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08-09-2004, 06:44 PM
Appears in the middle of the Quadrant.

So much has changed. So much destroyed for what cost? Many brave mortals gave their existence to save their homes. They shall be remembered. First, I must see what was.

Images flash showing the Quadrant's planets from the golden age to now.

...Neo Primordial. Neo Avatar tentatively designated this planet to be the likely seat of power of his Imperium. And the seat of power it became. With the great adminsitrative building constantly busy handling affairs of the realm. A land of splendor and intregue where the castle of the First stands...

...Neo Stronghold. Special intel report that the out-laying location of this planet is highly situable as a defence area, and as such can act as a first resort of defence for Neo's Imperium. Hence it's chosen name. Mostly unused before the War, it now houses most of the survivors...

...Neo Bastille. Special intel report that the out-laying location of this planet is highly situable as a defence area, and as such can act as a second resort of defence for Neo's Imperium. And if the forces did not fall back to Stronghold, they came here. Both planets are experiencing supply shortages due to the massive population increases...

...Neo Mega-Domicile. A world of massive cities used mostly to house the populace and for commericial related work with low industry. Sadly, it was the site of two major battles. Lord Mattson and Ares caused much damage that was hardly repeaired with the Negation launched an all out assult forcing a posion gas weapon to be released. The planet now sits lifeless...

...Neopolis-Prime. Special intel report that it's citizens are excellent tutors by nature and they take pride in their numerous prestigeous academies. Our Neo made arrangements to select a huge contingent of their tutors and have them sent to the new planet-wide Secondae Orphanage he helped Sil build. The palent was later renamed Neo Veritas when Lord Mattson took direct control. Academia and Research are the main focuses of the planet. It also houses one of the Monitor Towers which serves as a back up to the one on the Keep...

...Neo Haven. The planet's exceptionally beautiful landscape and abundant resources has prompted Neo to designate it as a special family retreat for himself and his family. Mattson has opened the planet as a retreat for other powered or wealthy beings in the universe. Pollution and destruction result in immediate bansihment and black listing across the entire Quadrant...

...Neo Acropolis. The second largest residential planet around. Though more industrial then commercial, its diversified shortly before the war which has allowed for the Quadrant's recovery far easier then originally beleived. It will only grow with the damage done to Mega-Domicle...

...Matrix Glade. Special intel reports state that the lush, green, savannah-like-flatlands landscape of this planet will make a perfect concert area for the band "Crossjam", plus it's hundreds of cities that deal exclusively in hard liquor, entertainment centers and eight-star hotels will provide ample business to furure concert-goers. While heavily damaged by the War, this planet has been quick to recover as many soldiers spent their leave here...

...Neo Crest. Special intel report states that the strange elevation of this planet's orbit-range in restrospect to the other planets in this quadrant has prompted Neo to bestow the place with such a name. The planet also has a satellites that closely resembles the personal crest of Neo. Many industrial facilities are located here...

...Neo Glade. One of the more mystical planets in the Quadrant. Its features the great beasts range and Silent Angel's memorial park. Damage here was minimal but the vast reduction in dragons means some parts can be turned to grazing lands for other animals. The Dragon Knights are also trained here...

...Matrix Pinnacle. The military center of the Quadrant. Most war tech is actually built here. The Quadrant shipyards orbit the planet and have been constently rebuilt due to damage from Negation assults...

...Neo Kat'e'dral, Homeworld of Kat, A mostly agricutural planet with strong defensive capibilities. (This planet won't see much use because its Kat's I list it here just to establish its existence)

Mattson sighed. So much work to be done. First released the standing effect he had placed and the Quadrant returned from hiding. Next, he sent word to open communications channels so releif could be sent to those who needed it. Then he looked at the huge sea of wreakage. Calling upon the power of the Quadrant he began pulling the remains of destroyed ships towards Neo Mega-Domicle. Placing the debris feilds into ring like orbits, he sent a decree.

Mega-Domicle is no more. Let this rock be know of Matrix Sacrifice. A planet set to remember all who gave their lives to the Quadrant's defense in our darkest hour.

Furthermore, the planets of my children are hereby now considered allied soverign entities.

Cuping his hands, Mattson sent forth the Keep to begin circling the Neo Primodial. The Ministry of Vision restored.

The four towers of the keep rose a few more floors and a thinner fifth tower joined them this one devoid of nesting grounds for the dragons. The new tower, taller thent he rest contained the redesigned monitor room. Floating screens lined the walls from floor to ceiling with a large blank screen as tall as a man directly opposite from the door.

Several other rooms were renewed and altered. The statue garden found itself leading to a hot spring now. The ball room was redecorated with images of family and allies from across the universe. The armory was relocated to across from the training arena. The viking bot village, brewery, and forging pits were enlarged. Big Moe's bar was lengthened and give a seprate entrence incase of docking ships near the north tower. The bio sphere was placed near the left tower. The right tower was given a slightly more inviting feel and left empty for Sf and Optimus to use for whatever business they would need it for.

Finally the south tower was given a new entrence with an open eye on its doors. It would serve as the main area for all affairs relating to the Ministry of Vision.

08-10-2004, 04:44 AM
Mattson teleportaled to the Palace of the First.

Generals? Jordace? Where are my inner council?

Random Character
08-10-2004, 07:24 PM
A woman wearing a Matrix uniform and glasses enters.

Oh, my leige. I was unsure if you had returned. The Council of Ministers relocated during the War and have not yet returned. Repairs should be finished within the week.

Oh, and forgive me. My name is Elixia. I was named as Jordache's replacement.

08-11-2004, 03:56 PM
Very well, Lady Elixia. See to it the armed forces stand down from red alert and begin transporting the civilian populations back. Those from Mega-Domicle can relocate where they wish, expenses covered.

Random Character
08-14-2004, 03:27 AM
Elixia noded and bowed.

Yes, my leige.

And, sire, you have not asked why I was qualified to become liason for the Quadrant. Why?

08-14-2004, 03:56 AM
Simple. You didn't flinch from talking with me. You are respectful but not a suck up. Your stance suggests one of the special branches of training. A dragon knight* would never take this asignment if their dragon was alive and if it was dead still wouldn't get it due to the greif of losing their dragon. A blade king* is more arrogent and would have carried their blade in here. So that means you must be a gun saint*. Granted I haven't had time to monitor that program but reports indicated it was doing quite well before the recent troubles. How many coins are you?

(*Dragon knights are an elite devision of the Matrix armed forces. Men and women who form a bond with one of the local dragons to become more the mortal. Most can accompany the dragon on inter system flights, battle a small army, and the greatest can call forth a dragon's power through their hands.

Blade kings are the second brach of the elite. Masters with any bladed weapon. Most display an arrogence but their speed, reflexes and strength usually justify it. All are trained in ways of drawing universal energy through their blades for spectacular effects.

Gun Saints are the newest branch. Fast, silent and impressively tough. They serve both as ranged fighters or professional killers. Rankings are based on the number of coins once can bounce a bullet off of and hit the bullseye.)

Random Character
08-15-2004, 10:41 AM
Five, sire.

If you don't mind, you hand?

08-15-2004, 10:53 AM
Holds up the golden hand

Lost in the War. I transformed the Warrior's Edge.

Opens a comportal.

SF, Optimus. I have bad news. The blade you crafted from your energies exploded. I'm sorry. It was used well and helped end the war.

08-16-2004, 02:24 PM
Soon a portal (http://www.forumcorp.com/jsanborn/viewtopic.php?p=15734#15734) opens containing the image of Minity...she smiles at LM and blows him a kiss...

Hunny bunny!...I ...have a favor to ask...you see there is this wretched little Secundae who wants to find that ugly human, who led the Negation...Charon...apperently he raped her, I think she is lying but...owell, Id like to help her find Charon, just so i can listen to the conversation then watch as she dies...sooooo I asked the orange one...Qwaring...but he told me he would only help if I allowed him to study your power crystal, and any information on it...for a week...and then he swore to give it back...

will you help me in my schemes!? :wub:

Minity confidently smiles and awaits LMs response

Random Character
08-16-2004, 04:01 PM
Given LM was in mid comportal, Elixia took the moment to bow. The green haired woman hoped she would at least make a good impression.

Greetings my queen. I am Elixia, liason between the Matrix ministry and the royal family. If you require anything while here, it is my duty to get it.

08-16-2004, 04:26 PM
The power crystal is all thats left of my childhood. I've had it forever. But you are my beloved and if you need it, it is yours. I do hope you are careful. If this Charon is the leader of the Negation then he may be more powerful then his armies were.

Opens a teleportal and retreives the crystal

(Relavent info-the gem works for anyone to heighten and stablize their powers. Intent of the use also factors in. The gem is Dexter in nature but a selfish reasoning for an action deemed selfless will draw forth its full powers.)

08-16-2004, 04:55 PM
Minity smiles brightly as she reaches for the crystal...and then looks at Elixia...

well arent you something...I LIKE you!...If he gets to demanding on you...YOU just come to ME! ;)

and I promise, honey...NOTHING bad will happen to the crystal...or the orange one will pay for it with his head :twisted:

I will deliever it to you myself personally!

Minity blows LM a kiss and waves to Elixia, as she closes the portal to her world...

Random Character
08-16-2004, 05:21 PM
Elixia noded.

Of course, my queen.

08-16-2004, 05:45 PM
Thats my girl. I'm certain she'll at least have fun with whatever trouble she finds. Now if only my damn kids would quit fooling around and accept my message.

08-20-2004, 01:55 PM
A familiar presence appeared in the Center of Neo Primordial. It's first appearance was a mere ball of light that appeared upon a balcony that overlooked the center of the main city. There was a statue of an angel and a queen in the very center. The being that appeared on the balcony was that very angel. She wore long flowing white robes and had long golden hair that shined like the morning sun. In her arms, also bathed in white clothing, was a small child no more than a year old with bright emeral eyes and curly black hair. The hazel eyes of the angel looked down upon the square of people. She remained unnoticed.

The room that the balcony stemmed from had not been entered or used in a long, long time. It was the bedroom of Neo and Sil, the once King and Queen of the Matrix Quadrant.

The Angel rocked the infant child in her arms and watched the mortals below with a serious, yet peaceful expression. Someone within the Quadrants security should detect her energy signature soon. Soon they would come to her. Soon they would know she's been reborn.

08-21-2004, 11:09 PM
Minity soon teleports in with Foxy in tow...everything about the two looks normal, but Minity could be hiding something...she contacts LM telepathicaly and signals to Foxy with her finger, as if to say this should take a moment...

"hunny bunny, Foxy, and I are going to play with some mortals, and maybe explore a new planet that calls, you may join us if you wish..."

((Min isnt near SIl, and doesnt sense her cause she...hasnt tried too))

08-21-2004, 11:12 PM
Foxy looks Mattson over at lightly nods obviously studying him intently.

08-21-2004, 11:15 PM
((just been informed my hunny bunny is in Indy- lol o well))

Minity gets a quick response, and soon notices that LM is quite pre-occupied...so she creates another portal and looks at Foxy...

I think its just us...he'll join later if he can!

and they soon disappeer again, this time to Reshaneal

08-24-2004, 10:50 PM
Finishes the conversation with SF and Optimus and closes the teleportal in time to see Minity and Foxy leave.

Elixia, set a meeting with the council once the repairs permit it and use the monitor tower to contact me. I leave the Quadrant to them and you. The people here are depending on you.

Teleportals after Minity just before Matric Security enters with word of a strange energy spike within the sealed rooms.

Random Character
08-25-2004, 12:56 AM
Elixia listened to the security teams report and walked towards the sealed chambers. She drew two highly modified heavy pistols and announced the voice access codes to open the area.

Stay here. A gun saint should be able to discover what is behind this.

And with that she went inside. Zeroing in on the ener gy pattern via a HUD crystal attached to her glasses, Elixia found something that left her speechless for a moment.

My lady, Silent Angel? How did you return?

08-25-2004, 06:50 PM
((I hope this tidbit is okay, Mattson. Let me know))

My lady, Silent Angel? How did you return?


The Queen Mother of the Matrix Quadrant turned to Elixia and the security teams whom had bowed in the sight and presence of their late Matriarch. There was a soft smile upon her face that could be described in no small set of words. Light seemed to radiate from her until she turned to face them, like some mystical elfin being or a heavenly saint. The beautiful white wings at her back stretched in the large space of the balcony and then curled close around she and the youngest princess of the Matrix Quadrant. She bowed her head to the guards and teams and they rose.

"My journey has been long and arduous. I wish to rest and find peace among my kingdom... I do not feel my son."

She closed her eyes and stretched her senses, after a moment opening them and placing Cao in the white laced crib that had been fashioned after the wedding of Neo and Sil... in hopes that they would bear another child and raise her... together. Sil spoke of non of these troubles as she kissed the tiny hands of her baby and smiled a smile that only a mother could have.

"You replace Jordache. He was a good man. Honor him and his family with a festal week and tournaments."

08-25-2004, 07:50 PM
::The infant child stared up at her mother with emerald wonder in her eyes. At the kisses she squealed and kicked her baby feet. Her little arms waved as she was set into the comforting confines of the cradle. It felt right. Safe. This world felt familiar yet she'd never been here before. She managed a glimpse at Elixia before she was lost in the lace of the cradle. She looked like Neo. Black curls that still had the fuzz of a baby and the most intriguing emerald eyes...

Cao cooed and yawned::


Random Character
08-26-2004, 03:46 AM
Elixia nodded.

By your will, my queen. As for Lord Mattson, he left for some time with his bride, Queen Minity. I have a means of contacting him. And please forgive the mess. The recent damage to the Quadrant was quite extensive. Your return will surely lift the spirits of the people.

(Its good Sil. I'll only give this hint-Elixia will be a player in a future plot or two. Also, if you have any input or requests for the Quadrant, let me know.)

08-26-2004, 10:54 AM
((Ah... new plots for the future. I'll think on stuff for the MQ when job training is over. New Sil avatar look okay?))

Sil's expression did not change from the calm, peaceful look she'd held since she'd arrived. Her hazel eyes looked down upon Elixia with a deep mixture of insight and knowledge. She turned from her only to touch upon the mahogany bedframe of her canopy bed. There were large chips and gashes in it. Damage indeed. Her fingertips touched it and with a soft glow of white light, the damage slowly began to fade, as if the very wood was regenerating itself before their eyes.

"Then I will go to my people."

Her white wings flew from her sides as she exited to the balcony. She had seen the extent of the damage done to her and was set to rectify what she could. As Matriarch of the royal family, it was her duty. A little point of light appeared over Cao's crib and slowly rained down a soft white, protective dome around her to keep her from harm. It could read energy signatures and determine friend from foe. Sil would know if her child was endangered. She lifted from the balcony with arms outstretched and from her palms poured white light. It shielded the entire planet in the same way as she'd shielded Cao's crib.

One at a time, they would be mended. The light that radiated from her was bright as a star and lit the center of the city up like a heavenly beacon. The people would see the light and feel comforted. From the protective dome that shielded the sky and earth came sprinkles of white light. Soft as snow and both cold and warm to the touch, they would rain down and mend the slowly mend the damage as Sil's touch had to her bedframe.

People came from their homes with wide eyes. Children pointed and danced, their laughter filling the streets once more. The people looked to the beacon on the balcony with awe and wonder. Brighter times were ahead for them, they knew.

Random Character
08-28-2004, 02:10 AM
Elixia smiled. This was what the people needed. I light after the storm. Mattson was a good leader but it was obvious he was worn from the battles and could not inspire the people. The liason wondered if her leige knew of the impending arrival of Sil. No, su rely he couldn't have else he would have stayed. It truely was a sign of good luck for the Quadrant.

My Lady, if you wish it, I can contact Lord Mattson. He will surely wish to know this good news as well.

08-29-2004, 08:20 AM
Only when all the damaged had been fixed here did the beacon of light vanish, revealing to the Matrix Quadrant the Silent Angel, Mother of the heirs of the Matrix Quadrant and Matriarch of all to their humble eyes. The peopl at one fell in awe to their knees and a great cheer arose that spread like a wave throughout the planet. One planet down. Several to go. She would go to each with time and heal them all. To her people she bowed her head and then slowly touched her feet upon the cold stone of the balcony. She turned to Elixia as they light subdued itself fully within her form. Even then she seemed to radiate light.

"My son..."

For so long she'd waited to see him and hold him in her arms as a mother does. He had a new bride now. She smiled and gently ran her hand across the protective dome of raining light that covered Cao's crib. It sparkled, causing Cao to coo with delight and reach towards the little beads of light. Another cheer arose from the people below, jostling her from thought. No. She had other work to do, just as Mattson had.

"My son has his duties, as I have mine. I will give him his time with his bride so that I may mend the damage done to these worlds. Surely he is fatigued from whatever battles happened here. Let him rest. When the mending is done, then we may reunite."

Her wings flexed and she looked down to Cao. She'd just arrived and now she must leave her once more.

"Leave two guards at the door for my daughter, but do not let them enter should they suspect danger. If someone tries to harm her... I will know."

The lady-angel took her leave to the sky and went towards the heavens and the next series of planets that awaited her touch.

08-29-2004, 11:25 AM
"Ahhhhhhhhhheeiii!!! Ahh-ahh!!! Maaahh!"

::Cao laughed in a way that only babies could. She reached her hands up to the light, rolling over so that she could sit up and reach for it. She watched with disappointment as her Mother left, but found herself content with trying to grasp the light that rained down in the protective dome over her. When her mother left the babe pushed up, grasped the sides of her cradle, wobbled a bit and then plopped back on her bottom. Her emerald eyes looked up at Elixia with a shocked expression, as if to say "That wasn't supposed to Happen!" Her little black curls bobbed as she tried again and, with a push of her little legs, she stood, wobbled, and remained standing. She smiled triumphantly and bounced on her legs. Her little hands reached up to the dome and swatted at the light. her little face portrayed joy::

((Mattson- if Elixia wants to reach through the dome and hold Cao's hand or do anything, it's alright. Sil will know it's her or who anyone is that touches the dome)).

08-30-2004, 09:49 AM
She was among the stars, just as she had been when she was waiting for life. She hovered in the center of the Matrix Quadrant and observed all the planets that made its name up. Her hazel eyes narrowed, seeing points of damage so fine and exact that it almost distressed her to see such disaster among her worlds. No matter. It would be mended soon.

The Angel of Life went to each planet, Neo Stronghold, Neo Bastille, all of them. To each she went and revealed herself to her people in a burst of white light. With arms up-stretched toward the heavens she covered each planet in the same protective dome that had covered Neo Primordial. The same reaction was gathered by the masses and the same enthusiastic rejoicing ensued as she finished her work and headed to the next planet. Communications were sent and soon all the planets anticipated her arrival. She was met with cheers and festivals. It was good to see her people happy.

For a moment, as she moved about the planets within the system, she took time to pause at one: Neo Mega-Domicle. She studied it with her deep hazel eyes. Her eyes pierced cloud and rock and debris. Ruins, all of it. Her face took on a look of sadness. She turned from the planet, for something told her to do just that. She went on and stretched both arm, hand, and wing out to her people.

When her work was finished, she hovered in the heavens once more and let out a soft sigh. Here, away from all prying eyes, the Angel smiled. Her white wings flapped and took her home, toward the waiting crib of her daughter. They were long overdue for some time together.

Random Character
09-03-2004, 03:08 PM
Elixia leaned into the crib.

Relax, little one, your mommy has to make others smile.

She takes the child from the crib and rocks her

She'll be back soon.

09-03-2004, 03:55 PM

::Cao's emerald eyes blinked as she looked up a Elixia. They studied her in wonder a moment before the child smiled. She quirmed and her little legs curled in happiness. She reached her hands up to her, smiled, and yawned. Her eyes grew heavy with want of sleep, but she still smiled up to Elixia... such a happy child. Her eyes slowly began to drift shut::

09-04-2004, 10:55 AM
The Angel returned, flying to the balcony and landing softly with a skip in her sandaled step. That inkling of childish excitement was gone once her footing was recieved. Her wings folded behind her back and she walked through the archway to her bedroom. She watched Elixia with Cao and then smiled softly. She rarely smiled anymore, or frowned. Her face was usually of placid calm. After watching the woman hold *a sleepy Cao she came to her.

"Here, Elixia. Let me take her."

Gentley the angelic mother took the child from her and lay her head down upon her shoulder. She whispered in her ear when the child stirred irritably and rocked back and forth in place a moment to soothe her. She slowly turned her step over to a rocking chair that sat in a corner by a bureau lit with candles. Neo had gotten that for her, for when the baby came. The Angel sat in the chair and spread her wings like a comforting blanket around them both. She slowly rocked back and forth, powering the wooden chair with a push of her feet. Her cheek laid gently on Cao's curly black hair. Her hazel eyes looked to Elixia.

"You are very good with children..."

She paused, as if contemplating something. It was something that obviously troubled her, for her eyes moved from Elixia's face and her features seemed to grow sad. It passed and she looked back to her again.

"You may tell my son of my return at your convenience."

Her attention went back to Cao, dismissing Elixia to do as she saw fit.

Random Character
09-04-2004, 01:53 PM
Elixia noded.

I have had some practice. And I will inform you if anything happens and when Mattson returns.

Bows and departs

09-21-2004, 03:50 AM
Appearing after raising the statue and setting a few screens in the monitor towers to observe that mideival wolrd, Mattson looked around. Something was off. The repairs were done. This was far ahead of schedule. A report message from Elixia was vague but isistent that he visit the sealed wing, his parents wing. If this wasn't good, he would have words with that girl. One quick teleportal later gave Mattson a great surprise and left his speechless.

09-21-2004, 10:01 AM
The Angel's eyes had closed and, save for the rhythmic rocking of the chair upon the even floor, it would look as if she and the child both were asleep. Her wings wrapped about the two softly as she rocked the rocking chair with a gentle press of her ankles upon the cold stone beneath her. Golden hair fell like tiny links of shining beauty beside her pale cheeks and hazel eyes, which opened at the presence of her son. The corners of her lips turned in a soft motherly smile. She kissed Cao's cheek and rose from the rocker. So fluid it almost looked as if her feet swam in the stone floor, she lay the sleeping baby down in her cradle and looked to Mattson as she stood. No emotion save for the swell of it in her hazel eyes. So soft and shivering with crystal tears, they were. Her wings pushed her as fast as her feet did and with a swift movement she wrapped her arms about Mattson's shoulders. Her lips brushed his ear as she kissed him and whispered the one thing she could manage.

"My son..."

09-21-2004, 02:21 PM
He had started healing. He thought he had come to terms with what had happened but now the one hope he had dared not feed stood come true. Mattson shook. He managed one word.


09-21-2004, 02:39 PM
The Angel, Mattson's mother reborn, pulled back and looked at her son. She touched a soft-palmed hand to his cheek and felt his trembles. Her hazel eyes grew concerned but the immediate effects of her touch would already surge into him with the swell of emotions she felt at seeing her son: strength, comfort, peace... love. Her hazel eyes swam in the vision of her son. Her wings spread and instinctively wrapped close around them in a shielding protective manner. Also a further privacy despite the fact that they were already alone. He'd asked her a question.


Sil's eyes darkened softly with a world of secrets that she hid from everyone, even him. She did not break their gaze. There was soft hesitation but it could be placed with the way she stared at him... like she was never going to see him again.


Saying his name.... her voice was a trembling whisper. Her eyes bulged at the brims with tears she woudl not let fall in front of her son. The one and only person she desired to speak of with this... and she couldn't. Mattson was responsible for Malak's creation. He loved his father and surely too waited for him as Sil long had... her heart sank. She couldn't do it. Return from death and claim death itself as her lover? No. She would not do that to Mattson. She could not. A tear rolled down her cheek and fell to the floor, solidifying and chiming softly as it formed a crystal, rolled, and lay still at Mattson's feet.

09-21-2004, 02:49 PM
Him? But I freed him to find a host in the Quadrant. It must have been someone who cared for you greatly.


Thoughts raced through him. Yesterdays and tommorrow.


Will you be staying?

09-21-2004, 03:42 PM
Another tear... and then another and another. The floor grew littered with the crystalized Angel tears. Each pindrop against the floor rang like a windchime.

"He had a host... but..."

No talk of death. No talk of Malak.

"So long as it is meant to be that way... I shall stay."

Plans. She had plans. Her eyes watered again and she caressed her son's cheek in a way that only a mother could. The long feathers on her wings tickled Mattson's side in the same soft manner her fingertips brushed his skin. She had plans... she hid them from him too. Would he see them? The idiotic half formed scheme to both run and call out her love? Her hazel eyes shone.

"Forgive me... no one should ever know the loss of a loved one."

09-21-2004, 10:36 PM
Even immortals can die. The war has shown me that. I fulfilled the fate saddled on me long ago. I drew the Houses together as one in a dark hour. The day was won. The menace beaten. A menace born of Gator's dark ambition.

Clenches his mechanical fist.

But it cost thousands of lives. The Quadrant was one of the first targets and their numbers were far greater then those of the First and Secundae that fell but all weigh on my soul. I survived. I lost a hand and my daughter and son-in-law most of their power. We stand a broken people with much to rebuild but my role is done. I new age has a new leader.

I am tired and weary. I see casual war and death stirring where I seek vacation with my beloved. And I act. She is off on another sceme while I *seek peace of mind here. I've cut most of the chains of my past and yet, I found those gave me direction. Now, I look to the future and find I've no vision. Ironic isn't it?

You've been given a second chance and for that I will owe Malak and what ever forces he brought to bear for all time. But, you've a new beginning, a fresh start and I'll not stop you if you seek a new life. I'll intrude from time to time but thats what family is for. I want you to stay. Part of me wishes to turn back time so I could be a foolish child but my youth is gone and I know I must chose a road from here. However, knowing I have another hand to help me along makes me feel better.

09-22-2004, 11:31 AM
::The infant's eyes opened sleepily. She stirred, stretched, and let out a long, soft wail. Her little toes curled and she wiggled, but saw no trace of her mother. Cao wailed again, stretching out with her mind, searching, searching::

"Maaaaahh!! Ahhh!"

::Her little cheeks grew red with frustration as she continued to wail::

09-22-2004, 12:41 PM
The Angel turned, losing the embrace of her son only to embrace another of her beloved children. Gently shushing the crying infant, Sil reaches out with her mind even before her soft hands lift her and caress her. Kissing Cao's teary, red cheeks, the Angel holds her, looping an arm under her bottom, and rocks her as she walks back to Mattson. She looks to him with the saddest eyes ever seen as Cao lays her fuzzy head on her shoulder, sniffling.


She reaches her free hand out and takes the mechanical hand. Even though it was mechanical a boost of power in its circuits would be felt at the Angel's divine touch.

"I've been waiting for time to reverse itself ever since your father left. Even in the embrace of death... I could not find him. Sometimes... when we look ahead, we can't find the things we seek. And sometimes we cannot find them even when looking back. The only place left to look-"

She rose her fingertips from his hand. One glowed as it touched off center of his chest. Just the one and when she touched him, he would feel the flare of her divine power.

"- is here. Here is where the past will always be held. Here-"

She lifted her finger and touched Mattson's forehead.

"- and here. No matter what fate and creation has in store for me... I am always here with you. You are my son, the most loyal and caring of all my children. You have never abaondoned me and in your hours of need, I shall not abandon you."

She took his mechanical hand again.

"A second chance... yes, I suppose that is what I have. A second chance at new life. I cannot look back to what I can no longer see... no matter how much it pains me to do so..."

Her wings drooped as much as the tears from her eyes fell to the floor, bouncing and solidifying as tiny crystals. She squeezed her son's hand.

"Where do we go from here, my son? Where do we go but forward?"

09-23-2004, 04:26 AM
Indeed. We fly forward not knowing where next we land. Dry you eyes and know that I will trust that you will follow your heart.

Did you see M on the other side? He has been missing for quite some time. So many of us gone and forgotten. Even more now. Perhaps that is what I shall do now. Travel and reaquaint myself with the major players of the First. Not as a leader but as a fellow.

The repairs to the Quadrant are a great gift. And while I weild much of its power, it was not enough. The people's spirits needed your touch to heal. As I think did I. The council of Ministers can handle the affairs and Elixia knows how to reach me at a *moments notice. The people have not been content with my rule. When Ares controled me, *he did terrible damage. And his return revaged even more. Then the war came and the games of gods was played with mortal lives. I've failed them greatly and perhaps that is why I could not call forth the power to restore the Quadrant. Perhaps the Realm is changing and the mortals shall serve no First again.

Forgive me, I ramble on and your return should leave me far happier then it has. Maybe I still am not fully accepting it or maybe the weight of ruling is finally sinking in.

09-23-2004, 10:31 AM
The Angel's eyes dried at her son's request, but portrayed only sorrow as she looked upon him. She gently bounced Cao, rocking her torso to hopefully soothe the babe back to sleep. She looked up at Mattson.

"Mattson... a ruler's first loyalty is to his people. As Gods, it is hard for the First who rule other kingdoms to realize that. Perhaps now that the game of the houses is nearly through our focused can be regained to our kingdoms."

Yes, she admitted her own fault as a leader, both here and the Orphanage. Reparations can be made... there is always hope for the life of the future. Always. She gave her son a smile and shook her head, tossing the beautiful spun golde of her hair over her shoulders.

"I am here, Mattson."

She reached out and touched his cheek again as Cao stirred in her arms.

"Cao and I are both here. We are safe and alive... and we are here for you."

Cao stirred and Sil looked to her and then back to Mattson.

"Come... I wish to show you something."

Releasing his hand, she walked back to Cao's cradle and placed the child there upon her feet. Sil took Cao's hands and kissed them, placing them on the corner of the cradle. She turned and went back to Mattson, taking his hands. She guided him to a crouching position on the floor. Sil's eyes shone with motherly pride.


09-23-2004, 10:36 AM
::The Princess of the Matrix Quadrant's emerald eyes opened as her mother drew her closer, allowing her to sense her brother's presence. She yawned and looked up at Mattson with a tired infant smile::


::She sat up, able to support herself enough to have taken her first steps. Her little hands held the cradle where she'd just awoken. She looked to her mother, and then Mattson, as if to say 'What?' She looked back to the cradle as it rocked and released her hands. She wobbled but remained afoot. She looked up again at her family and smiled a silly smile of amusement. Slowly she took one step... two steps, bouncing baby steps followed those until she pattered over to the open arms of her family. The last steps, so hurried in her childish excitement, cause her to trip, but she was caught by her mother. Emerald eyes shone as they looked up to both she and her elder brother. Little hands reached up to him::


09-23-2004, 05:26 PM
Not too far away, a small pond of water formed, then, without warning "spit out" the Half Blood, SG.
Coughing and choking on the water, he spat:
I'll kill him!!!! :evil:
Where the hell am I, anyways!?!?!? :mad:

09-23-2004, 09:45 PM

Thank you for reminding me of what truely matters.

Opens a comportal

Elixia, we have a new arrival three rooms over. Look into the matter and use force only if required.

Random Character
09-23-2004, 10:05 PM


The green haired woman in glasses crept towards the room SG appeared in. She moved silently like a hunter circling her prey. Setting her two energy pistols at the ready, she stepped in to the room.

Scans confirm halfbreed. Identify yourself and why you invade the Matrix Quadrant.

09-24-2004, 07:42 PM

Thank you for reminding me of what truely matters.

Opens a comportal

Elixia, we have a new arrival three rooms over. Look into the matter and use force only if required.

The Angel stands, drawing the young princess up and into the safety of her divine arms. She looked to the large double doors that were shut tight behind them. Her hazel eyes narrowed as if searching for some invisible object beyond the solid wood of the door. She spoke as if in a dream, causing even Cao to look up at her mother and blink in question.

"Things have changed so much... things always change and in ways we least expect."

The Angel blinked and looked at Mattson. Her wings spread as if aching to fly, giving him sight of the massive wingspan. They curled and folded gently, wrapping about the arms of the Angel and the princess of the Matrix Quadrant like a feathery set of curtains. Sil looked at Mattson, running her hand over Cao's beautiful dark curls. Cao was their father's daughter down to her purely sinister nature. The dark hair, the emerald eyes and pale, creamy skin... she was her father's daughter and Sil prided in that. Seeing the infant reach to Mattson Sil shifted the baby's weight upon her hip.

"Mattson... do you want to hold her?"

09-25-2004, 04:14 AM
Yes, I would. Holding her has brought me center before. At the end of Lucien's sceme. Kyle defeated him as I forsaw. Besides he deserved to have that right.

09-25-2004, 02:13 PM
The Matrix Quadrant!??! :mad:
But why would he send me here? :eh:
Then looking the woman in the eyes he shook his head:
I don't have time *for this!!
I'm breaking the rules of my probation by being off of Elysia!!
Outta the way!! :mad:

09-25-2004, 04:23 PM
::Cao let out a large yawn as she was handed to her elder brother. Her sleep emerald eyes looked up at him, but then suddenly perked up as if she just now realized who held her. Her mouth turned upward in a huge grin and she kicked her feet and waved her little fists, burbling excitedly::

"Mamaaaa! MAaaaahhh! Mahhhsaaa!! Ahhh!"

::Giggles of delight. A blink brought an emerald glow to her large eyes. Above Mattson's head, a portal opened and for the first time in a long time, Cao made a stuffed dragon fall atop her brother's head. She watched it fall to the ground, stretching her little fingers at it with a very serious expression. She pointed at it::


09-25-2004, 07:51 PM
As SG yelled for Elixia to get out of the way, Pyro stepped in the doorway behind her.
I should've known never to trust my brother's killer!
Or his father!!! :mad:
Letting loose a giant ball of flame into the room he snarled:
Killing Pyrem will be the last mistake you ever make!!!! :evil:

09-25-2004, 07:53 PM
As Pyro let loose his Elysian given Medius powers, SG dove, grabbing Elixia and pushing her out of the way. *Taking cover behind some furniture, SG hollered:
I'm sorry Pyro!!! :mad:
I didn't mean to breach the agreement, it was my father, I--

09-25-2004, 07:54 PM
No excuses!!!
Just BURN!!!! :evil: *:twisted:
Pyro shrieked, continuing to torch the room.

09-25-2004, 07:58 PM
SG then realized that he was still on top of Elixia, after pushing her into cover.
Uhhh... *Sorry. :oops:
Climbing off of her, while still staying in cover, SG sat back against the couch that they were behind.
I can't really explain, but his name is Pyro, mine's SG. *In a previous battle I killed his brother and was to stand trial for it. *Until that time I was to wait on our homeworld of Elysia, but my trecherous father teleported me here against my will to breach the agreement.
Hang on a sec...
Peeking over the couch into the flames, he hollared:
Pyro, this is between you and I, let the innocent go!!

09-25-2004, 08:01 PM
Oh, and innocent life? :? --
Pyro said, his flames dissapating.
--Like my brother's!?!?!?!? :evil:
NO!!! *Pyro screamed, his flames starting anew.
I won't fall for another one of your schemes Son of Gator!!!! :mad:
I know why you came here!!! *You know this woman!!! *You think she can protect you from me!!!! :evil:

09-25-2004, 08:04 PM
So much for that.
SG huffed forming a light structure hand gun in each of his worn torn hands.
Then hollaring to his opponent:
Okay Pyro! *You win!!! *I'll fight you! *But only to see that this girl walks out of here alive!

09-25-2004, 08:05 PM
Pyro grinned:
Any reason is good enough for me. :twisted:

Random Character
09-26-2004, 03:35 AM
Elixia was a bit surprised at all the events. Things got complex very quickly and while this first unknown at least had a measure of heroic nature to him, she still had her duty to perform. Maybe this was even a test by Mattson. After all he didn't hand pick her for the job, the council did. Well, no time for wonderings, she had to act. While she contacted Security control, Elixia also pulled up the blueprints for this area. A Gun Saint is often out matched in a direct fight but they look for weaknesses, habits, and scenery advantages where they can get them.

Do all you gods have such little in the way of manners?

Elixia to Matrix security, lockdown around my coordinates and prep flame control.

A breif crackle of acknowledged was all she needed

Now by the power vest in me by Lord Mattson, ruler of the Matrix Quadrant and scion of our founder Neo, I command you to cease combat until such time as you are in an arena.

If you will cooperate, I will bring your case before Mattson and he will decide what happens. You both have arrived unannounced and fairly to very hostile. Currently, my leige is in a very important meeting and will not be disturbed. I assure you it should take no more then a day before he meets with you.

Of course, there is always option two, you refuse and then by matrix article 32, I carry out judgement and justice as I see fit.

Gentlemen, you decisions?

09-26-2004, 08:05 AM
Soon a flock of fiery archangels appear and surround everyone...although it is somewhat clear they have no intention of harming Elixia...the hold each seem prepared for a battle when one of the generals stands next to Elixia and calmly says...

there is always a third option...you could let us play with them...Oh and give your master this...

the general hands Elixia and orb that shows Minity at the center waving...

09-26-2004, 12:39 PM
"She adores you so, Mattson."

Sil watched Cao with Mattson and the placid intermediary could not help but let a smile touch her lips. Her wings flexed with her mood but before she could say more her eyes went wide. She felt them... others. She looked to the doors again, that led away from this room and toward the others where several beings lay in conflict.

"Angels... warriors..."

Sil looked shocked. She had never encountered the guardians and arch angels of Minity's squadron before. Until then it had been she and Malak. Alone. Without realizing she took a step toward the door but the she stopped and inhaled. Such a silly habit, breathing. It wasn't like she needed to do it anymore. Still... old habits die hard. Curiosity peaked in a childish, impish way. She reached her mind out to the swarm of Angels, gently pushing at the barrier that separated their psyches. Who were they?

09-26-2004, 10:28 PM
As Pyro's flame disapated, SG's cocky expression was replaced by surprise. *Scratching the back of his head he said sheepishly:
Well, I guess you aren't as defenseless as I thought. :oops:
Contrary to his statement, however, he kept his guns ready. *Licking his lips he looked around at the angels which surrounded them and half smiled. *Turning back to Elixia he said:
Please... *Don't do this... *Miss.
I don't know you, you don't know me... *But I need to warn you:
I'm a fighter.
I have never been forced into doing something, and I won't start now.
If you do this, you'll get to see a whole new side of me.

09-26-2004, 10:32 PM
Pyro, however, did not take things so calmly:
What by Altwaal do you think you're doing!?!?!?! :evil:
I am Pyro, of the original 7 First!!!! :mad:
I don't need "Mattson's decree" to carry out what is right by law!!!!
Mattson is a First, as am I and even he must respect that this man killed a fellow First and then ran!
I have a right!!!
A right of blood!!!! :twisted:
Then, spinning around to look Angelina in the eye he screeched:
And don't think I'm afraid of you either!!! :mad:
If Minity could create you, I could just as easily "un-create" you!!
Now all of you step back and allow me my revenge!!! :evil:

09-27-2004, 05:43 AM
All of the Arch-Angels begin to laugh simultaneously, as the hundreds of thousands of angels that make up the bulk of Minitys army begin flying over their heads...Angelina simply looks at Pyro and SG...

we understand about your willingness to fight...but we have been instructed not to allow fights to occur here...go somewhere else...or we will interfere :twisted:

2 of Minitys psionic angels move towards Sil...they give her a look as if to imply "what do you think you're doing..." but then quickly smile as they soon realise who she is...they put down their weapons and then telepathically ask if Sil is in need of assistance from Minity or any of the angels...

09-27-2004, 05:32 PM
2 of Minitys psionic angels move towards Sil...they give her a look as if to imply "what do you think you're doing..." but then quickly smile as they soon realise who she is...they put down their weapons and then telepathically ask if Sil is in need of assistance from Minity or any of the angels...

Several rooms down from the fiasco, under the careful visage of her children, the Matriarch of Neo's lineage and the Matrix Quadrant closed her eyes. Her wings flashed outward, almost in a sign of attack or fury, but in a moment, her mind recieved the arch angel's message. A Not smile touched her lips, but those portals did part gently as if she were about to whisper something so secretive that only the air could hear.

"Your wife brings angels here, my son.... angels"

She sounded delighted in an odd way. She sent a message back to the cellestial warriors: she was in no need of assistance.

*Merely send my love to my daughter-in-law*

A simple thought and then she turned to Mattson. A hint of a smile touched the corner of her lips.

09-27-2004, 08:47 PM
SG looked about the massive army of angels slightly confused.
He had seen some of Minity's angels before... *Hell, he fought along side them, but it was hard determine with whome they would side should a fight begin.
Would Elixia and whatever force she could muster be at odds with them aswell? :eh:

09-28-2004, 09:46 AM
the 2 Angels near Sil smile and reply...

*we will tell her...she will be most pleases Im sure...*

they quickly bow...pick up their weapons and join their brethren in the sky...

09-28-2004, 03:20 PM
Creatures of flame and passion, much like their maker.

Teleportals the sphere to him

Though I wonder if my Gun Saint will chose their muscle or test herself.

Random Character
09-28-2004, 03:34 PM
Elixia bowed to the angels.

As tempting as that would be, Mattson entrusted this to my hands and given the sphere you delivered has just vanished, he is monitoring me.

Turning to SG and Pyro and getting a HUD ID of the two

I beleive SG did not run but was transported here against his will. If he is guilty of a crime, we can take him to the Minister of Justice for the First or you can ask Mattson to preside judgement here. Ayslum is always requestable, SG.

Now as for the hothead, I don't care if you buffed Atwaal's chest, and it had to be buffed to be that hairless, but you are in the soverign nation of another First and former leader of your kind so you will respect his authority in this Quadrant.

Whispers for the foam gun to be on standby teleport.

I await your decisions.

09-28-2004, 04:15 PM
:: Oh!!! Cao's eyes lit up at the sphere that had appeared before her. A smile lit her impish baby features and she wobbled, leaning forward to grasp the sphere so far she would nearly topple out of Mattson's arms. A portal appeared beneath the stuffed dragon on the floor and then opened where a little hand would clasp the critter by the tail. Her other hand, consisting of five pudgy little fingers, grasped the sphere and thwaped it gently with her palm. The child burbled ecstatically::

"Ahhhhhnaa! Ma ma ma ma ma!!!"

09-28-2004, 06:26 PM
SG blinked twice, then grinned. :D
This woman definetly had it all together.
Rising to his feet, the guns he held slowly melted away to nothingness. *Nodding he said:
That's fine miss.
As appealing as asylum would be, stuck here with you ;) , *I am guilty for my crime and will face judgement.
I didn't, however... *Get you name-- ;)

09-28-2004, 06:29 PM
((You'll notice I've changed Pyro's avatar. *This is what I ORIGINALLY had planned for it to look like, but fogot where the site was. :oops: * Now, I think he resembles his twin brother Pyrem a bit better.))

Pyro glared at Elixia, his eyes burning.
How dare you insult Altwaal!?!? *You are not even First-kind!!!! :evil:
However, Pyro did nothing to instigate a fight... *He knew his rights.

09-28-2004, 11:23 PM
Elixia bowed to the angels.

As tempting as that would be, Mattson entrusted this to my hands and given the sphere you delivered has just vanished, he is monitoring me.


the angels dont leave but instead find ledges on the walls the surround the area they are in...and since there certainly wont be enough...they create ledges to sit or lay down, so they may watch what happens next...there eyes glow with blue heat...and anyone who witness' this would be more than a little disturbed...

Random Character
09-29-2004, 05:31 PM
My name is Elixia. And as Liason to the First I studied your peoples history, culture, and powers. Though neither of you earn more then breif mention.

Is there something in your eye SG? And what kind of name is SG anyways?

Now, I will grant you asylum until Mattson meets with you. Why don't you explain the situation to me so I may bring him a report? One at a time of course.

09-29-2004, 06:10 PM
A half smile crossed SG's face at Elixia's comment, but he quickly hid it.
My name, "SG" is simply shortened down from--

09-29-2004, 06:12 PM
What is the significance of his name!?!?!? :evil:
Pyro cut in.
The fact of the matter is, I was promised the half-bloods life by his father for the death of my brother, and--

09-29-2004, 06:16 PM
WHAT!?!?!? :evil:
SG spun around to face his agressor:
My father is the one who sent you here!?!?!? :mad:
Instinctively, SG's hands began to burn with energy again preparing to fight.
I should have known better!!!
I never even thought about how you found me so fast!! :mad:
Not even looking at Elixia, but staring Pyro in the eye, SG told her:
My name, SG stands for Son of Gator, as in BiGator... *The most selfish, fool in all of Elysia. *He sent me here so that I would destroy my perole for killing Pyro's brother, Pyrem. *At first I couldn't figure out why... *But now this is making a great deal of sense.
I was in the way... *Pyro here is going to put a stop to me so my "father" doesn't have to. :evil:

09-29-2004, 06:20 PM
Pyro's eyes burned with fire as he too addressed Elixia without taking them off of SG.
Doesn't that sound like a perfect excuse for violating his perole?
Perhaps a little too perfect. :mad:
Oh, and mortal... You books need to be updated, for I, Pyro am one of the original 7. ... First among First. Next to Altwaal, there is noone older than I and the famous 6. Of the seven of us, I am the only one who chose House Medius.
There's your history lesson. :mad:

09-29-2004, 06:23 PM
SG knew that, though intimidating as hell, the legion of angels surrounding them would not be able to stop Pyro from ripping him apart. *... *He would have to defend himself. *It was quite hopeless... *Save for the fact that SG had the will to win. *He not only wanted, he needed, because when he was done with Pyro he would get his chance at BG.
Grinning, he said:
Elixia, he's right... *Your books do need to add something. *When I'm done with this guy, I'll have killed 2 of the original 7... *And BiGator5 aswell. :twisted:

09-29-2004, 09:55 PM
Entering the matrix quadrant, Daniela soars unseen above the clouds. Using her angelic gifts she flys invisible to the eyes of all except those that share her gift. As a member of the war host she has set out on a mission for intel, except she finds herself in unfamilar territory.

By the the Lord of hosts, where am I?!

09-29-2004, 10:09 PM
[i]As the angels sit and watch the argument, between Elixia and the new arrivals...they become bored and grow impatient...eventually they begin yelling "booo" or "boring!"...as they become more anxiouse, waiting for an inevitable fight!

however one of the female psionic angels senses a...similar, prescence speeding through the sky...all of the angels have just been alerted to the fact that ugly beings have just entered their old Ruby Palace...so she simply assumes that what she senses is one of her brethren heading to check it out...she takes flight at the right moment when the Angel named Daniela flies over head and shouts out..."

Sister...where do you go in such a rush?!

09-30-2004, 04:37 AM
Daniela's wings pull her up short as she hovers before a creature she has never encountered. She appears to be an angel herself, but one unlike Daniela has seen. She senses a conflicting character in this sisiter of spirit. She senses the capacity for both good and evil, compassion and indifference. There is only good or evil within her kind, not both. Her sword and shield come before her and she takes a stance of defense, as she addresses this angel.

Why dost thou call me sister? You are either of the light or dark, you can not be of both! I am an angel of the war host and I serve my Lord! If you are her to stand in my way, then prepare for battle!

Random Character
09-30-2004, 05:12 AM
Elixia moved at a speed only the greatest of mortals elsewhere could hope to match. Within seconds twin pistols were in her hands at aimed at both SG's and Pyro's heads.

These ones are energy distuptors. Prototypes. Please, let me feild test them. Now, Lord Mattson has one rule when it comes to dealing with his grandfather. Displeasing him and stopping his plans are a must if possible. SG, the Quadrant grants you full asylum and will consider you an honored guest. Once things have calmed, I'll show you around the palace and lead you to the grand hall.

Lowers the gun on SG.

Now, as your prey has been granted the full defense of the Quadrant, I will grant you one last chance to leave, forgotten fossil. Otherwise, you will be considered an enemy of the state and we can see if you're as tough as a Negation General. I liked killing him. It was a challange.

09-30-2004, 07:31 AM
Daniela's wings pull her up short as she hovers before a creature she has never encountered. She appears to be an angel herself, but one unlike Daniela has seen. She senses a conflicting character in this sisiter of spirit. She senses the capacity for both good and evil, compassion and indifference. There is only good or evil within her kind, not both. Her sword and shield come before her and she takes a stance of defense, as she addresses this angel.

Why dost thou call me sister? You are either of the light or dark, you can not be of both! I am an angel of the war host and I serve my Lord! If you are her to stand in my way, then prepare for battle!

When Daniela first begins to speak, the psionic angel looks quite confused...but then Daniela takes a battle stance...and when the angel looks at her...really looks at her...she realises that she doesnt even look like any of her brethren...so she holds out her hand in the calmest of fashions...and suddenly a ball of blue fire fly into Daniela's face...

and suddenly an incredibly loud scream comes from this one angel, and all at once...her army looks into the sky, for what they hear is a cry of war...they quickly take flight...

If there had only been one angel...Daniela might have stood a chance...but she is simply overwhealmed by their shear numbers...they quickly lash out at her...burning her wings and back...when she finally falls, one of the male angels quickly catches her...and they all begin flying to an incredibly tall crystal palace...where the rest of the army can clrealy be seen flying around and having fun...

09-30-2004, 02:00 PM
Sil's head tilted in a peculiar fashion towards the ceiling. Her wings opened, aching to fly and see... what was it? Another Angel? No... not one of her Daughter-in-law's. This one was different. How could there be yet another? Was her presence truly that insignificant? Had she been given another chance only to become a robot in a crowd again? She was just that as a First. She could not let that happen here. She had a mission. Life. Promote-

-the psionic scream from one of Minity's Angel's caught her off guard. Never had she heard the cellestial cry for war. The Angel of Life, former Golden Goddess of the First, screamed. Her wails shook the walls of the room in which she and Mattson stood. The Matriarch of the Matrix Quadrant fell to her knees, clasping her ears with her hands. Her nails dug into her shining golden hair and her eyes were clenched tight. She bowed her head to her knees adn her wings trembled above her. Her screamed continued even after teh cry for war had been answered with violence and blood.

Blood... life. They were destroying her, the unfamiliar Angel... Sil's eyes bled with tears and her body shook. Even as the attack subsided, she remained there, on the floor, weeping. Nothing else in the world could be heard to her except the sounds of life being broken, torn... shattered. They were sounds that only she and Malak were burdened to hear.

09-30-2004, 02:10 PM
::The tiny princess jumped in her elder brother's arms and looked at her mother with a face of shock. The way she screamed frightened the child and immediately her wide emerald eyes were drown with crocodile tears that fell down her face. She let out a wail and began to cry. Why was her mother being so loud!? What was going on!? Confused, the tiny child cried, clinging tightly to Mattson's shoulder::

09-30-2004, 04:46 PM
Daniela watched cautiously as the other angel calmly brought forth her hand in what looked like a friendly gesture. Before she realized it, the creature had sent a ball of flame toward her, quickly she brought up her shield to protect herself from the blast. It was the war cry that would be her down fall. In a blink of an eye she was surrounded by a multitude of angels, all coming to the cry of the angel before her. She was rapidly overwhelmed by the angels, her wings and back becoming charred as she tried in vain to fight her way clear. As she tumbled toward the ground, she was struck by the sudden realization that she was in pain. The smell of burnt feathers, and to her amazement flesh filled her nostrils. She knew that she would not be able to take spirit form and that she had become flesh. Consciousness began to slip away as her eyes fluttered. She waited to strike the ground with an atomic blast, never hearing it as she was caught up in the arms of a male angel, and wisked away.

09-30-2004, 06:04 PM
Mattson was caught off guard by the screams of an encounter he could not hear. He rocked Cao in an attempt to calm her and teleportaled the stuffed dragon into the air making it appear to dance and fly around the baby. Looking to his mother he asked.

What happened?

09-30-2004, 06:15 PM
There was but one way to make an Angel of Life cry tears of blood, valuable and powerful blood: to maliciously and intentfully take life. No such tears fell and the Angel let out a sigh of relief. Her wings bent and folded behind her back as she slowly rose. Her head was lowly hung for a moment as she collected and calmed herself.

"Your wife's Angel's" she began a bit angrily "They attacked an innocent who flew in our skies. Another Angel... not one of their own."

A soft sigh and a close of her eyes, hiding the pain in those hazel orbs, but probably not well enough from the God of Vision.

"There was..."

A pause. Then a defeated tone.

"I hear things than no being should be made to hear. The sound of death and mortal devastation..."

She looked up at he and Cao.

"Is she alright?"

09-30-2004, 06:19 PM
::Cao's wails quieted and then turned to sniffles when she felt the twinge of power in use. Her brother's power. The dancing dragon caught her large, teary eyes. Her sniffles were laced with cooes of interest as her emerald eyes watched the toy's charade. Cao stuck her fist in her mouth and watched it, raising a finger to point at it, as if trying to show her brother 'Look!!!' Cao's emeral eyes watched it. Every now and again, the babu sniffled::

09-30-2004, 06:52 PM
Traced the dragon's dance while he listened.

Did they now? Minity gave me a command of them but I scarcely use it. However, this troubles you and it troubles me.

Reaching out with the power gifted in his union

Angels, what transpires in the skies above?

09-30-2004, 07:43 PM
the Angels quickly take flight and take the newly *mortalized to a cage in the middle of their own throne room...at the end of this huge crystaline room lies 5 chairs...all of equal size...and soon 3 females and 2 male angels sit down in their respective seats...and then they seem to discuss their current situation...if anyone were to eavesdrop they would hear them mention the now mortal angel, and their old palace, the Ruby Pyramid...2 Psionic angels stand next to the 5 generals...they report any pertinent information to the rest of the army...

a few angels who abviously look as if they are in the lower ranks of the army begin to bathe the captive angels and dress her wounds...they also bring her a variety of cooked meat...since the majority of the army eats meat...

and suddenly the psionic angels receive a call from Lord Mattson...the tell the generals of his question...and then the generals curse his name and say that they "wish Minity handnt given him any type of influence of their politics..." they then allow the psionic angels to respond...

~*We are simply doing what we do best...making sure no one opposes the great name of Minity...or yours...however the problem has been taken care of and there is no need to concern yourself...*~

and with that the psionic angels abruptly end their contact with Lord Mattson and then a simplistic version of Minitys Veil of Privacy appears around their crystal palace...the only way to find out what is going on now...is to go and see the events in person...

((um, i just made the crystal palace up...its an incredibly huge sky scarper and is completely silver, very shiny, and holds the entire army, so its incredibly huge...and while its beautiful, it has sort of a demonic look... and all of the angels participate in their debochary here...so its not the safest or all ages friendly place...))

09-30-2004, 07:46 PM
(No problem. Like I've been saying in OOCs, I would like to see the Quadrant expanded. It is several planets with the biggest listed in the first post.)

09-30-2004, 08:14 PM
(Can Sil go and visit the Angels? Have a "talk" with them??? We can have a brawl too, if you wish... *:twisted: )

09-30-2004, 08:26 PM
Serve their queen unquestionably yet serve their king in a token way. I should have a talk with Minity soon about this. They host themselves in the crystal palace.

09-30-2004, 08:31 PM
(Min let me know if this is alright)

Sil's eyes darken. She reaches a hand out to touch Cao's fuzzy curls, smoothing them delicately over the child's head.

"This is not an Angel's way. Even a host of Angels that serve to fight."

She turned from them both. her wings bristled with anger. Every feather seemed to fluff up, much like a cat's tail when afraid. This Angel did not fear the Angel's of Minity.

"It must be set right."

Her wings spread out in a powerful display of strength and might. They were nearly twice her height... beautiful and white-feathered.

09-30-2004, 08:39 PM
Looks down at Cao

Well kiddo, looks like mommy is going out for a bit and Elixia is playing with the boys so I guess you get to accompany me.

Teleportals to Night's Dark World

09-30-2004, 09:36 PM
((cool LM...and Sil you can go have a talk with them...but it wont do any good at all...in fact you'll only anger them by trying to show up...in a....authoritve way...they will be very violent, so the best thing to do would be to ask to see their leader...not Minity...but the angel who is directly in charge of them while Minity is gone...))

09-30-2004, 09:39 PM
((Sill your not at the palace yet are you? and the angels dont know your coming...o yea, and if you want them to be nice to you...you should probably just walk in and smile at them...they are kind of...like air heads...OH kind of the stereo types of models...all the women look like they could be in a victorias secret and and the men look like they could be in an abercrombie cataloug...but very few of them take the time to act intelligently))

09-30-2004, 09:58 PM
SG's jaw dropped. *Somehow he had become the hero.
Blinking twice he looked at Elixia surprised. *... *She was serious!
Finally finding words he said:
Sure... *That sounds... *Great!
Was his luck finally changing?

09-30-2004, 10:04 PM
Pyro was equally surprised... *And furious.
You!... *You can't be serious!?!?!? :shock: *:evil:
His hands burning, he looked Elixia straight in the eye, then SG. *Sneering, he turned around and began to walk away:
You may have your angels here Half-Blood. *... *But when you leave this place... *Mark my words, I WILL kill you. *Make no mistake.
Then, turning to look them in the eye one last time, he vanished in a ball of flame.

((Great turn of events Mattson! *I couldn't have planned it better myself! *Now SG's life is looking up and BG has another ally in hunting his son. ;) ))

09-30-2004, 10:14 PM
((No worries. It'll all work out somehow I'm sure))

The winds of the Matrix Quadrant pushed against her massive wings as she flew through the upper air of the sky to the crystal spires that housed the Angels of Minity's army. Her golden hair rippled and shone in the light of the setting sun. There was a veil of privacy. She could feel it, if not see it up about the tower. Her wings fluttered and she gracefully came to pause before the field. She could walk in. She had the power and, as the Queen-Mother of the Matrix Quadrant, she had supreme authority over all who were housed here. She had authority, she had power, but she had intelligence. She wasn't stupid enough to barge in. Instead the Angel of Life hovered before the thing veil of privacy. A hand stretched from the folds of her handing white and blue robes to gently touch the barrier that lay between she and the Angels. A simple touch would relay her presence right to the Angels. She made no attempt to pierce the barrier and touch her minds. It would bee too intruding to do otherwise.

The Angel of Life waited...

Random Character
09-30-2004, 10:20 PM
Elixia spun the guns behind her and they slid into her holster

All units stand down. Central control, locate Mattson. Gone. Very well.

She turns and bows to SG

I welcome you to the Marix Quadrant, please follow me and I will show you to the royal guest chambers. We can get you cleaned up and ready for a feast. I've sent word to Mattson so he may join us later. And if I may be so bold, you really should change your name. I think you would like to be out of his shadow more then having the words that identify you be claiming his lineage.

09-30-2004, 10:28 PM
As SG followed Elixia, he scratched his head sheepishly:
I know. :?
I hate the man. *Period. *I took the name when I didn't realize what a monster he was. *It was my ticket to fame.
I've thought of changing it...
But, this way I'm reminded that because he is my father it is my duty to purge this universe of him.
Until I have stopped the mance that is BG I'm pretty much stuck with the name.

10-01-2004, 08:05 AM
((No worries. It'll all work out somehow I'm sure))

The winds of the Matrix Quadrant pushed against her massive wings as she flew through the upper air of the sky to the crystal spires that housed the Angels of Minity's army. Her golden hair rippled and shone in the light of the setting sun. There was a veil of privacy. She could feel it, if not see it up about the tower. Her wings fluttered and she gracefully came to pause before the field. She could walk in. She had the power and, as the Queen-Mother of the Matrix Quadrant, she had supreme authority over all who were housed here. She had authority, she had power, but she had intelligence. She wasn't stupid enough to barge in. Instead the Angel of Life hovered before the thing veil of privacy. A hand stretched from the folds of her handing white and blue robes to gently touch the barrier that lay between she and the Angels. A simple touch would relay her presence right to the Angels. She made no attempt to pierce the barrier and touch her minds. It would bee too intruding to do otherwise.

The Angel of Life waited...

of course Minity's angels could feel Sils prescence...the Psionic angels were the first to approach the barrier and when the realized it was Sil yet again...many other angels soon flew out of the palace, holding flower meet, and of course weapons...they usher her into the palace, and in fact pull her the veil...a few of them speak in unison...

have you come to join our ranks?! :D

10-01-2004, 08:58 AM
Through a haze of pain and confusion, Daniela deals with the new revelation of pain and mortality. Unable to turn to spirit she must learn to deal with the experience of flesh and blood. She is slightly aware of the angels attenting to her wounds and bathing her, and more aware of the plate of meat. Being of spirit, she has never partaken in the mortal custom of nourishment. As the angels leave her prison, she lies down upon her stomach against the cool floor, aware of the pain emanating from her wings to her back. Closing her eyes she rests and listens to the conversations of those around her. Silently she prays.

10-01-2004, 09:10 AM
of course Minity's angels could feel Sils prescence...the Psionic angels were the first to approach the barrier and when the realized it was Sil yet again...many other angels soon flew out of the palace, holding flower meet, and of course weapons...they usher her into the palace, and in fact pull her the veil...a few of them speak in unison...

have you come to join our ranks?! :D

The Cellestial Angel of Life and Creation gave an arch of her golden eyebrow to the excitedly speaking choir of hosts. Her voice sounded unfortunate.

"No. I have not. It is not my call as it is yours. We are part of different cellestial spheres... all Angels belong somewhere."

Polite, calm, and placid. The angel little emotion, this time, not even in her hazel eyes. She would speak softly, yet strongly, blunt and to the point.

"The Queen-Mother of the Matrix Quadrant seeks an audience with the Angel who holds charge of this tower."

Yes. SHE was asking THEM for an audience. In the royal court, it was ALWAYS the other way around. Showing an air of non-authoritative measure, and utmost respect, the Angel of Life hoped that the others here would be intelligent enough to know just what she'd said.

With a tiny flick of her mind, she sent a thought to Daniela, who lay prisoner and devastated within the spire. It went undetected, weaving constantly in indeterminable patterns between the veils and realms of life and death, between this plane and the enxt, in such complex manauvers it would take lifetimes to unwravel. It was a simple thought with a touch of... feeling.

*Be calm.*

10-01-2004, 10:01 AM
the angels look at Sil...and their excited faces soon begin to turn to confused...then to an "o well" look...one of the males grabs Sils hand and acts as her escort...he has a wide grin on her face as she points to certain areas of the palace...like the baths...

he then takes her in front of the five generals...each of them stand up and then speak in unison...

How may we help you?

((just to let you know...the cage that Daniela is in, is directly in front of the 5 generals...its kind of like silver bird cage...but it is quite large))

when Daniella doenst eat any meat, the angels grow confused and *bring her fruits, wine, and water

10-01-2004, 10:20 AM
As Daniela prays, she feels the whisper of a voice within her mind. The words are warm and comforting as she lays upon the floor. The sounds of the other angels move her to open her eyes. Eyes the color of the coldest glacier look upon the meal now laid before her. As if to remind her of her current condition, she hears a growling sound. Confused by her new found mortality she realizes that the sound is the mortal sounds of hunger. Knowing enough of mankind she knew that they ate to sustain life. Curious, she reached out with her hand and found a piece of fruit. She bit down into it, marveling at her first sensations of taste.

Random Character
10-01-2004, 07:11 PM
As SG followed Elixia, he scratched his head sheepishly:
I know. :?
I hate the man. Period. I took the name when I didn't realize what a monster he was. It was my ticket to fame.
I've thought of changing it...
But, this way I'm reminded that because he is my father it is my duty to purge this universe of him.
Until I have stopped the mance that is BG I'm pretty much stuck with the name.

Elixia lead the way from the 'sealed' wing, which was being renamed Cao's wing, towards the main halls. Matrix personal rushed around taking care of the mundane matters of a galatic empire. Granted they had the tech to handle things without runners but LM felt that took away a personal touch and it did give people jobs. A few stopped to have Elixia look over something quickly or just say 'hi' but mostly left them alone (Of course, alone doesn't mean the gossip mills wouldn't be spinning). Moving on, she took the long way to show off one of the gardens. The gardens were a favorite bringing in plants from around the cosmos and some of the best craftsmen's work as well. As they crested the hill towards a mansion, Elixia turned.

These are the honored guest quarters. Most anything you need should be available there. We have a tailor who can custom craft you a new look on standby as well. I trust you see why we don't like public fighting. We do allow feuds to be played out in arena combat which is popular for betting. Thats where I would have sent you and Pyro had reason not won out. Tommorrow, I can take you to the Dragon Mountain. As a member of the royal family, even if LM does disown Gator, you are entitled to a royal dragon for your use. Mattson's dragon was grnated his freedom and now leads a rock band.

Smiles warmly

Neo was always his own god. Mattson takes only the bits of the past he likes and props up their beauty. The Quadrant has seen hard times but we survive. You don't have to chain yourself to your past to forge a future, you can have a fresh start here.

Achem, anyways, here is your room. Please, comline me when you are ready.

10-02-2004, 11:27 AM
he then takes her in front of the five generals...each of them stand up and then speak in unison...[/i]

How may we help you?

The Silent Angel was indeed quite silent until she reached the arena where the five generals stood. She stood straight and her wings were folded proudly behind her back, radiant and white inside the massive room. A swell of power woudl radiate from her, naturally radiate, and her hazel eyes focused on the five angels, not the wounded angel on the floor... in the cage.

"Your war cries alarmed me. Why were they sounded?"

10-02-2004, 11:31 AM
the Generals looks quite confused at Sil and then speak in unison once again...

the cries of war are made to alert the entire army that there is a battle going on...one of our own was attacked...so we all went to defend...have you not witnessed us in battle before...our war cries are always sounded

10-02-2004, 11:36 AM

The Angel's turn to raise an eyebrow.

"I sense life and I sense life when it's endangered. I only felt the presence of one being endangered."

Softly she gestured with a hand to the Angel in the cage on the floor. She spoke calmly, elegantly.

"Has there not been enough war in this Quadrant?"

10-02-2004, 12:03 PM
The blonde female angel in the center of the five generals quickly interupts the other 5 and speaks for herself...

then perhaps your esp isnt up to par...or, you do you select the feeling that you feel...

and then the other generals quickly chime to speak in unison...

and if you are so interested in our "wars" then perhaps you should go to the group of angels and find out why they sent one of their own into our midst...and if you are going to inquire next, that perhaps we could release her into your care, the answer is a firm NO...so unless you have any other buisness to discuss, I would hadly suggest you seek out Minity, for she gives her seal of approval on almost everything we do, or else you could simply leave now...

the 3 female generals stand upright, cross their arms and stare at Sil...while the men still glare in disaproval...they take their seats and recline...

10-02-2004, 01:10 PM
SG grabbed Elixia hand as she walked away, then realized he did and let it go.
Ummm... *Sorry. :oops:
Then looking her in the eye:
Elixia... *You need to know... *I'm nothing special.
I'm just... *An accident.
Taking a deep breath.
I'm... *I'm just trying to fix things, y'know? :?

Random Character
10-02-2004, 02:33 PM
Elixia sighed

You really need to work on those self esteem issues. Are you happy like this? Or were you happy trying to protect the damsel back there? Find your own path SG, find someplace you are happy and where you feel like you belong. Thats how I got where I am. Now, in, changed, call me when you're ready.

10-02-2004, 02:57 PM
The Angel's eyes darkened, the hazel dipping almost to a dark, deep brown. The rest of her remained calm, emotionless, placid.

"My only interest is in the path chosen for me. You attacked the so called intruding Angel unprovoked. This may have been a personal issue for you and your army, but it is not to be dealt with in an undiplomatic manner within the bounds of the Matrix Quadrant. As their Queen and Matriarch, I do believe I have that right to extend."

Her wings flexed, opening slightly.

"I have no interests in your wars. I have only two here: one being the Matrix Quadrant and the other being the life of the Angel in custody."

With a fluid movement forward, the Angel of Life knelt at the cage of the battered, foreign Angel. Her entire manner appeared to have dismissed the Angel generals altogether. Her eyes focused only upon the Angel before her. She touched the hand that held the food... mortal. She could feel the swirl of feelings, the clockwork of mortal flesh, the primal needs to survive. Her hazel eyes narrowed with these feelings and thoughts, processing them easily and then taking on more.

"Look at me."

A simple but strong command. The tone of a Queen was deeply embedded in her voice. She reached her hand into the cage and brought the captive angel's chin up to connect their eyes. With that made she looked deeply beyond the mortal Angel's eyes. Her mind reached out mentally, those untangible interweavings working their complex web of undecodable depth. Her mind touched Daniela's, touched but did not penetrate. Her voice would be heard in the Angel's head.

*Why have you come here? Answer with thought, not with voice.*

10-02-2004, 05:16 PM
Daniela vaguely heard the conversation as she struggled with the new emotions and sensations she was feeling. The pain from her charred wings and back made it difficult to be still. The thought of being flesh and blood sent a chill up her spine. She had never shone fear at anything, but now she found herself in a new situation. She closed her eyes and concentrated on the one thing that would bring her peace. The fruit lay in her hand as she once more began to pray. She had been deep in meditation and prayer when a voice broke through commanding her to look at her. Daniela could feel the touch of the other as she opened her eyes. Glacier blue eyes looked directly at the almost dark brown eyes of the other angel. The one who belonged to the gentle voice she had been hearing. At the angels request, Daniela sent her answers through thought to the angel before her.

I am an angel of the Lord. I am an angel in His Warhost and I was sent out to watch for my fallen brethren, those that have chosen to walk against Him. These demons rage war against my creator and it is my duty to warn the others of their approach.
I do not understand these angels that I have met, they are like no other I have ever seen. How can they be both good and evil and yet be spirit. You are either one or the other.

Daniela felt suddenly overwhelmed. She began to feel doubt and fear for the first time. How was she ever going to survive as a mortal? How can she return to spirit? Her mind became clouded with the rush of anxiety, she could not find anymore thought in which to send to this angel. She was simply quite terrified.

10-02-2004, 05:53 PM
Fear, doubt. Whatever Lord she served, she had never served in a mortal state. A blink of her soft hazel eyes. A new tiny spark of light in her pupils.

*Be calm.*

Her touch radiated warmth, comfort, strength. Golden locks fell down her robe-clad shoulders. She still held Daniela's chin, so their contact would not be broken. She would know if the Angel were lying... she would know. her voice remained stern, Queen-like, yet it held an odd ring of comfort to it.

*These are the Angels of Minity. Though I do not know if these Angels fell from the grace of your Lord, but they are no demons. This place you've come upon is one of many planets in the Matrix Quadrant. Perhaps here, people can become both of good and evil and yet be of the spirit. I cannot tell you truly, for I align myself to life.*

Behind her, her massive white wings flexed, stretching outward with the ache to fly.

*I am the Silent Angel. I am the Protector of Life and Overseer of Creation... whether it is good or evil. I am the Matriarch of this system. My son is the King and his wife, Minity, holds command over these hosts.*

Her hazel eyes softened, feeling the mortal's pain. They would not look to the broken wings and quivering ache fo the body. Instead they looked within her, to her strength. Yes a warrior. She was strong yet. To Daniela, she sent calm, peace, and calm.

*Feel no pain... it is not yet your time.*

10-02-2004, 08:13 PM
all 5 of the generals quickly stand up...


apparently the one who feels all cannot feel from every point of veiw...

the generals know Sil is no longer paying attention...so they begin to huddle, and discuss their next plan of action quite openly...and fact so openly...that the walls, and the floors...save the one everyone ((sil the generals, daniella)) is standing...and soon the entire bulk of the army...has now gather around the generals...they point at Daniella...and they all seem to talk at once...how they can possibly communicate clearly will never be known...but they eventually come to a conclusion...

the walls grow back...but the army does not go back inside...instead they circle the palace screaming and a massive vortex seems to slowly be created around their newly formed palace.

the 5 generals then step directly between Sil and Daniella...and of course, speak in unison again...

We feel you will never be able to see things from our point of view...thus we have decided that it is either time for you to leave our palace...or our palace will leave the matrix quadrant, and you will no longer be burdened with *our affairs...and then you can explain the situation to your son...Im sure he will enjoy telling our goddess...

10-02-2004, 08:45 PM
The Silent Angel stands as the wall of Hosts come between she and the caged one. Inside this vortex, she is still calm, collected, and utterly at peace. She folds her hands before her lap and waits for them to finish. Her voice is soft and calm.

"You misunderstand me, Angels and Hosts. I do not ignore your views on this matter. I merely present the ones that are the concern for the Quadrant. You may take orders from Minity, but I am Queen here. She rules with my son as much as I do and therefore has a responsibility to see that the Quadrant be kept safe, and free of personal vendetas that could lead to further endangerment of the people here."

The contact with Daniela had been broken, but no matter. The threat was nullified.

"I am pleased to see that a reasonable agreement can be reached. If you should desire aid in seeking a new planet for your crystal palace, I will gladly assist. Or, should you prefer, I will create a planet solely for you and your brethren. In any case, I expect you to live up to your offer, which I have accepted."

Turning from the five generals who blocked her from Daniela, she simply walked away. Nearing the vortex, she stopped and turned, offering them one last word in that placidly calm and peaceful tone.

"I do not speak for my son. The actions I take are mine and done through the eyes of the Matriarch of the Matrix Quadrant. I do not fear your Goddess or her wrath."

With that, The Angel of Life and Creation walked into the wall of Angels, disappearing through the stomach of the nearest one.

10-02-2004, 11:16 PM
The 5 generals glare at Sil as she leaves...

Minity will not be pleased...however...it appears we have overstayed our welcome...

the army seems to stop and think for a minute...and then with a somber look on their faces...they all circle their palace...and as the vortex increases in size the palace begins to lift and then disappear away from the Matrix Quadrant...

3 angels quickly appear in LMs chambers...they locate the orb, given by Minity, which allowed "control" over the army...and soon all traces of Minitys army disapear from the Matrix Quadrant...

10-03-2004, 03:23 PM
The words of the Silent Angel brought comfort and helped to pacify her fears. She had many questions, things she wanted to say, but Minity's angels cut off the contact she had between the Silent Angel. Her eyes closed once again as she heard the voices of chatter between the angel's of Minity and The Silent Angel. In one last attempt to reconnect to the Silent Angel she concentrated her strenght to send out a thought. In more of a request than in fear, she sent her message.


She could feel the movement of the palace and no longer heard the voice of The Silent Angel, but she tried once more as a finally word filled her mind and sent it forth.


10-03-2004, 05:14 PM
She could feel the movement of the palace and no longer heard the voice of The Silent Angel, but she tried once more as a finally word filled her mind and sent it forth.


She materialized within the room where she'd last left Cao and Mattson, only to find them gone. No matter. She walked to the doors of the room but stopped. Something touched her mind, familiar and faint. Wind fluttered in through the open balcony arch. The Angel turned and moved to it. Her wings stretched back, feathers shifting and bristling in the cool air. Her hands found the cold stone of the balcony railing and her eyes closed. At once she reached out across the spans of the universes at present. Energies, essences, and beings were traced until that single one was found. Daniela. A soft hint of a satisfying smile touched the Angel's lips. Her mind reached out and touched the ex-Angel's.

*Do not fear. I am always with you.*

A simple phrase, yet the weight of her presence in the mortal mind might bring one to tears. Her head lifted slightly to the heavens and in Daniela's mind would appear a picture: The Angel of Life wrapping both arms and wings about Daniela in a warm, soothing embrace. her voice was a soft whisper, spoken seemingly into her ear, so motherly and earnest.

*Do not lose hope... There is always hope.*

10-03-2004, 06:42 PM
As the palace was moved by Minity's angels, Daniela recieved an answer to the thoughts she sent forward. The Silent Angel had heard her plea and responded. Visually she held the warrior in a loving and motherly embrace. Her words were comforting to her in this time of mortal flesh and blood. Disconnected from her Lord except through prayer, she felt virtually alone. She had never experienced what she was going through right at this moment. She began to have a better understanding of the world of man and she did not envy them. What ever the purpose behind her situation, she would set forth and honour her Lord in whatever purpose He had planned for her. In mortal skin, she only hoped that she would not fail. Unlike mortals, angels were not given the chance of Salvation. That is why so many of her brethren had fallen from grace, jealousy that their creator had set man above angel. She loved her creator and His creation, hence she was one of the many in the WarHost.
Her eyes still closed she accepted the embrace with all her being, and sent this picture and thoughts back to the Silent Angel.

Thank You!
I will not lose hope, for I find it in Him who made me.

10-04-2004, 09:13 PM
Daniela had slept, but for how long she did not know. When she opened her eyes she could feel that her back did not feel as painful as it had before. If she could, she would have seen the healing pink skin of healthy new tissue. Though she seemed to have lost her immortality, she had kept several attributes, however, the mending of her wings was unusually slow. Standing, the newly healed skin on her back accepted the weight of her wings. She longed to stretch them and take to the sky, but knew that it would be sometime before that would happen. Looking around the room she called out to the first angel she saw.

I wish to seek audience with the one in charge.

10-05-2004, 10:37 AM
(( the Angels moved here Minitys planet (http://www.cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=375&start=30), so I guess you can post there now- lol))

10-05-2004, 10:40 AM
I'll copy this post over to the new thread! Thanks Minity! :lol:

10-05-2004, 10:42 AM
((i just quoted you over there- lol, so its ok!!))

10-05-2004, 10:43 AM
:whistling: *:rofl:

I just noticed! Thanks!

10-05-2004, 06:10 PM
The Angel of Life felt the wind blow through her hair. She heard the whispers of past spirits departed and gone. A soft smile touched the corner of her lips as her hands removed themselves from the cold stone of the balcony. The contact with the ex-Angel has been broken, but Sil felt her strength and determination. She would fair fine against the lot she'd been cast with. From the balcony, she turned and entered the archway of her room.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-05-2004, 06:35 PM
::A blazing green symbol appeared on the balcony outside Silent Angel's chambers. A black armoured figure steps out and immediately turned to look deep into the blue sky above. He could feel the Wigit searching for him... they still did not understand. Observing the testing would be pointless, since they could not fathom the rules behind it.

He glaced at Silent Angel and his gravel voice echoed out.::

Silent Angel of the Divine. Your testing is at hand.

10-05-2004, 06:44 PM
She felt the abomination of life before its portal appeared on her balcony. The Angel's eyes closed for but a moment and she turned hearing the grated voice of the Lawbringer. Her depthless orbs were the only things that portrayed emotion. The rest of her manner was placid and calm. Her eyes looked... sad, almost mournful.

"I knew you would come..."

Her wings flexed from her back, opening softly, as if she were about to invite the Lawbringer into a welcoming embrace. Her voice remained calm, soft, sorrowful.

"... and if this is the way it must be, then let is be so now."

Winds from within the Matrix Quadrant shook the flowing robes that lay about her body, sending the, rippling along the cold, stone floor. her golden hair fluttered behind her head. In her eyes was the gleam of a white light, a mere passing over the serene and divine fire of her depthless hazel eyes as she stared at the Lawbringer.

10-05-2004, 06:59 PM
**A small flash of light ushers in the arrival of the Widgit device. The sentient gadget alters its form into the shape of a sparrow. It is still gleaming blue metal with circuit like veins of white lite running across its surface. This mechanical appearance is soon covered in holographic feathers of gray and brown as the disguised machine lands on a perch near the encounter between the Lawbringer and the angel. Silently the bird observes events as they unfold.**

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-05-2004, 07:03 PM
::With a tipped head the Lawbringer took a long look at Silent Angel then his eyes unfocus and seemed to be looking through her. With a sigh he tipped his head back and there was a popping of deformed, misaligned bones.::

I am the Lawbringer NYXZ. The Forerunner.

You analysis has begun.

::Its body warped in this suit and he stood glaring at Sil with his burning eyes. A second NYXZ appeared behind the Angel and grasped her golden head in his hands.::


::Green fire blazed between his hands. Covering the Angel in a furnace of dark energies.::

10-05-2004, 07:14 PM
Her head went back in according with the second Lawbringer's grip. She did not struggle, but merely closed her deep hazel eyes...

...the world seemed still...

The dark energy engulfed her. It swam like hot ice over her skin leaving her feeling oddly... unclean. The fire would swirl and swarm, but it began to slow in its hellish pattern. It appeared to stall, swirling like stars about the center of a universe. Cracks formed in the fire, and all at once, as they multiplied and fractured until the fire shattered into a thousand tiny shards. They flew back into the Lawbringer that held her and toward the Lawbringer that awaited her demise. None would come...

Not yet...

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-05-2004, 07:21 PM
::The Lawbringer behinded her screamed as its fire shredded his armour and its flesh. It collapsed to the ground twitching and struggled to rise. The first Lawbringer cocked its head and held out his hand. A green Negation symbol appeared and absorbed the flying shards. Its eyes drifted to its struggling companion and he pointed to it.::

Purely defensive stance. However, you have killed one of me.

Curiousity insists I query how you feel at this juncture?

10-05-2004, 07:39 PM
The Angel stood tall as her golden hair was released from the claws of her oppressor. Her hazel eyes burned with inner fire and resilience, and her wings opened showing the massive elongated feathers from behind her robes as they fluttered in the wind. Her voice was stronger, but not angered in the least. It still held that oddly calm quality to it, like was an elder woman speaking calmly to their grandchild.

"I am an Angel of Life, Lawbringer. You are an abomination of it... and yet I mourn what life I am forced to take. Even this..."

A gentle hand reached down as if to touch the dying Lawbringer, but her fingers curled softly back into the safety of her palm. Her hazel eyes looked upon it. She did not need to touch it to know. She could feel the life being deformed, destroyed... but not all of it, for its source stills tood present before her.

"I am the Overseer of Life. I was present at your making... watching. It is not my place to take life, but to protect it. You..."

Her hazel eyes stared into the horrid orbs of the hatred turned flesh and stared.

"You were not present then... I cannot sense your origin, yet you are as you appear to me... why?"

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-05-2004, 07:53 PM
::The burning orns brightened suddenly. There was a cracking of leather as its facial muscles shifted, however the expression expressed was still hidden beneath the metal. It chuckled darkly.::

My origins are unimportant at this time. You have been chosen to partake in the test. You may continue your own analysis of my being... however it will only distract you.

::The black leather cracked as the body warped once again. Two more Lawbringers darted in for each side of Sil. Grabbing her arms they gripped her tight. The original NYXZ marched forward and back handed Sil across her face, spilling her golden locks over her face.::

Does my clouded origins not allow me the same rights as every living creature in your eyes?

::His fist lashed out then again. He assaulted Silent Angel's beautiful face over and over with his black fists. The two holding her stared on expressionless.

10-05-2004, 07:59 PM
Appears in the monitor tower, a planet away from Sil's encounter and activates two screens one showing Elixia and the other Sil.

Interesting times.

Elixia, bring yourself and SG to the Tower. We'll dine there. *Pull everyone back from the coordinates I'm giving and run a full spectrum scan there. If this Lawbringer wants to test us, he'll find I like to study them.

10-05-2004, 08:37 PM
Her cheek flew to the side with the first stroke of the Lawbringer's physical blows. Her hazel eyes regarded him darkly and she managed to speak before the onslaught of fists began.

"You take life shamelessly and needlessly. You sacrifice millions before their time and upset the balance of life and death in the universe. It is my job to see that balance held firm... it is for that you are lessened in my eyes."

She felt the division of life as the Lawbringer split. Again, she offered no resistance as his blow struck her beautiful features. Her flesh tore but as the Lawbringer's fists pulled back the skin would heal as a sliver of light flew across the open wounds on her face. Each healed almost as quickly as they were recieved. Her hazel eyes flared open, staring at the Lawbringer's eyes as he pulled his fist back, preparing to deal another blow to the Angel. Time seemed to slow in that breath of a second and the world about them shifted. Every pixel of color shifted sideways into darkness save for a few tiny beads of light that settled and became stars. They were in space outside the planets of the Matrix Quadrant. She would have no harm done to her people. This was her test, not their trial. Disorientation was brought on by the shift from gravitational hold to weightlessness. In that second the Angel's wings would open wide, slicing the two Lawbringer that held her from up their center. The vile blood of the Lawbringer's would sizzle and fall like saprkling diamonds from the Angel's wings as she floated easily before the provider of the test.

Calm, collected, she floated there and slid her hands along the darkness of the void of space. The invisible line she caressed turned into a staff the color of smoke. Silver and gold laced the end of the massive staff and a large silver blade, sharp as an axe yet twice as long stemmed from its upper end. The guisarme reflected the image of the Lawbringer clearly in it's blade and shaft. Two feathers and several beads dangles on thing leather cords from where the blade met silver and gold and then the smoke colored staff. She looked quite simply at the Lawbringer, calm, collected and unscarred.

"And so it continues."

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-05-2004, 08:54 PM
::NYXZ burning eyes cooly examined the sliced remained of the two that held Silent Angel. His eyes shifted back to her as her weapon appeared in her hands.::

You have killed two more of me. Do you take pleasure in such acts?

::He looked around at the empty space they floated in.::

I am not able to function at my full potential in the void. Evaluation of your actions would appear that although you have deminished me that was not the purpose of your transportation. You wished to protect your World.

Sentimentality is a weakness.

Please tolerate my interuption of the testing for a few moments, i must adapt before i can commence.

::Lawbringer NYXZ twitched violently, the body convulsing in the weightless void before the Silent Angel. He shuddered and doubled over. There was a sickening sound of flesh tearing and bones fracturing and reforming. Two humps formed on the Lawbringer's back. They pulsated, straining at the leathers... which suddenly split.

Two massive leathery wings unfurled behind him, dripping with blood and clear fluids. They jerked slightly then flapped, shedding flesh and liquid, which floated in the void between the two.

He hand flicked out and a wicked curved knife appeared in his fist. He examined it.::

The Inquisitor is never without his tools. Recommencing the Test immediately.

10-05-2004, 10:04 PM
Leans forward as his monitors continue to watch the fight.

Interesting. I wonder just how fast you can adapt, Lawbringer.

Opens a comline to Widget

I beleive a sharing of information is for the best. After all, my beloved was with your master. This will give you a far greater means to study the beast and releive any worries I have.

(Lawbringer, you do know you are going to add me to your testing list given two of your targets thus far.)

Random Character
10-05-2004, 11:14 PM
Appears in the monitor tower, a planet away from Sil's encounter and activates two screens one showing Elixia and the other Sil.

Interesting times.

Elixia, bring yourself and SG to the Tower. We'll dine there. Pull everyone back from the coordinates I'm giving and run a full spectrum scan there. If this Lawbringer wants to test us, he'll find I like to study them.

Elixia noded as the message displayed across her glasses.

By your command.

SG, we have been requested to join Mattson at the monitor tower. We will teleportal when you say you're ready. The feast is already there.

10-06-2004, 07:38 AM
**Widgit had abandonned its sparrow disguise when the Lawbringer and goddess departed the planet. It immediately converted its form into a long range observational scanning device so it can watch and record the battle.**

Opens a comline to Widget

I beleive a sharing of information is for the best. After all, my beloved was with your master. This will give you a far greater means to study the beast and releive any worries I have.
**Widgit converts itself into a communications pulse and travels through the comline as if it were a simple radio signal. A moment later the multi-gadget emerges into the monitoring tower and reverts into its humanoid form. Widgit now ressembles a female in dark colored clothes. Its skin is the same as its gadget form, blue metal with circuit like lines of white light. It has glowing white tendrils in place of hair. Widgit looks around at the various screens within the monitoring tower before hoving in a sitting possition a few meters away from the First. The humanoid machine speaks to the god in an almost human tone, but the mechanical pitch disrupts any organic illusion.**

Lady Minity fought the Lawbringer on Wyldearth. She survived the battle seemingly unharmed, but the Lawbringer claimed that she failed his test. He also called her "vain" and "unprepared".
The Lawbringer then tested Qwaring. He decided not to provide the Lawbringer with any useful data and "threw the fight", as they say.

**Widgit holds up its right hand, with the palm up. A small antenna forms out of the palm of its hand and opens up a link to the towers computer. The gadget sends the information recorded from Qwaring's battle with the Lawbringer and begins recording information that the towers monitoring systems are gathering on the Lawbringer's current test.**

10-06-2004, 11:43 AM
The Angel's cool hazel eyes regarded the Lawbringer calmly even as the grotesque formed into a mock version of her own: wings at all. Her voice held a grave tone to it, but her honesty showed through her eyes.

"I take no pleasure in death. Not even the death of your kind."

Her golden hair fluttered about her cheek on the solar winds that passed through space. Even with the specs of clumped flesh and tissue that floated by, she looked beautiful, powerful, a perfect contrast of light to the Lawbringer's darkness. Her robes fluttered slowly, softly on the void of space.

"Sentimentality only makes you weak if you let it consume you. I do not intend to let that happen."

A flick of her wrist and the weapon shifted untilt he blade was a were slit of silver against the backdrop of darkness about them. She pressed the hilt between her palms, managing to keep the weapon erect despite the lack of forces to do so in space. It split the features of her face as she bowed her head to the lawbringer in an almost ancient fashion of respect.

"Let us finish this."

Another quick flick of her wrist and she brought her feathered guisarme to a ready position.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-06-2004, 12:19 PM
::Lawbringer NYXZ was still taking a sick interest in the curved and jagged edged knife it held in its right hand. When Silent Angel finished its head cocked to the side and examined her.::

Only at my digression does the test finish. You have no choice when it comes to the analysis. Since you cannot fathom the rules behind this your posturing is in vain.

::Its eyes dampened slightly and he seemed to be looking through the Divine begin before him.::

You are very luminscent. This is affecting my analysis.

::NYXZ produced another of him self. This one appeared behind the Angel and wrapped his arms around her, pinning her arms to her sides. NYXZ flapped his vile wings and floated forward. ::

Dissection commencing. A more direct sample required.

::He spun in the void before her a cyclone of darkness. The wicked blade glinted in the void. The edge cut Silent Angel's cheek, then just under her neck. He stopped and slashed down, slicing through her robes and the soft skin of her stomach. With an offhand gesture the blade slid across her left thigh. She bled. Her white robes became tarnished in red. Bubbled of her life's blood flowed into the weightlessness of the void.

A black clad hand reached out and gathered up the droplets. The deep red could barely be seen against the black leather glove. It glistened there wet and shining. The knife cut through the leathers at his throat and with a tug the mask came free. Fleshy empty holes stared at the liquid on his hand. A thick pointed tongue lashed out over disorganised razor teeth and ran itself over the wet hand. It came away red. The gavel tones of NYXZ whispered in her ear, as did the gurgled voice of the one unmasked.::

Direct analysis complete. Luscious.
Dieck analysss compete. Lussiusss.

10-06-2004, 03:01 PM
The Angel's eyes burned with inner fire.

"My posturing is an offering of re-"

Her breath was taken from her lungs by the iron grip of the formation and grip of the second Lawbringer. With each slashing stroke, her body trembled and spilled its precious ichor down her robes. *She curled against the feeling of her sliced flesh but the Lawbringer held her firm. Indeed inner light radiated from ehr body and with the opening of wounds that failed to heal, light poured from her body. Divine light. Heavenly presence and purity of life immortal. Her flesh would not heal. She dared not ask what place of darkness the blade had come from. That would only show weakness. Slowly the light dimmed from her wounds and they beg to slowly close, but not before she felt the impure sting of the Lawbringer's blade on her flesh.

Droplets spurted and plucked themselves into the weightlessness of space. They clashed against the darkness of the Lawbringer's body and bounced off to flutter away behind him... lost. She writhed against the grip and watched the Lawbringer sip her blood. Her eyes gleamed with soft white light as her wounds finally closed. With gritted teeth, the Angel curled her torso to her knees and opened her wings. The pushed the Lawbringer from around her with such force that his claws left gashes on her chest. Those too healed, but considerable slower than before. Her weapon held poised in her tight grip and with it she spun, slicing outward at the belly of the Lawbringer before her. With a twist she thrust her weapon directly into the head of the Lawbringer behind her, pulling her weapon free before the beautiful, reflective blade could be tarnished by the foul nature of its body. With a flap, she lashed out at the true Lawbringer again, catching the glint of a faraway sun on her blade as she thrust it at his abdomen.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-06-2004, 03:25 PM
::The Lawbringer behind Silent Angel Screeched as the blade penetrated its face and emerged from its skull. The original simply tipped its head and warped the optic illusion of many standing in one spot occured and the blade slid though his guts like a hot knife through butter.

The gutteral murmuering for the fatally wounded Lawbringers mixed with that of a third voice. Sil turn a saw a third NYXZ watching her with interest. His black wings spread wide as he, and the others, talked.::

Silent Angel of the Divine. High potential for healing of self and others. Possible resussitation ability. Massive creation capacity.

Unusual side-effect of direct sampling is being noted. Divine blood seems to contain vast enhancement effect. Adaptation must occur for continuation.

::The three NYXZs began to convulse. Their muscles bulged and expanded in their leathers. Sharp growths protruded and sheared through the armour. Teeth elongated and twisted bursting from the leather clad maws of the ones still masked. Boney spikes imerged and harded from the shoulder, the knees, and the elbows of the Charon spawn. The fatal wounds closed over leaving the one hows skull had been destroyed by the the Angel's weapon without an eye socket. *

The new comer ran his clawed fingers over the adaptations and nodded in approval. He vanished appeared before the Angel and slammed the palm of his hand into her chest. Silent Angel was thrown backwards through empty space at the force. The three tipped their heads as one.::


10-06-2004, 04:50 PM
The Angel's wings pressed against her shoulders as she flew backwards. Nothing stopped her motion. Her wings flapped, fluttered. A few white feathers tumbled off into the vast ocean of space. With a powerful push of her wings she came back, so fast the beads of light seemed to come from her skin. Her weapon raised and she swung towards the first Lawbringer but before she could strike she disappeared.

It was a mere beartbeat as she traveled between the planes of existence and reappeared before the second Lawbringer. With the golden butt of her staff she knocked the Lawbringer's jaw up, spun her guisarme and ripped it across his throat. Blood, vile and dark, spurted from the stump of the Lawbringer's neck. Time seemed to slow about the Angel as she moved. Each step was precise and calculated. Mid swing from the deadly blow she dealt came another: her blade, whistling in the vaccuum of space, tore open the chest of the other Lawbringer. The tips of the elongated feathers on her wings glowed with white light and with a shift of the muscles in her back, they pierced the lower leg and torso of the abomination. Ribs were cut through as easily as flesh and vital organs were ruptured. Her hand came forth and her wings removed themselves. Wind and light swirled at her palm and, as she pressed it against the chest of the Lawbringer, it sent him flying with a powerful blast. The white light burned like the purest form of fire and scorched the creation of Charon.

One more. She turned to face the final Lawbringer. The blood that stained her robes seemed horribly dark and painful to the eye against her luminescent presence and blue and white robes. Golden hair billowed like glittering smoke across her face.

"The needless killing ends, Lawbringer. I await my final judgement."

Light flared across her eyes and from her fists where she held her guisarme. Solar winds flared and the cosmos seemed to shudder at her power. For the first time in their battle, the Angel did not wait for the Lawbringer to strike first. Her wings opened and she flew at him, disappearing mere inches before him only to reappear behind him. With a swing of her weapon, tainted with her power, she cleaved into the massive shoulder of the Lawbringer.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-06-2004, 05:23 PM
::Lawbringer NYXZ looked down at the blade protruding from his arm. The warping effect blurred the Lawbringer, but it snapped back into focus and screamed. He vanished and appeared a few feet off from the Angel clutching his shoulder with was healing slowly spilling out black bubbles into the void.::

Thank you, Silent Angel. This has been a most thrilling experience.

You testing is almost complete. Since you have been such an exciting and interesting subject I have chosen to provide you with some information.

Take it as a gift to you do you wish to accept?

10-06-2004, 05:34 PM
The Angel floated in space like a heavenly beacon for all wayward souls. Her golden ahir and stained robes, which she made no effort to hide, fluttered slowly like a banner in an ageless wind. She made no return comment toward the Lawbringer's seeming enjoyment from their skirmage. However, her sharp hazel eyes narrowed, staring hard into the empty voids of the Lawbringer's sockets. Her voice was cautious, calculated... calm.

"I do not trust you."

A pause. No emotion, only concern in her all-knowing eyes.

"But... I will ask what information you offer."

10-06-2004, 05:36 PM
Sets the healing crystal on standby

Interesting. At least, Min is alright. I doubt the area is but she is hot blooded.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-06-2004, 05:39 PM
::The Lawbringers mouth twisted in a parody of a smile.::

You distrust is not surprising. I am an enemy in your eyes and therefore not worthy of your trust.

However, i tasted this one in your mind.

::A green negation symbol flared beside him. Within it a First with dark hair appeared. The empty holes turned back to Silent Angel.::

He is known to me. I have information regarding his disappearance. Neo of the First is his designation. Do you wish to accept such information?

10-06-2004, 05:46 PM
You have signed your fate, monster. I will take those answers from you. And we will see if you survive my testing.

10-06-2004, 05:52 PM
The Silent Angel could get no more silent than she was now. Her face was placid, but behind the windows of her eyes streamed a thousand and one torrents of emotions. Her mind worked and the outward facade of calm became a struggle to endure. It was a game. This was a test. It's all a game to get under her skin and win this battle of wits and survival. The beautiful green color of the Negation symbol for a moment reminded her of Neo's power. She banished that thought. No... he could not be with the Negation... of the Negation. It was impossible. She would have known... she would have felt him in their presence....

... wouldn't she?

Doubt and turmoil ate away at her inner resolve. She stared for a long moment at the portal with Neo's visage and then turned her hot eyes upon the Lawbringer. The pause in between question and answer was too great to ignore. Her hand was tight upon the metal staff of her guisarme. The blood on her robes made her face seem pale and fragile. Her voice was tough as diamonds, threatening to break from the swell of emotions within her heart.

"... How do you know him, Lawbringer?"

Neo... her beloved Neo... the Angel's eyes teared.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-06-2004, 06:03 PM
::The Lawbringer NYXZ watched the tears fall from her eyes, his face still held a false smile. The Negation symbol blazed brighter, the picture widened. The First Neo stood in front of a Negation army, the soliders saluted the First. NYXZs voice grumbled through the void.::

The First Neo travelled to Negation Space. My breathren and I fought him. He failed his Test.

Originally he resisted our Lord Charon. However, in the end he saw and understood the Glory of our Lord. He accepted a place within our ranks.

He is as vile and merciless as is fitting a Lawbringer. This is my gift to you. You must be pleased?

10-06-2004, 06:06 PM
((that is evil!!!! I really want to know who you are!))

10-06-2004, 06:16 PM
It was then that something inside the placid Angel snapped. Her hand tightened violently on her guisarme. Her voice was cold like a whisper on the breath of death.

"You lie."

Her body trembled with rage.

"YOU LIE, LAWBRINGER!! And you lies are as wicked and deceitful as your forked tongue!"

White light poured into her palms. rage enveloped her. No. He would not do that. Neo would never turn against the First, against his family. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. NO! Light erupted from her hands, shooting straight at the Lawbringer. The very air about it sizzled and seemed to blurr together as if melting. She could bring forth creation... and she could undo it as well. In the back of her mind, Lestat's voice called to her, reminding her quietly of the dangers of fighting with emotion. But his voice was just that: quiet, distant. She cared not for anything besides destroying this thing... this... Lawbringer.

"MY husband would NEVER join the Negation!"

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-06-2004, 06:28 PM
::The Lawbringer face deformed into a frown. He felt the waves of "uncreation" wash over him.::

I do not comprehend your rage. Your husband has risen through the ranks for the Negation and is very powerful.

You are uncertain of my origins could you not be wrong about his fate?

Is it me who lies? Are you willing to risk destroying me and not learning more?

Or... perhaps you lie to yourself? On more consideration, maybe you do not wish to learn the truth of your husband?

I taste another in you thoughts.

::A second portal opened and the view focused on an Angel.::

Malak of the Divine. He is also deep in your thoughts.

10-06-2004, 06:47 PM
Through her rage, the Angel heard his words. SHe pulled her arm back, though with great difficulty, and the wave of white light pulled back as if it were being sucked into the flesh of her palm. A tiny tendril of smoke rose from her skin when the light vanished. Tears stung her cheeks, burning as they dripped into the void of space, where they solidified into tiny crystals. Angels tears... nearly as powerful as an Angel's blood.

"He would never join the Negation!"

Her body quivered before the Lawbringer. Rage and anguish tumbled through her system, colliding and ricocheting until they formed an uncontrollable cyclone of torture.

"Neo is gone. I do not let myself be fooled and hope naively for his return. I am not blind to truth, Lawbringer, and your foul words of deception will not let me see otherwise!"

Malak. The Angel stopped and stared at his portal. Again, that same longing stare, a wish for answers, the need to be free from loneliness... all there in her hazel eyes. The picture of Malak reflected onto the blade of her guisarme cut in half only by the presence of Neo's picture in the other portal. The Angel's stare shifted to the Lawbringer and with her shifted the blade.

"You dare invade my thoughts and twist them here with your serpent tongue! What purpose does this serve? You wish to unnerve me and rile emotions I've long stowed and put behind me? You have achieved it! Take your information and GO!"

The Silent Angel quivered and in the shivering blade of her guisarme, a winged figure stood alone.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-06-2004, 07:00 PM
::NYXZ examined her thoughtfully his black wings flapped in the void of space. The portals enlarged and burned brighter.::

You do not wish more information on your husband?

I have to admit curiousity at your request. I thought that marriage was a bonding of two people. I find it odd that it is dismissed so easily.

On evaluation, this Malak is possibly a better choice of partner. So you disgard your husband for a better choice. Interesting.

Am i correct in my analysis of the situation?

10-06-2004, 07:43 PM

The Angel quivered.

"What you feed me are lies and I WILL NOT SWALLOW THEM! I present myself with no false hopes about my husband! I've searched this world and the next, galaxies, universes, empty space and all the realms between life and death! I FIND NOTHING! He is NOT with the Negation! I refuse to believe it!"

Her eyes burned and tears blossomed on her eyelashes. Uncontrollable emotion surged through her now. She had no intention of this happening. She told the Lawbringer such, but the emotions from her missing husband were still too fresh and strong within her heart and mind. her voice grew softer, more meek and mild against the rage she'd expressed before. it gave way to guilt, sorrow, and anguish. The words the Lawbringer spoke... her mind tingled with the thoughts she'd had upon her return to life, the feelings her fractioned halves had brought back with her... how they'd merged into one giant emotion of-


NOTHING he said was true! She had to believe it! Her eyes pressed closed and her fists balled at her sides. White wings shivered and pulled close to their mistress, as if embracing her through her rapant emotions. Her body trembled and her fingers uncurled and curled again. She tried to shut out the voice of the Lawbringer, the countless night's she argued with herself, the pages she'd written in Lost scrolls and hidden text. Her mind fought it, blocked it, held a firm wall against his words, against the choices she'd denied herself since her return.... against the feelings she'd never thought she'd feel again. The Lawbringer's words were heard. The seed of doubt was planted. The Angel could not stop them.

The void of space seemed cold and empty to her. The Angel's eyes opened, sore with unfallen tears. The darkness of blood on her robes defied the innoence of Creation that she held dear. *Her mind collapsed and her heart tumbled into a fruitless pattern of panic. What words could she find to defend herself?

Her eyes stared into the pittless holes of the Lawbringer's sockets. Those piercing orbs dwelled in the darkness and depths of his mind, searching for truth, answers, something to tell her it was all a lie...

... she found nothing. Just as she had found with Neo...


"It is not your place to say what choice is better for me. I have made my choice."

It was all she could manage. it was all she could say.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-06-2004, 08:11 PM
::The sightless sockets watched emotionless. The void remained unchanging around the two. The Lawbringer took his hand way from his shoulder to show only unmarked grey flesh. He straighten more and brimmed over with dark engeries.::

Yes, Silent Angel of the Divine. You have clearly stated your preference in this matter. You have chosen the Angel Malak over possible information on your husband's fate.

You cannot see everything. You cannot know everything.

You are unable to define my origins nor are you able to fathom this testing. Yet you dismiss your husband... if you truely loved him you would continue your search, explore all options, yet you reject my informations.

::The sockets shifted and the Lawbringer turned and looked into space.::

Lord Mattson of the First. Your test is not appointed at this time. You are the God of Vision, it is unacceptible for you to view any more of these preceedings. I allowed this due to the information that may possibly result from the testing of your Mother. However, time is short and I cannot allow possible future interference.

::He tapped the blazing symbol on his belt which flared.::

This scrambler of power signatures should prevent your tracking. The testing must not be prevented.

::He turned back to Silent Angel.::

Another has been chosen. I must depart.

I have enjoyed this analysis of you immensely and I am sure your son has also.

Silent Angel of the Divine.

You have failed your test.

You have been weighed, measured, you have been found wanting and... unfaithful.

::With that the Lawbringer turned and disappeared in a blazing mark of Charon. The Negation symbol blazed across the void, a beacon across the cosmos.::

10-06-2004, 09:26 PM

A slender woman with blonde, shoulder length hair, and Matrix Quadrant armor on walks into a room occupied by Elixia...she moves to stand next to her, and notices what she is observing...

More Lawbringers...you would think they would have been satisfied the first time...

10-06-2004, 09:56 PM
The Angel's face paled.


Her hazel eyes dulled and stared blankly ahead of her. She heard the words of truth the Lawbringer spoke and inside her something shattered. Her guisarme fell to the weightlessness of space, floating just outside the blunt touch of her fingertips. Forefront in her mind was what she'd been deemed:


In the eyes of the vilest of creatures, the Angel of Life and Creation had been branded unworthy. She was listless and numb. Had she the ability to die she would have done so and let the Shepard's guide her soul into damnation. But that would not happen... it could not happen. The weight of death within her weighed heavy upon her soul. The Negation symbol flared its Emerald light and for a second the thought... she hoped.

"... Neo?"

A pathetic whisper. No... he was gone. She had lost whatever love and part of her past she'd desired to hold onto. For so long she'd hoped, dreamed of the day Neo would return to her, but it was all in vain. She had broken her vows. Had the emerald light signaled her husband's return she would not stop him from unleashing whatever wrath he felt upon her. At least he would have been alive and her shame all the more justified. But no, she's only herself to blame. It all fell back on her.

Her empty hazel eyes looked up to the firey green symbol of Charon's might. Before it, the blood-stained angel fell to her knees. He'd won. The Evil Lord of the Negation army had won. The green, inward sigil reflected and spun in her hazel eyes. She stared... just stared.

And for the second and final time that night, something within the Divine being snapped. Her body trembled and shook. Her hazl eyes remained fixated upon the Negation symbol, the symbol of her defeat and doom. Her eyes strained, bulged as she stared long and hard as if willing it to go away. The Symbol churned before her, roaring with the dark energy of the Lawbringer. Putrid and foul... she could almost smell its stench, feel its heat, burning her inside, scorching her heart her mind, eating away at what little faith was left within her... churning and twisting in the void of space, mocking her failure and her self-deceit.

The weight of the Lawbringer's words fell back upon her shoulders and she fell to the void of space, clutching her face in her hands as she wept. Golden hair fell in tangles of blood and spittle about her face, hiding her shame from the world. Her white wings drooped and circled her fragile form. Her sobs became wails and the saturation of her robes stained her hands and arms red with guilt and anguish. Her wails turned to cries that then turned to screams. Her guisarme was grabbed and white light flared from her palms that gripped it tight. She sat back upon her calves and screamed a cry of death. It would put all Divine war cries to shame and the cosmos would shudder at her fury, her torment. Stars ruptured and threatened to destroy themselves. White lightning split the realms of life and death, opening them to the world for a brief moment of time. Solar winds send her robes billowing. Her wings opened wide to the Heavens and what Creators lay within. She was mad with rage and hurt. Her golden hair spilled about wildly. From her weapon a sliver of light ruptured the void of space and time. It opened, pulsed outward, and widened around her. Her mind was broken. She had no control. Power tornadoed around her body in a uncontrollable frenzy and torrent. She was Creation. Everything that had a beginning had an end. She could destroy it all... just one thought and it would all be gone. Just a thought... a desire, and she could take it all away. Devastation would be her final deed. Yes, she felt it surge within her, the desire to cast away all life, into the darkness of damnation where pain festered into unsatiated insanity. Let them all feel what she felt and see, let them feel her rage and eternal torment and lonliness... let them see! She would make them all see!

But... it did not last. Her rage consumed her and gave way to unsurmountable grief. Anguish racked her body in tremors and around the the fate of the universe fell back into rhythm. She was left alone. She would not reach out to her son. The Angel could not bring it upon herself to let him feel her grief. He'd had enough of his own... and now her burden had become his.

But no more...

She knew what she had to do. All the length of contemplation, unsureness and hesitation vanished. She still trembled before the symbol of her conquering. Her hazel eyes looked up at it with a twinge of insanity. Let the darkness consume... She made the choices she'd dreaded to decide upon. All would come to be as she had forseen...

She faded into the starry background...

... into the darkness inside her...

... into the eternal lonliness for which she was bound...

...but this time... She would not be alone...


...not truly alone...

... with her, she would take another.

10-06-2004, 10:06 PM
Suddenly a fiery vortex opens and Minitys angels pour from it...they look quite confused as no one is there...one of the male generals and female generals holds Daniela way in the back of the army, just in case anything happens, they dont want the mortal to become injured...

The head Female general looks around...

I swear...someone cried for help...

10-07-2004, 02:48 PM
**Widgit floats and observes events. Everything it preceives is sent to Qwaring through the telepathic link the multi-gadget and the First share. When the Lawbringer claims that Neo is working with the Negation Qwaring informs Widgit to offer his assistance to Lord Mattson. Qwaring possesses the ability to look into the Negation universe and could possibly aid in the search for the truth. The sentient machine decides to wait until the current situation has been resolved before making any offers. Then the Lawbringer makes it dificult to track him. The humanoid gadget lets out an annoyed grunt before the god of gadgets informs it of a new plan to follow the path of the tester by watching the soon to be tested. Within the Protectorate sector, several trillion light years away, another Widgit device breaks up into thousands of smaller versions of itself. This swarm of tiny gadgets disappear in a nova like burst of light and teleport to locations all over the universe. They will watch the First and wait for the Lawbringer to appear.
Within the monitoring tower, the humanoid gadget silently waits and watches.**

10-07-2004, 04:32 PM

Red energy crackles around Mattson.

You truely dare to think you can hide from me? Even if I cannot track you, you did say another was to be tested, fool. And when you make your move, I will be watching, waiting, and preparing to see if you can handle being testee.

Hundreds of monitor screens light up displaying the First around the galaxy.

Make your move.

Brings down one image that shows Mil searching for someone or something and opens it into a com portal

There is a Lawbringer about. It has struck at Minity, Qwarang, and my mother. I will be hunting it.

10-07-2004, 04:56 PM
**The antenna on Widgit's hand collapses back into its palm as it establishes a perminant link to the monitor towers systems. This link will only allow for a sharing of information about the Lawbringer. The humanoid gadget brings the attention of one of the screens to the ruins of the the Sinister palace where Lawbringer NYXZ is confronting BigGator. Widgit floats closer to Mattson and explains the image.**

Qwaring has dispersed one of my duplicates into thousands of probes that are scattering across the universe in search of First. By watching the object of the Lawbringer's obsession we can locate him, as you can see from this screen. The probe assigned to seek out BigGator has also located the Lawbringer in the ruins of House Sinister.

**Widgit pauses to process some more data before continuing.**

I would like to inform you that Qwaring is willing to offer his multi-dimensional sight to you if you wish to look into the Lawbringers claims.

Random Character
10-07-2004, 05:00 PM

A slender woman with blonde, shoulder length hair, and Matrix Quadrant armor on walks into a room occupied by Elixia...she moves to stand next to her, and notices what she is observing...

More Lawbringers...you would think they would have been satisfied the first time...

Elixia nods to her friend.

Indeed. I suspect that is why Mattson has requested to meet our newest guest in the tower. If you are off duty, I think you could join us.

Bangs on the door.

SG, we are transporting to the Monitor tower tonight, right?

10-07-2004, 05:07 PM
Thank you, Widget.

Pulls up the image of the Lawbringer facing Gator.

I am capable of tearing the truth of those images from his eyes and I will in time. First, I think I'll see how the reptile handles this.

10-07-2004, 05:48 PM
Closes the com portal.

Now that this is sanctions by royality, lets see how Gator fares.

Teleportal in a beer.

And how his son enjoys this show?

10-07-2004, 07:19 PM
::Cao cooed and reached up to touch the energies of her brother as they flared about him. Her little fingers made a grabbing motion and some of his energy broke off and came to her. She patted it like a ball and squealed with joy in her brother's arms. With fascinated emerald eyes, she dropped it and watched it bounce from the floor and back to the source of its creation.

Another item of interest appeared and she reached for the cold can that Mattson ported in. It rattled in his hand and there was a gentle pull as Cao tried to mentally take it from him. There was the hint of a soft emerald glow in her delicate infant eyes.

But suddenly there was a change. The infant sister of Lord Mattson shivered and then went rigid in his arms. She stared into space and them made the softest of baby whimpers. Her little hand reached out to the open air, much in the same manner than she had done for Mattson's energy... but this was different. She reached out to nothing. Again the baby moan as her eyes teared and then flooded over all together. Her wails grew loud in the tower where they stood. Cao's cheeks grew red and crocodile tears fell in rivers at the unseen forces that plagued her.

In a sudden rush (http://www.cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=27491#27491) it would hit them, perhaps not all of them... but Mattson would surely feel it. Power. Agony. Despair of the deadliest kind. The need for desolation, the call for abandonment of life. The feeling of one's greatest hopes and dreams rupturing and dying before them...



Cao wailed and her cries echoed into the night::

10-07-2004, 07:31 PM
Quite suddenly a burst of flame notes the arrival of Minity, her hair flies up and her fists are clenched, yet she still retains her grace and beauty...

Where is it?!!! Ill KILL this time...

She seems Lord Mattson...and calms down for just a *moment...she puts her hand on his shoulder...

Did you or your mother kill it...

she then notices her angels sitting around in a confused manner with a mortal...she telepathically sends them a warning and they quickly dispapear in a burst of flames, however 2 males accompany Minity...

10-07-2004, 07:41 PM
**The Widgit device floats closer to Mattson, but its attention is focused on the wailing infant in his arms. The female shaped machine holds out a slender blue hand to Cao. The hand collapses into several small cubes. Each cube is the size of a childs toy block and hovers before the tiny goddess. With its other hand Widgit taps on one of the blocks. Its blue metallic surface becomes bright red and glows. This glowing block gives off a musical note. Each block gives off a different color and a different sound when touched. The machanical being hopes these floating toys will be enough to destract Cao from whatever is destressing her.
Once that's done Widgit turns around to look at the arrival of Minity. The one handed Widgit silently watches the interaction between the two First.**

10-07-2004, 09:13 PM
Elixia nods to her friend.

Indeed. I suspect that is why Mattson has requested to meet our newest guest in the tower. If you are off duty, I think you could join us.

Bangs on the door.

SG, we are transporting to the Monitor tower tonight, right?


Thanks, I could use a break...

Philida's eyes dont leave the monitor as she speaks to Elixa...instead she focus' on the image of the lawbringer and then sighs...

Its not her...

10-07-2004, 09:27 PM
The banging on the door forced SG to open his eyes.
"How long have I been out? :eh: * He asked himself, then, looking in front of him, he froze.

10-07-2004, 09:28 PM
There, Pyrem stood at the foot of the bed spitting up blood.
As he coughed he said:
SG... *How could you do this to me? *... *We were friends.

10-07-2004, 09:29 PM
In shock, SG pushed away. *Turning to his left he came face to face with Robin.
We were your only friends.
Then, pushing away, he turned to his right, coming face to face with Toady.

10-07-2004, 09:30 PM
This can't be real! :mad:
You're dead!!
Then the door opened and Elixia stepped in.
"What's going on?" *She asked.

10-07-2004, 09:32 PM
This is how SG treats his friends.
"How could you!!?" :mad: *She hollared.

10-07-2004, 09:32 PM
No... NO!!!!!! :evil: * *This can't be real!!!

10-07-2004, 09:42 PM
Oh but it is.
Came the voice of Rupiku as Robin spoke.
Then, as if it were paper, her skin tore away replaced by Rupiku.
You're time is up SG. *I tried to warn you... *You're just like me.
But you couldn't listen... *No, you wouldn't listen.
Well, either way...
As he paused the "skin of Toady, Elixia and Pyrem and faded away leaving more Rupiku's in their stead. *All at once they said:
You time has come. :twisted:

10-07-2004, 09:45 PM
SG sat up screaming. *Outside his room Elixia was asking him about tonight.
As sweat poured down his face he swallowed hard then walked over to the door. *Openning it he said to his new "friend:"
Ummmm... *Yes... *I'm ready when you are.

10-08-2004, 04:35 AM
No and more trouble swirls. I was hoping to talk to SG before things started but I think its time to shift this test to my terms.

Teleportals in Cao's crib and places the baby within it before teleportaling in a bottle of milk for her.

Stay safe little one. This shouldn't concern you.

Walks to the next room leaving those who wish to follow to do so, Mattson stares into space.


Random Character
10-08-2004, 05:02 AM
SG sat up screaming. Outside his room Elixia was asking him about tonight.
As sweat poured down his face he swallowed hard then walked over to the door. Openning it he said to his new "friend:"
Ummmm... Yes... I'm ready when you are.

Elixia blinked.

You normally have nightmares? Please tell me it didn't involve a maglomanicial duck and a saltshaker.

Anyways, Mattson is at his tower. He asked for us to meet there and to play back this image of a Lawbringer attacking your father. My leige expects it to come after him so the meeting may be breif and please don't interfare.

Looks to Philida

This is Philida. We went through some of the same training courses. While I went for the guns, she studied in the blades. Philida, this is SG. He's got ayslum here due to the Gator protocal and is Mattson's uncle. He's only half First and is torn between patracide issues and a hero complex.

Taps her glasses and the three appear near Mattson

SG, I present to you, Lord Mattson, ruler of the Matrix Quadrant. (And presuming Min folows) And Lady Minity, his queen and commander of the angelic host. My thanks for their offer of aid earlier, my queen.

10-08-2004, 05:08 AM
Not who I was expecting to appear at that but...

Welcome to my Keep, SG. I don't beleive we've had the pleasure of talking outside of a trouble spot before now.

Nods to Elixia and Philida


Teleportals in a long table with food.

Please enjoy. I'm expecting trouble so I will hold off. Now, if you have any questions, I'll try to answer them now.

10-08-2004, 09:18 AM
**Widgit leaves the cubes hovering around Cao to entertain her if she needs them. The humanoid machine itself floats after Mattson and follows him to the dinner table. Widgit ramains several meters behind Mattson. After a few moments of silently observing Widgit reports its new orders to the First.**

Lord Mattson, Qwaring has authorized me to accompany you if you confront the Lawbringer. That is ifyou require my services.

10-08-2004, 01:38 PM
You may observe this test but I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will make the Lawbringer assumptions of my power on the low side.

10-08-2004, 01:43 PM
Windchimes on the wind that passed through the tower were laced with tears. The mother appeared bafore her child and stared at her in the saddest manner a mother could. Tears rolled down her face and, for a moment her eyes looked to the rows of monitors, the same monitors that Mattson had watched her from. The tears swelled and rolled down her cheeks. They bounced and solidified on the floor in the shape of tiny oval crystals. The Angel bent and picked up her only remaining daughter.

"This is it, little child..."

Tears fell, playing a sad melody as they fell to the ground. A motherly hand smoothed her head of black curls.

"... this is the end."

The child's eyes were glassy. She'd clearly been crying. Their bond was strong... perhaps too strong. The Angel offered her daughter a smile and bounced her softly as she walked from the crib.

"No more tears. We won't look back. We won't cry anymore. I promise you a better life. One where we won't need tears..."

Her eyes looked distantly back to the crib, to the untouched bottle of milk. A tear fell down her cheek as they disappeared.

"No... not anymore."

And with that... they were gone (http://www.cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=668). A few crystalized teardrops, a blood stained feather, and an empty crib were all that remained.

10-08-2004, 05:34 PM
**Widgit recalls the cubes and reassembles its hand. With little else to do the humanoid gadget preoccupies itself by sifting through the various data feeds in the Monitoring systems.**

10-08-2004, 08:19 PM
Minity brushes her hair out of her face as she senses Cao's prescence disapear...

My love...perhaps you should just sit down and rest for the moment...I shall be your pillar of strength...

10-08-2004, 08:22 PM
I supose you are right.

Takes a seat

But when the Lawbringer comes for me, let me handle him. He plays with my fathers name like it is toy. Weather there are truths there or lies, I mean to discover them. And worry not for your ego. These things greet in violence and I aim to speak it language.

10-08-2004, 08:31 PM
You are an excellent warrior, Im sure you will be able to handle him with the greatest of ease, and I will cheer you on as you be-head him :twisted:

Minitys eyes glow red as she places her hand on LMs shoulder...

and FYI...I can sense the Nun is awake...I still want to kill her :evil:

10-08-2004, 08:34 PM
I plan to question this creature for a long time then let Mil question it. Then once its broken and useless, I will kill it.

And as for the Nun, you worry about that curse don't you?

10-08-2004, 08:43 PM
I would like to be there when Mil questions it...

and, I do worry about the curse, and yet I dont, * I just dont see any child that I would raise being able to kill me...it might atempt to...but I dont see it succeeding...besides, that curse is easily fixable, in 2 ways...

10-08-2004, 08:45 PM
I don't see why Mil wouldn't allow you to help with the questioning.

But tell me how to avoid this curse.

10-08-2004, 08:56 PM
Minity wraps herself and LM in her veil of privacy before spilling her secrets to LM...

well, the curse only effects our first child, so first of all, we could have twins, because it would split the curse between both children, and therefore make it null and void...however my patience is only so long, I could forsee myself killing one of the children, so I dont think we will be going with that option...

and secondly...I could convince my body that I am pregnant, go through all the symptoms, and when it is time for delivery, the only thing I will be releasing is a shell that holds the curse

there is a third option, but it would force us to abuse our first child and then unleash it onto the Nun, since our energy signatures are so similar, but the Nun isnt worth my first born so its out of the question...

10-08-2004, 09:07 PM
Minity then crosses her arms...

and speak of the devil, I sense the Nun and a newly appointed First outside the Matrix Quadrant...

Mattson I do not want her near me right now! :evil:

10-08-2004, 09:58 PM
SG looked at Elixia and shrugged.
So much was happening... *Should he even bother LM? *After all, the Half-Blood didn't even know what he was really doing in the Matrix Quadrant... *Nor what this "LawBringer" incident was all about. *Licking his lips, he approached the First and asked:
Is there anything *can do to help? :eh:

10-08-2004, 10:21 PM
I'll contact her.

And SG, you can keep the people safe. I've buried enough of this Quadrant in the War.

Opens a private comlink to Scion

10-09-2004, 08:25 AM
Minity drops the Veil of Privacy and smiles smugly...she still keeps one hand on LMs shoulder as she examines the nails of her other hand...when she finally notices SG, she smiles slighty and waves, and simply listens to LMs conversation with the Nun...

10-09-2004, 03:01 PM
Elixia ate quietly while the games of the First danced around her. She wondered if SG really wanted to do something or if he just felt indebted.

10-09-2004, 03:25 PM
"Keep the people safe?"
SG ran the statement through his mind. *What did that mean? *Were they going to battle? *Was he to be left behind?
Looking at Elixia for a moment he asked himself if he would like to be, then shook his head. *She had been kind, but he was a warrior taking a deep breath he spoke again:
Lord Mattson... I have held my own against First and LawBringer alike. *I have battled Sigil Bearers, Ligis Bearers and crazed water Gods.
I can help you.
I am not my father.
What ever you have planned... *I'm coming too.

10-09-2004, 03:54 PM
Looks to SG then smiles.

Good. This Lawbringer is testing people. Playing a game with lives and pulling strings. I'm going to turn the tables on it and see what tests it can endure. Its not a matter of trust. However, if you want to stand with the Quadrant, I've got an offer for you. Your father is coming. His former lapdog brings warning of this. If I am engaged in combat with the Lawbringer when he arrives, the Quadrant only has Minity to count on. Python offers his and Scion's help but I don't trust one and the other could well have an accident for her careless dreamings. Not good odds.

So will you stand with the Quadrant. Will you chose to fight for a cause not your own? I'm not going to strive for killing Gator but if its there, you can take it. This place has seen more loss then it deserves. These people accept gods walking among them. Can we allow our fights to be paid in their blood?

You may well be the key to this. If you chose to stay, then the ball is in your hands. If you chose to leave, this encounter may be averted. The Quadrant will give you support on either choice.

10-09-2004, 10:17 PM
Minity unwraps the veil she placed around her...

That lapdog was and still is a moron...and I can handle BG...at least until your done with the lawbringer...

Minitys eyes glow read as she begins to think...

O dear, you never mentioned what you thought of my solutions to that wretched curse

10-10-2004, 03:18 AM
I couldn't bring myself to do the last option. The second one might kill you as it exits. And trying to get twins would be a long shot. I appealed to Scion's love for life and explained that this curse would more then likely cause a conflict that would hurt more then you and I. We shall see if she tries to fix her mistake. Granted we still have a long time unless you aren't telling me something.

10-10-2004, 10:58 AM
Minity places a hand on her stomach and then looks away from LM...

I would not keep that a secret...

10-10-2004, 03:58 PM
I didn't think you would save perhaps to keep me from worrying about the curse. We'll find a way around it in time.

10-10-2004, 04:05 PM
Im in no rush to have children...

Minity then quickly changes the subject...

Have you found the Lawbringer yet?

10-10-2004, 04:14 PM
He's hiding from me. Someplace that the monitor tower can't detect.

10-10-2004, 10:18 PM
SG swallowed hard trying to make sense of the situation. *He knew where his loyalties were. *Killing BG was not the priority... *Saving lives were... *
But what did Mattson mean? *The choice was his?
Lord Mattson... *Do you mean to say BG is on his way here for me? :eh:
If that is the case I will leave your Quadrant be.

10-10-2004, 11:45 PM
Minity eventually because zone out everything around her, the way she usually does when she concentrates on scanning the universe...however this time...she seems to be focusing on her reflection in a nearby mirror...

She touches her curly blonde hair and her flowing garments...and her face soon begins to show signs of contempt and distain for her new look...and suddenly, red energy flows around her, as her clothes shift into a thin, silver suit of armor, which covers her entire body, except her shoulders...a circular pendant appears in her hair which now begins extremely long, thick and dark brown...her skin is still tan, and her thick hair covers her right eye...As she looks into the mirror, she smiles at the former look she had centuries ago and then mutters under her breath...

I guess nothing does beat the original...

10-11-2004, 04:03 AM
Eyes Minity's change

Your radience shines through no matter the style, my dear.

Turns back to the business at hand

And where will you run? How will you stop him? Gator seeks your life. Though I would wager my ways of running things don't sit well with him. It seems he played both of us. By sending you here, he knew I would not allow his flunky to kill you. Now he holds most of an excuse to charge in and demand your head. If you run, I am sure he will find another excuse in time once you have been hunted like Trenin himself is after you. However, he knows I can appeal to Mil but he must know of one loophole to tie the Council's hands. Sadly, you've been played as a pawn. However, even a pawn can take a queen. The question is, what move will you make?

10-11-2004, 08:57 AM
Minity smiles at LMs comment, and then places her hand on his shoulder...

My dear, it has been awhile since I last heard from Qwaring, we were assigned to search for a Negation agent...Im going to make sure he is faring well since we now seem to have an alliance, but I should not be long...and if you need me before I return...just think...really loudly! 8)

Minity smiles and then disapears in a blaze of red energy...

10-11-2004, 02:05 PM
My leige, what about the vault weapons?

10-11-2004, 10:42 PM
**While observing random events through the tower's monitoring systems Widgit recieves a series of instructions from Qwaring through their telepathic link. The humanoid gadget floats closer towards Lord Mattson and addresses the First.**

Lord Mattson, this Lawbringer situation has brought an opportunity to Qwaring's attention, and he wishes for me to discuss it with you.
Qwaring feels that our different means of observing events throughout the universe have proven vastly more effective when pooled together. So in the interest of serving Elysia through Qwaring's position as Council of Intelligence he wishes to offer a perminent link between your tower and myself. Through me you will gain access to the multitude of spacial probes and observatory stations that Qwaring uses for his planetary archives as well as the scanning power of any duplicates that I have in the universe at any given time. In return he would have unlimited access to you monitoring towers systems through the link that he shares with me.
It will ensure that Millenium and the rest of the council has the best information at their disposal.

10-12-2004, 04:29 PM
That is a reasonable deal. However, I still have a few plans I must keep from outside eyes just as I am sure Q does. The majority of the system will be open to you and your master with restriced domains displayed.

And Elixia, those are sealed for a reason. They will remain there unless all is lost.

10-12-2004, 10:59 PM
SG nodded.
If my father wants the Matrix Quadrant, he'll find a way... *Even after I'm dead.
Looking Mattson in the SG broke into a smile.
If he wants this Quadrant so badly... *Let's make him work for it. ;) *:p *:twisted:
Forming his trademark light structure sword in his hand he asked:
What's the plan? :twisted:

10-13-2004, 06:36 PM
We lure him to a low population planet. I may be dealing with the Lawbringer but there are always stalling measures and I have a few tricks including one I used in the War.

10-14-2004, 08:11 PM
That is a reasonable deal. However, I still have a few plans I must keep from outside eyes just as I am sure Q does. The majority of the system will be open to you and your master with restriced domains displayed.**Widgit nods in agreement.**

Of course.

**The humanoid gadget's right hand breaks apart into several block like shapes that fly around randomly for a second before reassembling into a small data broatcasting device. With this Widgit creates the link with the towers systems while avoiding anything that is restricted. Once that is finished Widgit reforms its hand.**

The link has been formed. And may I say that your you possess an impressive long range targetting array for your surveillance scanners.

10-14-2004, 08:51 PM
It helps keep me informed. Besides the Keep here acts as an antenna and uses the energy currents of the universe to transmit signals along. Things will slip past my notice but I catch the best stuff.

10-16-2004, 02:25 AM
A monitor screen appears showing Honor's Angel facing the Lawbringer.

I am starting to think he wants my attention. If he hadn't gone after Q, I'd think he was out to anger me by striking at my family.

Widget, what sort of scanned data do we have thus far?

10-17-2004, 09:07 PM
**The humanoid gadget waves its metallic hand and alters the video feed on several monitors to display stored data on the Lawbringer and his battles.**

We have gathered information on physiology, abilities and tactics.
NYXZ seems highly adaptive. Able to adapt to travel within a vacuum within moments. It's possible that he can adapt to a vast number of environmental types as easily.
His powers are numerous, the most prominent of which is his ability to generate duplicates of himself. He has also exhibited some form of extraordinary perception. He was aware of a suit of enhanced ebon armor that Qwaring possesses and was able to apraise its tactical value. Although to be honest Qwaring does not use the ebon armor in combat. It was a gift and is currently on display in his lair.
And NYXZ's combat tactics seem to be straightforward. During Qwaring's encounter with NYXZ I felt that I could have easily defeated him, but Qwaring held me back for the sake of gaining the advantage over the Lawbringer's master or masters. On one occassion, when NYXZ fought your mother, he demonstrated the ability to utilize psychological warfare to his advantage. Which suggests his ability to use his extraordinary perception to his advantage during combat.
But this is only my interpretation of the data. I'm sure you will see more in it.

10-19-2004, 04:42 PM
With a gust of wind the form of Mattson that was studying the Lawbringer's moves blows into dust. Where he was sits a monitor screen showing a nigh lifeless moon. Mattson and the Lawbringer stand there.

Welcome to my arena. Please try to leave. It feels like passing through spiderwebs made of razor wire. Now, you fail at being more then a flashy scourge. Anubis was twenty times the threat of you. Heck, even Quin is more of a problem.

Strides towards the Lawbringer vanishing and reappearing behind him to deliver an elbow to the back.

I beleive that is a greeting in your culture.

Spins and transforms his hand into a blaster and fires away.

Thats for going after my family.

Flips back and touches the ground.

This is for toying with me.

A rock the size of an SUV appears in the ground beneath NYXZ and explodes the ground upwards.

Should I quit toying with you now?

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-19-2004, 04:54 PM
::NYXZ studied his surroundings. His black wings flapped and settled like a cloak. His bone spikes clicked softly.::

Why would i try to leave after i malipulated everything so well to finally get you to come running?

Lord Mattson of the First.

Your Testing and your Death is at hand.

NYXZ tumbled forward as Mattson slammed an elbow into his back. He threw up his leather clag hand just in time for a burning Negation symbol to absorb the blaster fire.

His eyes widen as he feels the ground shift beneath him. The optic warping effect occurred and NYXZ was crushed by the exploding rock.

His death rattle whispered out as his shattered body crumbled to the floor

Show you a true Negation greeting...

::A new NYXZ appeared behind Lord Mattson, a blade in hand. The wicked knife darted out toward's the God's back, seeking the First's left kidney.::

10-19-2004, 05:01 PM
With a crackle of black energy the blow is deflected. Appearing in Mattson's hand is a strange sword, the Sword of the Ebon Sun.

Backstabbing. I'll note that.

You know somehow I thought you'd be more impressive in person.

Vanishes and reappears in five different spots. With a flick of the wrist the Sword goes flying from each image and each towards a different part of the Lawbringer.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-19-2004, 05:13 PM
::NYXZ burning eyes rolled in disgust.::

You petty jibs do not affect me God of Vision.

I simply played a game, my pleasure was all that truely mattered, and I will enjoy nothing more than removing your organs. Anubis never had half as much fun as i did.

::The Lawbringer's eyes watched as the five images appeared.::

Easily defended.

::He blurred and five more NYXZ surrounded the first. The spread their arms welcoming the blades. Four blades met without damage. With a screech one Lawbringer staggered backwards clutching the blade protruding from his chest. The five remaining Lawbringers hissed together.::

How sweet to step in for you daughter, even though she is not truely of your flesh. I query how fast your response would have been if i had threatened you son? Would you truely have lifted a finger?

::Some of the Lawbringers vanished and appeared in succession around Lord Mattson. The first delievered a kick toward his head, the second a blow meant for his ribs, the third a jab for his ribs, and the forth an upper cut to the jaw.

The fifth watched on his eyes blazing in hatred and anger.::

10-19-2004, 05:25 PM
Rolls with most of the punches and kicks before responding.

Depends. If he was powerless, yes. However, I've rearly seen the boy fight and that might be reason enough to hold back.

Sword to me.

The sword returns to Mattson's hand.

So why the whole stick with drawing me out? I mean yeah, I lead the forces that handed your people their butts but this is personal. And I don't have that big of a list. Attila maybe but Facade didn't enter the picture ever so thats out. Lucien would have gloated far more to Sil and gone after Kyle over me. So lets see whats under those masks.

Disolves his form into a telrpotal vortex that draws in the copies around him and appears on a rock nearby.

Is this still fun?

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-19-2004, 05:43 PM
::Two Lawbringers shimmered and merged with the remaining three. The triplets shook with anger. One wings unfurled and flapped. The other turned away from Mattson in disgust. The third clentched his fists.::

Fun... yes, as enjoying as it gets.

All to show you how family makes one weak. They can be manipulated and through them the objective can be corrupted.

All to show you how blind you really are. Unable to see who toyed with you and your family. Incapable of viewing what lay behind the masks. A God of Vision that is blind and weak.

::The three snarled in hatred. One spun on its heel and vanished, while another leaped into the air and was consumed in green energy. The remaining NYXZ turned and walked towards Mattson.::

BLIND! Thats what you really are! Blind and a liar!

You would never help your son, he has spend his life alone and helpless. I see his mind, it is a torrent of darkness and pain. I destroyed members of your family and left him. He is truely one of the forsaken. My testing of him would not have drawn you out, i chose those only you cared for.

A Seer whom cannot see... does not deserve his eyes.

::The NYXZs that vanished appeared around Lord Mattson. The first completed his spin and landed a blow to his jaw, knocking him backwards over the rock. The second came crashing down upon the God of Vision's chest and melted away.

The final NYXZ roared and plunged his knife downwards, the blade destined to end its descent in the God's optic cavity.::

10-19-2004, 06:00 PM
This finally rattled Mattson enough that he lost control of the fight. He knew it as soon as the blade flashed. He had fallen into the same trick that the others had. And it cost him. WIth a scream he brought the Sword of the Ebon Sun up and ran his attacker through before sliding under neath and shaping his golden hand into wicked talons and slashing at another.

I still have one eye. And you.


Crimson energies begin to dance around.


They strike randomly and shatter stone.

You wanted me emotional. You wanted to see me come running. Well, this is it. So, I guess I failed there. BUt, you are on my home. My domain.

And I am king here.

THe shattered stone rise and circle Mattson like a barrier while others shoot through attempting to flay the Lawbringer to the bone.

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-19-2004, 06:10 PM
::Lawbringer NYXZ felt the blade slide through him but he barely noticed. The other two vanished and appeared beside him. The stones sliced through them but they didnt pay any mind to their wounds. They all focused on the bloodied knife as their leather become soaked in dark blood..

They turned as one to Lord Mattson, blazing with power. The stones shards cutting into their flesh. Their voices joined but slipped from rasping tones to a normal voice. A voice of someone whos games and illusions were falling apart at the seems.::

I-I did not m-mean to...

Why d-did you let me... y-you could have...

::The three screamed out.::

What have you made me do!?

10-19-2004, 06:12 PM
The very air grows still as its master stops his fury as the voice slips for a moment.

You? It was you?

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-19-2004, 06:29 PM
::The three set of eyes open in horror as they realise the Illusions have slipped. The shimmered and became one, his eyes blazing in maddness and pain.::

Stupid! Idiotic! Shouldn't have let it all slip had it so well planned, everything was going the way it was suppose to! The game played out to the finale... this... this wasn't how it was suppose to be! N-no, all a game, don't you see!

This wasn't the ending! You should have easily avoided that strike! I-I never meant this to happen. Didn't want this!

::The Lawbringer fell to his knees, his eyes glazed over with shock.::

All a game, you see?! Shadows and Illusions! No one was suppose to get hurt, all a game. To be someone different, someone new... just not to live with the shadows for a few moments. No one... no one was suppose to...

::The fiery eyes looked up and stared at Lord Mattson's ruined face, into his remaining eye. NYXZ let out a choked breath.::

What have I done to you, Father!?

10-19-2004, 06:37 PM
I wasn't a liar. You're my boy. I may have been horriblly absent but I ment what I said. When it counts and when its not the hearts of women, I'd protect you.

Absence hurt you alot. And I will try to atone for that. But you hurt many with words and deeds. I know my mother's heart breaks daily for not having Neo. I feel that pain every time I speak with her. You twisted that wound in her heart in a way far more painful then the lose of my eye.

Did Mil really command you to do this?

Lawbringer NYXZ
10-19-2004, 06:46 PM
::NYXZ's eyes dimmed and he shook uncontrollably.::

I-I am Lawbringer NYXZ. T-The Forerunner. The Inquisit... The Inquistor.

I am sent to... t-test...

::The Lawbringer slammed his fists to his head.::

I-I can't do this anymore...

::The Lawbringer deminished in size, the wings and the bones protrusions melted into shadows. The leathers melted away and a First clad in a black cloak took the place of the Lawbringer. Dark eyes filled with tears of pain and horror stared up at his father.::

10-19-2004, 06:59 PM
Night stared up at his father.

You words mean nothing!

Nothing can change what I am! Look at what I've done to you! I-I've cut your eye out! I cut my father's eye out!?

The dark God cried out at the world. Shadows appeared all around him stroking and caressing him. They whimpered. Night snarled over the top of them.

Forgivesssss... ussss...

NO! Don't forgive me! Never forgive me! Look at what I have become!

Oh Atwaal... what have I become...?

The pain and insanity slipped out of Night's shadowy eyes at the mention of the First Leader.

Millennium... he's recruited me to... to... test the First.

Told me to analyses their readiness for a Negation surprise attack. He gave me the names, and the place. He sanctioned it... he gave me... he...

Night's eyes spun with darkness and hatred.

I will not shift blame for what I have done to you, Father. Your wound is my responsibility, my mistake!

However, yes, he asked me to preform these tests upon our people.

The anger in his eyes burned and he rose to his feet.

He treated me like his hound! Like a servant! Threatened Mist and Shade when i stepped out of line!

I shall kill him for you Father!

Allow me to kill him for making me do this!

10-19-2004, 07:07 PM
There has been enough death.

10-19-2004, 07:29 PM
Night eyes went wide at his Father's words.

You... you wont let me kill him for this?!

The shadows crept closer to Night and whispered in his ear.

punissssssssh... him...

Yes! I see. I see, Father!

Night chuckled and the shadows spun around him in a torrent.

YES! I shall punished Millennium for you, Father! An eye for an eye!

I shall take is eyes right from his sockets and give them to you! I shall atone and be stronger! Stronger than ever!

The creatures chitter at their Master. Their voices filling his mind with a new game. They had always been there for him, these lifeless copies of his thoughts and feelings.

Mussst not... be... weak...

He would never show weakness again, as he had done today. He gave himself to the darkness completely there before his Sire. Night become the embodiment of darkness, as he was born to be and his thoughts happened on a new game.

He will pay!

10-19-2004, 07:37 PM
Minity appears in all her glory and looks at Night as he seems to be speaking to himself...and then she notices LMs eye...she clenches her fists as fire begins to appear around her a pour from teh sky outside the building in which all 3 first occupy...She looks toward Night and asks a question to which she already knows the answer...

What...is going on?!

((I KNEW IT WAS YOU THE WHOLE TIME!!!!!! he was my very first guess and the first person I asked!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))

10-19-2004, 08:16 PM
Night barely looked at Minity as she appeared. The blaze of her fires did nothing to weaken the torrent of shadows swirling around him. Through gritted teeth he snarled at her.

Leave us. This does not concern you, I have someone to disfigure and i wont get sidetracked by your petty nonsense...

His eyes softened slightly.

But... you should see about my Father's wound. Maybe... maybe something can be done.

10-19-2004, 09:05 PM
Minity grows intensley angry as she moves to strike Night...but then she roles her eyes, as she throws her hands in the air as if to say "forget it"...she then turns to LM...she moves closer to him and with a stern voice she says...

Let me see the wound

10-20-2004, 02:39 AM
((Mil's appearance here happens as a detour between The Saber Vortex and Eden.))

"I do believe my ears are burning."

Said Mil as he arrived in this moment between father and son.

10-20-2004, 04:34 PM
Minity puts her hands on her hips as she glares towards Mil...

I really hope this isnt your mess

10-21-2004, 05:25 AM
My healing crystal should handle most of the damage in time. As for dismembering anyone, I find somethings are more painful then physical pains. Mil, you left the strings from your hand to your puppet visible. A king cannot aford such dirt. I imagine this will create a large storm of trouble for your fitfulness in your new title. However, I am sure we can find a scapegoat and keep this quiet. On a few conditions. First, Gator is expressing interest in my domain. That is intolerable for me. Now, it is for you.

(ANd yes, this does give a very good IC way to not have to deal with Gator for a good while)

10-21-2004, 07:48 AM
Night listen to his Father's words and stared in confusion. Then he shook his head manically.

No! NO! NO!

No excuses! No scapegoats!

He made me do this! He caused all this!

The God of Shadows clentched his fists.

I wanted revenge and look at me! My perfect web lies in ruins! All cos i couldn't stomach the final test.

I proved my point at the expense of my game!

His darkening eyes filled with spite turned on Lord Mattson.

I hate you. Loath you with ever fiber of my being. You made me what I am... but yet i could not finish it. I scar you and my resolve faulters and fails me. I have shown it to you. Family makes one weak...

The God turned on Milennium. His shadow twisted and edged towards the Leader of the First.

You have given me this revelation. Made me show weakness.

No cover ups, no scapegoats!

For what i have done to my Father, i shall take my penance out of your flesh!


The shadows of Night rushed towards Millennium. They twirled and danced around the First. Their claws and fangs lashing out at him.

10-21-2004, 09:59 AM
Why wont men ever shutup and be quiet!

Minity looks quite annoyed at everything going on around her, she creates a chair and gives LM the "look" as if she would like it if he sat down...she then moves over to Night, burning any shadows that come towards, she raises her hand...and then punches him in the face...

WIll you STOP it! by Altwaal, at least for a SECOND!!!

she then turns around and looks at Mil and points her finger at him...

I want an explanation for being tested! and I want my results...I did NOT fail!!! :evil:

10-21-2004, 10:00 AM
((Night dear, if your not in your solid form, let me know, and Ill fix the post!!))

10-22-2004, 10:43 AM
Night rubbed his bruised jaw. He had been to focused on Millennium and hadn't had time to become shadows to stop Minity's blow from connecting. He snarled at his Stepmother.

You stupid woman! I was NYXZ!

You were tested because Millennium wanted you to be.

The reasoning behind you "failing" you test? Well, you are proving my result valid as we speak.

You are quick to act, reasoning and conversation seem foriegn concepts. And most of all you are vain, which you are showing us all now by continuing to rant against your inability to pass my test!

So! Be quiet! This does not concern you, see to your husband and let me kill this vampiric viper!