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Jason Sanborn
02-09-2009, 10:05 AM
This thread is for character bios for Narnia: Rise of the Telmarines. :)

Jason Sanborn
02-11-2009, 11:40 AM
((Caspian is an NPC that is more a back-story character that may appear from time-to-time. ;)))

Caspian the Conqueror / King Caspian I

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 6'2"
Weight/Build: Very strong
Hair: Black hair and beard
Eyes: Brown

Caspian is a ruthless man who was the first to unite the Telmarine tribes under his might. Those that opposed him, he executed. He was 20 when he started to unite the Telmarines, fully came into power when he was 24 and finally conquered the Narnians when he was 26. His desire is to wipe out all those who aren't human, and who are opposed to his rule.

Skills and Abilities:
Caspian has a commanding and charismatic presence, and is a natural leader who knows how to lead both by words and by force. He is also a skilled tactician and strong warrior, skilled with many types of single-handed melee weapons.

The Telmarines were a sea-faring, nomadic people, that preyed on the ships from the various lands. For many years, they fought among themselves and others for dominance. It wasn't until 1992, when the young Caspian arrived that he started to unite the Telmarines under one banner, his own.

There was a lot of resistance to his rise, yet he seemed to have a way with people. He managed to find and secure loyal allies who would help him enforce his desires. Even in spite of that, he had the strength and the ability to dispose of his enemies on his own.

After four years, he finally managed to unite most of the Telmarines under his banner. Unfortunately, he soon learned that staying at sea, with only the occasional visits to land, would not be enough. Narnia had been in its own dark ages for nearly 1,000 years, as a result of the disappearance of their Kings and Queens of old, and he knew it would be ripe for the taking.

In 1998, the 26 year old Caspian led his people into Narnia, destroyed Cair Paravel, and founded the town of Beruna. Caspian the Conqueror gave orders to kill all Narnians on sight, to rid the land of what he referred to as a plague.

At the new year's eve celebration at the turn of the third millennium, Caspian was crowned King Caspian I.

02-11-2009, 12:20 PM

Race: Centaur
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 7'0"
Build: Very Strong
Hair: Black and Beard
Eyes: Brown

Personality: He is loyal to the Narnians following Aslan. He is also friendly but can be pessimistic about the future. He fears Caspian is going to wipe them all out.

Skills and Ability: Highly skilled in astronomy and divination, being able to read the stars and tell of future events. He is also a warrior and able to fight with his feet and a sword.

02-11-2009, 03:39 PM

Race: Centaur
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Height: 58
Build: Lithe, graceful and strong
Hair: A rare golden roan equine body, Blonde hair, white tail
Eyes: Soft Brown

Personality: Mariah is a gentle centaur, who loves to spend her time frolicking, singing and wandering among the forests. She talks with the Dryads and various tree spirits even though many have gone to sleep because of the absence of Aslan.

Mariah can be serious if necessary. She has always been a shy sort which has turned out to be her salvation many times when the Telmarines were out hunting. She is loyal and devoted to Aslan without a doubt. Mariah is stunningly beautiful and moves with supreme grace. Like her name she runs like the wind itself.

Mariah is usually happy but often pensive.

Skills and Abilities: Mariah is a healer of no small skill. She knows the healing properties of all Narnian plants of every description. She has learned many things from all of her tree spirit friends. Mariah often sings with the trees, however she can sound like the wind sighing melodically through the branches to human ears.

She is trained with the bow; however her main weapon is the quarter staff. She is very skilled with it if needed for defense. Mariah attacks with such speed, it is very hard to see her move when she does attack. Coupled with her hooves, Mariah can hold her own usually.

02-12-2009, 07:10 AM

Race: Tiger
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Height: Approximately 8' in Body Length
Build: Strength & Speed
Coat: "golden tabby" sometimes known as "strawberry." Adara has a light gold fur, pale legs and faint orange stripes. Her fur is thicker than normal and her markings and coat are very rare.
Eyes: Pale Blue

Personality: Adara, like her name is very noble despite her fairly young age. Since the disappearance of Aslan and the near destruction of all Narnian's at the hands of King Caspian I her kind have remained hidden. Adara is one of the few tigers that can still remember to speak, but each passing day brings her closer to joining the other animals that have forgotten how to talk. Her speech is often mingled with growls that make her hard to understand. Adara is a strong supporter of Aslan but it is hard for her at such a young age to understand why he has disappeared.

Skills and Ability: Adara is built for strength and speed. She had powerful hind legs for leaping and front legs for knocking down enemies. She is well adapt for stealth despite her rare markings. Her incredible patience allows people to question what they've seen. She also had sharp teeth and claws that are made to tear and render her enemies.

Jason Sanborn
02-13-2009, 10:57 AM

Race: Fawn
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 5'6"
Weight/Build: Lithe
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Elmus is a kind-hearted fawn, but sad. His brothers were killed last summer by Caspian's troops, and he witnessed the slaughter of the Narnians at Caspian's coronation. He is loyal to Aslan but wonders why he has abandoned the Narnians in their time of need.

Skills and Abilities:
Elmus is a singer, musician and dancer. His songs can bring out emotions in others, rise their spirits, or sink them into depression. He prefers to play the lute, but has also been known to use other instruments. Even his dancing can bring joy or sadness, depending on the circumstances.

Elmus lived with his family in the Dancing Forest, dancing and frolicking among the treepeople, fawns, nymphs, and other woodland Narnians. The troubles with the White Witch never concerned him, as he knew that, even though Aslan wasn't around, He was always watching over them. One of the nymphs, his love, Sylvie, often sang and danced with him, bringing joy to all those who watched.

Everything started changing when Caspian invaded Narnia. Some of his brothers wanted to fight with other Narnians, to push back the invaders. He wasn't a warrior, he was a musician, and wanted no part in the battles. Instead, he and Sylvie used their gifts to bring hope and courage to the Narnians. That was until news reached him of his brothers' deaths at the hands of the Telmarines the summer after their initial invasion.

Elmus was heartbroken at the loss. His songs of joy and encouragement turned to melancholy sadness, loss, and even despair. For the first time, he began to ask where Aslan was, and why he wasn't watching over them as he had in the past. He wondered what the Narnians had done wrong to be abandoned by him.

In the winter, filled with anger, Elmus joined the battle to destroy the Telmarines. He wasn't a fighter, so he stayed in the back, playing music that would rouse the Narnians to battle and strength, while his own faltered as he saw the slaughter up close. As the battle turned against the Narnians, Elmus fled back to the Dancing Woods in humiliation and grief.

02-14-2009, 06:16 PM
Name: Kiah
Race: cheetah
Gender: female
Age: 4
Height: approximately 7' in length, including the tail
Build: agility and speed
Coat: tan fur with round black spots. Kiah's tail has five dark rings at the end as well as spots, and she has black tear marks running from the corner of each eye down her nose to her mouth.
Eyes: dark colored

Personality: Kiah is sometimes seen as a loner, but she will stick up for her friends and family if they are threatened. After Aslan's disappearance and the invasion of the Telmarines, Kiah noticed that quite a few of her kind had reverted to being "dumb animals" in that they lost their ability to speak. She and a few other of her close friends still remember how to speak, but they will sometimes use their own language when speaking with each other or when warning others to stay away from something dangerous.

Abilities: Kiah is built for agility and speed, her lean body allowing her to sprint at great speeds, but she is only able to hold those speeds for a short while. She is also an excellent hunter and is able to sneak around if needed. Her semi-retractable claws allow her to be able to get a grip on whatever terrain she's on as well as aiding her in fights.

Background: Since Aslan's disappearance and the Telmarine's invasion, Kiah remained in hiding as much as possible, although she did frequently go visit some of the other Narnians that she knew were still loyal to Aslan. She wanted to do something that would benefit the Narnians in their fight against the Telmarine's so she did the only thing she could, which was to join in the fight, despite her young age.

Jason Sanborn
03-18-2009, 10:19 PM

Race: Griffon
Gender: Male
Age: 35

As a griffon, Daeryn is part lion and part eagle. The front part of his body is that of a large eagle with tan and white feathers. His hind quarters are that of a large lion with golden fur. The tip of his tail is also covered in feathers, but unlike his front, these feathers are red and orange in color.

Daeryn is a kind-hearted and matter-of-fact griffon. He doesn't believe the stories of Aslan nor of the White Witch. All that is foolishness to him. All he cares about is what he sees in front of him. He has seen too much anguish caused by both sides to put one over the other. Now, with the Telmarines, he thought there would be something to unite the Narnians, but, to his continued dismay, he still only sees division.

Daeryn's family was killed long before the Telmarines invaded. When he was but a hatchling, his father journeyed to the north, to fight giants of the White Witch, all in the name of Aslan. His father never returned home. Several years later, while still in his early youth, a tribe of ogres, followers of the White Witch, invaded his home and attacked his mother. He watched helplessly as his mother was killed in the name of the White Witch. He survived only by hiding until the ogres had left.

Soon after, Daeryn began travelling all across Narnia. He travelled from the far north, the the Archanlands to the south. He travelled from the Lantern Wastes in the west to the ruins of Cair Paravel in the East. Many times he saw the wonders and the dangers of the land of Narnia. Everywhere he went, he saw Narnians fighting and dying in the name of Aslan or of the White Witch, with nothing to show for it except death. Then the Telmarines invaded, something he thought would unite the Narnians under one thought, one idea. Instead, he saw the Telmarines tear through Narnia, slaughtering followers of the White Witch and Aslan alike. Those that the Telmarines didn't kill later turned to fight each other again.

Daeryn currently doesn't see any need to endanger himself by involving himself in any of the conflicts, whether Telmarine or Narnian. Instead, if he sees a small group being accosted, he may swoop down and offer assistance. If nothing else, he hopes to show the Narnians the folly of their beliefs, and show them that they must stand united if they wish to survive.