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08-26-2004, 01:10 PM
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Errann Leann turned the page of the book and stared in wonder at the illustrations. He shifted cross legged on the soft green grass. At seventeen he was still filling out and the adolescent awkwardness still hadnt left him. When his father had taught him to read unlike many of the other boys in the village he might have regretted it if he had known that his son would often come out the fields and day dream of Knights and Drakes rather than doing his chores.

Errann need this time to imagine sorcery and myths. Nothing ever happened in the sleepy village of Rotans Glory. Change to this grand name when the King of the Realm, Rotan the Wise, rode through and stayed the night at the Inn. Stories were still told of that day, but that was more than fifty years ago. The young man sighed again.

The cloud shifted and the sun shone bright. He winced as the light made the pure white pages of his book burn as if glowing with power. The shadows of the nearby oak tree began to look inviting. He picked up the book and the sandwiches his mother had made for him and ran over into the shade. Placing his back to the tree his slide down into a sitting position and sighed again. He closed his eyes and began to doze off in the cool shadows.

His eyes opened in surprise as he felt something move beneath him. Erranns gaped in wonderment as the shadows around the tree seemed to move. Rubbing his eyes he took a second look and, yes, they were moving! The shadows were moving! Like a puddle of black water they detached from their positions and slithered into the field.

The young man jumped to his feet and looked back at the village in panic. He should run to tell someone but who would believe him? He was a man now and he should at like it. He moved forward slowly, everything inside him screamed that he should turn and run but he steeled himself. When he reached the edge of the puddle of shadows he took a slight step back, and peered at it curiously. The surface was like water, reflecting the sun above it. Then it shifted again, an oil cover figure rose out of the murk and floated above the dissipating darkness.

Errann staggered back in fear and fell heavily on his behind. The shadows coating the figure burst, showering the field in shreds of torn shadows. The figure wore a black cloak covering most of his body, black leather boots were showing just below the hem. He shook in terror as the man before him, still floating inexplicably in the air, turned his black eyes toward him.

Boy I have a question to ask you. The voice grated.

The human steeled himself. He was a man not a boy! His father had always told him to stand up to people even floating intimidating people.

M-m-my name is Errann. I am not a boy, I am a man. He stammered and tailed off as his confidence left him. However, you may still a-a-ask your question

As you wish The stranger looked at him in a strange mix of amusement and disinterest. What world is thisErrann?

W-w-world!? The young man stared in confusion. This is Gearnen uhm the only world

Gearnen this will do just fine The dark man looked into the distance as if considering something.

Who are you, sir?

I am the God Night The eyes focused on him again, the corners of the black orbs twitched upwards as a grin formed on his face. This is my world now

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Errran his fingers though his newly trimmed beard and frowned at the wooden door. He reached out with his other hand towards the metal knocker and then stopped. The frown deepened and his hand fell to his side and he stepped backwards and sighed.

Ten years since to coming of the Holy One Night, ten years of being the Gods emissary to the people and lands of Gearnen and he still had trouble seeing his God. The little house on the outskirts of Rotans Glory had become the home of the dark deity since his appearance. The priests had begged him to come to the bigger cities and be among the people there, but Night had refused consistently they didnt ask him anymore. They had had trouble finding a replacement for the old High Priest after Errann shock his head not wanting to think about it anymore.

He knocked on the door gently, running over all the things he had to discuss with the God, but there was only really one important thing that required his attention.

Enter the grating tone came from behind the door.

The man gingerly opened the door and peaked inside. Night as usual was sprawled out on the couch, one of his eyes opened. The human was fixed by the orb as black as ink and stammered a greeting.

Shut up, Errann and come in. The dark god muttered.

Great One, I must tell you this great news. Errann said as he shut the door behind him. He pulled out the scroll the priest has given him and began to read. In the 10th year of the Blessed Coming of the Powerful and Wise God Night, the Ruler of the Shadows and the Master of

Skip to the end Night sneered and closed his eyes, leaning back into the soft couch.

Oh uhm well apparently your High Temple will be completed as per your instructions... within three years He tailed off and looked embarrassed. The new High Priest Lucan thought you would wish to know right away.

Lucan? I thought my High Priest was called Yeril? The god mumbled as if on the edge of sleep.

Yes that was the last High Priest, Lord Night Errann swallowed the lump in his thought and looked away from the god in fear. You you killed Yeril.

Hehe I wonder why I did that Night chuckled darkly to himself.

You said he uhm sounded like a baby being beaten with a cat I think The man muttered.

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention The lounging deity smiled. Seemingly forgetting Yeril he continued. Least my temple will be completed soon

Oh yes very good news, my Lord. Errann nodded. Within the next three years I have been told.

The thirteenth

Em sorry, Holy One, the thirteenth? The human questioned.

I want it completed on the thirteenth year of my reign an important number. Night nodded sleepily. Make sure they understand Errann you can go now.

The man bowed deeply and backed out of the house. He shut the door and let out a deep breath. He hated talking with Night it felt like things were always watching him from the shadows and sometimes there were whispered. Shaking his head he rolled up the scroll and made his way down the dirt street.

He would have time to go visit his wife and his precious daughter before passing on the Gods commands he needed a hug. Chuckling slightly he left the house behinds and thought about what Lucy was making for lunch.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Errann Leann was late. He rushed through the stone caverns and caves, forever moving up. The temple was complete and Night was awaiting his arrival. The mountains natural formations had been adapted to allow passage to the temple, through the mountain was the only way to enter. Mind racing to remember the correct way to go, he almost cursed his deity for not allowing signs or maps of these paths to be made. Apparently if his followers could not retain the knowledge of the twisting paths to find him then they were not worthy Errann didnt really understand the logic in that.

With his mind on other thing he tripped over a badly placed rock and winded himself. Coughing and gasping for air he managed a sigh. The most important day for the people of Gearnen and he was late. He had stopped off at his house to see is wife Lucy and his daughter Mari, but neither had been there. Unusual but maybe they had gone to join the crowds on the mountainside, to worship and bow down before the new temple of the God Night. Dusting himself off he puffed out a breath and began to run again.

Turning a corner he grinned as his eyes fell upon the huge doors of the temple. They swung wide as he approached. He walked inside and shivered. He could feel them again. He couldnt put a name to them, but the second the temple had been completed they had filled it. Watching him from the darkness, and chittering quietly to themselves, they filled the structure. Of course, he wasnt even sure what he was thinking about, nothing was there, no movement or any real sound he was just being silly.

Entering the throne room he marvelled at it as if for the first time. The huge area spanned almost the enter structure to hold all the future worshipers, how would be allowed to enter once their deity was suitably impressed with his new shrine. Directly in the centre before the throne was an empty pool. Night had asked that nothing was placed within it. Errann thought it was possibly symbolic but had yet to work up the courage to query the God.

Errann The distinctive voice echoed through the room, making the man jolt. His eyes turned to the huge throne where Night was lounging, one leg thrown over the black marble arm rest. The god rose and smirked at the man. Youre late as usual.

Yes, Lord Night, sorry I was The human groped for a suitable excuse. questioning the builders to ensure that everything was completed.

Of course you were A knowing look and the deity continued on. now come with me.

Errann felt a feeling of motion and looked down. Shadows slithered up his legs and up to his chest. He gasped as if thrown into an ice cold pool; he breathing became frantic and shallow. The world became grey as he began to slip into unconsciousness then the world turned black. Blinking he looked at the morning sky in shock. He fell to the black stone as he realised he was on the top of the keep. Night chuckled and moved towards the edge and looked down at the pilgrims to his temple. His black orbs fell upon an out of place stone and he frowned.

Lord Night, forgive them, it was a simple mistake Errann tried to stand but collapsed in a heap still disorientated from his teleportation. He begged Night in a panic. Ill have the builders beaten

Dont be foolish it would take more than a loose brick to spoil this day for me Night chuckled and crouched beside the offending stone and touched it. The material became fluid and moved into its correct place and returned to being solid.

H-how did you? Errann whispered.

Matter Manipulation? Night turned back to the edge. A simple process

But if you can do that could you have built this He trailed off.

Yes, within moments actually The god looked over his shoulder at the man. I wanted to see how far you would go to please me.

We would do anything for you, my Lord. Errann dropped his eyes and didnt meet the dark gaze.

Anything? Night mumbled thoughtfully.

Yes! The man stumbled to his feet and did his best to stand tall. We would die for you!

Well thats convenient The god chuckled. So would you do anything for me Errann?

O-of course The human stammered, suddenly worried where this was going.

Would you kill your family for me? The god turned and moved towards him, he stood directly before the trembling man. Sacrifice them to me?

W-what? Why? Waves of terror washed over the man, panic gripped his throat like a vice.

That didnt answer me question Errann! The deity roared in his face. Answer me!

The Gearnenian man mouth opened and moved but no words came out. Did his god really expect him to do this for him? Kill his family to appease him his mind stopped and froze up. There was nothing to say but the truth. No

Good I cannot stand humans that act like cattle Night eyes narrowed as if searching for something in the mans face. A black gloved hand reached out and patted him on his cheek. The god moved away with a satisfied smile. The destiny of this world is at hand time for the fun to begin.

The tower shook suddenly. Purple energy licked up the black rock and danced around Night. Errann staggered backwards and clung to one of the surrounding gargoyles. The dark deity began to chuckle and threw his hand up towards the sky. The energies blasted upwards at his command. They spun above the tower, dark clouds moved with them lined with purple lightning. Nights arms moved apart, and his back arched. Like a conductor the world moved to his command. More energy blazed upwards from the god.

The sky blackened and was torched with the dark force. Night mouth moved and words fragmented in the torrent of magic. The sorcery returned from the heavens and twisted around him. A shockwave blasted outward from the tower and Errann feel forwards almost slipping over the edge. He looked downwards at the ground so very far below him. People ran from the temple, leaving their offerings and gifts discarded. The man yelled in horror as a black wave shimmered into being and burst forth. A circle of power rushed across the ground and where it touched things died.

The grass, the trees and the people, all toppled and decayed in the midst of the shadows. Men, women and children, none were saved from the evil magics that twisted their forms and left nothing but death. Errann mind was released from its bonds and he could almost see his world as if from a great distance. The black wave was covering all of Gearnen and nothing would be spared. The raging forces vanished into the distance and Errann Leann, the Emissary of the God Night looked out at the wasted land, populated only by warped and blackened corpses.

Oh God The man cried out.

Do not worry my son, I am here. A mocking voice spoke up behind him.

Errann turned and stared in horror as his God. He had trusted in him, believed his coming was for something great and important. Gearnen would be devoid of suffering and death as a god had come to walk among them. The dark deity smiled amused at him, his presence cut his follow as with a knife.

All your followers my people my family are all dust! Errann shook with rage and madness. Why have you done this to us!?

Why? Night frowned in thought as if bewildered by the query. Because I can

That not an answer! The man climbed to his feet and rushed at the god, his angry clouding his judgement. You will pay for this!

Night grabbed the man by his shirt and held him aloft and smirked. Errann struggled vainly and lashed out at the demon before him. His kicking and yelling diminished in the face of such patient power and his struggling stopped. The devil threw him to the side and looked out over the dead world. The dust filled wind brought by the storms whipped his cloak. The image of this demons pleasure in the destruction of a world was branded into Erranns mind and he began to weep, muttering over and over the simple question of Why?

Do not worry, boy. This is for a purpose; this was not for my amusement well not just for my amusement. The souls and life essence of every living thing on this planet is now being converted into pure energy. As my magic strips away their lives the pool in my throne room fills with shadow magic, the very essence of me. Night smiled. Souls a food fit for gods.

Then finish this The man sobbed. Kill me let me be with my family.

You shall be seeing them soon enough The god smirked. First I wish to give you a gift

Night turned and energy lashed out. Errann roared in pain as he felt his whole body become fire. The human managed to look up in through the wracking pain and he finally saw them. Surrounding the dark god were shadows, standing upright in the shapes of men and they watched him silently. Their dark eyes saw through him and knew everything about him in a single glance. Two women with hair as black as coal, twin sets of eyes looked on in interest and then suddenly they were gone.

What have you done to me?! Errann trembled is body still wounded from the pain and misery of this day. You have destroyed us all just kill me please

What and ruin my gift to you? The god chuckled. I have given you a slice of immortality... you shall forever live on from this day. The universe is open to you and now this world will never truly die. You, Errann Leann, will take the memory of this day with you and shall spread the word you might not want to but you will tell this tale. Think of this as continuing your work for me... the universe shall know what I did here and fear me

You cant do this to me! The new being roared at the god, his fists slammed into the black stones under him. New strength and power filled him but he didnt care, this malicious gift was just another torment. You have taken everything from me now you want me to live on! Live on with this evil inside me

I have not taken everything from you The gods look changed to something almost resembling pity. I have spared you death; I have spared you the indignity of your eternal soul becoming nothing but a reservoir for me to tap into and I have spared your family.

What? The being that was once called Errann looked up at the Shadow God with blazing purple eyes, filled with hope.

Lucy and Mari wait for you on a planet in the area of space called the Matrix Quadrant. The dark deity nodded, his eyes showing no hidden deceit. Errann opened his mouth to thank the god when Night cut in. Do not thank me remember the evil I have done here you should thank yourself, you saved your family with your brave albeit idiotic acts of insolence.

Yes Lord Night. Errann nodded.

You can go Darkness washed over the man. In the distance he could see the wave of magic returning to the god that spawned it, the dark orbs fixed upon the forthcoming power and the God spoke his final words to his servant. Never be as cattle are, Errann only predators survive this universe.

The wave hit the temple and the human vanished. The souls that had been ripped from this world screamed in the eternal blackness. The purple energy rushed through the First his unholy pleasure grew and muttered a word, edged with ecstasy. His shadows danced around him and they spread across the dark world.


Mist and Shade
08-26-2004, 02:35 PM
Mist stood half-hidden behind the curtain that framed the doorway, her gentle fingers clutching the fabric as she watched. She had been observing for hours now, eversince her master had come back. Her lips trembled everytime she felt shards of his pain. If only she wasn't weak. They would have had the goddess with them now and all would be well.

Shade snorted, knowing full well what her sister is thinking. She sat on one of the rich cushions on the floor, one leg over the other. They had Kulit exactly where they wanted her and Mist had to mess everything up. Now, their master was back and things were still unchanged. He's been looming by the Onyx Pool for hours, not moving. He did not even call for them once.

Shade wondered if this would be a good time to tell the god of the happenings while he was away. Images of Raine and Tiger kissing filled her mind and she had to control herself from letting out a laugh.

08-26-2004, 02:52 PM
Night's head suddenly snapped up and he turned and returned to his throne. He threw he cloak out of the way and took his seat.

There was a rustle of surprise from behind the curtain by the door.


Mist slipped out from the shadows of the doorway and Shade glanced up from examining her polished nails. They both came and stood side by side in front of their Master.

Night looked at them with a mixture of insanity and a strange kind of love.

His girls where the only beings that had stayed by his side throughout. He had made them both very powerful and they both held a stange kind of darkness within them. He knew deep down that between them they held enough power to break free of him, but they had never tried to... never. That knowledge that they at least stay with him through more than bondage between shadows allowed him to hold on to at least some hope.

I need you both to find her... find her and bring her to me. He whispered. You have all my power at your disposal... bring her to me whatever the cost...

Mist fidged slightly and looked away from Night while her sister smirked and nodded. The God knew that they were independent enough to hide things from him and he could feel it. He nodded to Shade and turned to Mist. Both the same but very different. He could tell them apart purely by the way they acted even if he didnt share a bond with them.

Mist, my dear. I know you tried very hard on your last attempt... but the Goddess of the Sacred Tree is very powerful. He smiled warmly. I have complete faith in you... please i know you can do this for me...

Go, my girls, bring my Kulit back to me.

Mist and Shade
08-26-2004, 03:17 PM
Mist and Shade bowed deeply at their master's command, their rich dark locks cascading down the sides of their faces, slightly hidding whatever expression they carry.

A small smile formed on Mist's face, glad of the love she feels from her master. She will do anything for him, this is her vow.

Shade gritted her teeth at the obvious preference their master had given her sister. She was always forgiven, she was always undertood, cherished. Shade tried to control her thoughts, knowing full well Mist and Night both can tune in on them. "Yes, master. The goddess of the Sacred Tree will be returned to her rightful place beside you whatever means necessary."

Shade knew exactly where to go to achieve such a feat. They would need to visit a familiar place, yet one they haven't visited in such a long time; eversince they were given life by the god of Shadows. It would be a gamble, for they know not what now lies in that world, but if she was right, there is no corner in any universe the goddess Kulit can hide in.

The shadows around them formed a black hole behind the twins. With their heads still down, Mist and Shade gently took a few steps back until their bodies melted away through the portal, leaving the god of Shadows alone once again.

08-26-2004, 03:26 PM
Night smirked sadly as his servants left. Alone once more. Alone with only the visions of the green eyed Goddess in his mind.

She will be with me soon... Mist and Shade will see to it.

Shade was ruthless enough to do whatever it might that... and Mist would follow her sister's lead. He had felt a wall in Shade's mind when he had given his encouragement to her sister. He took less time with Shade as she was confident and he trusted her to destroy any obstical in their way.

I wish Shade could understand...

08-27-2004, 03:54 AM
Night frowned suddenly as a thought sliced through the memories of the Green Eyed Goddess.


Shadows skulked in the corners of the room and chittered softly as Night waved his hand


A dark portal opened in front of the Dark God. The window showed him his baby Niece but not the adult Raine. He tried to focus but the window became unstable and fragmented.

She must have returned to her own time... maybe its for the best...

Hes thoughts slipped slowly back to the green eyed Goddess of his obsession... and he never thought to try and find his lastest creation, Tiger.

09-05-2004, 08:19 AM
He understood that he was loosing himself one more to his obsession. It had been so intense for so long he no longer knew how to escape it, however he knew that sitting alone in his castle was not going to help any. He still wanted Kulit with all his heart and mind... but there were other things.


The shadows reached out and showed him his Family. Hmmm if they could be called such. No one out of this family really understoond him the way he wanted them to, none of them had seen him in so long.

His Father Lord Mattson stood in the shadow portal talking to Minity. There seemed to be something between them both.

Masssster... marrrrrriage... unity...

They were married? Honestly, he certainly did make his way through the females... pft... Night didnt even know who his Mother was, now he had to accept a substitute? No...

Suddenly the portal inverted and a new figure was in view. A beautiful blonde woman, with... wings? Her face held no particular emotion. Night tried to focus on the place he had to know. The shadows holding the portal began to terrrible as they view closed in on the figure.

MASSSSSSSSSSSSTER! Lifffffffe....angelllllll....DIVINE!

And with that the mirror shattered and the shadows scurried off whispering in pain. He was about to scan their tiny minds but he knew who the figure was and where she was... and he had to see her again.

He stood up from his throne and raised his hands.


An oily wave of shadow crashed upon him and when it dispersed he was gone...


09-30-2004, 08:41 PM
Appears on the world carrying Cao with him. Mattson looks around.

How goth.

Night! I've come to talk.

09-30-2004, 08:57 PM
Shadows shifted and moved across the floor. They build up to the shape of a man.

The darkness slipped away and Night walked past his Father towards his throne.

The God smirked at the baby Cao in Lord Mattson's arms but didn't spare his father even a nod of greeting.

Shadow creatures shifted and grew around the great hall, stirred by this unexpected disruption of their home.

He flicked his cloak out of the way and seated himself on the dark throne. He tipped his head as he finally looked at his visitor.

So... talk, Father...

09-30-2004, 09:08 PM
You don't have to use that title with me. Atwaal knows I've not earned it.

You know of my new bride and that I have stepped down from ruling the First. The former for my own heart and the later a decree set upon me at my birth. The lagecies of parent and child have wandered through my mind in these days following War. And I know I've given you a cold and bitter lagecy. It took me a long time to learn of you and even longer to discover who your mother is.

I'd often beleived that being forced to unite the houses was a harsh weight to give a child. Now, I think it would have been easier then the one I gave you. I've been more of a father to your 'sister', more of a rolemodel to the First as a whole, more a friend to other then you. I'd like to atone for that. Now is a time for change and in order for me to move forward, I have to take care of the messes I left.

I'm not asking us to act like a family but I would like to get to know you.

09-30-2004, 09:44 PM
Night raised an eyebrow.

This is what you came to talk about? Citing your failings as a father? What... is this suppose to make up for it all?

Watching you treat SF as your flesh and blood while i was to remain in the cold darkness alone...

Watching you live happily ever after with that... harpy, Minity, while i was lost to the abyss of shadows...

Yes... telling me what i already know doesn't help anyone but yourself, Father.

But since you accept your failings i will be glad to tell you about your son...

The shadows chittered as they felt their Master's mood turn to anger.

Lost on a backwater world, abandoned by his parents and his people. Your son, had no guidence and no aid. He survived off his developing powers. The power to create Illusions so real that people could do more than see them, they could feel them.

I stole... i begged... i lived off the scraps of others! For TWENTY years!

Finally he realised he was of the First... so he mustered all his powers and travelled to find them. To find you.

And what did your son find? NOTHING! A people filled with nothing but selfishness and arrogance. No one took him in, he was left alone in an Orphanage. And what happened to him?? He fell into the shadows. The dark comfort of the void.

He could have easily chosen the Light, but that is no longer an option. All that is left is the shadows... the hatred and the solitude.

He became them and lost his control. The darkness gnawed away at him... and finally... finally his Father steps forward. Struck by a new sensation... hope he choses Sinister to help his Father.

And he once again is left alone with the shadows.

That is my tale...

Ignored and alone... and almost completely insane.

Night sneered.

This... show of concern and fatherly interest fools no one apart from maybe yourself...

Anything else you would like to know about your "lunatic" of a son? or can we wrap this charade up?

09-30-2004, 09:49 PM
((bah! harpy my butt!!!))

09-30-2004, 10:01 PM
I...........deserve that.

You would think we would learn the lessons of mortals and be better. Very well, this cherade is almost over. Just as the moon cuts through the darkness maybe my words here will as well. You are the prince of the Matrix Quadrant, her heir after me, not SF. She has her own world. As such, you are welcome in her light. Perhaps there you can find something other then the darkness. And perhaps, things will change for the better. The offer stands weather you chose to spit on it now or not.

09-30-2004, 10:22 PM
Night rested back into his throne.

Yes... perhaps things will change for the better... but who can truely decide what is better if not the God it benefits...

Once more you offer me hope... a shakey offer considering our past... however... I will consider what you have said...

The shadows chattered in an uproar. One dark and deformed creature muttered in Night's ear.

... princccccce...

Hmmm, indeed... you call me Prince?

The God of Shadows smirked.

Could it be this is what drives this sudden intervention? This concern for my wellbeing...

I can almost taste the curse hanging over your head... The Nun make that a particular nasty one didn't she.

Must be difficult realising that if you have a child with your "beloved" that it might slaughter you or her? I doubt you would risk it...

Maybe... you worry that your precious Matrix will be without a Lord? Hah, so instead your going to leave in the hands of your forgotten and darkness ridden son?

Interesting choice.

He smiled.

This has been a very entertaining distraction, Father. Feel free to visit my dank decayed world more often...

And do bring Cao again... shes a very special little girl, isnt she?

A smirk spread across his face.

Very special...

09-30-2004, 10:34 PM
::Cao's emerald eyes seemed to peek with interest at the presence of her nephew, Night. Curiosity cause her to squirm and turn her head, looking around at all the darkness and shadows. From somewhere beneath Cao's own shadow came a dark, stuffed bunny rabbit. It looked up at Cao, sitting meekly at Mattson's feet, and waved. No smile. The child blinked, holding onto her stuffed dragon that Mattson gave her.

The bunny smiled, showing a set of pointed white teeth. The opal eyes, like tiny round buttons, gleamed in this world of shadows. It gave a soft hiss, perhaps too low for the others to hear. The little Princess looked at the bunny and then shifted with a baby moan in Mattson's arms. A little hand reached out for the bunny. The dragon fell. Her squirming made the precious toy fall. For the little girl it all came to be in slow motion... the spinning of the wings and tail, caught in the dank air... the gleam of its fuzzy silvery scales as it rotated... the contrast of white stuffing against the backdrop of Night's cold, dark world. The rabbit's white teeth devoured the toy, shredding it until it was no more than a pile of fluff n' stuff, mangled and torn at Mattson's feet. Cao didn't cry. She didn't blink. She just watched and a flicker of emerald light crossed her baby eyes...

...she looked on as if she understood. But how could such a small child understand such things? Innocent black button eyes looked up at Cao. Immediately the child reached a hand out to the bunny, muttering a soft baby moan once more. As if overjoyed, the toy bounced on its thick bunny feet and into the outstretched hands of the young Princess, appearing innocent. The rabbit's opal eyes seemed to focus on Night with hints of a smile stiched into the darkness of it's fur::

09-30-2004, 10:41 PM
I'll find a way around that curse. But it is not why I come. I came to make sure I didn't forget. Yes, I do worry for the Quadrant. But I also worry for you. I mistook your nature as wanting to be alone. Even a master of Vision can still be blind to the darkness. And I name you their heir because I know immortals can die. Many did in the War. I nearly did too. It makes for a lot of reflection.

Rocks Cao

And so to does she. If I had known of you from the start, I don't know what would have happened. I was a loose cannon then. A First without family forsaking Elysia for trouble until after the gods of old came. It took great dangers for me to mature. It took a weight for me to become something better. And it took seeing my sister for me to realize that I made a lot of mistakes. So, yes I would say she's special.

09-30-2004, 11:17 PM
Night watched amused as Mattson's stuffed toy was shredded by his dark rabbit, which took its place in Cao's arms. His dark eyes moved up away from the deadly orbs of Cao's new favourite toy.

Yes, Father... even Masters of Vision can be blinded in the everlasting darkness even to things right in front of them.

He chuckled suddenly.

Yes, of course Cao is special... she will make a powerful First as long as she is allowed to be...

But for her to make you see the mistakes you have made, she is truely gifted. Taken alot for you has it? To finally see. Maybe your title as the God is Vision is unfounded if your sight has to be unclouded only by such drastic happenings.

I do not wish to think of what i would be if you had acctually taken the time to raise me... another me... maybe i would be different... maybe not. We shall never know.

I accept that after you die i will take rule of the Matrix... don't worry about your Father Neo's legacy... it will be in good, albeit, dark hands.

10-01-2004, 11:46 AM
((Amazing interaction! *Congrats!!!! *:thumleft: ))

10-01-2004, 06:33 PM
Dark hands are far far better then reptilian ones. You are welcome at the palace any time. For now however, I have to see what games my beloved 'harpy' is up to.

Teleportals away

10-01-2004, 10:03 PM
Night watched his Father teleport away. He was once more left to the darkness

So his Fatherly concern last until he has to see Minity...

His eyes drifted down to the pile of fluff on the floor... all that remained of the dragon that Mattson had given Cao.

He really is blind...

Cao is beginning to understand... maybe the only family i will have that might...

His eyes glazed over and the shadows took him

Random Character
11-02-2004, 03:11 PM
Onto the dark world a figure appeared. He was dressed in a long cloak the hood pulled over his face enough to conceal it in shadows save for his glowing red eyes.

"Yyessss. An alley in my games. The discarded son. Oh, I know this fate all to well. To watch while the other sibling gets the praise, the love, the good life. While you get nothing except scorn. But we will make the foolish fathers pay for their folleys. Even without my hated brothers here, he still doesn't give me the love I deserve. Instead he fawns over the traitorous wench. And this poor shadow god is the same. His father would rend creation asunder to find the liked child's mate. Yet, has he even offered to find the tree goddess for the forgotten son? No. They must learn. To forget one invited pain."

Random Character
01-29-2005, 04:26 PM
Loki appeared with the unconcious valkyrie in his hands.

"Oh, dark First. Come out. Oh, fellow forgotten son, come hither. I have a way for you to bring pain to your callous fellows."

01-29-2005, 10:02 PM
::Shadows swarmed around the intruder and formed the shape of a man. The darkness slipped off him and Night appeared before me.::

As your unwilling host I hope you will allow me a certain indulgence...

::He pointed at Loki and the woman he was holding and shadows rushed over them, there spindly fingers running themselves over their forms and faces... then they slunk back to the corners of the room. Night nodded at the mental picture he had formed in his mind's eye and finally spoke.::

Forgive them please...

Considering my recent... disability, I have had to consider new ways to adapt.

Cyber enhancements... never thought of technology as all that interesting a route, the Unversial Energies provide more than enough. I sense a certain air about you... but you are not of the First... either of you.


::He vanished and appeared on his throne and his sightless bound eyes looked at Loki.::

I apologise deeply for this... but would you be so good to explain to me what you are doing uninvited to my realm? Why you seem to be carrying and unconscious woman...? And finally, why my shadows shoudlnt shred you into tiny pieces?

Best be quick, you have caught me in the middle of a rather unfortunate family quarrel...

Random Character
01-30-2005, 04:47 AM
"Demons took my eyes. Sent to bring me pain by a woman that was all tease and venom. I had to make do. Now, it seems you and I are more alike then I first beleived. I am Loki, the cast off son of Odin. Stop me if this story gets familer.

Here is this god. A young strapping fellow. A bit dark and sceming but not too bad. And here is his sibling. Blonde, popular, noble. And here is dear old dad. Doting on the popular kid while ignoring the dark child. And this just goes on and on. So one gets the idea of lets torment this popular little attention hog. Maybe dad will finally notice, right? And sure enough he does. He gets ticked. So finally vengence becomes the order of the day. And I plan to do it right. Fire, chaos, desturction. Bring it all down. Kill dad. Kill blondie. Let it all burn.

And it happens. I get a nap for who knows how long and its all gone. Save dad. So we talk and he's now doting on this little girl."

Flails Bryn around.

"This little harlot who shacks up with Dusty the stone chucking moron and betrays dad to him and his. And what does he do? He presides over their wedding? And to add insult she takes him to her homeland. Granted the weeds need trimming but still."

Stops after a moment.

"So here I am. Forgotten and still ignored. Heck, I can't even destory the world now. No one there to burn. And your kind. Slithering across the cosmos like vermin. At least one of you is like me. Dark, vengeful, full of hate and ready to make them all pay. So I say to myself, 'Mr. Makers, how can we get this young lad to help us and hurt dad all at once?' And I get to thinking."

Starts moving Bryn like a puppet to have her make little stabbing motions.

"We get his little girl to start killing First. Like Dusty. Or any other one you want to see bleed. And we reap the chaos that comes. So what do you say? Want to have some fun?"

01-30-2005, 01:32 PM
::As Night tried to make sense of the irratic rant taking place before him, his hand subconsciously slid up and became massaging his temple. The shadows fell completely silent as they too stood mystified at the spectical of a God's verbal rampage. That is what he was, Loki, an Asgardian. He shadow feed him what little they could discover about his story. The woman he was holding was Bryn, the daughter of Odin, whom Metereo had married upon his return to Elysia. Suddenly, Night realised that Loki has stop and was obviously waiting for a response. The God of Shadows shook his head as if snapping out of a daze. He slowly got to his feet and walked towards the insane God and examined him with his senses.::

So... if i understand your... shall we say... "speech" correctly.

You want me to... what? "Brainwash" Bryn and send her on a killing spree through the ranks of the First? Her first victim being her husband...

::He took Bryn's face in his gloved hand and the shadows moved forward and ran their fingers over her. His turn back to Loki still holding Bryn by the chin.::

And your payment for me doing this would be access to this rather lovely and potent weapon for my personal use... and also for... "fun"? Heh... interesting notion...

::His thoughts came back to the twisted malicous creature before him. Was this what he himself would become? Deformed and almost completely insane? Is this what hate and revenge did to a God...? Maybe...::

You have a deal then "Mr. Makers".

Meteoro... another of the First golden children shall be killed by his new bride... its such a delicious change of fortune. However, I doubt I shall enjoy it half as much as you...

01-30-2005, 05:54 PM
Brynhild moaned as the darkness surrounded her. Her body feeling tossed to and fro in the black sea that held her. At the moment, consciousness eluded her as she fought to find her way back toward the light. A sense of urgency rang alarm deep within her being, something was not right.

Random Character
02-01-2005, 09:47 PM
"Oh, goodie. Before we wake our soldier, I should bring out her new costume."

Reaches into a pocket and pulls out a snarling bear head, pushes it back.

"Birthday present for daddy. I laced its claws with some horrible posion that makes you look like Gilbert Godfrey."

Pulls out a set of battered chains. Several have teeth marks in them. Very large teeth marks.

"Replicated from the chain that bound Fenris Wolf. Right down to the doggie slobber. Not as strong but those will hold her."

02-02-2005, 11:47 AM
::Night would have rolled his eyes, but he was sorely lacking that ability at the moment. The Asgardians... his shadows had whispered to him about them, selfish and as false as the First, as any pantheon of Gods. This Loki was the worst of them all, spiteful and malevolent. His senses delved into the unconscious woman's mind... already she struggled and clawed her way to awareness. He released Bryn's face and returned to his black throne.::

Bind her then, Mr Makers. Our little warrior shall soon be with us and I do not relish the task of... subduing her.

Her mind is strong as stone... but with the proper tools even rock breaks. As with sledge hammer or a chisel, I really don't care, each way has unique and thrilling pleasure.

One thing I am a firm believer in... if the body breaks the mind shall follow... as i am sure we both can understand.

::His fingers brushed the cloth binding his eyes and he grinned.::

Obviously, I do not suggest such a rather... radical physically torment as we both have suffered for the lovely Bryn. I shall leave the task of... "roughin' her up" to you, all the delicious tortures you have suffered might help you find something imaginative... though i have my doubt if that should be a problem in that area.

I shall deal with her mind when you have dealt with her body... I find the task rather distasteful but I suppose it must be done if her mind is to become sufficently maliable.

02-02-2005, 03:47 PM
((Mil's appearance here happens just before he arrives at Eden...))

Slowly emerging from the shadows himself is a certain First with a lot on his mind. With arms folded behind him, he playfully chimes at Night...

"Dost mine ears deceive me? The one and only Night, the very essence of the Boogeyman personified, showing restraint? My my my, I would never have imagined that blindness would have de-clawed one such as you. Oh, how the mighty has fallen."

02-02-2005, 04:55 PM
::Night head turned slowly to Mil and the shadows watched the newly arrived First for their master. His gauntleted fngers scrapped against the dark marble of his seat of power as he rose. His lips parted in a menacing grin and he slowly began to clap sarcastically.::

Oh Millennium... how wonderful for the Great and High Exalted Leader of the First to visit my humble dank pit.

Oh... is that Ex-Leader now? If you wish to talk about falls, I would be happy to compare...

I have seen mayflies stay in power longer... will your name even gain a mention in the history books? Best you could hope for is a foot note... maybe in the appendix section...

::His grin turned to a sneer.::

Restraint does not hold me back, Millennium. I do not like physical torture... I have some respect for women remaining...

Although I have heard from my little ones that you enjoy, shall we say the more emotion side of torturing the fairer sex? Maybe we can get you married to Bryn in a quick ceremony... I'm sure that would break her faster than anything i can dream up.

The only thing that distresses me about losing my eyes is i will not be able to watch my sister gut you like the pig you are... least I'll be able to "feel" it.

Random Character
02-03-2005, 04:38 AM
"Oh, yes I will. Perhaps the faux First wishes to join me? Yes, the pretender to the gods should see how his ancestry does things. Come new old god, discard the shackles of the First and be what you are ment to be."

02-03-2005, 11:12 AM
Retaining his smirk, he replies to Night in dramatic fashion...

"Am I so doomed to educate one so dense to reality? *Must I be your teacher yet again? *Hear me my erstwhile pupil, I shall comfort you. *Allow me to bring forth the enlightenment you so poorly lack..."

He confidently walks up to Night and leans in to whisper to him...

"I am still Lord. *My throne is simply in the hands of a steward, who eagerly awaits the return of the King. *My name will have more weight in the history books than you could ever imagine. *Or are you too obtuse to recognize this? *Perhaps jealousy rears it's ugly head in your case. *Instead of spewing venom that obviously has no effect, why not give up and realize who your superiors are and bow before me? *Don't hate me because you ain't me."

And then he returns his gaze to the mischievous one himself...

"And as for you, what do you hope to gain by this play? *I know of my ancestry and have spat in their faces already. *Give me a reason why I shouldn't turn my ire on you?"

02-03-2005, 12:01 PM
::The God of Shadows smirked at Millennium::

Still playing it tough are we? An old old rant about "Poor Millennium. He's so strong he's so wise, everyone is in awe of him." is all you can produce?

Get over yourself, you cretin.

You think Minity is just going to hand back leadership? You think I could honestly care whether you were lord of the first or ruler of the universe as it stands? You truely have fallen... your more delusional then me or even Loki.

I notice that no defense of your recent and shall we say multiple offenses towards my niece has been forthcoming.

Nothing to say for yourself Millennium? No words of defiance? No shred of regret? DO you even care at all...?

02-03-2005, 04:21 PM
To all this, Mil tilts his head and quizzically says...

"I care. *But not in the way you could fathom."

He then takes a step back and folds his arms while sizing Night up carefully...

"I owe you no explanation for my actions. *Furthermore, it simply isn't any of your business. *And finally, if the unanswered questions bother you like this then what makes you think I'll give you the answers you crave? *I'm more than content to keep you guessing. *It's most refreshing.

You tell me to get over myself. *Pot, meet kettle. *You are the ravenous posterboy, the shining yet pitiful example of one who can't see past their own shattered image. *You are the last person to preach about another's vanity as warped as you are.

But, I am in the business of forgetting your abysmally flagrant flaws since it seems like you both are getting yourselves into a bit of mischief here. *I just don't know if I should scold you both or join in the madness."

02-03-2005, 08:35 PM
::Night pouted sarcastically and chuckled.::

You poor miserable little parasite.

Unanswered questions? You really have no idea...

I maybe mad... I maybe blind... I maybe vicously unkind... but I can still see what you are thinking.

::His fingers reached out and touched a shadow, his metal glad fingers slipped through it like smoke... leaving whisps of is being clinging to its masters loving touch. The creaure shuddered in unholy pleasure and a hissing sigh was on the air.::

My precious ones tell me everything I need to know. They loved seeing you and Minity... maybe even more than with Bellona... what naughty little creatures they can be. Didn't take much for Minity to seduce you did it? I wonder how much my lovely niece and her beautiful daughters were really in your thoughts when confronted by Minity's .... "assets"...

I do not ask questions cos i seek answers, Millennium... I ask them for you to be reminded of them yourself... for you burn with them... you mind to be consumed by nothing but self loathing. Then you would almost be like me... hehe...

You forget that it is my business, she is my family after all and no one will hurt them... unless its me of course. The difference between me and you Great Ex Leader is that I long ago accepted what a horror of a God I really am... but it seems that you might just be on the verge of doing so yourself...

Wish to join in the fun...

::He causually gestured to the unconcious Bryn.::

... be our guest.

Random Character
02-08-2005, 10:37 PM
"Look at you. Repressing yourself by the ways of the First. The old gods cared little for rules such as not taking what you want. They lie, cheat, and toss their lessors aside at a whime. What will you do? Try to be good or accept what you are and help me break this traitor to her kind?"

Drags Bryn out of the light in chains. Given the nature of these events, I think the horror is best left to the imagination of our gentle readers.

02-09-2005, 11:22 AM
::A tiny soul called. (http://cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=756&start=30) Shadows jittered as one stretched its mind home to its Master.::

02-10-2005, 04:46 AM
A quick gleam in his eye later and Mil revealed what he was thinking...

"My lineage may be that of old, but I am tethered to the First as well. *I am unique in this universe and as such I traverse my own path. *I am ....inclined.... to join in the fun, if for no other reason than to see where this path will take me. *But surely your ultimate aim isn't to raise the ire of the one who sired you, is it? *It's disappointing. *Too petty. *Please tell me that the storied trickster of old gods has a grander plan afoot."

Random Character
02-10-2005, 05:03 AM
With a slight whirring sound, a rather horrific grin appeared on Loki's twisted face.

"What I have planned is the same as it ever was. Raising dear old dad's ire isn't the goal but mearly a step along that road. And to correct you, Odin did not sire me. He mearly adopted me after slaying my father. I need to make him figure out what he wants then he will construct me the stage for what I want. And like the days of old, anyone will be my tools along this path. Man, god, giant, demon, even First."

02-10-2005, 07:58 AM
"Truly? *Now I am very much interested. *Very well then, count me included. *As long as it is understood that should I become bored in the least, then I shall have to dismember you completely. *It's only fair, my time is precious nowadays."

Random Character
02-10-2005, 05:04 PM
"Do you think you can do a better job then the demons did? They left me with some serious acid reflux."

Gestures towards the faint glimer of chains on Bryn.

"Do you want to have some fun slapping her around or would you like to add her to your conquests?"

02-11-2005, 04:05 AM
For the merest of moments, Mil pondered on those suggestions before he said frankly...

"I've had my fill of goddesses for the day. Perhaps tomorrow my appetite may need satiating. Instead..."

Erupting from the ground were three pillars of fire that shot up and began to encircle around him. Turning his head to look at Loki with burning eyes...

"How do you like your valkrie? Medium rare or well done?"

Random Character
02-11-2005, 04:24 AM
"Oh, medium rare. Gives it a better taste in the end."

02-11-2005, 04:31 AM
"Pity. *I like well done. *But for you, I can bend."

Increasing the rage of the flames, Mil lifted his finger at Brynhild and ordered them to roast her mercilessly. *The bursts did indeed find their target and began to burn her from the inside as well as outside. *Two of the pillars of flames orbit around her and rushed through her every few seconds while varying in intesity so she could not get used to any degree of pain. *As the torment continued, Mil addressed him again...

"And what shall you do? *Watch the paint peel?"

Random Character
02-11-2005, 05:12 AM
"Me? Well, I am brewing a nice posion that while not fatal will burn worse then that fire of yours. It should take about three hours to prepare. Hay, why don't we give her regenration and transform her into a cow? We can get some nice steaks in that time."

The silver robotic tongue shoots from Loki's mouth and flicks around narrowly missing Mil.

"Sorry. Still not used to all my upgrades."

(Its official. Loki is nuts.)

02-11-2005, 07:23 AM
Seeing the robotic tongue flick around made Mil narrow his eyes at him and say rather flatly as a deadpan joke...

"You're not my type. *Keep your tongue to yourself."

02-11-2005, 07:57 AM
((Poor Bryn... :cry: *I'm going to get your heads for this!!! *:realmad: ))

02-13-2005, 09:17 AM
The light was ahead of her and Bryn could see her way out. Images and voices swirled around her as one in particulair stuck in her mind, LOKI. She would make him pay dearly for this. As Brynhild fought for consciousness, she felt her body being dragged, and the grating of earth against her skin. Her eyes flickered as she tried to open them, and she moaned softly.
Suddenly Bryn's eyes shot open as she cried out against the sudden burst of flame burning and licking at her flesh from both inside and out. She curled up into a fetal position as she felt her flesh melt from her body, only to be replaced anew and the cycle to begin again. Her mind burned with a white hot anger at the thought of being taken away from Meteoro and their honeymoon. Bryn's heart began to turn cold and a primal side of her that had not been seen for a long time broke it's chains and burst from deep within her soul. At first it sounded as if Bryn were weeping out of pain and fear, but soon it became apparent that Bryn was laughing. The laughter grew as she heard the Norse chanting of the brave men of so long ago. She heard the horn and the sounds of the men rallying for battle as Bryn made her way to her knees. Her laughter crescendoed just as the sounds of the ancient men did, and she looked at her captures. Her eyes briefly scanned the three before her. She did not know Night, and she was familair with Millennium, but it was Loki whom she locked eyes with. She pulled on her chains as venom poured forth from her mouth.

Poor Loki, still having a hard time getting over the fact that Odin treated you like a dog! It is so sad to see you hanging on to the same old tired story after all these centuries. It has even poisoned your soul, look at you. If you think getting at Odin through me is going to work, you are more delusional than I had originally believed you to be. Get a back bone Loki, and handle your problems with Odin face to face.
Do you honestly think that you we're the only one that lived in the shadow's of Thor?

Bryn gritted her teeth as the pain rushed through her continously. Her gaze went back to the two Firsts.

I thought you had better taste in who you kept company with Millennium. Loki is about as low as one can go. Is it you I have to thank for this lovely warm feeling? I hope Loki prepared you, I'm not as easy to crack as this. I do hope you came to play rough, because that is the only tune in which I play too.

Bryn laughed and then looked back toward Night. She was a bit perplexed by the presence of this one, but she was sure that he had something he would add to the table. She pulled again on her chains as her eyes locked with Loki's once more.

The Fenris wolf's chains, I'm not surprised. Afraid I would rip you apart with my bare hands, Loki? I would demand that you let me go, but I have a feeling I'd be wasting my breath. So which one of you do I have to kill to get out of here. I'm kind of busy at the moment, so I'll have to take a raincheck on the torture and brutality.

Random Character
02-14-2005, 04:20 AM
(I was trying to keep it clean but... So thankfully, we have the censor smilie)

Glares at Bryn with fiery eyes.

"And even with blondie gone I am still discarded. So forget your haughty little claims, you *:madcensored: . You are all wound up over your little mirrage into these new gods that you are blind. It was these two who brought me in on a plot. Meteoro wanted his planet and power back. They offered it. I was called in because I know you. Meteoro seduced you in and got your guard down and we struck. Now, he sits atop his throne on Planet M, fully powered once more. And you are here to be tended to. Forgotten byMeteoro. Discarded. He's back with Foxy now. And you were all an item to be bartered. Now, we get to teach you how things will be. We do have all the time there is and eventually, you will come to love this attention."

Fires his tongue out and slashes Bryn's wrists.

"We won't let you die. Suffer. Scream. And submit. Yes."

02-14-2005, 04:59 AM
Mil, however, doesn't flinch in the eye of Brynhild's reprimand. He simply smiles as he comments after Loki...

"Bryn... I can call you Bryn, right? Well Bryn, it will be painfully obvious to you then that you just don't know me very well. But that's alright. We have all the time in the world to get to know each other. And I plan to see just how rough you like it. Meteoro will seem like a baby lamb once we get properly acquainted. Now hush. Daddy's working."

Mil then transmutes the pillars of fire wrapped around her into an insidious vapor of flesh burning acid.

02-14-2005, 11:31 AM
You lie! Bryn said above the scorching pain of her scolding flesh.

I know Meteoro better than any of you, but what betrays you are your own words. Meteoro would have sought reconciliation with SilntAngl5 before he would have gone to anyone. You trip yourself up with your own tongue Loki!

Bryn gritted her teeth as the next wave of pain wracked her body. She glared at Loki with hate and repulsion as his tongue flicked out of his mangled mouth and lashed at her wrists. Her attention turned to Millennium as he spoke to her. The new pain brought on by the vapor of flesh burning acid caused her to cry out momentarily. She looked up at Millennium and smiled defiantely.

Is that all you've got? Come on big boy, bring it!

02-16-2005, 06:46 AM
"Be careful what you wish for..."

Mil sidesteps in fifty yards of razor wire made of Elysian metal and wraps it all around Brynhild's body while still maintaining the acid vapor in place. *The razors barely touch her flesh at first. *But with a telekinetic push from him, the wire begins to constrict her body... very slowly.... digging deeper gashes into her flesh even as the vapor seeped into her bloodstream with increasing burning effects. *With a maddening look in his eyes, he tells her...

"...you just might get it."

02-17-2005, 08:18 PM
Brynhild watched in angony as Millennium produced the razor wire. Even as the wire began to cut deep within her skin, rending and tearing flesh, she maintained her composure. The acid began to flow freely within her veins and the pain ebbed and flowed like a tidal wave waiting to crash upon the shore. The sweat of pain beaded her forehead as her resolve and defiance doubled within her glacier blue eyes.

Bring......it....Bryn said breathlessly.

Bryn began the task of steeling herself for a long and painful day, both mentally and physically. As a warrior preparing for battle, she began to plan for any contingency. But a part of Bryn cried out to the heart of her husband and lover, hoping that he would find her and take her home.

Random Character
02-18-2005, 06:14 AM
"Tell me, dear sister, will your strength allow you to survive the blood eagle? Shall we find out?"

(The blood eagle is a rather nasty execution. The victim's lungs are pulled out of their back and set beside them without being severed. It looks vaguely like wings Very messy and painful way to go. I gained knowledge of its existence via a Vampire Dark Ages bit on nordic culture.)

02-18-2005, 06:43 AM
((Geez. *That sounds rough. :?))

02-18-2005, 07:16 AM
Bryn looked up at Loki with deep loathing in her eyes, and spit blood on the ground in his direction. With increasing difficulty in breathing due to the razor wire tightening its grip on her, Bryn uttered.

Why....why don't....you....come closer......and find out.

02-18-2005, 07:42 AM
"Your defiance is worthy of praise, Brynhild. *I am inspired to write a poem of it in my diary tonight. *Draw solace in knowing your agony will be forever immortalized by the written word."

He mockingly claps his hands to her as he telepathically makes the razor wire snake across her skin tearing new gashes even as it constricts further.

02-18-2005, 07:58 AM
Bryn sucked in a deep breath of air as the wire tightened. She dared not move unless she wanted the cuts to go deeper. Blood began to pool around the wire as it soaked into her clothing. A moment of despair ripped through her heart as Meteoro seemed so far away. Brynhild closed her eyes as she waited for the next round of torment.

You.....had better.....hope.....you kill me. Bryn uttered.

02-18-2005, 08:25 AM
"Dear Bryn, if that was to be the case then Meteoro would be wearing his black tux already."

02-18-2005, 09:42 AM
Bryn looked at Millennium. She was trying to keep her breathing slow, but the pain caused her to want to gasp. The combination of acidic vapor mingling with her blood tore down at her on the inside, at a cellular level. She surely would have perished with the flames, if she had not been a goddess. But she was not excluded from pain, and she was getting her share of it. With clenched teeth, she controlled her words as pain continued to surge through her at incredible rates.

You misunderstand me Millennium...................When I said, that you had better hope that you kill me. I meant that you better hope I don't get loose and get a hold of you or Loki.

Bryn's head hung as the next wave of pain coursed through her body. Her thoughts were on Meteoro and their last few days together. She drew some strength and resolve from these memories.

02-19-2005, 07:02 PM
"Oooooo....threats. *I simply adore it when a woman makes them."

A book sidesteps into Mil's left hand even as a quill pen appears in his right hand.

"Since you're in a chatty mood, let's put your mouth to good use. *Describe for me, in fifty words or less, the pain you are feeling. *Is it mild? *Too light? *I wanted to start off slow and work my way up steadily to the heights of your pain threshold and beyond. *Am I doing a good job? *Critique me if you must, but be kind. *My feelings get hurt easily."

02-20-2005, 10:54 PM
Brynhild closed her eyes and concentrated on clearing her mind. She could not survive this if she allowed thoughts of Meteoro to enter her mind. The chanting from long ago beat in the background of her conscious, the cold and determined Brynhild of old would have to surface and take control. It also meant that she would probably suffer more than normal because the Bryn of old was not one to hold her tongue or bow down to anyone. Had she not been punished by her own father for disobeying his commands?! When Brynhild opened her eyes her resolve was fortified, she would not back down, only press forward. She laughed as her gaze came to lock upon the First known as Millennium. With renewed vigor, her breathing became normal and the pain she currently felt was but a dull throbbing.

Since it appears you are not capable of knowing your own strength, then I will critque you, but I guarantee you will not like my response. As most First, I find your attempt of bringing pain rather pathetic and your style rather dull. You should turn this so called torture over to the professional and allow my brother Loki to administer any further pain. Frankly, you bore me and I am on the verge of falling into a deep sleep. Does this suffice, have I answered your questions to satisfaction?

Random Character
02-21-2005, 05:12 AM
Loki looked up seemingly gone to half board with the whole deal. He waved his hand as if dismissing Bryn as being beneath his personal torturing.

"Physical pain is what it is to be Asier. So I think we are about done with you for today."

A great maw opens beneath Bryn and begins sucking her down.

"Its digestive fluids are annoyances at best as far as pain goes and it tastes like the feet of a beserker after a three hundred league run. Added bonus, it dehydrates you. So get some uncomfortable sleep. We have years to go yet."

02-23-2005, 11:19 AM
Millennium waved good-bye to Brynhild as she becomes swallowed up. *His mind trails off for the merest of moments as he caught a glimmer of something along his consciousness. *Turning his attentions back to Loki, he speaks...

"I am needed elsewhere. *When you are ready to continue with this experiment, I shall feel it and return. *Until then, I bid you farewell."

02-24-2005, 11:14 AM
(( :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: :shocked: ))

02-24-2005, 03:29 PM
Bryn's feet began to disappear into the maw as she was sucked under into the belly of the beast. Her pain replaced by the anger and contempt toward her captures. Loki had not changed, he was the same old chauvinist her father had been long ago. If only she could get to him and put her hands around his neck, she would choke that holier than thou, better than you, look off of his face. Her tongue, unchained for the first time, let loose her parting words.

Oh good, I was afraid you were going to disappoint me and place me in some pampered First's accomodations.

Bryn ignored Millenniums mocking wave as she decended with Valkyrian dignity. A moto of old entered her mind as she prepared for an uncomfortable and painful night. She mouthed the words outload as she found herself within the bowels of the beast.

Pain is a sign of weakness leaving the body.
Then Bryn added. And pain is what you will recieve from me when you let your guard down even once.

She did not know how long her wait would be, so Bryn found as comfortable a place as she could and waited.

Random Character
02-26-2005, 03:21 PM
(All is not what it seems in the following post.)

Hours or days or maybe even years passed. Loki's beast would move every so often to make sure sleep wasn't something easy for the Valkyrie. Then it shuddered violently and rose high before falling to the side. Its maw pulled open by hands aflame with crimson energies. Meteoro stood in the mouth of the beast.

"Bryn, come on. Lets get going."

02-27-2005, 08:21 PM
Brynhild had no idea how long she had been in the bowels of the beast. The toxic fumes from the stomach acids had a way of affecting ones sense of time. With Bryn's lack of sleep and rest, her senses were askew and she had no idea if she'd been within the beast for 5 minutes, 5 days or 5 years. Ever alert to the fact that her captures would use any method to break her physically and mentally, she steeled her mind to fight them with ever breath she had. When the great beast heaved and breathed its last breath, Bryn's heart could not help but leap to her throat at the sound of Meteoro's voice. She began to rush to her husband, suddenly pulling up short not knowing whether she could trust this to be real or fantasy. Bryn would have to proceed with caution and she moved toward her would be husband ready to either hug him or defend herself. She silently asked her father that it be the former.


Random Character
02-28-2005, 07:45 PM
"Yes, it is I. Come we must move quickly."

Meteoro moved away from the opening he had made and awaited Bryn catching up.

03-01-2005, 03:35 PM
With caution Brynhild followed the would be Meteoro, prepared for the worst and hoping for the best.

I am right behind you my love.

Random Character
03-04-2005, 05:15 PM
As they moved along, it looked like M had rained down his full fury on the area. Finally they stopped. Meteoro looked into the darkness.

"She's ready for round 2, boss."

A throne illuminated and Loki looked up.

"Oh, good. I was waiting for her."

03-07-2005, 06:04 PM
To say that this didn't surprise Brynhild in the least would not have been wrong, but it did cause her heart to sink at knowing she had been right. Mockingly, she bowed to Loki as he made his appearance before her on his throne.

Ah, the trickster has returned. What games do you have for me to play for your entertainment today. Bryn remarked sarcastically.

Random Character
03-08-2005, 04:31 PM
A faux Odin walked up beside the faux Meteoro while Loki stood up.

"One is too weak to find you. The other here sits by and lets this play out. And there is me."

Snaps his fingers and a blade appears in Bryn's hand.

"One swing thats all you get. Choose who feels the pain."

03-10-2005, 12:31 PM
Brynhild smiled, as she gripped the blade in her hand. The god of trickery and treachery had handed her a weapon, normally a very fool-hearty mistake. She knew that he would know who she would choose to inflict pain upon, and she had no intention of changing it either, no matter the consequences. With a smooth and deadly quick motion she sprang, the blade turned toward the god of her enmity. Her goal, to inflict any type of wound upon Loki that she could manage before he sprung his trap.

Random Character
03-10-2005, 05:15 PM
As the blade descended, Loki didn't move. It cut cleanly through him. When the body fell, it wasn't his. But rather, it was Quinn's.

03-11-2005, 04:10 PM
She felt the pressure of the blade just as it made first contact, and then the soft slicing motion as it found its mark. Bryn reveled in the pleasure of delivering the blow to Loki, and *knowing the trickster god was preparing for his surprise move. But even when her mind told her to expect the type of thing she was about to see, she still was not prepared. Turning to deliver another blow, she saw the body fall, but it was not Loki's face that she looked upon, but that of her son Quin. A horrified look crossed her face at the thought of having hurt her own son, and it was even more difficult not knowing right away if it was truth or fiction. A cry escaped her lips, as she bent to examine the body that appeared to be Quin. She would never forgive herself if this was reality. Caressing the face of the fallen god, she took a chance hoping that it was not really Quin.


03-13-2005, 06:49 PM
::Night watched patiently as the torture continued. His mind weighed up everything she said. His mind turned over and over as the ways to break her. He shadows chittered at him all this thought and feelings of those around him. Loki and Millennium were enjoying this... a small soul cried out from the beyond to him. He smiled slowly, what a perfect opertunity. His mind called to his young Aunt across the divide of space.::

She will have to learn how to break resolve at some point... and no time til the present...

Random Character
03-14-2005, 05:40 PM
Loki flitted around her ears.

"You always kill those you love. That is your fate. Think of it. Why hasn't Quin been around for so long. You killed him. Now go on, embrace this fate. Love and death. Strike out again. I'll let you. Cut another down. It feels good to see the blood flow doesn't it?"

03-15-2005, 02:05 PM
::The shadows began to jitter in excitement. From one shadow (http://www.cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=53935#53935) a Bunny of darkness hopped. It stopped inside the realm of it's Master's dark world and looked back, lifting a single front paw. Its nose twitched and sniffed at the air in the cutest manner that the manifest of the furry mammal could. From the shadows stepped a very cautious Cao. She sensed many things when she'd arrived: power, anger, sorrow, restlessness, determination, yet the child knew not from where these emotions stemmed. She gave the arena and throne a brief glance before her eyes befell her Nephew.::


::Cao scooped up her Rabbit in one fluid motion and ran across the cold floor with and leaps at him, wrapping her warm, little arms around him. The bottoms of her bare feet were growing dirty. She'd yet to learn about the manipulation of matter to fix her appearance. Dark black curls toppled and tumbled as the child wiggled into her Night's lap where she settled and held him close. At length, a curious emerald eye peeked through her mane of black curls at the events before them... the woman and the men. Gods, all of them.::

"What's going on, Night? Who are they?"

03-15-2005, 11:56 PM
((Hope you don't mind a little intrusion, but torturing Bryn just seems like fun *ICly of course*))

*With a boom that sounds like the boom tube, Dark MC appeared on the scene. Taking a look at all the participants, he nodded in approval and then smiled in pleasure as he walked towards Brynhild.*

"So you're the little tramp that's entertaining all these men. You sound big and bad, but your body's made out of the same squishy liquid parts as anyone else's." With a gleam, he points his finger at her ribs, suddenly her liver begins to boil like it's being turned to jelly. "But I can see that your own physical pain isn't what you respond to. It's the stupid concept called humanity and love that drives you, doesn't it? You think you'd give anything to see to their safety, but can you do the unthinkable and kill others for them?"

*Dark MC stands before Brynhild and opens up a portal showing a vision of some of her family and friends. Then the visions change as each family member is horribly disfigured and left to die slowly*

"You are faced with a choice, little godling. Either you can kill those you love by your inaction, or you can choose to destroy lives to save theirs. If you aren't willing to sacrifice for them, then what good are you. What good is your love to them unless you're willing to do whatever it takes to see them safe."

*With a touch to her head, he sears off a piece of her hair, sniffing it, he places it inside his cloak*

"You are so tasty, but you will taste even better once you've sullied your soul and done evil things for those that you profess to love."

03-16-2005, 04:13 PM
::Night smiled as Cao leaped on him. He stoked her long black curls and smiled happily at her.::

Thanks for coming little one.

As to who these people are, well they are your first lesson to what gods are like. THe mechanically enhanced man over there is called Loki, he's pretty much insane. And the tall one is Millenium his the Ex-Leader of the First, our people, no matter what he tries to tell himself or us. And the rather pretty woman they are torturing is Bryn. We are inflicting pain and emotional misery on her to force her to kill Metereo, her husband.

I thought i would be a nice lesson for you in breaking someone... of course i dont expect my little aunt to get her hands dirty like these mongrels... we are above such acts, however once she begins to slip ill show you how to snap someones mind....

::Nght head turned as Dark MC appeared in the room and began torturing Bryn.::

As to him... i dont know.

::He picked Cao off his lap and sat her down on his black marble throne.::

One second, little one.

::Night vanished and appeared before Dark MC.::

Forgive me for being so abrupt. However, unless you explain what you are doing uninvited in my realm then unfortunately i will have to get my shadows to shred you into little pieces. Or perhaps i should do it myself i miss the tactile pleasure of ripping.... wait...

::Slightlessly Night studied the new comer.::

... i know you...

03-16-2005, 05:58 PM
Brynhild looked down at the body before her. It was not Quin, she knew it , but it did not stop her very heart from missing a beat at the mere thought. Loki was the god of trickery after all. Standing, the blade fell from Bryn's hand with a dull thud.

I am not the goddess I once was, or do you forget yourself god of trickery! I do not listen to fate, I make my own paths. As for Quin, my son left along time ago. He is a grown god, he chose his own path.
I will not be your toy, and I will not kill those that are not in battle opposing me. I will not do your bidding.

A child caught the eye of Brynhild. There was something familar about her, but Bryn could not place it. She did not have time to dwell as a new player entered the field. She is suddenly hit with a sharp pain in her sides, as she literally feels her liver burning within. Bryn grits her teeth and looks defiantly into the face of Dark MC. She watches as he shows her images of those she loves twisted and dying. She snears at his words, and when Dark MC finishes his little speech, Brynhild spits blood upon his feet.

Death happens, it is a part of the cycle of life, even for gods.

She pulls away from him as he sears off a piece of her golden mane.

I have been through more than you ever will you pathetic excuse for a god. I was fighting battles and living life before you were sucking on your thumb! It takes four of you for one goddess, think about it!

03-17-2005, 01:43 PM
::The young daughter of Neo and Sil blinked when Night vanished and reappeared a greater distance away, talking to a God Cao did not know. She didn't know any here except her nephew. She remained quiet, emerald eyes shifting from one figure to another to another. Are all Gods like this? Cao watched the woman. She had long hair like her mother's, but not as gold. No one had golden hair like her mother. Cao watched attentively. What did Night mean.... breaking someone? Snapping someone's mind? That didn't sound very nice... not at all. And why would the Gods want her to kill people? Meteoro... Cao knew that name from somewhere... The woman winced and writhed. Cao cringed, but kept her wide eyes on the Goddess... Bryn was it? She was different somehow. She didn't feel like a normal God. Cao felt the air shiver coldly. Goosebumps raised on her skin.

They were torturing her!

She couldn't remember how she did it... how it happened. All she could remember was wanting to be held. She wanted to bury her eyes and hide. In a second, the air shivered around her, but in a different way. It was like she blinked, but when she blinked she wasn't on Night's dark throne. Instead she was by his side, clinging to his leg tightly at the femur. Her nose was pressed tight into his leg and her dark curls hid her eyes, which she squeezed tightly shut. The young Goddess, looking barely seven, was afraid.::

"W-why are they hurting her? Did she do something bad?"

::Cao opened her eyes and peeked out from her curtain of black curls. Her emerald eyes stared up, up *unblinking at the Valkyrie. Her white nightgown looked so bright in this dreary world. She quivered and spoke with a soft, whispering voice.::

"You look like my Mama does... right here."

::The child held out her hand and touched her long black hair, petting it softly while looking up at Brynhild. The fear left her but the attentiveness of her gaze did not. Still... she clung to Night's leg.::

03-17-2005, 03:35 PM
Bryn watched as Night appeared before Dark MC, but her eyes continued to be drawn to the child. Her mind was racing with the words of this malicious First, and a fear welled up in her so great she almost sprung for the knife to take her chances for escape. So they had brought her here to break her and use her as their personal assassin, that was obviously clear, but what was the childs part in all of this. By the sacred halls of Valhalla, surely they were not going to have her kill the child, even worse to sit and watch what they would do to Bryn herself.

Brynhild observed the child, trying to figure out why she seemed so familar. There was something about those green eyes and dark hair that struck a chord within her. Where had she seen these features before, why where they so familar? Bryn nearly lost control when she heard Cao's tiny voice asking if Bryn had been bad, and why they were hurting her. She fought a mix of emotions that ranged from pure anger and hatred for involving this young child, to tears of sorrow and pain. Bryn's mind played with what Quin would have looked like at this age and it tore at her heart. It was harder to choke back the anger more and more. When Cao touched her hair and spoke those last words, it hit Bryn who the child was. This was the daughter of SilntAngl5 and Neo Avatar. Bryn closed her eyes to avoid the child seeing the flash of anger, when she opened them, she looked at Cao with motherly eyes before turning her attention to her captures. It was Night that Bryn addressed, and her tone was both that of a pleading mother and someone who was serious.

By all that is holy in the lands of Valhalla, you surely do not bring a child into this? For what evils of man and gods warrant such a deed as that of allowing a child to be present during such an event? For what evil you wrought here today, do not include this young innocent. By my oath, you will suffer for any ill that becomes this child. Better to strike me down now, than to let me live.

03-17-2005, 04:15 PM
*As Brynhild begged Night to send Cao away, Dark MC broke out into a maniacal laugh*

"You do yourself no justice to reveal the key to breaking you so soon. *It's a shame that you aren't proving a bit more of a challenge. *I'd love to hear you scream. *Pity."

*Walking over to mere inches from Bryn but safely enough that she couldn't touch him, he waved his arm. *Space rippled and a young boy stood before him. *The boy first looks around wonderingly, but then he sees the strange men, and the woman chained up not too far from him. *His eyes grow big with fear and he starts to shake. *Dark MC just chuckles as he ignites his hand. *Red hot flames lick the air around his hand. *Placing it just inches from the boys face, he looks up at Brynhild*

"What would you be willing to do to save this child? *Would you be willing to sacrifice another to save this one's life? *Or will you let him down by allowing him to die by your inaction? *Or would you like another choice?"

*With a flick of his wrist, a baby appeared in his arm. *The baby was about three weeks old, and it looked helpless as it wailed a long loud cry. * "If you wish to see the boy live, then you must choose for this baby to die as a replacement. *Or you can choose to save the boy, in which case I smother the baby right here, right now. *If you refuse to choose between them, then they both die. *So what will it be, will you allow the baby to die for the boy to live, or will I roast the boy and send the baby back to its mother? *You have five seconds to choose, or they both die and it will all be your fault."

*Dark MC then opens a part of Brynhild's mind that will allow her to see through his illusions if he tries to trick her. *She can tell now that he holds the lives of two innocents in his hands. *It is no trick.*

Random Character
03-17-2005, 05:57 PM
Loki clapped with insane glee. Destroying an innocent and this attracted a new player.

"ooh, you're good. You get the Asgardian get out of dieing free card."

03-17-2005, 09:49 PM
"W-why are they hurting her? Did she do something bad?"

:Night chuckled lightly and stroked Cao's hair with genuine affection. Already she was awakening to her powers, he must make her understand.::

You seem to be quickly learning to art of translocation, little one. I'm most proud of you.

As to what the lovely Bryn has done? Why... nothing. Well apart from not co-operating fully.. but that will soon change.

::He knelt down and came to eye level with the little girl. The bandages wounds slightling glazing into the emerald green of his aunt.::

Bryn has always been a rather stand up warrior for truth and justice. However, those of the gods that may well be stronger than us typically aren't say strong willed. They cling to mystifying concepts like truth and loyality, or lies and deceit. While as I... and hopefully you, will see past that. Their belief in these things makes them easily malipulated.

Why would we want to manipulate then, i imagine you are wondering... well... because we can. You must have done things for fun sweetheart? Think of this as another type of game. We win when other do as we want them to. You're maybe too young to understand, but that will come in time.

::He smiled at the bound goddess.::

I surely do mean to bring Cao into this. She is no child. She is a First and as such must see how weak others are compared to her. However, you shouldn't concern yourself with her, she will not be harmed. Unlikely yourself...

::Night's lips turned up in a sneer as the dark newcomer simply seemed to ignore him and summoned a child to threaten before the asgardian.::

Using a child in such a way... how... base. These idiots show nothing in the way of subtelty...

03-18-2005, 06:34 AM
::All of this made Cao grow rather nervous, but she put on a brave act. Her nephew would see it in her eyes, but she held herself upright and without any other sign of fear. Her lips gave a small smile at the praise. She recalled a memory... doing that once under someone else's care. Mattson's perhaps... in a crib... the young Goddess looked at Night's blind sockets, trying to understand.

Then... something hit her.::

"Mama does that... she always told me about being loyal and truthful, because it's bad if you aren't."

::Though she knew he couldn't see her, she knew he would know that her eyes glazed slightly and her lower lip stuck out more in a pre-tears way. Her voice, wavering, would tell him if his shadows didn't. Bunny hopped across the floor and sat by Cao's ankle protectively.::

]"Is Mama bad, Night? 'Cause she lied and she always said people shouldn't lie... and she tried to hurt you."

::Again, to make her point, Cao reached out with both her hands and gingerly touched the bandaging around her elder nephew's empty eye sockets. Her little fingers were light, gentle, so much like her mother's touch still, but without the warm out flux of her power.

"I know she's not supposed to do that either because she's an Angel now. Malak doesn't either. Does... that make Mama bad?"

::Cao's eyes shifted, looking up at Bryn, falling immediately back to Night, as if for some reason, that comparison to her Mother before made her unable to look the Valkyrie in the eye now.::

"But do you have to hurt her? Or is that how you win the game? Mama said you shouldn't hurt people... ever...but... Mama lied... and Mama hurt you..."

::Cao's eyes watered, truly convicted by the thoughts running through her head. The sight of the unnamed God holding two children make Cao gasp and jump in her Nephew's arms. Her large emerald eyes looked to the boy... to the baby, remembering memories from when she had been kidnapped. It was too easy for Cao to make dramatic comparisons of those children to her. Cao's eyes shifted up to the God holding these children- real children- captive, and then her eyes swiveled to Brynhild. Large emerald portals silently pleaded for questions she did not know how to voice. Cao's little hand reached her Nephew's shoulder, tugging on his clothes with growing panic and fear of the situation in her voice.::


03-18-2005, 02:40 PM
]"Is Mama bad, Night? 'Cause she lied and she always said people shouldn't lie... and she tried to hurt you."

::Night sensed the change in mood immediately and wiped away a tear with a gloves thumb.::

Ah Cao, I would never tell you that your mother was bad. She simply misguided... her reliance on truth and justice only means she becomes a zealot for things that do not exist. She champions them and when they are theatened... by me for example... then she lashes out.

She always told you to be truthful yet she herself could not follow that path... this is why I had to take you away from her... and teach you.

:He chuckled.::

No. We do not have to hurt her... all she has to do is relent and kill Metereo for us. Then all the bad things will stop... but some people do not understand and must be forced to.

::He felt the little gril tugging at his clothes and he frowned unable to fathom yet another mood change::

Whats wrong...?

03-19-2005, 03:08 PM
Brynhild glared at Dark MC, her normally vibrant blue eyes, now a cold Icelandic hue. The cold of her eyes only matched by that of her heart, but not for her captures but for herself and the ghosts of old haunting her mind. Around her she saw not Dark MC, Night or Loki, but Sigurd, Gunnar and Hogni. She could not judge their hearts and reasons, as she herself had perpetrated such treason. Suddenly, young Cao, became Aslaug, her daughter with Sigurd. Though her heart could not judge, her anger was just. She was no longer that Brynhild who had caused such pain and loss. Forgetting her binds, and with blinding quickness, Brynhild launched toward Dark MC. She was brought up short, her chains pulling her toward the earth. Her head bowed, she began to recite:

Why art thou, Brynhild!
Odins daughter!
absorbed in evil
and murderous thoughts?
What injury
has Sigurd done thee,
that thou the hero wilt
of life bereave?

Sigurd to me
oaths has sworn,
all falsehoods.
He at a time deceived me
when he should have been
of all oaths
most observant.

Thee Brynhild has
in anger instigated
evil to perpetrate,
harm to execute.
She grudges Gudrn
her happy marriage,
and thee,
possession of herself.

Brynhild could not continue, she would not go down this path willingly again. She would not participate in destroying those she loved; she would fight them with all her being, not knowing that there was a small factor that would prevent her from accomplishing this goal.
Brynhild looked up toward her captures, and laughed, rising once again to her feet she spoke.

Malice, deceit, envy, and murder, long ago had I perfected these things before you were created. I will not go willingly done this path yet again, so you but one choice, kill me and find another.

03-19-2005, 09:56 PM
Cao felt a great fondness for Night... a fondness that was rapidly replacing (at an alarming rate) the adoration she once felt for her brother Mattson. For a second, understanding overrode her fear, but the unnamed God holding the children... REAL children... hostage struck a chord of uneasiness in the young Goddess. She held her Nephew close, trembling softly, but finding distraction in the haunting words that flaoted from Brynhild's mouth.

"Could you teach Mama the right way...? Like..." But Cao didn't want to say "like Brynhild" because she was being hurt... something Cao was still unsure how to take. And again... the thought of hurt, the child's large emerald eyes befell the children. She tugged on Night's clothes and whispered to him, this time witholding her fright, merely sounding concerned.

"Must he hurt them, Night?"

Cao saw the change within Bryhild's eyes, and slowly let Night go. She walked toward Brynhild as she recited rhetoric from times long ago as if in a trace. The stare as her eyes met Cao's... was a stare she'd long missed from her own mother. She almost could not remember when she'd seen her mother look upon her with such adoration. So much had happened... so much. Cao jumped as Brynhild pulled on her chains, but did not retreat. She stood, a few feet from the Valkyrie. She spoke softly, of something she didn't understand. The little child looking of seven years, stretched out her mind, gently poking the Valkyrie's like a child would poke something new she'd never seen before.

"You're... not a First, are you?"

03-21-2005, 02:51 PM
At Aslaug's mentally poke, Brynhild's pale blue eyes held her gaze. No, not Aslaug, Bryn reminded herself,Cao. Bending down to the child's height Brynhild addressed her in a soft motherly tone.

No child, I am not of First kind. I am or was Valkryia, a Norse demi-goddess from Earth of long ago. Valkrie were choosers of the slain, but that was in ancient times, and I have since far evolved from a mere demi-goddess.

03-21-2005, 05:52 PM
Dark MC watched the event unfolding carefully. On the one hand, he had no quarrel with the little girl called Cao, but on the other hand, he felt she was a distraction that they didn't need. As Cao approached Brynhild, he prepared a blast in his fist. One quick blast of energy to force Cao to step away from the captor. But he hesitated for a second to see what Cao could do. After all, maybe there was some reason one of the others that were torturing the prisoner was very close to the girl.

"Enough," he cried as instead of shooting his fist of energy, he threw up a barrier between them with his mind. Cao would find herself being pushed away from Brynhild. Eyes blazing with crimson hate, Dark MC pointed towards Brynhild, while still holding the crying infant. "You refuse to choose, then you've killed them both."

Before anyone could react, Dark MC shot a destructive blast of energy at the young boy frozen in his fear. The child screamed a high pitched wail as his skin burst into flame. When the blaze died down, ashes were all that remained. Then as if the infant in his arms were nothing but a sack of cloth, the maniacal evil god threw the baby into the air just seconds before the baby was engulfed in flames. The cloud of ash rained down over Brynhild. The god then turned his back and stalked away to a corner to better watch her reactions.

03-21-2005, 07:01 PM
Brynhild rose to her feet in fury, straining against her chains she desired nothing more than to remove Dark MC's black shriveled heart from his chest.To perform such an atrocity in front of the child was unforgiveable. Brynhild's pallid blue eye sent Dark MC a message of cold fury.

I see that thee wilt suffer the Hel-ride, not by my hand by that of thine kin. Like the tiger who devours his prey, so shall you in turn fall to the same. Take head my word old First, what thou hast done shall be returned to thee. Enjoy your evil pleasures whilst they last, for you shall go to your destiny.

Bryn strained more within her binds, the trickle of blood pooling around the chains as her desires to get her hands on Dark MC grew. Concentrating on her new found gift, Bryhild changed her appearance to Roquelle for the briefest of moments, she was hoping that the First would be foolish enough to get closer. Her heart cried out in anguish while her anger demanded retribution. She looked at Night and with almost as much anger she spoke.

Is this the desire you had for the child?! You are no better than him to allow such things. Unbind me now and you shall taste the fury of my anger, or would you like to know what your destiny holds instead. For yours is even better than his!

03-21-2005, 07:03 PM
No child, I am not of First kind. I am or was Valkryia, a Norse demi-goddess from Earth of long ago. Valkrie were choosers of the slain, but that was in ancient times, and I have since far evolved from a mere demi-goddess.

"My Mama's kinda like that... except she's not a... a Valkee-ree. She's an Angel."

Cao felt something change and she turned up to look at the dark God who held the children.


Cao pushed against the forcefield that barred her from Brynhild. To little use.

"Uhhh! That's not nice! We were talking! It's rude to interrupt people when they're in the middle of talking!"

Then they died. No. Slaughtered. He killed the children. Cao took a step back as the first boy was killed. Without taking her eyes from the God, Cao reached out for Night's shoulder again. Her emerald eyes were wide as saucers and glassy with fear and tears. She looked horrified... and absolutely terrified. When she walked backwards into her Nephew's body, Cao didn't move. She looked up at the ashed raining down, at the Valkyrie in such a way that her heart would cry at the sight. Cao's jaw had dropped open, just a tiny bit and her lower lip moved, quivered. Her large eyes shone and she looked indecisive between crumpling into little pieces, fainting, or bursting into tears right there in that very spot. Her one little hand held her Nephew's clothing very tightly.

03-22-2005, 11:31 AM
Coming from the Obscurannia Asteroids, Sadeh shadowported (http://www.cbreview.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=55353#55353) to Nights dark world. She got a little surprised seeing MystikChronicler at that place, but not as much to allow her face to show any emotion.

She walked to Cao and put her reassuring hand on the little girls shoulder as she noticed Brynhild was being kept captive.

Didnt expect to find you here, MystikChronicler. I hope youre not being a bad boy to little Cao, here. Shes under my care and I would hate getting disappointed at you.

03-22-2005, 04:41 PM
:: As the human burst into flames Night sneered at the dark newcomer. Who did he think he was? There was no finesse in this, no true style. Night's mind games compared to this god's was like comparing a glass cutter to a sledgehammer. Night again sensed the sudden change in Cao's mood and did something he could never have seen himself doing. He reached down and picked the little girl up in his arms. He cradled her in one and with the other buried her head in his shoulder, away from the horror.

Sadeh appeared and Night sighed.::

What has my realm become!? An open house it seems...

::The dark god listened to Sadeh's little comment to the newcomer and Night hand clentched. His gauntleted fingers curled up tight.::

Mystik Chronicler... I knew i recognised you... another one of the first's golden children fallen so far...

Well know I finally have a name for you I must ask you to leave... burning children alive will do nothing but dirty up my floor. You have shown me kindness in the past i would hate to repay you by removing something required to keep you alive...

::Night turned to the others and sneered.::

In fact that goes for all of you! Stop this stupid "torture" and leave. If you wont leave then stand in the back of the room and be quiet... your like a pack of rabid dogs!

I'll take over with Bryn...

03-22-2005, 07:07 PM
Brynhild's gaze locked with Night's. She could tell by his demeanor that he was not one to use torture as ways to accomplish tasks, so that left only one option. Night would be using his mind to try and bend her to his will, but he was going to find that she wouldn't be that easy to defeat. She would make him work for any victories he gained.

"Do you not see what I see?
Do you not hear
death approaching?
"The mournful cry of Giallr-horn
shall shatter the peace
And shake the foundation of heaven.

Then let us begin, I would hate to keep you waiting.

03-22-2005, 07:15 PM
::Finally in the comfort of her Night's arms, Cao started to cry. Her little curls shivered and her wails were muffled by her face, which was buried into Night's shoulder. Her little arms wrapped about his neck and held him securely, tightly but not tight enough to choke him. When Sadeh touched her, she would feel Cao trembling, her little body shuddering with tears. Night's shoudler was soon quite moist with the crocodiles that swam from Cao's large emerald eyes. She held tight to Night and wouldn't be let down. He was family after all, and that left room for a tight bond to fill the gap her mother's absence had left in her spirit.::

03-22-2005, 08:09 PM
Brynhild's gaze locked with Night's. She could tell by his demeanor that he was not one to use torture as ways to accomplish tasks, so that left only one option. Night would be using his mind to try and bend her to his will, but he was going to find that she wouldn't be that easy to defeat. She would make him work for any victories he gained.

"Do you not see what I see?
Do you not hear
death approaching?
"The mournful cry of Giallr-horn
shall shatter the peace
And shake the foundation of heaven.

Then let us begin, I would hate to keep you waiting.

::Night smirked darkly at Bryn::

My my... you will be fun to break...

::He walked over to Bryn and brushed he hair from her brow and smiled. He still held Cao.::

I am most sorry for the way you have been treated... but my lovely warrior all that stops now... its just me and you.

::He unraveled the bandage around his eyes with his head bowed. He had held Bryn chin firmly in his hand and looked up.::

Look into my eyes...

03-22-2005, 08:47 PM
Bryn did not shrink back from Night's touch, and she showed indifference to his eyeless pits. She had seen far worse in battle, and she was not about to let him think for a moment that he intimidated her. Brynhild gazed straight into those cavernous holes and did not look away.

03-22-2005, 09:10 PM
Dark MC strode forward when Bryn first reacted to the children's deaths. Carressing her cheek, he let his fingertip burn a circle in her cheek. He breathed in the smoke of her burning flesh and let out a sigh of ecstacy. When she mentioned his future, he furrowed his brow,

"My dear, dear Bryn. Why do you think your threats will make an impact on me. I'm not the same person that you think you know. The family that you refer to are, just like you, irrelevant."

When Cao starts to cry, it touches Dark MC's heart in a perverse pleasure sort of way. Bending close to her ear, he whispered something to her about there coming a time where her innocence will be a thing of the past and that if she ever need a tutor in the pathways of dark, he's there.

When Sadeh showed up, Dark MC's eyes glowed bright read and his face, what wasn't hidden, clenched up with anger. When she insinuated that he was under her thumb, he snapped.

"Listen here, you manipulative Witch, I don't owe you any allegiance. *MystikChronicler needed you because he was weak. *You needed him because you're too much of a coward to get your hands dirty. *You claim protection over the girl, then so be it. *She never interested me anyhow. I've planted the seeds I wanted to plant. *As for you, stay away from me. *To you, MystikChronicler is dead. *Beware Dark MC. *Next time we meet just might be your death!!"

With those parting words, Dark MC blinked out of the room.

Random Character
03-22-2005, 10:23 PM
"Well, good. I was starting to get board besides she knows mostof my tricks and I want her serving us not dead."

Loki slinks around.

"And if this little girl is your protege, she can learn a few tricks too. Yes, you can. You can learn well and good how to be a good little witch. Thats the way of women. Yes, it is."

03-22-2005, 10:49 PM
::Night lips twitched into a bigger grin and hes thoughts reached out. They entered the blonde goddess' mind and squirmed against her defenses.::

Can you feel that? Burrowing deeper... worming into your beautiful mind... just waiting for you to lapse...

::Night pulled his hand away, Bryn still stared into his eyes. He touched a finger to her forhead and whispered a word.::


::Bryn started to scream. Black mist weeped from her eyes and poured from her mouth and nose. Night stood there revealing in her pain and anguish. His most precious spell. The victim filled with everything their feared. Every mistake relived over and over. As her mind trembled under the flickering memories his mind slammed into her's...::

Now all i need to to is organises this maddess...

::His tteth flashed in the darkness as his mind became one with Bryn's.::

03-23-2005, 04:14 AM
The burning of her flesh was nothing, it was but a mere annoyance at best. It was Night's intrusion into her mind, perverting her past and toying with her nightmares that Bryn fought. The pain was intense, and at first she was able to stave off his attacks. Her mind felt split in two as her whole being shook with the conflict and pain. Blood began to trickle from the corners of her mouth, nose and ears and her heart cried out not only because of the pain, but for her love. Bryn was loosing.
In her mind the old Bryn stood before the new, clad in armor, the two faced in battle. Valiantly she fought, beating back the Bryn of old, before the tide turned and she began to lose. The more her old self won ground, her pale blue eyes became colorless. Flickering back and forth between the combatant that was in control, her eyes began more and more to remain the colorless palate of the Bryn of old. The more her old self began to win, the harder Bryn fought. Perhaps at another time, she would have won, but that tiny factor began to take control and in an act of preservation turned the tides. Bryns body began to convulse as she strained to remain in control, the blood flowed a little thicker as she reached out one last time to her love. Finally, it was over, her body not only having been broken but her mind as well. The odds were against Bryn, and the reason would not be known to her for some time. With one last cry, Bryn collapsed unconscious to the ground. The steam rose from her body from her physical and mental battle. If one listened carefully, laughter seemed to rise from the fallen warrior's body. A victor had emerged but who?

03-23-2005, 09:15 AM
When the new Dark MC snapped at Sadeh, she smiled slightly. She had read in the unfamous Red Book of Secrets about the transformation he was meant to suffer. She would have responded in kind, but he had already left. She couldn’t care less if MC played on the side of the angels of the devils, but if he was tapping into his real potential, the First as a kind would only grow stronger.

She stood close to Night and little Cao, giving the girl some soft glances of love. Doing her best to make the girl feel safe.

“Pay attention, Cao, you might learn something out of the work your nephew is doing.” She spoke softly to the girl, not to interrupt Night’s doings. “The woman that just fainted is not a First, she’s just a demi-goddess and thus, she’s a mere toy to us. We can do what we please with her because she’s as beneath us as ants are to humans. She may look like us, but she’s not. Don’t feel guilty while dealing with her kind, they aren’t worth it.”

03-23-2005, 09:28 AM
((Sadeh is sooo going to get it when Bryn wakes up. She's evolved past the role of demi-goddess, think untapped power that equals that of the transitioned Atlanteans! :p ))

03-23-2005, 10:03 AM
:;Night's mind coated Bryn's smothering her in darkness. He floated cross legged in a void, a quiet corner of the demi-goddess' thoughts. Before him on this dreamscape lay a blonde woman awakening for the first time in aeons. As she looked at him with colourless eyes her smirked darkly.::

Welcome back Bryn... how are you feeling?

03-23-2005, 11:50 AM
((Ah... Night is Cao's Nephew, not her brother. :lol: ))

::Cao Sniffled and scrubbed at her cheeks and eyes with her fist, almost like a puppy. She say up in Nights arms and listened intently to everything Sadeh said.::


::Cao didn't quite understand. She sniffled, hiccuped, and spoke to Sadeh with a sad tone to her voice.::

"M-mama says you shouldn't hurt anyone, even if they're not really powerful. Why did M-mystik Chronicler k-kill those kids? T-they didn't do anything wrong. Just 'cause she *pointing to Bryn* didn't choose? That doesn't do anything cause he killed them anyway and she didn't do what he wanted."

::Cao wiped at her runny nose and looked at Night. Her wide emerald eyes gave her a haphazard look as free-falling curls fell every which way from when she was crying. Cao's emerald eyes stared into the blank pits of her nephew's sightlessness. Then she turned in his arms to look at the fallen Brynhild, shivering from the Valkyrie's screams. Cao felt a rush of power from her Nephew, and heard noticed his unresponsiveness to her questioning. Cao looked at Night and swallowed softly, asking in a fearful voice.::

"... Night?"

::Cao swallowed and reached her mind out to her Nephew. He would feel her soft, cautious touch.She would feel the black hole of darkness calling to her. Cao didn't blink as she looked at her Uncle. She didn't hear Brynhild's laughter. And she didn't feel her Rabbit nuzzling her neck. The only thing that fell before Cao's senses was darkness. Again, she reached out, a little deeper, and prodded her Nephew.::

03-23-2005, 04:19 PM
Waking for the first time since she had been awakened from Odin's accursed slumber by Sigurd, Brynhild rose to fight her doppelganger. It was an honorable struggle, but in the end Brynhild won. Looking at her defeated party, Brynhild wiped the blood from her blade and addressed the figure floating in the void of her mind. Her colorless eyes scrutinizing the god before her, she placed the blade down and leaned against the hilt of her sword.

Not that it matters to you or that you even care, but I feel better than I have since Odin placed me in slumber as punishment for disobedience. And the name is Brynhild. I do not go by THAT name, it belongs to HER.

Brynhild nodded to her defeated opponent Bryn who was lying face down within a pool of blood.

She's not dead yet, it can not happen until Meteoro is dead. The sooner we get that done and over with the better. I am sure there are hoops you wish me to jump through to prove to you I'm not her, so let's get on with it. And something else I will address, and I will only do it once. I am no longer a mere demi-goddess. I have not been that weak since Odin brought me out of Hel. There are untapped sources of power within this body that have yet to be used, and I fully intend to use them.

Bryhild suddenly appeared behind Night.

Not to mention I am still a chooser of the slain. I can deal death with but a touch, but where's the fun in that?!

Brynhild laughed.

Now, get out of my head, we will continue this out there.

03-23-2005, 06:40 PM
::Night looked over his shoulder and smirked.::

I do so love a woman that see things my way.

::The god's feet met the floor of the dreamscape and he turned to Bynhild.::

You need not jump through hoops to prove anything to me, beautiful one. I have already felt the demise of your captor in your shared mind... you may have to discuss this all again with Loki though...

::He raised his hand to vanish when a black feather of a though tickles at his senses. He looked into the blackness and smiled.::

Clever girl...

Cao, come here, little one. I don't think your wandering around the good lady's mind on your own is a good idea... i best return you.

::A cautious Cao stepped out of the darkness and ran to Night. He took her hand and chuckled.::

You learn so quickly... I am most proud of you.

::With that the 3 minds separated and merged with their their physical selves, Night tied the blue bandage around his eyes again and turned to the others and announced with a comical sweep of his arm...::

Ladies and Gentlemen... may I reintroduce... Brynhild.

03-23-2005, 08:31 PM
::Cao blinked and she was back in her own body. Her head felt a little dizzy... it was a relatively new experience and she hadn't had time to develop her powers being under her mother's smothering care. Her large emerald eyes, loosing their glassy shine of tears, stared at Brynhild. Cao blinked. The Goddess was fine. Cao watched Night re-tie the cloth about his eyes. He said he was proud of her. It had made her smile inwardly at knowing she made him proud. He was family. Her mother had said to value family. Cao didn't giggle as Night moved with an extended arm. Normally she would, but something in her became reserved. Her little fingers touched Night's hair, curling it about her tiny fingers softly. She cupped a hand and whispered into Night's ear.::

"You didn't really hurt her? She's okay?!"

::Then something within Cao clicked. Night would feel it in her demeanor. There was a sudden uprising of brightness and a squirm of childish confidence. Maybe... maybe what Night had done was okay after all. He hadn't really hurt Brynhild... and he'd gotten what he wanted... then maybe... Cao snuggled closer to Night, not smiling, not frowning either. She just merely existed beside him. She held him about his neck and looked over at Sadeh.::

03-23-2005, 08:44 PM
As Night took hold of Cao and left Brynhild's mind, she turned and roused her unconscious body. Rising from where Bryn had fallen, Bryhild stood with confidence. She did not smile as she nodded to her brother Loki, disappearing with a blink of an eye and appearing at his side. She raised an eyebrow as she inspected his appearance.

You should do something about this appearance Loki, it makes you appear weak.

Brynhild takes a moment to inspect herself, as she seems to be content with what she sees.

I see I haven't totally wasted away in this soft state.
Now, we do we begin? I have been slumbering for far to long and the horn has summoned me to it's cry. First, I must make this transformation complete by disposing of my softer sides desires. Meteoro must die by my hand to kill off the weakness within me.

Brynhild glanced at Loki and a smug smile crossed her lips.

I do suppose there is more of a purpose besides Meteoro that has called you to all this trouble to turn me.

Brynhild laughed.

I do hope I wasn't too much trouble for you. But if your looking for an apology for anything said or done, you won't get it.

Brynhild gave Loki an even more serious look.

Odin plays a part in this somewhere, does he not Loki? You can not let your hatred of him keep you from seeking revenge and I suppose you would like my help? I am just surprised that you have sought the aid of these gods, they are not of our kind and I have yet to see one that impresses me with skills of intellect in battle.

Brynhild again gave a smug smile, this time looking to Sadeh and Night. Her face and mannerisms stated she would not apologize for her remark. Her eye caught Sadeh.

So, my weak and pathetic excuse for a goddess, do you still wish to talk about me as something beneath you? I have a special pain reserved for you, and I do hope you push your luck with me. Please by all means be offended, you will not only not receive an apology, but I will show you why I am my father's favorite Valkryie.

Bryhild's colorless eyes bore straight into Sadeh's soul. Brynhild griped the hilt of her sword as she moved away from her brother and slowly and purposely strode toward Sadeh. She stood before the goddess and crossed her arms across her chest and smiled a malevolent smile. Without breaking her gaze, she spoke to Night.

It takes a lot to impress me, but I am intrigued by your gift with the mind. We shall have to compare secrets and tactics of such a delicate talent. I have a feeling that you are on of the few, present company included, that could possibly keep my interest. Perhaps after this short interlude with Meteoro we can have such a conversation.

Random Character
03-24-2005, 04:29 AM
"Weak? I got this done with no painkillers. Besides, I get great radio reception now. And darn it all, those dee jays can be quite entertaining."

Grabs his hair and pulls up, the hair shifts into a sheet and is flung off to the side to vanish a few moments later. Beneath is a smiling middle aged man (think the Mayor from Buffy season 3).

"This doesn't work either does it?"

Does the same trick and transforms into Tom Cruise.


"As for dear old dad, yes. He does fit into this. But asking you to kill him doesn't. No, no, no. He deserves Ragnarok. I deserve Ragnarok! I want you to remind him of the glory of Asgard inbetween killing the First. I want him to restore those wonderous spires to active use. Thats it."

03-24-2005, 07:22 AM
((I already edited the “nephew/brother” thingy ;).))

Before Brynhild’s change was complete, Sadeh listened carefully to Cao’s words.

"M-mama says you shouldn't hurt anyone, even if they're not really powerful. Why did M-mystik Chronicler k-kill those kids? T-they didn't do anything wrong. Just 'cause she *pointing to Bryn* didn't choose? That doesn't do anything cause he killed them anyway and she didn't do what he wanted."

“Mom has been wrong before, hon, and I think she’s wrong again…” She paused for a moment. “Have you seen an eagle attack a rabbit? At first it may seem cruel, it seems natural to side with the bunny because he’s so frail. But that’s the way of nature. The eagle attacks the rabbit because it feeds in those lesser creatures. We, First, aren’t that different from the eagle. We have to vanquish lesser creatures because we’re at the top of creation. We even slay our weakest because that’s the only way to survive. Only the stronger survive and that’s part of the glory that is being a First.” She stroke Cao’s hair. “You’re meant to be an Eagle Queen, my dear. That is my promise.”

That’s when Brynhild approached.

Brynhild again gave a smug smile, this time looking to Sadeh and Night. Her face and mannerisms stated she would not apologize for her remark. Her eye caught Sadeh.

So, my weak and pathetic excuse for a goddess, do you still wish to talk about me as something beneath you? I have a special pain reserved for you, and I do hope you push your luck with me. Please by all means be offended, you will not only not receive an apology, but I will show you why I am my father's favorite Valkryie.

Sadeh smiled pleased at Brynhild’s transformation.

“If my words hurt you, that’s because there’s still weakness within you, Brynhild. That same weakness you’re meant to destroy, so I applaud your willingness to eliminate it. And don’t worry, I don’t take offense in what you just said, ‘au contraire’, my dear, I couldn’t be prouder of who you’ve just become.”

“As for the pain you’ve deserved for me… well, we’re all meant to die at one time or another. As long as the First survive at its stronger, I’d be pleased.”

03-24-2005, 11:56 AM
"You didn't really hurt her? She's okay?!"

::Night smiled happily as he sensed the change in Cao, she was beginning to understand.::

Yes, little one. Do you see? She wasn't hurt by what I did and doesn't she seem alot happier and more confident now? We have done her a favour... and got what we wanted at the same time.

::He ignored Brynhild's cutting comment about the First and turned his head and smiled as she verbally cut Sadeh. Another interesting turn of events. He kept his head turned as she then spoke to him.::

Bryhild's colorless eyes bore straight into Sadeh's soul. Brynhild griped the hilt of her sword as she moved away from her brother and slowly and purposely strode toward Sadeh. She stood before the goddess and crossed her arms across her chest and smiled a malevolent smile. Without breaking her gaze, she spoke to Night.

It takes a lot to impress me, but I am intrigued by your gift with the mind. We shall have to compare secrets and tactics of such a delicate talent. I have a feeling that you are on of the few, present company included, that could possibly keep my interest. Perhaps after this short interlude with Meteoro we can have such a conversation.

Oh... I look forward to it Brynhild. Nothing pleases me more than to peak the interest of a beautiful woman...


03-24-2005, 01:15 PM
::Cao listened to Sadeh... and she understood why things were being done the way they were now! Cao nodded to Sadeh, letting her know that she understood.::

"I don't want Brynhild to be a rabbit... cause I like her."

::Cao said that last part a bit sheepishly and then looked down as she felt someone tug on her white nightgown. Her Rabbit, made of shadows and darkness looked up at her ruefully. Cao hugged it and held it close.::

"Don't worry, Bunny. I like you a lot. Sadeh says I'm an Eagle too, a Queen Eagle! I won't eat you though. I promise."

03-24-2005, 03:31 PM
At the sound of Loki's voice Brynhild turned and gave him an amused look.

If nothing else, you are amusing Loki.

Brynhild listened to his words and pondered their history. As she spoke, her eyes returned to their vibrant deep blue hue.

Yes, I agree bringing back the stories of glory past will appeal to father and I know just how to do it. However, Loki my brother, you do recall that Ragnarok not only brought about father's fate, but yours as well. I would hope that you have worked out a different strategy this time.

When Loki mentioned the killing of the First, she turned back to Sadeh, a look of satisfaction on her face. When Sadeh answered Brynhild, she looked at Sadeh like she was a mere misquito waiting to be squashed.

I know the thoughts that run through your mind witch, you think me beneath you because you are of First! There is a difference between being a created or made race, and one that exists or is. If anyone is below the other, it would be you beneath me.
Everyone has weakness Sadeh, it is only a matter of plucking it out and getting rid of it. Do not judge me. It is time for you to realize who the master is and who the student.

Brynhild turned her attention to Night and nodded, her focus however settled on young Cao.

No child, I am not hurt. I was merely sleeping and your nephew simply woke me up. I had been a sleep too long. It was very kind and thoughtful of Night to wake me from my slumber.

Turning back toward Loki, Brynhild focused on planning. There was much to be done if they were going to carry out such a task.

Meteoro will no doubt be looking for me, and though he is First he is not entirely stupid. If he has not gained his powers back then he surely will try before attempting to find me. He will no doubt wish to make a grand entrance knowing him, and I don't think we should disappoint him. Besides, he will be expecting his bride to be incapacitated and needing rescue. If he finds me like this, he will be suspicious, and where is the fun in letting him know he is about to die immediately. I wish relish this moment, by looking into his face as I drive my sword through his worthless husk.

Brynhild once again looked at Sadeh with a smug grin.

Then we will need to tend to father, and I know just where to find him. In the meantime, there are a few First, that I find more than worthy to be inducted into the status of Valkryie. We shall gather them here and allow Night to work his magic. Those that do not conform or resist, I will simply destroy with a touch of the gift.

03-24-2005, 03:42 PM
Then we will need to tend to father, and I know just where to find him. In the meantime, there are a few First, that I find more than worthy to be inducted into the status of Valkryie. We shall gather them here and allow Night to work his magic. Those that do not conform or resist, I will simply destroy with a touch of the gift.

::The Dark God grinned.::

Millenia of sleep and shes still on the top of her game... and not a hair out of place to boot.

::He bounced Cao up and down and mussed her hair.::

Now doesn't that sound like fun, Cao?

Random Character
03-24-2005, 04:22 PM
"Thats the difference between us, babe. I'm already setting gears in motion for true imortality."

03-24-2005, 05:39 PM
Cao opened her mouth, about to protest... after all, how could the Goddess have been asleep if she was talking to Cao mere moments ago? She didn't quite understand that bit, but the thought was soon distracted when Night tussled her delicate ebony curls. Cao gave him a rueful look, similar to what her Rabbit had given her.

"He-ey!! Niiight!"

... but it did sound like fun... and the youngling smiled the mischievous smile her father was famous for... the very one that had long ago wooed her mother's heart.

03-25-2005, 04:45 PM
Brynhild laughed at her brother and gave a sly smile to Night.

And you do not already believe yourself to be immortal?! How many times must you die to prove to yourself that you are?! We are survivors my brother. We are the elite among gods or else we would not have survived.

03-25-2005, 06:36 PM
At Brynhild’s menacing words, Sadeh gazed at her with an intelligent look. *Brynhild was growing out of the small part that had been granted to her. *She was becoming a true warrior and would play a role in the purification of the First race. *Yes, Brynhild was right, she no longer was beneath any of those around her.

“I like your renewed strength, Brynhild. *Your father would be proud.”

With the corner of her eye, Sadeh looked at Cao, she was coming to terms with was going on in that room. *That was good.

Random Character
03-26-2005, 05:20 AM
"Different levels of immortality, babe. Aesir can die just like the First can. Nope. I want something beyond the levels of death. But I need dear old dad to tend to the World Tree again."

Loki claps his hands.

"So who do we go after first? Someone fun. Maybe Mil would like us to reign in his wife. Or do you have someone else in mind?"

03-28-2005, 05:44 AM
Ignoring Sadeh's insistance to continue speaking as if she were above Brynhild, she turned her focus to her brother. Smiling a malevolent smile she replied.

Yes my brother, we can perish as well. But do not forget, that we have survived much more than any First could ever dream. Have we not been present for their first real threat, the Negation? Mere childs play. They have not presented any challenges that we have not faced before. The cream rises to the top my brother, and we have long been residing there.

Contemplating Loki's question, Brynhild answered.

I wish to make my comeback complete, so I must attend to Meteoro first. Once I have dealt with him, we shall make our moves to begin recruiting our new army of Valkyrie and wooing father's heart back to the days of old.

Brynhild gave another wicked smile as she pondered her evil scheme, as she spoke she turned to Night.

There are four whom I believe will make good leaders for our Valkyrie, but they will be the hardest to turn. Night, do you wish your planet to be the final scene in the life of Meteoro? I have no doubt he will find me soon, and there is an air of deception I wish to present before I bury the hilt of my blade through his heart.

03-28-2005, 08:46 AM
There are four whom I believe will make good leaders for our Valkyrie, but they will be the hardest to turn. Night, do you wish your planet to be the final scene in the life of Meteoro? I have no doubt he will find me soon, and there is an air of deception I wish to present before I bury the hilt of my blade through his heart.

::The Shadow God nodded thoughtfully.::

The demise of one of the golden children in my realm? How could i possibly say no to that.

Bring me the ones you have chosen Brynhild... they shall be a welcome challenge...

03-28-2005, 08:34 PM
I have in mind four generals to lead an army of Valkryie. My choices as you will notice, are the reasons that I mention that bringing them to our side my prove challenging. They will be well worth it if we succeed, and their names alone, speak for themselves. We must bring together, Alexis, Quaxo, Minity, and ...

Brynhild's eye goes to Night, and then to Cao, and back to Night, as if to indicate Night would know where she was going with her next name.

... SilntAngl5. As I said, their names speak for themselves. I have seen Alexis and Quaxo in battle, both worthy and cunning. They have heart and strength and most importantly the love of battle. Minity brings an element of surprise, she is a seductress and she carries an air of authority and demand for respect. SilntAngl5, she has a motherly way about her, but beneath, there is a steel edge. She could be deadliest of all giving the perception of a wolf in sheep's clothing. All four bring attributes that will aid our cause and bring sure victory. Question is, are you up for the challenge to break such strong willed goddesses? They will not go down without a fight.

03-28-2005, 09:01 PM
Cao's emerald eyes went WIDE.

"Mama... leading an army!?"

Cao's face erupted in a grin. She hugged Night's neck tighter in her excitement.

"NEAT! Did you hear that, Sadeh? Brynhild wants Mama to lead an army of Goddesses!"

Cao looked up at Brynhild with a curious, quizzical look.

"What's the army for?"

03-29-2005, 05:14 AM
... SilntAngl5. As I said, their names speak for themselves. I have seen Alexis and Quaxo in battle, both worthy and cunning. They have heart and strength and most importantly the love of battle. Minity brings an element of surprise, she is a seductress and she carries an air of authority and demand for respect. SilntAngl5, she has a motherly way about her, but beneath, there is a steel edge. She could be deadliest of all giving the perception of a wolf in sheep's clothing. All four bring attributes that will aid our cause and bring sure victory. Question is, are you up for the challenge to break such strong willed goddesses? They will not go down without a fight.

::At the mention of the last name, Night's finger drifted up to the bandage around his eyes.::

Bring them to me... I'll break them all.

"What's the army for?"

::The skin around Night's eyeless sockets tighted and his lips twitch up into a slightly manic grin..::

What every army is for, Little one. War...

03-29-2005, 06:27 AM
Cao looked at Night with a *tilt of her head- in the way that expressed both curiosity and confusion.


Her nose wrinkled, as if such a thought was yucky. Unwrinkling her nose, Cao looked up at Brynhild, then Sadeh.

"But... Mama won't lead an army or go to war... She's the Angel of Life! Mama doesn't-"

Cao stopped and watched Night finger the cloth that wrapped his sightless sockets. The color in Cao's face suddenly dropped and her little arms slacked about his neck, rather than keep their fond grip. Cao swallowed and the excitement in her eyes once again burned low. She looked at the ground and said no more, playing with the hem of Night's dark cloak upon his shoulders. In her arms, Cao's Rabbit showed gleaming white teeth, needle-like and deadly. It let out a long, threatening hiss. All was silent soon after.[/i]

03-29-2005, 07:41 AM
"But... Mama won't lead an army or go to war... She's the Angel of Life! Mama doesn't-"

::Night turned to his Aunt, his sense washed over her.::

Listen Cao. You saw what I did for Brynhild, minimum of fuss and she came around to our way of thinking... I'm sure i could do the same for your Mother. Wouldn't that be better? If she understood and accepted the way we see the world then we would all be a family again. She won't lie to you anymore, she wouldn't hurt her grandchildren the way she did me...

::Again the Shadow God subconsciously touched the blue bandage around his eyes.::

If someone does something nasty or mean to you... like burns your eyes out for arguements sake... then they should do something nice to make up for it. This can be what Silent Angel can do to make up for destroying my sight... she can lead our army to war.

Don't you think that would be fun Cao? Your brave mother in shining armor... leading a host of First to battle, just like a fairy tale. We can let you watch if you like...

03-29-2005, 06:46 PM
Brynhild held herself in check, while Night swayed young Cao to his point of view. Brynhild could see the tug of war within the young childs mind and smiled a motherly smile. She gently lifted Cao's chin, looked directly into Cao's emerald eyes, and spoke.

War is a noble thing young Cao. Do you not want your mother to fight for what is right?! We are only trying to help her as Night helped me, by reminding me who I am. She would be fighting for what is right, what is good, noble and honorable. Can you see it Cao? Wouldn't that make you proud of your mom?

Brynhild's eyes glanced slightly above Cao's to where Night's eyes would have been. What he didn't see, he could feel in Brynhild's mind as she gave him a malevolent smile.

03-29-2005, 07:40 PM
The youngling shifted uncomfortably, not enjoying the growing pressure she felt under the presence of the Gods here. Cao looked up at Night with her large, attentive emerald eyes. They watered. Her mother wouldn't hurt her children and her children's children, would she? She was a young child, and never had thought of what future lay in store for her... but... if what Night said was true... well... if someone does something that's not nice, they should say they're sorry and make up for it. Was her mother sorry for hurting Night? Cao's lower lip quivered when Brynhild put a fingertip under her chin. As her head was lifted, the glossy shine in the whites of her eyes became ever more apparent. Cao did not look away. Instead, she looked directly into Brynhild's gaze, trying to look brave in front of the mighty Valkyrie... trying...

"M-mama's always supposed to d-do what's r-right."

Cao saw the Valkyrie's eyes shift and it was then that her demeanor shrank a little. She was young, but she was not stupid. Still... she didn't see the malevolent smile the Valkyrie's mind displayed. She squeezed her stuffed Rabbit, who nuzzled her cheek softly as she turned away and buried her head in Night's shoulder. Her little black curls fell down and tickled her Nephew's cheek.

Random Character
03-29-2005, 10:44 PM
"Now this sounds like good old fun."

Loki sat back and applauded.

"I can see the fireworks now and they are beautiful. Hey, Night, does it rain here?"

03-30-2005, 09:07 AM
::Night turned and walked to his black marble throne in the center of the grand hall. He gave Cao a quick squeeze of comfort. She was all alone cut off from her Mother, in the midst of dark Gods plotting to rip her mind to shreds for their own gain. She would begin to understand but maybe bringing her mother into this was alittle too soon... but Cao would adapt he was sure, she was strong.::

Hey, Night, does it rain here?"

::The Shadow God didn't even glance over his shoulder at Loki's question. He muttered just loud enough to hear. The prescence of so many people in his realm was irritating him and if Brynhild plans went ahead it was only going to get worse...

Only if I want it to, Loki....

03-30-2005, 11:36 AM
Cao was struggling with the new set of realities offered to her by her teachers. *Sadeh knew some information would be somewhat upsetting for the child, but the young Secundae was taking hold of it nonetheless.

Your mom was a true warrior before you were even born. *That wouldnt be something foreign to her. *She gave up on her strength when your dad disappeared, but she was a fighter before that. *She smiled at the child. *Youd be proud if youd seen how brave she was when she fought.

Random Character
03-30-2005, 03:35 PM
Loki smiles wickedly.

"For when we pummel someone next. I can be singing in the rain? You know Clockwork Orange? *tisk* Missing out of good stuff here kiddies."

03-30-2005, 04:19 PM
The dark throne was cold and the young Godling shivered. She curled her knees to her chest and hugged them, letting go of Night. Her Rabbit poked its head out of the tiny crevasse between her chest and knees, twitching its nose curiously.

"Why can't I see my Mama, Sadeh? I want Mama. Why doesn't she come get me?"

Cao's eyes teared in the way that suggested a major tantrum was coming. She sniffled and wiped her eyes with her fist. She didn't sleep much before Night called her. Her large eyes looked cloudy and glossy. A tinge of cranky attitude touched her voice. The Princess in her was showing.

"I don't care about before. Mama's not brave now cause she's not here. Doesn't she miss me?"

Cao's tiny temper flared when Loki spoke about "pummeling someone". She stood up on Night's throne and put her little hands on her hips. Her Rabbit dangled from one of them, swinging merrily as Cao yelled at Loki.

"You're not going to pummel my Mama! She's going to pummel YOU! She's really strong and smart and powerful!"

03-30-2005, 04:46 PM
Bryhild let out a burst of laughter from Cao's tantrum.

It appears that we need to look no further for our general, she has been right before us the whole time. Be careful brother, or you may wind up on the wrong side of her wrath.

Brynhild turned to Cao and with a motherly smile she bowed before the young goddess.

No one will pummel your mother young one, and if it will make you feel better I'll hold Loki so you can paddle him for being so naughty. It will be no bother at all.

Bryhild laughed as she winked at Cao.

I believe the best course of action is to give myself a little time to gather our generals. I'll send lover boy on a goose chase to lend me the time to gather my students. I plan to savor my meeting with Meteoro and I do not want to rush through his surprise. I think a good mental picture of "Bryn's" torture at the hands of MC will distract him enough to bide the time I need. After all, MC does need to be punished for hurting those children.

Brynhild spoke the last part more for Cao than anyone else. There was a foundation being layed in the childs teaching that she did not want to break. She gave the others a moment to speak and then she would intitiate the wheels of progress.

03-30-2005, 04:48 PM
::Night stood beside his throne listening to Loki's rambling when Cao started shouting. He reached out and put a firm hand on her little shoulder.::

Calm down, Little One.

I'm sure Loki didn't mean Silent Angel... she will be treated with all the respect she diserves when shes under my roof...

::His lip twitched upward in a slight sneer.::

Yes... all the respect she diserves.

Anyway... I really don't know why she hasn't come for you yet Cao. On the Asteroids she would have been unable to get to you... but we have been here awhile now and i was expecting her.

Maybe she doesn't want you ba...

::He cut the sentence off in a fake show of embarassment.::

Sorry, Little One... that wasn't a nice thing to say. I'm sure she will come for you soon... yes, I'm sure... although i can't imagine whats keeping her.

Aren't you enjoying your time with us...?

03-30-2005, 09:00 PM
Cao's body went stiff under Night's shoulder. There was a tense silence, even among his shadows. The air around Cao seemed to grow dark, amplifying the brightness of her creamy-freckled cheeks and emerald eyes. Her dark ebony curls melted into the darkness. Her little hands were bound into tight fists, connected to her contracted muscles and ligaments. Bunny stopped swinging and looked up at her. Its ears flopped sideways over the top of its head.

She turned and looked up at her Nephew then, when the world around her had gone silent. In her youthful, large eyes was indescribable hurt. her lower lip trembled and pouted. She knew he could not see her. She looked like she wanted to throw a fit, to scream and cry until she couldn't. Instead she said the most adult-like thing she'd ever spoken.

"That's not nice, Night."

She sniffles, just once and there's a soft noise as Cao starts to cry. Without thinking, she sinks into the throne she was standing on, melting like a dark waterfall into a puddle of shadows. She disappeared, but Night would still feel her within his realm. She wrapped herself in darkness, hid herself from all those except the one God who would be able to feel her, wrapped within the beings he thrived upon. Only he would feel her, but even he wouldn't be able to find her. She hid herself so well that she was almost an indiscernible blip on the senses of those around her. She hid among them, in their shadows, in the darkness that danced across their bodies with their every movement. She hid, holding her Rabbit close with her knees to her chest- a tiny white speck among a mirage of darkness. She hid herself and she cried.

Random Character
04-01-2005, 04:33 PM
"oooh. SOnds fun."

04-05-2005, 07:59 AM
((Missed my last opening, hope this one suffices...))

The voice transcends from the shadows and sounds markedly different...

~Well. *What a crowded room we have here.~

The astral image of Mil appears with his hands outstretched like a savior. *Other than the difference in the timber of his voice, he now wears a dark scarf around his mouth and speak telepathically to them all...

~Busy bees one and all, forgive my tardiness. *New matters have arisen which needed attention. *Am I too late to rejoin the tale?~

04-05-2005, 11:14 AM
As Cao vanished within the shadows, Brynhild turned to greet the returning leader of Elysia.

Welcome back leader of Elysia.

Brynhild said this in an almost mocking tone.

And I suppose you too join the down fall of your own kind to strengthen them? And here I thought you were more the trickster to use smoke and mirrors to accomplish your means. I must say, this is quite the surprise. Are you prepared to allow the slaughter of your people, so that the strongest may survive? Even if that means your own kin?

Brynhild moved toward Millennium, studying the leader of Elysia. Her blue eyes changing to the colorless white orbs as she studied him.

Feel free to join in. I was merely making note of the generals I wish to recruit for my army of Valkryie.

04-05-2005, 11:30 AM
He skeptically notes the change in Brynhild and sees that Loki's work is nearly complete. Nearly, he thinks.

~Strength is ever forged through adversity. Smoke and mirrors work only for a few while others need more "prodding" to say the least. And if slaughter should be the way my people learn then so be it, kin and all. The strong will undoubtedly rise from the ashes and lay waste to all of you here for your transgressions.

Ultimately it is a win-win situation for me, wouldn't you agree?.~

He flashes a coy smile.

~So what generals do you call for? *I'm curious.~

04-05-2005, 01:08 PM
Brynhild gave Millennium a wicked smile.

One I am sure would be obvious to you, considering our history together. But if you must know, there are four I have in mind. Alexis, Quaxo, Minity and SilntAngl5. Let's just say that they are unique in their own ways, yet are strong, powerful and cunning enough to be elite among the elite.

04-06-2005, 09:39 AM
His mind marinates on the choice of generals Brynhild lays before him. *Intriguing even moreso that while his astral projection is here, his real body is in the presence of SilntAngl5 back on Elysia...

~Your prospects are of no surprise. *They are all mighty goddesses in their own right.~

His eyes smiles greedily as he leans in and eagerly asks...

~When do we begin?~

04-06-2005, 02:14 PM

Cao's voice yelled from the shadows, echoing off of each corner of the room. There was loud sniffling and some child-like sobs that trailed faintly after her yell. She had screamed that at Millenium, but hiding among the shadows made her voice echo for all to hear. Invisible to everyone, cloaked in darkness, the little girl curled her knees to her chin and held her hands tightly over her ears. She looked highly annoyed with little rosey cheeks and gloosy emerald eyes. She sat there, hiding, and pouted.

04-06-2005, 04:33 PM
His attention is immediately captured by the shout of a child that wasn't there. *Looking around slowly, even his vampyric eyes could not detect from where the yell originated. *This perplexed him for he knew what he heard plain as day yet he could not find her. *Or could he? *Closing his eyes and focusing inward, he let his cosmic awareness seep through him in order to discern the hidden truth. *His face grows dark and sparkly like a starscape as all the forms within the room laid transfigured and bare to him much like vibrating shards of energy. *There was a difference this time as there was one small extra body in the room curled up and alone. *With his eyes remaining closed, he took a deliberate step in the child's direction and spoke softly only in her head...

~Dear child, why are you hiding?~

04-06-2005, 07:16 PM
Cao sniffled and felt the intrusion on her hiding space. She scooted back, like there was some hidden wall to curl up against and hide herself further. Among the darkness, the darkness which her eyes had grown hauntingly used to, stars appeared. The child tilted her head curious, sniffling and wiping her nose. When it spoke, she jumped. it sounded like a God. It felt somewhat like a God... but she'd never seen a God made of stars. The child sniffled and looked up at Millennium.

"Cause N-night was mean. He said my Mama doesn't want me back and that's why she hasn't come for me yet."

Cao stretched out her mind and nearly gawked at what she felt... it was so vast and yet... familiar. Cautiously, yet with that intense child-like curiosity that could not be ignored, Cao stood and stepped forward. She lifted her hand, as if she meant to poke or touch him and see if he were real. In her hand she held tightly to a stuffed rabbit that was black as the darkness around them.

"You're... you're like Lestat!"

She still seemed hesitant about something. Large emerald eyes, identical to that of her father, Neo Avatar, looked up at the starry Millennium. She was charming, and horribly cute.

"What's your name? My name's Cao. You don't bite, do you?"

04-06-2005, 07:54 PM
Brynhild could see that Millennium was occupied by the missing Cao. She gave a sinister smile as the child had disappeared to the darkness to brew about her missing mother. Night was planting seeds, the seed of doubt was always a strong one to play, because the individual's imagination usually did the rest. Brynhild spoke to the others, knowing that Millennium would hear her.

First I will send Meteoro a false message and send him after MC. Once that is done, I will begin gathering the generals here to Night's planet. By the time that Meteoro has dealt with MC, he will make his way here and then I will send him to the Beyond permanately. That should allow us enough time to complete my generals training and then I will go after dear father. We will have either recruited a rather large army by then or exterminated a large portion of First. Either way, the First will be beginning a new chapter in their lives. Now, if you'll excuse me, I must prepare myself for the first part of my grand deception.

Brynhild smiled and with a deep breath closed her eyes and meditated on the image of Meteoro. Once her mind had picked up his presence, Brynhild sent her message to Meteoro.

04-07-2005, 11:48 AM
::Night threw his hands up and collasped onto his black mable throne. He threw a leg over one of its arms and sneered.::

My world is turning into a zoo!

Bring the generals so I may begin working on them as soon as possible...

::His head turned towards Millennium.::

Leave my Aunt alone you parasite, your becoming as abnoxious as the animal that sired you... you could at least knock before coming into my realm... or did you leave your manners with that corpse you call a body?

::His shadows whispered to him and he smiled. They had found Cao hiding in the darkness well before Millennium has arrived. However he had wished to allow her to be alone... her own doubt and pain nawing away at her faith in the Silent Angel. She would succum to that dispair and the walls would be thrown up around her... she would be harder she would not bend or break. She would be a Queen and he would be at her side.

Sadeh and he. The Goddess of Secrets as her advisor... and he would be... would be the darkness of her rule. Hidden and always watching she would never be brought down while his "eyes" were forever on the First. His family would be the ones to rule... like it was ment to be and he would benefit.::

Little one, why don't you come out? I have already apologised for my badly worded comment... I am simply concerned for you, as I said your Mother should be here soon.

::His gauntleted finger clicked softly on the mable arm::

It would be a shame to stay hidden... don't you want to play this game with us?

04-07-2005, 02:19 PM
Captivated with this child before him, he allowed the image of his face to emerge through the starscape effect his body still held in order for her to see who she was talking to. *To look into her emerald eyes would cause one to be completely mesmerized by the rich potential and hidden mysteries laden in this one child. *Her innocence strongly reminded him of his own daughters which gave rise to the father in him and made him want to protect her from harm. *Before he answered her, he caught the wind of the god of shadows which made him sigh and shake his head. *He winks at Cao like he's letting her in on a secret joke and telepathically tells Night playfully...

~Your world already was a zoo Night, with you as it's chief donkey. *And if I am as obnoxious as the one who sired me then I thank you, for you truly flatter me with such high praise.~

Returning his attention back to Cao, he answers her....

~Hello Cao. *My name's Millennium, but my friends call me Mil. *And now that we have introduced ourselves to each other you are free to call me that as well.~

He hears Night's call to Cao and begins to wonder at what game he was playing at. *Taking notice of the stuffed rabbit in her arms, he looks at her with eyes that smiled and says solely to her...

~You are very perceptive for one so small. *Yes, I am like Lestat. *He's a... father of sorts to me. *And please forgive me for speaking in your head. *It is the way I choose to speak, for I am saving my real voice for saying a huge "sorry" to someone I care for deeply. *That's why I wear this scarf around my mouth.~

Sensing the events with his true self back at Pyramidas, a connection was made which allowed him to speak openly to her alone yet again...

~Give no attention to Night, little one. *He is a meanie who only looks out for himself. *But I think I can tell you something if you promise to keep it a secret.~

He says that with a twinkle in his eyes.

04-07-2005, 02:59 PM
::Night vanished in a burst of black mist and appeared behind the ethreal form of Millennium and snarled.::

Abnoxious and arrogant, just like that infection you call a Sire.

I told you to leave Cao alone!

::His hand moved into the form of Millennium and dark energies licked along his arm. The magic began to corrupt the transluscent image and Night whispered a Shadow Word.::


::The darkness rushed along the bond between body and mind.::

All the traits of that beast but you still have yet to transcend above us... lucky me.

04-07-2005, 05:02 PM
Cao say the darkness shift, the shadows move She peeks around Millenium and gives them an annoyed look.

"HEY! You TATTLE TALES!! That's not nice!"

[font=Comic Sans MS, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Little one, why don't you come out? I have already apologised for my badly worded comment... I am simply concerned for you, as I said your Mother should be here soon.

"I won't come out! You didn't mean it when you said you were sorry! I could tell! You had a tone!!!"

Cao huffed, quite upset. She looked fit to cry all over again. Her chin was ducked almost to her chest and her lower lip stuck out in that pouting, pre-tears way. Little black curls fell down her shoulders and bounced unhappily. She sniffled and looked up at Millennium all the while he spoke to her, as was proper and polite. At the mention of a secret he would tell her, Cao's eyes shot open and the corner of her lips curled in that manner that meant irresistible curiosity was tugging at her innards. Then her Nephew appeared. Pain.

"NIGHT!!!! STOOOP! You're hurting him!!!"

Cao ran forward and grabbed Night's arm and her arms were colored in darkness. Pain immediately swelled into her body. Cao's eyes went wide and she howled, prying her little fingers off. She stuck one in her mouth like she'd burned herself. She gave Night a venomous look. She tugged on his other arm and whined.

"NIGHT! You're such a meanie! Stop hurting him!!! STOOOOP!!!"

Cao pulled her fist back and threw all her weight into it. Her little fist landed in Night's gut. Hard. Her Rabbit swung widly, danging between the little Goddess and her Nephew, looking content as stuffed animals could be.

04-07-2005, 05:14 PM
((see below *:oops: ))

04-07-2005, 05:14 PM
::Night felt the pain of darkness lash into a new subject, and he looked down at Cao in surprise. The his tiny fist punched him in the stomach. The God grunted and darkness rose up around him as his mood altered significantly. Shadows babbled in annoyance around him and the crowded around Cao.::

You... you little brat!

::His other hand lashed out and grabbed a handful of the cotton shirt his Aunt was wearing and hoisted her upwards. He brought her face close to his and roared in her face. Her little legs dangled as she was held by him.::

NOT ACCEPTABLE! You are my ward and you shall show me the proper respect! I bring you here to teach you and this is how you repay me!? I take you away from the deciet and the LIES! Show you the truth and you act like a spoiled little CHILD!

You dont have your mother's skirt to hide behind little girl! NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL!

::His cheek twitched as this anger raged through him. He stared into the green eyes of his aunt and slowly his rage deminished.::

Cao... I...

::He let go of her shirt and she fell into the waiting hands of the shadows, who set her gently on the floor.::

Don't startle me again... I can't stop myself sometimes... just... don't do that again...

04-07-2005, 05:21 PM
Brynhild opened her eyes once she had completed her task, the fact had not escaped her that Millennium was toying with Night. The games that gods played, even with each other. It was hard to know who to was geniunely on your side and who was playing an angle for their benefit. Seizing the moment, Brynhild moved closer to Night. She leaned in and whispered into his ear while he played with Millennium.

Don't let him goad you. Save your strength for your young charge and the others that I will bring to you. His kind enjoy finding ways to make others let their anger get the best of them. You are stronger than he, do not let anger be your weakness.

Brynhild's breath was warm and inviting on Night's ear and neck. She was not a temptress like other goddesses, but she was still a beautiful woman. Beautiful enough to warm the blood in most gods, and stir flames of desire in the coldest of hearts. Brynhild's passion was strength, and battle, but she was also an intelligent goddess and she saw the capabilities within Night. Though he may not yield a sword, his mind was sharp enough to cut. After all, what good was a god who could weild a sword but lacked the intelligence to survive in battle.

Let him go. She breathed again.

It was the sudden out burst of Cao that made the timber in Brynhild's voice become a little more stern.
Show Cao her nephew is the better and benefit by cementing the foundation you are building.

Brynhild's hand lightly touched Night's shoulder. He would know where she was directing him with her comments.

04-07-2005, 05:45 PM
She felt the change before it happened. She did not scream. She did not yell. She did not squeak. Her precious emerald eyes, so innocent with youth and beautifully happy were lost behind the wide whites of terror. Her pupils were so small they nearly disappeared in the green sea about them. She stared, too frightened to tear her eyes away from the covered empty sockets of her Nephew's eyes. Lies. Deceit. Screaming. Pain. Something inside the little girl broke. The mention of her mother... his words cut her spirit, shattering the breaking pieces as he jarred her.

[font=Comic Sans MS, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]NOT ACCEPTABLE! You are my ward and you shall show me the proper respect! I bring you here to teach you and this is how you repay me!? I take you away from the deceit and the LIES! Show you the truth and you act like a spoiled little CHILD!

You dont have your mother's skirt to hide behind little girl! NOT ACCEPTABLE AT ALL!

Stunning silence hung in the air. Astonishment. Damage. Cao dropped her Rabbit to the ground. it lay there in a heap and did not move. Not even the shadows chattered in their usual irritating way. Heavy silence... it hung on the air, crushing her, crushing them. The pain was evident, the damage done. She hung there, staring at him. Her jaw did not fall ajar. She did not whimper. She did not cry. Her eyes held only the faintest hints of glossy shine to them. All otherwise, they were dim as the jabbering darkness about them. Her mouth was firm, almost frowning, but too tight with horror to be truly that. His words of apology meant nothing to her. She said nothing to him. Slowly, as she was lowered into the loveless arms of the shadows, Cao's eyes fell to the ground. She did not look directly down in defeat or guilt or sadness, but several feet in front of her, like she were staring through Night to something so inexplicably horrible it left her mute and dumb.

She said nothing. There was nothing to say. She stood there like a doll, a mannequin, a puppet waiting to be moved. She did not pick up her Rabbit, the toy she held most dear. She did not move. Oppressing silence. The sound of eyelashes as Cao blinked at the emptiness where tears should be.

04-07-2005, 06:07 PM
::Night mouth opened to afirm his apology to the girl. However, he couldn't bring the words looking at her. The terror in her eyes, the silence. He had seen that look before... hundreds of times. The faces of his victims flickered in his head. The horror painted on their faces after he had finished his games. He relished that look. The pleasure he derived from the damage made his existance full of meaning and enjoyment... but not this time. His stomach went cold with guilt, and he was filled with nothing but disgust for himself and what he had done. His mind thought of ever deceitful thing to say to do... something to change what he had just done.

It was then Brynhild touched his arm and spoke.

Her breath washed over his neck and he shivered slightly, he turned to her and listened intently. The warmth of her fingers seeped through the black material of his sleeve and onto his skin. Like eletricity it rushed over him and subconciously his shadows moved.

Their fingers moved across Brynhild. Down her cheek, travelling cross her neck and to the curve of her full breast. Others delicatly stoked the outside of her thigh and slithered upwards. Their sensations became his, as if his fingers were hungrily moving over the pale soft skin of the woman before him. His mind's eye shimmered with the image of a beautiful blonde woman with cold blue eyes, and became a brunette with eyes of piercing green. A goddess...

His lips parted and his eyes would have fallen on Bryhild full pink lips, he leaned forward and... jerked his head to the side. The memories and thoughts vanished like smoke.::

Yes.. yes of course. Thank you, Brynhild.

::His fingers left the image of Millennium with a trail of dark energies, he turned away from the blonde asgardian and his fingers reach out to Cao. She didn't blink or acknowledge him. His fingers curled into a fist and he frowned. He returned to his throne leaving Cao standing silently and he whispered.::

Bring me those who you want altered... we need to move quickly.

04-07-2005, 06:55 PM
Brynhild did not move when Night's shadow's explored her features, acting as their master's eyes and sense of touch. A small smile curled the corners of her mouth as her deep blue eyes faded to an icy pale blue. Never had a goddess been able to pull off a look so beautiful and yet so deadly.
She immediately noticed the change in Night's demeanor and if she were like the other goddesses she could have him eating out of the palm of her hand. So many used their feminine attributes to crumble away at a gods strength and make him weak, but Brynhild did not find her desires in such acts. Brynhild was drawn to strength, cunning and intelligence, these were the things that stirred her souls passions.
When Night's lips parted and moved in to meet hers, the smile on her lips curled a bit more. After all, hadn't she prided herself in the fact that she was the prize that so many desired to win. Men and gods rushing to meet her expectations, to please her and prove themselves to her. As Night managed to pull himself away, the smile remained. After all, she did not wish Night to lose his position by sinking to the lowly level of crawling after a woman, even if the woman was her. Her passions would stir for him the more she saw him work his talents on her chosen generals and proved to her that he was more cunning and intelligent in his strategies than any of them. Perhaps then, Brynhild would show Night what it was to love a Valkryie.
Brynhild's eyes followed Night to his thrown and her delight was evident on her face as Night signaled to her that he was ready to begin. Now, the universe would know the old ways of the Asgardians.

I couldn't agree with you more. I will make quick my travels and return with the spoils.

04-07-2005, 09:57 PM
At first when the dark energies licked around his arm, he smirked and took Night for a fool since he was there in astral form. *Little did he know how much he underestimated Night's abilities and resourcefulness, as the immediate shock of pain coursed amazingly through his astral form all the way back to his body back on Elysia. *Although the sensations overtook him, it was a delightful concoction of pleasure and pain to him as he studied how the varying degrees of sensation fluctuated wildly. *And then he saw it. *A moment much like almost catching the tail of a tiger, he felt like he could grasp a weakness inherit in the assault. *But before he could properly exploit the dark energies, they left him as Night was obviously persuaded to end the challenge early by Brynhild no less. *After gathering himself together and dusting himself off like nothing serious ever happened he flashes Brynhild the slightest of playful winks to let her know his thanks while he turned his attention back to Cao. *He felt sad for her. *Mumbling telepathically to himself...

~Yeah Night. *Picking on children. *You're my freaking hero.~

He picks up the stuffed animal and holds it in his hands to study it's soft exterior while he says to her...

~Don't you listen to him for one minute, Cao. *He is a bad man who had no one to play with as a child. *But nevermind him. *I need you to look at me and listen to what I'm going to tell you. *Are you ready for that secret?~

04-07-2005, 10:03 PM
::Night fought the urge to command the stuffed rabbit to tear Millennium's face off. However with it being only an astral projection it would do nothing but show how irritated he was by this god's presence. He leaned back in his throne and waited for what Millenium was going to tell Cao... the shadows within her would tell him everything he wanted to know...::

04-07-2005, 10:17 PM
He picks up the stuffed animal and holds it in his hands to study it's soft exterior while he says to her...

~Don't you listen to him for one minute, Cao. *He is a bad man who had no one to play with as a child. *But nevermind him. *I need you to look at me and listen to what I'm going to tell you. *Are you ready for that secret?~

She said nothing to Millennium. For a long time after all had collected themselves and some gone on to other things, the little Goddess of an Angel and a Trickster remained as she was... inert, lifelessly still, sullen. retreating within herself, the child barely heard the words of the God who had recently befriended her. His actions were kind and yet she did not fully trust in fear of deeper ambitions, lies... deceit. Everyone was deceiving her, lying. Everyone knew it was wrong, but they did it anyway. WHY!? She was frustrated, and her brow knit, openly displaying this inward struggle. She would not think of her mother. A scorn was growing within the hear that once beat so fondly for everyone and everything. A level of innocence was gone. Shattered into pieces that were impossible to repair. Her mother had hoped to deliver the harshness of reality to her in gentler ways. But that was in the past. She wasn't here. She did not care... truly she must not. She would have found her. Taken her home to Ardea... to her new white stallion and to the theater for her next birth year...

Cao jumped almost wincing at the Rabbit that was picked up and held to her. She turned her head, eying it with one eye as if it would jump out and bite her. She didn't know really... for as much as it was her toy, she knew now that it was a manifest of her Nephew's power and controlled only by him. Unlike before, the coaxing of telling a secret did not excite her. She did not look at Millennium... not right away. Her eyes held the space a foot *or so away, as if she were looking at something distant and far from here and now. Finally, her eyes trailed up and looked at him. She did not take the Rabbit, but he had her Emerald eyes. He had them and she held his. There was no emotion there... no joy, no curiosity, no fear nor anger nor aggression. There was nothing, just a *simple stare of large child-like eyes to know that he had her attention... for now.

04-07-2005, 10:47 PM
Their eyes lock which opens up the windows of her soul to him. *She was troubled. *Lost. *Confused. *Mistrusting. *Night had done his deed well with his shadows and bullying. *Mil curses in his mind and calls Night out for the coward he believes he is. *However, that confrontation would have to wait for another time for what was more important to him now was this saddened girl in front of him. *In his travels he has seen and experienced many things, from the bleakest to the brightest. *And in all that he has discovers thousands of untold truths about the universe. *Once such truth was that anything that can be done, can be undone just as easily. *All one needs is to find how the knot was tied in order for them to know how to untie it. *And now that he has Cao's attention, he lowers the timber in his telepathic voice to convey the seriousness of his next words so she would know that which he speaks is truth...

~Keep this between you and I for now. *Your mother is on Elysia. *She is looking for you. *Loose not your faith in her, for she loves you and will soon find you.~

04-08-2005, 07:07 AM
~Keep this between you and I for now. Your mother is on Elysia. She is looking for you. Loose not your faith in her, for she loves you and will soon find you.~

::Night mind spun into action as the words were relayed to him. Damn Millennium. His mind sent out telepathic words to Sadeh explaining what the God had just told Cao. His mind lashed outward and swirled within Millennium's like a smoke, its tendirls infesting is thoughts.::

~What exactly do you think you are doing? Cao is mine. This is no passing game Millennium, she will be our Queen... strong and deadly. I will not have her weakening. She willl kill whoever leads the First when she is of age... and I can only hope that it is you.

::Shadows swam in a torrent in the room, blazing with Night's power. His mind latched onto the fractured soul of Cao and began to restore and mend. For the first time he did not lie to her, he only showed the truth... however it was the truth that Night always used... the darkness. The dark shdows babbled to the young goddess.::

Liesss.... he.... liesss to you...

More deceit... cannot... trussssssst....

Massssterr.... knowsss...

::Bunny's head rose up and stared at Cao. Then the images started. Every nasty and dirty little deed Millennium had done. Everything he had kept hidden and secret filled Cao's mind. The betrayal of Honor's Angel and his children, the affairs with Minity... with Bellona. The torture. Lawbring NYXZ being set by the Leader of the First to "test" Silent Angel. The secrets and darkness.

Night's lips twitched up into a smile.::

04-08-2005, 12:42 PM
((Mil- I tried waiting to see if you'd come on before I posted... let me know if this is okay and if not I'll fix it asap))

~Keep this between you and I for now. *Your mother is on Elysia. *She is looking for you. *Loose not your faith in her, for she loves you and will soon find you.~

Cao's large eyes looked up at Millennium, devoid of the tings that should be found when looking into the eyes of a child. But there was something when she blinked, a increase in the glossy shine that showed there was life there. Tears. The child was starting to produce tears... and they meant hope. The stars she had seen in the darkness were now a light so beautiful and bright that she almost saw the shadows leave.

Then she jolted, body in that shocked way that suggested an impact, like she were struck from behind. She almost looked like she was going to vomit, her eyes grew so wide and horror filled. Something was in her head. She could feel it pressing against her conscious thoughts, moving, swimming, as if searching for where she was hiding within. She had not said anything to anyone since Night's assault. Now her lips parted as if she were about to whimper. Her eyes looked distantly through Millennium again as if he were not present. She felt things knitting together. Her body shivered and her skin grew pale and cold. There were things inside her... talking to her, coaxing her... showing her.

The Rabbit looked at her, Cao's eyes shifted, unwanting. She stared. Stark horror. Truth. Dark horrible evil truth. Her aunt was filth... so much betrayal... there was families left in pieces, just like hers... like hers. Millennium was cruel. he brought on the Lawbringer. His fault.

Cao's eyes looked up at the God so quickly it would make one jump. His fault.


NO MORE! Cao made no outward sign of it, but she expelled Night and the shadows from her mind with a thought. The Rabbit in Millennium's hands melted into a piled of thick black shadow at his feet. Cao glared at Millennium. She did not speak. Her eyes relayed her thoughts, her accusations. One could almost hear her little voice shouting...

You LIED! You're a liar and a bad, bad man! You said you were my friend 'cause you let me call you Mil! but you're a liar too! A mean bad man and I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I HATE YOU! It's your fault Mama took me away! It's your fault that she lied! It's your fault she went away! it's your fault she never told me anything!!! It's your fault! It's ALL. YOUR. FAULT!

Cao put up her hand and an unseen force knocked Millennium backwards and upwards, pinning him against an invisible wall in the darkness. Wind rushed past him, ruffled Cao's hair as she walked toward him. Something gripped the very core of his essence and held him there. Lightning rumbled and shattered the darkness a great, innumerable distance behind the young Goddess. Her emerald eyes never left his. Slowly her dark hair began to trickle off her like sand being poured from a pale. A pile formed at her feet, and Cao's entire imaged changed as the sand-like colors accustomed to her face and body fell to the ground. Large eyes Mil would know as his daughter's looked up at him. The twins. Another identical being stepped out from behind the first and looked up at her father. He would see them as he knew them or how they should look being about seven... about Cao's age. They looked up at him... mortified. They knew. They knew what he'd done to their mother... to them, and their eyes said as much. Accusing... questioning...

"Daddy...?" One looked up at him, tears shining in her eyes. "Why? Why would you hurt Mommy?"

"Why did you hurt us, daddy? Don't you love us anymore?"

Their expression turned to stark sadness as they both began to cry, looking up to him like he could make it all better... like he could say he was sorry and it would all be alright. They cried and spoke between their sobs.

"Y-you're a b-bad man."

They looked up at him, something unforgivable growing within their eyes.

"G-go away! I h-hate you!"

"... I hate you... "

Cao's imagery, her illusions were compelling... powerful. They seemed so lifelike, from the way the twins' hair fell to the way they moved and talked. She took these facts all from what images Night had showed her and put on a marvelous display. She was the Goddess of Illusion and Deception. And now she tried to deceive the King of Gods. That force that held him up let him go. Cao pushed Millennium from the shadows where she hid... out into Night's kingdom and perhaps even out of his realm completely back to where his body was currently housed.

04-08-2005, 01:19 PM
::Night's head tilted to the side in shock as he was simply no longer in Cao's mind. There was no force to fight against, no barrier, he simply was removed. He frown and stared at the little girl.::

How did you...?

::He stopped in mid sentence as the girl began to shout at Millennium, as she threw all her will at his astral form. His mouth opened in surprise as she shifted, and became something new. Power flowed over him, an untainted magic. She was doing it. Illusions not born from him flitted seemlessly around his Aunt, changing the persceptions of all those around her.

White teeth flashed, spread wide in a grin of dark approval. He had sensed this in her when she was a baby, even in her mother's arms she had radiated a power he was sensitive to. The power to decieve. Her Illusions danced around her, utterly perfect. Not tainted with a darkness like his own, but luminscent.

As the charade played out, his amazement grew. She had gathered all the information that he had provided her with an produced something to cut the man before her to his core. Something he had thought he would have to teach her to do... the exploitation of hidden weakness. He marvelled at her subtle malice... her off hand venom... and he beamed.

A shiver run up his back as the imagery vanished, he relaxed back after he had subconsciously leaned forward in appriciation.::

Now that... was most impressive...

04-11-2005, 05:32 PM
(( :) No prob Sil, it's all good. *Plus it gave me some interesting plotting ideas.))

Instead of whispering lies to gods.... he offerd truth to a child. *In turn, emerald eyes glimmered radiant light once again.

Instead of sowing the seeds of deceit.... he sowed the seeds of hope. *In turn, the seeds began to sprout from fertile ground.

Woefully, it would not last. *

Instead of bringing this gentle child to a new illumination away from the shadows... Night's vicious counsel recanted many of Millennium's unsavory deeds of late to the child, invalidating the god's credibility through and through. *Reaching his hand out to help Cao to fight the shadows, a shadow latched onto him and showed him everything that Cao witnessed herself. *Mil was strong enough in his astral form to resist the shadow's lures.... but he wasn't quick enough to prevent them from soiling Cao's precious mind. *The vivid glare she gave him confirmed the switch from gentle to livid. *When the accusations vigorously flew from her lips, the sheer force behind the words gave even the King of Gods pause. *But only for a moment. *He's dealt with his inner demons, he tells himself. *He was away for a long time and had come to terms with all that he has done and was ever ready to set certain events right again. *Set them right with his family. *With his wife. *With his daughters.

Now that dream shatters rudely amidst the storm concocted by an unforgiving child. *A child who was to be a redeeming step has now slipped him further back than ever as the potent illusions studiously peel away his misconceptions of reconciliation and renders them inadequate. *He himself now deems himself inadequate as the force that shunts him out the shadows errantly withers his astral form away from Night's World and back to from whence it came on Elysia. *As his passing completes, the faint echo of a female child haunts the halls one last time with an almost vengeful meaning...

~...I hate you...~

~...I hate you...~

~...I hate you...~

04-11-2005, 06:27 PM
She returned to the plane of visible existence, leaving the uncalculating cold of the shadows.

Now that... was most impressive...

She did not quiver. She did not shake as she would have moments ago. She did not even speak to her Nephew, the God Night, born of Shadows and Malice. There was a pile of powdered shadows on the ground. As if compelled by some unheard whisper, the child's attention turned to that dark, dusty pile. Cao looked at it for a long moment and then, as simply as if she'd done it a thousand times, passed her palm over the pile. It shifted and like a statue being erected in double-time, formed her Rabbit. It blinked, dazed, and then looked up at Cao. She bent and retrieved it, returning it to its home within her embrace.

She should have guilt for her venomous actions. She should have tears and weeping and perhaps even punishment to atone for her wrongs. But this first among the many of unforgivable deeds to be done left no gaping holes in the child's conscience. There were no tears where tears should be. The little Goddess' face seemed pale compared to the creamy beauty it once was, radiating happiness. She stood strongly though, and showed no signs of fatigue from exerting that much power at once. Her dark black curls fell down her shoulders and for a moment she seemed much like a child again as she hugged her Rabbit and whispered something of forgiveness into its ear. She looked out at the open air again, as if seeing a distant memory or contemplating something deep within. That distant look, shimmering in her emerald eyes was not the look of a child.

Slowly the little Goddess walked over to Night's dark throne. She crawled up and into her elder Nephew's lap and leaned against his chest- the only thing belaying any sort of fatigue. Her little head rested not on his chest, as the need for comfort would suggest, but on his arm that was slung over the throne. Perhaps she only meant to use him as a luxurious pillow for her accomplishments. She let out a soft sigh and blinked softly, almost giving in to the temptation to let her eyes remain closed.

04-12-2005, 07:41 AM
::Night smiled, pleased at his Aunt's accomplishment. He reached out and smoothed back a stray curl from her forehead. Barely fatigued from the first exploration of her powers... she was going to be a strong First indeed. His dark and malicious mind saw only possibilities and oppertunities. His eye told him everything he needed to know, she understood completely. The universe was filled with lies and secrets. Those that could take advantage of this would gain only power. Cao would rule them all. Deep within her his shadows sensed the change, the child in her had died and she looked at the world in green eyes filled with crafted toxin. On another world shadows chattered to him, telling him of the Silent Angel, she had felt this change just as he had... she would soon be coming to kill him. His mind washed over his aunt and he knew she would be ready. He leaned forward and whispered in her ear.::

Beautifully handled, little one.

::Yes, they would be ready for the Angel.::

04-12-2005, 04:58 PM
Shadows sizzled and screeched like a sick animal thrown upon a blazing pit of fire. The darkness of their frigid hides drew back, peeling away to allow a heavenly glow of white light to fill the arena of Night's dark temple. The hissing, boiling pop of the shadows faded, melted by her Divine beauty. Shadows shrieked and moved away from the heavenly white light that radiated as if a star had landed before the Dark Throne.

From it emerged a winged Deity, a Goddess, an Angel of the very fabric that allowed them all life. She was born of the light. She was the light. Her beautifully sensuous form, with burning lethal eyes like hot cinders of volcanic ash, stared at those directly opposite her- Night and Cao. Her hips swayed and her wings spread, forming feathers from the white light. A long metallic staff touched the ground. A silver blade reflected the room around her. Smoke twisted from where the divine weapon touched the filth of this shadow-infested earth. White robes adorned her form. They bleached the room with purity. The light faded into her body, finally disappearing into her stern, commanding hazel eyes.

She came from the house of Millennium (http://www.cbreview.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=58590#58590) and at long last stood in front of her daughter... at long last.

"Cao..." She said with tears in her eyes.

04-13-2005, 11:12 AM
::Night eyebrow raised slightly as Silent Angel made her appearance, though the shadows no less. The heard them screaming in agony in his mind at this violation of their secret portals. His sense went out to Brynhild and Loki. Standing he placed Cao on his throne and walked towards the Angel.::

Ah... another guest to my humble residence. Brynhild... Loki... please excuse me for one moment.

::His hands clapped togother and Byrnhild and Loki vanished, reappearing in one of the many regal bedchambers dotted throughout the temple.::

Hello, Grandmother! Come to check up on how your dear grandson is coping without the use of his eyes?

::The God continued to walk casually towards Silent Angel.::

I can only assume you have come to beg forgiveness for your vile act against me. Well, I have to say there is no need, I mean, what kind of god would i be if i held a grudge?

::He vanished and appeared before her smiling. The shadows crept inwards in a circle, they began to giggle darkly.::

So as i was saying... there is no need to apologise, Grandmother. You have given me something worth my sight... young Cao here is more than enough payment.

::He rubbed his hands together in pleasure.::

Now, forgive me if i don't show you the way out... i think you are more than capable.

::His voice changed to a more threatening tone..::

Goodbye, Grandmother...

04-13-2005, 12:07 PM
Her tears were stifled, and they solidified in her eyes, making them shine like a deadly treasure of diamonds. The Angel's spine steeled. From her body an inner light of determination shone. Her wings opened slightly and her hand tightened on her guisarme as Night approached her. She has walked into the den of the lion to seek a fight. As dangerous as it was to submit to the passionate fire of war, she found herself unable to do anything but. She exhaled a deep breath and as she did a wind sighed through Night's keep, stirring the tiny leather chords with beads and feathers that hung from where hilt met blade on her finely crafted weapon of divine right.

Hello, Grandmother! Come to check up on how your dear grandson is coping without the use of his eyes?

"You know why I come." Her chin rose as he circled her. Her voice was venom. She did not move. "I come for my daughter."

The shadows encroached. Her light brightened, keeping them at bay. With the increased light her patience ebbed. She would not tolerate this insuboordinance.

"I did not give you my daughter, nor would I ever use a precious life as a payment. She was taken. You were given punishment for interfering in something that was not your business. Do not look into my fire, Night, lest you lose other things more precious than what you've already lost."

Tension made the air quiver like it were on fire. His tone could not be ignored, how it changed to the deep dark of threats and entrapment. She returned his volley, her voice hard as steel and regal and commanding as if she'd sentenced Night to death..

"I will not leave without my daughter."

Her hazel eyes gleamed. Her wings shifted. They made a sound. The Angel steeled herself. The fires of war lit her eyes.

"Stand aside."

04-13-2005, 12:34 PM
"Stand aside."

::Night nodded thoughtfully.::

Yes... but if i do that and you take Cao... then were is my payment for my sight? Hmmm... no this is not a fair Trade.

::His body shimmered and her dashed to the side a trail of mist in his wake. His gaunlet encased hand lashed out as he moved, taking the Angle across the jaw. Vanishing as he reached his destination he appeared behind her clutching a staff of onyx. The butt of the staff caught her behind her right kneee making her fall. He reached from behind her placing the length of the weapon under her chin, and pulled upwards. His knee slammed into her back and he snarled through gritted teeth.::

Definately not a fair exchange, Grandmother! You have treated me like a cur long enough, like the naughty child that needs to be punished. Well it is YOU that needs punished!

::He leaned down and whispered in her ear, resting his chin on her shoulder.::

All that talk of loving me like family... and this is what you do to me? Did you even think for a moment of another route? Did the idea of simply stopping me ever cross you mind? No... i can feel it all inside you...

::He breathed in deeply, drawing in her scent.::

As i thought... you enjoyed what you did to me didnt you? I look into your fire and see only weakness and conflict... it is not I that has lost something precious...

::His viciously pulled the staff upwards again, digging it into his Grandmother's delicate throat.::

... it is you!

04-13-2005, 01:41 PM
The world moved in slow motion as she closed her eyes. The blows came one after the other. Her face moved with his gauntlet, cushioning the force of the impact. She heard the noises of cut flesh as the raised metal left claw marks across her pure skin. She jolted forward as she was struck from behind, and fell to her knees. Her wings spread and her feathers trembled as her head snapped back under Night's movements and weaponry. he defiled her beauty, leaving scars that would heal once the ordeal was over. Her cheeks flushed and blood pulsed through her veins like liquid fire. Her eyes shifted back, attempting to look her assaulter in the eye like honorable warriors do.

"You forget one very delicate thing grandson..." Her wings shifted. " I do not need to breathe!"

Her wings flapped upward, lifting him off the ground. Dropping her guisarme her fingers held the onyx staff that pinned her and pulled hard. Night's body was propelled over her shoulders and onto the ground. She stepped back and reached out her hand. An unseen force called her weapon back to her palm. Thus far she has not yet struck him, the lesser God.

"And who shall punish me for my sins? YOU grandson? My punishment is eternal: no matter what I might do my family is ruined. Shattered and scattered across Creation like the stars are strew throughout space. I was mistaken in thinking I could rectify my losses and fix what has long been broken. Take your scars an accept that you have challenged and lost."

The Angel of Life, points her weapon down at Night's throat, butt first. Her eyes look as if she is damning him for an eternity. Light shines about her like a cosmic halo of beauty and authority and power. She is all the shadows could let Night see... her beautiful brightness, divine and dominant. She looked down at him, knowing the shadows would make him see, that he would know from the sound in her voice that she was sparing him.

"If you wish to justify your treachery through these vile acts, I cannot stop you..."

Divine wind brushed her golden hair. The feathers hanging from her guisarme fluttered.

"... but leave my daughter and I out of it."

04-13-2005, 02:14 PM
::Night white teeth flashed as he snarled at his Grandmother. The shadows watched him quietly, their eyes turned to the Silent Angel and saw her thoughts.::

What... what did you call me!? Lesser!?

::He rolls backwards bringing his knees to his chin, he braced his shoulders against the stone floor like a spring and released. He flipped upwards and vanished before his feet touched the ground. Standing a few feet in front of the Angel he whispered at the discarded staff. It melted into the ground and reformed in his hand.::


::Rage built up in his face and roared. The butt of the staff cracked down into the stone floor, sending up and spray of chips and purple energy. His senses weaved out towards the divine being and he calmed himself.::

All the power of creation and you still cannot heal your family... perhaps its through lack of trying rather than power...

::He tapped the length of the staff against the palm of his right hand. The tapping of gem on metal echoed through the vast hall. The dark thougths coating his mind began to chip away at his patience.::

Your daughter is already part of my plans, she is infact everything to them... and soon it shall become her games. You cannot stop her ascendence... she WILL surpass you... although that is no great feat considering your limitations...

Limitations that give you no right... NO RIGHT... you judge me! Leave my world Silent Angel or you will fall... or perhaps you will have my death on your hands. Either way, you leave here weakened and tainted. Let me give you some... incentive...

::The God of Shadows straighten and his black cloak whipped around him as if in a great gale. Shadows moved to him, their even shifting bodies merging in a cyclone around him. They sharpened and became evil edged things, alive but not quite they chittered darkly in their new form. The gods hand moved out slowly pointing at the Angel and he commanded them, the rushed towards his victim.::

Tear right through her...

04-13-2005, 03:06 PM
The Angel watched his little tantrum and actually smiled at him. She was so calm, serene, with a backdrop of inward burning passion ready to be released with a single thought. She was a complete clean slate to his senses. only the shadows could tell him that she was indeed smiling at him... perhaps even short of laughing.

"If you think so low of me, or my effort, then you are farther lost than I ever imagined..."

Darkness came at her. As if time held no meaning for her, the Angel slowly brought her arms to her chest like an Egyptian Pharaoh in death. Her eyes closed and this looked to be a defensive measure. Shadows came and passed through her, slicing cleanly through flesh, leaving shining criss crosses and intersecting dash marks in their wake. Light spilled from these cracks, illuminating the halls and walls of this mighty temple, built on death. When they were through with her assault, the Silent Angel opened her eyes and looked at Night. Her arms were still crossed and her cheek leaned against the cold metallic staff of her guisarme. White, sparkling Ochoa dripped down the cross-hairs on her cheek, sparkling and shining like entire galaxies were trapped in her blood. Slowly, the marks began to close. The beautiful bath of light the room had been shed in darkness back to the sombre mood of their dance. Her wings, pressed tightly to her back, opened, shaking loose the divine ichor that had been spilled. It fell to the floor with the sound of raining diamonds.

The shadows that dared slice her through sizzled with the touch of her ichor upon their dark hides. The screeching was endless. Soon they dissipated... their souls being lost from night's power and returned to the beauty of Creation beyond this imprisonment. The Angel's eyes shifted to Night. For a second she looked child-like, young and mischievous- perhaps where Cao had gotten that look from. Her eyes were that of steel, unbreakable and unbending. She looked at Night and did not move.

"Pity... I fear you actually adored them."

She shifted, her guisarme coming away from her cheek, blade pointing toward the ground in the salutations of a spar-match. Her voice could not grow more deadly.

"I ask you this once more, Night: Stand. Aside."

04-13-2005, 03:28 PM
::Night grunted in real pain as his shadows were lost to him. He felt them leave him, he was deminished and had no time to reform those that were lost to him. His mind cracked under the strain. They were his, they were part of him, his dark thoughts, dark memories, never to be reclaimed. He staggered backwards and leaned heavily on his staff.::

What... what did you do!? THEY WERE MINE! Have you any idea how long it took to shape them... to forge my memories and thoughts into them?!

You have no right to do that!

::He became shadow and he strode forward, his anger and hurt plain on his face. Mists of shdow trailed behind him as he moved forward and before Silent Angel could make a move his hand rushed out and passed into her stomach. Darkness spread across her robes. Night had done this to her before but this time he did nothing physical to her, instead he gripped her very being in his hand.::

You laugh and mock me... it is you that should be mocked! An Angel that has no mercy but for herself! An Angel that does not weep at the hurt she inflicts! You have no conscience, you are more like me than you could possibly see! You are a masquerading as a Divine being... you are a First to the core and for that lie alone you should see what you are truely like!

::His hand twisted inside her and he roared out a Shadow Word.::


::The being before him began to change. Her plumage became black as coal, her skin became pasty white almost translucent. Blue vains showed through her skin, and burning red eyes looked at horror at her grandson. The change was not external, she could feel the magics tearing at her soul.::

You feel that dont you!? That sickly feeling, that vile oil seeping into your very being...? That is what you really are like! That is all the hidden and subconscious evil that you hold in your being and it will consume you with my help...

::He viciously pulled her close to him, her face level with his.::

Feels good, huh?!

Random Character
04-13-2005, 04:54 PM
Appearing in one of the bedchambers next to Bryn, Loki smiled.

"So what to you say we give this some good use while we are here?"

04-13-2005, 06:16 PM
Her body jolted and she let out a cry that echoed across the heavens. Her wings pulled close to her body, trying to shield her from what darkness exploded within her. She threw her head back as she fell to her knees. Darkness bubbled up and covered the serene light of her eyes. It lodged in her throat and heart. Darkness cloaked her mind and everything she thought of, viewed, was through a muggy dark filter. With the darkness came despair, horrible overwhelming defeat. Night's voice echoed menacingly in her mind. She could not escape... she could not escape.

The world trembled. Reality quaked as the thread of her very core and existence was being undone. Life was ending... she was ending. Darkness was smothering her... her essence was being snuffed and she couldn't grab hold of anything... desperately she pushed against the assault, but he'd already woven so deep, torn so much... someone spoke to her, but it was not the grating voice of her deranged grandson... it was someone more... divine.

The angel of death's lifted his head.

"Sil. Remember you are the light. The dark can cover you but you cannot be extinguished. Show him your radiance."

With his words her light surged. Their bond connected them in so many ways. They shared love, duty, and strength. Light flared from within her, scorching the hand that gripped her essence with a white fire that was pure and unscathed. She expelled Night from her body, pushing him back with her powerful wings. She sent him flying into the far wall and pinned him there.

"People get hurt in war, Night. Is that what you want to wage?"

She stood, a bit awkwardly as if one leg just wouldn't stay up-right. "All... I want... is my daughter."

Her body shivered and her muscles twitched. Her wings opened slowly. "I'm taking her... and we're going..."

She trailed off. She'd reached for her daughter with her mind, to rouse her from whatever bewitched slumber Night held upon her. She would have ported her close and then the both of them take flight. Something blocked her. There was a steep wall in her daughter's mind, built with thick dark stone that had no end and no terrace on which the top was seen. She could not get through. Astonished, she looked at Night, pinned against the wall.


She had a deep bond with her children. She can feel all of them, their pain, their laughter. With Cao she felt nothing. There was a block that not even she could forge through.... Night couldn't possibly... she could always feel them when they wanted to be felt... Anger course up in her veins. Her wings shifted and she pressed Night further into the wall of his temple, crushing him there. She opened her mouth to speak, but another's voice echoed in the dark.

"Night isn't blocking you..."

04-13-2005, 06:32 PM
"... I am."

Cao stood on the seat of Night's dark throne. Her face lost it's child-like vigor and was paler, her eyes larger and more hawk-like than curious. She held her Rabbit in her arms and stared with deathly chilled eyes at her Mother. They matched her voice: icy, calm, dark. A wave of disbelief washed over her Mother. Though no one else could see it, for she hid it well, Cao knew. She felt it. She always felt her mother when she was sad, even on Ardea. Now it was no different except that it was stronger. She was powerful. Her Mother would know that now. Her mother's lips, the soft beautiful rosebuds that often kissed her goodnight moved, but they went without words. There was a long moment of silence. And then a motherly voice shattered it.[/i]

"But... Cao... wh-"

"I don't want to go."

She never would have done such a thing on Ardea. But she didn't know then that people lied and were mean and cruel. She didn't know her Mother would kill... would lie to her own child even though she'd always taught her over and over again how bad such things were... what kind of bad people those actions bred. HYPOCRITE! Cao's mind lashed out at her Mother, showing her in picture and memories her anger.

"You lied to me. You said I should never lie and be mean and hurt people, but that's all you did, Mama. You hurt Night when all he was doing was trying to tell me the truth. You said that makes for bad people."

Silence. Her mother's eyes swelled with tears. But Cao didn't care. She felt nothing. There was no guilt behind her words or the way she acted. None. Her mother trembled as if everything she lived for was about to collapse in upon her heart and crush it.

"I want to stay with Night."

And then it did.

04-13-2005, 07:16 PM
As it was with her daughter, something within the Angel died. Tears began- NO!!! There must be hope! There is always hope! She could not stop herself from shaking, but the Angel looked at her daughter. She had to be strong. She would not show her daughter that she would give up on her so easily. Her white wings opened, as if to show her innocence to her child.

"Cao... darling, listen to me. *We are going home. We are leaving this place-"

"I'm not going!"

"What Night told you is wrong, Cao. He only showed you half of what the truth really-"


Sil's head flew to one side with a loud crack.


The back of her trembling hand touched her cheek. Her rosebud lips wilted so that her jaw hung open. Slowly she turned to face her daughter.

"All you ever do is lie! You never told me the truth about Papa. You never told me I wasn't just a Princess. You took my memories away from me so you could lie to me and I would believe you! You lie, Mama... you even lied to Malak about how you feel."

Each wound to her conscience stung like a thousand deaths, but none hurt more than what Cao had done. She hit her. Her own daughter hit her. Her trembling didn't stop. There was a horrid mark upon her cheek, red and swollen. Cao had never hit anyone before. She hit her mother very hard.

"I only wanted what was best for you. I didn't want all this for you. I've seen what it does, how it destroys. You couldn't possibly see, Cao, you're still so young. Please... let me take you home."

Cao looked around her, at Night. Still looking at him, how he was pinned, Cao spoke.

"This is my home now. Let him go, Mama."

Sil looked at her daughter and found her emerald eyes as she turned to face her. Seriousness marred the beautiful laughter that once dominated her daughter. Her blond hair spilled over this way and that, disheveled from her daughter's blow. She didn't respond. her eyes looked ready to flood at any moment. The will to do anything, the strength to fight to take her daughter and flee was dying. There was a rushing sound through the air. The air shifted, ready to strike at her again. The Angel winced, putting her palm up to shield the blow to come. None came. Cao looked down upon her mother coldly as she huddled there. The lack of love in her child's eyes killed her... slowly Night dropped to the ground.

Then Cao smiled, but it was a smile filled only with malice.

"It will be alright, Mama..."

With Night's release, the Shadows welled behind Cao, jittering with excitement at what their Little Mistress had done to the Angel. They slowly spread and swelled along the walls toward Sil. She looked up at her daughter in horror, clutching her guisarme as she rose from the defensive crouch her overreaction had put her in. Her wings pulled closer to her body as she stood in the shadow of her child.

"Night will teach you what he taught me and then everything will be all better."

04-13-2005, 08:00 PM
::Night head twitched to the side as his mind struggled to stay in reality. He began to chuckle as his listened to Cao, forgetting his bones cracking uder the stress of the Angel's will. His rasping laughter caused blood to spill down his chin. He licked the dark flusid from his lips and the force ceased. He slipped to the ground softy, vanishing instantly and appearing behind Cao. He placed a hand on her shoulder and smiled venomously at Silent Angel.::

See, Grandmother, you should be proud. Cao is such an eager student, I barely had to teach her anything... this revelation is all hers. None of my magic taints her mind... arent you pleased?

::His white teeth flashed.::

Silent Angel... you will submit to the darkness. Become one with it.. and you will be able to be with your daughter...

Cao, why don't you teach your mother all you have learnt? You might not have the shadows but you have the illusions... show her what it means to understand...

::His mind linked with Cao's and gently explained the spell to her, the darkest, and most malevolent sorcery. Cao's eyes glazed slightly as her mind absorbed the information.::

04-13-2005, 08:42 PM
Sitting in a dark corner of the room, Sadeh smiled silently, deeply pleased by the unfolding events between mother and daughter.

She stood up and walked closer to Night, just as her eyes studied Cao and the Silent Angel.

The strength of a Queen is growing within you, Cao. *Said the Goddess of Secrets as she bowed in front of the girl. *You couldnt make me prouder.

04-14-2005, 02:56 PM
See, Grandmother, you should be proud. Cao is such an eager student, I barely had to teach her anything... this revelation is all hers. None of my magic taints her mind... aren't you pleased?

"... NO..."

Her hazel eyes flashed from Night to Cao in horror. Her mind reached out and she expanded her conscious thought beyond Night's realm. It slammed against an impenetrable barrier, much like the wall she encountered in Cao's mind. There was no way around it.

"You can't leave, Mama. I learned to do that all by myself, aren't you proud?"

The Angel looked at her daughter, hazel eyes watering softly. She gave her daughter as much of a smile as she could muster and whispered hoarsely as if she were readying herself for death.

"Yes, Little One.... so very proud."

Silent Angel... you will submit to the darkness. Become one with it.. and you will be able to be with your daughter...

The Angel of Life looked over at Night sharply. She had the uncanny ability to give him an entirely stern, regal look while voicing herself with complete calm. She did stand a bit prouder.

"If you condemn me to darkness then you condemn me to death!"

"We don't want to kill you, Mama... we only wish to teach you th-"


She rounds and faces her daughter, pointing the shaft of her guisarme at her child with foreboding and foresight.

"Please Cao... you're too young to understand, but you MUST walk your own path, not the ones trekked into the road before your time."

Cao, why don't you teach your mother all you have learned? You might not have the shadows but you have the illusions... show her what it means to understand...

She saw the glazed look that came into Cao's eyes and she felt the transfer of essence and knowledge. The Angel's eyes went wide. Slowly she brandished her guisarme as the shadows encircled her, hissing with a hunger for her blood. Sadeh bowed to her daughter. She looked frantically and then lashed out with her mind. She pointed her palm out at Night and an unseen force hit him hard and carried him back into the far wall, away from Cao, in order to break the mental concentration and transferal of whatever spell he'd planned for her. And then to Sadeh, she took that same outwardly stretched hand and swept it aside. The same force hit Sadeh and threw her against another wall. The Shadows rushed at her and covered her in darkness. Her wings sliced them in half as she spun and turned, cleaving with her guisarme in the skillful art of a warrior. Her golden hair billowed about her like a cape. and she screamed as the passion of war ignited within her.

"I... will... not... be... your... SLAVE!"

04-14-2005, 03:31 PM
When Night got hit, it was evident that Sadeh would be next.

Right before blue skinned First received the impact of Silent Angel's invisible energy, the Goddess of Secrets shadowported away. The darkness that was surrounding her received the impact and, in some way, it seemed as if she got the brunt of the impact.

Timidly, shadows regrouped at the other side of the room just as Sadeh shadowported back.

I wont fight you, Silent Angel, but this doesnt mean that I stand still while you attack. You should know better than wasting your time with me, with us, you can join your child in her destiny of greatness, or you can waste your time fighting us. Your call.

04-16-2005, 04:04 PM
::Night grunted as his bones cracked under the new assault from Silent Angel. His muscles cramped up and pain blazed through him like fire. This was pointless, Silent Angel would never submit to the darkness, she would fight to the end. He couldn't let her take Cao, all his work would be undone in moments. He was so proud how far she had come but she had no doubt that being emersed in the love and compassion and lies again would break down her walls. His body twisted beneath the invisable force pinning him to the wall. With a snap, crushed and displaced bones clicked back together. Night let out a groan of relief. He would finish this. His body became shadow and he merged with the wall and dissolved.::

If you wont allow yourself to be converted.. then you chose death.

::The God appeared beside his grandmother and backhanded her with his gaunleted hand. He looked at Cao and frowned.::

Forgive me Cao, she will not willingly join us so there is only one way to prevent her taking you away...

::He turned back to Silent Angel and whispered darkly. Power blossomed deep within him his body became an avatar for the dark magic of the universe. He raised his hands slowly and purple lightning flicked around his forearms. He sealed the spell and the dark energies struck the Angel, roaring he poured all his will into the sorcery, the lightnings lifted the divine being from the ground and held her aloft.::

This time you will stay dead!

04-16-2005, 06:44 PM
White light crackled from the corners of the Angel's eyes.

"I will not have my daughter succumb to greatness through darkness! If you do not return my daughter to me- MY daughter!- then I will have no choice but to fight you. All of you."

Before she could brace herself, she was backhanded. She showed her grandson her cheek, touching the focus point of the blow that cracked the joints of her neck. Delicate fingertips touched the matching bruise to the one Cao had given her earlier. She turned back to face Night and opened her eyes. they shone like a waterfall of diamonds. She spoke in a low voice, full of slow-tempered defiance.

"By denying you my service I choose life."

She lifted her chin to him in another form of haughty defiance. She felt the shift of universal energies and turned sharply. Her wings flashed out to shield her body, slicing through the dark matter and deflecting it easily. her divine guisarme flashed, cutting at the magic, but it was too much, too quick. The shadows surrounded her, minimizing her ability to move. She was struck and her cries of agony caused worlds beyond this to tremor and shake. The lightning licked at her skin, leaving dark burns that crystallized and fell off repeatedly where they marred her creamy flesh. After a while, the marks began to stay, showing up as red streaks across her skin. Slowly, she raised her guisarme, helplessly suspended in the air, with much effort as Night put a vast amount of power into this attack. The blade shone, reflecting the purple energy's malicious intent. Then she brought it down and severed the attack from her body, much as her wings had prior. She landed and limped back a step or tow to give distance between she and her attacker. Her hazel eyes flashed with the passions of war and the inward fire that burned became a massive inferno. In this moment she was not a Divine being fighting for a just cause, for life, for the sake of Creation. She was the hand that stroked the ego of war in one of the most powerful, determined ways: She was a mother fighting for her child.

"Don't... Breathes do this..."

Sil pointed at Night. Light like a star flared on the tip of her nail and hung there, suspended, as her eyes flared with white light. Light in similar fashion burst from Night's fingertips. It coiled up his gauntlets and arms, unweaving like stitched fabric. He would feel excruciating pain as his body unraveled seam by carefully woven seam of essence. As before, her attack was not to kill, but it was not without anger and purpose. She meant to dismember him so long enough to grab her daughter and go. He unraveled from the boots now, and the corners of his mouth sparked with that rotting, beautiful white light. If he screamed... when he screamed, white light would shoot from his mouth to show this was an internal process as well. She did not blink. Her gaze held firm to her target as unseen forces, much like what Cao used upon her, battered and slammed Night's body.

Light flared behind her, causing the shadows to hiss and cower, shriek and shy away. She pointed the blade of her guisarme at Sadeh. The blade, not the butt, to show she was no longer in the mood for idle chat, insults, or bargaining. She was taking her daughter home.

"Witch of Secrets, I give you the same option that I gave Night. Stand aside. if you do not yield my daughter then you shall yield to my wrath!"

04-16-2005, 07:07 PM
::Night screamed. White light... hideous light blossomed from his mouth and burnt through the bandage covering his eyes. He felt his body disintegrating, but this was not fatal and that was Silent Angel's mistake. He focus himself through the pain and fire and forced his body to shimmer into shadows. Half in the darkness and half in the light is soul began to tear. He staggered towards the Angel, his decaying limbs reached out and he fell forward in a spasm.::

Should... have killed... me... I wont... be so... ugh... generous....

::His hand reached out and grasped Silent Angel's forearm, his fingers gripped tight as he poured his remaining physical strength into holding on for this his last attack. His body cried out as the light blossomed throughout, and above his screams one word cut above the din. A shadow word.::


::His fingers merged with the Angel's skin and darkness spread. Shadows detached themselves from the walls and rushed to their victim and into her. Hundred of them, all the darkness made by Night's sorceries poured into her. They set about their master's final command to them and they killed her. As like an infection, as like an army, they set about this task with terrifying speed and malicious intent. The torn apart her organs, then her cells that formed her physical being and other merged with her soul and drained it dry of the universal energies that fueled it.

Night's crumpled to his knees and looked up at his grandmother with eyeless sockets and even as his body was eaten away he managed a dark smile. Hie voice echoed through the halls of his temple and he finally sucummbed to his Grandmothers magics and his own completely spent powers. His senses dulled and the world slipped away.::

May demons feast upon your blacked soul... you false angel...

04-16-2005, 07:30 PM
Night screamed. Sil screamed. She turned her head as he clasped her arm and barely had to to shift her wings. What fueled him? What power surpassed her own here in this world of shadows.


The Angel opened her mouth and her eyes bulged, falling from light to bubbling with black. Shadows frothed from her nose and mouth, running like inky blood down to coat her body in the dark opiate of death. her wings began to deteriorate. Feathers turned ashen and then black as they crumpled and fell one-by-one. The intent for death was there, but the hopelessness within her was not. There was still hope for her daughter. It was cold. She never felt the changes in temperature. She was immune to such things. Funny how she felt it now. She had a vague recollection of it once, from long ago, before she died. It was the cold embrace of weightless death and eternal purgatory about to sweep her away. But she couldn't give in yet. She was not ready for such an end... not one so unfulfilled.

She said nothing to Night. She merely looked at him as her eyes were covered in blinding films of darkness. The Angel, the dying Angel, closed her eyes and looked perfectly calm, peaceful, even beautiful as she fell to her knees in her moment of weakness. Around Night things screeched and wailed. Shadows lamented and moaned as the same burning light that melted and destroyed them upon the breech of Sil's body now ate away at them in the multitudes. Every creature he created, every damnation, every trapped soul, every spawn that he put some effort into lamented as a darkness so dark it was light took them and released them to the cosmos. The shadows that ate her within screeched and eroded. White feathers, untainted with the darkness of Night's world, fell and new ones grew... very, very slowly.

The Angel, weakened, battered, used her strength of will to push against Cao's barrier about this world until she could feel the presence of another watching from beyond. She reached to the voice, that spark of beauty in her life, and called (http://www.cbreview.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=58777#58777), hoping to Creation that he would hear her. To her daughter, the Angel's eyes opened and she whispered with a loving smile as memories replayed through her head.

"Fly away, Cao... Fly away..."

04-16-2005, 09:06 PM
Things went wrong. Terribly wrong. Tonight the little Goddess got her first lesson in strategic planning and having a succession of back-up events in case the first should fail. Things could not have gone more wrong. Her mother was dying. Night was dying. The chaos of what Death could do lay all about her. Her screaming protests went unacknowledged. She stood atop Night's dark throne like a spoiled Princess and to a certain point that is what she had become. But that was soon to be over. As the shadows lamented the snuffing of their existence, Cao's emerald eyes looked to Sadeh, then to Night, then to her Mother. A dark veil seemed to shadow those beautiful orbs. The shadow's hissing became a distant thing in her young ears. The freckles on her cheeks seemed to be all the more prominent against her pale cheeks. She'd done much this day. She would only do more before its end.


Cao stomped her foot upon Night's dark throne, looking very angry. Some pebbles fell from the ceiling and clattered on the floor. She blinked once and looked at her Mother and Night. they lifted into the air and hung limply with their chests arched toward the ceiling. She kept them apart, an invisible barrier holding them suspended. Night was dying, succumbing to a darkness deeper and more inescapable than any that had haunted him throughout his immortal life. She could not have that.

Her mother on the other hand... for a brief second the child toyed with the thought of killing her. She didn't want to learn what she had learned and would only hinder everything in the future, possibly killing Night or Sadeh then. Cao's mind wove through her Mother's, seeing the memories running through her dimming conscious, the memories she was long denied in her earlier youth. Why should she be denied such things of her past? Her mother had no right! Anger swelled within Cao, anger so potent, that she felt the thread to severe to end her Mother's immortality and ran her mind over them, like running her hands through a field of flowers.

Another idea crossed her mind. Cao looked to Night, suspended in animation, slipping into darkness with every second. Cao's brow frowned with serious effort. She searched his mind, twisting down long alleyways of dark terraces, ending cliffs where things, ties had been severed and never repaired, and long winding paths with endless supplies of knowledge. She looked for one as one would look for a book in a massive study wing. She searched, and Night would feel something plucked from him base of knowledge and spells. He would shiver at the sickeningly sweet feel of there name of the spell. He would not slip into eternal damnation, oh no, not yet! Cao linked to him and with a touch of her mind and a conscious stave of her mother's power from his body, Cao subdued the erosion. She did not heal the majority it, because she had no knowledge of such things. She did give him some strength to keep him from falling further. Then she looked to her mother.

Cao stepped off Night's throne, hovering down to the ground. She held her Rabbit close, it's nose twitching and shivering with the excitement of battle. As she walked, both Night and her mother lowered to the ground. She felt the prod against her barrier. After the feeble attempt, Cao let the barrier fall, but the field around her mother prevented her from making any further attempts. Had she been at full power, Cao might not have done this, for her mother was a powerful being. She knew when to stave her curiosity... most of the time. She waited a moment, and watched the memories with her mother, but she felt nothing. There was no remorse in her emerald eyes, no guilt, and neither was there pleasure. She was completely neutral. She could have killed her, but a part of her still loved her for being her mother.

She waited, watching, and then spoke in an almost soothingly sweet manner.

"Look at me, Mama."

By her own power or by her daughter's was unknown. The Angel's clouded hazel eyes opened and looked up at her daughter. She was held kneeling as if praying at Cao's level. Her emerald eyes held those fierce, still strong looking hazel windows open. They cleared by Cao's command and she forced her mind within her mother's like a wedge holding a heavy door wide open. She looked at her mother as if looking at her for the last time.

"Now you'll never have to lie again."

Her mother's eyes went wide in helpless terror. Her lips parted to draw in the fragile air she did not need. Cao's neutral eyes looked on as her mother silently pleaded. She could hear her in her mind. The door was wide open. Cao touched her mother's forehead.


04-18-2005, 12:24 PM
*Have mercy... daughter have mercy...*

Her mind was a door wide open, vulnerable, tired. She was about to receive mercy in the cruelest fashion. Her mind screamed.

*OH CAO NO!!!"

Then, like the steel blow from a freight train, her mind was struck. Every wretched, horrible thing to be thought of entered her mind. She saw deaths, tortures, mutilations, every possible end and woe of her and hers. She felt their pain. Their moans washed into her mind like a tsunami of guilt. It was all her fault, all her doing. NO! Was it? She was drowning in these thoughts. They overwhelmed her like waves of a ferocious storm, dragging her down like a sinking ship forever lost into the dark, cold, depressing deep. She struggled to shield, to block, but that open door let the flood in. She could not stop it unless she fought. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her body twitched and spasmed with the struggle. She was alone in her mind with the raging nightmares around her. They picked at her, clawed at her, pricked her delicate being until her skin was raw and bleeding. But she was not alone in her mind. There was another here. Cao.

She looked up at her daughter, from her knees where she'd fallen.


Her voice was a struggling whisper. Even here she trembled with tears running free as rivers down the landscape of her cheeks. She met beautiful eyes without compassion.

~You can still join us, Mama. I can stop this if you will... Her daughter looked into her eyes, much in the same way she did when analyzing a foe, *calculating her next move, their next move. *~... but you won't.~

*You know I won't attack you, Cao. I will not fight. I will die and you will have my blood on your hands. The blood of your mother! You would do such a thing?*

~You would do it to Night.~

The Angel's eyes widened in disbelief, that her daughter would take an eye-for-an-eye. She opened her mouth, but all that came out was a moan as she fell to her hands. Every muscles rippled with agony as the stampede of nightmares and tortures descended upon her. Cao began to walk away. She turned her back to her mother and spoke, not turning back as she was wrenched from the light.

~Don't worry. I won't kill you.~


The Angel stretched out her hand and cried.


Darkness descended upon her body and mind. She was lost... she was lost.

04-18-2005, 04:50 PM
::Night awakened from one world of darkness into another. His senses dulled, and his mind struggled to become aware once more. Someone had walked is memories and taken... utilised his magics. HIs senses rushed out and they found Silent Angel. She lay on the floor, her mind sealed beneath torments and tortures to horrible to imagine. He struggled to his knees and his senses poked and prodded the falled angel. Nothing. They had won. THEY HAD WON! A smirk crossed his lips still coated with his own blood. Finally, after all these years he had won. A dark chuckle bubbled up in his throat and he could contain it no longer. His malevolent laughs rushed down the halls.::

The Silent Angel lies defeated! Flawless, Cao! Simply Flawless!


::His fingers went to his temple at this odd sensation filling his mind. Like a unchecked thought. This didn't contain his joy for long however, and he struggled to his feet and stood over his grandmother's limp form.::

And so she ends... not without cost. She took all my pretty shadows from me. Still i shall let that pass to keep the general good humou-


::Another flash. He reeled back under this one. Stinging and gnawing the stray thought rushed through his head and then was gone. His senses rushed out and found nothing. This was no attack, no magic was evident in hi- Murder.::

Something is very wron- Disease. Something isn't right! I have t- Violence.

::Night fell to his knees under the assault of thoughts and emotions. The crashed through his mind like a rhino, they torn at him like a wolf. Through the torture he realised what was wrong. His shadows. His precious shadows ripped from his world. She had inflicted this upon him! Every little dark thought, every little deceit, all his pain and wounds! The shadows, the bearers of these dark and sickly emotions were no longer with him. Rupture. They were all flooding. Hate.back to him. Nght could do nothing. Agony. under the assaults. His mind bgan to splinter and his blocks shattered. It all came crashing....::

Blood. Kill. Wound. Slaughter. Darkness. Pain. Death. Plague. Sickness. Hunger. Horror. Silent. Thief. Dismissed. Alone. Isolation. Cao. Wicked. Burning. Sadness. Dismembered. Torn. Mattson. Garrote. Slice. Steal. Agony. Rape. Claw. Tear. Blackness. Terror. Panic. Lost. Hurt. Mutilation. Angel. Disgust. Shadows. Betrayal. Unfaithful. Weak. Craven. Vain. Useless. Dislocated. Split. Misery. Secrets. Nausea. Unloved. Blind. Idiot. Anger. Torture. Rake. Eviseration. Foolish. Assassin. Pointless. Pestilance. Battle. Beheading. Violence. Torment. Disregarded. Scars. Malice. Deformed. Lies. Creatures. Souless. Damned.


::There was no other way. His body and mind rejected the blackness and it was shredding him. He had never accepted the darkness as he should have, he contained it and dispelled it from him in the form of his shadows. He was going to die... unless... Night scrabbled on all fours, almost animal like, towards the pool in the center of the room. His breathing was ragged and he was unable to even hold this pathetic way of moving. His body seemed to be unable to control itself as he twitched and spasmed. He plunged his fist into the black liquid of the pool and screamed.::


::Purple energy lashed up his arm and over his body. This was not the slow natural taking of power that he had often used when wounded or fatigued. He torn at the energies like a beast. He stood before a tidal wave of power and attempted to aborb is all. The uncontrolled emotions settled in this siege of power and vanished in it. He ripped his hand from the pool and turned panting to Cao and Sadeh. He walked towards them slowly. His back straightened and his breathing became relaxed. He blazed with dark sorcery and another change occurred. The regal black clothes that he had always worn melted into black leather. Metal armour sprouted from his shoulders and chest. His cloak shifted and spun into two empty scabards on his back. The leather grew and shifted over his entire body, ending at his jaw line. The soft scuffle of leather boots became the harsh echo of metal as his boots altered. His hands snapped out and he spoke two words... one he had not said in a long time.::


::Two long bladed katana's shimmered into existance. His father's swords. He dragged them along the ground, the metal scrapped on black stone. Purple sparks were born and died in that friction. He halted over the body of the Silent Angel. A metal oozed from his eyes and formed a helm. There was no visor, only metal and leather. He sheathed the twin blades slowly as the last of the transformation settled. The warrior Night, stood tall. His mind and body accepting of his darkness for the first time. There was no need for shadows. They would come back of course... but they would no longer hold his emotions and memories for him. They would simply be what they were ultimately suppose to be... his servants... and he did not need servant for his next action...

He looked down at his fallen grandmother and entered her mind. The nightmares and torments did not touch him as he swam to that tiny light that was all that was left of this great Divine being. Holding that sparkle in his hand he brought it close to his mask and whispered.::

~You know who is next...~

::With that finally venom he let the spark dift back into the eternal shadows and he returned to his temple and new form. His senses fell on the little Cao and behind the helm he smiled.::

Time to pay a visit to my father...

04-19-2005, 04:37 AM
Cao blocked her mother's screams out of her mind. She watched her though, lying battered, bruised, beaten in every fashion of the word, at her feet. Her large emerald eyes watched her, shivering, twitching, and whimpering. She neither smiled nor frowned. She did turn her head and watch Night as if concerned, but he was a powerful God and could handle things should he so choose.

"Don't kill her, Night."

It was a simple statement, a command almost, said with a lack of caring. One final burst from her Mother's mind when Night entered, which lead to Cao's full exit. She looked up at him.

"What will we do with her? She can come after us. My Mama was strong."

04-19-2005, 05:17 PM
"What will we do with her? She can come after us. My Mama was strong."

::Night nodded in agreement. Silent Angel was defeated but there was no promise that they had accomplished anything with this victory. Too many of the First and other powerful being held her in high regard, they would come looking for her. Not only would this cause difficulties for Night and his charge... but they also might be able to break her from Cao's spell. Malak... he would be the first.::

Yes, you are correct. Killing her would not help us either... another Angel would take her place and that leads to varibles that I have no time to consider. I cannot have those that sympathise with her coming to my world either...

There is... another way.

::The God of Shadows chuckled darkly and held out his hand towards the sticken Angel. His shadow lengthened and enlarged, it crept across the blackened stone. Slowly Night's finger curled up into a fist, and his shadow encased her. The shadow flattened to the ground again and returned to its rightful place... his Grandmother was no where to be seen. The God looked at his hand curiously, a simple twist of reality and she was gone... his spell had worked. It seemed the bond he had made with the void, the eternal darkness, had had more of an effect that he originally thought, the change wasn't only physical. White teeth flashed behind the helm and Night turned back to Cao.::

An easy solution to a difficult problem. A small portal to a pocket universe. There in the unending void she will stay forever... with a amusing little spell that Malak should enjoy if he tries to reach her.

Now... I think I owe my father enough to tell him about the tragic demise of his Mother...

::He reached out and took Cao's hand in his and the shadows melted around him, the darkness deepened around them both and he turned to Sadeh before the spell was complete and sneered.::

I would appriciate it if you would say here... this is a "family" matter and none of your concern.

::The God and his little aunt vanished into the shadows, bound for another place and his finally words hung in the temple, etched with anger.::

If you will not fight for our ward Sadeh, then you will have no say in her future...

04-19-2005, 05:41 PM
At the edges of life and death something pounded at the walls. The large sythe in the reapers hands cut between life and death. Then it paused. Sil was not on the other side any more. The swirling energies that made up his eyes spun and searched. She hadn't teleported away. She was just there and now gone. Then another scent hit him. Life had been blocked. It could still end but new life. That wasn't flowing. What did they do? Malak stopped. He began tracing life flows and searching for what could block it.

In the physical realm, the tip of the sythe pokes through for a second then retracts. A cold breeze passes for a second then stops.

04-19-2005, 07:28 PM
Brynhild raised an eyebrow at Loki.

It is a good thing I am in a forgiving mood Loki, or I would make sure you never got up from that bed again. Do you honestly think I would be so quick to take a mate again after being freed from the one I had, especially to my own brother. My mind and body know belong to the tasks at hand, and that is gathering generals to bring about the days of old.
It is about time for me to go, and it appears as if our host has left as well. I will prepare myself and then set out to bring back the first of my generals. I will not wait on these First to dictate to me, be ready brother, together we will change who is in charge and show these First, what it truely means to rule as gods.

Brynhild walked out of the room and headed through the halls of Night's home.

Random Character
04-19-2005, 07:45 PM
"No sense of humor you know that. Besides there is mate and a little slap and tickle. Ah well, lets have some fun breaking minds."

04-20-2005, 06:35 AM
::He looked down at his fallen grandmother and entered her mind. The nightmares and torments did not touch him as he swam to that tiny light that was all that was left of this great Divine being. Holding that sparkle in his hand he brought it close to his mask and whispered.::

~You know who is next...~

A wail of agonizing laments came from the spark that only Night could hear as he exited the Angel's shattered mind. She struggled to claw at the eternal beings that attacked her, but their pursuit and battle was relentless. Her mind was a scape of darkness. All the beautiful things that had long resided there were shredded and decaying. She walked through the darkness cringing as from it beasts, winged creatures, and those from past memories attacked her. They shouted at her, screamed, hit her, beat her, and from this ongoing torment departed the will to be. Would there be no one to save her? She curled in upon herself, neglecting the Heavenly duties that she could not fulfill. her mind was swamped with things she could not have imagined seeing. And when she felt the death of her most beloved son, when she felt his soul given over to death, the beasts and things that plagued her all roared, screamed, and cried at once within her mind. She screamed with them, loudest of all. For who could outmatch a *mother screaming for her lost son?

04-20-2005, 11:42 AM
For a while, now, Sadeh had been distracted. Her role in Caos turning point in her life had already been played. Now, Sadeh was focused on the information she had been receiving from different places and she knew things were reaching their climax at Planet Tigers. The Sinister School was nearing its final day, just as she knew it would. The Red Book of Secrets granted her knowledge of future events and she had been playing them just right.

Night dismissed her, but truth was her mind was elsewhere. Now, it was about time to witness events from another place

Not giving a second look around, Sadeh shadowported (http://www.cbreview.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=59779#59779) away from Nights Dark World.

05-03-2005, 03:27 PM
Brynhild walked through the halls, it did not take long before she had become board and irritated. She was giving Night the time he needed to deal with his "guest," but Brynhild no longer wished to wait. She stopped and turned to Loki, who had been following her through the halls. She gave him a wicked smile as she spoke.

I tire of waiting brother, time to fetch my generals. I know just where to go first. Feel free to come along if you choose.

With the tip of her sword, Brynhild opened a rip in the fabric of space and stepped through. She left it open incase Loki decided he wanted to come along and play.

((Going after Minity! *:twisted: ))

Random Character
05-03-2005, 05:12 PM
Loki glanced up half interested.

"Sorry. But I've got another place to be."

Turns into a raven and flies off.

05-16-2005, 01:32 PM
BOOOOM! (http://www.cbreview.net/forums/viewtopic.php?p=63106#63106)

The deafening explosive sound of the Boom Tube disrupted the relative peace at Nights place. A furious Meteoro was coming from the Moon Tigre and his mind was set in rescuing his wife and killing the perpetrator of the infamous kidnapping: Night!

05-17-2005, 03:26 PM
::Shadows slipped into the form of a man. Night took shape and walked passed Metereo without a glance and made his way across the vast hall to his throne. Already he could feel his shadows gathering together once more, finding their way home from the light into which they were cast. It was good to be back. He lounged throwing a leg over one of the arms. His head tipped to the side as he studied the First before him.::

You know... my world use to be a peaceful place. Devoid of nothing but quiet shadows and silent thoughts. I don't know what I have done to deserve such attention.

Now if you don't mind Metereo... could we make this quick. Since my Father tragically passed away and my Grandmother vanished without a trace, I have become almost annoyingly busy.

05-17-2005, 03:39 PM
((Responsibility does that, you know. *:p *))

05-17-2005, 04:45 PM
The 2 angels, Aspen and Grace, appear next to Meteoro, their energy signature is nearly identical to Minitys as they whisper in Meteoros ear...

Its his fault since he banished Sil and killed Mattson...oh and we also met your wife...when your finished we have some news

The 2 angels stick out their tongues at Night and float above the 2 Gods, wrapped in the Veil of Privacy, but still clearly seen, as they sip on some wine and cheer on Meteoro...they look at each other and shrug...

Who would have thought we would ever help the god of rocks for brains...or was it the god a rocky head...maybe it was just the god of rocks...oh well..GOOOOOOOOOO Meteoro!

05-18-2005, 09:52 AM
::Night smirked at the angels.::

Typical... even when falling into a trap you make it difficult... i was expecting all three of you. Now this is my world and my rules.

::He clicked his fingers and shadows swammed over the Cuckoos. The wrapped themselves around them closing their senses. Their voice, their telepathy and their ability to teleport. The God of Shadows smirked and with a wave of his hand then entangled beings vanished from the hall and appeared in the dark jail cells beneath the temple. The third one must be having words with Elixia... his mind reached out to his ward.::

Now Metereo, I hope you wont take any notice of those irritating creatures. Their mistress is somewhat... fragile after the death of her husband and needs someone to blame. How unfortunate she chose her stepson... who has just lost his beloved father... but if it how she must get through this difficult time.

::Night smiled behind his mask.::

Now... what can I do for you?

05-18-2005, 11:09 AM
The 2 Cuckoos are utterly appauled by being surrounded by Darkness...when they are taken to the jail cells they pout with each other for a moment, and then burn the dark energies from their bodies...they sit and plot for a way out, since someone so rudely turned off their teleportation powers and telepathy...but nothing else...So they simply create a mini sun which they wrap themselves in, and when the darkness comes to reclaim them this time, it will be burned away before it can reach the 2 angels...they then create an explosion destorying their cell, and then burn their way back to the surface where the sun grows even brighter simply to keep all the creatures of the darkness away from them...they speak to night verbally...

Why do you think it will be so simple to contain us especially when we have grown in power and are in direct contact with Minity at all times...loser...pft

The Cuckoos can barely be seen inside their solar star, but they role their eyes and look at Meteoro...

Like we said...come talk to us if about your wife when your finished...

The Cuckoos then fly off the planet and then teleport back to the Matraix Quadrant...but the small solar star they created is left behind for Meteoro to talk to, and if anything other than Meteoro comes near it, it will quickly speed away to a different location around the planet

05-18-2005, 01:05 PM
Meteoros anger was boiling in his veins. *Night was acting so innocent that it yelled of guilt. *Minitys angels were instigating a serious fight, but that was to be expected; after all, they were created after the Sun Goddess

So, you killed your own father *Why doesnt that come off as a surprise? *The God of Falling Rocks closed his fist. *But Im not here to chit-chat. *I want my wife back, bring her to me and Ill be as forgiving as I was with MystikChronicler and, instead of killing you, Ill send you to a place where return is impossible.

Keep playing your games and your death sentence will be signed!

Meteoro extended his arms to both sides and two burning meteors appears floating furiously over them.

Your call.

05-18-2005, 06:44 PM
::Night couldn't help but chuckle.::

Silly creatures... free or captured my goal was to get rid of them and it seems to have worked quite well.

::The God watched Metereo closely but remained relaxed.::

Ooooh scary. Nice posturing Metereo... if I acctually had any respect for you powers I might be quaking in my boots... however a glorified test tube baby doesn't really strike fear into my heart....

Exiled Mystik Chronicler did we? Well that saves me the effort of killing him... using lesser being, further more children of lesser creatures during torture... so base. No skill or challenge in that...

However, as you say your not here to chit chat. I have no idea where Brynhild is. My guess would be she would go to someone in power, someone she could maybe trust... I would go with Millennium.

::His voice hardened.::

You understand I only give you this much because I am in the middle of a family crisis. I do not take threats kindly Metereo... but i will le this disrespect pass this time since you are clearly not in your right mind and what kind of person would I be if I agrivated the situation?

... I sincerly hope you find you wife... she has such a delicious mind... and a body to match.

::Night vanished and reappeared beside Metereo and whispered in his ear.::

Hard to do without I would imagine... I could almost become obsessed myself... not every day a beautiful blonde presses herself against me... I could get quite use to it I imagine... so... very... soft...

::The Shadow Lord slipped into darkness and reformed on his throne and ginned behind his mask.::

Now... don't let the perverbial door hit you on the way out...

05-19-2005, 12:29 PM
At Nights words, Meteoros sight got covered with a cloud of madness. *All he saw was Nights lifeless bloody corpse lying on the floor, destroyed, vanquished, paying with his life the disrespect he was showing to the God of Falling Rocks.

Not a word came out of Meteoros mouth as he pushed both meteors at the velocity of lightning against Nights throne, where his enemy was sitting so pleased.

As the flying rock moved forward, Meteoro raised his hands and several rocky tendrils erupted from the floor targeting Nights skin to pierce.

You dont know me.

05-19-2005, 06:04 PM
“You don’t know me.”

Yet your reaction proves otherwise...

::Night raised his hand and his powers flared. A shadow formed between the two gods, thick and black it hung like a curtain in the air. The two rocks met it with amazing force, and were simply swallowed by it and they and shadow itself vanished. The round erupted in spikes and and god bearly shifted in surprise. The body became ethreal and the stone tendriols sent to maim simply passed straight through him. The Shadow Lord chuckled darkly and waved his hand, the ground reformed to it original shape and his attention turned back to Metereo.::

Yes, yes, most impressive. Now i believe I told you i was frightfully busy and didn't have time for this? Now I told you where your wife might be and since i dont have her then i assume you can be on your way...

05-20-2005, 12:58 PM
You didnt tell me where my wife was. *You said you thought you knew were she was. *Theres a slight difference between both ideas.

Meteoro created a floating rock under his feet and started moving in the air around Night.

Minitys Angels told me they would guide me to my wife and, since you admitted you hurt her, you owe us and you will pay.

Flames burst over Meteoro and his floating rock, just as he moved forward against Night as fast as light, with only death in his sight.

05-20-2005, 02:26 PM
An arctic chill enters Night's chambers, one *that would cool the god of Falling Rocks to his very soul. Emerging from the cloud of cold, Brynhild stood. Dressed in full battle armour, her loose flowing hair tied back into braids, and her valkryie's helm upon her head. The beauty of the valkryie only eclipsed by the ice cold blue of her eyes. The look upon Brynhild's face was not what you would expect from one reuniting with her lover, not to mention her husband. Her face was without emotion, *her hands folded across her chest as she watched the two gods. Her gaze bore into the depths of Meteoro's as anger built within. Her hands unfolded and clinched together as she grasp the hilt of her sword. When she spoke, her voice was thick in the accent of her native land, and it showed no love in it for it's recipient.

And what makes you believe that your wife wishes to return to you, god of Falling Rocks?!

The sarcasm and hatred dripped from every word as she moved toward the two gods. Her gaze never leaving Meteoro's and her hand never leaving the hilt of her sword. With one hand on her hip and the other on her sword, she stood within strking distance of Meteoro. Many a mortal man, and god had fallen under the beauty of this valkryie, even when she stood in battle at the brink of removing their heads from their bodies. Brynhild was an imposing figure to view, especially in battle.

05-20-2005, 03:49 PM
Meteoro was still moving at amazing speed against Night when his wife showed up with an entirely different attitude. *

Bryn? :shocked:

It took only an instant for Meteoro to be distracted from his attack. *An instant Night would use well

05-21-2005, 07:05 AM
::Night's senses never left Metereo even when Bryn appeared. The God of Falling Rocks looked at her in shock taking his attention off Night. The Shadow Lord lept forward drawing scream from the scabard on his back. His left hand snapped out and grabbed Metereo's shoulder forcing the distracted God to a stop, with the further insentive of a impossibly sharp katana blade being held under his chin. Night grinned behind the mask as his powers lashed out down his arm. Purple lightning twisted from his fingers into Metereo's body and into his essence. A word past over the God's lips.::


::The energies systematically became to inhibit Metereo's First abilities. The God released his grip on the other's shoulder and laughed.::

I believe I told you to leave? No one ever listens to my advice... such a shame really, it would have saved you unneccessary humiliation...

Well Bryn he's all yours... despite his baffoonary i dont know how long my powers will hold him... have fun.[/h1]

05-21-2005, 09:16 AM
Meteoro felt as the powers that made him a First got entrapped within him, kept prisoner at a corner of his mind, temporarily out of his reach.

He struggled at Night’s hold, but he was already in shock at the sight of Brynhild, a sight that hurt deep within him.

“Bryn? *What is wrong with you, hon? *I came here for you…

05-21-2005, 09:31 AM
Brynhild heard Night speak, but her eyes remained on her target. She pressed in close to Meteoro, her hand leaving the hilt of her sword and resting on top of Meteoro's shoulder. She leaned in close and whispered into Meteoro's ear, the frost from her breath and the chill of her words settled within.

What's the matter my love? Do you not like what you see? I think it rather suits me.

Brynhild pulled away from Meteoro, and then kissed him full on the lips. An exchange of cold and hot air extinguishing any feeling of warmth between the two. When Brynhild broke the kiss, a sinister smile was on her face as the tip of her sword rested under Meteoro's chin. For too long had she let mortal men and gods bring her low. Today, she would fix that past error, permanately. When Meteoro looked into Bynhild's blue eyes, he would see them devoid of any love and emotion, only seething hatred.

I am awake for the first time in thousands of years, and it would appear that you have come in vein. Any last words my love, before I send you to the beyond, permanately?

05-21-2005, 09:59 AM
Meteoro simply couldn’t believe it. *That was Brynhild, the love of his life, the Goddess he would give anything to be with. *But her heart wasn’t there. *Her stare was cold and hollow, her words harsh and her kiss… *He closed his eyes as he allowed himself to dwell in that eternal kiss that broke a little too soon, leaving only a broken heart behind.

“Bryn… *This can’t be you, please, come back to your senses…

Scion the Nun
05-21-2005, 10:15 AM
A twirl of sapphire winds (http://www.cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=63662#63662) burst close to the struggle of two Firsts and a Demi-Goddess, reassuming the shape of Scion the Nun. *As the blue cloud vanished, it got reassembled around her in the shape of a black sapphire outfit, covering her nakedness.

“When I foresaw this, I couldn’t believe it. *I thought it would be a mistake, yet here you are, playing war as children not realizing someone could get hurt…

05-21-2005, 02:25 PM
The Cuckoos appear above the gods and sit upon a ledge...

Well well...this certainly is a different turn of events...I wonder where the baby is?

05-21-2005, 05:04 PM
Safe, angels three. Fate and duty collide here.

Floating over the ledge stands Janus.

And since I'm playing with co-location, should I deliver a message to the other angels while we watch events here?

05-21-2005, 11:55 PM
The angels reply in unison...

be out guest one of riddles...as for the child...let us take him....we shall keep him safe, and you from the wrath of a Goddess gone mad

05-22-2005, 05:20 AM
Time is what will keep him safe. Night is not eternal and the light of a new dawn shall restore souls to this land. I cannot time jump now but I could send him to an era where he is safe. Yesterday or perhaps tommorrow. But that is not my call yet.

Reaches behind his back and draws forth the crib Scion had made

Protect him well.

And I don't fear the radiant sun. Even if her game progresses, I may well be safe and precautions have been taken to ensure my mask remains should I be endangered.

Pauses as he hands the crib over.

I wonder if the master of this domain will grow annoyed with an audience. He sees himself as a grand manipulator of men but he doesn't see that his own traits leave him predicatable. I do wonder if he will play mourning son at the funeral and if he will see the secrets cast there.

05-22-2005, 08:11 AM
[quote="Meteoro"]“Night, what did you do to her! *You twisted psycho! *What did you do!

05-22-2005, 08:28 AM
Time is what will keep him safe. Night is not eternal and the light of a new dawn shall restore souls to this land. I cannot time jump now but I could send him to an era where he is safe. Yesterday or perhaps tommorrow. But that is not my call yet.

Reaches behind his back and draws forth the crib Scion had made

Protect him well.

And I don't fear the radiant sun. Even if her game progresses, I may well be safe and precautions have been taken to ensure my mask remains should I be endangered.

Pauses as he hands the crib over.

I wonder if the master of this domain will grow annoyed with an audience. He sees himself as a grand manipulator of men but he doesn't see that his own traits leave him predicatable. I do wonder if he will play mourning son at the funeral and if he will see the secrets cast there.

As the Cuckoos take Minitys newborn child...he suddenly seems to vanish...where to, only they will know for now, they look at Janus and smile...

We think we like you, one day we will request to see what lies beyond your so called mask...even if we can guess the answer now ;)

The Cuckoos all wink at Janus, and begin whispering amongst themselves wondering what Night will do next

05-22-2005, 06:55 PM
Brynhild stepped back from Meteoro, the frost escaping from her breath and the tip of her sword securely resting within the flesh of Meteoro's neck.. A wicked smile upon her face as she spoke to Meteoro.

There is nothing wrong with my senses lover. I am as I once was, even better.

Brynhild dug the tip of her blade into Meteoro's flesh, enough to draw a trickle of blood.

What do you say, a little foreplay before we end this game? Sword play can be such a passionate way for former lovers to spend their last moments together.

A sword appeared in Brynhild's other hand. She flipped the sword so that she held the blade and that the hilt was toward Meteoro. Before anyone could react, Scion showed with a few other guests. Only slightly annoyed at the moment, a wicked thought crossed Brynhild's mind, as she used a trick she learned not long ago. Before their eye's, Brynhild changed into the form of BG. Her sword lowered from Meteoro's neck as she turned toward Scion, speaking in BG's voice.

Always meddling in the affairs of others Scion. Have you not learned your lesson? I would think you would be happy to be rid of this pestilence. You disappoint me now, even as you did then. You will always be just a second rate clone Scion, nothing more.

BG's face held a malevolent smile, as his form melted back into the form of Brynhild.

No war here Nun, just a spat between husband and wife. Now, if you'll go away, I'll finish this. If you stay, I will show you just how much this is not a child's game. If you have no desire to wet my blade with your blood, you will butt out.

With a quick movement, Brynhild's dual swords moved at incredible speeds around the Nun's body, narrowly missing the Nun. Had Brynhild chosen, she would have severed the Nun's head from her shoulders, instead, she buried one of the blades into the ground beside the Nun's feet. She then returned her gaze to Meteoro, while answering Night's question.

It is your home that has been invaded. I will leave it to your discretion. I have slain more men, mortal and god, than occupy this very room. Location is not a concern to me, Meteoro's death will happen whether here or in shadow.

05-22-2005, 10:50 PM
It is your home that has been invaded. I will leave it to your discretion. I have slain more men, mortal and god, than occupy this very room. Location is not a concern to me, Meteoro's death will happen whether here or in shadow.

No you're welcome to slaughter your husband here... to be honest i wouldn't miss it for Elysia... just pointing out the prying eyes. Carry on.

::Night vanished and reappeared on his throne to watch the events that would be played out. He left the God Metereo free from physical restrain, he would sure Brynhild could handle that side of things, but he kept an eye on the shadow bonds that held the God's power in check. This was going to get messy...::

05-23-2005, 07:31 AM
Meteoro’s senses flipped when Brynhild slightly tipped his throat with her sword. *He hadn’t seen her this cold since they first met at his castle at Planet M. *Then, she was siding with the Old Gods, but it didn’t last long since their love burst against any predictions.

Now, she was that cold again, hurting the one God in the universe that loved her the most. *To say that Meteoro was speechless would have been the biggest understatement of all.

And so, Brynhild handed him a sword.

“I won’t battle you, Bryn. *What happened with you? *What did Night do to you?

Scion the Nun
05-23-2005, 07:56 AM
Scion stood still, hoping the situation would be solved without unnecessary violence.

She didn’t expect Brynhild to take the shape of BigGator, but this didn’t mean she wasn’t prepared.

“Playing mind tricks with me won’t work, Brynhild. *I had a vision and I know you’re not yourself. *I saw what you’d be capable of doing today and your little impersonation does little to me.

05-23-2005, 10:49 AM
Brynhild moved around Meteoro, leaning in close to him as she whispered in his ear.

Oh, you will my love, you will. I'll make sure of it, but in the meantime I have another distraction to take care of.

Brynhild moved away from Meteoro, blowing him a kiss as she walked away. Turning her attention to Scion, she did not speak, she only smiled. In a blur, Brynhild attacked her sword moving in an arking movement toward Scion's neck. She knew the Nun would either react and defend herself or fall to Brynhild's blade.

Scion the Nun
05-23-2005, 11:50 AM
Scion extended her hand, creating a pole made of strong sapphire, which received the brunt impact of Brynhild’s sword, sparing her of the threatening cutting edge.

“I could have made a sword as well, but I’m not here to hurt you, Brynhild. *We’re friends and that’s why I’m here, I know you well, you wouldn’t hurt me, never like this.

05-23-2005, 12:53 PM
With lightening fast reflexes, Brynhild turned as Scion jumped over top of her. Brynhild's head lowered as she peered at Scion with colorless eyes, an indication to Scion that she indeed was not in her right mind. With her sword at the ready, and as Scion produced the statue of Odin and the globe of the Side-Verse, Brynhild shattered them into tiny pieces with her sword. As the particles of sharp debris showered the two women, Brynhild moved ever closer to Scion.

Never say never Nun.

With that, Brynhild gave a warrior's cry worthy of any in Valhalla, as she came at the Nun full force. Brynhild did not hold back as she followed blow after blow, glad that the Nun was giving her some exercise, even if she had not taken the defensive yet. For each blow Brynhild delivered, the Nun reflected with her pole, but what Scion did not know was that Brynhild was only hitting her with force.

Changing tactics, Brynhild swept the feet of the Nun from under her, causing her to fall. Brynhild deliberately moved slow to allow Scion the chance to regain her feet. She was playing cat and mouse, letting Scion know she was toying with her until she grew board. This time, Brynhild came after the Nun with a quick swing of her sword, aiming to draw blood this time.

((M - Let me know if this is okay. I left it open for you to take it where you wish. ;) ))

05-23-2005, 01:06 PM
The three angels sit and clap their hands as they cheer on Scion and Meteoro...they look at each other with confused looks for but a moment...

Why do we keep rooting for the former enemies...Minity will not be please when she finds we are not helping her new found ally...

The angels laugh at themselves so hard that fire begins to erupt around them...but it doesnt seem to go anywhere...

Scion the Nun
05-23-2005, 04:36 PM
Scion was holding back in her fight against Brynhild, just as she realized the Norse Demi-Goddess was playing with her.

“I don’t want to fight you. *You must have already realized this, but this can’t keep going. *For your own sake, Brynhild, come back to your senses!

05-23-2005, 05:04 PM
Scion's sapphire cage bust through the floor, encasing Brynhild within. A piece of the sapphire knicked Brynild's arm, drawing first blood. Checking her rage, Brynhild looked at Scion with murder in her eyes.

No, you stupid foolish clone, I am the enemy! The person you know is dead, I would not stand up for you, let alone be your friend. You are a pathetic excuse of living tissue, and your beginning to grate on my nerves. I will kill you and then I'll kill your creator. It disgusts me that I ever let this excuse for a god touch me, let alone share my bed. It will bring me pleasure to watch him see his sad creation die, and then I will draw my final pleasure from his death at my hands. Or would you prefer to watch him die first, *while you watch helplessly?!

Brynhild let out an angry cry as she blew an arctic breath over the sapphire cage, chilling the gems and making them brittle. With her fist and with her sword, she crashed through the cage and moved toward the Nun.

Scion the Nun
05-23-2005, 06:22 PM
“You won’t kill us! *Not today, not ever!

05-23-2005, 06:34 PM
“No! *Don’t hurt her!

05-23-2005, 07:00 PM
Scion's sapphire spike found it's target as it left a mark that would remain with Brynhild forever. The damage felt like the bite of a mosquito, as she pushed on ward toward Scion. So, the little clone wanted to play, Brynhild would show her just what kind of playing she would do. Her sword knocked down several more spike as she lunged full body at the Nun. Tumbling to the ground, Brynhild spoke and *the arctic chill of her breath covering the Nun.

Know what it is to to be a Chooser of the Slain.

The word brought about the decay of death as Brynhild spoke it. She did not touch her, but she wanted Scion to see herself decay and rot before her own eyes. She would allow Scion to see her own death, and drive her mad, before Brynhild would deliver the touch that would end her life.
Brynhild's hand rested beside the Nun's head, as Brynhild sat straddled upon the Nun's chest. Her other hand held the sword along her neck.Blood trickled from the wound that the Nun had given her. A maddness consumed Brynhild, as the very ground her hand touched rotted and decayed beside them.

Scion the Nun
05-23-2005, 07:21 PM
Scion believed her last blow would bring Brynhild’s mind back, but the Nun was wrong and her mistake took away her last chance to attack. *Now, the decay of death had already touched her and it wasn’t like she could shake it off. *Scion fell backwards breathing rapidly, like a rabbit in front of a snake.

“I knew…

05-23-2005, 07:52 PM
[quote="Scion the Nun"]Scion believed her last blow would bring Brynhild’s mind back, but the Nun was wrong and her mistake took away her last chance to attack. *Now, the decay of death had already touched her and it wasn’t like she could shake it off. *Scion fell backwards breathing rapidly, like a rabbit in front of a snake.

“I knew…

05-24-2005, 07:30 AM
Meteoro’s strength finally broke when he saw decay taking over Scion. *The sparkle of Godhood trapped inside of him finally reignited, showing the red color of anger and blood in his eyes. *A sudden rise of white fire set him free from Night’s hold. *He would have turned back to the God of Shadows, but he was just a puppeteer in this game and Meteoro would not waste any more time with him.

Moving fast, he approached Brynhild, who was holding her sword against him, and grabbed her by her shoulders shaking her strongly.

[b]“What have you done, Brynhild! *What have you done!

05-24-2005, 09:41 AM
The Cuckoos watch in amazement and begin eating popcorn...

this is very interesting!

05-24-2005, 09:58 AM
Her sword was pressed against his chest as he grabbed her in a rage of anger and shook her. Sharp pains ran through her head, as the brainwashing began to unravel itself at rapid paces. Brynhild staggered on her feet, a wave of nauseousness causing her to sway. Her sword clattered to the floor as she gripped her head, blood began to pour from every oriface on her face, as the mental struggle for control began to take place once more.

Bryn stood in front of Brynhild. The woman who was in love with Meteoro and friend to Scion confronted Brynhild. Both looked as if they had fought in a war, their clothes tattered and torn, blood seeping from wounds, and the physical wear of battle present on their faces. They both lunged at each other grasping the other by the throat. It was an out right war and only one would survive, the question was who. While the internal struggle took place, Brynhild's body seemed frozen to it's spot, sinking to its knees while grasping its head.

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Scion the Nun
05-24-2005, 01:15 PM
Scion’s sight was already a blur, her eyes had lost all light, but still, she sensed Meteoro kneeling at her side.

“It’s okay… *father…

05-24-2005, 02:00 PM
Inside her mind, Bryn had Brynhild pinned to the ground, her hands wrapped around her doppleganger's throat. She felt so weak and she could feel Brynhild fighting her. She could not keep this up forever, Brynhild was still too strong. Like a breath of fresh air, Scion was beside her whole, alive and giving Bryn the strength to fight. The aura that surrounded the two goddesses shone with a sparkle like sapphires, empowering Bryn in spirit to draw off the love she had for Meteoro and the love he had for her through Scion's images.

Scion's words echoed in her mind, as she fought to kill the beast within. Just as Bryn felt she was gaining the upper hand, Scion began to decay before her, and then vanish completely. The reality of the truth hit home and she faultered, giving Brynhild the moment she needed to try and regain the upper hand. Anguish and pain struck Bryn as Brynhild now had the upper hand. Bryn cried out in anger, as blood mixed tears streamed down her face. She was losing again, the reality of what she had done as Brynhild sapped some of the strength she had just gained, and despair threatened to take what was left. Was there any hope now, could there possibly be anything else to help her fight the beast she had become?

05-25-2005, 01:15 AM
Damn it and damn me.

Another day, another mask.

Janus descends from the air and a giant play mask wraps around him as he lands. When it vanishes, Janus' form has changed. He appears to all senses as Quin. Placing a hand on Bryn, he enters the battle feild.

You are not alone, mother. But you have to prove you are a true warrior. Just as the all father hung himself for enlightenment, you now face a trial of the body and soul. I know you can do it.

05-25-2005, 08:12 AM
There was so much Meteoro wanted to do, but everything seemed to be falling on the short end. *As soon as Scion vanished, he stood up and turned to Brynhild. *The turmoil of emotions flowing inside of him shed a wave of mist in his mind, forbidding him to see things clearly. *He was hurting inside and he had to lash out.

[b]“How could you do it! *Scion is dying! *[size=125]What have you done!!

05-25-2005, 11:04 AM
::Night let out a slow breath and relaxed back in his throne. His scarred eyelids closed and he smiled behind the spiked mask.::

Well performed...