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01-12-2007, 01:21 PM
Previously… (http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/viewtopic.php?t=1147)

The new batch of abductees arrived to the island stuck in between time and space, and new alliances started being forged.

Three unusual women and two dragons met and, after a little chaos, they made their acquaintances.

Minity: A goddess of the sun, she comes from what's been known as the Bright Universe, although under different mythologies has been named the CrossGen Universe. After being lying in the universe as a result of a Time Paradox that affected many of her siblings, she was taken by Mahn and placed in the island.

Nikita: The Goddess of Dreams and Nightmares coming from GodWorld, the daughter of Morrigan, the Celtic goddess of war, revenge, night, magic, prophecy, priestesses and witches; and Morpheus Greek god of Dreams, was brought to the island along with her small dragon Nightmare. She was caught by Mahn while she was sleeping and a very specific mission has been placed on her: "You have to learn for yourself what being part of a dream really is…"

Regan: A young innocent girl was taken from her classroom and brought into the island. Apparently powerless, she immediately hooked with Minity. Extremely mature for her age, this little girl seems to hold many secrets.

Dragon: This is the dragon that once belonged to Minity's husband and is, in a way, the last link to the Bright Universe. Lighthearted by nature, the Dragon knows he has a mission, but he'd rather spend the afternoons singing and enjoying his meals.

Two dragons, two goddesses and a girl are together trying to find their way out of the island that has become their prison, but this doesn't mean they wouldn’t enjoy their stay. Minity created a palace in her image and invited her new allies to have some meal and discuss their further plans…

01-12-2007, 01:41 PM
Minity coily smiles after listening to Nikita and being directed, she quickly flahses Nikita Telepathically so that the others cannot hear...

::I am a powerful telepath in my own right, when she begins to dream I can mentally connect my mind to yours to give you extra support in case Mahn is prepared for this...::

Minity snaps her fingers and a small angel flies up to the ceiling above Regan and allows her feathers to fall from her wings...this angel usually puts Minitys army to sleep for each of her feathers carries mystical dust that can make any beings eyes become heavy...

::It should only be a matter of time now...unless she is more powerful than i first sensed::

Minity smiles at Regan as she simply says...

If your tired, you may retire to the guest bedrooms...they are quite comfortable...


Very well Minity, your assistance is appreciated. Feel free to join your mind with mine as I enter the realm of dreams. I will warn you though, it can be a different experince for one not used to being within my realm. And you should also know, you will feel and experience everything I do.

Nikita sat back within her chair and waited for Regan to fall asleep. She gave Nightmare a look that let him know what his mistresses plans were. The moment Regan closed her eyes, they would be entering her realm through Regan.

One more thing.

Nikita added to Minity.

Things are not always what they appear. Sometimes you have to use your head, more than your powers or a weapon.

01-12-2007, 01:57 PM

An overwhelming feeling came upon her, and she decided to take minity up on her offer.

"I'm going to go to sleep now. Thank you for letting me stay here."

Turning to Nikita, she asked, "Can Nightmare sleep in my room tonight? I'm a little afraid and it would make me feel better."

With that, Regan stood up and was led to her room by one of the angels. She hoped that Nightmare would follow her, but she was very tired and just climbed into her bed.

She fell asleep almost instantly....... :sleep:

01-12-2007, 03:05 PM

Nikita nodded to Nightmare as he followed Regan to her room. He didn't have to wait long as she was asleep just as she hit the bed. He could feel Nikita's call the instant Regan was asleep. Rushing back to Nikita's side, he anxiously awaited his mistresses next move.

Are you ready Minity?

Nikita asked before she proceeded.

01-12-2007, 03:56 PM
Minity's eyes begin to glow as she lifts her head into the air, and suddenly two large male angels quickly stand by her side knowing her physical body will be incapacitated for the time being...

A light mist flows from her eyes as she mentally connects to Nikita, her astral projection coming into full form in Nikita's mind...

I am ready to proceed when you are...you may lead the way...

01-12-2007, 05:24 PM

The entrance of Minity's astral form was a little invasive to Nikita. She was not accustom to people being inside her mind. She closed her eyes a moment to adjust to the feel of Minity's presence. When she was ready, she opened her eyes as Nightmare curled around his mistresses arm. Drawing The Dragon Sword from it's safe location her arm instantly formed the scales and claws of a dragon.

The moment she possessed the sword, her vision changed and Minity would observe the colors and affects through the eyes of Nikita. All around her within the air flowed the currents of dreams, like small pools of water. Within the pools were billions of tiny strands, each belonging to a living being.

There were two ways in which Nikita preferred to enter her realm. One was from choosing a strand from the floating pools of dreams, the other was a little more like the invasiveness of Minity entering her mind. Since Regan was in another room, Nikita simply chose the easier of the two. She stirred the ponds of dreams and listened. After a few moments, she smiled and spoke with her mind to Minity.

These are the ponds of dreams, they each contain strands connected to a living being. Because Regan is in the other room, I will use the ponds to find her strand and we will enter.

If you listen, you will notice that each strand has a unique marker, a sound not like another. You can hear these sounds through me, but I can show you a way to recognize them without me. It is important, incase you were to become trapped or if we became separated you need to know how to move within my realm.

Nikita paused and waited until Minity acknowledged before she continued.

Because of your powers, you should be able to distinguish the feel and look of each strand. It may take you a moment longer than it does me, but you will find it. See here, this is Regan's strand. Can you see the aura of color that surrounds it, now listen, the sound is distinct to her alone. It identifies her and marks her as unique. If you will practice, you will learn to distinguish between the colors and sounds, but be careful, because they are all so close it is easy to make a mistake. If you rush yourself, you can quickly become lost within my realm.

Nikita separated the strand of dreams that belonged to Regan. It was a brilliant color surrounded by a ring of black and red. Nikita would not go into the details of what this signified, it was unimportant to what she was trying to teach Minity. The sound that surrounded Regan's strand, was one of a being trying to discover themselves. It was not uncommon for one at her age to have a sound so close to this one. She left it there long enough for Minity to study and observe before she continued.

Everything in my realm has a dream like quality. The colors and picture can be anything from dark and forboding to bright and hazy. If you need to exit and you can't free yourself from my mind, you must look to each area we cross for a pinhole of light. It will be brilliantly white, and very small. I will show you when we enter, once you find it for the first time, you will never forget. It is important to never panic, in my realm panic brings upon nightmares. You do not want the creatures associated with the dark to come out, they are a force to be reckoned with god or not.

Nikita moved the strand back into the pond and stirred it with the dragon's claw that had been her finger.

Okay, first stop is into Regan's dreams. Once I've had a look around and test my powers we will move onto looking for the Mahan's dream strand. This will feel a little strange, so be prepared.

Nikita took The Dragon's Sword and thrust it into the pond. It would seem that it was a foolish thing to do with such a huge weapon. The tip of the sword touched the strand of dreams that belonged to Regan. How Nikita was able to accomplish such a feat was amazing. A pinhole of white light soon glared brilliantly within the room as Nikita changed into the form of a vaporish shadow and was sucked within the tiny strand. Minity would feel each change within Nikita as if she were the goddess herself. Once inside, Nikita gave Minity a moment to adjust.

I hope that was not too nauseating. When you are ready, I will proceed.

Before them stood a door of many colors. The entrance into Regan's current dream.

01-12-2007, 05:41 PM
As Minity tried to adjust to this new state of being her eyes began to glow with a great brilliance, not out of anger or passion like normal, but simply out of curiosity, Minity's mind was used to being flooded with mental images so she simply tried to view this as similarly to advanced telepathy as she could.

Minity sternly looks around her as she studies every detail she can see with bright eyes, she tries to dim the light coming from them so as not to distract Nikita, but they simply become brighter as she is shown more and more...

Minity seems to bask in the new knowledge about his ream, but she quickly calms herself when she remembers Nikita's warnings of becoming lost, Minity pauses for a moment as she touches her forhead, forcing her thoughts to the back of her mind so as not to influence this delicate realm by accident

She signals for Nikita to continue and awaits her next move with a calm but eager stance...

01-12-2007, 07:19 PM

Looking at Dragons, she said, "I don't have one big enough for you. If I get a chance, I'll try and get one so we can all be friends." :)

Sound cool and no mad. Need big one for great me. ;)

Dragon's words brought pause to Nikita's conversation with Minity. With a thoughtful sigh, she had to agree.

Dragon speaks truth, if Mahn has had the ability to trap us here until our tasks are complete, we may have no alternative. We may have to play his game.

Of course. Me smartest dragon of all! :mrgreen:

Then Dragon got focused on their new palace Minity created.

You bestest Minity! 8)

He told her quickly started to eat the great foods around him. He half listened to the goddesses talk and waved his claw at them.

Have fun with thats.

He told them and went back to eating and ordering angel servants around. He wasn't sure why they didn't like it here on the island. So far he was having fun.

01-12-2007, 08:57 PM
Regan's Dreamworld

The frozen wastelands of the north open themselves before you. In every direction, shapes and mounds shifted and moved. Swirling clouds of snow whirled around and around, always moving. Occasionally shapes could be seen within the swirls but if you focus on them they disappear. The whole landscape seemed to be heaving and reshaping itself every second.

Eventually, if you know where to look, a castle can be seen. It is an ordinary appearing castle, similar to those seen in any book on the subject. By focusing on the Castle, you are immediately transported there. Upon closer inspection, it can be noticed that the castle appears to be made out of skin and bones. The skin appears to have a coarse texture and a grayish-black tint, but it is unmistakably alive.

Immediately, you can feel a presence surrounding you but just out of your reach. You will never be able to focus upon it unless it wishes to be discovered. It doesn't seem to be doing anything other than moving around just out of your sight.

If you travel inside the castle, there is only one room. The room undulates and pulsates with a biometric rhythm. Every few moments the room changes into a different room. If you can manage to focus properly, you can remain in a specific room, if necessary.

With enough persistence, you eventually find yourself in a special room, a room very different from the others. This room has no furnishings whatsoever. Containing no lamps, no rugs, and no features of any kind, you know that this room is your destination.

If you remain in the room for what would seem an uncomfortably long time, a doll appears. This is all of Regan that you are able to find.

01-14-2007, 08:09 AM
A wisp of shadow touches the door, transforming into flesh and bone. Nikita takes a brief moment to sense events behind the door, and immediately feels the presence. Before entering, she cautions Minity one more time.

We can not let anyone be aware of your presence, it is important that you remain completely connected to me. My senses will be yours until we leave this place. I will show you the way out, after we have reached a fair distance from the door.

It is easy to become disoriented, the landscape changes rapidly and can be somewhat frightening. I want to look around a bit and then we will make our way toward Regan's room. Once I am finished, we will begin our search for Mahn's dreams.

Nikita passed through the door as if it wasn't there, when she emerged on the other side, she had taken shape of a dire wolf. Her coat was as black as night and blended with the environment. The only color on her was the fiery red eyes that peered from the head of the wolf. With Minity connected to Nikita, she would feel and sense everything that Nikita did. No doubt she would have felt the presence, but since Nikita was master of this domain she made very little of it, other than just a presence she felt.

Nikita began a slow trot toward the castle. Nightmare traveled right beside his mistress. He zigged and zagged in and out of the ever changing landscape like he was on a casual stroll. From the looks of a barren and cold wasteland from the North, to the hot scorching dessert miles away from anywhere, the castle remained at all times to Nikita's site. One would get the perception that you could never reach the castle, but that was just part of the effect in dreams in her domain. After what seemed to be the 1000th change in landscape, Nikita stopped and turned back toward the direction they had come.

Look closely, you should see a very small beam of white light. It will not match to the door in the distance, because the door has changed location. You must always concentrate on the light, never the door. If you remember this, even if you are panicked, you will find your way out.

Once Nikita felt that Minity was confident in pinpointing the way out, Nikita started back toward the castle. It was on the edge of the dessert, that she saw the first warning. There lay a dead cow in the midst of scorching heat. On top of the cow sat a crow, plucking at the eye of the dead cow. Nightmare gave a hiss as he too recognized the sign for what it was, a warning. Nikita simply snatched up the crow and broke its neck, dropping it on to the dessert floor.

Closer to the castle now, they had come to a river. Nikita was going to have to cross the river in order to reach the castle. Rocks emerged from the sulfurous river to give her a clear path to the other side. It was then, that Nikita received her second warning. There in the midst of the river that could resemble Styx, sat the boat man. He had no arms, eyes, ears, legs, mouth, or nose. This time Nikita growled, she did not appreciate the message that was being sent. This was her domain and she could do as she saw fit. Nikita caused a wave to tip the boat over as the boat man was quickly eaten by a large ancient shark.

After a quick crossing, the three reached the steps that lead to the door of the castle. Nikita trotted up to the door as it opened. Stepping through the threshold, she once again took shape of flesh and bone. Now it was time to make their way to Regan's room.

01-14-2007, 04:40 PM
Minity simply watched as her eyes closed brightly, she floated in the air behind Nikita so she did not touch anything in this realm, even with all of her telepathic travels, this area was still something she had never experienced, so she made sure to keep an eye on the beacon of light in case she had to grab Nikita and escape....

01-15-2007, 01:00 PM
Regan's Dreamworld

The shadow watched the approaching Goddess in the guise of a wolf and her pet dragon with anger. How dare she invade her territory? This child was under her protection until she matured, and the shadow would ensure that this happened no matter what the cost.

Unfortunately, the shadow knew that she couldn't fight the Goddess in her own realm and expect to win. But she had some advantages over Nikita. They all revolved around the girl.

Around the Castle, an Elephant could be seen chasing a candle, and a man was playing the violin with a tube of toothpaste. The shadow laughed briefly at the idle thoughts of children before returning to the hunt. She then stood fully erect and stretched herself fully in preparation for the task ahead. Her wings extended a great distance from her body, and her four arms marked out a circle in the sky. Drawing twin scimitars from their scabbards, as well as a whip and mace, she prepared herself for the conflict ahead.

The Shadow appeared in the castle in order to properly welcome the Goddess and her pet.

Inside the castle, the Goddess, now back in her native form, was standing in the middle of a field of tulips as far as the eye could see. Each Tulip had some writing on it which was unreadable to all except the Shadow. The Shadow protector moved slowly, using the shadows to inch ever closer to the Goddess. As of yet, Nikita suspected nothing of Regan's heritage and the Shadow would ensure that it remained that way.

Focusing upon the child, she steered her dreams to darker themes. The room changed into a darkened basement. Upon the wall was a large wheel. Upon the wheel was Regan, stretched out and screaming. This is the place in Regan's dreams where she came to punish herself for things she felt she had done poorly.

The room now basked in darkness, so the Shadow moved freely about. She could feel Nikita’s will trying to take the dream where she wanted it to go. Her power was immense, but the Girl belonged to the Shadow. Suddenly, the room changed again. The view was that of a plain door. The Shadow jumped to the ceiling where it could still conceal itself and it waited. This door led to Regan, and if the Goddess went though, there was no there choice but to fight.

01-15-2007, 01:29 PM
Minity touches her forehead as her astral form floats in the air, she telepathically whispers...

::These are not the thoughts of a child!::

01-15-2007, 01:56 PM

Tulips, a whole field of them surrounded her as she passed through the door and into the castle. The presence was much stronger now, Nikita couldn't deny the feelings of anger as she pressed on through the castle.

She ignored the anger directed toward her, this was her domain after all. This would not be the first being within her realm that felt anger toward Nikita for what they believed to be meddling on her part. She too was an element of the dark and of shadow, she was not frightened.

As she walked through the castle, all seemed fine as she watched an elephant chasing a candle and a man playing the violin with a tube of toothpaste. It was very normal for dreams to have such things. But when the dreams began to change, and she heard the screams of Regan, Nikita became angry. The entity was purposely changing events. Perhaps it was because Nikita had added her own little influence into the castle. A porpoise driving a car across water, or maybe even the dog flying a plane in space. They were meant for fun, and in no way reflected upon Regan, but it was clear that the other entity within the house did not feel the same.

As Nikita made haste toward Regan's room, she heard Minity's voice inside her head. When she reached the door of Regan's room she saw the third warning, the DO NOT ENTER sign upon the door. Regan's screams were just beyond this point, and she had assured the girl not to fear. She was not going to let this entity bully her into letting the child think less of her word. As she passed through the door, she spoke quickly to Minity.

There is another here, and my presence is not wanted. Regan is in need of help and I am going though, remember the exit.

These were Nikita's only words as she passed through the door and beyond the third warning.

01-16-2007, 07:19 AM
Regan's Dreaworld

The room was large and had walls and floors made out of stone. There seemed to be nothing in the room. Neither windows nor doors could be seen, but the air was sweet and the room partially lit. The source of the light was however, a mystery.

Standing in the back of the room was a large figure of shadow. She simply stood and was watching the approaching Goddess and her Dragon. The Shadow was carrying something in two of her arms that looked like a doll. Tossing the doll to the floor, the shadow started walking towards the duo.

“You ignored my warnings, Nikita. I am this child’s teacher and protector and cannot let you get any closer.

01-16-2007, 09:32 AM

The stone walls of the room were cold, not the cold you feel on your skin in winter, the desolate cold you feel in your soul when things seem hopeless. The Shadow emerged from the back of the room, Nikita knew it for what it was. She watched as the creature tossed the doll of Regan to the floor while spewing threats. Nikita would have to be careful, these particular creatures were formidable, even in her realm. As the creature began it's advance, Nikita felt that something was not quite right.

There are other ways to accomplish your goal than those you've chosen with your ward. You have stepped out of bounds and even broken the rules of my realm Shadow Creature!

She said as the creature launched its self toward her. Nikita turned to mist as the creature advanced upon her with dizzying speeds. but to her chagrin, her transformation seemed to take longer than it should. The blade of the scimitar burned into her flesh across her arm and seemed to set her blood on fire. Nightmare narrowly missed the whip as his mistress passed through the creature. He quickly launched himself around in a protective mode in front of Nikita. As she retook her fleshly form, The Dragon's sword was already in her grip. Although something was amiss, the goddess did not panic.

Minity, are you still with me? Something is wrong, it should not have taken me but a twinkling of an eye to transform. This could get ugly, but I will not back down to this beast.

She whispered.

Prepare yourself for another run.

Nikita eyed the creature, knowing she would need to think on her feet, but that was what she did best. And considering her circumstances, she had better be quick.

Explain your actions creature, and we will resolve this with reason, continue your attack and I will reduce you to dust.

01-16-2007, 12:40 PM
Minitys astral form quickly appears, but seems to over lap Nikita as she tries to bond with her, Minitys eyes glow heavy and light pours from her body...

This may be your realm, but it is still connected to the mind!

With that Minity wraps Nikita in her unbreakable Veil of Privacy but seems to strain as she brings it up...

It takes much more energy to completely maintain it here, you must finish this quickly!

Minity also tries to mentally push away the darkness from herself and Nikita hoping to keep the shadow at bay

((In the normal world nothing including thoughts or spells can get in or out of the Veil of Privacy, however this isnt really the normal world- lol))

01-16-2007, 01:17 PM

Nikita's arm burned like liquid fire. She held The Dragon's Sword firm in her grasp when she felt the astral projection of Minity leave her mind and begin to envelope her body. Again, it was a strange feeling to Nikita and it momentarily left her dazed. She heard Minity's voice, felt her presence all around her but she felt stuck. It was disconcerting to the goddess of this realm to feel as if she was not in control. Was it the wound from the scimitar that prevented her from reacting quickly, or was it something else. She was suddenly stuck with a sobering thought.

We are not completely within Regan's dream! We are on the cusp, but that is not the entire problem. She telepathically communicated to Minity.

My powers, they are not at 100% A result of our capture no doubt!

Nikita tried to amp the power to boost Minity's veil, but she feared that her momentary lapse may have just cost her some pain.

((Minity, it is planned for Nikita to sustain a bit of pain. Feel free to handle Minity's end of this connection in whatever way you desire. ))

01-16-2007, 02:05 PM
Regan's Dreamworld

"You didn't think I'd invite you to a fair fight, did you? Hehehe. I mean, two Goddesses against a simple protector such as I. I needed to even things up a bit. Oh yes, I know about your tag along. As for being a captive, that just isn't true. If at any time you want to leave, you simply have to say so and you may leave without further harm. My only concern is the girl, not the childish curiosity of a pair of spoiled Goddesses and their flying rat!"

With that, the Shadow resumed her assault, moving her scimitars into her lower hands and her whip and mace to her top hands. She swung the whip in a circle around her head while moving towards the miniature dragon, trying to drive it away or ensnare it. Approaching the now shimmering form of Nikita, the Shadow swung her mighty mace at her, attempting to disrupt the shield, and knock Minity out of the dream realm entirely, in this place of power.

01-16-2007, 03:28 PM
Minity quickly begins to start relating this place to the astral plain as her astral body begins to develop a tingling sensation, so to does her physical body...Minity quickly allows the veil to drop by turning it into millions of tiny white doves that burn more brightly than the sun, and thus will cause people to feel as if they are burning if touched by one.

Minity sends this flock of small birds toward the shadow, not really with an intention of harming her, but instead distracting her and allowing herself and Nikita a few moments to remain hidden in a wide open area...

Minity's words become harsh as she yells toward Nikita...

You must move into the dream, where is it!? I only see the exit!!!!

Open your mind to me and flash me all you know about this being, the mind is my domain but I have never seen a creature such as this...

Minity then touches her head as she thinks to herself, "why is the room spinning?"

01-16-2007, 07:12 PM

I was not speaking to you beast, learn your place! Nikita hissed.

Nikita raised The Dragon's Sword for the on coming assault. The blade shown brightly from the magic's imbued upon it by her mother. Fight shadow with shadow or with light. Nikita was of both worlds, her advantage especially in a realm that she ruled.

Suddenly Minity's veil dropped, transforming into a brilliant light of white doves, accentuating the two goddess before the shadow. Her voice yells harshly to Nikita, drawing her attention away from the shadow.

The doll, the doll is the door into Regan's dreams! She shouted back to Minity.

Nikita began to open her mind to her, when she felt the room spin. Something was affecting Minity, and when Nikita opened her mind to her, she began to feel the same effects. She quickly pulled her mind back as she watched the shadow charging into the light.

((Okay GO! You're up, but be aware that Nikita will counter! And she will leave the shadow with something to remember her by.))

01-16-2007, 08:04 PM
Regan's Dreamworld

With sudden appearance of many birds, which fluttered in her face, and whose touch would have reduced a normal beast to ashes, the Shadow simply opened her mouth and uttered, "fulgur". At that moment several bolts of lightning erupted from her mouth striking each of the doves in turn and reducing them to cinders.

With those irritants out of the way, it was time to deal with the main threats. The Shadow circled to the right, placing herself between the Goddesses and the Doll. With a mental command the room suddenly became completely dark. After a moment or so, and another quick mental command, a searing white light flashed into the room for just a moment. With her dual eyelids, the shadow was not affecting by the blinding light, but she hoped that the Goddesses had succumbed.

Her next actions were so swift as to appear simultaneous. She feigned a scimitar slash at the Dragon, but she then pivoted and turned the blade slightly and aimed it right at Nikita. In its stead, the Shadow's mighty tail, kept hidden until not swung at the tiny wyrm, its deadly barb seeking out the little dragon's heart. Using the momentum of her turn, she launched the mace at the second Goddess, hoping that without her protection, the mighty weapon would knock the troublesome Minity back to reality and away from her precious Regan. The last Scimitar, she kept to parry, as the Dream Goddess wielded her sword in turn.

01-17-2007, 07:00 AM
Ironically Minity cannot see the doll to which Nikita refers until the room is light with a wave of light for but a mere second, however it was long enough for her to connect with the light and when it faded so to did she. Minity used what little light was left to bend around her, making her appear invisible as she stepped behind this Shadowy creature...she then quickly creates a psionic sword that will burn consciencness of any being and plunges it toward the shadow before turning around and making a mad dash for the doll.

01-17-2007, 07:35 AM


Nikita spoke, and the shadows within the room came alive. They grasp at the creature attacking Minity, and Nikita, acting like a tar slowing down its actions. Nightmare careened passed the barbed tail, narrowly missing a fatal shot to the heart. He turned sharply, tripling in size and shape as he headed back to protect the goddesses.

The dark did not bother Nikita, she could see as if it was day, but she did not have adequate time to adjust to the sudden blinding of the light. She could sense the on coming assault, and in her blurred vision, stepped to the side to avoid the attack from the scimitar.
Not moving quickly enough, she felt the blade penetrate flesh across her abdomen, and she was assaulted by the freezing cold of its charms.

Parrying the attack, she used The Dragon’s Sword in an arcing movement and brought it down toward the creature’s side, hoping to penetrate its flesh with the magic of her sword. She intended to leave a mark upon this creatures hide as a reminder for breaking the rules of her realm.

The sudden onslaught of hot and cold battling within her body slowed her reactions. Nikita suddenly felt ill, a feeling she had never felt before. If she hadn’t been bothered by the affect felt through Minity with the swaying of the room, she felt them now. Nightmare, seeing his mistress in distress shot straight forward toward the creature, on a path to knock it away from his mistress.


Nikita said through a hoarse voice, as a ghostly figure of her mother stood guard over Minity and Nikita. There was nothing that could penetrate this shield as she gathered her wits and strength to draw one more attack toward the creature.

With what power you have, attack! She telepathically sent to Minity, not realizing the goddess had already taken up a position behind the shadow.

01-17-2007, 07:41 AM
Minity was just out of reach of the doll as she heard Nikita's words, she sounded distressed and Minity could not let one of her own succumb to a creature like this. Suddenly she was wrapped in red armor from head to toe as long purple hair fluttered behind her, she create a massive psionic sword and sliced at the shadow as she used her telepathy to make the creature think she was in other areas of the room.

01-17-2007, 02:20 PM
Regan's Dreamworld

As Nikita unleashed her attack, the Shadow expertly deflected it with her waiting scimitar. Unfortunately, the incoming attack was much stronger than she had anticipated and the heavilly enchanted sword of the Celtic Goddess plunged into her upper torso. At the same moment, the she felt the sword of the continuously annoying Minity slash into her hip.

A clearly audible, "Arrrrggghhhhh" errupted from the Shadow's mouth as she registered the hits.

Instantly, she brought her whip arm down to coil around Minity's blade in an attempt to entangle her arm in their protruding barbs.

She then stepped away from Nikita, allowing her blade to fall out from her body. Her mace then reappeared in the bare hand that had launched it, and the Shadow said to Nikita, "Look who's been practicing! I guess it's not all petty bickering and stuffing ambrosia down your throat for you?"

With a quick mental command, the Shadow increased the gravitational constant of the room by 100x, except where she was standing. She then casually tossed her mace into the space directly above Minity. "It's time to end this"

01-17-2007, 02:34 PM
Instead of fighting the gravitational force Minity falls to the ground as the mace falls on her leg, however she quickly uses her telepathy to try to connect to the Shadow allowing Minity to share the pain with her.

((does the gravity just make it harder to move?))

01-17-2007, 03:53 PM
Wrong Pantheon rancid breath! Nikita hissed.

There was nothing Nikita hated more, then the presumptions made by the ignorant.

You need to get out more. She said breathlessly.

As the shadow increased the density within the room, the wounds she sustained began to take their toll. Nikita was perplexed as to how this could have happened. If she were not so angry at her situation , she would have been in more trouble.


Nikita managed to get out. The atmosphere around them began to lighten and they would begin to feel the affects immediately. Nikita was relieved, she was afraid she was about to loose consciousness. The blood flowed freely from her wounds. This was all wrong, and she needed to get all of them out of here. She didn't know how well Minity would manage if she passed out. When the mace stuck Minity, their connection caused Nikita to share in her pain. This only confirmed to her, that it was time to go.

She whistled to Nightmare, who immediately reduced his size and came to his mistresses side. With a quick telepathic message to Minity, they would leave.

Something is terribly wrong, we must leave NOW!

Minity would hear the urgency in her voice, but she would also hear the anger as well. Nikita had never run from a situation.

The exit, concentrate on the exit. When I reach you, I will take us out.

When Nikita made her move toward Minity, she gave the shadow a parting shot.


A simple word in her gaelic tongue, pain. Once spoken, the shadow creature would begin to experience excruciating pain. It was not a word meant to kill, only one to remind the creature that Nikita was not done with her yet. She would be back. Quickly, she moved toward Minity.

((Leaving this open to give anyone a final chance to post before I exit with Minity))

01-17-2007, 04:48 PM
Minity heard Nikita and use her telepathy to amplify the her spell, hoping to double the pain the Shadow Felt, she quickly moved toward Nikita and began to mentally re-bond with her, Minity then let a small light spark to get Nikita to look into the direction of the exit, she knew exactly where it was and never once lost sight of it during the entire fight...


Minity was very annoyed by the thought of fleeing and Nikita would most likely be able to feel this since it mirrored her own emotions

01-17-2007, 05:36 PM
After finally getting a full stomach, Dragon began to grow bored.

Me thoughts they be back now.

He said this about five minutes after the goddesses decided to try out the dream world. Of course Dragon's patience was not his strongest trait. He tried to think out what to do and started to sing Jingle Bells.

Jingles Bell.
Charon smells.
Altwaal lays egg.
MQ have no wheels.
And Giant Orange gots away.

This song continued on and on for about ten mintues, until he grew bored of that too. Now he was understanding why the ladies wanted to leave so bad. It was a little boring here with out his other dragons. True there was Nikita's pet but he was too small for Dragon's taste. He tapped his claw against his head.

Thinks. Thinks. Me have some destiny...

He was pacing around the palace thinking what Mahn meant about his destiny when he thought of something better to do.

Me knows! Me find shiny treasure! Me no bored that way!

He clapped his claws, pleased to come with an idea and then searched around the palace to see if Minity had any shiny treasures laying around that she wouldn't miss.

01-17-2007, 05:55 PM
Regan's Dreamworld

The Shadow felt the psionic waves of pain wash over her and said to the retreating pair, "Pain, what do you know about pain?" Pointing at the little doll, she spat, "She knows more about pain than either one of you ever will!"

"Oh, and I know you, child. I know you both. But I had to keep you off balance you know."

"Here, let me speed you and your pesky sidekicks on your way. Do not return!" She said and she struck the doll with her whip. Immediately it opened its eyes and screamed.


Regan sat up instantly in bed screaming at the top of her lungs. She had had another dream, one of those awful dreams. The tears streamed down her face even as the details started to escape her. She just knew that Minity and Nikita had tried to kill her. But that just wasn't possible. :o

Still sobbing, she sought out the form of Nightmare who was curled up at the foot of her bed. She hugged him tightly, wrapped herself in her blanket and tried to go back to sleep.

It took some time for the child's sobbing to subside and for sleep to take her again, but eventually she slept soundly wrapped around the cuddly little dragon. :)

01-17-2007, 07:21 PM

It took only a blink of an eye and Minity had reconnected with Nikita enough for the three of them to make there escape. Nikita exited the stream of Regan's dream in a brilliant burst of light. She landed in a prone position on the floor of Minity's palace, with Nightmare landing right beside his mistress.

damnú air! Nikita cried out!

She rolled over on to her side and stared at the lofty ceilings in the palace. Her head swam, her blood both froze and burned at the same time. Nikita had never felt ill like this. When she caught her breath, she examined the wounds upon her arm and abdomen.

Deisigh. Nikita whispered as she watched the damaged skin try and mend itself. She cursed some more as she saw that it would not totally heal. She closed her eyes as she tried to quiet the room. She spoke aloud, knowing that Minity was near.

What happened in there is impossible. It can not happen. There is only one explanation for this, it is this being, Mahn.

Nikita opened her eyes and looked at Minity. Her eyes held a fiery red aura as she spoke.

Whatever it takes, I will aid you in getting off this barren rock.

She exhaled and closed her eyes.

For right now, I need rest. I need to mend and think. Is there a room in which I might rest?

01-17-2007, 08:27 PM
Minity sits on the floor next to Nikita, she holds her head hoping her psychic migraine will subside, after hearing Nikita's words she holds out her hand trying to give her a boost of power to help her heal, and then she simply nods toward her new ally...

I dont know what that was, but there is more to that girl than meets the eye...Ill kill her myself if necassary...

When Nikita asks for a room, Minity snaps her fingers and a nicely toned male angel holds out his arm to escort the wounded Goddess to a destination designed specifically for her...

Minity then takes her 5 generals and stands at the doorway of Regans room, her eyes glow with frustration as she mentally sedates the child hoping to keep her asleep a little bit longer, she tells her most powerful general to keep an eye on Regan and then goes to search for Dragon, her most faithful companion in this strange land, to specifically warn him of Regan and the power that Minity had sensed from her when the two first met...

01-17-2007, 08:58 PM

There are many guardians in the realm of dreams. They are there to protect the dreamer, but this particular creature of the dark has violated the rules of my realm. She explained.

Nikita notices that Minity is holding her head and she simply reaches over toward Minity and touches her temple.


Nikita wasn't sure how her magic would work on Minity, so far it had not even helped her. If it worked, Minity's pain would subside and she would be fully restored in strength. Minity doesn't speak a word when Nikita requests a place to stay, she simply snaps her fingers and Nikita is offered help up from the floor. Nikita raised an eyebrow, as she was not accustomed to being waited on, especially by such an interesting creature of the opposite sex.

She does not respond to Minity's remarks about Regan. Minity would see fit to handle the situation she saw best. Although, Nikita did not feel any immediate threat by Regan. With Nightmare remaining with the young girl, Nikita follows the male angel to her room. She was pleased when she entered, Minity must have done a little research on Nikita's tastes when their minds were connected. She would be able to rest and concentrate on mending and ponder their situation in peace and comfort. She would have to thank Minity after she rests some.

01-18-2007, 10:19 AM

All the comforts of home, without being home. It seems that Minity had gleaned all of Nikita's likes into this one room. There was a long counter and shelves that contained several spell books, along with the herbs and ingredients she would need for casting spells or making potions. It sat in the farthest corner of the room, almost as if it were a separate room all together. In the center of the main room, it was almost like a miniature library, so many books that it made Nikita smile.

At first glance she did not see it, but there was even a miniature scrying pool, inky black just like her Uncles. It lay neatly within the main room where the books were. There was no furniture to sit on, as Nikita usually lay on her stomach to read and not in a chair. Nikita could run her fingers through her pool as she lay beside it reading, this pleased Nikita immensely.

Offset from the main room, were Nikita's sleeping quarters. Inside, she found a bed made of down, just like she liked. The room was simple and yet held such luxuries as her own private bath and wardrobe closet. Nikita had already begun to plan what she would do, almost forgetting about her aching body and need for rest. She had even forgotten about her escort, and when she turned to move back toward the main room and fix up a poltrice for her wounds, she ran straight into the bronzed naked chest of Minity's angel. Perplexed as to why he was still here, she went to usher him out of her room.

Thank you, you may leave now.

The angel regarded Nikita and replied.

Minity requires me to see to all of your needs.

Nikita looked around the room, wondering just HOW this angel was going to accomplish such a task.

Minity has provided me with more than I could ever have asked for. You may return to your mistress.

The angel again looked at Nikita with a curious smile.

But I have not fulfilled all of your needs, and I have been commanded to remain here until you are satisfied.

Nikita's mind began to grasp the concept in which she thought the angel was making and quickly ushered the surprised angel out the door. Pushing the thought from her mind she went about mixing up her poltrice for her wounds and then sought the comfort of the oversized bathtub. Making her way from the tub to her closet, to her additional surprise, she found a red silk slip. Once her dressings were applied and secured around her, she lay upon her down covered bed and closed her eyes in hopes that rest would soon follow.

There is one way in which I can help you relax and rest much faster my lady.

A voice said from behind Nikita. She quickly sat up in bed and turned toward the voice. To her shock and amazement, her escort stood beside her bed. It was beginning to make Nikita's skin crawl in irritation as well as creeping her out.

You look tense, and it is my duty to help you relax. Let me give you a massage to help you relax.

I do not need a massage, please leave my room. If I have need of you, I will call.

Nikita rose from her bed to usher him back out the door, only to find that he did not move and seemed to lack an understanding of personal space. When Nikita began to speak and help the angel become crystal clear of her desires, he pulled her close and moved in to kiss her. The back of Nikita's hand immediately went to act as a barrier between their lips. Nikita's eyes were wide in shock.

What are you doing?! She cried out.

A kiss from me can render you mindless or dead! She continued.

It is my duty to bring you pleasure, and if this is what happens than I will have fulfilled my duties.

Before she could protest, he made contact with her lips. At first Nikita fought, but then something unexpected happened, she gave in. As Nikita wrapped her arms around his neck, a strange thing began to happen. The angel's hair changed to black and his wings became as dark as night. He picked her up and moved her to the bed, and Nikita fought to take control of her emotions. She pushed him back with force as she screamed.


Nikita sat bolt up right in bed, her face was covered in sweat and her wounds ached. Her room was dark and quiet, there was no one in the room, only her.

Damnú air! She cursed.

Nikita had been dreaming, and this was not good. She cupped her hands to her head in frustration and wondered if Minity had been alerted by her dream.

01-18-2007, 12:38 PM
As Minity traveled her palace, she became quite annoyed by the fact that she could not find the Dragon, she probably could have simply used her telepathy to reach out to him, but her head was already pounding from the beating she took in this Dream Realm...Minity eventually crosses her arm and suddenly her favorite general jumps into her arms...she pets hit blue fur and places him on the ground as she teleports herself, her remaining 4 generals, and few other angels to her grand room that cannot be accessed without Minitys permission.

Minity streches briefly when she arrives, the room is light with calm glowing colors and the room glows as if it were a tropical island surrounded by endless oceans during a sunset.

Minity picks up a glass of red wine as she slowly sips it before allowing her clothes to fall to the floor, one of her angels quickly brings her a silky white robe before she floats down on her bed full of feather pillows and white egyptian cotton sheats.

She quickly begins to doze off as her mind wanders when suddenly her telepathy shoots her into Nikita's dream...Minity simply watches somewhat annoyed that this goddess of dreams is keeping her awake, it had been awhile since Minity had to tune out others while she slept. However, Minity quickly began to smile when she saw what the dream was about she quietly thinks to herself...

"I knew my babies were perfect, everyone wants them in some way"

At the end of the dream, Minity simple giggles to herself as she leaves Nikita's mind, if Nikita is actually coherent she should be able to here Minitys faint laughter.

Minity eventually gives up on sleep for fear of wandering into Regans dream so she moves down the pool room where much of her army congrigates in very little clothing, althoug most of them wear nothing at all and Minity isnt much different for this room contains a bright sun that heats the area barely tollerable degrees...

Minity uses this room to think as she floats around and mingles with her most faithful followers as she tans her heavenly body while taking brief dips in the water.

Minity has also cast a spell that will bring all guests in the palace directly to this pool room once they leave their guest quarters.

((the one general Minity picks up looks like Stich from Lelo and Stich, and also the pool room is extremely large because it houses the majority of the army, but there is a shaded higher level that angels will escort guests too because its not safe for outsiders to mingle with them- lol))

01-18-2007, 02:40 PM
Could that be faint laughter, Nikita wondered as she lay on her bed. She thought she could hear the echoes of Minity's laughter as she cleared the cobwebs from her mind. Shaking her head, she turned on her side, ignoring the stabbing cold pain of her abdomen. Time to think, to figure a way out of this dream she found herself in. Perhaps this is what Mahn had wanted her to experience, and if so, he had no idea of the problems he's just created.

Her mind began the rapid pace of running through scenarios and possibilities. Nikita loved to use her mind, it was far more challenging than brandishing a sword. She gave a sigh in resignation, realizing that the only possible answer to this whole mess, was that Mahn had given her the ability to dream. She only wished he had spoken to her, so that she could explain the consequences of such an act.

She couldn't sleep, even if she had wanted to. The only thing she could do was speak to Minity, and with her help perhaps avoid a catastrophe of epic proportions. Nikita quickly moved to her wardrobe and picked out a stunning red outfit. She didn't even realize that she had chosen attire that was a little more revealing than she normally wore. Her mind was focused on speaking with Minity, before she fell asleep again and caused events that would break her newly formed alliance. What Nikita hadn't planned was the surprise that awaited her outside her bedroom door and the quick transport to Minity's location.

Opening the door, she came face to face with her escort. Nikita had been prepared for that, but what she hadn't been prepared for was the dark haired, blue eyed and raven feathered angel that she saw on the other side. The color drained from her face and words escape the young goddess. But what was worse, was the moment she stepped foot out of her room, she was immediately transported to Minity's location.

Surrounding the already stunned goddess were tanned heavenly bodies, in manners in which she couldn't begin to describe. Her cheeks felt hot, and she hoped that it was due to the wounds suffered from her earlier battle with the shadow beast. She quickly scanned the room for Minity, fumbling over what she needed to say. Nikita was completely frustrated at her lack of control over her emotions. If anything, these things should not be shocking to the young goddess, and they definitely should not be causing her to feel the way she felt now. Focusing on Minity, she hoped to calm her frazzled emotions and regain the control she was well known for.

Minity, are all of your angels blonde haired with white wings?

She hoped that her answer would be no, and that Minity had dark haired angels with wings the color of the raven. If not, their problems had just begun and Nikita would need Minity's help.

01-18-2007, 04:04 PM
Minity was enjoying herself immensley as she floated about her warm room greet each angel by name, she knew them all of course since she created them and binded their souls to her essence, Minity quickly heard from the angels that another Goddess had arrived and Minity immidiately knew it was Nikita she floated over to her, swirling in a playful mood as her dark hair fluttered in her face, her hair was mesmerizing and so too were her movements, she eventually stood still in the air long enough to hear Nikita's words. Placing a hand on her chin as she looked to the sky she thought out loud...

Hmmmm...well there are a lot so Im sure there are some brunettes in there, They have a few hair color choices but most of them stick with bleach blonde, it makes them look innocent....but black wings, Ive never thought of such a thing...

Minity snaps her fingers and suddenly the hundreds of angels simply stand still so Minity may observed what they look like with black wings...

Hmmm...sorta scary looking, so this from now on will be the color of your wings when we go to war!!!!!

The angels cheer loudly as their wings revert to a white almost pink color which accents the brightness of the sun in the sky...

Minity then notices the dark angel next to Nikita...

Nikita darling, I thought you were only dreaming about him

Minity looks puzzled and slightly annoyed by the fact that one of her own was not following the rest of his flock, she is not annoyed at Nikita, but she knows that if one of them becomes more concered with the self, rather than the whole, so too can many of the others...

Did you encourage this change Nikita...your more powerful than you believe if you were able to get past my spells

Minity notices that Nikita is a tad flushed and quickly ushers her and the newly changed angel to the shaded area

01-18-2007, 05:00 PM
Minity's words hit Nikita like a ton of bricks. and if it were possible, she paled even more. Before she had the chance to answer, Minity ushered them to a new location. She flushed more when she realized that Minity had known about her dream.


Nikita said as she created a spell of privacy between she and Minity. Here she could speak freely without anyone else present hearing. She was not quite comfortable with the whole telepathy thing to speak directly to Minity's mind.

That is the problem, I don't dream! Nikita managed to finally get out.

This is how Mahn was able to capture me, by giving me the ability to dream.

Nikita's eyes drifted toward her escort before she realized that she was looking at him. Snapping her attention back to Minity, she added.

I can not dream, and there is a reason for this, a balance must be maintained within my realm. Yes, I influence dreams but from a waking state, it is natural, it is the way of things.

She drew in a deep breath and then continued.

But if I dream, I am affected by my own realm and my influence is then in the waking realm.

Nikita's eye drift to Minity's angel once more.

Things will only get worse, and they can be catastrophic.

This time she gives a frustrated sigh.

I also do not have control over my.....emotions.

Nikita managed to say.

Minity, I will need your help. If I fall asleep again, I will need someone who can monitor my thoughts.

The next request, brought a red hot blush to Nikita's face. For all intents in purposes, she was a virgin. Not that she was apposed to the male species, she just had always been more occupied with other things. She was also a master at controlling her own emotions, something which of late was severely lacking. After what seemed an eternity of quiet, she mustered the nerve.

How do you........what do you do........what do you do to focus when you are tempted with or have feelings of.....

Nikita couldn't finish, she only hoped that Minity would understand.

01-18-2007, 05:40 PM
Dragon enjoyed exploring the palace, he found a few shiny treasures he was sure wouldn't be missed. Because of his great size and power, many of the angels were scared of him and willing to let him do whatever he wanted. Which included taking a large room near the pool to be his treasure trove. One angel was even so scared he promised to help Dragon find treasure as long as he wouldn't be eaten. They put what treasure they found in the room and Dragon shook his head.

No, no. Me treasure trove at home much gooder. Need more treasure!

The angel looked at Dragon and nodded his head.

Oh yes Dragon I agree. I'll be more than happy to help you find more. I'm sure some of the angels aren't doing much besides swimming in our goddess' pool. I'll make them help too.

Goods Gabriel. You be me First Mate then!

Oh thank you Dragon.

Gabriel said with a smile and then muttered in a low voice.

That means you won't eat me right...

Of course me no eat you. You First Mate! You importants!


Gabriel said very relieved. He heard Nikita and Minity talking.

I think our Sun Goddess is back.

Me thinks so too. Me go see her and you go with other angels find treasure.

Yes Sir!

Gabriel said and headed off to find some of the slacking angels, while Dragon walked to Minity and Nikita. On his claw was a necklace he had found. It was silver with a diamond center. On him though it looked like a bracelet. He waved at them.

Yous back! So how it...

Then he frowned at the angels who had black wings.

Black wings? What happens? Gabriel haves white wings.

Then he saw them change the wings to a more pink white color and shrugged.

Lot talk about Dreams.

He said to the goddesses. He noticed Regan wasn't with them.

Where Regan?

01-18-2007, 08:21 PM

She awoke without a fuss, still tangled in her blankets. She felt quite a bit of pain in her right chest and hip. Otherwise, she was almost completely unaware of what had happened the previous evening as she slept. Like all dreams, she could remember one or two of the highlights, but few details.

Thinking no more about it, she climbed out of bed. She immediately noticed the half naked, absolutely gorgeous Angel standing by the door. He captivated her so much that she almost didn't notice that Nightmare had left.

"Excuse me, Sir. Does Mistress Minity have something that I can wear?" She said to the Angel, who immediately approached her carrying something yellow. Revealing the small and uncomfortably revealing garment to the young lady, she said to him, "I don't think so! I'm used to wearing more clothes than that. I guess I can always just put on my clothes from yesterday. They're the only ones I have with me."

"Oh no, you must, young Lady. Mistress Minity told me to get you whatever you need. I apologize for my error and will get you something more to your liking. Any colour preference?" The Angel asked with a smile.

"Oh yes! Pink please, and the brighter, the better. At school, you know, they make us wear these terrible blue uniforms that I just can't stand." She answered, excited at the prospect of shiny new clothes.

"Oh!" She called out as the Angel started to leave, "Can you get me a matching ribbon for my hair. And can you get two more, one for Nightmare and one for Dragons please, they're my friends. Can you believe it, I'm friends with Dragons!"

The Angel simply smiled, nodded his head in acknowledgement, and left. He returned moments later with an outfit that was so shockingly pink that the whole room took on a pink tint.

Regan grabbed the outfit and ran giggling to the bathroom to put it on. She emerged a few moments later looking stunning in her new clothes.

"Let's go find the others. Do you know where they are?" Regan asked.

"Yes, please follow me" answered the Angel.

As they stepped through the door, Regan was instantly transported to a giant room, with an enormous pool, and ........ Naked People!

"Ewwwwwww! GROSS!" :eww:

01-19-2007, 03:40 AM
Minity's words hit Nikita like a ton of bricks. and if it were possible, she paled even more. Before she had the chance to answer, Minity ushered them to a new location. She flushed more when she realized that Minity had known about her dream.


Nikita said as she created a spell of privacy between she and Minity. Here she could speak freely without anyone else present hearing. She was not quite comfortable with the whole telepathy thing to speak directly to Minity's mind.

That is the problem, I don't dream! Nikita managed to finally get out.

This is how Mahn was able to capture me, by giving me the ability to dream.

Nikita's eyes drifted toward her escort before she realized that she was looking at him. Snapping her attention back to Minity, she added.

I can not dream, and there is a reason for this, a balance must be maintained within my realm. Yes, I influence dreams but from a waking state, it is natural, it is the way of things.

She drew in a deep breath and then continued.

But if I dream, I am affected by my own realm and my influence is then in the waking realm.

Nikita's eye drift to Minity's angel once more.

Things will only get worse, and they can be catastrophic.

This time she gives a frustrated sigh.

I also do not have control over my.....emotions.

Nikita managed to say.

Minity, I will need your help. If I fall asleep again, I will need someone who can monitor my thoughts.

The next request, brought a red hot blush to Nikita's face. For all intents in purposes, she was a virgin. Not that she was apposed to the male species, she just had always been more occupied with other things. She was also a master at controlling her own emotions, something which of late was severely lacking. After what seemed an eternity of quiet, she mustered the nerve.

How do you........what do you do........what do you do to focus when you are tempted with or have feelings of.....

Nikita couldn't finish, she only hoped that Minity would understand.

As soon as Nikita began casting her spell, Minity began waving her hand in front of her face as if someone had just blown smoke at her, she quickly placed her veil of privacy around the two goddesses as she spoke...

Listen spells dont really work that great around me, I think of them as more like suggestions and then poof telepathy blocks them. But dont worry our conversation shall be private.

Minity giggles slightly as she listens to Nikita...

You sound naive, no offense, you have never had these thoughts, or experiences before?

The only way I have ever stopped the urge so to speak is to keep busy, or just do it, my angels are sterile, so you could use one if youd like, but Id prefer not for now...

And just then Minity flashes the images of her angelic war, when her angels betrayed her and took a chunk right of Elysia after destorying themselves...

This was the result of a few of my old angels becoming more of a democracy, it was not pretty.

Minity then drops her veil and waves to Dragon, and then points behind him as she smiles...

Regan is right there in that lovely pink ensemble!

Quickly many of the angels try to move away from the little girl, but when she makes her remark, they in turn point and say "EWWWWWW" in unison...Minity shoos many of them away as she invited Regan over to her table...

01-19-2007, 07:18 AM
Inexperienced perhaps, naive would be going a little far. Nikita replied.

No, never. She sighed.
As I said, my life has been occupied by other matters. The truth is, I had lived alone with my uncle for a long time and one usually doesn't have callers when she's known to cause death through a mere kiss.

Nikita had never questioned or doubted her decisions before, but she suddenly felt as if she were thousands of years younger than she was. She knew how freely the gods threw themselves at one another, and frankly, at times it disgusted her. Perhaps, she was indeed a product of her realm, where sometimes the relationships in dreams were more to her liking. Or had she spent to long in solitude or become a product of her uncle's influence? Perhaps it was all of the above.

She was sure that her uncle would be disappointed in her questioning the values she had set for herself. There was an element of truth in her beliefs that gave validity to her choice, but then again, perhaps she had gone to the extreme and needed to lighten up a little. Surely the goddess of the realm of dreams and nightmares had not become some intelligent old spinster. To look at Nikita, she looked to be the age of 19 or into her early 20's, but in reality she was thousands of years old.

Then there was Minity's offer, either stay busy or just give in. Nikita could scream, there was nothing more frustrating than having to content with your emotions like a mere mortal. It wasn't any wonder that so many fell to temptation, sometimes they seem to strong to bear. The problem wouldn't be the lack of staying busy, that was an easy task for Nikita. No, her problem would come when she fell asleep, because now that she could dream there was no telling what would happen. Minity would definitely have to watch her, but if her dreams go that way, who would want someone knowing. The idea made her blush, she had always been a private person, and now she would be like an open book. She sees the destruction that Minity shows her from the results of her old angels.

Then in order to prevent such a thing from reoccurring, I will need your help. I don't particularly like the idea of someone being inside my head and having access to my private thoughts, but if we are going to prevent a disaster from occurring, it must be done. We will not always be around one another, so if you will occasionally check to make sure I am not dreaming, we can avoid a potential disaster.

Before Minity could respond, Dragon and Regan showed up. Nikita placed a smile on her face and agreed with Minity on Regan's pink ensemble.

01-19-2007, 10:22 AM
Minity quickly begins speaking telepathically to Nikita as she speaks verbally to the others, this way the others can not hear what the 2 goddesses have to say...

:: Ok, the reason I said your naive is because you do look it. I havent looked as young as you do in ages, and while I realize your much older, people like Regan may not. With that said, you purposley keep your body young so it matches how you feel on the inside, all the gods do this...but this does mean you probably feel younger and less experienced than you actually are, when in fact you most likely have more experience than I do because you have lived in soooo many dreams, you've essentially seen it all. Secondly, Im going to give you the best advice I have ever received and revolves around the fact that you rely on spells, spells are merely suggestions sent out to the universal energies, you should NOT suggest something to happen...you should tell it to, this is why I "appear" so powerful. All gods have the exact same power, we just use it in different ways, when you dream you tell the energies what to do, and look how much damage you caused, you also tell the energies around your lips to kill anyone who gets to close, when you find the right person, tell the energy there to give the person pleasure, it might not work right away...but it will eventually...My father taught me that, its one of the few memories I have of him, and he also told me it was why he stayed in power so long, trust me, you can do much more if you just rely on yourself and not old teachings...I do hope my speech doesnt offend you...::

Minity then reaches out her hand to Nikita's...

::This will hurt, but I can connect with you, monitor you should you sleep and even slow down the feelings your having...at least until we get off this bloody rock!::

Minity smiles warmly as if she were the sun itself...

01-19-2007, 10:49 AM
Nikita listened to Minity and thought about her words. It was very true for the most part, the realm of dreams kept her young. She had pretty much seen it all, but seeing and experiencing were very different, and as far as experiencing certain things, Nikita had not. She had not ever thought of it that way, but when she had spent so much time in seclusion, you don't hear other gods perspectives. There were things she still needed to learn, and only by spending more time in the waking realm, would she fully come to understand. She smiled, it was hard not too, it had been so long since Nikita had experienced female companionship. There was only one thing that Minity said, that Nikita corrected.

I will let you in on a secret. When I use "magic," it truly is only a one word command I speak, to make what I desire happen. The herbs that I use, they hold no mystical power other than that which nature has already given it, or I add to it.

As far as the "kiss," I am well in control of who is affected by it. It is only the reputation that tends to scare off those without a stomach. I did not hurt your angel after all. She added with a slight blush.

And you have not offended me, I have rather enjoyed your insight.

Nikita takes hold of Minity's hand and braces herself for the pain. It did hurt, although she did not flinch. It felt as if someone had taken an icicle and drove it through her skull, a very unpleasant feeling. But Nikita was relieved knowing that Minity would be there to help bring her out of a dream that could bring disastrous results.

Tell me Minity, what are your thoughts on our first move to leave this place?

01-19-2007, 11:22 AM
Minity thinks to herself for a moment, about Nikita's description of magic, she never actually listened to what Nikita said or how she said it when she casted spells, but she quickly washed that thought from her mind, she would continue to think of it as suggestions to keep herself some safety from Nikita's vast power...

Honestly...you should dream it, it is the simplest solution I can think of, but also the most unpredictable, there is no telling when you would have this dream or what the actual outcome of it would be, for example, would I be able to leave with you, would Regan and the Dragon be hurt in the process...what about the others...perhaps in the near future we should practice actively controling the outcome of your dreams...for now...maybe we could see how the other captives are doing?

Minity smiles as she looks around the table...

Unless of course anyone else wants to play with my babies...

Minity smirks as she points to her Angels who suddenly turn into small nude cupid children who try to sinisterly get Regan to come play with them...

01-19-2007, 05:03 PM
Nikita raised an eyebrow in intrigue as she listened to Minity's thoughts on how they should proceed. She was very impressed. Although Minity might have appeared vain and shallow to others, Nikita knew there was another layer hidden beneath the surface. After all, one comes to know many things in the realm of dreams. Her mind wrapped around Minity's words and began with amazing quickness to analyze all aspects and probabilities to this idea. She smiled a mischievous smile, another secret to her youthful appearance, as she played each scenario in her mind.

Your words have spawned a risky thought. It is likely that instead of approaching this as I first thought, that perhaps the danger of my dreams may just be our salvation. Nikita began.

With you now connected to my mind, and able to monitor my thoughts, we may just be able to pull this off. She continued.

Perhaps this Mahn needs to realize the error of his ways. Allowing me to dream, will begin to affect the world around me. With you monitoring my thoughts, we can control the damage, but do enough to get his attention. If we can get him to release his hold on me, I will be restored to my full power. With planning and practice, we can coordinate everyones escape through my realm.

Nikita's mind continued to work the idea, building and tearing it into pieces of a puzzle, looking for the right combination. She gave a soft laugh as she watched Minity change her angels into tiny cupids, no doubt to work on the skin squeamish Regan.

Yes, we should go and see what the other captives are doing. Nikita said, as if she suddenly remembered that Minity had mentioned it.

01-19-2007, 06:12 PM
Minitys blue pet general jumped into her lap, as he thought about helping them cause mischief on this world...Minity smiled to herself as her angels harrassed Regan...she looked and smirked at Regan and Dragon...

What say you two, Want to go visit the others...perhaps they have more treasure Dragon?

01-19-2007, 07:42 PM
Dragon waved back to Minity and his mouth dropped when he saw Regan with the naked angels.

No wants see naked angels. :sick:

Much too pink! :doubt:

Dragon said glaring at the angel who came over to give him the ribbon.

No likes pink!

But Dragon Regan wants you to wear it. Please.


He shook his head. Then the angel said.

I guess if you won't wear, then I won't join Gabriel's team to help you find treasure. I was going to and so were a lot of my friends.

Treasure! :| You knows where lot treasure are?

Yeah but...

Fine! Better be bestest treasure ever or elses... :mad:

It will be!

The angel said and wrapped the pink ribbon around Dragon's claw. He quickly rejoined his friends who were trying to tempt Regan. Dragon sighed a little in disgust. Here he was a proud male dragon...Wearing pink. He grinned though when Minity mentioned more treasure.

Yes! Needs lot treasure. Oh Minity Gabriel goods First Mate, he needs raise. 8)

By making some of the angels help him, his treasure trove was getting a little bigger, but needed so much more.

01-20-2007, 01:35 AM

When the Cherubic Angels arrived, they kept pestering her to come and play in the pool. Regan was happy to play with the childish looking Angels as they were definitely less offensive than the fully grown ones (although Regan did peek from time to time as curiosity overtook her o:)). She pulled off some of her outer clothes, leaving only the underthings on and she jumped in the water, splashing with the Cherubs.

When Minity asked about leaving and visiting others, Regan swam over to where the Goddess, Nikita and Dragons were talking and replied, "Sure I'll come. But eventually I'll need to find my own path out of here. I'm certain we're meant to help each other, but in the end, each of our paths out will be different."

"But until I figure out what that is, I'd like to stay and help. I'm not very powerful compared to you, but I bring a unique "Mortal's" perspective to things. I'm sure we'll be great friends." :)

"Do you know why my hip hurts so much? I mean, I'm too young to start "Womanly" problems and I don't think it's in the right place. Also, can an 8 year old have a Heart attack? The pain in my chest is on the other side, but that might be it, coun't it? I just don't know."

01-20-2007, 06:50 AM
Minity's eyes glow as she stares at the child...she turns toward Nikita and gives her a look as if to say "Its her"...

I think you'll be fine...put on your clothes and get away from the angels before they decide to drown you.

Minity simply walks a few feet as she opens a portal to other captives in the Identies thread!!!

01-20-2007, 09:15 AM

At the mention of Regan's pains, the wound on Nikita's arm burned and the one on her abdomen cramped her with immense cold. Her face paled a touch as she looked at Minity. Listening to her, Nikita decided that this was not the time or place to be dragging up the events of last night. With a whistle, Nightmare appeared and wrapped around Nikita several times as if looking over his mistress. Once he felt all was fine, he gave a look that made Nikita smile. Without a word, Nightmare knew his mistresses answer and quickly glided over to Regan where he wrapped himself around her head like a turban. The site made Nikita forget about her pain as she walked through the portal.

((LOL- Minity cracks me up!))

01-20-2007, 05:54 PM
Yeah! Let find mores treasure!!! :mrgreen:

Dragon said all excited at the idea of finding more treasure and making his treasure trove here greater than the one at the Matrix Quandrant. He quickly walked through the portal.

01-22-2007, 09:28 PM
((The adventures of Minity, Nikita, Regan and Dragon continue here!)) (http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/viewtopic.php?p=14962#14962)

((I'm placing the link not to lose the casual reader. ;))).

01-23-2007, 02:34 PM
Reality unfolds directly in the center of the large city revealing the Goddesses Minity and Nikita, Nabu the historian, Regan the little magik user, and Dragon the loot collector, they are quickly greeted with warmth by a few pedestrians for their power is greater than most and the citizens of this powerful city can sense that...

Minity smiles as she looks at her companions and raises her arms...

Now this is where we should have come in the first place, finally I can get rid of the stench that grouped carried!!

Minity puts her arm around Nikita and says...

Cheer up, we will be fine...besides, now we can shop!!!

Minity smiles at Regan to encourage her!

((we just got back from the Identities (http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/viewtopic.php?t=1160&start=75) thread))

01-23-2007, 03:06 PM
Nikita felt comforted by Minity's words. It had been along time since she had any type of companionship like this, and it felt good. Nightmare curled around Nikita's waist as if to say, "Hey! I'm here too!" It was a strange feeling being comforted, but it was a good feeling. Now, it was time to put her mind at rest for a moment and experience something new, shopping. Smiling at her companions, she posed the first question.

Where shall we begin?

01-23-2007, 03:38 PM
Nabu already has a bag in hand as she points to a local shoe store and says...

Nabu: I dont know about you, but that shoe store was great...ohh...you didnt make it there, huh, well your loss

Nabu chuckles as she runs off to another location, Minity smiles...

That girl would buy the universe if she could!

((I honestly dont know where to go now- lol, you guys think of something!))

01-23-2007, 03:44 PM
Nikita simply laughed.

So, this is what the humans refer to as speed shopping.

Turning to Regan Nikita added.

Considering it was Regan's idea, perhaps she should make the call. I am curious however, as to what magics or technology this place holds. I will get a better understanding as we mingle with the people and move through their environment.

01-23-2007, 06:05 PM

"Ooh! Can we go to Diagon Alley?" Regan said excitedly, blurting out the first magical place she could think of. Turning, and jumping excitedly, she suddenly stopped.

"No," she said. "Let's go There!" She added, pointed over both of their shoulders.

The building she was pointing two was about four blocks away, and stood about six stories. At the top og the building were two turrets. Between them was suspend some kind of ball of fire. This is what had caught Regan's attention.

"I think is says 'Chasm of Knowledge'. Let's go there, CAN WE?" she screamed, pulling on the coats of the two Goddesses. Letting go, both her eyes turned black for a moment and she disappeared. She reappeared down the street, in front of the shop, turned to wave at the others, then bolted into the front door.

Inside the store, items gleamed off of shelves; books could be seen in neat dust-free piles. Gems of all kinds were on display in fancy cases. Standing behind the counter was a creature that Regan could only call a Genie. He was blue, and over ten feet tall. He wore a giant turban with the largest emerald Regan had ever seen affixed in the centre.

Smiling broadly, the Genie-man said, "Welcome, little one, we have been expecting you. I have something for you." He pulled a small globe out of his pocket and handed it to Regan. "Here you go, little one, take it"

Regan smiled and her eyes lit up as she reached for the globe. The instant she touched it, she vanished. The Genie-man then waved his hands together and the globe was gone.

( And so the game begins. The Gumbo Thickens. I'll post as the Genie :twisted: )

01-23-2007, 07:10 PM
Minity smiles as she watches Regan use her new gift, she uses this time to walk slowly and speak about trivial things with Nikita...

So, I believe we are related somehow...through my husband, I can sense Nights essence all over you, not in a sexual way of course, but you two must have been close, I always believed he was missunderstood by my world of Gods, so I hope he was happy with your world, I know my husband would be pleased to hear he was.

Minity smiles calmly as she thinks of her husband and then her eyes widen...

Oh what of my great niece, I believe she is connected to you through the fairy realm, Tienna I think?

Minity looks embarrassed...

I only met the girl once, but she had much potential, he control over plants was like none I had ever seen, I assume its safe to believe she has flourished beautifully, I do hope she was able to assume the role of a fertility goddess like she wanted

((Im going to post us walking into the store but obviously your part of the conversation probably will happen outside of it Im assuming- LOL))

Minity walks into the store, the doors flying open and the mezmerizing scent of her great power fills the room to all who can sense it...she looks around thinking how quaint it is when she notices the sly looking blue being, her eyes flare with power as she demands an answer to her question...

Where is the little girl that just came through, her trail ends here!? Nikita you dont think that shadow took her do you?!

01-23-2007, 08:28 PM
It was pleasant walking with Minity, but Nikita hadn't expected what she was about to say. The information hit her hard and made her think of her uncle. She paused slightly as she walked with Minity, and her demeanor changed to a touch of sadness.

Night is my uncle, he and my father are brothers. I had no idea that you were related. It has only been Night and I for sometime. We lived alone, kept each other company. He disappeared sometime ago, I was looking for him when Mahn brought me here. Our world had been at war, and just as things began to get bad, he vanished. I waited for him, for a long time, and he never returned.

The mention of Tienna's name sparked a memory in Nikita.

I had heard mention from my mother that Tienna would be coming, but when the war broke out. Nikita trailed off.

She looked at Minity with concerned expression.

I am afraid I haven't seen her since we were both much younger. With the war, and the disappearance of my uncle, I do not know what has become of her.

Now more than ever I must get back home. There is such a state of unrest, and I have no doubt that Malice sits upon the throne. He has vowed to make all the children of the older gods pay for his banishment. I am afraid I was so caught up in my own sadness, that I have completely lost track of the waking realm.

Nikita's head swam, how could she have forgotten? Not only had she allowed herself to lose track of her own realm, she lost track of that which she thrived in the other half of the time. Night went missing and she waited, for a long time. Sitting by his pool, letting everything go. She had felt abandoned and alone and in so doing forgot about her other family. Minity would feel it, before Nikita could actually speak it. She was ashamed, and utterly crushed. How could she have let herself get to this state? The words were on her lips, when they walked through the door. They would never be spoken, as Minity suddenly demands the where abouts of Regan.

No, it is not the shadow from before. It is something all together different. Nikita replied.

01-24-2007, 07:30 AM


"Well, you do get to the point, don't you." Answered the intimidating Genie.

"I won't insult you by pretending I don't know. The only information I have about her whereabouts is that she is safe, and will be unharmed if you co-operate."

"Yes, they need you to perform a task for them. By they, I mean the people who rule this city. You didn't think you were the only beings of power in this place, did you?"

"Their task is not an easy one, but one that they believe you are capable of accomplishing. If you agree, the girl will be set free, if not, then she will be destroyed."

"I am simply a pawn in this game, so any assault on me will simply condemn the girl and get you no further."

"What do you say? I need you to agree before I give you your instructions."

01-24-2007, 09:42 AM
Minity's eyes glow a purple like color until they turn orange, fire erupts around her and the room begins to burn as she closes in the Genie, she allows him to sense her tremendous power as she speaks...

Who rules the city? Do they know they deal with a Goddess of Destruction?!

Suddenly Nikita is able able to see Minitys face become blurry as it turns and smiles toward her, indicating this is all an illusion, but one Minity is enjoying.

01-24-2007, 10:09 AM
Nikita smiled mischievously, she of all people enjoyed a good ruse.

Verily I say Genie, you represent some foolish beings. Not only do you chose to play your games with the goddess of Destruction, but also the goddess of Nightmares. Quickly now, before you tempt the ire of my companion, what is your game?

01-24-2007, 03:24 PM
"Well, I've been in business here for five hundred years and I can spot a liar." The Genie said.

"You won't find me an easy target. Like I said earlier, you aren't the only beings of power here, and I am quite familiar with all of the objects you see around me and how deal with your kind."

"I was commissioned by people I cannot contact to pass along the item to the young girl and to give you this message and your instructions only. I have no additional information for you."

"Now please choose. Afterwards, I will gladly help outfit you for your jouney at a 10% discount."

01-24-2007, 03:59 PM
Minitys eyes glare with anger...

I am tired of these games!!

Minity raises her arms and fire erupts from the Goddess burning the Genie's shop to the ground, she quickly bends reality as she teleports to him, grabbing his neck, her touch alone burns and she has the look of hunger in her eyes...

You may tell me my instructions now, but Im afraid you wont be selling much anymore.

Minity points to the ironically unharmed globe near the genie...

Im assuming thats where the girl is? Ill come back for that when we are finished with our "quest" and I wont be buy it!

Minity drops the genie as she begins scanning the area for the most powerful beings she can find

01-24-2007, 04:07 PM
Nikita might have laughed had she not been suddenly overcome by the backlash of Minity's anger. When she did laugh, she was grateful not to be on the receiving end.

I guess he won't be selling anything for awhile. Nikita mused.

((LOL - Are we taking this quest? I think I'm confused today. LOL))

01-24-2007, 04:13 PM
((I was planning on it, but I didnt like his comment about selling stuff to us, so I got rid of his merchandise!!- LOL))

01-24-2007, 04:28 PM

01-24-2007, 05:29 PM

"HahahahaAHAHAHAH! I like a woman with spirit" ;)

"You don't actually think I keep the actual items here, do you? These are just for show. You Gods are a feisty bunch and I need to keep an eye one my profit margin." Clapping his hand together, the shop POPS pack into position unscratched.

"The Girl is not here. She has been taken to another location which I was not told."

"As for your Quest. Read this." and he hands them a Note.

The whelp is safe, and will continue to be so as long as you cooperate.

Make your way to the High City, the Genie can tell you where it is. Once there, contact a man named Colin. Having read this message, we will know you are coming and will be expecting you. You will receive further instructions from Colin when you meet him.


01-24-2007, 06:14 PM
Dragon wanted to go treasure hunting not shopping. He did not like having to pay for things. He sighed as he walked along with Minity, Nikita, and Regan. He wondered if Gabriel and Blujay had found lots of treasure with their teams. They had better or else...He was tempted to scare some people into giving up their pretties when he noticed the genie.

It Genie! Where Aladdin and magic carpet? Me love that movie but be much better if hads dragon instead of dumb monkey. :roll:

Since Dragon had began to zone out from the shopping, he didn't even realize that Regan was gone or that the Genie had some quest for them. Instead he asked.

Do me gets 3 wishes?

01-24-2007, 07:07 PM
Minity reads the note and then simply smirks...

So where is the high city?

Minity turns toward Nikita...

Life was so much simpler when I was cleaning the universe of waste...I think I should ask for my old my job back, this world will be the first to go!

Minity smiles at Dragon...

He better give you 3 wishes, its only the right thing to do!

01-24-2007, 07:45 PM
Nikita laughed.

It's yours by right, and I don't see anyone that would stop you from taking it back.

Suddenly, she did something very unnatural for the goddess of dreams, she yawned.

But before you wipe them out, let me give them something to fear going to sleep about. Nikita added in an ominous tone.

This way, before you reign destruction upon them, they will already be worked up into a frenzy for you.

Nikita never realized she had yawned, it was a sign to the start of bad things to come.

01-24-2007, 08:20 PM

The Genie thought to himself for a moment and said, "Carpets? Now that is a good idea." Reaching behind the counter, he pulled out two rather large and luxurious carpets. He rubbed them gently and spoke a few words to them in an unintelligible language.

Finally satisfied, he put them on the counter and said to the group, "The High City is far in the land of ice and mountains. The people there are a little unrefined but extremely powerful. In that land a large war is taking place, one that will result in the complete destruction of one of the sides.

"To get there, simply tell the Carpets that that is where you would like to go and they will take you there.

"As you are new to this place there are a few things you need to understand. Maps don't work here. It's not that we haven't tried, but as soon as we try to make something even close to a map, it vanishes. So giving directions is all we can do.

"I spent years training these carpets myself and they know the lay of the land well. They can take you there, avoiding most of the forbidden areas. These are areas that are cut off from the rest for reasons only Mahn understands. I give these to you free of charge as you seem to be in the need of some good tidings.

"Oh, when you are done with them, just tell them to sleep and they will become pocket sized until you need them again. When you want to wake them, simply tell them to awaken.

"You also need to take this." He said, placing a large cat on the counter. "This is Pob, he is to be your guide on this Journey."

With that, the cat said, "Yes, we'll get along just fine."

"One more thing. Mr. Dragon, I cannot perform wishes anymore, as this ability was taken away from me when I arrived, but I will give you some information that I think you will find fair. The Dragons of the North, the ones in the hills surrounding High City are renowned for their hoards.

"So good journey and remember to recommend me to all your friends."

01-25-2007, 05:35 AM
Minity laughs very playfully as she looks at the Genie, she picks up the cat and throws him on the carpet...

You dont know what power is Genie, and When Im finished with this "quest" and I get that girl back, you'll be the first one to feel my wrath and Ill be sure to relieve you of your duties!

Minity sits on the carpet as she looks at Nikita...

Perhaps you should sleep on the way to this High City, with nothing around us it will be easy to help you guide your next dream...

Nabu quickly runs into the shop throws about 50 full bags of shoes on the genie, jumps on the carpet, and says...

Nabu: Watch those, I cant wait to buy outfits for all of them, so dont worry Ill make sure we come back!!!

01-25-2007, 07:00 AM
Nikita takes a seat upon the second carpet. Her eyes feel heavy and body worn. Comforted in knowing that Minity was there, and that she could wake her if things took a turn, she agreed. She laughed slightly when she watched Nabu throw her bags at the Genie.

A short nap, just to recharge. Nikita replied.

Nightmare curled up next to Nikita, watching the cat with great interest.

We shall have to do this shopping thing again, I don't think I could ever tire of watching Nabu work her magic. Nikita added with another yawn.

Before they even left the shop, Nikita was in a deep sleep.

((LOL - Okay, have to work up the surprise! LOL))

01-25-2007, 07:10 AM
Minity smiles at the sleeping Nikita, it was nice to not be cursed with fatigue, she points forward and the carpets take off, Minity quickly leaves a trail of gold floating in the air for Dragon and his treasure hunters to follow on a third carpet Minity has left for them

((uh-oh :scared: LOL ))

01-25-2007, 10:01 AM
Nikita’s thoughts as she fell into her deep slumber mirrored those of Minity. She longed for the day when she could return to normal and not be burdened with these ailments of mortals. She longed for the days when she was younger, when things didn’t seem quite so complicated…….

You indulge her to much WOMAN!

And I suppose you want her to spend ever waking moment of her immortality depressed, surrounded by darkness and having to seduce gods in there sleep to bare an heir?!

I never heard you complain.

[font=Arial]When in disguise as another god, you would not have.

The arguing continued, and it only grew worse. Morrigan and Morpheus were Nikita’s parents, but that was all. The two gods constantly argued and never seemed to get along. The only time you would find them together was when it had something to do with Nikita.

What is this? Tears.

Nikita who had been sitting outside, wiped the back of her hand against her face. She looked up into the eyes of her guardian, Scáth.

I don’t want to be the goddess of the dream realm. It only makes them argue.

Scáth touched the side of Nikita’s face and smiled.

Oh my little Nikita, life is not simple, even for the gods. Your path has been laid out before you and it would be wrong for you not to use the gifts you have been given. I know it is not easy for one who has so much darkness from within, but there is light in you also, and that makes you special, different.

I hate them both. She whispered.

No, do not hate them child. They merely do what they think is best for you. Even if they can not get along, it does not take away any love that they both feel for you. Come, I have a surprise for you.

Nikita followed Scáth into the shadow realm.

Look, over there, in the thicket there is a surprise.

She walked over toward the dark thicket, and there inside lay three tiny shadow dragons.

Pick one, it is a gift.

Nikita’s ruby colored eyes glowed. She picked one up and kissed it on the forehead. Overwhelmed with joy, she leaped into the arms of her guardian.

Thank You! I’ve never had a pet before.

Oh, he’s more than a pet Nikita. As you grow, he will, and he will be there as your protector when I can not. Do you have a name for him?

Nikita thought for a moment.


Scáth smiled.

Yes, a fitting name.

((LOL - Part 2 coming up! Be ready Minity!))

01-25-2007, 11:32 AM

Sitting quietly on one of the carpets, he decided he needed to get some air. Leaping off the Carpet, his body changed shaped. He transformed almost instantly into an alien looking flying lizzard.

Flapping to catch up with the others he finally said to them, "I'm going to scout out ahead, to make sure there's no trouble. You'll want to generate some kind of heat, because it's going to get pretty cold throughout the night. If we keep this pace, we should be there by morning."

01-25-2007, 05:53 PM
Minity smiles at Dragon...

He better give you 3 wishes, its only the right thing to do!

Darn rights! Me want wishes!

Dragon's mind was already coming up with what his three wishes. Ignoring the fact magic carpets had come and some cat thing too.Then he was told...

"One more thing. Mr. Dragon, I cannot perform wishes anymore, as this ability was taken away from me when I arrived, but I will give you some information that I think you will find fair. The Dragons of the North, the ones in the hills surrounding High City are renowned for their hoards.

:| :| WHATS?!? :| :|

What's kinda Genie you then? No Genie if no grants wishes. This suck. :'(

So there went his idea of just wishing for the giant treasure horde.

Stupids Mahn make stupids world where stupids genie no grants wishes. That just stupids!

He went on muttering that for a while until he registered that the were other dragons in this world.

Other dragons? :o Me wonder if theys me cousins. No matters, me Dragon King, so all they treasures is mines. :twisted:

He looked at Minity and the sleeping Nikita.

Us must finds floating city. Me must get other Dragons' treasures!

Minity smiles at the sleeping Nikita, it was nice to not be cursed with fatigue, she points forward and the carpets take off, Minity quickly leaves a trail of gold floating in the air for Dragon and his treasure hunters to follow on a third carpet Minity has left for them

Seeing the carpets take off, Dragon looked back at the Genie.

Me gets royalties for carpets. They me idea. Gabriel hands him paperwork.

Yes Lord Dragon.

Gabriel quickly got to together some legal documents.

Just sign here. Oh and here's the address to mail the checks to.

After ensuring everything was in order Dragon nodded for Gabriel and Blujay to get on the third carpet.

You twos need good strength for whens we gets to mountains. Must find other dragon treasure.

Of course Lord Dragon. All of it will be yours.

Gabriel nodded his head at Blujay's statement.

Yes, yes. Yous teams bring lot treasure back to me trove?

Both winged men nodded their heads and reported that even more was on the way.

Wonderfuls. :woot:

Dragon noticed the trail of gold that Minity was leaving for them to follow with.

Minity so sweet. :wub:

Dragon took flight and the magic carpet with Gabriel and Blujay soon followed Minity and Nikita's carpets, quickly gathering up the gold as they went along.

01-25-2007, 09:11 PM
As Nikita slept, the world around her began to change in subtle ways. The sun did not shine so bright and people were not as happy, and the feeling of something dark and foreboding loomed on the horizon. She had warned Mahn, that there would be dire consequences for her dreaming. Although it did not seem like much, it was the little things that dulled people’s senses to what was really happening around them.

One dream ended as another began. Nikita moaned softly in her sleep as their carpets sped toward their destination. Nightmare lay content next to his mistress as he watched her closely.

The grass felt good against her skin. Nikita always loved to come here to study; it was quiet and serene, unlike her home. It didn’t matter if she was with her father or mother, there were always other gods about and they wore on Nikita’s nerves. Most days she spent here under the old oak, absorbing as much knowledge as she could.

Knowledge is power. Her father would say.

Whatever you do, always give your all; never go half way. Her mother would tell her.

And that’s exactly what Nikita did. Whether she increased her knowledge or practiced shifting into other animals, or commanded an army of fairies on an attack against and enemy. Nikita gave everything. Lying under the old oak, on her stomach with her chin in her hands reading, that was how you would usually find her. And this is where her visitor knew she would be.

Princess! Princess Nikita! A liltte voice cried.

Hurry, she’s in the forest! We’ll miss our opportunity if we don’t hurry!

Nikita looked up from her book and her red eyes danced with rebellious joy.

She’s here already? Nikita inquired.

Yes, yes, we must hurry!

Nikita slapped the book shut and it immediately disappeared. She began chasing her small visitor and realized it was a little silly.

Wait! Let me change first! Nikita cried out!

Athraigh! Nikita said, as she suddenly became 3 inches high and sported a pair of fairy wings on her back.

Okay, I’m ready Rose! Let’s go!

Off they dashed through the forest until they had their target in sight. Hidden within the trees there stood an army of fairies, waiting for the princess to give them the order. Nikita took hold of her acorn and found a spot directly above their target. Silently, she hovered ever closer until the right moment.


Nikita cried as she dropped her acorn on top of their target.
Within seconds, a barrage of acorns rained from the trees, pelting their alleged enemy.

NIKITA! Morrigan yelled.

Just as quickly as the acorns flew from the trees, dozens of fairies scattered. Nikita had been laughing hysterically at catching her mother off guard, but the look in her eyes quickly brought a somber attitude. Her countenance took on a look of a spoiled child who wasn’t getting her way, as she crossed her tiny arms over her chest. Morrigan’s face was one of anger and disappointment as she spoke to her daughter.

You are suppose to be learning how use your gifts to control the realm of dreams! Have you even practiced? Were you even able to change your form without speaking the words?

Nikita’s face gave her the answer she was looking for.

Oh, Nikita! What am I going to do with you?

Her angry posture changed to that of one who was ashamed as Nikita took her full form. She couldn’t even look her mother in the eye.

Don’t make your father right about me over indulging you! You know how important this is Nikita!

Her face hung close to her chest. Tears stung her eyes as she listened to her mother’s scolding. She heard her mother take a deep breath before she felt the warmth of her touch as she lifted her chin. The anger was gone, but not the disappointment. Nikita could handle the anger, but the disappointment stung worse than anything she had ever felt.

Nikita, I know that this is not an easy burden. I tried to let you enjoy child hood as long as I could, but it can’t last forever. It is time for you to grow up and become completely serious about what you’re doing. Do you understand the consequences if you don’t?

Morrigan caressed the side of Nikita’s face.

Look for the happiness in what you’re doing. Find pleasure in the simple things. Don’t look at this as a loss.

Nikita let go of a large part of her child hood happiness that day. There had not been much, but what little there had been, was now placed in a dark corner of her heart. What sprung up in its place, was a rebel. Never again had she shirked her duties, but neither did she completely give up her pranks.

Nikita moved in her sleep, as a lone tear trailed across her face. In Nikita’s dream, a young goddess was growing up and becoming serious, perhaps to some degree too serious. But in Mahn’s realm, the sky grew a little darker, and storm clouds could be seen building on the horizon. In the forests, small glowing eyes began to peer through the trees at the inhabitants in the towns and cities. Sharp teeth gleamed from their mouths and evil began to set foot upon this land. Darkness was coming, a darkness waiting to be released through a nightmare.

((To be continued tomorrow......too tired....lol))

01-26-2007, 03:38 AM
Minity quickly put up a bubble of warm glowing air around the carpets they were traveling, she smiled calmly as she monitered Nikita's sleep, it made her think of her own childhood. It was as stressful as Nikita's, for Minity was always praised for being more advanced than most of the young gods and she was honored to be given her title, which allowed her to go see and shape so much of the universe with her sister Bellona. Minity tried send a discreet feeling of warmth to Nikita, hoping it would comfort her.

01-26-2007, 04:54 PM
Nikita wiped the sweat from her brow.

They are advancing from the west, a single battalion from the reports. Scáth said.

Griping The Dragon Sword in her hand, Nikita fought the knots in the pit of her stomach; this would be the first time as ruler of the Realm of Dreams that she would be defending it. Sure, she had done this with her father on many occasions while he still ruled, but he was not here. The gauntlet had been passed to her and as the new ruler; she must defend her realm against her first challenge.

Scáth touched her shoulder.

Relax, you know what to do. You aren’t doing anything you haven’t done before. You have a gift, one not even possessed by your father, and you will have me right here beside you.

Nikita gave Scáth a smile.

I guess it’s a good thing I’ve been practicing with The Dragon Sword. She joked.

A sudden feeling of warmth came upon her and a name flashed in Nikita’s mind. She didn’t recall anyone named Minity. Shrugging it off, she began setting a strategic attack against her foes. One that she hoped would place the demons and shadows that shared her realm back into a state of rest. If only that brief feeling had remained, because Nikita couldn’t shake the feeling that something terrible would happen this night.

Nikita moaned again in her sleep, her movements became more restless and the gathering clouds around Mahn’s realm began to darken to ominous tones. The wind began to pick up, as the clouds hinged on the brink of releasing a terrible storm.

Be prepared for the unexpected! Nikita yelled.

Both demon and shadow try something new each time they test the strength of a ruler. We will box them in and take them out from all sides. We have the advantage; we only need to keep our heads about us! She announced to her army.

We must coexist together, so remember this when you fight your foe this night! It is their way to attack, it is their nature! Give them their sound beating and send them off. Tomorrow we will work on reestablishing our peace; tonight we show them why I am ruler of the Realm of Dreams!

Her army roared with excitement, as lightening cracked and thunder boomed across the pending battlefield. Nikita had developed a good bond with those within her realm. She shared the darkness and shadow of the forbidden realms as well as the light of the fairies. She had managed to build a stronger bond with the realm of shadow and demon than her father ever had. Why then we’re they attacking, to test her, to find out if she deserved to be the true ruler of this realm.

The rain began to fall as Nikita placed her helm upon her head. The regiments of demon and shadow drew closer. There was a brief moment of silence, as if all would go away, before the thunder of battle roared to life. Nikita’s army quickly flanked their foes and began to cut off their route of escape. Although they were trapped, the battle would rage for some time. Because neither shadow nor demon was weak, they possessed intelligence and strength. Swords clashed and blood was spilled. Magic crackled through the air as both sides used every weapon available. Nikita had never fought so hard in her life. Scáth was right beside her the entire way, cutting down enemy after enemy. She never expected that the tables could turn, weary from battle, her voice hoarse from calling out commands and spells, she turned to find herself face to face with not 1 but 4 shadow warriors, the fiercest of all the shadow demons. As was Nikita’s way, she calculated in her head how to outsmart them and beat them. She never expected that she would lose the closest friend and mentor she’d ever had. The spells flew fast from their mouths and their weapons of shadow cut through the stormy night with deadly speed.

The dagger of a shadow warrior was deadly, especially to another shadow. Fearing for Nikita’s safety, Scáth, moved to her side, just as Nikita deflected an attack. The last final attack was launched, they had won, but in the end it was a high price to pay. That last slice of the blade, the last final attempt on Nikita became the end to Scáth. The sound was horrible, shadows died in the worst way, and it was no different for Scáth. The scream, it pierced Nikita’s heart as well as her ears. The high from the moment of triumph came crashing down. Nikita’s eyes stood wide as she watched Scáth draw in and implode.

NO! Nikita screamed.

She sat straight up on the carpet, her eyes glowing a fiery red. Tears streamed down her cheeks as the still sleeping Nikita looked straight ahead at nothing. The thunder and lightning let loose and the wind howled in fury. Every part of Mahn’s island felt the effects of Nikita’s nightmare. The ground began to shake and tornados appeared in the cities and towns as tidal waves crested and threatened the shores. Volcanoes erupted and the wild creatures of the land screamed in fright and fury. The sleeping goddess turned with unseeing eyes as if looking for someone to help her, someone to stop this madness and bring Scáth back. Her unseeing eyes found that someone, only this someone was in the waking realm.

Minity! Help her, please! You’ve got to help her!

01-26-2007, 06:35 PM
Dragon was flying peacefully along, gathering up the gold when he heard Nikita scream out to Minity. It concerned him.

Gabriel, Blujay keep gather gold.

Both nodded their heads and did as they were told. Dragon flew up to Nikita's carpet and looked at her with concerned green eyes.

Nikita? You okay? You cry...

01-26-2007, 07:19 PM
Minity focuses her power, keeping the storm that was forming around her at bay, her eyes were closed as her body began to glow, she ushered the Dragon to stay back...

It is ok friend, I will help

And suddenly Minity uses her telepathy to guide Nikita's dream...the battlefield of Nikita's mind is dark, death looms everywhere, it is clear a war has been fought here, and suddenly light parts the clouds and a woman of pure light followed by angels of pure warmth follow her to the battlefield, she stops before Nikita and simply smiles warmly, her wisdom is felt by all who adorn the battlefield, she speaks without moving her lips...

Nikita...you have done well, your parents would be so proud, but every war has losses, and your followers are one of the best I have seen, I come to give them peace, they passed doing the one thing they loved, being with you, being with their goddess, but your saddness traps them hear, you must let them go Nikita, to rejoin with the all, so they may finally rest in peace...

Minity kneals as she embraces Nikita, the warmth calming her aching body, Minity uses her telepathy to encourage her to cry as the angels allow the souls of the lost to be released, Minity leaves Scath alone until she begins to speak again...

Thats it my child, let it out, it hurts now, but it is so much better to let it out, but you must be strong to be a succesful Goddess, for look, this one will not leave you until you allow it...

She motions toward Scaths lifeless body...

Let her go Nikita...you must let her go...

01-26-2007, 07:47 PM
Dragon looked at Minity and knew the goddess knew how to make things okay for Nikita.

Okays Minity.

He said flying back a little and just watching. He didn't know what was going on but it was amazing to him to see Minity's power and how she was some how trying to help Nikita through her pain.

01-26-2007, 08:14 PM

As Nikita calmed herself under the direction of Minity, Pob could be seen returning. His form was similar to the one he had before, but he now had long hair covering his entire body.

Dropping tiredly onto one of the carpets, his shape changed back to that of the cat he had appeared as when the group had met him.

"Well, that's SOME weather out there. about an hour ago I had to go to ground because of all the wind. I spotted the carpets flying overhead, so I thought I'd rejoin you. If you don't mind, I'm going to catch some sleep, Tomorrow is going to be a busy day and I need to reroute some....well, I need to do some personnal things that I won't bother you with."

01-26-2007, 08:20 PM
Minity payed little attention to her new guide but Nabu was quite intrigued...

Nabu: Actually Im interested, just let me get my book and pen, now...what are you? and your rerouting what? are you a machine, you dont lick yourself like most felines do you?

Nabu smiled as she awaited her answers

01-26-2007, 08:48 PM

Looking at the curious Angel he said, "I'm a guide, and a bounty hunter. My parents were brought here by Mahn about a thousand years ago. They never did work out why they were here, but they liked it and made a good living here. So this is my home, the only one I've ever known."

"I spent many years travelling the lands, meeting the people and learning new shapes. It comes in handy when you need to think fast."

"Machine? no. I just need to move some materials from storage to fuel processing in my body. Don't you guys use some kind of fuel?"

01-26-2007, 09:19 PM
Nabu smiles as she writes down this new information...

Nabu: The fire Minity gives us provides my kind with more than enough fuel to live, however most mortal beings use food, or water, but since we angels are touched by the sun goddess, we eat stars if we get hungry, but that rarely happens...

01-27-2007, 03:38 PM
Nikita feels trapped in a living nightmare. Upon the battlefield, darkness and chaos rule, and unholy elements tear at the fabric between the dream realm and that of the waking. It is the sudden light that bathes her in warmth that draws Nikita's attention. She feels as if she knows this goddess, but how could she, she's never seen her before.

Minity's words pierce her to the soul, and it both comforts her and tears her apart. When Minity kneels to embrace Nikita, she all but falls into the goddesses arms and buries her face against Minity's shoulder. Her body feels renewed as she begins to cry harder than she's ever done before. She hears Minity's plea to release the soul of Scáth and it is this the allows her to pull away from Minity. She looks upon her mentor and friend, she can't let her stay this way. She lays beside her friend, and looks into her still eyes for a moment, remembering everything.

Go dté tú slán! She whispered as Scáth left her body for a place of peace.

As Nikita stood up and turned toward Minity, her sleeping body gave a shuddered breath and opened her eyes. The nightmare faded, but it left a lingering feeling of sadness with Nikita. She took several minutes before she stirred from her place on the rug. She let the last of her tears fall before she faced the group.


Nikita said as the weather around them immediately returned to a place of calm. She turned to Minity.

Thank you! It was my first nightmare. I had dealt with that loss long ago, but this dream stirred up old pains. I could have torn the veil between the realms if you hadn't have been there.

Nikita sat back on her carpet. Her body still shaking from the effects of the dream. If the pain had not been so real for her, she would have been angry. Deep inside however, the goddess of dreams was building a pyre to stoke the embers of her anger toward Mahn. Nightmare curled upon her lap, and petting him was all Nikita could think to do.

((Nice posts Minity!))

01-27-2007, 05:54 PM
Minity smiles brightly, almost as if the dream had not affected her...

Thank you friend, but I was just doing my duty, its very hard...

Minity pauses as if she is lost in thought...

Ive seen that same scene so many times, when the Gods would decide a race is no longer worthy enough to live, I was sent to re-shape so many worlds and lead the "unworthy" to the afterlife...Its not easy to let your followers go...

Minity's hair flutters in her face as she points foreward and quickly changes the subject...

Is that it?

((thanks!!!, yours were great too!!))

01-27-2007, 06:19 PM
Nikita understood, there were something you were required to do that were not easy. She too want to move on, but the nightmare still lingered thick in the air around her. Nikita turns toward the direction Minity indicated.

Let us hope so. She replied.

01-27-2007, 06:36 PM
Dragon looked at Nikita after Minity helped her through her nightmare.

It all cool now?

01-27-2007, 07:08 PM

Nikita laughed.

Yes, all is cool Dragon. Thank you.

01-27-2007, 09:00 PM
Welcome and me glad Nikita. :mrgreen:

He said flying along with the carpets. He wondered how soon it would be before he found the other dragons and their mountains.

01-29-2007, 08:52 AM
Pob (In Cat form)

"Stars? You eat stars! That's sounds interesting. Next time you some, would you let me have a taste?"

Looking at Nikita and Minity, he said, "We should be there in a few hours. First we need to get through the wasteland surrounding High City."

"The area is swarming with Raiders and Scavengers, trying to profit from the war going on within, so we need to be careful."

"I've only been here a few time, myself. I usually deal with one of the more civilized raiders. So unless you have any questions, I'll scout out aread."

01-29-2007, 06:41 PM
Dragon looked at Pob.

Hey Kitty, we theres yet? Me boreds of flying. Me want treasure!

01-30-2007, 04:33 AM
Nikita wasn't worried about any of the raiders or scavengers, she was more curious as to what this "job," was that they wanted them to do. Since they had some time to kill, Nikita decided that maybe conversation would be the key to make the time go by quickly. She glanced over toward Minity.

Tell me about your family? What are they like?

01-30-2007, 06:42 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

After a quick visit to the Bright Universe (http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/viewtopic.php?p=15734), at a later date than the one Minity and Dragon were taken from, Mahn abducted a new god: M'Fume. Bringing him trapped into an organic bubble, he just freed him right in front of Minity, as if not caring about the current situation these group of abductees were going through.

"M'Fume, you will go with them. Your mission will be given at a later time." And with those words, Mahn faded once again.

01-30-2007, 07:22 AM

Looking at the now conscious Nikita, he said, "My family are just like me. They were taken from their world a long time ago. They were never told why, and after a while they stopped asking. With all the different people here, our skills were unique and came in handy. My Father was a Detective in the Aeria Police, my Mother worked as a performer, my Incubator stayed home to take care of me and my Sporer was a bounty hunter and died chasing a rather nasty creature. The others all died within the last two hundred years. I only know of one other family from my world in the whole place. I think I've got an in with the unit there, but the sporer doesn't like me and is a bit of a pain."

Suddenly Mahn appeared with M'fume. "Hi, Mahn! Welcome stranger. It's about to get dangerous here, so relax while you can. The others can fill you in on what's going on."

01-30-2007, 09:27 AM
((For the record, M'Fume looks just like the AMP avatar.))

Getting plopped on his butt and right in the middle of a situation he new nothing of, M'Fume scowled at this Mahn person who stole him away in the middle of the night and shook his fist...

"Hey! What the blazes do you think you're doing?! I don't belong here! Take me back home you good for nothing bodysnatcher! HEY!!"

When Mahn faded away, M'Fume shouted outloud to no one in particular...

"See? THIS is the reason why I don't like GODS! You all just think that you can do whatever y'all want without considering your actions!"

That's when he looked around and saw the new company he was keeping... who obviously looked like gods... with a dragon. He squinted his eyes in frustration and said...

:realmad: "Great."

Looking at the first person who greeted him, he reluctantly grumbled out a greeting of his own...

:mad: "W'sup."

01-30-2007, 10:07 AM

Nikita had been listening to Pob and waiting for Minity to reply to her question, when Mahn suddenly appeared and dropped a new arrival into their lap. There was a bit of fire in her glance toward their capture as he quickly diappeared.

Nikita raised an eyebrow at M'Fume and his outburst as Nightmare curled around her waist to take a better look at their new guest. It was quickly becoming irritating at the number of beings that wanted to do nothing but spout off ill towards the gods, as if they were all alike. Instead of meeting M'Fumes furry with more, she chose the path of the peace keeper.

Welcome M'Fume. You might as well sit and relax, you are trapped her for awhile like the rest of us.

01-31-2007, 09:37 AM
Minity roles her eyes and M'Fume...

Listen up, I am tired of so many ungrateful mortals demeaning my character when they do not know what they speak of, so keep your tounge silent, and we will do whatever we want which is helping you and many other mortals off this disgusting rock as quickly as possible so that I can destroy it, if that does not please you Ill drop you here...

Minity points to the ground which is quite far away but one can still manage to see the hungry beasts roaming the area...

Minity then turns to Nikita...

My family...well my Husband is much calmer than I, he is quiet and reserved, and is given much respect by our people, although he was repeatedly questioned as to why he chose me as a wife, given my hot headed nature. Needless to say I only get along with the in-laws to avoid his disapointment...Im quite sure they feel the same about me.

I havent seen my father in years, but he was always kind...and radiant, he glowed of the sun, he didnt actually have any solar like power, but because of his nature he was given this title. I dont remember my mother, but she did have 2 other daughters, one is sort of...well a stick in the mud, everything is about peace and meditating, she is such a drag, but Bellona, is the goddess of war, and she is beautiful, she would descend with me onto battle fields of races that were deemed unworthy, so we would allow them to weave intricate battles so that they could at least die with dignity. She is very much like me, very passionate and strong, and my most trusted ally.

Minity smiles as she turns to Nikita...

How bout yours?

01-31-2007, 03:03 PM

Nikita laughed softly.

There are certain things I'm sure you've gathered through our link, but I will tell you more of them. My father is Morpheus, the Greek god of Dreams. He along with his brothers, Phobetor & Phantasus ruled the realm of dreams. My father was well known for his ability to mimic any human down to their speech and mannerisms. He could only take human form, my uncles took on animals and inanimate objects. When my uncles decided to move on, they left the rule of the realm solely to my father, that is how I came to be sole ruler of my realm.

My mother is Morrigan of the Celtic Pantheon. She is also known as the goddess of war in her Pantheon. She was well loved and worshipped by her people. Her titles are too numerous to recount; but she was a balance between both dark and light, which runs through both sides of my family. My mother is not fond of father, he seduced her in her sleep, and that is how I came to be. But she was the most fun to be around, and never regretted the fact that I was the product of deception.

Then there is my Uncle Night who is missing, that was who I was looking for before arriving here. And then, you know of Tienna, I only hope that she is well and safe.

01-31-2007, 06:16 PM
Dragon glared at M'Fume.

If yous no good at treasure hunting, me no want yous around eithers.

Dragon was getting anixous on finding the other dragons. He pretty much zoned out when Pob, Nikita, and Minity talked about their families. "Treasure, needs much treasure", he was thinking then Night's name came up. He looked at Nikita.

Night you uncle? Small universe. He Mattson's son, unless yous Night differents Night. Me no sure how popular name is.

Dragon said with shrug.

No sure where Night me think is. He used be king of Matrix Quadrant after Mattson...

But he didn't finish because he didn't want to upset Minity about her husband.

01-31-2007, 08:16 PM
Minity smiled...

Ahhh Tienna, she was so shy at my wedding, so young as well, her youth radiated from her, but Im sure she will become a great Goddess, after a few hundred more years of learning

Minity then turned to Dragon...

What are you talking about, are you trying to trick Nikita

Minity laughed

Night has NEVER been the ruler of the Matrix Quadrant, only Mattson and Sil have that right, he is such a prankster, best dragon in my husbands kingdom!

02-01-2007, 09:43 AM

Nikita regarded Dragon.

My uncle must be a different Night, because I do know that his father was not named Mattson.

Her attention was returned to Minity at the mention of Tienna's name.

I only hope that she is well, with Godworld in chaos I am afraid for her safety. With my uncle missing, she will be alone and defenseless. If she is lucky, she will have made it to the Dark Temple or the Temple of Shadows. She will have privacy and protection there since none can enter without consent. Even that Megalomaniac Malice can not enter our domains unless invited.

02-01-2007, 11:05 AM
Minity shrugs...

So many Gods and so many names, they may all be the same in the end.

Minity giggles slightly and then looks concerned...

Ive only heard rumors of Godworld, but why stay there if it is in such turmoil, surly a young goddess like Tienna would fair better on Elysia, you included, although you may got caught up in the politcal struggles...

Minity laughs again...

We ended our destructive ways, but have not put the war of words behind us

02-01-2007, 12:05 PM

Nikita thought about Minity's words for a moment.

It was not always this way. When our parents left Earth for another home, it was as if we had only moved Earth to a new location. All of the Pantheons lived in relative peace, until our parents once again moved on and left Godworld to their children. That was when Malice, who really is the god Ares, returned to take revenge on the children of those who cast him out.

I can't speak for Tienna, but godworld has been my home for so long, I haven't ever considered looking for another. I spend most of my time in solitude, so I know of the political struggles, I just never became involved.

Nikita laughed softly.

Elysia sounds nice, but how does your sister, the goddess of war deal with such a tranquil environment?

02-01-2007, 12:10 PM

In the shape of a large Raptor, he scanned the area looking for trouble. On the horizon he could see some small dark shapes moving towards the group at high speed.

"Heads up, everybody. There are some creatures approaching, and I don't recognize them. That can't be good."

Immediately he leaped into the air, spread his wings, and sped off towards the advancing cloud or creatures.

02-01-2007, 05:33 PM
Dragon looked at Nikita.

Not same Night thens.

He shrugged but was a little annoyed that Minity thought he was joking.

Night was king! Sun no shine in Matrix Quandrant long time. In facts-

He would have told her what had happened to her husband too if Pob hadn't alerted them of the creatures.

They nothing!

Dragon declared breathing fire off into the distance, certain that that would burn them and it would be the end of it.

02-04-2007, 12:03 PM
Minity gives an annoyed glare at her new "guide"...

I dont care if you dont recognize them, would it not have been easier if I just teleported to this High City, this whole quest has been an large inconvenience!

Minity waves her hand and large shield made of fire is erected to keep the strange creatures at bay...

02-04-2007, 09:37 PM

Before he sped off to meet the new threat heading their way, he said to Minity, "Lady, I've been on this world eight hundred years, and I've seen everything. If I've never seen these creatures, then they're either new, like you, or they're from behind one of those barriers, and they're more trouble than they appear."

With a final leer, he beat his mighty wings and sped off towards the oncoming creatures.

Flying straight at them, he saw the mighty breath of the Dragon sweep the sky in an attempt to burn the entire group form the sky. The strange birds never veered from their course as the flames hit them. Once the flames subsided, the creatures seemed unaffected by the heat of the intense flame.

Pob then selected his target and extended two cylinders from his shoulders. Smoke and flashes of light erupted from the end of the cylinders as Pob shot at the oncoming attackers. The creatures responded by changing course and avoiding the deadly projectiles headed their way. A small group of creature broke off from the main pack, and ascended, flying directly above Pob. Small streams of liquid could be seen falling all around the shape-changing guide. Pob started convulsing immediately as the liquid touched him. He suddenly froze in mid-air and started to fall. As he fell, he turned himself inside out, collecting all the liquid inside of a pocket. Reforming into a bird he yelled to the others, "Don't let the liquid touch you, it's extremely sticky, like hardened steel, and it’s acidic."

As he started flapping again, the creatures that emitted the streams suddenly shouted a scream so horrible that Pob once again lost control of his flight and fell to the ground. Just before he hit, his body seemed to turn into a soft doughy ball. When his body hit the ground it seemed to bounce, absorbing most of the impact.

The main group of creatures, numbering at least fifty, accelerated towards the group. They started their attack with the same scream they had used on Pob.

((Scream causes extreme nausea and disorientation. The threads of liquid turn into a substance almost unbreakable by even the strongest gods. Pob escaped due to his unique physiology))

02-05-2007, 06:54 AM


Nikita said as a barrier of protection formed around the party.

Nobody believes in doing anything the easy way or at lest civilized way anymore! She said in frustration.

The beasts cry penetrated through the barrier enough for Nikita to cup her hands to her ears. The wail reminded her of the harpies cry but with the added bonus of making you feel sick. Nightmare took off and doubled in size again, matching Dragon pound for pound. Nikita's sword suddenly appeared in her hand as she took a balanced stance on her carpet. She glanced at M'Fume, hoping the young angry boy had some sort of defensive capabilities.

But, I'm not opposed to doing this the hard way either! She shouted toward Minity.

02-05-2007, 09:29 AM
Heart Seekers (Flying Enemy)

Five wings of five creatures, representing almost half of the creatures broke off from the main group and dove at the carpets and the dragons. Having reached the half point in their dive, the remaining Seekers, broke off into six groups and started their own dive. Both groups were releasing their sticky, steel webbing and screaming.

Suddenly around the attacker's heads, small explosions could been seen. From the ground, a double barreled Anti Aircraft battery was firing a constant barrage of flak, in an attempt to disrupt the dive. The Pob-gun looked a little battered, but the steady stream of AAA never slowed.

As the first groups reached the fire and force barriers, they seemed to move aside for the creatures as if space-time itself had twisted just to let them through. The shields reformed after each Seeker passed.

(( The AAA doesn’t actually kill any of the Seekers, but does cause several wounds ))

02-05-2007, 09:40 AM
Minity laughed as she looked at Nikita and she suddenly reached out her hand toward a reluctant Nabu. Minity forcefully grabbed hold of her general and began taking back her destructive power as Nabu suddenly collapsed on the floor, Minitys hair turned a bleach blonde and golden armor began to lace her body, her eyes glowed a bright orange as she summoned a large steel sword embedded with angelic writing and glowing with solar energy. Minity barely flinches as the destructive wail passes Nikita's barrier, but she does hand M'fume a small ball of energy that should protect him from all harm...She looks toward Nikita and says...

Its been awhile since Ive had a challenge!

Minity smiles as she dashes into the air like a meteor crashing to earth, she raises her sword and dives into the swarm of beasts. She swings her mighty blade, killing many who come near her and she burns the acidic liquid that they try to pour on her. Like an angel of Death she telepathically calls to Nikita...

"Come sister! this is glorious!"

02-05-2007, 10:36 AM
So, the creatures had away around her barrier, this called for drastic measures. Seeing the sudden change in Minity, Nikitas took it as her cue to change tactics as well. Let's see how these creatures enjoyed a taste of shadow and darkness.


The Dragon sword began to glow instantly, as the darkness of night itself suddenly wrapped around Nikita. Within seconds, the goddess no longer resembled human form at all, but one of shadow. Huge dark ebony wings stretched forth from Nikita's back as her ruby red eyes glistened with eagerness for battle.

And here I thought this trip would be boring.

She replied to Minity as she took flight to join her in the fray. Her sword slashed at their enemies cutting them with the power of the darkness. Shadows poured forth from her mingling with the brightness of Minity's power. These creatures would have the taste of both the light and dark. Shadow began to entwine around the creatures, binding them, drowning them in the darkness as Nikita let forth a laughter that Minity had never heard from her before.

02-05-2007, 10:44 AM
Minity took a cue from Nikita and sprouted angelic wings of the purest white. While from afar they looked soft and delecate, one anything moves to touch them the feather become razor sharp slicing through anything that gets too close.

Minity laughs as her energies mix with Nikita's, from far away it almost looks as if a sun were warring with a blackhole...

"We are so oppsite and yet so alike, I will tell my sister of you, she will be pleased that another Goddess is so capable in battle!!!"

Minity laughed as she slaughtered many of the approacing demons...

Should we help our "guide". He seems to be doing alright on his own!

02-05-2007, 11:09 AM

Then tell her that Nikita, daughter of Morrigan sends her highest regards. Nikta replied.

Her gaze momentarily looks below at their guide.

I suppose if we were running a body guard service, but I say let him fight his own battles!

Her red eyes glistened with the darkness that luked within as she continued to fight off the on coming creatures.

02-05-2007, 07:34 PM

Dragon looked in shock as his fire didn't destroy the creatures on the first try.

No possibles!

He had never had that happen to him before. Angry now, he ordered Gabriel and Blujay to remain back. After all he needed them to get his treasure and took flight to charge at the creatures.

Fire no stop yous! Me claws and teeth wills! :evil:

He yelled out as he charged at the creatures trying to destroy them with his strength. Then the scream hit him, hard. He felt very sick and started to lose control of his wings. Dragon began to fall from the sky.

02-06-2007, 06:49 AM

He watched as the Dragon succumbed to the screams of the deadly flying lizards (Best description he could think of). Immediately he turned into a large grey ball which started to roll towards the area where the Dragon was falling.

The gray ball of Pob was inflating and bouncing along as he made his way to the spot where the dragon would hit the ground.

Finally in place, he made a few adjustments as the Dragon fell to make sure he was in the right spot. He then inflated even more, and created a flap on one side.

Satisfied, he waited for the impact.

02-06-2007, 06:13 PM
For the first time in his long life Dragon actually thought he could die. He never been against any kind of enemy he couldn't set on fire or get close enough to attack. One of the strongest dragons ever in Matrix Quadrant and still in his prime, Dragon never thought he could actually be beaten, let alone possibly die. As he fell though he wondered if it was possible. He closed his eyes as he fell at a breath taking speed and although he tried to take flight, he felt so sick and disoriented that there was nothing he could do but fall. He didn't know Pob was preparing for his fall until he finally fell on him. It took a few minutes for Dragon to even realize he was alive and not in pain. He opened a green eye and looked around to see he was on a large grey mass.

Pob? :eh:

02-07-2007, 07:18 AM

"Hnnnnnngh!" Pob groaned. He lowered the dragon to the ground and turned into his cat form again. This time, however, the cat looked terrible. Clumps of fur were torn out and blood was seeping from multiple cuts.

"I'm okay," he said to the dragon. "Those screams are terrible, and that webbing is tough to digest. I managed to close my ears to the screams, but not before hitting the ground. I haven't got the energy to fly any more."

Pob had an idea, however. "Hey Dragon, what if I turn myself into a helmet that you could wear. I could block the sounds from reaching your ears, and add a little offense of my own. What do you think?"

Changing his shape into a large helmet with twin barrels he said, "Just pick me up and we'll rejoin the fight."

02-07-2007, 06:04 PM
Okays good.

Dragon said, standing next to the battered cat for a moment.

Me no know about webbing...Screams bad. Me thoughts me...

He shook his head. The screams had been horrible, Dragon didn't even have a chance to attack because of what hearing those did to him.

Thanks Pob for catch me.

Dragon nodded his head in agreement with Pob's plan.

Good plan. Me want make those thingys pay for what they do to me. :mad:

He put the helmet on his head and took flight again towards the creatures.

02-09-2007, 09:25 AM
A small gray cloud formed just 12 inches above M'Fume's head which somehow protected him from all of the commotion and levitated him in place. Strangely enough though, M'Fume was oblivious to the effect and simply folded his arms and shook his head at the gods around him...

"You gods are shameful. I'm annoyed that I was even brought here. To think, I'm missing the revolution ....for this?"

02-12-2007, 11:33 AM
The ruckus around him had begun to rile this pint-sized revolutionary up. His thinking is that if the gods were this sloppy in their battle execution, no wonder the universe where he hails from has gone straight to hell in a handbasket. Reaching in his backpack, he pulls out a metal glove and activates one of the buttons on it. Immediately, it juices up a decent electrical charge. Not enough to kill, but just enough to shock. With a grimace on his face, he balled both of his fists up and stood his ground in the air and shouted to the monsters flying around...

"You want a taste of me? Come get some!"

02-20-2007, 05:09 PM
Dragon stopped in the air and watched for a moment as M'Fume challenged the creatures. Dragon wasn't sure how he would stand against the creatures a second time, since his try was very unsuccessful.

Pob? What now?

Dragon asked.

02-21-2007, 07:32 AM
Minitys eyes begin to burn even brighter as she battles these winged creatures, and then suddenly something takes over, she gets an indifferent look on her face and begins hacking away at the creatures with no effort. She then begins to scan the horizon as if look for something...

Nabu begins to awaken as she notices M'Fume, she assumes he is talking to himself and looks to find her goddess, but when she finds Minity her eyes become wide with horror as she telepathically begins screaming at Nikita and Dragon...


02-21-2007, 07:54 AM

"Well, Dragon. It looks like the creatures are regrouping for a new attack. We can either strafe them with bullets, or go full offense. If you want my opinion, I want some payback. Let's just plow right into the middle of them." :evil:


"On second thought, maybe we should deal with this first." :?

02-21-2007, 10:34 AM
Minitys eyes begin to burn even brighter as she battles these winged creatures, and then suddenly something takes over, she gets an indifferent look on her face and begins hacking away at the creatures with no effort. She then begins to scan the horizon as if look for something...

Nabu begins to awaken as she notices M'Fume, she assumes he is talking to himself and looks to find her goddess, but when she finds Minity her eyes become wide with horror as she telepathically begins screaming at Nikita and Dragon...


Nikita felt a power shift in Minity before Nabu's words reached her ears. She glanced quickly over at Minity. Nikita had seen that look before, in her own mother, except she did not know what to expect from the Sun Goddess. This would surely hurt, but Nikita had no choice, she wasn't planning on loosing an ally now.

In the form of shadow, she pushed her way back toward Minity. She felt the intense heat imminent from her friend, the power increase that seemed to draw in objects like a magnet, but not in a good way. She phased through, joining Minty as one. If she couldn't stop her from the burst of power, she could at least subdue it's effects.

Minty, if you must let loose, do so now. I can contain the power of an explosion through shadow and darkness.

02-21-2007, 11:20 AM
Out of his peripheral, he saw the intrigue that was going on with the goddesses and he didn't like it one bit. Under his breath he said...

"Aw hell. Now they're about to go all "Voltron" on us. As if one goddess wasn't bad enough..."

...he continues to mouth derogatory comments about gods under his breath even as he was throwing punches at whatever nasties came his way.

02-21-2007, 01:12 PM
As Nikita joins with Minity the words unworthy will suddenly begin flooding her mind as she sees the world through Minitys eyes. Nikita will be able to see any and all life on this planet, but most of it has be labled..."unworthy". Suddenly Nikita sees the core of the planet and will know that if it is destroyed, everything in this star system will cease to exist...except for the few the Sun Goddess deems worthy enough to survive. Suddenly Nikita is pushed from Minitys mind as she is forced to take a more solid form as Minity tries to grab hold of her throat...looking into Nikita's eyes Minity forms a half smile, while still defending herself from the creatures...

Fellow Goddess...you are worthy...leave me...

Minity turns and begins to dive down to the earth until Nabu teleports directly in front of Minity stabbing her in the chest with a ceromonial dagger. Nabu is suddenly engulfed in fire and both women fall to the ground in a ball of flame. The fire burns all surrounding plant life, but Minity lays unconscious as Nabu seems to be still be on fire as she tries to teleport away...

02-21-2007, 01:25 PM

"You know what Dragon. We should probably leave the Goddess issues to the others. Lets keep those flappy things away from them."

From the front of the Pob-helmet came a large propeller, which immediately started to spin. From the center of the propeller, bullets errupted, heading in the direction of the regrouping attackers.

02-21-2007, 01:46 PM
As Nikita joins with Minity the words unworthy will suddenly begin flooding her mind as she sees the world through Minitys eyes. Nikita will be able to see any and all life on this planet, but most of it has be labled..."unworthy". Suddenly Nikita sees the core of the planet and will know that if it is destroyed, everything in this star system will cease to exist...except for the few the Sun Goddess deems worthy enough to survive. Suddenly Nikita is pushed from Minitys mind as she is forced to take a more solid form as Minity tries to grab hold of her throat...looking into Nikita's eyes Minity forms a half smile, while still defending herself from the creatures...

Fellow Goddess...you are worthy...leave me...

Minity turns and begins to dive down to the earth until Nabu teleports directly in front of Minity stabbing her in the chest with a ceromonial dagger. Nabu is suddenly engulfed in fire and both women fall to the ground in a ball of flame. The fire burns all surrounding plant life, but Minity lays unconscious as Nabu seems to be still be on fire as she tries to teleport away...

Nikita had never felt anything like this before. Minity's mind was dominated by the thought of cleansing this small planet, obsessed even. Even in the form of shadow, she felt her flesh on the cellular level burn as if on fire, and if it were possible, she felt the moisture of perspiration.

But Nikita never had time to worry about pain or damage she may suffer from being joined to the Sun Goddess, her thoughts were suddenly brought to the attention of the very core of the planet and the destruction that would result from Minity destroying it. Before she could react, Minity had pushed her out and into a more solid form, grasping her by the throat. Incredible as it would seem, she was not afraid, she was more concerned about what would happen if she failed or what would happen to Minity herself.

In a flash, Minity was diving toward the earth. Nikita turned and followed suit, only to halt herself by the turn of events brought about by Nabu. She quickly follows the burning ball toward the ground.


Nikita said as she extinguished the flames around Nabu and the burned vegetation. She knelt down beside Minity.

What must I do? She inquired of Nabu.

Is there anything special that must be done for her?

She looked up at Minity's general.

And what can I do for you?

02-21-2007, 02:36 PM
Nabu continues to burn with power as she frantically tries to find a way off the planet, she eventually looks toward Nikita and answers...

Nabu: Take care of her for now, she is too powerful for her own good and she needs to stay away from her Generals or else her body will take back the rest of her power. I couldnt get all of it, and I cant find away off this hell hole because when she wakes up her body will automatically take her power back...its too much for me to hold on, and I need to release so if you want to help get this damn Mahn to send me home!!!

Nabu places her hands on her head as she struggles to maintain her composure...

02-21-2007, 03:51 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

As in response to Nabu's plea, Mahn appeared making no noise at all, as if he had been there, standing in mid air, for the entire time.

"You saved them, Nabu. Your mission has been accomplished." As he finished talking, an organic bubble began to cover Minity's general, not caring enough about those around them.

02-21-2007, 06:19 PM
Dragon's confidence started to come back to him as he listened to Pob.

Full offense more fun. Uglies must pay for make me fall from sky. :evil:

He was about to fly towards the creatures when he heard Nabu scream out to Nikita. He wasn't sure what to do. He cared a lot for Minity but he had never seen her like this. He didn't know how to help her but he trusted that Nikita did. The two goddesses had grown close since they first came to this planet. Dragon nodded his head when Pob suggested they focus on the creatures and let the goddesses handle it themselves.

Me agree.

He looked at Nikita.

Me knows you can helps Minity. Helps her and me and Pob kill creatures and keeps them away froms you.

He flew at the creatures as he felt the bullets errupt from the helmet. He clawed at anything within his reach. Determined to destroy as many as he could. The creatures had made him feel weak and powerless. Not going to happen a second time. Although he hadn't heard their scream yet, he focused his hearing on the propeller instead.

02-26-2007, 12:35 PM
Her eyes were like flame when Mahn appeared, but Minity's condition was more important that her need to deal with Mahn. Nikita turned long enough to nod her understanding to Dragon before turning back to regard their capture.

Whatever you are going to do, do it quickly!

Nikita had no doubt that they would be in unimaginable danger if Mahn did not transport Nabu out of here before Minity awoke. It angered her to think that their capture could be so arrogant as to not think that there would be consequences for his actions. It was bad enough that she herself was dealing with the very fabric of reality crumbling the longer she was allowed to dream. To add the cherry to the top, they continual were thrown in with beings that would rather make snap judgements and smug comments about she and Minity without even knowing them. Her eyes momentarily glared at M'Fume before turning back toward Mahn.

02-26-2007, 12:59 PM
Minity moans slightly as she tries to sit up, placing her hand on her head, she begins to look as if she is about to vomit...

What the hell...my hair...is red...I have more power...than normal...Nabu?

Minity's eyes are closed tightly as she holds out her hand, hoping to give more power to her general, unfortunately for her, Nabu has already departed to an unknown location...

02-27-2007, 11:41 AM
Nikita supported Minity as she sat up, waiting to be there incase she was needed. She felt the tug of exhaustion, wandering if it were due to her connection to Minity, or to the result of chaos that Mahn had wrought upon her life. She had come to the conclusion that it was later, tied to the fact that she was dreaming and bound to the consequences of this forbidden act.

There was something that struck her funny, a name, an event, something her mind seemed focused on. She felt odd; her flesh began to tingle and her vision blurred until it was consumed by a blinding white light, that over came her. Nikita was not herself.

02-27-2007, 11:53 AM
Minity moans slightly as she tries to sit up, placing her hand on her head, she begins to look as if she is about to vomit...

What the hell...my hair...is red...I have more power...than normal...Nabu?

Minity's eyes are closed tightly as she holds out her hand, hoping to give more power to her general, unfortunately for her, Nabu has already departed to an unknown location...

And just what exactly is wrong with red hair, my dear sister?! A familiar voice said.

Crouched behind Minity, supporting her sister, Bellona raised an eyebrow.

Come now sister, don't tell me that you've become soft. Have I been reduced to playing nursemaid? She added with amusement.

You destroy planets and conquer civilizations, but you're defeated by your own powers?

Standing to her full height, the Goddess of War offered her sister her hand.

Now, do you want to explain to me, how in Hades I ended up here? I thought we were headed to cleanse the planet Zayas.

02-28-2007, 06:09 AM
Minitys eyes become wide as she hears the voice of her sister, turning slowly to look at this "Bellona" she simply looks with confusion and then seems to quickly stand as she takes Bellona's hand...

hm...if you were my nursemaid, you would be the best one in the universe...besides, you know I prefer darker hair, but the sun changes it all the time

Minity begins playing with her hair as her eyes turn orange as her telepathy begins to scan for the others...and then she thinks...

Sister...did we not already cleanse this planet...I believe it was where I found my armies..

Minity begins to remember the chaos and then suddenly wishes she could go home...She turns to Mahn with anger...

Did you do this to her!!!

((I hope Mahn is till here- LOL))

02-28-2007, 07:28 AM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

As in response to Nabu's plea, Mahn appeared making no noise at all, as if he had been there, standing in mid air, for the entire time.

"You saved them, Nabu. Your mission has been accomplished." As he finished talking, an organic bubble began to cover Minity's general, not caring enough about those around them.

((So do I 8)))


M'Fume had caught a glimpse of Mahn and immediately started shouting to him...

:realmad: "Hey! It'd be helpful to know what the blazes MY mission is so I can do it and break out of here! Better yet? Why don't we skip the whole mission thing and just send me home anyway! Being kidnapped goes against my religion!"

02-28-2007, 03:27 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

Nabu had barely disappeared inside of her organic bubble (http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/viewtopic.php?p=17093) when Mahn, with emotionless eyes, looked at M'Fume not caring enough to even respond; same with Minity.

Moving slowly, he turned to this supposed Bellona and added. "To learn what it is to be in a dream, you have to be a dream of your own, Nikita. How do you pretend to rule over a realm where you have no attachment at all? It shouldn't take you long, but it will definitely change your view of life and dreams."

02-28-2007, 06:01 PM
Bellona gave a hearty laugh.

If I were your nursemaid, you would bet my dearest sister, you would not be wasting away in some bed like an addled human.

Bellona survey's the area, noticing the strange being the others know as Mahn. She smiles a wicked smile at M'Fumes outburst toward this being, revealing in the conflict within him. It was Minity's outburst however, that drew her attention. But when Mahn spoke directly to Bellona and called her Nikita, she raised an eyebrow and commented telepathically to her sister.

Not that I haven't enjoyed this little side trip, but do you mind telling me what in going on, or will I need to shed a little blood to get some answers?

02-28-2007, 06:16 PM
Minity smiles to herself as she places a hand on her chin, after listening to Mahn, she realises Nikita is dreaming and she has copied Minitys sister almost perfectly...but, can she match her prowress in battle...

Take him now...he has trapped us here!

Minity telepathically monitors Nikta's mind, if she truly is channeling Bellona, she will not be able to miss Mahn, and if she does...Minity will force her to return to her normal self. Minity's hand touches her head for a moment...the sudden cermony which shunted her power to Nabu has left a slight strain on the Goddess...

((I need to think of a mission for Minity- lol, at least Nabu will be able to play in CG))

02-28-2007, 07:11 PM
Dragon could care less that Mahn was here and giving out missions. He knew his. To create the universe's largest treasure trove. Well to do that he had to find those dragons to the north who had treasure. Take it for himself. To get to the north, he had to kill these creatures first. He glared at M'Fume for a moment.

Shut up. Kill creatures. Ask questions laters.

He growled and went back to destroying the creatures with his claws.

03-01-2007, 09:04 AM
Minity smiles to herself as she places a hand on her chin, after listening to Mahn, she realises Nikita is dreaming and she has copied Minitys sister almost perfectly...but, can she match her prowress in battle...

Take him now...he has trapped us here!

Minity telepathically monitors Nikta's mind, if she truly is channeling Bellona, she will not be able to miss Mahn, and if she does...Minity will force her to return to her normal self. Minity's hand touches her head for a moment...the sudden cermony which shunted her power to Nabu has left a slight strain on the Goddess...

((I need to think of a mission for Minity- lol, at least Nabu will be able to play in CG))

With Minity's words, Bellona's wicked grin turned into a smile as she suddenly summoned Death Dealer. With the quickness borne of the Goddess of War, she drew her blade and brought it down toward him. Had this truly been Bellona confronting Mahn outside this place, she would have cleaved him in half. Unfortunately for the goddess currently inhabiting the image of the Goddess of War, this was not the case. As soon as the blade hit Mahn's force field, she was knocked back by a blinding white pain, causing her to lose consciousness.

03-01-2007, 09:40 AM
Nikita's unconscious body slid to a stop before Minity. The backlash of energy from Mahn's force field and the power in which Nikita had hit it with was enough to jolt her from this waking dream state. She would not know just how lucky she was that Minity was still telepathically connected to her. Her body still crackled with the energy from the blow, but Minity was accustomed to such psonic attacks that Nikita never felt the full force of it, or the potential damage it could have caused.

03-01-2007, 11:03 AM
Minity quickly catches Nikita and begins to send telepathic signals which allow her mind to rest, and then she looks at Mahn...

I hope your future is bleak that you would treat any being as a toy that you can play with when you please...even the Gods know better than to think that!

03-02-2007, 03:16 PM
http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31 Mahn

Immobile, as usual, Mahn didn't have to defend himself for the attack against him to grow sour. He had heard all kind of threats by his abductees and he had yet to be surprised by one of those claims of anger and impotence. Minity's wasn't the exception. Not today, at least.

"Gods are all powerful when they're in their own worlds, but when I take them here, they're stuck the longest. Arrogance is such a blinding emotion and, to find your way out of here, you all have to get rid of it first. You will leave the island in time, Minity, but there's still a lot you have to learn. You will be more focused than ever and you will hate me, but deep down, you'll be grateful for the time spent on the island."

Turning towards Nikita. "You've already begun your journey. Your father would be so proud of you."

And with those words, he faded away in a blink.

03-02-2007, 08:08 PM
Minity rolls her eyes as she surrounds herself and Nikita in a protective bubble as she mumbles to herself...

Please...Ive already come a long way, the arrogance of such people...wouldnt you agree, oh but you cant can you, your dream has worn you out...you should feel privilaged, few woman can say that about my sister!

Minity laughs to herself as she waves to Dragon, making sure the others are ok...

03-03-2007, 08:56 AM
Nikita moans softly, as her eyes slowly open. She rubs her throbbing head as she lays perfectly still inside Minity's protective bubble. Her first thoughts are filled with despair at the notion she has fallen asleep and killed all but she and Minity. As her senses readjust, she can sense the flow of the elements and the stir of life and relaxes. Of all the things that are going through her mind, Nikita can only smile and say....

I had the most amazing dream.

She began to tell Minity, not knowing that she had actually taken the form of the Goddess of the Sun's warrior sister. Nikita slightly blushed as she continued.

I felt as if I were your sister, Bellona, and that you and I had taken on an army of beings set to be extinct on a planet called Zayas.

I've never felt anything so exhilarating. Nikita whispered.

Or frightening, or even sad. Nikita sat up and looked at Minity.

I have a great admiration for you both. Not even in dreams have I felt such a connection as to feel your emotions on this level. Although you have delivered death, you have a great respect for life.

03-03-2007, 01:41 PM
Minity smiles as Nikita speaks...

yes...I gave up my occupation after that world...it feels like only yesterday, but mortals must choose their own fates, as we choose ours. Bellona supported my descision on that trip, much to her dismay, she so loves grand battles...

Minity turns to look for Nabu...

This must have been what Mahn meant about Nabu...hopefully since they are back home they will find my sister...

03-03-2007, 04:23 PM
Nikita thought about Minity's words.

Yes, I felt a powerful love of battle from her. I imagine this is how my mother felt, but there was something else. She has a great respect for beings with honor, it is difficult for even her to face the destruction of a being with admirable character.

Nikita regards Minity as she continues to speak.

Although her twin sister annoys her; she respect the Goddess of Peace very much, just as she respects and admires you. I feel a kindred spirit within you both, almost as if you are each others soul mates. You understand each other, and what the other must do.

Nikita stands and surveys the land.

I have no doubt that Nabu will find her and that they are at this very minute trying to solve how to get you out of here.

03-07-2007, 04:35 PM
Minity laughs to herself as she waves to Dragon, making sure the others are ok...

As Dragon continued to kill the creatures with Pob's help, he saw Minity wave to him. He waved back.

All okays?

He then went back to destroying the creatures.

03-12-2007, 08:05 AM
A new bubble appeared in front of this motley crew, (http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/viewtopic.php?p=17515) carrying someone new, but not entirely unfamiliar. It popped and Bellona, Goddess of War, was standing right in front of them.

03-12-2007, 09:25 AM
When Bellona appears before the group inside the bubble that Mahn transported her in, she is still laughing.

No kiss goodbye my dear Mahn? She replied to the absent being.

She turned toward Minity and smiled.

I see your "guest," doesn't get out much, my dear sister. For such a powerful being, I am disappointed in his narrow mindedness about "our kind."

The alternate future version of the Goddess of War looks over her sister and the rag tag group she is with. She raises an eyebrow and smiles.

It is good to see you. I apologize that it must be an alternate version of myself, but it seems I'm rather tied up in this time line at the moment. And it is a good excuse to see you as the Goddess of the Sun should be. I was never really fond of the vampiric version of you. Bellona added.

03-12-2007, 07:16 PM
M'Fume did a double-take at the newest arrival. Straight up confused at the slight variance in her appearance, her overall look was still unmistakeable...

"Mom?" :eh:

...was his question to Bellona.

03-12-2007, 07:41 PM
Bellona raised an eyebrow as she took a more thorough look at M'Fume. With access to all the various versions of herself, she realized that this was her son. In her alternate reality, she had never had children. It was not that she'd never thought about it, it was just that events had never unfolded to make it so. With a smile, she addressed the young godling.

I am afraid not my dearest M'Fume. I am merely another version of your mother from a different time and reality.

Bellona crossed her arms and a puzzled look came upon her face.

How did you wind up her my dear M'Fume?

Her face darkened, thinking about Mahn and his "need" to teach all beings. M'Fume may not have been her son by birth, but that did not lessen the natural maternal instincts she felt through the other versions of herself. She would not be leaving her until Minty and M'Fume were safely home.

03-12-2007, 07:52 PM
"Alternate reality? Hunh. Makes sense I guess. You look a lot like my mom but there's some differences as well. Man, ain't this a drag."

He folded his arms and furrowed his brow in unamusement as he floated in the air...

"How else does anyone wind up here? Gods who ain't got nothing else better to do than mess with us mortals. It's a never-ending conspiracy perpetuated by "The Man".

Or in this case, "The Mahn". :mad: "

He then considered his words and who he was talking to...

"Sorry alternate mom. That whole rant against gods didn't include you. You're still the bomb no matter that you're one of them."

03-13-2007, 07:29 AM
Dragon could care less that Mahn was here and giving out missions. He knew his. To create the universe's largest treasure trove. Well to do that he had to find those dragons to the north who had treasure. Take it for himself. To get to the north, he had to kill these creatures first. He glared at M'Fume for a moment.

Shut up. Kill creatures. Ask questions laters.

He growled and went back to destroying the creatures with his claws.

Then he turned his attention to the Dragon for a moment. M'Fume surely didn't forget this comment and responded in his natural Secundae militant tantrum...

:mad: "And don't be telling me to shut up, ya overgrown lizard. Just cause YOU have no problems with jumping through hoops, doesn't mean that I should be someone's puppet too without asking questions."

He went back to folding his arms and spoke outloud...

"Why am I burdened to be the only voice of reason here? Sheesh."

03-13-2007, 08:34 AM
Bellona roared with laughter.

My dearest M'Fume, life is all about under minding the "man." It's called rebellion against authority, and we all have it within us.

She looked deep within this young godling at the stir of conflict and emotion, and for a brief second was tempted to revel in it.

No offense taking my alternate son. She replied with a smile.

Just remember, not all gods are the same. Do not judge the whole by a few miscreants that do not have the wit to behave in a more dignified manner.

She gave a wicked smile.

Although the Goddess of War has had her own obstacles to overcome in the behaving department.

In response to the last comment M'Fume made that was directed toward Dragon, Bellona simply smiled and replied.

Because you are no mere godling my dear alternate son, you come from a rich and powerful heritage. It is no ordinary gods blood that runs through your veins.

03-13-2007, 09:00 AM
:D "Undermining the "Man"."

He smiles for the first time since he showed up here. In fact, the look on his face goes into a thousand mile stare as it seems his reveling in some distant memory of righteous mayhem in the name of the revolution.

"Ah yes. Thanks alternate mom, I needed that dose of realism to bring things back in focus. Uprooting the tyrannical misdeeds of the "man" always can be fun. And I don't mean that all gods are bad. Just 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% of them."

He gave her a raised eyebrow and shook his head at her final comment to him. His words were not irritable, but were more spoken in a matter of fact way...

"Godling? Umm, no. Allow me to do permanent damage to your ignorance alternate mom. I don't have any powers even though your blood do run through my veins. I just have a superior intellect that tends to transcend normal standards. It's an enviable trait, I know. Most gods hate me cause they ain't me."

03-13-2007, 09:09 AM
Bellona laughed and bowed before M'Fume.

Indeed, forgive my ignorance of the situation. I did not fully "look" at you to notice. But then again, there is nothing wrong with any son of Bellona's. My intellect extends to battle, and my alternate son's everything else.

And you are wrong my dear alternate son, you have the most powerful gift in all the known universes. Use it wisely.

03-13-2007, 12:06 PM
Minity laughed greatly at the exchange between Bellona and M'Fume, she quickly left Nikita's side to give her sister a hug...

Whatever universe you come from I know I can count on you! I do hope this wasnt too much of an inconvience...and I didnt want to tell the little thing that he has power...he just is too afraid to use it!

Minity smiles and quickly waves her arm...

This is my new ally Nikita, she is a goddess of dreams, but her powers were altered by Mahn...now when she dreams, her thoughts become tanigible, Ive been trying to help her cope with this, but...you know these types of things simply take time...

Minity's smiles is a bright as a sun as she places her hands together and begins to glow...

Now I assume my girls told you about this place...any ideas on how to get home...OH and have you seen my husband, I was just finishing my travels when I was taken and havent been able to reach him telepathically...I have half a mind to blow this place up to leave...you know I could!

03-13-2007, 12:33 PM
M'Fume folded his arms behind him and nods respectfully to his alternate mother in agreement. Not a moment later does he see the fiery goddess hug his mom, which no doubt raises a curious line of questioning in his head. He lets what appears to be a reunion happen without any additional comments other than to take out a tape recorder from out his backpack and speak into it like a spy...

"M'Fume Diary Recording:

Blow this place up? She can do that? Uh huh. Mental Note: Play nice with this one until you can find a way home. When the way home is assured and the portal is closing behind you, throw cold water on her. With any luck, she'll be so pissed off that she'll go nuclear and take this gawd-forsaken dimension out of it's misery. One less place to worry about.

End recording." :)

03-13-2007, 12:39 PM
Bellona gave another roar of laughter as she embraced Minity.

Never an inconvenience my dear sister. I've always found lots of ways to get into trouble when I'm with you. And you know me, I don't go out of my way to avoid it either.

She looked toward Nikita and a pleasant look of surprise crossed her face.

Ah, Nikita, daughter of Morrigan. It is a pleasure.

Bellona greeted Nikita and then turned her attention back toward Minity. A dark look crossed her face as her eyes took on a bright orange glow.

To answer your question my dearest sister, they have filled me in with all the information at their disposal. It is unfortunate that I can not tell you that I have seen Mattson, my time in your universe was too brief.

As far as getting out of here, it seems that our all knowing abductor decided it was my fate to be here anyway. I have been given a task to complete, one that I might add has a few grey areas to it. Bellona replied with a wicked grin.

It seems that I am to remain Neutral of conflicts, but he never said I couldn't defend myself.

But no matter, let us figure out why you are here and get you home. I have a suspicion that my counter part in your universe will be needing your aid quite soon.

Bellona noticed M'Fume and couldn't help but smile.

M'Fume my dear, meet your Aunt Minity from another time.

03-13-2007, 06:04 PM
Minity whisks her hair and golden rays of light seem to shoot into the sky as she turns, smiles gently, and waves toward M'fume...

He is so cute, Ill have to beat up his father when I get home...no one invited me to a baby shower...or bachelor party...Im always invited to those for some reason...

Minity thinks to herself for a moment and then shakes her head slightly...

Well...about your mission...if you were too...oh I dont know, enter my body, I could destroy everything and you could litterally remain neutral by only watching, it may be dull...OH...perhaps thats how I will get home...by helping you in battle!

Minity laughs at this idea for she knows Bellona needs no help, but suddenly she places a hand on her hip...

Now what's going on back home...My angels will become alerted to any problems...and I know how my sister feels about help...this planet is so dusty...

Minity begins to brush dirt off her shoulder and then a song plays in the atmosphere as minity sings to herself...

If you cant tell I'm quite bored, but our guide is taking us to see some people with power who stole a little girl from our group...

Minity points to the small changeling on the Dragon...

He believes me to be stuck up and arrogant...like everyone else here...I should start to act that way...I wonder how they would feel then!

03-14-2007, 07:01 AM
Bellona smiled as she listened to her sister rapidly cover several topics in one breath. It always amazed her how quickly Minity's mind jumped from one subject to another. Patiently Bellona waited until Minity finished and then began to answer her many questions and speculations.

There would not have been an invitation in the circumstances of M'Fume or M'Fufu. In many timelines my dear sister, their father is not exactly what you would call a nice god. It is M'Fume's alternate self that just recently reunited with your timelines sister. She had no idea about M'Fufu, as his father Enigma had tricked your sister long ago and removed the infant from her before she knew she carried him.

Bellona gave Minity a wicked grin.

The version of myself in your timeline is currently keeping watch over her new son. She is expecting Enigma to return, and she plans to be there to give him a proper welcoming.

It seems I have an affinity for the bad boys and I can't seem to keep myself out of trouble. Bellona continued with her wicked grin.

Fortunately for me, I have not had to deal with this issue. I've been too busy in a world full of war and have been perfectly content mentoring each new generation of warrior.

As for my mission, I'm not really concerned about what I need to do. I came here for you, and knowing now that a son from one of my alternate selves is trapped here as well, I am here for him. I do love a challenge, so let's stick it to the "Mahn," and get all of you off this desolate and depressing rock, that includes all of you here. Bellona said with finality.

Bellona regards the changeling and replies to Minity.

It is the narrow minded that are quick to jump to conclusions and make allegations my dear sister. Do not bother yourself with their small mindedness.

Bellona tapped her chin for a moment as she thought.

What is it that you find to be your strongest weakness my dear sisters? Perhaps that is the key to your quest. Bellona said.

03-14-2007, 08:37 AM
Minity smiled calmly and let a sigh of relief flow from her lungs...if anyone could help her find a way to get off this rock it was Bellona, especially if they wanted to leave and hurt Mahn in the process.

Minity places a hand on her chin as she looks to the sky in a questioning manner...

Well I find that I am impatient for a Goddess...but, when compared to mortals I have waited for long periods of time for what I want...Im nosey, I dont like crowds unless Im swinging a sword at them, because then they fall over like bowling pins!

Minity laughs and then gets back on topic...

I dont know...what would you say my greatest weaknesses are? An outsiders opinion is usually less biased.

03-14-2007, 10:08 AM
Nikita was pleasantly surprised to meet Bellona, even if she was from an alternate universe. She blushed when she realized that the Goddess of War even knew who she was. After proper introductions, Nikita stood quietly while Minity and the others talked. A thought occurred to her, something that may help Minity in her search for answers to her purpose here.

It seems to me. Nikita began.

If you'll pardon the interruption, but it seems that there is a common tone set here by the others regarding those of godhood. We have met many beings that feel that we are all arrogant and self-righteous. Perhaps Minity's purpose is as simple as showing her humble side, a side that doesn't speak of an air of superiority. Nikita continued.

I could be completely wrong, but the undertones are too strong to simply ignore. And then again, it could be that I'm tired of hearing the same thing from people who judge me when they don't even know me. She concluded.

03-14-2007, 12:37 PM
Minity places a hand on her hip as she cant help but have a look of disgust on her face...

While that is an irritating thought, perhaps it is true...I could disguise myself, for if I show my true form, Im afraid people will still make the same judgements, and then simply mock me for being a powerless Goddess.

03-15-2007, 07:08 AM

Bellona's mind strategically begins to analyze all angles to their issue. She raises an eyebrow as her mind plays through various solutions.

No, I don't believe that is the way to go my dear sister. What we need to do is play to this beings ego. Regardless of what he says, Mahn himself is plagued with the same short comings.

A wicked smile spreads across Bellona's lips.

What we need to do is fool Mahn. Even if you change forms, he'll still know that it is you.

((Okay Min! Time for you to announce your idea!!! LOL))

03-15-2007, 07:31 AM
(( Well I think it was really your idea, but I stole it!!!- LOL))

Minitys eyes quickly become wide as she spins around to view Nikita, her veil of privacy quickly covers the 3 goddesses only, she telepathically connects Bellona to the link Minity already shares with Nikita as she begins to speak...

Ok, Nikita, just a little bit ago when you began to dream, you turned into my sister...I mean an exact copy of her, your mannerisms and even the energy signature you gave off...although you didnt have her full power it still felt like you did...what if I put you to sleep and "suggested" that your mind copy my own. You would then complete your task of living a dream, but Mahn will send me home when I assume your form using my sisters and my own advanced power to mimic yours, he'll probably get confused and just send all of us home!

Minity places her hands together and an evil smile curls on her lips...she sends out a telepathic scenario displaying the actual events since she feels words cannot describe it well enough.

03-15-2007, 07:45 AM

Nikita just stared at Minity for several moments. She couldn't believe her ears. She'd never before mimicked her father's powers. Part of her had been revolted by it, simply because of how her father had used them to seduce her mother. But if Minity were right, she could mimic the Goddess of the Sun in ever little detail. Her own father would not know the difference. Once she got over the initial shock, she replied.

It could work. Mahn would not know the difference if we switched places. With you in control, I wouldn't have to worry about tearing the fabric between realms and we could accomplish our task.

Nikita smiled, she liked this idea.

03-15-2007, 07:11 PM
Minity smiles as she sends out a psionic wave rather abruptly causing Nikita to fall asleep. She sends out a signal that will allow Nikita to copy the Sun Goddess and Minity concentrates on making sure the dream state takes the form she wants. She turns to Bellona as she holds her head...

She is more powerful than she realises...

03-16-2007, 06:13 AM
The smile on Nikita's face suddenly went lax as she fell into a deep sleep. She began to dream of the sun, of warmth, power, and things that would normally make the goddess blush. It was as if a sun had been reborn inside of her and her body began to glow until it was white hot. The flesh seemed to melt within the light until it grew so bright that it seemed to burst. Standing before Minity and Bellona was an exact duplicate of Minity, down to the very last molecule.She placed her hand on her chin as she seemed to study her twin directly across from her.

Damn I'm good....

Placing her hands on her hips, she smiled and replied.

And I'm HOT!......

03-16-2007, 06:24 AM

Untapped potential my dear sister. Bellona replied to Minity.

But I believe we are helping her to discover that even now. She said with a wicked grin.

Nikita's transformation was almost blinding. For a brief moment, Bellona thought she might actually have to cover her eyes. She arched an eyebrow in amazement as she stared at the finished product. She could sense that Nikita had copied Minity in every way. If they were to stand side by side, Bellona would have a problem trying to identify who was the real Minity. When she spoke, Bellona roared with laughter.

Now for you're turn, before I go mad with confusion staring at the both of you. She said to her sister.

Bellona's own body began to glow with UE as she prepared to help her sister make her own transformation.

Say the word my dear sister, and we shall begin the charade.

03-16-2007, 09:21 AM
"A veil of privacy?"

M'Fume has seen this effect before back home. The circumstances for seeing it then gave him the same nervousness then as it does right now.

"The fits about to hit the shan."

He grumbled to himself, waiting to see what would happen next. He looked at the dragon and said...

"You wouldn't happen to know what they're doing, would you?"

03-16-2007, 09:32 AM
Minity places her hands on her hips as she watches the bright display unnaffected...She smiles widely as she flips her golden hair back...

Yes I am!

Minity looks at Bellona and quickly nods in agreement, she use the link she has from Nikita and energy begins to spiral from her eyes, as her body shakes, Minity quickly reaches her arm out for her sisters hand as a blackhole seems to engulf her body. With Bellona's help, Minity steps out darker than ever, her eyes pitch black. She snaps her finger and Nightmare curls around her waste. Smiling she looks toward Bellona...


This doesnt flatter my breasts, but it works

Minity smiles deviously...

Do you sense anything from either of us?

03-16-2007, 09:48 AM
Bellona laughs.

No my dear sister, the transformation is complete. I sense no energies that would give either of you away. Although, I believe you will both come out a little different from this experience.

And you'll excuse me if I don't comment on the breasts thing, I'd prefer to look at a Spartan or Roman in full uniform. She added jokingly.

03-16-2007, 09:53 AM
316The new Nikita smiled as she began to day dream...

I like them out of their uniforms...

And then she turns back to Bellona...

OH I have to blush now! I cant think like normal...I have to be demur and polite...

Minity begins to concentrate as she tries to plant subliminal messages in her own mind...

03-16-2007, 10:18 AM
317 Minity flipped her hair back and hooked her arm through "Nikita's."

Really child, you must get over this blushing......

Stick with me and I'll help you get over that....

Minity's twin stopped and looked at Bellona, and then she shook her head.

I keep forgetting that she's actually older than me......

Now what was it we were talking about......oh yeah....Roman and Spartan soldiers...

Minity's twin smiled as if she would looking at them at this very moment.

Definately without the uniforms sister.....all that clothing hides the best parts.....

03-16-2007, 10:38 AM
316"Nikita" smiles shyly as she places her head down, and suddenly the raven angel appears, as if a signal was sent out telling him it was ok to return, but "Nikita" quickly shys away and suddenly the veil of privacy simply dispates as Minitys mental triggers begin to take hold, she telepathically grabs Bellona and says the word to unlock the mental blocks...


"Nikita" then sits down as she touches her head...the tranformation is complete, but she doesnt seem to remember what about her transformed, she looked to the others as she says...

Where do we go from here, Pob has taken care of the beasts with Dragon quite efficiently

03-16-2007, 07:28 PM
Then he turned his attention to the Dragon for a moment. M'Fume surely didn't forget this comment and responded in his natural Secundae militant tantrum...

:mad: "And don't be telling me to shut up, ya overgrown lizard. Just cause YOU have no problems with jumping through hoops, doesn't mean that I should be someone's puppet too without asking questions."

Dragon glared at M'Fume and as he clawed apart one of the creature he told the boy.

Me no lizard! Me Dragon King! Me only listen to Mahn so me gets more treasure! :evil:

Then he went back to killing the creatures, he saw Bellona's entrance but really thought nothing of it. The Gods were so hard to keep up with he had always thought. Being a dragon was simpler. He heard Mattson mentioned and he did know what had happened to him but he thought that telling Minity might really make her blow up this world and he didn't want that to happen not when his treasure was here and there was still more to find.

He grumbled to himself, waiting to see what would happen next. He looked at the dragon and said...

"You wouldn't happen to know what they're doing, would you?"

Nopes, they yous family. Me stopped asking what goddesses do long time ago. Too many headaches if try figures out.

Dragon said taking a break for a moment to kill more creatures and after the he believed he finally killed them all, he stood high in the air with his wings flapping and his claws outstretched. Similar to this:


And began to sing:

:twisted: Me is the game, you no wanna plays me
Me is control, no ways you changes me
Me is you debts, and know you no pays me
Me is you pain, and me know you no takes me

Looks over your shoulder, ready runs
Likes a good little b**** from smoking gun
Me is the game, and me makes the rules
So moves on out, you dies like fool
Tries figure out what me moves gonna be
Come on overs son, why don't yous asks me
No you forgets, there a price you pays
'Cuz me is the game, and me wants to play

Plays the game, yous gonna be the same
Yous gonna change yous name, yous gonna dies in flames
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha
Time plays the game! :twisted:

After a few minutes of singing his great victory he looked at the goddesses still in the privacy veil.

Goes to mountains now?

He wanted to go there to find the other dragons and take their treasure. He proved he was the greatest of the dragons back at his home and he after his victory over these creatures he knew he could prove it to those wannabe dragons of Mahn's world too.

03-19-2007, 09:22 AM
316"Nikita" smiles shyly as she places her head down, and suddenly the raven angel appears, as if a signal was sent out telling him it was ok to return, but "Nikita" quickly shys away and suddenly the veil of privacy simply dispates as Minitys mental triggers begin to take hold, she telepathically grabs Bellona and says the word to unlock the mental blocks...


"Nikita" then sits down as she touches her head...the tranformation is complete, but she doesnt seem to remember what about her transformed, she looked to the others as she says...

Where do we go from here, Pob has taken care of the beasts with Dragon quite efficiently

Bellona smiled when Minity spoke the word that would unlock the metal blocks. Like herself, Minity was proud of who her father was. She cleared her mind and focused on the charade they must now play.

"Minity," my dear, don't you think we should be moving on? I believe you told me that you have a young girl to rescue?

03-19-2007, 09:48 AM
Minity was a little annoyed by the appearance of the rogue angel. With a flip of her wrist she sent him back to the palace she created on this dreadful rock.

I should really put a leash on that one, he's already starting to cause trouble amongst my angels......

Turning toward Bellona, she placed a hand on her hip.

You really should let me just destroy this place sister....I'm already tired of it and this Mahn really p***es me off.

As if remembering about Reagan, Minity brightens up.

Oh, I almost forgot about poor little Reagan......we should go....

Minity held out her hand and helped Nikita to her feet, while easing the pain she felt in her head. She whispered softly to the Goddess of Nightmares.

Are you sure you haven't done anything with my angel dear.....he sure is love sick.....

Minity laughed.

Perhaps I'll give him to you as your very own pet.....

Minity snapped her fingers and took her seat on their flying carpet to let Pob know she was ready to go.

03-19-2007, 02:01 PM

Pob dropped off the dragon and resumed a flying form, satisfied of having disposed of the vile creatures. He managed to glide over to the carpet and dropped exhauseted onto the closest one (The same one M'Fume is on).

"Well, that's the last of them. I hurt EVERYWHERE!"

Turning to the gathered Goddesses, including the new arrival, "Oh! There someone new. Welcome"
Something caught the corner of Pob's eye and he turned. His face then turned into a large lenze of some kind.

"Hmmm. Looks like our welcoming party is on the way. If you look over there (Points), you can see the flying machines approaching."

In the distance (for those who could see that far), there was a group of twenty (or so) flying mototcycles. Each one carrying a driver and two Gunmen (Women it turns out). Large loops of braided hair could be seen flying around the cycles, making for an odd looking crew on approach.

03-19-2007, 05:54 PM
Dragon shook his head after Pob left. His ears ringed a little. He was happy the goddesses were ready to leave and went to check on Gabriel and Blujay. Both were okay as were his treasures. He saw the flying motorcycles coming towards them.

Now whats?!? Me needs to gets to mountains!!!!

Dragon thought of the dragons at the mountains who were supposed to have large hordes. He needed to get there. He had forgotten about Regan to be honest, all he cared about was getting to the mountains now. He was growing impatient too.

03-21-2007, 12:46 PM
Bellona turns and looks in the direction that Pob mentions.

Valkryie on motorcycles. She laughed in amusement.

If only Brynhild where here to see.

Bellona returned her gaze to Pob and the irritated Dragon.

Calm yourself my dear Dragon, we will begin your hunt for treasure soon enough.

Bellona then stood beside her sister who had taken a seat on the floating carpet and she whispered.

And you behave yourself as well. Surely you do not want me to fail in my own task of remaining neutral. As much as it makes me ill, I am determined to get us both off this desolate rock.

03-21-2007, 12:57 PM
Suddenly three angels appear while Minity relaxes on her floating carpet. One fans her as the other massages her shoulders and another one brings her a drink. She pets the angel on the head and shoos him over to offer drinks to Bellona, and Nikita. Minity doesn't bother looking up in the direction of their in coming visitors....

It's about time....

Minity looks up at her sister and rolls her eyes, before giving her a sly smile...


Minity said through taking sips of her drink...

You should try one of these, they're the best and they'll help you to relax a little....

03-21-2007, 04:27 PM
Bellona returned her gaze to Pob and the irritated Dragon.

Calm yourself my dear Dragon, we will begin your hunt for treasure soon enough.

Dragon calmed down a little bit when Bellona addressed him. Anyone could see his impatience but he tried to make it less visible. Honestly if he wasn't fond of Minity and had grown to care in his way about Nikita, he would have gone on his own by now. But he didn't want to leave the goddesses on their own, no matter how powerful he knew they were.

Fines but needs to get to mountains soons. Me just haves to know if the other dragons are real.

03-21-2007, 09:49 PM
Suddenly three angels appear while Minity relaxes on her floating carpet. One fans her as the other massages her shoulders and another one brings her a drink. She pets the angel on the head and shoos him over to offer drinks to Bellona, and Nikita. Minity doesn't bother looking up in the direction of their in coming visitors....

It's about time....

Minity looks up at her sister and rolls her eyes, before giving her a sly smile...


Minity said through taking sips of her drink...

You should try one of these, they're the best and they'll help you to relax a little....

316 Nikita looks somewhat disappointed as she scans the welcoming party...

They are hardly any of them...They must really not like Gods here, at least humans have the decency to send entire armies...well, so Ive heard.

Nikita stands tall as she looks toward Minity and takes a glass from one of the angels, she sips it as she waits for the Valkyries to arrive, and giggles slightly...

They are really going to think we are arrogant now! But your right, the drink is quite, it almost reminds me of my mother...

Nikita quickly changes the subject as she reminds everyone not to be too hostile towards their welcoming party...

We dont need another fight, so everyone play nice, if we can just get the girl we can finally be on our way!

03-22-2007, 12:31 PM
Minity took another drink and waved her hand in a dismissive manner.

They can think what they want, I'm beyond that now......

She gave her sister another wicked grin......

I'll just destroy this place and be done with it.......

Before Minity finished her drink, one of her angels had another to hand her. She reclined back on her flying rug and yawned out of boredom as she waited with no particular interest for the arrival of their company...

03-22-2007, 12:41 PM
Bellona nearly choked on her drink when she heard Minity. If there was one thing she knew, it was if either of them lost their temper, the universe felt the repercussions. Clearing her throat, she tried to turn the conversation toward something else. She turned to Nikita and began to engage the rather shy goddess in conversation.

Tell me my dearest Nikita, how is your mother? I haven't seen her in a long time. And what does the daughter of the Celtic Goddess of War do? Please, I am most intrigued.

03-26-2007, 09:05 AM
316 Nikita smiled slightly at Minitys thought, and wondered why she was felt the same way, either way, she became distracted by the angels as they began to focus their attention on her, it was almost as if they were trying to serve her the way they had been serving Minity...She breathed a sigh of relief as Bellona spoke, but found it odd that she had no answer to her question...

I dont know...My mother has been absent for some time as of late, but she was always strong willed and never did let others hold her back for too long. I on the other hand prefer to influence my followers through their dreams, hoping to inspire them through that realm rather than through war, although I am no stranger to the act, and am more than willing to participate if need be. However, lately I have been trying to train the daughter of Hades and Circe, Tienna a goddess of Nature. She has great potential but needs more guidance.

03-26-2007, 07:29 PM
Dragon looked at the goddesses who were just talking to each and then back at the welcoming party. Mountains...He needed to get there. They were calling his name. Dragon flew towards the new arrivals.

Which ways to mountains?

03-27-2007, 12:31 PM
Bellona smiled as she crossed her arms over her chest.

Such a thing can be said about any god who bares the title of war my dearest Nikita. But I am sorry to hear that you have not seen her for some time, it seems to be the trend for most of the old gods.

Each of us has a purpose, whether it be in dreams or war, there is no need to feel ashamed. But it is good to hear that you are not against the idea of battle if it is called for. Bellona added with a sly grin to Nikita's response concerning her gifts.

She arches an eyebrow at the mention of Tienna.

Hmmm.......the name is familiar with me. Bellona replied.

03-27-2007, 12:49 PM
With a sigh of boredom, Minity took a sip of her drink.....

Oh, Tienna you remember her sister........she was at my wedding.

Thin shy girl, almost looked as good as me.......I'm sure she gets her looks from my side of the family......somewhere.

Minity laughed and took another sip of her drink.

03-28-2007, 10:28 AM
Dragon looked at the goddesses who were just talking to each and then back at the welcoming party. Mountains...He needed to get there. They were calling his name. Dragon flew towards the new arrivals.

Which ways to mountains?

M'Fume just shook his head and says sarcastically...

"The mountains? You looking for the mountains? I think I can help. Just a moment."

M'Fume cups his hands to his mouth like a megaphone and shouts out...


He turned back to the Dragon and says...

"Hang tight homie. Someone is bound to show up with a map to wherever you got to go."

03-28-2007, 11:13 AM
Valkyrie Fighters

The motorcycles approached the group, braids flying in all directions. They stopped as a group and the rider of the lead motorcycle took off her helmet.

A stern looking woman with large brown braids and a handsome, but not necessarilly pretty face, addressed the combined team. she seemed to be carrying a large weapon of some kind, along with an enormous sword that was tied down to the side of her flying machine.

"You are da Godesses, ya? I am Mita, follow me. Ve vill take you to your destination. Ve tried to intercept der Heart Seekers before dey arrived, but ve vere ambushed too. But dat is how var goes, ya? HahahahahahAHAHAH" and Mita's face twisted into a bizarre looking shape as the intimidating woman laughed. The other riders joined in and all were shaking in their seats, adding their laughter to their leader's.

03-28-2007, 03:40 PM
Dragon rolled his eyes at M'Fume.

Me sure if there weres map, Pob would haves it. :roll:

He listened to the Valkyrie Fighters laugh and sighed.

So we goings?

03-28-2007, 09:23 PM
316Suddenly "Nikita's" true face began to appear as the most disgusted look crossed her face, if only for a split second before her mental blocks emerged forcing her back into character...[/i]

Dragon is right, we need to be off...We all have things that need to be done. I still dont understand why we needed to take such a long trip, how hard could be to teleport to this place?

Nikita turns to Bellona...

Um...Brunhilde and her sisters never looked like this...I dont know how I know her though...Im getting very confused...

Nikita's eyes turn black as she touches her forhead...

03-29-2007, 06:52 AM
"Minity" rolled her eyes at the Valkyrie.

Do you see any other goddess standing around?

At the same instant that "Nikita's eyes turned black, and she touched her forehead,"Minity's" eyes flashed a deep red...

03-29-2007, 07:11 AM
If it were not for the seriousness of the situation, Bellona would have had a gut busting laugh over this whole affair. But this was neither the time nor the place, and when it came down to business, Bellona was as serious as they get. Before addressing the Valkyrie, she turned to deal with her other small problem.

Your link with my "sister," my dearest "Nikita." You are seeing what she knows to be her version of Brynhild. Trust me, these are not the Valkyrie in question, just remain alert and try not to tax your connection with "Minity."

Now to the other issue.

Sister dear, I abhor the constant distractions as well as you do, but remember we have a goal, so try and keep your temper. She replied telepathically to "Minity."

Bellona moved over to stand next to M'Fume. She placed a hand on the young boy's shoulder. Checking to make sure all was calm for the moment, she addressed the Valkyrie Mita.

Yes, we are the goddesses in question. I would advise that we cut with the chatter and get on with business. As you can see, the mood around here does not sit well at the moment for humor. Perhaps when we reach our destination, we can drink and laugh over some warm ale.

Bellona's eyes held a soft orange aura, as she strengthened her connection between the other two goddesses. With Minity and Nikita already linked, her words meant for Minity would reach her even if she addressed Nikita.

03-29-2007, 08:08 PM
Dragon was excited that the goddesses agreed that they needed to move along.

Yes! Yes! Me agrees! Needs gets to mountains and afters me takes all treasure from second class dragons, we finds...What her name.... :eh:

Gabriel tapped Dragon's claw and muttered.

Regan my lord.

Oh yes! Regan! We needs finds Regan! :mrgreen:

04-02-2007, 10:39 AM
Valkyrie Fighters

If the riders had taken any offense to Bellona's comment, they certainly didn't show it. Mita, the leader simply shrugged and turned her bike around. The rest of the crew followed suit.

Mita then addressed the group. "Stay close and ve vill protect you. You have no need to be afraid, the creatures should leave us alone. I am glad to hear that you vant to get moving, I am no ambassador and the though of dealing vit prissy Goddesses didn't thrill me. I'm a voman of action and am glad to see zat alzo are you."

With that, the flying motorcycles took off with a roar.

04-02-2007, 08:00 PM
Dragon watched Mita and her fighters turn their motorcycles around.

No afraids. Me no needs protection. Me kills creatures with Pob. B)

He then quickly flew behind them. He couldn't wait until he got to the mountains. He was getting excited.

04-05-2007, 09:23 AM

He had just sat there and watched the exchange between the Valkyries and the Godesses with a little fear. He knew that the Valkyries were quite powerful and that the Godesses he was travelling with had quick tempers. Not being a God himself, he was a bit nervous about getting caught in the middle of a fight between the two groups. However, he thought abour the young girl they were trying to rescue and felt a twinge of sadness.

"Excuse me, Ladies. I need to tell you that I have fulfilled my contract to the Genie by delivering you into the hands of Regan's Captors. But, if you wish , I would like to assist you in your rescue mission........for free, if you'll have me. I'm no God, and cannot approach your level of power, but I am usefull in other ways."

04-05-2007, 11:47 PM
Nikita smiles as she nods in an approving manner

We would love for you to accompany us...

however, bellona would be able to sense the disapproving thoughts floating around "Nikita's" mind...constantly repeating...there is no place like home, no place like home...

04-10-2007, 09:13 AM
Bellona raised an eyebrow.


That was one she'd never heard. The Goddess of War, prissy! The words were on her tongue but never left her mouth. The thought of being here any longer than necessary was enough to keep her from opening a can of worms. Her sister's words echoed in her mind, and she could not help but echo those same thoughts. To think she could be back in her own time doing something a lot more entertaining and satisfying raised her anger a notch.

Then let us be on our way. Bellona replied.

04-10-2007, 09:26 AM
"Minity" watched in anticipation, hoping that Bellona would make something of this increasingly irritating state they were in. She was disappointed when nothing came from the valkyrie's statement.....

Just when I thought things might get a little more interesting around here......

I must say sister, I'm impressed with the self control....

Minity responded telepathically.

Although at this point I'd rather have seen you clean the floor with them.....I mean really PRISSY!!

"Minity" laughed and then rubbed her temple....

This place is seriously working on my last nerve.....

04-10-2007, 05:51 PM
Dragon nodded his head eagerly at Pob.

Yes you comes. Me needs you to gets to mountains.

05-02-2007, 10:11 AM
Valkyrie Warriors

The flying machines sped towards the city. On the grounds, the entire landscape was devastated. The entire area was demolished and seemed abandoned. Occasionally, a group of scavengers could be seen rummaging through the rubble looking for pieces to salvage and sell back to the warring parting.

Rather than entering the city proper, which seemed to be smoldering from a recent battle, they stayed in the outskirts.

The group of flying machines started to descend towards a clearing where a group of people stood waiting.

The man standing at the front of the group was a diminutive elderly man from whom massive amounts of power emanated. Behind him stood three other men. They were all heavily armed and armored and wore grim faces behind their helms.

As the Group approached the old man said, "I am Colin, and I lead here. We are losing a war whose implications would be disastrous for all. Our tactics for getting you here were cruel, but necessary. Follow the instructions and the girl will not be harmed."

"Here is what we need you to do: Our Enemies have allied themselves with a group of creatures from behind one of the protected veils. The flying creatures you encountered on your way here were mere scouts for them."

"They have the ability to nullify powers as they come from a realm where magic and Godly abilities do not exist."

"Your mission is simple: They have taken a mighty weapon of ours, without which victory is impossible, and reality as we know it will end." At the mention of the weapon, one of the men in the back twitched excitedly. That man was easily the largest man anyone had ever seen.

"The Riders will take you to the entrance to the creature's realms, but will not enter with you. You may take anyone with you who came with you and may take any weapons or equipment from our stores that you wish, but none of us are allowed to go with you."

"I hope that after you have recovered the weapon and come to understand our plight, you will not judge our actions too harshly. In the end it doesn't matter as we are dealing with the fate of reality itself, and sometime the ends justify the means."

"Do you have any questions?"

05-03-2007, 07:49 AM
Suddenly "Nikita's" skin begins to slide away to reveal the glowing goddess of the sun underneath, she shrugs at herself and Bellona as she speaks...

What? I just couldnt keep the form any more, but its time for Nikita to wake up...

And suddenly Minitys eyes glow as she sends a psychic shock to Nikita, she then angrily turns to the group of men in front of her...

What the hell is wrong with you people!?

We are chastized our entire journey and you have the nerve to manipulate us into doing your bidding, you obviously do not know how to accrue allies, all you needed to do was ask for our assistance, what makes you so sure I wont just say screw the girl and go about my business?!

Minity then scans information to only Nikita and Bellona...

**Nikita hows control over the dreaming coming, with assistance from Bellona and I, I'm sure you could "adjust" the biological make-up of these beings so that our powers affect them, I can leave you in a veil of privacy so you can concentrate as my Sister and I wreak havoc like in the olden days...oh wait...is there where you supposed to be neutral Bellona? what if you just killed everything without discrimination...technically that is neutral, we can kill this Colin's men when we return with their weapon!**

Minity rubs her hands together as her eyes glow and wicked grin crosses her lips...She has been held back too long and now she wishes to show these blasphemous mortals the true power of a scorned Goddess!

((PM Tigers))

05-03-2007, 09:48 AM
:realmad: Whats?!? :realmad:

Dragon had been just flying along dreaming of treasure until they came to this place and met Colin. He saw red when he found out that they were being used to get back some weapon. Another side task that would keep him away from the mountains. With smoke blowing out his nostrils into Colin's face, Dragon jabbed his claw at the leader.

Me wants go mountains not finds yous weapon! Me beens patient, me waits long time, but me sicks of it! Gives back girl and tells me direction to mountains!

:evil: NOW!!! :evil:

05-03-2007, 01:16 PM
Mysterious Warriors

Colin looked up at the enormous Dragon, looked back at Minity and said, "Please tell this creature to remove itself. My requirement is only for you, Minity, and Nikita here, not to the others. If they choose to follow you, then all the better, but the Two of you MUST go."

He then addressed the riders sitting behind the group and said, "Mita! Make sure the ladies are appropriately equipped, along with those who will accompany them. Any who are not going along with them should either join the battle, or leave."

Mita tilted her head and replied, "It will be done."

05-03-2007, 03:33 PM
Me nots her pet!

Dragon yelled at Colin, how dare that punk disrespect him? He was the Dragon King he should be showed respect not treated like he was some little dog. He was beyond angry and said to Colin.

Me leaves if you tells me how gets to mountains.

05-11-2007, 08:45 AM

Bellona let loose a hearty laugh.

You lasted longer than I thought; but I must say my dearest sister, no matter what form you are in I always enjoy your company.

Bellona appears as if she had ignored all that has been going on around her, but in truth she had heard every word. She ponders Minity's words a moment before responding. It is obvious that she is not at all pleased with having to remain neutral or to being left behind.

I can feel your anxiousness to end this all now, and trust me dear sister when i say that I am even closer to that feeling myself. You must go with Nikita and finish this, I will remain here with the others and try and hold my temper. The urge for battle is strong, but the urge to get out of this place so that I can battle, is even stronger.

05-11-2007, 11:02 AM

Nikita was only affected slightly by Minity's mental shock, it seems the longer the two goddesses are connected the less of a shock Nikita suffered to her system. The only visible affect was the brief touch to her forehead, indicating a small headache. When Minity spoke, Nikita was fully alert to their situation and all that had transpired.

Much better. She replied to Minity's quetion before putting some thought into her next inquiry.

There is something we can try. Even though a creature may not remember their dreams, they have them no the less. With Minity's abilities, if I can physically touch one of these creatures, she can open their mind and allow me entrance into that part that holds all dreams. I can take a back door into the dream realm and access their weakness.

Almost as an after thought, a sign of Nikita taking both forms of her allies, she added.

Or, we can simply attack them until we destroy them.

05-15-2007, 07:34 PM
Dragon was very angry at Colin. All this and for what? Because Minity and Nikita had to find some dumb weapon and bring it back to them. The weapon probably wasn't worth anything. Look at this damn town, nothing worth taking. But he still ordered Gabriel and Blujay to look around anyway. If it wasn't for Minity he would have just said screw it all and left. But he cared for Minity and would protect her. He looked at Minity.

Let finds dumb weapon and gets Regan. These peoples useless.

He jabbed his claw at Colin.

Thens you tells me where mountains are! Gets map readys, won't takes long bring back you cheap weapon.

05-16-2007, 08:49 AM
Mysterious Warriors

"ENOUGH!" Yelled Colin and at that instant, the whole group vanished.


Pob walked up to Dragons and said, "I'll help you find your gold when the time comes. Let's just save that little girl."

Valkyrie Warriors

"Those of you that are going after the weapon, come with me to the armory. Those of you that are not, leave now." Mita and her group started her flying machines and leap into the sky.

(Quick post to get things moving, but I've been crazy busy these days...Sorry again)

05-16-2007, 12:47 PM
((It's okay. Nice to see you. :) ))

Maybes you needs blood pressure pill Colin. :p

Dragon said and stuck his tongue out at him. He nodded his head at Pob.

Works for me. Me sures it won't takes long finds weapon.

He looked at Mita.

Me no needs weapons or armor. No one cans beats me! :D