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This is about a war fixing to start and going on between 15 dragons and and 4 small towns. there are 5 dragons helping the people. The towns are:
Lenkly(said linkly) a sea side town. Plesent, a smal(plains like)town. Hollis which is like the Shire from LOTR. And Silverwood, a forest where we'll be starting out.
The Main Road(the main road used for trading and travel) runs through Silverwood, from Hollis, where Keria and the dragons live to Lenkly, passing through Plesent, which is one of 4 major TOWNS. There are many smaller villages along the way, and several Fiefdoms as well.

The five good dragons are Meka and Bones, Mawt and CeCe, and young Naome.
There are also three drakings; Bane, Norenae and Finwig. Bane is Meka and Bones' son, Nore and Finwing are Mawt and Cece's daughter and son. All the draklings are 20 or 27 years old. Meka is 139 years her sister Cece is 158 years, Bones is 154 and Mawt is 175 years old, Naome is is only 102. Still very young for dragons. One or two will die.
The evil Dragons leaders are in order with mate Shawne and Grafn, Shamalan and Jocen, and Namates and Hawtork. The other playaable evil dragons are Kolish, Marken, and Honna. Same age range as the goodies.
For the dragons the oldest is around 18 ft. long with a wing span of 15 ft. And between 16 to 19 ft tall. The others are from 10(the youngest Bane) feet long to 17 1/2 feet lond.(Big enough to hold a person(reasonably)

The Dragons bond to select humans, called Dragon-Sayers. The bonded pairs are together till death. The lifespan of the human is lengthened greatly while bonded to the dragon. Dragons are drawn to their humans, and are often found "Stalking" their future bond-mates tho most people freak out and try to kill the dragon because they dont know what's going on or think their going crazy when they hear the dragon voices in their head. Most Dragon-Sayers are found at a young age, but there are some execptions.
There are also Healers, Knights, Politicians, Assassins and Mages.
Races are Humans, Elves, Dragons, Orcs, *Faes, and *Vampires.
*The latter are VERY RARE and thought to be just Legend. Any Fae or Vampire or any other race must be APPROVED before the character will be accepted. More on the Races will be added soon as I can get it typed up, I just need a little sleep. Insomnia is a killing me right now.

Mage's use practical, or dark magic. Some are very gifted and have multiple magical talents, tho most are limited to what they do. There are some Mage's that use Alchemy, they are in their own sect aside from the main group of Mages.
Healers specialize in three different types of healing magic. Healing people, or animals. Rarely you can find one who can heal plants, like if a field or forest was burned completely they can heal the land and bring it back to some what of what it was before. But as earlier mentioned it is rare due to the extreme amount of energy it requires to preform such a healing.

((More on Magics:

I'm still working on the main things but here's what I have so far. I"m tryong to get this typed up as fast as I can.

Well I'm pulling the idea for Alchemy from the anime THe "full metal alchemist" The motto for the Alchemist in the anime and basic principle for Alchemy is that "In order to create some thing, some thing of equal or lesser values must be traded" Like if you broke a clock or radio, you could fix it. But if you cant make some thing out of thin air. You can "Change" some thing as long as the "values" are the same. Like make a castle grow from the ground because its made out of stone.

(http://www.aniplex.co.jp/hagaren/)Practical magic is just that. Stuff thats usefull and practical to use. Like making a fire when you dont have a match,
fixing a broken pot. Small stuff.

Dark Magic is stuff like Necromancy, using magic to kill... ect.

There are Earth, Fire, Wind and Air, ect... mages, Mages who specifically focus their training on specific things. Healers are in that category. Most Mages are like this.

Then there are general well rounded mages that can use any and all mages to a smaller degree, or larger degree depending on their training. Battle Mages fall in to this category.

Most magic besides healer's tho are rarely used. Its more just like a college degree or higher learning few get to use. Though there is the rare occasion that some one has the abilities but are never formally trained. They do not have a classification and usually get teased or picked on for being weird and having odd or freakish things happen around about or to them. Some learn to control it, most do not. Unless it's war time. ))
Again "In the original if you'll notice we did not have mages, or magic.
This is new to Dragons Haven. So please bear with me as I work out the kinks"

http://www.christianforums.com/t1138615/ (http://www.christianforums.com/t1138615/)
(And yes I came up with this before reading Eragon)
When speeking to a Dragon use {} and when a Dragon is speeking use []
The dragons Nore and Meka are already taken.
If you would like your character to e bonded with a Dragon please ask. Good and Bad dragons are still available.

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I have brought the original threads over and put them into our archive. The entire first rpg has been merged together into one big thread.

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Lairston is Bellin a mage? Could you elaborate a little more on the magic he's using, maybe add some to his bio? Is it practical, alchemy, or dark magic?

09-01-2011, 11:14 PM
Yes he's a mage.

Its not dark magic.

What is Practical and Alchemy magic?

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*EDIT* check OP

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Gimme just a sec and I'll have it up, and the Elves are like the Elves in LOTR if Bellin is pure elf his family wouldnt kick him out for the magic. He also wouldnt be living with purely humans ether. They tend to stay apart from each other, execpt for the higher ups.And what does he look like? Silverwood has a frequntly used and well traveled road right down the middle with 2 small lakes to the south near Keria's home and one Large one near Hollis. I'm still working on getting every thing typed up so please bear with me. THe elves also mainly use Flora and Fauna related magics.

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Okay I think he's a combination of practical and alchemy.

When I play mages: Usually they have to say words and use herbs and other things to cast the spells. I was lazy in the post and didn't... The price my mages pay is they get weaker and weaker the more spells they do without rest. That's why I'm thinking alchemy is part of it. They're like changing their own energy into the spell with the herbs and things.

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That sounds good to me. Would you mind adding that to the profile you made? I tend to reference the profiles when if I write a long post or some thing gets confusing. And being me Elle can tell you I tend to confuse my self more than any thing some times. And at the moment I"m having a thing with details. My brain is picking things to death at the moment and I cant make it stop XD

I'm having to compile every thing as I go along for the next few days/ I should have every thing smoothed out soon hopefully. I blame the lack of sleep.

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lol. he's gone to bed right now, so he'll probably add it in the morning.

is there anything I should add to Lanai's bio?

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You've got a pretty good bio for her. But you might wanna add her dragon unless you want to wait to do that. Looks, age, history... Good

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Humm I just thought, with Lanai being half elf would she need to have some one in her family that's a noble? grandfather or mother maybe?

09-02-2011, 01:00 AM
I'll wait to add her dragon until they actually become friends in the rpg XD

hmm... I never thought of that. I suppose that it's possible. her mother was an elf and her father was human. maybe that's why her parents were killed...

*starts pondering that situation*

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Ahh to ponder... tis such a wonderful thing. I love back stories :)

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I do too. lol.

I'll let you know if I come up with anything about it. for now, though, I'm off to bed.


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I have edited in the details. :)

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Thankies :)

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so how far away from Bellin and Lanai is the battle?

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From Keria and the dragons/Battle: Depends on how far from Plesent, Lanai and Bellin are. They're about 3 days walking, a day flying from the town it's self. But with Daney injured they wont risk flying. I can edit or we can skip a head a few days if need be, or I can just move Keria and the dragons up. Once they meet up with Lanai and Bellin Keria's gonna send most of the dragons off to find food since their hunting was interrupted.

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okay. we can either skip ahead or I or Lairston can do a filler post. lol

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you don't need to rush anything. I asked Ellesar if we could hear the battle. ;)

09-02-2011, 10:07 PM
Most likely they'll hear the draklings rummaging around for food.

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feel free to skip ahead whenever you want XD

preferably BEFORE Lanai and Bellin end up getting into trouble :P

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BTW, is there any other stories that you controlled, you'd like to have downloaded and added to the archive? I'd like to add more to the archive.

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I have a few ideas and a lot of old RPs from CF that I'd love to port over. I cant find most of them since the change. But I can find the last few I've got saved. I'm working on one now I'd like to get restarted.

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Hey Elle, you can take control of Nore when ever your ready.

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