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10-02-2004, 01:40 PM
I thought it might be a funny thread to talk about where our characters actually came from.

Okay, I'll give you an example:

Back in the day, Meteoro used his character "M" as a messenger. *He could be in two places at once.
I thought to myself "That's a great idea! *I'll make one for myself!"

Since I was a dog with water powers I created Aqua-Pup!
My story (in a flash back) was that I was trying to pick up a character named "Hot-Chick" (Her name didn't matter) and to show off I turned some water into a living breathing creature.
... *But the girl still turned me down.

After a while I accidentally came up with the idea that my clone and the Hot-Chick might start dating behind my back.
Before I knew it he had joined with the RIFT and when I found out about him dating my girl I "killed" him.

I had these two clones still kicking around though, so I made them into the "anti-gods" underground where several more clones joined them, Aqua-Pup (who had taken the name Rupiku) created thousands of clones and went to war against Elsyia.

The Hot-Chick needed a name, so I called her Robin a girl I had dated for awhile.

Then, Robin and I got back together and got married! :oops:

All this cause I wanted to have a character be in two places at once.

10-02-2004, 02:02 PM

Well, lets see Ruri was because I was board on my night off and Juno didn't have a Ruri on his Nadesico. Since both of us know the anime, it couldn't be allowed to continue. The fact Kulit figured out who made Ruri in seconds while NoCal took weeks was only bonus amusement.

Malak was made on the idea of lets see how we can make Anubis Returns more deadly. Since then, that character has gone way off into domains I hadn't thought of.

Most of the rest were made for story purposes.

10-02-2004, 02:52 PM
**Mime enters thread.**

**Mime opens his pouch on his belt.**

**Mime pulls out an incredibly huge photo album.**

**Mime sets photo album on table.**

**Mime opens his pouch again.**

**Mime pulls out a slide viewer.**

**Mime smiles and sets slide viewer on table.**

**Mime goes into his pouch.**

**Mime pulls out a reel-to-reel projector which is followed by a stack of movie reels.**

**Mime sets them all on the table.**

**The table collapses under the weight.**

**Mime frowns.**

**Mime walks out of the thread, leaving the broken pieces of his life in the thread.**

Adam Hiedraa
10-02-2004, 03:41 PM
I had intended for Adam Hiedraa to be an android space pirate captain. Hiedraa is pronounced like Hydra because the android would have eight different heads. He would wear one head at a time and each of them granted him a different psionic power. I created the account and was waiting for the opportunity to use the character.

Then I suddenly had the urge to RP a time travelling character. I really like time travel stories. And so I used the Adam Hiedraa account to create a time travelling character. I had recently read the first three trades of the First and wanted to RP an truly Elysian character so I made Adam a Secundae and tried to make him as majestic as I could. I turned the eight head concept into the runes of power concept. So instead of switching heads he simply summons another rune to his forehead.

Danae suggested linking our characters past. I had assumed she meant that they simply knew each other or were maybe friends, but it turned out that these characters were/are romantically involved, which turned out great for the character. Danae also helped me to form the character's background and some of the personality through the interaction between our characters. I've also tried to play Adam more heroic ever since M mentioned that he saw the Adam as a heroic character.

And that's basically it for Adam's origin.

10-02-2004, 03:43 PM
i'm thinking M is the mine.

Qwaring's clone#1
10-02-2004, 04:29 PM
I was hatched from one of them plastic eggs that you buy Silly-Putty in. :shock:

10-02-2004, 04:58 PM
I created Qwaring's clone#1 before I began RPing and before I even knew what a clone was. It was meant as a joke.
I forgot about the account until I started RPing. I began in the Secundae Orphanage where I only made goofy little posts of idiocy because it's real hard to mess those up since they're meant to be stupid. Everyone seemed to think what I was writing was funny so I developed a small plot out of Qwaring's role in the Crayon Scandal. I ressurected the QC#1 account for this plot. QC#1 was meant to be Qwaring's minion on this small SL. During this SL I developed the clone character and slowly shifted all of the idiocy from Qwaring and into the clone. By the end of the story the clone had become ruler of the planet Veriosk and I decided to focus on Qwaring and more serious RP's.

And the clone was never heard from again.

That is until Juno's character needed money to buy the Resort Planet. He held an auction and so I brought the clone out of retirement in order to bid, because as a planetary monarch he was my wealthiest character. The clone bought Mini-Juno's corpse, which gave Juno the money he needed. QC#1 took his dead midgit and went back into limbo.
Shortly after Murci was imprisoned on the resort world and Juno called on the clone for help in bailing him out. The clone showed up and was soon imprisoned as well. After being freed from prison the clone went back into limbo.
A little after that Juno wanted Mini-Juno back and alive. So I brought the clone back in order to deliver a resurected midgit to Juno at the orphanage. QC#1 hung out at the orphanage long enough to urinate in Little M's closet and then left.

By this time I realized that I would never be able to get rid of the clone. Both because of Juno and because I was beginning to have fun RPing the clone. So I sent QC#1 to attend Neo and Sil's wedding instead of Qwaring. And then came the quest to find Qwaring. Qwaring had been abducted and imprisoned in some unknown location. I used the clone in order to get Juno and Mini-Juno to go on the quest to find Qwaring. It was during this quest that I really developed the clones character and started to post little stories with just the clone doing stupid stuff. I also *gave him his cool shades, which he stole from Mattson's Keep. And when I reached Secundae status with the account I gave the clone his unkillable dumb luck power, which Mattson had suggested.
After the Qwaring quest Law accepted QC#1 as one of her sons, which developed the clones first ties to his family. During another quest with Juno QC#1 visited a bar and developed his well known drinking habit. He also began to wear bright Hawaiian shirts at this point.
When I had the clone throw an Out of Continuity party in order to try to cheer up the RP board, which had fallen victim to a few disagreements between posters and wasn't as cheerful as it should have been, I realized that I should make the clone the god of out of continuity because it fit him better than anything else. So he soon became the clone god of out of continuity stuff.

And that's all I can think of right now.

10-02-2004, 05:07 PM
i was trying to make my Sprouse011 clone character based on what you did with QC1. i dont think he'll ever be as cool as QC1 but i'll see what i can do. my ideas are kinda simple, push a button here, stare at someone there,hit them with a hammer. any help or ideas would be great.

10-02-2004, 05:11 PM
You know, this thread is going to be full of great stories itself. Look at it! I love reading about how people come up with their ideas! And when I have more time, I will tell you about some of mine - not that my logic is overly understandable, but it should be funny at the least. ;)

10-02-2004, 05:58 PM
Thanks, Sprouse, I'm flattered.
Basically what I do with QC#1 is have him do the wrong thing and have that work out for him. Everyone says he's an idiot but he rules a planet, he can go anywhere he wants, he is completely immortal, he can drink all he wants and he has been flashed by Minity. Not bad for an idiot.

Quaxo, I really like hearing/reading about the creative process as well. I find the whole thing fascinating. I look forward to reading what you post.

10-02-2004, 07:19 PM
i'm learning from the master.

when did he get flashed by Minity?

10-02-2004, 07:36 PM
I'm with the Q continuum on this: listening to writers talk about writing (or reading them write about writing) is definitely interesting. I'm not much of a writer at all but may as well join in, if nothing else that might smoke some more cool stories out of the woodwork.

As for my characters. I started in the RP forum six or so months back and have never done anything like this before. I had been reading the stories for a while beforehand but waited until I had a couple of character ideas before jumping in. Gamma was the first of these ideas to take flight under its own power, so I just threw him into the first out-of-continuity storyline that was going on (Carsona's Couture, if I remember right). A while beforehand I had read the book version of "The Evil of the Daleks" and found the humanized Daleks at the end to be delightful and hilarious. (Those of you who haven't seen Daleks in action ought to be warned that in all but two of their television appearances they have been vicious, cunning, merciless killing machines with no redeeming characteristics). Anyway. In that serial, the humanized Daleks had been given names - Alpha, Beta and Omega - and taught to be individuals. They then went around teaching other Daleks to be individuals. I basically invented an unseen Dalek from that show, called it "Gamma" (no Hulk reference intended: it was just the next available Greek letter), figured out how to get it from the "Doctor Who" universe to the CG universe, and most of the rest is just warped silliness and ad-libbing. The funny font used for Gamma's dialogue is meant to represent the sort of strangled metallic squawks Daleks normally make.

The other character idea I had was a werewolf character. Eirik was originally going to be the werewolf, but the storyline called for normal, not supernatural, characters so I had to come up with a new personality on the fly and I didn't do a good job on it at all. The bit about his character I feel succeeded most is one that's never really been touched on in the storyline itself: I've basically translated concepts from the local mythology into English and used it as his religion, e.g. the Great Lady of the Night he mistakes Saja for is a translation of Hine-nui-te-po, the local Death. (Not as cute as Death of the Endless or even Lady Death, but definitely cuter than the Grim Reaper). He's currently inactive, but I don't think he's gone for good: I've got an idea brewing for him further down the track.

Eventually I had the opportunity to start writing for the werewolf character I'd originally thought of, and created Eldon. (I do have great problems thinking up names. This was the first one I pulled out of thin air that didn't sound silly... after half an hour or so of trying!) The idea was basic werewolf (I freely admit that I think werewolves are incredibly cool on general principle), heavily influenced by Pratchett's werewolves, but the catalyst for his actual character was a short story in which dragons which were born dragons hated and despised dragons which were humans changed into dragon form by a curse. I thought "how cool would that be if it was about a werewolf?" and then started asking myself questions: why hate him? why this? why that? A lot of these questions I had, well, not answered but followed down a chain of other questions, by the time I first posted for him. Some of the answers surprised me, and I didn't particularly like how they were going, but they definitely gave the character a bit of an edge. Eldon's history is much more bleak than I had originally considered it to be. Basically the character is not exaggerating when he looks back with horror on what he has done. I don't have definite future plans for Eldon (although I know what he is going to do the next day and night), but I do have an idea for him which I PM'd to that planet's creator a couple of months back.

(It's been quite amusing to see another character named Eldon spring up a few months later. I'm not complaining at all, and am probably going to wait a bit longer before dropping the bombshell on that other character's creator, mainly because I'll need a continuity favour eventually, and one of his characters would be best suited to deliver it).

Bert's my latest character, I haven't done anything really with him yet but he's fairly much as I've described him in his one IC post so far. I'm hoping for him to be an occasional character rather than a full-time one, I'm notoriously slow at writing things and don't want to hold up people's storylines (this is another problem I had with Eirik).

I've got a couple of other characters in the pipeline. Gamma's going to get his own nightmare once the QC#1 crew visit the Realm of Nightmares, and I've been trying to think up a "First" character for a few months now. I do have the basic idea sketched out (half in a text file, half in my head) but he's the sort of character who would need to be carefully worked out before going public with him. I'd also rather get his parents figured out beforehand, rather than just going straight ahead... I know that isn't the "done thing" around here, but I've never been much for following rules anyway *;)

10-02-2004, 08:44 PM
when did he get flashed by Minity?
Early on in the "Hail to the Chief" thread.

And now another origin.
Ilona came about because Banter wouldn't let the character fade away into the background as I had intended. On Planet M, BB's werewolf character, Sargulus, needed to travel to the continent of Disne-stralia. So I created a nameless red haired female vampire to pilot the boat for Sargulus. I expected it to be a one post trip, but Sargulus began to hit on the vampire. She responded with threats of skinning him and using his fur as a bathmat or something. Then after the trip I all but forgot about the character.
But then during an invasion of Planet M Sargulus asked to work with the female vampire when he was given the task of protecting the elf village. So I had to give the character a name. I found the name Ilona somewhere in the back of a book called "In Search of Dracula". And I had forgotten that the character originally had red hair and so she now has black hair. No body caught that mistake so I don't need to explain the color change. As with most of my Planet M characters I grew attached to Ilona and decided to give her an account and have RPed her ever since.

Jason Sanborn
10-02-2004, 08:52 PM
It was July 2003 when I first joined the CG Forum. At the time, I mostly was on the Couch. Well, there was a thread that started on the couch, a joke mostly, about CrossGen the Cereal, with the bendable Ashleigh Action Figure inside. Well, Jas first appeared as the hero trying to rescue the CrossGen the Cereal from the theif, Evil Giraffe, who stole all the Cereal in some maniacal plan to rule the world. The story was sort of like a Dudley Do Right kind of story that was fun to do.

Well, at the same time, I began talking to Meteoro about actually joining the RP Forum. So M and I created this huge backstory for Jas, with him being the first born of Meteoro and Jasmin.

Kalor was originally created to be a friend to Jas, to be able to heal and teleport Jas when necessary. Instead, his personality became more carefree, and he was the one that was instrumental in having Jas recover his lost memories.

So, SL advanced. Jas met and fell in love with Quaxo. Kalor found Jas's Memory Crystal. Then there was a big meeting at the Sinister School, where Jas got his crystal and his memories, found out M was his father, and discovered that Jasmin had cursed M and Jas to stay together.

Of course, Jas and Quaxo are now married. The curse has been broken. Jas and Quaxo have a son and an adopted daughter, and Jas was just given a council position in a United Elysia. All this in just over a year of RP. It's been a blast! :D

10-03-2004, 06:04 PM
It’s really nice to read about how some of the characters came into “living”. *Very enjoyable reading so far ;). *I have such stories for my tons of characters, so I’ll be sharing them with you. *One at a time :mrgreen:

Well, Meteoro is pretty simple. *:whaat: *I wore this name as my nick on chat rooms and stuff before I found out about roleplaying. *Meteoro was the name in Spanish of the main character of that corny TV Show that I liked so much as a kid called “Speed Racer”. *In Spanish it was called “Meteoro”, which was the translated name of the main character. *The thing is, I liked it mostly because it made sense both in Spanish and in English.

So, I joined the boards and one day I saw people roleplaying their characters as Sigil Bearers, Secundae and First (which corresponded with the amount of posts on the forum). *I thought, let’s make Meteoro a God. *And well, with such a name, his powers were more than obvious :whaat:. *So I made Meteoro the God of Meteors :mrgreen:, later called the God of Falling Rocks (sounds much cooler). *Since I wanted to establish some differences between my character and others, I made Meteoro a non-flying First. *He needed a meteor to step on so he could soar through the air. *His other trademark was actually invented by Jack Kirby :mrgreen: *Yup, the Boom Tube. *I always liked the way it “exploded” when it was used, and since Meteoro was not shy, it would fit him perfectly. *I was really happy to see that the Boom Tube got so welcomed at the forum and now its myths have evolved beyond my grasp. *:thumleft:

At first, Meteoro was just messing around and ruining other people’s storylines :razz: *I remember a time when Xan set a basket fruit for Bard, to make peace with her, when I sent Meteoro and stole the fruit basket and ate them all. *Heehee! *Bard really wanted to kill me. *:mrgreen:

Then, Meteoro, both character and poster, fell inlove with Sil (platonically speaking, obviously ;) ). *So, I played my character this way, always getting the short end because she loved Neo Avatar. *This love triangle was a beautiful thing to play. *Meteoro and Neo were friends and rivals and many touching scenes were played during this time. *Meteoro was Neo and Sil’s best man at their wedding, imagine that ;). *Poor M, couldn’t even say a word back then, he was so overwhelmed.

When Meteoro met Brynhild, it was a breath of fresh air. *At first, she was a villain siding with the Ancient Gods. *Somehow out of the blue, they had this… *uh… *:oops:… *“moment” the dungeons of Planet M and from there, they’ve been inlove.

Most of you know that I love parody :whaat:, so, what a nice twist to bring Meteoro back from the dead in his Meteoro Red and Meteoro Yellow shapes. *Heehee! *I loved it so much. *And thanks Nestl, who had lots of credit during this storyline.

Of course, many people have interacted with my character and have left their mark on him. *Benbrass, Jas, Mystic Chronicler, Gator, Bard, Mattson, Lestat, Banter, to just name a few. *Of course, there are lots more, just don’t want people to feel excluded. *Now that I think of it, Qwaring hasn’t left his mark on Meteoro :?. *Considering he’s had all of my other characters scarred for life, I think time is overdue. *:shocked:

Anyway, every now and then, I’ve had to refresh my character because he’s so intense and I don’t want to render him stale. *At the moment he’s out of the picture, but nice things are being planned with him.

Thanks for listening my rant!

8) M 8)

Clones of QC#1
10-03-2004, 06:42 PM
Now that I think about it Qwaring hasn't interacted with a lot of other First. :?

10-03-2004, 07:06 PM
No, I haven't run into him yet Qwar. :dunno:

I love seeing how characters end up being WAY different than you originally planned. *Qwar, you Adam character is a GREAT example of that.

Okay, here's another good one:

I had been planning on leaving the RP forum for a LONG time.
I put a great deal of planning into how to kill my character. *What I resolved was that it had to be stopping someone noone else could to save Elysia. *So, I decided why not killing Rupiku?
M and I started planning what would become, to this day one of my favorite SLs.
Why? *Cause noone had any clue what was going on!!! :roll: *:p
Even thought I was at the center of planning the SL so many chaotic things were happenning that noone could keep track of them all, and, by the time M had returned (or Ms I guess) and I had died, the thread we had to show for it was awesome!!! *(Great job everybody on that one! ;) )

Oh, right, the character.
As my death became more and more immenant I started to think that maybe I wouldn't leave the forum.
I started planning a way for Nestl to come back. *I figured if Nestl "unwishes" himself he won't exist, so he'll have to return from another reality.
Since Nestl was always Meteoro's "Secondae Sidekick" and, well a nobody :oops: *I decided why not make a reality where Nestl is the HOTTEST THING!!! *Running with the idea I created a clone called "Secondae Sidekick Meteoro." *But, that wasn't all. *I decided that Nestl would be a celebrity in this universe and that famous First here like Ingra and Pyrem would only be reporters trying to get the next big scoop on him.

Now, as time passed I started to get sick of this idea and ditched it. *Secondae sidekick Meteoro was never heard of again... *BUT the clone I had made for Pyrem stuck. *I thought why couldn't Pyrem's character be a joke? *So, form then on, he joined my other clones in their battle against Rupiku as the Actor slash model Pyrem: Celebrity.

You really gotta laugh when you think of how much ideas and plans can change, eh? :p

10-03-2004, 07:19 PM
Sprouse001 is or was my online name on AOL. most of the time if i start a name ona web site its "Sprouse001". i used it on the CG boards just to chat and post and whatever. never really intended to become a First,Secundae,God or whatever. i was just having fun.

the God Of Dorito's can from the Orphanage. someone had an Orb of some kind of power and thay had to make a wish. i grabbed it and said how about some doritos. the orphanage was filled with doritos. after that, when i became a first, my power was based on Dorito's. has a Sword Of Doritos. i had fun playing with it. i even was part of a story line. i hada great time doing that.

now i'm here. having lots of fun with all of yall. now i'm gonna see what i can do with my clones.what i can do with them.

10-03-2004, 07:34 PM
You know, Pyrem, the actor, has always struck me as such a fun character.

Oh, yes, I remember Sprouse claiming to be the God of Doritos! *He was there during the "birth" of Little M!!! *:shocked:

:thumleft: M :thumright:

10-04-2004, 01:16 PM
The dragons were created to pick on Juno, Mini Juno, and Qwaring's Clone #1 when they came to Lord Mattson's Keep. There were always talk of dragons being there and they wanted to eat the group when they woke them up.

After that they just started to take a life of their own.

10-04-2004, 01:28 PM
um, i think when I first created Minity, she was somewhat nice, but through out the stories, she has become more aggressive, and just mean to some people...she also doesnt seem to be shy

and the angels...they were created simply to give Minity added power, there are only few that have actual qualities

10-04-2004, 01:43 PM
Let's see Sojourn Fan (nor was I creative when I registered, it was my yahoo account) was introduced into RP mostly because I was bored one night at my work and had nothing to do. I checked out the RP forum and figured I'd post in the Secundae Orphanage since it was for newcomers. I really had no idea what I was doing at first. I never RPed before. SF developed and matured as a characters I got ideas for her. People helped me and SF went to be an archer with TK and teleportation powers (taken from the fact I liked archery and the show Charmed). She became Dexter because I thought Yala ruled.

In fact, I had SF go to Planet M during the Anubis battle although I really didn't know what was happening but everyone was there and talking about it, so I learned about RP fast (;) ). Although it was good idea since I got Corey to RP as Optimus and then we took the couple off from there.

Looking back never thought I have SF married, 4 kids, and running the Dexter School now.

My other characters were created for SL reasons. Doogie Howser came b/c I needed a doctor to deliever Res. The characters I have at the Dexter School were created because I like the characters I based them on and I figured students and teachers would be needed. Tullah was created to show a little of what life is like for the mortals of the Saber Vortex.

Cid was just to be OP's uncle but became Zeus when I got the idea of Greek Gods coming in and having Hera around. I figured Zeus would have to be around to control Hera's plans.

Zanna is another name Hera took, like Celeste was. I thought it be good idea to say more how she met Anubis and how Mil came about.

Raine was created to give life to the baby SF and OP lost. She is a combination of both of their powers. The adult Raine came from an idea with Night although it didn't get developed all the way. Bringing Raine came from watching an episode of Charmed were two of the characters who were broken up went to another realm where lost souls were. It inspired me and I dicussed with Corey how we could work Raine into being alive.

Originally I never intended for the baby to be brought to life.

Optimus Prime
10-04-2004, 01:49 PM
Optimus Prime name came because Optimus Prime was my favorite Transformer. Since Jenny was posting SF as a "good girl", I figured OP would be a good guy and needed a heroic name. She got me to RP and although I had no idea what was going during the battle with Anubis I posting him showing up. Later Jenny and I and others showed that OP was from the future and left his time to be with SF. Pretty much he developed as we got ideas for OP and SF. He had fire powers because of his temper, although at 1st he was going to use different elemental powers, but fire stuck out the most. The Boss was created to be his enemy and developed and kept coming back to cause chaos for OP and his family. I picked Dexter since I thought OP leaned more toward that.

Most characters were for RP purposes, like the ones I have at the school. Wanda came to pick on Doogie and Ally McBeal. Saul was created to show mortal life on the Saber Vortex. Tiger was created to be a love interest for the adult Raine.

10-04-2004, 02:00 PM
Grimlock is because the dinbots rule and I couldn't think what to register as.

The RP Grimlock came about because I checked out the Orphanage and got an idea for a character who lost her memories. It all came from a video game my daughter and I were playing. Although I changed some things a little.

Lana was created because I loved playing FFX and Yuna was my favorite character in the game. I just think the summoners are cool.

Honor's Angel
10-04-2004, 02:08 PM
Honor's Angel name came about because I thought it sounded cool. Jenny and Corey told me about the boards and RP, although I never really checked them out although I bought the comics before. Anyway they said they were thinking of having a daughter said they help me along, so I agreed. I based her on angels.

Her powers came out because I thought healing would be good for her since she was angel like. Although the draining came from a game I played to bring back her energies. She could fly becuase she had angel wings and I always liked the idea of shapeshifting but never could work it in until after Tenise came about. Legna is an evil opposite Empress of Angel. Angel developed alot with the help of K Dogg and Mil.

Tenise was to be friend of K DOgg and Mil in the past and talking and plotting I got big ideas for her and I brought Colby to have a crush on her.

Molly Haron came becuase Lolli asked me to take part in Underworld SL although I was stuck for an idea until I read Jas' idea for Frank. Since Frank is like Monk (from USA show), I decided to make Molly like Sharona, Monk's nurse.

Rinoa is for the Dexter School.

Angel went a lot further than I thought she would mostly because ideas and help kept maturing her. She became a lot stronger over time.