View Full Version : The Dragonfly Club

11-12-2004, 07:29 AM
On a popular Elysian street frequented by the cosmos' nightlife, a stylish building appears, an elegant sign reading The Dragonfly Club. There are smoky curtains hanging in the windows, and the door is created of sliver mist. Though mysterious, and a little dangerous looking, the club draws passerby to it, almost entranced by the smell of spice and jasmine.

Inside there is a polished dance floor, lit from above by soft globe like lanterns, floating gently through the air. There are only a few metal wrought tables and chairs, covered in holder-less white candles. High above is a loft covered in cushions and pillows made from the same smoky material as the curtains. At the back is a bar, with tall high backed chairs and a gruff bartender with a glass eye. Next to the bar, on a raised platform and many sliken pillows lays an astoundingly beautiful Goddess. Epic is perched in a perfectly casual, yet seductive lounge, her thick, dark hair cascading around her, held off to one side with a single, dried dragonfly. Her dress is low cut and hip hugging, revealing her voluptous body. Her smile is coy and her eyes are sultry.

"Welcome, to the Dragonfly Club."