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08-10-2011, 02:32 PM
Bossus – Planet Pillion

The sun crested the horizon to greet a new day. Its pin sized light shone with an intense green hue on the swirling landscape. The mists of a myriad of gasses rose up in celebration, jostling for the sweet kiss of warmth after resting in the relative calm of night.

Within the seemingly endless mist was a figure. Vaguely humanoid in appearance, it had no colour whatsoever, as if the universe ended at the outline of its form. It moved not at all. It was not lying on anything solid, or attached to anything, it simply hung as if suspended. It was just there, hanging in the air as the world around it shook and shuddered in a violent swirling mass, as if in protest to its presence.

The figure seemed to change, taking on a more humanoid form. Light still could not penetrate it, but it did seem to change. In fact, the intense light of this world seemed to fall back and lose ground to the darkness as features came into sharper relief. It opened two black eyes, almost indistinguishable from the rest of it. They looked upon this world for the first time.

Darting its eyes around in confusion, words seemed to form in its head, words it understood, but did not know why it did.

His name was Bossus.

Turning his head from side to side, he saw the swirling mass of gas assault his body from all sides. He didn’t know what it was, or why it seemed to be attacking him. He didn’t know what to do about it either, but knew that something needed to be done. After a while, he started to get irritated by the swirling cacophony of movement buffeting his body to no apparent end. He focussed outward at the air and the wind seemed to lessen. Trying a bit harder, he found that he could make a small circle around his body that contained no wind. Progress!

Yes, he said to himself, this is much better. He wanted to see more of this place, to see where he was and what else was around. He concentrated a little and tried to move himself and the bubble. He wasn’t certain that anything was happening, but he thought he could sense movement of some kind. Happy with his apparent progress, he suddenly slammed into a wall of liquid, immersing himself deep under. The bubble had stayed intact, however, so other than being startled, he had come to no physical harm.

Willing the bubble to hover just above the liquid, which was just as active as the swirling air, but much more powerful and violent, Bossus reoriented himself so that he was perpendicular to the fluid, which seemed more natural to him (it felt right).

Wishing to see more of this place, he started to glide along the top of this ocean of unknown fluid (which on Earth would be called liquid Helium), he proceeded to explore the world around him.

08-10-2011, 04:50 PM

Half an universe away, orbiting real close to a white star that some astronomers simply named Bianca-36, there was Crystal World, a planet that was real hard to find because of its small size and it's closeness to its sun. Because of its location, you would immediately imagine this was a very hot planet, but it was not. Basically constructed with crystals and reflective minerals, it managed to send away enough heat to generate a life of its own, with the only base material that would survive being so close from such a mother star.

All kind of creatures dwelled in this extremely bright world, but they were not really of our interest right now, because there was just one being, a mysterious woman who didn't have a kind to live with and lived all by herself detached from any other living creature.

This woman was named Luxia, but she had never heard anyone call her like that. She had woken up just a few years ago in a fortress at the top of the Emerald Mountain and unlike her environment, she wasn't made of crystals. Still, managed to survive in such an extreme environment. She took ownership of the big structure where she had come to her senses because there was no one else around to tell her otherwise. During this time, she sought for other people like her and wanted knowledge, but she found none. When she woke up she wasn't a baby; she was fully grown up and had some skills that allowed her to instruct herself with the basic information she needed. She knew how to read Krystals and understand what these transparent rocks had seen through their life. Through them, she got visions of other beings, much like her, who dwelled in the Fortress of Emerald Mountain, but she couldn't understand them in the same way the Krystals couldn't understand her predecessors. She wondered why she was all by herself and the lack of knowledge troubled her deeply. She needed to know, she longed for a connection with other beings; other than the recurring flashes she kept getting of other people's lives and other living beings far away from her world. She longed to meet them, even if some of them seemed to be vicious creatures.

Today would have been no different than other bright days, but something within her had her deeply troubled. She was at an extreme unease and walked around the Fortress reading Krystals in a frantic way like she never did before.

“Something is happening, I can feel it inside. I need to know. I have to.” Luxia looked around, all over the place trying to understand. She had rarely found an answer to her troubles and that wasn't going to change, but today, for once, she needed some relief. She continued moving around and stopped in front of a wall that worked as a mirror. She stared at her own reflection and got another precognitive flash. She was surrounded by darkness and shadows. She felt a sense of coldness growing inside like she never did before. “Shadows... These are shadows... I didn't know they were this cold...”

01-30-2012, 09:27 AM

Bossus – Planet Pillion

Bossus looked up at his surroundings and felt good. He had been in this place for many light/dark cycles and the cave he had started calling home was starting to feel right. Looking back at the hole he had made in the glacier, he pictured a more rounded edge to the entrance and immediately the ice reformed itself into a twisted arch that he liked better. Walking back inside, he looked at the pictures he had drawn on the walls. That work had been difficult as he had to control the images precisely or it would turn out wrong. Most of his work up to that point had been with large excavations, and moving large amounts of ice, but he found the small details much more difficult and more fun in the end.

He stopped to look at one of his first drawings. It had been one of his first lessons. It showed him under a piece of ice not able to move, and next to it was a picture of him pointing at the piece of ice in mid-air. He never forgot that lesson. In this place, he could not use his body to lift things, and that only his pictures can move things or make them happen.

He could now control his surroundings fairly well, his abilities had developed quickly and he was getting stronger every day. At first, the strain of turning his mental pictures into reality were hard , and left him tired, but now he could move large amounts of ice and liquid with but a mere thought, and could leave the tiniest impressions in the ice without strain.

He had visited most of the areas on this world, and found that he liked his home. He had been surprised that the ice and the liquid were the same thing. He had learned that fact watching some of the red liquid rock squeeze out of the ground, and changing the ice into liquid.

No one knew more about the world than he did!

Having conquered the planet, he felt like there was more to existing that what he had experienced so far. He could feel the energy from the planet beneath him, but he could also feel even more energy outside his large world.

He had even briefly ventured off the world. He had floated above the clouds one day, just at the cusp of space and looked out at the tiny dots. He wondered if they were worlds like his, and how many others like him existed. If there was one person for every dot, there would be a lot of people to meet and play with. He wondered if they knew how good he was at shaping things. He would be impressive when he made the decision to go meet them. With this thought, he rushed happily back to his home to continue shaping it. He would impress them all with his skill.

12-17-2017, 08:44 AM

Standing by the windows of her fortress, Luxia allowed her stare to travel into the bright hot sky. Crystal World was so close to the sun that she had never experienced night; so, the darkness that was such a common place to other worlds was completely unknown to her. And without a night, she had never seen the spark of other stars that brought light and shadow to other worlds. Some of which were just empty rocks, but there were others with living creatures just like her, with a deep urge of a connection.

She put her palm on the warm crystal and wondered about other worlds and they were inhabited by creatures just like her. She knew there were others in her world, but they were something else. They had every right to be alive, but they were like floating dust to her. Not because they didn’t matter, but because they were too simple compared to her nature. She wasn’t proud of her complexities, nor of her urge of a different kind of connection.

She knew she had to do something. She was growing stagnant and wasn’t going nowhere. Unless--

Standing in front of a mirror, instinctively she made some gestures in front of the crystal, pouring on it her wishes and hoping for the best. She knew there were energies inside of her she could put to some use. Some would call it “magic”, “universal energy”, some others would see in her “the power of a First.” She didn’t care what it was, all she knew was that this was her way out.

“Here goes nothing--” She finally said as the mirror started to shine with a light of its own.

Luxia took a deep breath and stepped into it. As if walking through a door, she stepped into the world of Pillion. The coldness hit her hard--

12-19-2017, 01:33 AM

Bossus – Planet Pillion

Looking around in amusement, Bossus stepped through the door to the palace vault of the First of Chromius. Looking around mischievously, he stopped and stared at the vast treasure lying in front of him. He didn’t understand why many of the sentient creatures of the worlds he had visited loved the shiny metals and crystallized rock so much, he had always preferred the look of simple ice. With a thought, Bossus reached into the treasures and re-arranged the protons, neutrons and electrons to transform the treasures into pure ice, and gas. Once completed, he simply popped out into the courtyard and walked away.

Over the years, Bossus had travelled. He had discovered many things, things of wonder and amazement. His first meeting with other lifeforms had not gone well. Bossus had been so excited at meeting other beings that he thought to praise them by making their world look like his. That lesson had been difficult, as everyone vanished beneath the depths of the sea of Helium, unmoving and unresponsive. It had taken many years to understand that not all beings were like him. He was special. He returned to this place from time to time to remember the lesson he had learned. The entire solar system had changed, and the planet he had modified was falling into its Sun. Bossus had not put things back the way he had found for two reasons. The first was that he did not yet know how to create life, and the second, was that he wanted a blunt reminder of his mistake.

He had also learned that he could not appear to all beings as he had been created. He needed to alter his appearance for these creatures, blend into the background in order to learn about them. To most creatures, life seemed to be a struggle to survive; The need to live. Bossus found the creatures interesting and no longer tried to interfere with them, but simply to understand. He had to admit to himself that he did interfere on occasion.

In the last few days on Chromius, he had started to feel something pulling at him. He had the impression that he was needed elsewhere. In the back of his mind he thought that it might be caused by another being like him. He had decided to explore his feeling after he was done on Chromius. He had just bankrupted the First, who no longer had the funds to wage a holy war on his neighbors.

At that thought, alarms could be heard from the palace, and soldiers poured out of everywhere. Bossus simply changed his appearance into that of an old man, and continued walking towards the outer gates towards the slums.

12-19-2017, 05:08 PM

On a whim, Luxia arrived ages ago to this planet that was so alien to her. At first she was confused. The cold, mostly, gave her a sense of weakness that lasted for so long that she grew used to it. At one time, she tried to get back to Crystal World, but she was no longer able to step through the glass of a mirror into her home. The cold proved being more than just uncomfortable, it robbed her of part of her might, and as diminished as she was, she could no longer leave.

This world was paradise. Unlike Crystal World, its sun didn’t bathe the lands with a killing radiation. Nor the people nor the ground needed to be protected against its harm and that was something she wasn’t expecting. But as beautiful as Pillion was, it wasn’t home. Loneliness was the same, with the aggravation that she felt lost. She exchanged boredom for uncertainty and she just couldn’t shake off that feeling.

At different moments during her long stay, she tried to blend with this world’s population, but she just couldn’t relate. Many times she gave up as well, and ended up taking a path on her own. At least for now.

For the past fifty years or so, Luxia built a very simple cottage by the Eternal Lake. She liked the sounds of life around the water, the cold breeze and the light of the stars at night. The fact that many considered that particular place haunted only made it more likeable for her. The Lake rarely got any visitors and that’s how she liked it.

She did her best to change her loneliness for solitude. But deep inside, she kept on remembering the reason that first brought her into this world. She felt a connection with something… with someone; but sadly, it was gone the very moment she arrived to Pillion. She always wondered what had happened…

And so, she kept on living, waiting, wondering…

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Harmonia Glorious Pentageon (Harmony)
Pillion – Village of Prosperity

Harmony slipped out of a crack in the air in an abandoned alleyway of the town of Prosperity, located on planet Pillion. She had worked out the purchase years in advance as a possible venue for her shop. Unseen by any of the locals, who were now waiting out the last minutes until the start of curfew safely in their homes, she felt relief that her instructions had been followed. Harmony had selected her entrance carefully with the seller many years prior to her arrival. She didn’t have to dig to know that the emblem had been buried in this exact spot as she had instructed. She smiled and took the amulet hanging around her neck and tucked it back under her blouse.

She had never been to Pillion before, but had a detailed map of the city in her hands and she was close to her new house. She had paid large sums of money to make sure that everything would be ready in case she needed to move here suddenly. The move had been more sudden than she had originally though. Then again, the rich and privileged never followed her instructions, and sometimes her devices failed. Harmony walked out of the alley, spotted the door to her new shop and entered. It was never a good idea to violate curfew on the very first day.

The inside was exactly as she had requested. Most of the shop was empty, but everything was cleaned thoroughly. Her living quarters in the back were sparsely furnished, again, as requested. She put her satchel on the floor, reached in and pulled out a large black satin curtain, a hammer, and some odd looking turquoise nails. She nailed the top corners first, then the bottom corners. Once satisfied that everything was in place, she touched tiny crystals embedded on each of the special nails. They glowed a faint blue. Harmony smiled at herself and stepped through the gateway she had just created.

Harmony entered a cave, which was filled with furniture, equipment and food that she had arranged to be delivered just before leaving. She grabbed a few items that she thought she would need, returned to her new lodgings in the town of Prosperity and prepared to sleep.

Before going to bed, she walked up to the storefront widow, pulled open the curtains, waved at the city watch who had just started their patrols, and hung a “Help Wanted” sign. It was time she got things up and running again. Step one: Get help.

12-22-2017, 09:20 PM

The different lands of Pillion were always marked by the big differences in power and richness. A very few had it all, while most people simply had nothing. The Village of Prosperity was no exception. And as much as you could see the people work from dawn ‘til dusk, plowing the land, raising cattle, struggling with a commerce that lacked any sense; there was always this immense and impenetrable castle that robbed the village of its everyday morning light. While the people felt both scared and protected by the royal family, there was so little they would dare change, because the rulers had been chosen by the Gods and simple mortals just wouldn’t defy Their wrath.

“No!” King Aestimo word was final.

“But, my beloved King, a school would give the people an opportunity to aspire to a better life. We are dooming the village’s kids to repeat the lives of their parents. Living in fear is no life…”

“Did I stutter?” The King said not really asking a question. “They are fine the way they are. They work, they marry, they procreate and then they die. It’s the life the Gods wanted for them and it is their sacred duty to live by Their word. It’s the law.”

“But, Sir, we all know the Gods…”

King Aestimo gave the counselor a cold stare. “Don’t you dare finishing that sentence. You know what happens to blasphemers.”

Counselor Ray lowered his face. “I’m really sorry,” he said, “I didn’t mean to upset you. Please forgive my over enthusiasm. I completely understand what the Gods expect of us...”

“You can leave now, Counselor Ray” the King interrupted.

The Counselor stood up as fast as he could and walked to the door. His legs were shaking, but other than that, he was in control… Even if it was obvious he was screaming inside. He had made a mistake and it could cost him dearly.

As soon as the door closed, King Aestimo allowed himself a deep sigh.

“Moron,” he said out loud, knowing there was no one around to listen to his words. “We need the people to stay stupid. How else do you think we’ve stayed in power this long?”

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
12-28-2017, 08:40 PM

Just past down was entirely too early to be up and about. Delia had always felt that way, and today's excursion just reinforced her earlier feelings on the matter. However, it just couldn't be helped today. Her brother had come in from the night watch practically bubbling with news: there was a Help Wanted sign on a new store! He was just agog that there was a new store, and they were even advertising for help. that almost never happened in the Village of Prosperity these days. It was amazing just to see.

Delia, however, had her own reasons to be interested. Her Aunt had taken her on a trip to "tour the country" last year, and ever since she'd come home, she'd seen how downtrodden everyone was here. It was like no one could pull themselves ahead; if they tried, they'd just get knocked back for their trouble. It wasn't like that on the trip; in other places, people could become someone. She wasn't sure how to turn Prosperity into a place more like the places she and her aunt had visited, but there had to be a way to improve something around here. Getting out of the house and away from her family's watchful eyes would really help, and this job might be just the excuse she needed for that. Which was why she was out so early: she wanted to apply before someone else got the position first.

There it was! It was just a little sign in the window, but it clearly said "Help Wanted." It had to be the one her brother mentioned; Delia couldn't imagine there being two signs like that in Prosperity at once. Delis dashed over to the shop, went to the door, and froze. Did she dare? This was a huge step. If she messed up...

She bit her lips, then sighed. Then she straightened up, looked firmly at the door, raised her hand, and knocked loudly. She didn't know if she dared, but she didn't dare not to.

12-29-2017, 10:18 AM

Luxia came out of the little cabin she owned by the lake and allowed the morning sun to bathe her body. This was one of the small morning delights she enjoyed the most. During all the time she had been at Pillion, she realized the sun was her main source of power and probably this was also the reason why she was no longer able to teleport out of this world. Crystal World was so close to her sun that she had an unlimited source of energy. At Pillion, not only the warmth of the sun was much lower, but time was split between day and night. The result was that she lacked the energy to return home…

Time passed and she made her peace with it. For a while she even tried her best to find the connection she so desperately seeked…

She walked by a tomb surrounded by flowers.

“Liam…” she said, “I wish I had known you better, but your life was so brief.”

Liam was her husband for over twenty years. He passed away when he was forty-two, having lived a long and peaceful life. "Long" acconding to mortal standards, but to Luxia, his life was as brief as a breath.

Luxia did like Liam, but saying that she loved him would have been a stretch. On his part, Liam found the love of his life in Luxia. But she knew this love wouldn’t last long and it didn’t. Death was a permanent mark on mortals, a dagger pending over their heads waiting for the clock to signal its time to fall. Twenty years were such a short time for her, an eternal Goddess in the search of something that needed a little more than mortals could give. As much as she tried, she didn’t get the chance to feel the connection with Liam she wanted so badly. He faded away all too soon and she built a garden around his corpse.

This day in particular, Luxia wasn’t feeling at ease. As of now, every day seemed the same for her and, as beautiful as the Eternal Lake was, she wanted… she needed something else. Liam was a distraction that didn't last long, but his time had passed and mourning never started; she just stayed at the home they built out of habit, nothing more. She had to make some other plans.

Her eyes looked North and wondered about the Village of Prosperity. That was Liam’s hometown and she only visited it once. That very moment it was evident he wasn’t that comfortable about bringing her with him. Luxia was a beacon of attention for everyone, and Liam didn’t like it. He said it was dangerous. Luxia never understood what he meant, but if he didn't want her at the village, she wouldn't complain. That town mattered so little to her, after all.

But time passed, Liam was long gone and boredom had reached a point of no return for Luxia.

She went back into the cabin and grabbed some golden coins that she treasured after Liam’s passing. He always told her they would be of use. And just like that, she started walking North. The Village of Prosperity would be her destination.

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http://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab35/GurglingOoze/image-of-sue-ellen_zpswyxzmmmf.jpg (http://s847.photobucket.com/user/GurglingOoze/media/image-of-sue-ellen_zpswyxzmmmf.jpg.html)
Harmonia Glorious Pentageon (Harmony)
Pillion – Village of Prosperity

Harmony heard a knock at the door. She picked up a small cloth and wiped the dust off of her hands, she straightened her bright red hat, and made her way to the door. Opening it, she saw a young girl standing there. Well, she thought, time to meet the locals.

"Come on in, Child. This is a shop, there's no need to knock. All are welcome here." Harmony said with a little flourish.

"My name is Harmony, and I am the owner of this shop. Can I assume that you are here about the help wanted sign? Before we get started, can you read and write and do your numbers?" Harmony smiled her warmest most welcoming smile to the young girl who looked terrified. She was ever thankful for the hat she was wearing, which she had made many years earlier, and translated languages instantly. She had created it as part of her training, and it was the symbol of her trade.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
01-03-2018, 08:16 PM

Delia darted in when the woman opened the door, and looked around nervously. Now that she was here, she was scared of going thru with this... almost as scared as she was of not going thru with this. So she took a deep breath, and said quickly, before she could decide to just leave... "Thank you. I'm not a girl; I'm sixteen, and know how to work hard. Yes, I'm here about the job. Yes, I can read, write and do numbers... well, as well as anyone can around here if you don't live in the castle. I hope that's good enough?"

She looked at the woman uncertainly, hoping fervently that her smile would stay as nice as it was. If she didn't get this job, she didn't know how she could start changing things like they so badly needed to be changed.

01-04-2018, 08:01 AM
http://i847.photobucket.com/albums/ab35/GurglingOoze/image-of-sue-ellen_zpswyxzmmmf.jpg (http://s847.photobucket.com/user/GurglingOoze/media/image-of-sue-ellen_zpswyxzmmmf.jpg.html)
Harmonia Glorious Pentageon (Harmony)
Pillion – Village of Prosperity

As Harmony listened to the young girl speak, she liked what she heard. She could read, write and was willing to speak up. This girl would do. Reaching into her Pockets, she pulled out two items, which she placed carefully into an open palm, and presented to the young girl...lady, standing before her.

Harmony then gestured to the eager applicant and said, "I'm happy with what I have heard so far. If you look in my hands, you will see two items."

"The first is wrapped in a small cloth, and is a friend stone. It allows you to enter the back rooms of the shop behind the main counter. You need to have this with you all the time in order to get to the back area of the store, so if you lose it, I need to know right away. The stone will bind to the first person who touches it, so it will only work for you."

"The second stone is a cleansing stone. If you add it to a pot of water with food in it, it will make the food safe to eat, and the water safe to drink. I don't know how much to pay you yet, so you can use this for the next day or so as payment until I figure it out. It will work ten (10) times before the charm fades and it doesn't work anymore. You will know because the runes you see on the stone will vanish. The stone will remove poison and make rotten food safe to eat. It might not taste good, but it won't hurt you."

"So if you accept, then you need to tell me your name, and take the stones. I need a Store Clerk to help me run things here and I have a good feeling about you." Harmony finishes with a small wave to the items in her hard. She stopped speaking, smiled again and waited for the young lady to decide.

Anne Elizabeth Baldwin
01-22-2018, 01:29 PM

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm Delia... Soren's daughter."

She hesitantly took the stones. She'd never seen magic before, not even on her trip with her Aunt. She carefully tucked them into her belt pouch and tied the pouch tightly shut. then she paused, and tucked the pouch inside her skirt, instead of outside, where it had been hanging. These stones sounded too precious to keep in an obvious pouch.

"Thank you for giving me this chance. I'll try my very best to help you any way I can." Delia smiled hopefully.

01-27-2018, 11:15 AM

It took Luxia a while to get to the Village of Prosperity. She was in no rush, no rush at all. Her long life had thought her patience and, even if she was looking forward to the next chapter in her life, she knew things were already rolling and that she didn’t have to put any pressure for her future to unravel.

As she entered the Village of Prosperity, she looked at the poor houses and got hit by the stench of poverty. It hadn’t changed one bit since that one time she visited it. A few men were sleeping on the floor, drowning in their own filth, reeking of alcohol. It was obvious they hadn’t had a good meal in ages, and alcohol seemed to be the only escape they could get from such a harsh life. She pitied them, but she didn’t stop.

A man stared at her holding his breath. She looked so bright and it contrasted so much with this dark town. Of course she stood out. That was exactly what Liam feared the most.

In a mix of surprise and anticipation, the man moved closer to her and took a small knife out of his shredded pocket. He showed it to her doing his best to look in control.

“Give me… give me whatever you’re carrying!” He waved the knife with little certainty.

Luxia looked at him completely unafraid and continued her way as if he was nothing.

“Stop!,” the man said. “Give me your richness or I’ll kill you.”

Luxia stopped for a second and tilted her head just as she was looking at him. He was filthy, hungry, in pain. His eyes lacked any sense of hope. His bravery was just a façade.

“Are you happy?” she asked.

“Wha…?” The man wasn’t expecting such a question.

“I asked you if you were happy.”

The man froze for a second and then, he burst into a laughter.

“Happy? Are you serious? I have nothing! No food, no family, no nothing’! And you ask me if I’m happy?”

Impulsively, the man waved the knife and tried to cut her in the arm, but his little weapon melted as it touched her skin.

“I’m sorry you’re not happy,” she said in response, not really caring about the attempt against her life. If your life is miserable, there’s no point, right?”

“Wha…?” Once again the man was speechless.

He would have said something else, but she put her hand on his shoulder and he became ashes.

“May you find in death the peace you never found in life,” she said as she continued walking through the dark streets of Prosperity Village.