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Race: Half Elf/Half Human
Age: 10
Gender: Female

Lanai is small for her age and has long light brown hair and icy blue eyes that match her fair complexion. She inherited her mother's elvish sight and hearing and uses those abilities to help her when necessary.

When she was six, she was forced to watch as her parents were brutally murdered by a group of assassins. Some townspeople arrived before the assassins could kill the child and they took care of her for a few days before she was sent to the orphanage.

Lanai never fit in at the orphanage and was constantly being blamed for things that she didn't do. Just days before her 10th birthday, the orphanage director finally got fed up with things since she was blamed for breaking a valuable object as well as hitting another child and kicked her out to the streets, despite the fact that Lanai denied doing any of it.

She discovered shortly thereafter that she was a dragon-sayer when she learned that she was able to call the birds to her and it was then that she finally started to make her first friends, although those friends were animals.

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Race: Elf
Age: 18
Gender: Male

History: Bellin was an outsider to the other children in school because the other kids never liked his special talent. It scared them. He had developed magical abilities and had tried to keep them a secret from everyone but the other kids had found out. So he grew up with few friends and shunned. His own family treated him poorly because they didn't like the fact that he could control magic. So when he was able to, he left his parents and set out on his own.

He constructed a small shelter in the woods as far from other people as he could get. And there he has lived for a few years.

He doesn't trust outsiders because of how he was treated growing up.

Magic: He's a combination of practical and alchemy. He has to say words and use herbs and other things to cast the spells that he makes.

The price he pays is he gets weaker and weaker the more spells he does without rest.

As a result in order to be effective he needs to be with others in a battle which is hard for him to do given his history.

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Royal name: Kerianna Callista Adelle Alastair
Common/Nickname: Keria or Callie,
Race: half elf/ half human
Age: 19
Dragon: Meka

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Looks: Olive complexion, long thick dark brown hair that has a slight wave to it. She usually keeps it pulled back in a pony tail or praid. Her hair reaches down to the bottom of her sholder blades. She has a kind sof face, with a button nose and light to emerald green almond eyes. Hour glass shape.
personailty: Tho kind, and helpfull, she can take care of her self. She thinks to much of others and not enough about her self. She's a spitfire too. Get her riled up on some thing she loves and you've got a fight on your hnds. Her Governess is constantly complaing that she isnt very lady, and should be more so because she is a Princess. she likes the archery,and reading and writing, helping out in the kirchen, and working in a garden over the danty needle work and such like. Most likely to be found in the castle Library with her nose stuck in a book, before the War. She wears pants when out ridding the dragons, but most of the time she's in a skirt and comfortable top. Unless theres a reason to dress up.

Other: She's a Dragon-Sayer, a Healer mainly for the Dragons, and a *Mage

*(she dosent know it yet, still debating)

History: her perents died when she was 6, Keria has been raised by an uncle with 2 sons, one is 21 the other is 24. Shes like their little sis and are very protective of her. Her grandfather is the king, her mother was the princess. But her Grandfather has just recently passed away, her uncle is inline to be the next king. If any thing happens to him and his sons, Keria will be the next in line for the thrown. Father was an Elf lord, mother was human. She has royal blood on eather side.