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08-26-2004, 06:04 PM
She stepped through the portal and into the world of dramadach. The planet was desolate and it matched the mood of the man who stood upon its surface. His back was facing her and the very sight of it made her shiver with an evil, angry pleasure. In a voice dripping with contempt she called out Remember me?
He spun his godlike form twisting with powerful speed. His eyes opened in surprise and mouth formed a :newshock: .
You He spat.
She sprung forward unceremoniously, every inch of her being and every bit of power she could muster put into the single attack. In her hand she held a golden arrow. A bit of magical weaponry she had constructed herself for the not so simple task of slaying Charon. She was close, dangerously close but at the last moment he managed to get a hold of the arrowhead. It cut through his hand but he held his grasp and was just able to keep her at bay.
There faces hairsbreadth apart she whispered, You murdered my mother and raped my innocence. You will pay for that dead and for the thousands of evil wronge you have done. A ting of insanity could be heard in her voice and she pushed forward, driving her body against his. He let go and lunged to the side splitting his hand wide but escaping the fatal piercing.
She screamed in frustration her whole body shaking with her fury and sorrow. The scream sounded across the world, its high pitched sound spliting the rocky terrain.
Charon took that moment to drive himself forward slamming his fist into her abdomen. It was only then that he noticed the rounding. He drew back but it was to late.
She stumbled back wards blood seeping from between her legs. She let out a cry, louder than before and one of true physical pain. Her lifeblood oozing from her, she collapsed, her body writhing upon the ground. Charon's blow had started contractions more violent than in any normal pregnancy. Her body tore and out slipped a tiny babe.
It was no earthly creature that she had spawned but a dark power and as he left her his dark influence ceased. Charon scooped up the screaming baby boy and held him in his arms. Curls of white hair grew thick on his small head and he opened his bunched up eyes and stared quietly at his fathers face.
As Charon stared wonderingly at his child Ayrn regained consciousness. Slowly she moved a trembling hand to the mark on her armband. She touched the sinister mark and pleaded to be taken home. The device sparked, reviling a shard of rock lodged inside.
The spark did not go unnoticed for as she collapsed again in despair she felt a heavy foot grinding against her back.
Pathetic, he growled, reaching with one arm to rip the wings from her back with one almightily tug. She screamed in agony but only a bloody gurgle came out. He held the wings out stretched for a moment, pondering and then plucked out one blood stained feather. Curling the childs sleeping hand around the silken feather he turned away, flicking out two fingers to send a barrage of rock down upon her, just as she was pulled away.
Pain brought her awake much more on the middle world Qwaring had told her of. But there was no portal to return home. His gift was broken and she was stranded with her blood forming a puddle around her sprawled body.

08-29-2004, 04:34 PM
**A transdimensional portal opens up. Through this swirling vortex of unreal energy a metal sphere, one meter in diameter, falls through and lands on the ground next to Charon. This sphere is a matter converter. It is designed to tansform half of the matter on a planet into antimatter. After this process the matter and antimatter is then supposed to annihilate one another in an explosion that can potentially destroy a solar system.
This apocolyptic purpose as well as the three second count down until the converter activates will be known to Charon, due to his sensativity to the flow of energy. This gives Charon two options. He can either use his power to disarm this converter, assuming three seconds is enough time for such a task. Or he can take his dark spawned child and escape the destruction of this world.
Either choice matters little to Qwaring, who steps out through a nearly invisible and completely soundless stealth portal, since the sphere shaped converter is only meant as a distraction for Charon. The orange skinned god of gadgets aims a pistol shaped gadget at Aryn, fires and hits the fallen Secundae with a beam of red energy. Once this beam hits her Aryn vanishes. She's bean transported back to the bright universe (http://forumcorp.com/jsanborn/viewtopic.php?p=19230#19230). Qwaring then steps back into the stealth portal which vanishes soon after. The entire rescue takes less than three seconds and leaves Charon alone to deal with the planet destroying converter.**

((Do you want to write Charon's reaction or should I? Keep in mind it's something he can easily survive if he disposes of the converter or just teleports away.))

08-29-2004, 07:21 PM
(( Its ok I'll do it))
Charron decides it is better to not risk his son and telleports away. The planet was of no importance anyway, as he had just used it as a contemplation spot. What troubled him was that Ayrn had been able to find him there. It was obvious to him that she had somehow gained some sort of power boost from the child and that his dark presence in conflict with her good had turned her briefly to madness, still it did not explain why she had been able to find him. Still it was a good thing she had he though smiling down at the beautiful serene child in his arms. What a little miracle you are. I shall call you Elua and as my heir you will one day rule this universe and the ones beyond.
((Yes you will. Yes you will. My cute litle evil baby you ;) ))
As for you mother... Well will be dealing with her soon enough.