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08-22-2004, 04:21 PM
**A haunting melody of shrill tones bursts forth from nothingness and ushers in the appearance of the pale blue angel known as Kannephe. She had used the mystical harmony chamber of her people to transport her to a world that her recently aquired vampiric instincts have urged her towards. She appears among the ebony clouds of a nights sky. Immediately her wings spread out to grab out to the air. Soon her clumsy fall becomes graceful flight through the dark sky. Stretched out bellow her is a vast dessert landscape. The violet eyes of the undead angel beholds the seemingly lifeless world that her instincts have brought her to. Despite what her eyes show her Kannephe can swear that she can smell fresh blood nearby. The odor calls out the beast within her and Kannephe's flight becomes directed to the source of the smell. Eventually a gray dot in the horizon becomes a looming fortress. Hours of flight brings the cold structure into clear veiw of the violet eyed angel. The pale gray towers of the fortress ressemle giant spikes of decaying bone or possibly tusks. The windows, which are little more than holes carved into the walls of the towers, show hints of pale light within the mysterious structure. It is one of these windows that the winged woman descends towards. It is from these openings that the scent of fresh blood flows out through.**

10-06-2004, 11:24 AM
**The pale angel gracefully swoops in towards the grim tower. At the last moment she tucks her snow white wings up against herself so she can fit in through one of *the open windows. Kannephe flies into the tower, rolls in midair and lands onto her feet. Her vampiric reflexes makes her landing as easily as one would land after stepping out of a chair that they had been sitting on. The winged woman stands within the center of a large chamber. Its ceiling ascends up to the very peak of the bone tower. It is a rounded room with numerous shelves of ancient books covering the walls. But the item that holds Kannephe's full attention is an ancient fountain on the floor before her. From the mouths and eyes of a pedistal of skulls flows blood which gathers in an oval pool of stone and bone. Immediately the undead angels insticts take over and she falls to the ground and begins to drink the crimson liquid with her cupped hands. As she feasts on the fresh blood she is unaware that she is in the presnce of another. Her momentary ignorance is soon interrupted as the creature standing behind her speaks up in a whisper that reminds Kannephe of the angry growl that only an unnatural wind can produce in the darkest of tempests.**

Normally I would object to an uninvited guest drinking from the blood of Cruor, but you have travelled so far and have to travel so much further.

**Kannephe twirls around to face the source of the voice. A hunched over ancient looking thing stands before her. His face is a twisted, wrinkled mass of dead gray flesh. His eyes are points of black and red and radiates an ancient evil. His ebony robes don't seem to move and wrinkle as he glides towards the winged vampire. His distorted mouth is set in a jagged tooth filled grin. Kannephe responds to the sinister smile with a his from her blood covered mouth. She rises to her feet and prepares to attack if provoked. The ancient gray thing holds up one of his clawed hands to halt the pale blue woman.**

There is no need for hostilities. I am the sage of Cruor. This is my library. My home. If anyone has any right to be hostile it is me. You are the intruder here after all.

**Kannephe calms somewhat and tries to understand the situation.**

Are you the one that called me here, demon?

No, you were called by a higher concept.

And what would that be?

Your destiny.

11-09-2005, 05:13 AM

**The grey fiend gestures his wrinkled, clawed hands towards the azure angel.**

Kannephe, of the saphire moon, you were born a blue angel. Your kind are harbringers of peace and harmony. But while you and your kin were drawn into the Realm of Nightmares you were a victim of the impossible. You were turned into a creature of violence and death by two vampires. Your nature was reversed when all other attempts to do so has done nothing but kill the others of your kind. Your transformation should have never happened, you should have been completely destroyed, but instead you thrived, you grew, you have been reborn.
I am the chronicler of the beasts of the night and a seeker of understanding and destiny. After much study I now understand you and I now know your destiny.

**The ancient beast's eyes seem to twinkle with some dark, forbidden knowledge as he stares at the angellic vampire, waiting for her to react.**

01-09-2006, 05:55 PM
**The white haired angel leans closer to the sage. While she finds his monstrous visage repellant she is lured by the need to know. She can sense the depths of this beings wisdom and it easily dwarfs anything her entire race has learned through the thousands of centuries that they've been emmissaries of peace. The Sage knows what he claims to know and Kannephe hungers for this knowledge.**

What, ancient horror, what is my destiny? The one that made me a monster told me to feed and kill, to make sure that none of my kind escaped the Nightmares alive. I did feed and I did kill, but I failed to kill them all. Now I know not what I am or what role I am to play in this universe.

**The violet light in her eyes dims, as if they were twin furnaces slowly losing their flame. She knows she is now without purpose. She is nothing without a purpose. She needs the information the grey beast brags about. Without it her existance is pointless. An eternity of nothing.**

Please. I must know.

01-13-2006, 10:53 AM

**The ancient sage holds out one of his wrinkled hands of leatherlike, grey flesh. His other clawed hand reaches up to draw back his sleeve to reveal a thin, almost skeletal, wrist. He uses one of his greyed claws to slice into the upheld wrist. What looks like ebony sap oozes out of the wound, but none of it spills to the floor, it's as if the foul substance clings to the ancient flesh, waiting for some dark purpose. It's the fiends blood, lingering to tempt the younger vampire.**

Then drink, child. Feast upon my power and my knowledge. Let your fate be revealed the same way you were cursed with it. Feed on the blood.

**The sage's wrinkled lips twist and curl into a monstrous smile. A glimmer of his fangs can be seen from this inhuman grin, a hint of the dangers that this timeless beast offers.**

01-13-2006, 11:11 AM
**The pale angel descends upon the wounded wrist, hungry for the blood and the knowledge it offers. Her light blue lips part, her fangs gleam in the torchlight before sinking into the grey flesh. Her wings stretch out as she feeds, a rush of strength seeming to shoot through all of her limbs at once as she desperately feeds on this ancient horror. The blood is foul tasting mass of ooze, an ancient evil through and through. But it ignites all it touches with action and reaction. As if swollowing it is awakening Kannephe from a slumber she had no idea she was trapped under her whole life and undeath. Strength accompanied by purposes flows into her slender form, her angellic body is shaken by the monstrous might that seems to take complete control of her. Then the knowledge floods into her mind. It's a tsunami that she feels as if she were being crushed under. Her mind drowns beneath it. Her thoughts are washed away by it, leaving only the very core of her psyche beneath the icy depths of the sage's knowledge.
**Kannephe spasms, her head snaps back, torn grey flesh clings to her fangs as her mouth parts wide and she screams with pain, fear and animalistic joy. She stumbles back away from *the other immortal, her legs moving without the aid of a mind that is lost beneath the knowledge of something that knows far more than any creature should know. Her shapely limbs eventually fail her and she falls to the floor, writhing as the sensations from the blood continue to wash over her. The dark blood continues to claw away at her mind and body. It burns her. It freezes her. It crushes her. It changes her. This quaking, screaming angel of darkness eventually reaches the limits of what she can endure, reaches and surpasses. Her mind and body finally give out, her eyes roll back into her head and the world fades away. She loses consciousness, she is at last saved from the pain, pleasure and the knowledge.**

01-13-2006, 11:47 AM

**The sage's wounded wrist reknits itself within moments. Skin and other undead tissue is restored at once. His grin widens, allowing his fanged teeth to show. His dead eyes gaze down upon the unconscious angel. The seed has been planted, all he has to do now is to wait for it to blosom, for her to grow into the creature she is destined to become.**

01-13-2006, 12:12 PM
**Hours pass, slowly Kannephe recovers. The knowledge crawls into various parts of her mind, becoming her own. The power also grafts itself so completely into her being. What she had taken from the sage becomes a part of her. It changes her. Transforms her. Her violet eyes open. Her pal lips part. A small whisper escapes.**


01-13-2006, 06:13 PM

**While Kannephe recovered from all she has gained the sage busied himself with some reading. He stood before an ancient marble pedistal, with a leather bound tome perched atop it. His dead eyes studied the archaic text, drinking its forbidden knowledge so it may be digested by his sinister mind. For hours he remains motionless, only the flowing of knowledge and the occassional page turning on it's own would be the only activity in the room. But the moment his pointed ears, and their inhumanly accute hearing, picks up the sound of eyelids parting he turns away from the book and stares at the fallen angel. He grins at her once again as she whispers a single word. The word. Curruption.**

Yes, no longer can you be a bringer of peace, because of Lamiais turning you into a creature of the night. And being a messanger of death and suffering never suited you, which is why you failed miserably at it. You are reborn as the angel of curruption. It is you who must reweave the vast tapestry of life, to add the necessary shades of darkness to any light that may be. If good and evil truly do exist it is your purpose to turn good into evil.
This is your destiny.

01-13-2006, 06:34 PM
**The winged woman takes several minutes to absorb it all. As she mutters to herself she can feel everything falling in to place, how everything makes so much sense now.**

Curruption? Good? Evil? Do I serve a higher or a lower power? Does it really matter? Is there a difference? Do I serve a cosmic balance or seek to overthrow one? Or does that matter either?
No, I suppose none of that matters.
It is simply the way it is, answers can not change that. It is my purpose, my destiny. My life and death have led me to it. I must continue to fly this path.

**Kannephe rises, she stares at the grey beast. Her snowy white wings stretch out, preparing for the path that lies before her. A path with no end. She is a fundemental force now, a thing that is bigger than a vampire. She has become a concept, far more immortal than any undead creature. She is eternal. She gazes at the sage, still disgusted by his appearance, the horrible things crawling and squirming in his thoughts and mind and most of all she hates him for what he is. But because he has given her so much, and because she can sense his place in the grand scheme she will not act upon her revulsion. She reluctantly gives a thankful nod to the beast.**

You have performed a great service this day, sage. But I shall never soil my feet with the touch of this place again. Your hideous features and terrible voice shall never curse my senses. I shall step out into the light now, and hopefully make this universe a darker place.
Farewell, you horrible thing.

**She relaxes the unconscious hold she has over the harmonies of this world, the only thing that has kept her here since she arrived. And gradually the harsh sounds of the metaphysical song that ressonates within this planet fades away, allowing her to drift free from this place. She vanishes and returns to Scion the Moon.**