lay on top of Regan's head like a hat. Nikita simply shook her head and waited for the others to respond. There were mixed emotions and she could feel them. Standing close to Regan, she ruffled the young girls hair, at least where you could see it from her unusual hat decoration. There definitely was something about this one, but with Nikita's abilities slightly diminished, she couldn't place it.

Captain Kill
01-20-2007, 07:54 PM

Braddick stood there as Minity's general began spouting off the history of her people, his boredom clearly apparent on his face.


He started as he began to speak to Nabu.

"Why don't you shut up and go back to standing behind your master like a good little drone. Or you can do something useful and hurl yourself off the side of this cliff."

He then turned to Minity.

"If I wanted to hear the history of your lackeys, I would have dragged a bed and a pillow up this mountain. Where I come from, saving someone's life doesn't make them your slave...And whats this crap about magic? We aren't at a child's birthday party and pulling a rabbit out of a hat isn't going to make a city float....And even I know what the tinman over there is made out of. That thing is a relic. Not to mention I know that that thing was made by Mikaine Industries in the mid 8600's. I know they specialized in military hardware. The company then closed at the end of the 8700th century. But what is most interesting is that tinman over here is far too old to have a cybernetic brain, which means resting inside his shiny little head is an actual soft and squishy human brain. They probably convinced him with some patriotic propaganda that it was his duty to have his brain rammed into that body...No...wait.....Better yet, I'm betting that he died on the field and they salvaged it from him like an engine to a vehicle....Am I close?"

Braddick spoke the last sentence as he turned to the cyborg. The brain of a Chrodos was a fascinating thing. Not only did it allow for complete and perfect photographic memory, but it allowed them to remember nearly everything they see or read. And coming from a race bred for war, Braddick had plenty of time studying military hardware from all over the galaxy, even ones that were...obsolete... during his time. So even though the cyborg was created more than 1200 years before Braddick's birth, simply looking at historical battle records gave him everything he'd ever need to know about this particular model of cyborg. Braddick then drew his attention back to Minity.

"You can't rationalize the thinking of someone like Mahn. All we are are pawns to this guy. He obviously enjoys toying with us, otherwise he would have told us all why we're here and spared the cryptic nonsense. We're like ants on display here. But if you and your parrot (he spoke referring to the exchange Nikita and Minity had as Minity almost seemed to give the other woman permission to speak) are so sure about this plan of yours.....Then lets hear it....But first we should do something about the birdmen with itchy trigger fingers...."

01-20-2007, 08:04 PM
Nabu quickly sticks up her middle finger at Braddick as she begins casting an ancient spell until Minity stops her, Minity gives her an apologetic look as if to say now is not the time, then Minity glares at Braddick as she turns toward Nikita and begins to speak telepathically to her...

::How dare this mortal, It was a mistake coming here, its clear that he will get in our way and I do not think dreaming in front of him would be beneficial to any of us...However, It is up to you, although we could get to the floating city before they can, we can even take the bird men with us and make it harder for them to travel...do you think I give you permission to speak, thats not my intention, I tend to just ramble::

Minity giggles slightly, the others would probably think its strange since they didnt know what she said...

01-20-2007, 08:14 PM
I have not once felt as if you were giving me permission to do anything. It is simply the ease of this connection in which we seem to communicate now. But his words to not matter, I have dealt with Braddick's kind before, and it is simply easier to not allow them to anger you.

Nikita ponders the idea a bit.

Let us see what the others have to say, because it is obvious that Braddick does not speak for all of them. If he continues on the course that he has, he will more than likely find himself alone, which is what he seems to prefer anyway.

01-20-2007, 08:27 PM
Minity smiles as Nikita's words calm her...

You are more wise than I gave you credit when we first met, we will hear the opinion of the others before we decide to help your group.

Just then a portal opens and Nikita's raven angel jumps out and screams "I FOUND YOU!!!" Minity places a hand on her head and sighs...She thinks to herself "This is not what I meant when I said I needed a vacation!"

01-20-2007, 08:47 PM
Nikita pales considerably as what she can only think to describe as her horrible mistake suddenly appears through a portal. Even with Minity's mind blocked from Nikita, she received her thoughts loud and clear! Nikita swallowed as her nightmare approached her. This was definitely not the time or the place for a love sick angel. Nikita quickly composed herself and pulled the angel to a dark and secluded part of the cave. She had placed a hand over his mouth to keep him from talking until she was ready to speak to him. Her eyes could see clearly in the darken cave and she made sure she would not be followed or heard. When she was confident of her privacy, she spoke softly into the angel's ear.

Bailé she whispered and the angel disappeared.

Nikita returned to the group alone, finding it hard to look into the faces of the others.

I had no idea that it would go to this length. I am only glad that we have made this connection before things get worse. Nikita telepathically said to Minity.

Jason Sanborn
01-20-2007, 08:51 PM

MICU-2829 showed only a slight hint of emotion when Braddick correctly guessed that he had died before becoming a cyborg. That soon faded, and he responded in his typical emotionless and factual tone.

All this bickering is pointless. It doesn't matter whether or not you know what cybernetics have been implanted in my body. All that matters is that the patchwork man has brought us here for some unknown reason. If there are answers to be found in the floating city, then we should go there, if nothing else, to gather more information.

01-20-2007, 09:24 PM

"I say we leave them to the Birdmen. That murderer is too puffed up on the sound of his own voice to listen."

Then, ignoring the other group entirely, she said, "Oooooh, I know! If that's a city, then they must have a mall. Let's go shopping!" :D

01-21-2007, 12:30 AM

Melias simply sat down on her knees as the others were talking, arguing how smart they could be to get out of this place and, she prefered to let them. If they were finding out how to leave then it would be fine to her but somehow, she was intrigued about the "why" a bit more than the "how". Mahn had a goal using them and the curiosity grew in her. Her eyes met the little girl standing aside the two red ladies and her apparent joy gave Melias a tender smile.
To paint was what she wanted now, a little thing compared to what the others could do but that was her life, a thrilling pleasure she passionatly enjoyed when she forgot about the curse. A canvas appeared on the ground and she took a brush from behind her belt and using the small ink bottle she always carried with her, she starts a draw with her uncursed hand.

Silently, calmly, peacefully.
Eva was her inspiration at that moment.

01-22-2007, 12:34 AM
Terron (Ryan's Homeworld)
While telling Fred all about the Shadon and the Guardian, Milford had failed to notice the world darkening around him. They'd arrived at night, but the room still had light from the sky's stars; but now the sky was oil black and even the city's lights had begun to dim.

Suddenly a scream erupts from the streets below, followed by cars colliding and gunshots echoing. Milford stands up, walks to the window, looks at what should be chaos below yet is only darkness, and tells Fred, "It's only a matter of time now Fred. We've outlasted our welcome on this world, and..."

The Professor is cutoff as his shadow rises from the ground and begins entering his body through his mouth, ears and nostril. Moments later he turns around, his skin having turned a dark shade of gray and a sinister yellow grin on his face.

Fred screams and bolts out the door. "Need to find light," he thinks, "The light will protect me. The light will protect me."

Ryan stood quietly off to the side as the two parties discussed their situation. "It's funny," he thought, "the birdmen hardly seemed to notice me, yet when the others arrive they've become hostile. This is the first time I've felt invisible since we arrived here, why do the others always notice me? And that shadow creature, what was it's purpose? Why did it help me? My life has gotten so confusing."

Then from below, almost as if it knew Ryan was thinking about it the shadow said, "It's begun."

"What has begun?" Ryan asks, forgetting that the others can hear him. But before anyone can respond to Ryan's seemingly one-man conversation, the shadow slinks across the ground and anchors itself to Ryan's feet where no shadow had existed before.

Ryan drops to the ground and begins to vomit blood and a curious black tar. The birdmen take notice of him for the first time and exclaim, "A demon. You've brought a man cursed by demons with you."

Ryan falls over, his body drenched in blood and tar, and passes out.

((Regan, Minity and Nikita should have no problem noticing the Shadon if they wish to.))

((Feel free to deal with Ryan during his sickness as you wish. Moving him to a bed, or whatever. The sickness is not something easily curable though, IE Minity can't just wish it away.))

01-22-2007, 12:13 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie had been basically hiding behind MICU-2829's back ever since the bird people showed their weapons and the other batch of abductees arrived. This meeting wasn't going as expected and, even if Braddick behaved for a moment, the sudden arrival of the other group put him on edge and immediately at odds with everyone.

"We can't do this." She said to MICU almost whispering. "We have to work together, not play one against the other."

Minity's antics weren't helping much, since her grandstanding act wasn't soothing the supposed negotiation. And on top of this, Nikita kept supporting her and even the dragon had already menaced the bird people of eating them. And Regan… did that poor girl even realize the danger she was in?

As if in overload, Eva Marie noticed Melias was painting something in a canvas that appeared out of nowhere. "Is that my portrait?" She said more to herself than to anyone else.

And finally, Ryan fell to the floor coughing something that seemed black blood. That was it. She wouldn't remain hidden any longer. Leaving MICU-2829's side, she run to Ryan and tried to help him. "What is wrong with you? Are you sick?" She held his head on her lap trying to give him some room to breathe. "Please be alright." She turned to the rest of the group and the bird people. "Someone please help him! He's dying!"

The tall tanned bird man looked at her and the chaos that reigned in the entire group. He had remained quiet, just as he had given a sign to the rest of the flock, since quite a while, to remain calm no matter how menacingly the newly arrived might seem.

"Robinnia is our kingdom and you all seem civilized enough to realize that trespassing isn't well seen in most worlds and universes. If you desist from attacking and depose your weapons, we can make a deal. Otherwise, you're playing against odds you don't even understand." Walking away from his winged troops, he walked towards Minity. "Our deal still stands. You grant us with one of our missions, we give you access to the ports of Aeria, the floating city. And I have the impression that you can help me get out of this island…" The winged man's eyes were set in Minity's, radiating lust and desire as she had never seen in a mortal before. Such defiance should be rewarded with death… or would she think differently?

01-22-2007, 02:47 PM
This is getting us no where. Nikita telepathically said to Minity.

Half of these beings are either scared, to busy posturing, or wanting to avoid any issues all together.

It was not long after she spoke this to Minity, that Ryan fell over. Nikita sighed. At Eve's pleading, Nikita went to aide the young man.


She said as she bent over to help Eve with Ryan. Nikita whispered into Ryan's ear.

I recognize you demon. I am Nikita, daughter of Morrigan. You should know that name well, as my mother is also known as the Queen of Demons. If you have business, speak it. If not, do not interfere.

Nikita looked up at Eve.

He is in no danger. He will be weak for awhile, so someone will need to carry him.

She noticed the birdmen, and the way one in particular regarded Minity. It was time to move this game forward, or there will be problems.

We are wasting time. Minity and I can take everyone to the city above. Make your decisions because we will not wait here long.

Nikita regarded the birdmen again and then quickly added.

And I suggest if you have made a pact with these birdmen, that you honor it. We can always return for you or at least take half of your party with us.

01-22-2007, 04:10 PM
Minity looked disgusted at the birdman as she glared into his eyes, forcing him to become lost in his own thoughts...Minity then telekentically grabs the guns from the bird men and bends them until they are no longer safe to operate.

She responded back to Nikita telepathically...

::I agree, that one over there is painting in the midst of all this, they stop to paint and this thing...what he thought was positively awful, he wont be having those kinds of thoughts anymore.

Im ready to go without them...::

Minity was becoming fed up with the way the mortals stalled and fought amongst themselves, she found it rather ironic that 2 goddesses with opposite natures got along beautifully with each other and a small girl who wasnt nearly as old as them, in comparison to the others, "speaking of Regan", she thought as she bent down in front of the small girl.

She holds out her hand near her head as she speaks...

Here, Regan, I will teach you how to twist the fabric of space to teleport, it will drain you of what little magical power you possess should you try to teleport long distances, but you will know how to do it in case you ever need to escape hostile beings such as this and I fear while on this world that may happen, for I can sense many beings with similar thoughts.

Minitys hand glows as she touches Regan's mind as she gives Regan the knowledge to teleport, it causes a slight tingling sensation but other than that nothing is different about the girl. As she finishes Minity seems to remember something but suddenly loses it, an unusual look of saddness crosses the goddesses face as she searches for the lost memory in vain.

Nabu simply bows her head for she doesnt have the heart to tell Minity that she can no longer remember her infant son who was lost in the recent paradox. Nabu eventually hands Eva a container filled with an off white cream...

Nabu: Here, rub this on him in case he breaks out in fever, it will also make him lighter and easier to carry, it may also help if you rub it on the members of your group so the curse he is under doesnt spread to the rest of you.

Minity stands up and awaits Nikita to finish talking with the demon before she leaves, Nabu simply watches the dreamy goddess hoping something unexpected will happen so she can record it in her history book.

01-22-2007, 06:05 PM

She was keeping her eyes closed while drawing a rough of her mind vision of Eva when she suddenly heard her asking. Surprised and worried, she opened her eyes in a flash to only see the inked character raising from the canvas. Melias knew too well what it meant and without any hesitation, she stoped the pouring ink by erasing the canvas with her index. The inked ghost stayed still before completely vanish silently in black pearls.

"Oh no... it should not have..." she let out looking at her hands with frustration.

Then something strange happened to Ryan, squeezing a shocked cry out of Melias who tried as much as she could to silence it with her hands and before she could move, Eva and one of the girls in red was next to him. He looked to be safe she hoped before joining Eva near Ryan too.

"Artbook of war, chapter 0, painting #7."
The bracelet flashed lightly at her voice as a canvas appeared on the floor from what a strange inked doctor rose up and went immediatly to check Ryan. No matters how long it will take to they were leaving or staying, for now, she could only just do little help. At a second thought, that may have been the small good thing that wars taught her.

"I don't understand the phenomenon behind this. It's unreadable and considering that I am only a work in progress, I can't go with farther inspection. Sorry" the inked doctor informed Melias who blamed herself for having not finished this painting.

"Yes, whatever we decide, the quicker would be best for him." and certainly for us too she said and thought.

01-22-2007, 06:09 PM
Jull, the Winged Man

Bound by Minity's spell, Jull, the bird man, lost his mind into the big space that was his memories and long lost wishes. He had left behind an entire world where he was meant to play the hero and save his people from the arrogance of the Frozen and their invading forces coming from the North. But most of all, he missed his family; the woman he loved more than life itself and the children that spun out of that nest.

When he was abducted, Mahn told him something that made no sense to him. "The kiss of a Goddess will destroy your life." What did the gray man meant by that? When everyone else was granted with a mission, he was just fated with an end that didn't give him any sense of direction. For years he thought about this loose phrase that was meant to grant him freedom, yet all it did was confuse him more and more. For the past few weeks, he figured it all out. His wife was his life, and kissing someone else meant that his marriage would be over, because that's the way of the Winged Men of the Desert. Because without her, the one woman he loved more than anything in the world, his life would be over...

A few weeks ago he figured it all out; and now he had a slight chance but his mind was trapped in itself and he couldn't find a way out... Or could he?

He fought his inner demons and the thought of losing Draurelia, his wife, if he ever accomplished his mission; still he knew he didn't have much of a choice. He was a hero of his world and he had to face the Freeze, no matter what, no matter how.

As if coming out of an eternal dream, Jull regained consciousness if only for an instant, but long enough to see Minity rolling her eyes at the current situation and granting another woman some sort of magical cream. Distracted as she was, the goddess didn't notice Jull approaching swiftly as in absorbed into a state of dementia, but with a goal in mind. She turned her face when he was just too close to avoid a kiss that didn't last long, but was long enough for a certain being.

http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

The kiss had just broken when Mahn appeared without a noise, without even a flash, as if he had been standing there for the entire time.

"Jull, your task is complete. Leave."

And just like that, Jull, the winged man faded away from Robinnia and went back home.

A few months later, in his world, the battle against the Freeze was finally won but his glorious return cost him his wife forever, since he no longer felt able to look her in the eye, not ever again.

In his mind, the question always remained. What was Mahn's gain in all of this complicated game? What did he gain? Little did Jull know that he had a very different future written for him. Had he never been abducted, his wife would have joined him in battle and would have perished bravely defending their people, but this loss would have been too much for him, distracting him from his real goal, making this war so many years and so many people would have died, including a woman who would have sired a the man who would have united the people of the Desert with the ones from the Great Heights. That woman would have died too early, and the leader would have never been born. Now, the path of a great leader was all too clear.

Mahn's checker pieces fell into the right place.

01-22-2007, 07:55 PM
Nikita was surprised by the sudden appearance of Mahn. But opportunity was knocking and she was not about to let it go by. She moved quickly to where their capture stood, it was ironic she thought how it almost felt like a dream. But she had to see if she could reason with this being, he needed to know that he had upset the natural balance, especially before things got out of hand.

It was not a conversation that she would discuss out loud in front of these beings, except for maybe one. Minity could hear anything Nikita needed to say to Mahn, there wasn't anything she needed to hide from her new ally. The wounds on her body seemed to suddenly throb as if reminding her to get on with business. With the help of Minity, who picked up Nikita's thoughts, she spoke directly to Mahn telepathically.

It is obvious to me that there is a great purpose behind your abductions,Mahn. But I am concerned with the fact that you may not have considered the probabilities to over estimating the consequences of your actions. It is not allowed for me to dream, it is not safe. If you do not fix this, you place the waking realm in jeopardy.

Nikita's words were almost a plea, as she hoped Mahn would see the truth in her words.

01-22-2007, 08:10 PM
Had Mahn not sent Jull away she would have burnt him to a crisp where he stood, she walks over and stands behind Nikita until she finishes her thoughts which she gladly makes sure that Mahn and only Mahn can hear loud and clear.

Although Minity tries to poke around inside his mind, she knows it is in vain, although she does speak to him in a stern manner...

::Im sure you have a grand game chess master, but I dont think you quite understand the reprecussions of your actions fully, both myself and my new ally could destory this world in a matter of minutes, while I am grateful for the abduction because I was able to meet Nikita, I dont think its wise to pretend to keep me as a captive, while I have nothing else better to do, I have not been able to make outside contact since my arrival, even my angels have been cut off from the flock which throws their communistic system off balance, I also have powerful allies that will come looking for me if I do not arrive home soon, the king of my people, my loving husband and his entire galaxy, my sister the goddess of war and the greatest warrior who ever lived, and the council which I sit on, and as well hidden as we are, you should know my people are able to hide worlds on a regular basis, its only a matter of time before they find this one and bring devastation along with them!!::

Nabu quickly runs up and taps Mahn on the shoulder, she checks her breath as she preps herself looking stiff like a profesional reporter...

Um you arent from this universe, nor this dimension, nor the Negation universe, I have records of all life forms, technologies, magiks, arts, dress, and military strategies from these areas including underground and top secret ones and you my dear friend show no signs of anything that has been in existence in all the past and present of these locations so I am assuming you are from a completely different dimension or from the future or both, also you have "abducted" countless different beings which obviously send out butterfly effects which seem small now, but will inevitabley build up later, so I am betting on the fact that your from the future and you want to change it, also when I landed here I ruined my Manolo Blhanik shoes and you owe me new ones. Next everyone seems to have been given a path which you use more as a self fulfilling prophicey because just by many of the beings present here they have already done enough to sufficiently change the future, however you clearly have specific events in mind and Minity was not given a guided speech so could I have that now please!?

Nabu pushes up her glass as she smiles and prepares to write everything in her book...Minity looks at Nikita and telepathically whispers...

::Thats why she is my general, she says everything I forget!::

01-22-2007, 08:41 PM

Regan Stood motionless for a few moments as the information put into her brain by Minity organized itself and clicked into place.

"It's so simple! That's all there is too it?" She said, looking a bit flustered.

"Oh Thank you Mistress, thank you!" She said excitedly. Then she spotted Mahn, who was apparently just standing there. From listening to the wisperings around her, she discovered that one of the bird people had left, having fulfilled his quest.

"Oh, Hi!" Regan said to Mahn. "I don't have any questions for you, Sir. I understand what I need to do. I need to grow!"

"I just figured it out as Mistress Minity helped me to learn that spell. Just that simple act seemed to have opened the door on other spells, things I had never thought of before."

::Telepathically to Minity::

New things like this. Thank-you again, Mistress

01-22-2007, 08:43 PM
The Lone Shadon

"I/We cackle a bit, at the thought. I a demon," the Shadon thinks, it's mind a jumble still from the failed inhabitation of Ryan. No Shadon had attempted to inhabit a Guardian before and the consequences were yet unknown.

"You remind me a bit of those who cursed my people," he hisses at Nikita. "They also claimed godhood as they trapped us in the shadows of intergalactic squatters. I assure you I'm no demon, though certainly not an angel either."

The Shadon rises from the ground, making it's presence known to the other party members. It slithers across the ground and speaks to each.

To Regan he says, "There's already a darkness in you, and I'm not much for crowds."

To Eva, "I may offer you some clarity woman. Things mustn't be so confusing."

To Nikita and Minity, "Those who claim godhood disgust me. You're not worthy of my gifts."

To the cyborg, "I can free you from your robotic prison."

To Braddick, "Already a peak example of a humanoid... but there's always a better way Braddick. There's always faster, smarter, deadlier. But there wouldn't be if you accepted me."

And finally he approaches Melias, but with Melias he stops shudders in confusion and fails to find his words.

At this point the bird man had stolen a kiss from one of the goddesses, drawing Mahn's attention to their group. After Nabu questions Mahn about Minitiy's mission, the Shadon interupts, "Yes please, do tell us our missions. Though I'm quite positive mine has something to do with HIM being on this world. I'm curious to hear your opinion."

01-22-2007, 08:59 PM
Dragon's tail was moving back and forth as he waited for one of the birdmen to make a move. Nothing happened so he picked the one he had pointed at up by his wings.

Me wants biggest treasure ever or he me meal! :evil:

He held the birdman above his mouth ready to eat him.

01-23-2007, 03:39 AM
Nabu rolls her eyes at the Shadon, and Minity ignores Regan for now...she looks toward Nikita...

What...do none of these people have Gods...do they not not understand that we have followers we must inspire and protect and there for must be better than most mortals, why is everyone here so intent on claiming our arrogance when they stand so arrogantly as they make their claim.

Minity glares at Mahn....

If you would give my general her answers now, my companions would like to head to the floating city, the telepaths there have asked Nikita and I to venture there for it is the land where the powerful beings you gathered here seem to locate themselves and may interact without harassment from the weak.

Minity crosses her arms, she was tired of being insulted and was ready to explode, she only kept her cool because of the link she shared with Nikita

01-23-2007, 06:12 AM

Deaf to the Shadon's talk with Nikita, Melias kept watching the blood covered Ryan and asked the inked doctor to check for physical wounds. "Nothing I can sens here, due to my imperfection, as it must be internal but at some points, a CPR performance would be required even without a mouth-to-mouth ventilation." he replied but was going to clean the blood on Ryan at Melias request. Her head bent with deception and all she could was hoping he was not deadly wounded before giving an eye to Eva.

"There is not much I can do for him right now. At least, we could watch him or maybe ask Braddick to carry him on his strong shoulders if needed."

Then a shadow appeared to her from the ground and stayed muttered and still. "What is that?" she wondered gazing at the shadow but he or it only offered her a silent expression. "Did he just say nothing?" Melias looked at Eva, shrugging her shoulders with a bit of confusion in her.
She did not notice Mahn appearing to them all until one of the winged appolon disappeared, filling her with a sudden discomfortable sensation.

"Why don't you just do it yourself? You are powerful to bring where you want anyones you want, the strongest ones to the littles ones, so why? You let someone leave after a kiss and yet you dare let a bloody one on the grounds? Do you have a kind of "I am behind but I wash my hands all of it" policy?

Fine, then!! I stop the game and wish the killer lives long enough to kick some nobleness into you!!"

In fact, she was exhausted by all of this. A thought, an impulsion and Melias was trying to slap Mahn.

01-23-2007, 07:07 AM
The air was filled with conversation and emotion making Nikita wish that she were not here at this present moment. Mahn's interference had already started to deteriorate several of her abilities. She rubbed her temple while she waited for Mahn to answer her. Perhaps Regan's simple child like request for shopping would be what she needed to gather her wits and regain some calm. Or maybe training the young Regan would help Nikita as well. It was obvious she was anxious to learn, so perhaps she would welcome Nikita's training as well as that of Minity's.

Shopping sounds like a very good idea. She whispered to Regan.

And if you desire to learn, I will show you the magics of my Pantheon.

She refocused her concentration on Minity, which would be hard not to do considering their link.

Part of it has to do with this place. The field is closer to being equal in some sense and where they lacked boldness before, they do not here. And then, there is always those that despise and envy the gods, that has never changed.
Nikita replied.

But despite her current challenge with her gifts, she could not help but become angry with the Shadon. This was the 3rd person since her arrival that has spoken of her character as if they truly knew her. Her eyes radiated a fiery red that illuminated her face. She directed her next comment to the Shadow.

I have always admired the realm of shadow, because unlike other realms you work in stealth and use your your intellect. Today however, you speak like an arrogant fool who does not.

I am a being of light and dark, and the shadow realm is my second home. I am not just Nikita, goddess of dreams, but I am that of shadow and night. Many of your brethren know me well, it is a shame that you speak so ignorantly of me.

Disgusted with their situation, and dealing with the loss of the mastery of control over her emotions, Nikita felt depleted.

01-23-2007, 10:51 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

Mahn would have left right after Jull had faded and returned to his world, but there was some pointers he had to give. Not all of them were ready to learn what they had to do, but some leads just wouldn't hurt.

It is obvious to me that there is a great purpose behind your abductions,Mahn. But I am concerned with the fact that you may not have considered the probabilities to over estimating the consequences of your actions. It is not allowed for me to dream, it is not safe. If you do not fix this, you place the waking realm in jeopardy.

The emotionless face of Mahn leaned some as if trying to express a sense of empathy… if only he could do such a thing. "I told you already: 'You have to learn for yourself what being part of a dream really is…' You've grown unattached with what you do. Arrogance may not be your sin, but you lost your connection with mortals with their dreams. But don't dwell too much on your flaws, you will find your way, you're headed into the right direction already."

The soft but commanding voice of Minity caught everyone's attention.

while I am grateful for the abduction because I was able to meet Nikita, I dont think its wise to pretend to keep me as a captive

"Friendship, Minity, should be your totem, more than anything else. While you shouldn't confuse this thought with your mission, it is also leading you into the right path. You worry about your husband and your world, but your destiny might not lie there." Mahn pointed at Nikita. "There are other worlds were your destiny might play a better role…"

I am betting on the fact that your from the future and you want to change it

"You're correct, Nabu."

you clearly have specific events in mind and Minity was not given a guided speech so could I have that now please!?

"While Minity's mission should still lie in the dark, it's time to give some light into yours, Nabu."

"You have a challenge to face and your mission is to save them all…"

Not dwelling longer in Nabu's presence, Mahn turned to Regan.

"Oh, Hi!" Regan said to Mahn. "I don't have any questions for you, Sir. I understand what I need to do. I need to grow!"

"You're wrong, Regan. While you might grow as a result of your new acquaintances, you have to look deep inside of yourself and rebuild your values. Change is around the corner, little one."

"Yes please, do tell us our missions. Though I'm quite positive mine has something to do with HIM being on this world. I'm curious to hear your opinion."

"Shadon, you were brought with a purpose and you will learn your mission in time. Be warned, though, betrayal will be your strongest weapon."

Me wants biggest treasure ever or he me meal! :evil:

He held the birdman above his mouth ready to eat him.

"Dragon, this environment may be odd to you, but it will grant you the biggest adventure you ever imagined. It's time for you to learn your task: To gather a large treasure hunting army and create the largest treasure trove the universe has ever seen."

Suddenly, Mahn's words got interrupted by a emotional voice.

You are powerful to bring where you want anyones you want, the strongest ones to the littles ones, so why? You let someone leave after a kiss and yet you dare let a bloody one on the grounds? Do you have a kind of "I am behind but I wash my hands all of it" policy?

Fine, then!! I stop the game and wish the killer lives long enough to kick some nobleness into you!!"

In fact, she was exhausted by all of this. A thought, an impulsion and Melias was trying to slap Mahn.

Melias' hand stopped right before it touched Mahn, as it got affected by the time flux barrier that surrounded their abductor.

"You're brave, Melias. Few have dared with you just tried to do. I hope you put as much passion into your task as you did while trying to hurt me."

Mahn looked at Ryan and Eva Marie, still on the floor as the black and white woman along with a doctor Melias painted, kept tending to Ryan's wounds with the magic cream Minity granted her.

"Eva Marie… How long will you go without knowing where to go?"

His eyes moved into the direction of MICU-2829 as if weighing his power with him. "You… You're not ready."

Finally, he laid his eyes on Braddick, who had been insanely quiet. "You should stop holding back."

01-23-2007, 11:38 AM
Nabu stood agasp...It seems he even knew which angels to bring here, she looked nervously toward Minity who simply gave a confident smile of acceptance, Nabu stood tall and proud as she thought quietly to herself, seeming to ignore the rest of Mahn's speech

01-23-2007, 11:46 AM

Looking at Mahn she said, "You're wrong, Sir. I know what I need to do. After Mistress Minity and Nikita take over this place and become Queens, then I'LL be a princess." :razz:

Captain Kill
01-23-2007, 01:33 PM

The scene itself was almost too much for words. Braddick looked on with an expressionless face as Ryan began heaving blood and black tar. Immediately his mind began running through all the known viruses and diseases he had either read about or encountered in his time. The symptoms almost resembled Helonian Ebola, a particularly gruesome form of an ancient virus which was native to a planet called Helios at the edge of the galaxy. Anyone infected with the virus would begin to heave large amounts of blood and a strange black material after 24 hours of infection. After 48 hours their organs would begin to liquify and they would go into convulsions. And after three days, the victim would bleed out through every pore in their body. It held a 98% mortality rate and no cure currently existed. But he doubted Ryan had ever been to planet Helios before. Just in case, Braddick kept his distance. Though his Chrodos immune system would have been able to squash such a virus quite effectively, the symptoms, though they would be less in his case, were still quite unpleasant.

He then watched on as Melias began to paint, and strangely enough a doctor like figure emerged from her painting. His mind immediately raced for plausible explanations to the phenomenon he had just witnessed. But he could come to no conclusions. Perhaps the woman's claims were thruthful, and not a fabrication of a delusional mind. If that was the case, then the blood of 40 billion Chrodos were on her hands. But for now, the situation was too surreal to concern himself. A strange shadowy figure began talking to him shortly after, to which he paid little attention to. The creature's offer was almost meaningless to someone such as Braddick.....But then....he showed up...

Anger and rage burned within Braddick as the jigsaw man appeared. Yet, he had to hold himself back and suppress that anger for the time being. He came to the conclusion that it would be wiser to gain as much information from the being as possible before severing his spinal cord. And so Braddick waited. The pompous women talked as Mahn spouted out more cryptic jargon that mattered little to Braddick. But then he saw it, his opportunity. Melias went to slap the being, and was quickly stopped. The woman also said something which sparked a bit of amusement in the killer:

"Fine, then!! I stop the game and wish the killer lives long enough to kick some nobleness into you!!

Mahn was distracted, now was the time.

"My thoughts exactly...."

Were his only words before Braddick sprung into action. Immediately the two daggers in his hands were shot forth towards the throat and heart of Mahn with deadly precision. Almost instantaneously after those blades left his hands, Braddick made a mad sprint diagonally in Mahn's direction. He approached the cave's wall on Mahn's left side, and leaped into the air, planting his feet on the cold rock surface as his right hand reached into his boot for another blade. And kicking off with one large spring, Braddick sailed through the air, coming down directly atop Mahn's head looking to thrust his blade straight through the top of his skull.

01-23-2007, 02:08 PM
Nikita's concerns were only answered with the same response, her purpose for being here and what she needed to learn. Her mind reeled as she thought about this "purpose." There was only one problem, Nikita couldn't get passed the fear of what would happen. She had been the goddess of dreams for so long, how could she NOT know what it means to be part of a dream. Like a heavy weight, the consequences of her being able to dream loomed over her head. If she did not fix this, the waking realm would no longer be safe from her influences though the realm of dreams. She turned to Minity, when she spoke Minity would hear the frustration in her voice. But, she would also hear something else, something she would have never thought of from a goddess like Nikita, fear.

Are you ready to leave? I have had my fill of this place and these beings. The arrogant stench of certain fools is about ready to turn my stomach. If I remain here much longer, the intellect in me will give into the rage that is building. We will find our own answers to this problem.

01-23-2007, 02:28 PM
Minity smiles as Nabu runs to stand near Nikita...Minity raises her hands as reality folds around herself, Nikita, Nabu, Regan, and Dragon, moving them to the floating city and back to the Godhood (http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/viewtopic.php?p=15182#15182) thread!

Minity sighs

Finally, good luck mortals...

And suddenly they are gone as if they had never been there

01-23-2007, 06:28 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31Eva Marie Saint

"No...!" Eva Marie's voice chocked as she saw the Goddesses leave. In spite of their arrogance, their strength was much needed. She looked at Ryan, lying sick on the floor and her heart broke. They did have power to spare in the form of Braddick, but he was such a loose cannon... She looked at the killer fighting Mahn. He wouldn't face him directly if he knew what she had seen.

"Please stop him." She told Melias. "Mahn can just turn him into ashes and find someone else to rearrange the ripples of time that Braddick's absence would leave."

01-23-2007, 06:44 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

the two daggers in his hands were shot forth towards the throat and heart of Mahn with deadly precision. Almost instantaneously after those blades left his hands, Braddick made a mad sprint diagonally in Mahn's direction. He approached the cave's wall on Mahn's left side, and leaped into the air, planting his feet on the cold rock surface as his right hand reached into his boot for another blade. And kicking off with one large spring, Braddick sailed through the air, coming down directly atop Mahn's head looking to thrust his blade straight through the top of his skull.

The daggers thrown at Mahn stopped cold a few millimeters away from the expected victim and then became petals that fell to the floor harmlessly.

Braddick's impressive jump would have ended with a dead body lying at his feet, but Mahn was not that easy to fight or to kill, because the gray tall man didn't even blink, no magic words came out of his mouth and no waving of his hands were needed for the killer to be frozen in mid air and get brought in front of him like a weightless statue traveling through the void of space.

"This is the recklessness I'm expecting from you, Braddick, but you act before you think and this is what would have cost you your life if I hadn't taken you from your time line." The blade left Braddick's hand and moved as if held by invisible hands giving the killer a cut in his chest as if wanting to give him a souvenir of this encounter.

"Think! You have to think!"

Mahn faded away and Braddick fell to the floor side by side with his blade.

01-23-2007, 07:03 PM

"None of you are ready for my gifts yet. And him," the shadowed creature pauses and looks at Ryan, "he's much too weak to accept me. And I had such high hopes for a Guardian."

And with that the shadow slithers away in the shade of a nearby corner.

"Everyone's dieing/died. I will be/I am needed. *Cough* *Cough* Ryan says in delirium.

As he continues coughing the black sludged blood, a birdman approaches. This birdman is tall and slender with pale skin, red eyes, and mismatched wings (one a bird's wing feathered and white, the other a bat's leathery and black).

"The goddess helped Jull fulfill his mission, and therefore we shall help you reach the floating city," the birdman motions at Eva to leave Ryan as he speaks. He then flaps into the air, hovers to Ryan and picks him up with clawed feet cupping each arm at the bicep. "The others will carry you as well if you ask them. I'm bringing this one to the hospital. They have the most advanced magical and scientific methods in any dimension there. I'm sure they'll find a cure for what ails him."

Nodding goodbye to the other birdmen, he swoops out of the cave carrying Ryan and dissapears into the sky on his way to the Floating City.

01-24-2007, 06:30 AM
It was a very strange feeling for Melias, being still between moment. Even if she did hear Eva's disclaimer about Mahn, she could not just help Braddick until their "host" vanished again. Freed from his defense, Melias bent a little dizzy on the floor before stepping quickly to Braddick and knelt down at his side, judging his fresh wound, asking with a kind of worried tone if he was alright. Fortunatly, it did not seem deadly but she checked his pulse just in case and to be reassured.

"Running into a target with so many unknowns in the equation is pretty foolish, even if..." we have a little glimpse of what Mahn is able to. She continued in her thoughts.

Her hand went to hold one of Braddick's dagger, and turned her head to Eva and the robot, with a smile of relief. Indeed, it was close. She did not realize that her fingers were still checking delicately the pulse on Braddick's neck until the inked doctor came, starting to faint little by little while shouting: "Place! place! let me put a bandag...!!" He didn't finish his sentence as he rained on the floor in a swamp of ink. The oddity of the situation, made Melias retract her hand from Braddick's neck quickly.

"I did not mean to... well, how many fingers do you see?"

Looking at Eva while hidding some of her wonders, she spoke with little confusion.
"I believe it is time to leave this place, there is no more to learn from here except if you know something valuable to our journey in this birdyland.
And in case you winged appolons would want to rightfully enjoy your home and loved ones, I have a ship stored in the artbook index but its technology is not mine, a Chrodos one most likely left after their retreat from my homeland but, well, I am not a pilot. Maybe the robot and Braddick could master it or maybe you too, Eva, if your aketress training went to it. "

Definitely, lady knew more things than what eyes meet. And she was even more beautiful with her part of mystery. Melias looked deeply at Eva.

"You should lead us from now."

Captain Kill
01-24-2007, 09:49 AM

Braddick didn't so much as wince when Mahn cut open his chest and then vanished. The killer sat there on the floor of the cave for a moment. Some of Mahn's words still playing in his head. Attacking an opponent against impossible odds in this way wouldn't have lead to Braddick's death in his own universe. He had done so hundreds of times before, and in the end, he was always the only one to walk out alive. But In Braddick's universe, it wasn't a lack of thinking that caused him to do such things, it was the simple fact that if he didn't, he would have already been killed a long time ago. The contract out on his head held no preference to whether he was alive or dead.

He simply sat there as Melias came to his aid. His instincts normally would have caused him to sever the arm of whoever touched him, but for some reason, he did not have to even fight them this time. They never took hold of him. The killer simply stood up and looked at Melias.

"I'm alright....It's not so bad...."

He spoke, but strangely enough, no tone of anger or hostility against Melias was apparent in his voice.

"He can time travel, and move through dimensions, there was no way I was going to be able to kill him with a knife...But I had to know what he was capable of...."

Braddick gathered up his daggers as he watched one of the birdmen carry the sickly Ryan away. Braddick's eyes would widen as he heard Melias's next words. She had a ship...Normally he would have simply dismissed her claim as more delusional nonsense, but that was before he saw her spawn a human being from a canvas....

"If you had a ship, why didn't you say anything?"

01-24-2007, 11:35 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie held her breath as Ryan was taken by one of the birdmen into open space. They had to follow him, he could be badly hurt and they didn't even know where he was being taken…

But even if she was stressed out, she was somehow relieved that Braddick wound didn't seem to be serious.

"Melias, please, make that ship fast. I don't know why you didn't say you could do that before we went through this, but you have to help us now. Please." A little embarrassed she added: "And I'm not leading this little group. I've barely survived ever since I got here, but I will help as much as I can."

As Eve continued talking, the birdmen that remained at the entrance of the cave started walking back into the mountain. Jull was gone and they needed to choose someone else to decide the destiny of the flock; and their debt with the humans had been paid since Ryan was on his way to the floating city.

She turned to MICU-2829 who had been extremely silent since the entire conflict with the second group of abductees and the birdmen. "Are you alright?" Eva Marie cleared some hair off his forehead.

01-24-2007, 03:13 PM

She felt a warm relief when Braddick proved by himself he was fine and somehow, hearing his analysis in this situation made her smile, a sincere simple smile. It was a positive point to have more knowledge about the "ennemy" even if Melias thought that Mahn being not hurt was not so bad either or they would have been certainly trapped here forever. An inkdot rolled from her shoulder to the handle of the dagger, unoticed by the others and stopped itself at the extremity before she gave it back to Braddick as well. That simple gesture was trouble for her as she would have simply thrown it away earlier and confusion was in her now, but she started shyly to trust him as well as she naturally would need him to survive here.

Abruptly, Eva and Braddick's questions made her expression even more thoughtful, a bit angry and a bit sad. She was not willing to use the ship but in this world, anything and even the painful ones could be useful.

"I am sorry... did not think of it... I will do it fast for the best" Melias replied with a more serious voice than she used to.

Using a ship with technology that rained death on her land was not something joyful or easy to accept for Melias but she did not want to express that feeling to the others. And with Ryan's leave, a guilty emotion waved in her: is she failing to help someone again?
In silence, she activated the bracelet and called for the documentary illustration.

"Artbook of war. Enemies records from Etoile Pourpre. Chrodos. chapter 10. Finished painting #01"

At the end, a canvas was in her hand and she threw it outside where the painting started to take real form. To her that was an old memory she wished to forget as it turned from a snaky smoke in the air to a fully completed ship. She stepped forward the entrance of the cave and invited her companions to follow her in as the airlock opened.

"I guess it was a reconnaissance type as we never understood fully its functions and its full abilities.

This is your technology, Braddick. Certainly you and the robot can figure out how it works better than I did, can't you?"

Captain Kill
01-24-2007, 04:46 PM

Braddick took the dagger Melias had handed him and placed it back in his belt, noticing the smile on her face. For some reason it seemed as if she actually cared about him. Braddick hadn't given her any reason to. The entire situation was strange. But it became apparent to him that, an all probability, Melias may be the one in which he would have to kill to leave this place. But Mahn would have to find a new pawn if that was the case. As cold blooded as he was, Braddick did not kill women.

He then stood in amazement as Melias retrieved a canvas, and an entire ship began to materialize from the painting it contained. He watched it slowly form into a familiar weapon of war, one in which he had used quite a few times, a bit of nostalgia striking the killer. He walked up to the vessel and began walking around it, looking it over from top to bottom.


Was the only word he spoke before finishing his walk about the craft and moving away from it to get a full view.

"This is a Chrodos Valkyrie Gunship....I haven't seen one of these things in 18 years...We used them primarily as troop transports and air to ground assault crafts. They have enough firepower to level an entire convoy of Tarsonian battle mechs..."

The entire ship itself looked seamless, as if it was fabricated out of one large piece of metal. Braddick walked up toward the side of the ship, and placed his hand directly on it. And in an instant, every electrical system in the vessel sprung to life. The side of the ship slid open to reveal the troop transport bay, various weapons from grenades to rifles lying across the walls in various cases. A smile came to the killer's face now, he finally had some big guns. He stepped up into the ship itself, and the moment his foot came in contact with the floor of the vessel, the inside illuminated. And so Braddick would turn around to the rest of the group.

"Well....hop in..."

Were his only words before he turned around and made his way into the cockpit. Braddick sat in the pilot's chair, placing his hands on two strange computer consoles on either side. The entire cockpit lit up. Chrodos vessels were designed to be piloted by neural interfaces. This allowed a Chrodos pilot to have absolute control over the ship itself, with near instantaneous responses. Computations and statistics began to run through Braddick's brain like a supercomputer. Wind sheer data, weapons systems, shields, anti-gravity generators, an impossible amount of information began steaming through his brain as the ship sprung to life. And so he would simply wait for the others to enter.

01-24-2007, 06:01 PM
The birdmen were begging and pleading with Dragon not to eat their friend.



Please we'll do anything!

They were throwing what little valuables they had in front of Dragon pleading for the birdman's life who still in Dragon's claw and close to his mouth. Dragon looked at the merger possessions of bronze and silver.

Anythings? Hmmm...

"Dragon, this environment may be odd to you, but it will grant you the biggest adventure you ever imagined. It's time for you to learn your task: To gather a large treasure hunting army and create the largest treasure trove the universe has ever seen."

Mahn, however, distracted him for a moment and he grinned at his destiny.

That sweet destiny! Me like it!

He looked at the birdman in his claw who was close to tears.

You likes life?

The birdman nodded his head in fear. Dragon turned to the birdman's friends.

You likes friend alives?

They all nodded their head.

You heards boss man. Me have greats destiny. To build largestest treasure trove evers, me needs help. Me no eats him, if yous comes with me and joins me treasure hunting army.

Yes anything!

The birdman who was Dragon's captive yelled. The other birdmen nodded in agreement.

Goods. What you name?

He said putting the birdman down.


Wells Blujay you me Second Mate. You heads of this team. Goal is find bestest treasure arounds here and brings to me treasure trove at Minity's Palace.

Yes Sir! We will find you gold, silver, rubies, diamonds, and more Lord Dragon.

Blujay said with a salute and his friends did also.

Verys goods! :mrgreen:

He sent off Blujay and his six friends and noticed that Minity, Nikita, and Regan were ready to leave.

Laters. 8)

He said to everyone who was left. He picked up the treasures the birdman gave him and went to follow his friends and find more treasure.

01-25-2007, 07:29 AM

Melias was standing close to the ship and was preparing herself to enter when Braddick started to reveal to her knowledge what the ship trully was. But the words hurted and brought back illustrated painful memories. She just tried to stop the voice, tried to wash the thoughts until she heard only her fast heartbeat."...ttle mechs." was the last the really heard. Gathering her sens and strenght, she stepped inside the grave just after the Chrodos and still, did not forget to offer a gentle hand to Eva and look at the same time at the robot. An uneasy feeling came to her inside the ship, disgusting her memories but calling her curiosity too as the technology was so very different from hers. Her people has very advanced technology knowledge and such but the Chrodos apparently had a different way. Melias was looking for a seat as well as noticing the excitement of Braddick, like a blacksmith who would find back his best tools. His eyes, his look had changed suddenly.

"You will know how to do this?" She asked him before sitting back.

Melias didn't know how to feel about his kind of smile as he appeared to her even more deadful but somehow peaceful too. Maybe that would bring back his guiding lights and at any rate, it would be reassuring. Yes, he could be more than just a skilled killer.
"It is a pain to see him enjoying it so much but in some way, beauty of creations takes all kind of form according to one's emotions..." she quietly muttered.

"I am a bit affraid." She said to Eva, trying to reach for her hand shyly. "Let's hope the fly will be as fast as a thought."
"The sheeps are in the ship. We are in your hands now. She finished as words for Braddick.

Well, almost finished as Melias had questions flowing in her for Eva.
"Am I wrong, dear Eva if I believe you know things about that floating city too?"

01-25-2007, 10:36 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

"I am afraid, too." Said Eva Marie holding Melias' hand. "I don't know for how long I've been here and yet, I keep getting surprised." She looked around, at the ship that came out of a canvas. "This is science fiction to me. You all are. And I feel so alone in here. My brother… my brother is dead and I needed to find who the killer was, I had to bring him to justice, but no one was saying a thing… And then, I was here. It doesn't make sense, doesn't it?"

Eva Marie stared through a window. "And now Ryan has been taken to the floating city but we don't know where exactly… We have to help him, he's wounded!" Somehow suffocated by her own plea, she put her hand on the window as a sad tear ran down her face, just as Melias asked her about the floating city, somehow bringing her back into reality.

"It is called Aeria and it's a dangerous place, or so I've heard. That's where the strongest of the abductees live. Most of them feel detached from the lowlies that live on the island and they chose to remain there, as gods. But it is also a complicated place. There are space pirates, tribal chiefs, mages, Asgardians, powerful men, women, aliens and creatures I don't even have a name for. I've never been there, but I've heard of Rouge, a powerful woman with so much knowledge… She has helped many people leave this island, but she's also deranged…"

"It's going to be dangerous."

She turned and looked at MICU-2829 sitting there, so quiet. Was there something wrong with him? He kept following them but he seemed as if his soul had escaped his body. "MICU? Are you alright? Mike?"

Captain Kill
01-25-2007, 11:47 AM

"Lets see what this thing can do..."

Braddick said, and not a moment sooner the gunship began to levitate from the cold rock floor. There was no noise, no audible sound of an engine, the ship simply lifted from the ground. Chrodos planetary vehicles did not run on conventional engines that produced thrust. Instead, they simply manipulated the gravitational fields around them. In the most simplistic terms, they made gravity non-existent. The ship itself made its way out of the cave and in to the open air, then in a single instant, it accelerated to well over twelve times the speed of sound. In any other craft, such a thing would have killed anyone aboard, reducing their flesh and bones to a pink goo with the consistency of pudding. Chrodos vessels however, had gravitational dampeners. And so, though they were traveling at an obscene speed through the air, inside the craft, it felt as if they were simply standing still.

It tool virtually no time at all for the craft to reach the floating city. Braddick would slow the vessel's speed as he approached. Given the size of the floating rock, Braddick chose to aim for the section with the largest and most impressive looking skyscrapers. If the people there had the technology to build those colossus structures, then they would be of some use to him. The ship bobbed and weaved through the buildings and flying cars which spun around the city.

"So Mrs. Black and White, where can we find this psychopath?"

01-25-2007, 12:22 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

"We should ask for directions. I've never been here in my life. All I know is that this Rouge woman can help us out of here..."

Eva Marie hand't finished when the gunship got surrounded by flying motorcicles with men dressing in leather, who started shooting some kind of weird weapons against the ship. Oddly enough, the rays didn't hurt the metal layers, but started changing them into leaves and ivy.

"What is going on?"

01-25-2007, 01:29 PM

Melias was in some way amazed by the ability of the craft and to her surprise, thought interesting to still have descriptive illustrations of it stored. But her appreciation of the metal ship vanished into silence while listening to Eva's story. She knew what it was to loose a dear one but she would not dare saying she knew how Eva could feel. As she brought back ryan's name in their day, Melias itteraly felt Eva's tears in her heart and, thoughtfully, she touched the lady's shoulder with her hand, trying to confort her.
"The birdy appolon said he would bring him to an hospital somewhere there. Certainly the medical unit will do the best for him..."

The description of the floating city woke up Melias' fear, curiosity and interest in all these incarnations of the Fae of Expression's inspiration. Then came the name of Rouge and Melias already started to picture her in her mind. Looking at Eva, she simply and innocently told:

"Hmmm... Wouldn't she be one of the ladies-in-red we crossed path with earlier in the cave? The definition matches in some points, don't you think?"

After Braddick landed the ship in his unique style, parts of layers suddenly and mysteriously started to turn into vegetables. That took her by surprise and in a reflex of preservation, stepped back off her seat.

"That's nothing good I fear.
Braddick!! We have a situation here."

Captain Kill
01-25-2007, 02:19 PM

"What the hell kind of hippies are these guys?"

Braddick shouted as some strange biker gang began transforming parts of his brand new ship into foliage. He would not stand for this. Braddick yanked the ship back up into the air and increased speed, weaving through the tall buildings. With a mere thought, the skin of the ship seemed to move as if it were alive, and the parts of the ship which were being transformed into leaves slowly began to mend themselves, almost like human skin. Braddick had just engaged the nanobot repair systems. But there was still the problem of the pursuing biker gang.

"I'm not going to let them damage my brand new toy...."

The ship would come to a stop as Braddick brought it into a hover, the biker gang surrounding the vessel, just like he had wanted. Suddenly a massive electrical shockwave erupted from the ship, spreading out in all directions. The shockwave would pound into the flying motorcycles, leaving their drivers unharmed, but the circuitry of the machines would instantly have been fried, reducing the vehicles into nothing more than falling metallic lumps of metal. Braddick watched out of the cockpit in amusement as the bikers began to fall from the skies like insects, and so the ship sped on.

"It will take a whole lot more than some tree loving hippies to bring this thing down...Theres probably a lot of hospitals in this city, so anyone's guess where to start looking for the fake hero is as good as mine...."

01-26-2007, 08:43 AM

Melias stared somehow shocked at the lightnening striking outside the ship. In her consciousness, she thought that she should have never reproduce an exact painting of that Chrodos technology as she saw it as a horrible thing at present time. His ways were not hers definitely.

"Was it an absolute necessity to do this? I mean, they were pretty harmless except for their love of gardening."

She paused a second and thought of the way to find Ryan, to find out where he could be.

"The luckiest way would be to see a hospital's symbol shining around but all these buildings looks quite the same. We could too stop by and ask people around or even wish that Rouge woman, Eva talked about, would know." She replied and added, firmly opposed to Braddick's responses to so call threats. "Really, these metalriders may have known if you just talked to them."

Suddenly, Braddick's words sounded positive in some way and Melias wondered if, underneath the cold in attitude, the Chrodos could feel concerned by Ryan more than he wanted to show. Maybe it was simply that "brother in arms" thing or maybe he was hidding part of his soul under the deadly warrior appearance. Well, maybe she was simply starting to feel sleepy but, truly, Melias wished he was not all that bad

"So, you too can feel worried for someone it seems." She said half smiling, half dreamy, her head forward Eva and the Robot and losing slowly to the tireness of one of her eyelids.

01-26-2007, 01:45 PM
The Flying Gang

As soon as Braddick destroyed their flying bikes; the men dressed in leather started to fall to certain death. They would have perished if it weren't that they weren't exactly what they seemed. As some sort of human construct, the dozen of men started to morph into matching pieces that, put together, formed a giant man made of flesh and blood; an immense man wearing a symbol in their chest that would remind of the Transformers to some people.

It was fully assembled now and it flew as fast as it could after the Chrodos space ship.

"You're violating Aeria flying zone. Stop now in the name of Optimus Crime!"

Captain Kill
01-26-2007, 02:22 PM

Braddick peered back out of his pilot's chair back to Melias, with a confused look upon his face.

"Oh and I suppose you would want to be the one to open the door and go have a chat with our hippie friends as they turned my ship into a flower garden?"

He continued to concentrate on flying, looking for a place to land the ship when Melias spoke again.

"Worried about him? Yeah, I'm worried he might die before I have a chance to kill him..."

Braddick said, the tone in his voice leaving one to ponder whether he was simply being sarcastic, or actually serious. It wasn't too long before Braddick realized they were being followed, and by some giant flying man no less. The guy began to shout the typical civil servant garbage Braddick had heard a hundred times across a hundred worlds: "Stop in the name of blah blah blah." Either way, Braddick had no intention of stopping. Immediately the ship itself spun around 360 degrees, flying backwards as it faced the giant man. And with a simple thought, two massive cannons would emerge from the bow of the vessel. The barrels of the cannons began to glow bright blue as a swarm of particles gathered at their ends. They would swirl in a large spiral within the barrels as the energy contained within each individual particle increased exponentially by the second. And in a single instant, two beams shot forth from the cannons towards the giant man, the masses of particles being propelled at nearly the speed of light. The sheer mind blowing speed and energy contained in the hundreds of billions of particles would release an insane amount of kinetic energy upon striking the target. This would cause the giant man's own atomic structure to break down and vaporize in quite a violent manner, provided he was unfortunate enough to be hit.

01-26-2007, 07:04 PM
Ryan groggily began to come to. As the world came into focus he glanced about his location. To his left he saw what looked to be an IV drip, except there was no tube running down into his arm; a bright glowing blue liquid energy seemed to flow from the drip straight to his arm without any aid. To his right, a small imp like creature sat on his nightstand repeating, "Beep," in precise intervals.

"What are you supposed to be?" asked Ryan.

"I'm... Beep!... your heart monitor... Beep!" it said between it's duties.

Shaking his head looks down at what he thinks would be a nurse call button, but is simply a note that reads: "If you need a Nurse, simply think nurse." Moments later a nurse walked in her name tag read Zatanna.

"You called me?" she said.

"Uhm, I'm in a Hospital I suppose. Though the strangest I've ever seen... am I right?" he replied.

"Well sir you're right about the hospital part, but I don't know about the strange. More like the most amazing hospital in the universe, we have all the latest in magical and scientific remedies. You were suffering from quite a unique condition, though it seemed to already be clearing up on it's own prior to your arrival. We simply gave you a bed to rest in and assisted you in speedy recovery."

"Where are my fr... traveling companions? A large robot man, a crazy painting girl, a black-and-white woman, a... deranged killer, have you seen them?"

"Well that's quite a group of companions you have there, I'm sure I'd have heard something about them arriving in our city. I'll ask around, now you get back to sleep and get some rest."

01-29-2007, 11:11 AM
Optimus Crime

When the ship turned around and it fired one of those disintegrating blasts again the giant composite man known collectively as Optimus Crime, he crossed his arms right in front of his face and the rays bounced off his Temischyran bracelets. How in the universe this creature ever got such bracelets would be a story for another time, but the truth is that, right now, they saved his collective derriere from a fate far worse than death.

"Adding murder attempt to an officer of the law will only make things worse for you!"

With the corner of his eye, the giant saw how the bounced blast hit a building right next to a hospital, causing panic among the inhabitants of Sach City, the part of Aeria that was filled with sky crappers and concrete, definitely not a place to have an all-out fight.

Optimus Crime grabbed the giant gun from his belt and fired giant bullets towards the ship.

"This will teach you to behave!"

01-29-2007, 11:16 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie stood up from her seat and walked next to Braddick. "You have to stop this! You're going to get us all killed!" With begging eyes, she turned to Melias, knowing the Victorian girl had a better connection with the mass killer than she ever would. "Please, you have to stop him."

Captain Kill
01-29-2007, 11:41 AM

"Oh come on, are you kidding me? That little pea shooter isn't going to do anything to my ship!"

Braddick said as if he was almost enjoying this. But as a matter of fact, he was. It had been 18 years since he had even flown in a Chrodos ship. He missed the adrenaline rush, the exhilaration of battle. Not to mention, he missed being the one with the big guns. Ever since the end of the Chrodos war, he was the one being hunted like an animal across the galaxy. Now he got to do the hunting. The moment the giant's high speed projectiles approached the ship, a blue barrier suddenly appeared around the vessel as the bullets slammed into them and shattered.

"You got to try harder than that pig!"

Braddick shouted over the ship's speaker system, making sure the giant man heard it. And in that instant, eight missile pods would emerge from the underside of the ship's wing structures, while four revolving, high speed rail cannons emerged from the underside.

"My turn...."

Was all he said before the ship locked on to Optimus and a barrage of 48 antimatter missiles screamed forth from the ship's missile pods, all spiraling forth towards the giant. Simultaneously the 4 rail cannons began to belch out solid one foot long Tungsten spikes at the giant at an alarming rate, propelling the projectiles at nearly 15 times the speed of sound. The kinetic energy released from impact would be as if the giant was hit by a meteor. At this point, Braddick cares little about collateral damage. He simply continued to pummel the giant as sockwaves from the missile explosions tore through the sides of skyscrapers and blew out glass windows.

01-30-2007, 01:14 PM

"Please, you have to stop him."

"hmmm, no... not now" Melias murmured...

The kind man was tall, elegantly dressed with a silk shirt still giving a glimpse of his sharped and fine sculpted body when his head was embellished with a hat, perfectly matching with his standing. And what about his face: sweetly tanned like an adventurer, nice with these beautiful and mysterious eyes looking kindly at her and an attractive smile that made her blushed shyly. With attention, he bent his head and kissed lightly her hand, inviting her to ride the magnificient winged horse of him. A pegasus! How wonderful is that! Where would he take her? To what kind of marvel will he open her eyes to? Her wonders were spiced with curiosity and desire to be nicely surprised, to see unknown worlds and places as they started to fly like knight and princess on the brave pegasus.

A wave shook them. "Oh come on, are you kidding me? That little pea shooter isn't going to do anything to my ship!"

She looked behind and saw another man, aiming a kind of weapon of darkness she never saw before. He looked like a lost hero Ryan she met with before but Melias wondered why then would he fire at them. Were the two fighting for her? She would have liked that of course but a feeling kept saying that something was wrong. "Adding murder attempt to an officer of the law will only make things worse for you!" the other man shouted. A murder? Was she slicing the sky on a winged horse with a murderer? She felt frightened but at the same time, so excited to be in danger. But in this knightly duel, someone, if not her, would die sometimes soon if they continued the battle for her and that, Melias would never wish.

The angelic figure of a woman appeared to her sight and begged again "Please, you have to stop him."
She spoke the truth. This was nonsens and Melias woke up suddenly, opening her eyes to only see Eva.

"hmmm... did you say something, princess Eva?" and finally coming back to reality "By the Muse and the fées!.. what is going on? We are under attack?"

01-30-2007, 03:15 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

"Princess Eva?" Said the black and white woman frowning at the question. She was so focused in her own confusion that she never thought Melias could be as deranged as she was.

"It's serious out there." She said with begging eyes. "Whether we die, or Braddick destroys this city."

01-30-2007, 03:19 PM
Optimus Crime

Realizing the Chrodos ship just wasn't stopping and, worse than that, it was attacking him without any restraint, Optimus Crime created an orange energy shield that surrounded all of the rays, projectiles and anything thrown at him and sealed them off Sach City preventing its utter destruction and the death of its inhabitants.

[color=orange][b]“Are you done bringing destruction to Sach City?

Captain Kill
01-30-2007, 05:16 PM

"Well this isn't working...."

Braddick said aloud as the giant transformer being nullified his last impressive bombardment.

"I think its time to exit stage left..."

The ship suddenly spun around 180 degrees, increasing its speed away from the pursuing giant. Braddick took the ship right between two large skyscrapers. He had to time this just right. The moment he passed between the two buildings, two large spherical objects ejected from the back of the ship. They hovered in the air for a moment as the vessel sped away, then exploded releasing two massive shockwaves that tore through the two buildings. The shockwaves simply cut the them in half, sending the upper halves falling inwards on each other and thus in the way of Optimus. But the point of this little maneuver wasn't to drop the buildings on top of the being, but simply to obstruct his view from the ship. The moment the buildings collapsed into place, clouding the area around with dust and debris, Braddick engaged the ship's cloaking device. By the time the giant managed to maneuver around the collapsed buildings, the Chrodos vessel had vanished from sight. And so Braddick attempted to use this opportunity to speed away from the giant man without a trace.

01-31-2007, 12:57 PM

With Eva's seriousness, Melias fully regained her sens and reality as well. The stupid dream felt appart and washed from her memory as she looked around to see what was going on and then fixed the place where Braddick was ruling his little world.

"Please, could we just move away?" She did ask the pilot.
Not sure that he heard her or listened to her anyway, but her request was sincere as much as the full arsenal Braddick was launching at his target. Unfortunatly, she was simply a regretful spectator of this and with frustration, glanced at Eva.

"Let's just have faith in his judgement of the situation for now, dear. I know, it is a pain... but I believe he would do nothing to endanger his life and ours that way."
Part of her trusted Braddick in this situation but another part of her just really want to paint out two big giant wooden stick (one for her and one for Eva) to poke Braddick with. As the ship flew faster away from Optimus Crime, Melias grabbed a welcoming breathing of peace before asking to Braddick:

"Wouldn't have it been more simple to start with that sneaky way or did you really want to make all the city dread enemy of us?
But thank you for keeping us alive."

02-01-2007, 06:29 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

"Stop!!!" For the first time, Eva was absolutely enraged. "We're leaving Ryan behind! How do you plan to pick him from this city if we caused so much death and we have everyone going against us!"

Mad as she was, she waved her hand through the air with all intents of slapping him.

Captain Kill
02-01-2007, 11:27 AM

"Wouldn't have it been more simple to start with that sneaky way or did you really want to make all the city dread enemy of us?"

Melias's words brought a smirk to his face. And so he responded...

"Sure it would have, but where would the fun be in that?"

Then the black and white lady began throwing a fit. Braddick had about enough of women trying to slap him. And so before she had a chance to land her strike, he disengaged the gravitational dampeners and pulled the ship upwards at a steep angle. This would have immediately caused Eva, as well as anyone else in the ship not strapped down to a chair, to be flung backwards into the troop bay of the ship. After his little stunt, Braddick would level the craft out and speak once more.

"We're not leaving him behind...I'm flying in circles around this damn city. We don't even have any idea where the hell he is...."

02-01-2007, 11:50 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

The gravitational switch sent Eva Marie through the room making her hit hard against a wall and the floor, hurting one of her ankles badly.

"You're demented!" She yelled at Braddick. "And if you're still planning on getting Ryan back, it would have been much easier to ask for directions instead of blowing half city apart!"

She stopped her whining realizing there was no sense in arguing with the killer. Her ankle was hurting bad. "Melias, could you help me? I think it's broken..."

02-01-2007, 01:08 PM

And suddenly Melias flew backward just before trying to stop Eva's hand. Braddick was far more faster in his reaction than she was and, grabbing just in time a floating belt, she wished to slown down and stop Eva's trip in the ship. Missed by a little unfortunatly and the shock waved a pain through her arms. Landing on the floor as well as she can, Melias cursed Braddick with her sight and stepped quickly forward Eva. Poor lady, she was physically hurt as if it she didn't live enough suffering until now.

"Eva dear... " With great concern, she knelt down on the floor near the lady and asked her how much she was alright.
When Eva reported her painful ankle, Melias looked at it and made quickly a first judgement: it seemed a bit swollen with apparently no open fracture but she had to be sure. Softly, she sensed the external and internal face of the ankle with her fingers and questionned Eva. "Does it hurt there? Can you move your foot?"

At the same time, Melias turned her head toward where Braddick was and asked straightly:
"Sir, do you have a medical kit somewhere? Or we would have to find a hospital for a reason or another now..."

"Eva, just stay still."

02-01-2007, 02:07 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

"I can move my foot, but it hurts badly." Said Eva Marie to Melias. Looking at Braddick, she held her voice down. The anger was taking the best out of her and she didn't want to lose her temper once again. She realized Melias and her were simply on the bad side of the equation and, for some twisted reason, she felt as being abducted once again, this time by a murderer.

She sighed in frustration. At least Ryan wanted to help. And the robot? He was just sitting there, as if his soul had been taken from him.

02-01-2007, 02:17 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

Timing was always perfect for him, in this game where he was the only player and every one else were just the mindless pawns. Following his own rules, he appeared within the Chrodos ship and focused his eyes on MICU-2829 as the rest of the abductees continued moving but in very slow motion.

"MICU-2829, you've stranded from your path. Within this sequence, your mission will be impossible to fulfill, you're coming with me." Completely ignoring Braddick, Melias and Eva Marie; Mahn surrounded MICU in an organic bubble and the both of them faded away.

Time flew at its normal rate as only three people remained within the ship.

02-02-2007, 04:42 AM

Melias saw that Eva's ankle could still move with a certain relief as it could have been a lot more bad.

"It could be just a great pain or maybe a sprain but apparently no fracture, dear. "

As fast as she could, Melias activated her bracelet and went through the medical chapter of her artbook from where appeared a little box with medicinal plant. Even more quickly, she grabbed the paperbook she kept under her silk belt on her back and draw a scroll. Long enough, not too large, extensible but resistant. That was her thoughts as she painted on the canvas. The ink then started to shake before taking form out from the canvas. Melias just grabbed it and hold gently Eva's leg and foot and strapped up the ankle rubbed with her medicinal plants.

"There, Eva. Just be careful with it when walking but it should help."

Something was happening but she simply saw a blury motion from where the robot was and when her sight finally reached its target, he was not here anymore. Melias looked at Eva and then toward Braddick like asking what happened and with confusion. "He's gone... ?"
The fact that such things could happen again wether they wished it or not made Melias feel suddenly very insecure but even more willingful to find the exit to that story, and hopefully everyone else.
Releasing gently and lightly Eva's leg on the floor, she offered her a kind smile and stood up."Will you be allright, dear? I will stay with you."

"Sir Braddick" she called, mispelling a bit the name.
"Did you have yet a visual of possible hospital?
Either way, I could jump around and ask some "natives" informations about it but I think I glimpsed something like that from where we previously fight."

Captain Kill
02-05-2007, 12:22 AM

"There is a first aid kit in the back of the troop transport bay. Inside it a gray hypodermic needle. Just inject Mrs. Black and White with it and the nanobots will do their work. She'll be walking in under 5 minutes..."

Braddick said as he heard the commotion in the back. It served that girl right for trying to hit him.

"I'll swing back and see if I can spot a hospital..."

Braddick said as the gravitational dampeners kicked back on and he spun the craft around. The ship was in no danger. He doubted anything on this island could detect it with the cloaking generator on. The ship flew past the shattered debris of buildings that Braddick had left behind, and approached what appeared to be a hospital.

"Guess this place is as good as any..."

Braddick said as he slowed the ship's speed and landed it upon the roof of the hospital. The ship touched down like a falling feather, and Braddick exited the cockpit and made his way back to the troop bay.

"I guess our search starts here..."

He said as he made his way towards the rear of the vessel, entering a small room. He would spend a few minutes inside, before exiting. His prison uniform was now gone, and in its place was black Chrodos battle armor. He said nothing as he made his way back into the troop bay and placed his hand on the inside of the ship's hull, the bay door sliding open almost immediately. From the outside it would appear as if a door opened seemingly out of thin air. Braddick looked back towards his two companions, almost confused that the cyborg was no longer there. That mattered little however, the thing had too much of a conscience for his taste.

"You two coming?"

02-05-2007, 09:50 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Too much happened in so little time. MICU was no longer with them, Melias helped her with the wounded leg and it was feeling much better already when Braddick said something about the nanobot injection. Not that it made much sense to her, but, in a jump of faith, she used the hypodermic needle and waited. For a moment she wondered if she had poisoned herself, but soon enough, her leg was as good as new. And now, Braddick had landed the spaceship on the top of a hospital and wanted to check if Ryan was in it.

"Of course I'm coming, Braddick." She said certain of her words. "Just make sure not to keep on killing people. You do that once more and I part ways with you!" Playing her last card, she hoped to bring some sense into the killer. Without her, he would be even more lost in this island. At least that's what she was betting on.

02-05-2007, 12:17 PM

Melias looked at Eva with surprise as the lady self-injected the Chrodos medicinal to help her wound but relieved when Eva's anckle seemed just fine now. Words were missing as the actress looked like someone else, someone strong and determinated. Things were having a good turn from a certain point of view as they landed on top of an hospital, hoping it would be their target one. As the Chrodos mister left out in his new beautiful armor, Melias followed him with eyes while thinking silently that he finally could save and help people too, until Eva's words called her back to the real present and she was kind of astonished by her comment to Braddick. Her tone, her self-assurance, her look: something had changed in her definitely, fading a bit away the unsure lady for a one with strong will. "A leader..." she spoke to herself with a tender smile. Yes, they were all changing little by little but would it be a good thing or a bad thing? Melias was not sure yet but something warmed her heart as an undestructible belief.

A medical unit dress might be useful in that place and thus, she called for the right illustration. Quickly, she wore the new one over her natural drew, fixing that one by shorten it to the knees. Then coming in her new nurse uniform, she joined Braddick and Eva.

"Let's go in like cameleons."

Captain Kill
02-05-2007, 06:19 PM

"Chameleon I can do..."

Braddick said as he drew his attention to a small computer on the forearm of his armor. The tapped at the keys for a bit, programming the holographic emitter of the suit. And with a flash of light, it would now appear as if he were wearing a white lab coat with a stethoscope around his neck. Of course if someone were to touch him, they'd know it was simply all a hologram, but for all visual purposes, he appeared to be a doctor. And with that he began to move to the roof door.

02-07-2007, 06:49 AM

Melias looked at Braddick shining now in his doctor suit. For some reasons, she thought it fitted him well and that it was kind of a nice change from all these past battle tools. He did looked more appealing too but she preserved herself to say it. Then turning to Eva, Melias smiled gently.
"Dear, I may have a nurse dress for you too if you wish. Or maybe you could be our patient if people started to look strangely at us inside."

She opened the roof door, a bit surprised that it was not locked, and started to walk down the stairs.

"If the good fortune is with us, we would find an elevator to not loose more time in finding our great hero."

Saying so, a strange feeling rained down her spine. That was just a feeling but something in this hospital was nothing like she met before.
Melias gave a little worried look at Eva and Braddick.

02-07-2007, 03:32 PM

Leaving Ryan's room, the nurse sits down at her desk and turns on the TV.

"Violence erupted today, as a gunship battle tore open our skies. The suspects have been described as two males and two females, one of the males appears to be a cyborg of some kind and the woman is limited to gray-scale pigmentation."

Zatanna thinks for a moment, "Those have to be the one's," she pauses and telepathically searches Ryan's mind for his name bypassing Gladiator Omega with a giggle until she finds it, "Those have to be the one's Ryan mentioned. If they plan on looking for him here, I can't imagine the trouble they'll cause. Best to avoid the risk to patients and just give him to them."

Zatanna broadcasts telepathically to the hospital, ATTENTION: There is a high possibility we will be infiltrated by these 4 individuals. A picture of each telepathically flashes across the minds of the Hospital staff and security. If you are to come across any of these people, please escort them to my workstation. If they resist, simply inform them that we have their friend and will willingly release him if they cooperate calmly.

02-07-2007, 07:11 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Somewhat surprised at the change of appearance Braddick pulled on himself, she shrugged at the irony of having him posing as a doctor.

"I will have the nurse dress." Said Eva Marie to Melias. "I have no clue as to how things work at this hospital and the less conspicuous we look, the better."

Once she put on the uniform, they continued walking through the hallways of the hospital, seeing creatures she had ever imagined in her wildest dreams, well, at least not until she arrived to the island. In one of the rooms there was a human sized stripped cat man tied to his bed who kept yelling "Thunder thunder thunder..." and the stopped, as if he had forgot something important. At another room, there was an oriental man trying to convince his nurse that he could bend time and space and that he had no clue how he ended up in the island. He kept talking something about a cheerleader and a sword...

"People are crazy in this hospital." Finally said Eva Marie to her two companions, we have to find Ryan soon and get out of here.

Some heavily strong male nurses noticed the trio and started walking towards them. It was evident they were talking about the lack of pigmentation on Eva Marie's skin.

"Uhhhh... I think we got caught..."

Captain Kill
02-07-2007, 10:06 PM
(hahaha nice Heroes reference!)


As Braddick made his way through the halls of the hospital, he immediately knew something was wrong. He could hear whispers and faint sounds of conversation all throughout the building. They knew who they were. They knew all about the impressive light show Braddick put on. This wasn't good. If these people were like any ordinary people, the police would be on their way. And seeing how his gunship couldn't take one of them down, Braddick didn't care to find out what other kinds of creatures they had patrolling the city. Then he saw them, a group of large male nurses built like Firaxian pit fighters.

"Stay behind me...."

Braddick said as he made his way in front of the women and began to approach the nurses.

"Excuse me, we're with the center for disease control. You have a patient here, Ryan something or other. Vomiting up black tar and blood...Maybe one of you guys remember him...Can you tell me what room he's in? We just need to run some tests and make sure its nothing contagious or fatal..."

Of course Braddick knew that his cover was already blown. But if he could just get a room number from these hulking masses of muscle, he could drop them and be on his way. Braddick had already calculated the odds and plotted his strikes and blows should the men try to attack. He was already 20 steps ahead of them, and had everything planned down to the millisecond. And so he simply awaited a response.

02-08-2007, 12:53 AM

As they were inside the hallways, Melias quietly leant her head to Eva and whispered something. "Have a good look of the around, just in case we have to run..."

She just finished her sentence when a group of the hospital nurses were coming to them, looking straight in their direction. Melias did not feel very secure at the thought they could simply end in some rooms here like these strange and crazy people they crossed. She took her paperbook and started to mimic writing things and others to appear natural, if of course doing such was natural in this hospital. Staying still, she let Braddick do nicely the introduction, standing ready in mind to run very fast to the nearest exit.

"Vomiting up black tar and blood..." Melias had suddenly a cough and covered her mouth with her hand, unoticing the back and red ink that was on it.
"Yes, nothing contagious. Just the routine."

((ooc: yes, nice one M. I can picture Hiro there lol))

02-08-2007, 05:44 PM
((Thanks, guys :))).

http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Melias' coughing didn't sound all too well. Eva Marie Saint paid attention to her friend's hand and saw it was covered with black and red. "Melias!", she said with surprise, "you're sick as well!"

She turned to Braddick with begging eyes, realizing he was about to beat down the nurses if things turned ugly. "Let's talk with the, please, they're just doing their job..."

Anticipating a bad reaction on Braddick's part, she walked further in front of the nurses. "Please, I don't know how to say this, but for your sake, don't antagonize us... We need to find Ryan, that's all we want."

02-08-2007, 05:54 PM

You've encountered them? Yes I see, let me speak to them.

Suddenly one of the hulking male nurse's eyes roll back into his head, his chin lifts into the air and then falls forward. An oddly feminine voice eminates from his throat, "My name is Zatanna. Please let these men escort you to my lab, Ryan is resting comfortably and awaits your return. I'd also like to take a look at your friend if I may. It appears we may have an epidemic on our hands."

The nurse's eyes pop back into place as he shakes his head, clearing the cobwebs of Zatanna's presence.

02-09-2007, 04:26 AM

Melias stared shocked when Evan said she was sick too like Ryan. How come? She really did not feel bad at all except for the coughing and in a natural reflex, she passed her finger on her mouth and looked then at it and saw the black and red color. For a second, she stressed, remembering what happened before in the cave with the hero and saw herself falling unconscious on the floor. But her sens came back and realize that was ink. Just ink! Thanks the Muse.

"Oh no, I got red on me. But that is just ink, I assure you, Eva." Melias said with relief and blushing in shame to the actress.

When the unknown voice invited them to follow the nurses men, she felt very uneasy in front of the spectacular way she talked. Creepy! Wishing not to last much longer in this scary and bizarre hospital, Melias walked toward the nurses and grabbed Braddick by his arm.

"Let's just go in there and out there with Ryan, please. This place gives me the creeps." She said lowly to her companions.
"Maybe we could ask Zatanna about that Rouge lady Eva talked abou... *cough* *cough*... it's nothing! I am fine!"

The nurses were looking at her and she really did not want to experiment their medicine for now.

02-09-2007, 09:38 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

The disgusting way Zatanna used to communicate through one of the nurses made Eva Marie take a step back. There was no way she would get used to the oddities of this place.

At Melias refusal to be checked by the nurses, Eva Marie frowned. She didn't trust the hospital either, but this didn't mean that Melias coughing shouldn't be looked at. There was no point to discuss it right now, but she would get to it once they got Ryan and went back to the Chrodos ship.

"Braddick…" She said approaching him calmly, as if trying to tame a beast. "Let's go with them. For once, we can assume this Zatanna woman, in spite of her obvious demonic name, doesn't want to hurt us… We could get out of here without an unnecessary battle."

Captain Kill
02-12-2007, 11:26 PM

"Well that has to be the creepiest thing I've seen all day..."

He spoke referring to how Zatanna took over one of the nurse's bodies. He looked at Eva as she seemed to beg him to go along and not eviscerate these men.

"....But unnecessary battles are what make life interesting....."

He said in an almost disappointing tone.

"But the odds are that we'll run in to plenty of those later...So lead the way puppet man..."

He spoke to the nurse who had been used as a ventriloquist puppet by Zatanna, waiting for him to take them to the woman.

02-13-2007, 08:19 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie sighed in relief as Braddick finally held back his assassin instinct. Had this been any normal circumstance, she would have staid as far as possible from him, but now, as much as she hated to admit it, he could be their only chance to find a way out of this predicament.

Holding onto Melias arm, just in case the artist would need any help, she moved towards the male nurses.

"Please, take us to Ryan. We need to leave this hospital as soon as possible."

02-15-2007, 03:39 PM

"Well they seem ready enough to comply," Zatanna says as she opens one of her desk drawers. "Come here Scotty, we have visitors."

Suddenly a small creature, well small enough to be called small but much too large to have truly fit in a desk drawer, jumps out of the drawer and on to the top of Zatanna's desk. A large sinister grin on his face he exclaims, "Beam him here, beam her there, sometimes to somewhere, every time to everywhere," whilst back-flipping constantly.

"Have you been into my candy again Scotty?" Zatanna asks.

"Never missus, the candy me likes is chocolates, you haves nasty licorices. I need me precious chocolates, preciousssss," Scotty says with his hand behind his back, fingers crossed.

"Fine it doesn't matter. Scotty I need you to run upstairs and transport these people to my office, can you do that for me?"

"Of course missus," Scotty says as he jumps on to her shoulders and places a large licorice scented smooch on her lips.

"I knew you'd been ea-" Zatanna's words are cutoff as Scotty blinks away.

Landing on Braddick's head, "Eeeh, I musta taken a wrong turn at Albuquerque" Scotty yells as he gives Braddick an exaggerated kiss on the cheek, instantly blinking away before he can react. Scotty continues his way around the room planting slobbery kisses on each of the ladies, until finally residing on the shoulders of the male nurses one foot on each.

"I've been told ya'll er havin' a bit er some transpertatin problems," he says in an oddly western drawl. "Well that's OK ladies and gentlemen of the audience, because today my Port-o-matic 5000 is not 999.95 dollars, it's not even 99.95, today, and today only, you can have my Port-o-matic 5000 for just 3 easy payments of 9.95. And if you call right now, I'll do it for free!!"

Scotty jumps down, "Chim chiminey. Chim chiminey. Chim chim cher-ee! A demon is as lucky, as lucky can be. Chim chiminey. Chim chiminey. Chim chim cher-oo! Good luck will rub off when I transport all of you, or maybe you'll blow up, if you're not lucky too," he sings, his arms in the air coaxing the hospital floor in front of him to open up. A living metal seems to crawl out of the crack and distribute itself across the floor, forming a pad of some sort.

"Now we're going to kick it up another notch. Each of you stand on the pad, one at a time, four at a time, seven at a time, whatever you like... then BAM! I'll give i some essence of Scotty and kick you down a couple notches to Zatanna. Now ladies first of course, and remember to begin transport you must ask me to, 'Beam you up!'"

02-16-2007, 10:53 AM

"Braddick, watch out!!

Melias shouted when that strange little creature appeared on Braddick's shoulder but quickly, she ran to him as the thing was trying to kiss or to bite him. Unfortunatly, the little vampire was too fast and before she could help the Chrodos in any way, the kiss has been. She just tried to grab it as strong as she could when it was about to kiss her too but could not avoid the contact. Looking at the creature and then to Eva and Braddick, she cleaned her cheek with the top of her hand while listening to the nosensed words the little thing expressed. Well, apparently he was the groom service for meeting the nurses leader and that was enough a good reason to follow and not mess too much with him, in order to join Ryan fastly. Melias gave a sight of wonders to both Braddick and Eva's, just to feel reassured, and walked forward, stopping when she was on the pad.

"Well, take us higher please."

And then she spoke the Sesame sentence, looking at the creature:

"Bean you up, mister!"

02-16-2007, 02:16 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Eva Marie giggled slightly as Melias said "Bean you up!", and then grabbed her friend by her arm once again. "Yes, take us to Ryan please," she said as she used her handkerchief to clean the creature's kiss off her cheek.

"He must be harmless," she concluded, "he reminds me of this rabbit cartoon that made so many people laugh. What was his name…?"

"Join us, Braddick. When we get Ryan, I'm going to ask this Zatanna person about Rouge. I believe she can give us some pointers."

Captain Kill
02-18-2007, 12:56 AM

To say that the serial killer was angry would be a bit of an understatement. Whatever that little creature was, it was by far the most annoying thing he had encountered on this little journey. He held back though. There would be plenty of time for slaughtering these idiots later. Braddick simply looked at the little cartoonish thing and spoke.

"Lets make one thing clear. You touch me again....and everyone here dies...And if we don't make it back to my ship....If you try to teleport us somewhere other than this "Zatanna's" office...The reactor core of my ship will detonate...And everyone here will die...Along with anyone else within a 10 miles radius. I have no problem killing an entire hospital of people...So if you frack with me...your morgue better be big enough to fit all the bodies...."

And with that Braddick stepped on the teleportation pad.

02-24-2007, 01:04 PM
Zatanna greets each being individually.

She approaches Eva, curtsies and says, "I am such a fan. I've seen all your work and you're much, more lovely in person. This hospital is a nexus of sorts on the Island for all the best science and sorcery, so we get access to films and television from across the multiverse. Your films have to be my most favorite."

Moving from Eva before she can reply, Zatanna approaches Melias. "Hello my dear. We'll take care of that nasty cough for you. I'm curious to research this infection, as it had mysteriously left Ryan's body prior to his arrival. Can any of you tell me how he first became ill? He wasn't quite sure himself."

And finally to Braddick, "Listen you simpleton pirate, if you ever threaten me or one of my people again, ESPECIALLY Scotty, I will remove your manhood and transform you into a bog creature." Her eyes turn to flame as she tells Braddick this, but die down as she continues to everyone, "However, if you behave yourselves, you shall find my hospitality warm and generous. While this Hospital may appear just a building in the city, it is in fact a world unto itself and you may find anything your heart desires throughout it's halls. Just don't stray off on your own, for the halls also contains everything your heart may fear as well."

Captain Kill
02-24-2007, 06:20 PM

Braddick looked at Zatanna as she threatened him. She obviously had no idea who he was.

"Thats all well and good little miss sorceress, but if you think death or dismemberment frightens me...You're in for a rude awakening. Because the moment you remove any part of me and transform me into whatever little creature you wish, the payload of 12 fusion warheads aboard my ship will detonate killing you, and I imagine anything with a pulse within 100 miles of this place...And don't think that I care about the lives of anyone here...Including myself. So just show us where the kid is so we can get the frack out of here..."

Whether Braddick was serious about the fusion bombs or simply bluffing was anyone's guess, but with the reputation of a mass murderer, anyone would be foolish to think that he wouldn't do such a thing.

03-02-2007, 03:31 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=260&full=true&user_id=31 Eva Marie Saint

Still surprised by Zatanna's comment about having seen her movies and her Hollywood work, Eva Marie put her hand on Braddick's shoulder as if trying to calm him down. His manhood had been threatened and it was a miracle he hadn't blown everyone in the room up to heaven.

"I really don't want to brag, but I did win an Academy Award." She said softly showing a sense of pride for the first time. "I worked hard and I made it in the end. You know how difficult it is for a woman to succeed while playing such a non-glamorous role. After all, movies are run by men." She didn't say another word about her acting career, after all, that wasn't her goal; and her memories were still a little mixed up with those of her character in "On the Waterfront."

"Thanks for your offering Zatanna. I'm really curious about this hospital, but I don't want to get too distracted from our quest. If you can take us to Ryan, I would really appreciate it. Oh, and…" She paused for a moment wondering if she should ask… "No, it's nothing. Just take us to Ryan, please."