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12-04-2009, 06:10 PM
There are 4 races of people in Aragoth, The Humans, Elves, Dwarfs, and Giants.

(giants would not be a good choice, they are only on the Blue Isles for right now)

Most Elves are from some part of Vella, they are generally between 5 and 6 feet. They are a slender people and are usually vegetarian. They have long pointed ears that stick straight up. They have unblemished skin, and no facial or body hair except for their eye brows which are thin, and their hair on their head. Most Elves take a pale complexion if they are of noble birth, but may also have a bronze or copper tone depending on the life style. Elves are the best race at magic, and are deadly with swords of one hand, bows, and staffs. Elves craft the best things known too the world, but not many know the way they do it. Elves have learned from nature, they can talk to the trees, the wind, and even the water. The general life span of an elf who lives in the forest is roughly 6000 years, but for an elf outside of the forest generally live only 4000 years. 10 elf years is equivalent to 1 year humans, in looks that is. At some point they stop looking like they have aged and the eldest of elves will only look to be in his late 40s if he was a human.

Dwarfs from the recent time are from Kernn, the West Wall mountains to be more exact. They are usually 3-5 feet in height and are a bit wider than most, but don't let it fool you, its all muscle!. Most males have long beards while the women do not. Dwarfs are very proficient with an double headed ax or war-hammer which is the typical weapon of choice for the common Dwarf. Dwarfs are the least efficent with magic and most give up within the first month of learning, but there have been a few great Dwarf Wizards. Dwarfs have adopted the strict I eat meat diets, they do not eat anything but it, maybe a veggie or two here and there. The average lifespan of a Dwarf is 600 years. For every 5 years a dwarf lives he looks like they have aged 1 human year. Dwarfs craft the second best things known too the world. The Dwarfs have not come out of their mountain since the days of old, but they don't mind people coming in so they can show off their superb skills of gem-cutting. The dwarfs are a very lavish race, and they love to show off. They have been known to drink a lot, eat a lot and tell amazing stories of their fathers fathers fathers Ax.

The Humans can be found all through out the world of Aragoth, from The Magistairium in The Distant Isles to the Vast Vally of Kernn. But the highest concentration of Humans is in Vellgin. They are a lot like the elves in terms of looks, they are usually between 5-6 feet, they have rounded ears instead of pointy ones, they are a bit thicker and seem more muscular as well because they eat meat. Most humans take a tan color to their skin due to the sun. Most humans are good with a claymore, longsword, and bow. They are not the best wizards but they are not the worst. They make the lowest grade of things, but they have been known to have great blacksmiths every now and then that make some of the best quality armor and weapons. They generally live to be 100 years old, short in the grand scale of lifespans.