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Vampyre Lestat
06-25-2004, 12:09 PM
One merely needs to walk up the cobblestone road and climb the stone steps in order to gaze upon the crimson wooden door of the Theatre de Vampyre. Upon opening the massive door a traveler would be exposed to the majestic lobby which is currently adorned with historical paintings and golden chandeliers of an extravagant sort. Past the lobby exists the empty theatre which was at one point bustling with eager participants longing to partake in the surreal show where the mysterious troupe would enchant a victim each and every night of the week. As the show would draw to a close, they would take the fledgling below the stage and deposit him or her within a dingy catacomb. Despite the laws of physics, this area is illuminated with candlelight which appears to burn eternally. Hidden within this maze is a chamber where The Vampyre Lestat sits in a wooden and red velvet chair and contemplates this new chapter in his life.

Slowly he flips a coin in the air and watches it fall only to use a slight telekinetic push to send it skyward again.

"Good and Evil, Sinister and Dexter, Altruistic and Selfish. Killer and Savior. Where shall the path lead this time? How shall I usher in this new age, this new existence?" No longer are his eyes red or yellow, but they are gray. These Vampyre eyes scan the room and look at the residue of life that moves throughout the room as if it were a living entity.

"I choose neither." he says aloud as he stands and glances at himself in the mirror. He pushes his blonde locks away from his face revealing his tan skin. His hands of white marble adjust the cameos upon his black top coat which reveals a bit of his white silken shirt. With a smirk he studies his face in the mirror and touches it turning it into a window of sorts allowing him to gaze upon those who exist within this realm.

"Where to begin?"

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
06-26-2004, 07:33 AM
As the Vampyre Lestat makes his decision, a familiar face from the Vampyre's past enters the the Theater. He sees his "old friend" and smiles to himself.

So you have returned again. It's about time you came back here. It's been a millennium since you and your family were here. When your son was killed.

So now you will be neither good nor evil, sinister nor dexter. I doubt that highly. You've never been one to not become involved and when you do involve yourself you always go the extra mile.

But that's not here nor there. You have something I want.

Vampyre Lestat
06-26-2004, 09:16 AM
"By being neither, I am embracing both. Don't you see, I will not be limited by labels as I will endeavor to take the path that strikes my fancy."

He approaches Louis and tosses the coin at him.

"It is how I was when we traveled, was it not?"

He pauses slightly and poses the question. "What do you require?"

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
06-28-2004, 12:59 PM
I suppose but it always seemed like a certain path was more followed then others. The one that led to blood in your stomach.

Louis shook his head in a slight bit of it not being particularly surprising that he would do that.

Well really it shouldn't be much of a surprise. I want off this planet and you have the ability. Had it for how many millennium?

Vampyre Lestat
06-29-2004, 09:08 AM
"Louis, Louis, Louis." Lestat said mockingly. "The path that led to blood in my stomach was forced upon me, while you made the choice willingly. How ironic that your lack of acceptance has you trapped here, while mine has transcended me beyond Akasha's wildest dreams."

He thought of the irony of the situation. "Unfortunately, outside of this location, I am also trapped. Planet M has its hold on me and will not let me go. This room exists everywhere. A conduit to different worlds, if you will. Perhaps we can use it to transfer you over to Planet M. However, once there you will find yourself outmatched if you continue to hold on to your mortality."

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
07-01-2004, 06:19 PM
Louis looked at Lestat with doubt.

I always saw my mortality as my strength.

After a second and with suspicious glare at Lestat.

What you truly want is for me to lose myself completely. I have held onto this small part of me that you have always detested.

Then Louis frowned.

But then what would you gain from such an event. Perhaps you would bargain your freedom for my capture with Planet M.

Vampyre Lestat
07-02-2004, 05:55 AM
Lestat found Louis' words annoying.

"Make up your mind Man!!!"

He turned back to the mirror. "You asked for help, I come up with a solution and then you accuse me of deceit."

07-02-2004, 11:05 AM
Confused and slightly bewildered, Bianca rested on the stone steps outside this impressive building. A journey she could not remember or explain had brought her here, she did not know why just this is where the flight gift brought her. Using the mind gift, only a little for she did not care to invade other's privacy, she located two blood drinkers inside this building, unfortunatly both much younger then her. Maybe one of them knew of her dear dear Armond, but that was a dream. She knew that eventually she would want the company of her peers at some point, as they all desire from time to time. She had been without a companion since she split with her creator...and for the past hundered plus years she had been underground for the sleep. Patiently she waits to be noticed so she does not interupt.

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
07-02-2004, 08:35 PM
Yes. But I know you. You say you are trapped there and then you're going to lead me there. It sounds convenient for you.

You've always tried to get me to give up my mortality. Though really I've lived on this dead ball of a world for how long. It seems and has been an eternity.

After a second, Louis steps back.

But then I'm trapped here so being trapped on Planet M would really not put me in a worse situation. I guess I'll trust you.

Vampyre Lestat
07-07-2004, 09:02 AM
"You never truly trusted me Louis, and you suffered for it. I will help you, but first..."

He felt the presence of another nearby and began to traverse the complex slowly opening the doors that lead the way to the visitor. She sat quietly on the steps as Lest at approached and offered his hand to the woman who radiated a timeless beauty.

"Do not sit out in the cold, my dear." He looked over her as he anticipated her response. He had not met her before but she was familiar to him. It was then that a name penetrated his mind, yet he was unsure as to its source. As the name grew louder he allowed himself to whisper it and wondered what kind of reaction would result.


07-08-2004, 08:18 AM
Sensing no malice she accepted his hand as she stood, brushing her skirts with her free hand.

As he spoke Marius' name her lips pursed and she slightly recoiled, speaking herself with a frigid tone...

So you know him...he's not here is he?
...Speaking of, if you'll excuse my inquisitiveness, where is here?

Vampyre Lestat
07-08-2004, 09:02 AM
"Marius...I knew him well. Considering how stolid he once was I gather I could say that I know him. But it has been a while."

He slowly escorted the vampiric beauty toward the front door.

"This is a safe haven for our kind from the light." And with a smile he added, "for those of us who still need to hide from it." With a reflective pause he continued. "Yes, I know what you are as with our kind it is clearly apparent, but I am not answering your question. This location is a nexus. A link between worlds that allows me to be in two places at the same time. It was a place I created and put in the hands of an old friend, Armond. If you are Marius' kin, then you might know of him as well."

07-08-2004, 10:51 AM
She wishpered.... Amadeo, mio dolce Amadeo.

Yes, you are very correct I am one of Marius' children...courtesying My name is Bianca.

Ancient emotions started flooding her, she wanted to weep. Only having seen him once since that horrid night. Was he here?! Immediately she went on guard looking into this beautiful building...

So I am nowhere ....but... oh I am confused. I had just come back to the surface to face a new world and thought I wanted to find others like me, but this I did not expect. I have to know if Ama...Armond is here?

Vampyre Lestat
07-08-2004, 01:43 PM
"You are far from nowhere. In fact, you are at a doorway leading to everywhere. A gateway to a transcendence into a realm of limitless possibilities. You can embrace the potential to embrace power that will make Akasha seem like a mere mortal."

He gazed upon Bianca and gave an impish smile. "I once told Louis that we are like Gods....Come with me and you can become one."

Lestat looked over the terrain and paused. "However, there is nothing wrong with being a big fish in a small pond. Perhaps before we make that leap of faith, we can go on a search for the others."

07-08-2004, 08:51 PM
She absorbed every word he spoke then she gaily laughed placing her free hand on top of Lestat's.

O, you are an interesting individual....and I very much agree that there needs to be a trust built up between us. Many men have promised me many things and too many times have I been delt a rotten lot. Then again you are the one who awoke The Mother....so there has to be something special about you. ;)

So the others....

*looking over to Louis she smiled, he was very beautiful. then looking back to Lestat*

Well, I do not know your intentions but I would very much like to know if any and who is still around. http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newhappy.gif

Julie Stratford
07-11-2004, 02:26 AM
In the slice between daylight and dusk, an attractive Edwardian scholar lurks outside the Theatr. She knows her lover and Magnus had warned her to stay away from here, but her curiosity was as strong now as it was before she drank the elixir.

Cautiously she looked inside. Leaning over the doorstop, a mass of long, silky curls tumbled from underneath her hat.

Vampyre Lestat
07-12-2004, 07:43 AM
She absorbed every word he spoke then she gaily laughed placing her free hand on top of Lestat's.

O, you are an interesting individual....and I very much agree that there needs to be a trust built up between us. Many men have promised me many things and too many times have I been delt a rotten lot. Then again you are the one who awoke The Mother....so there has to be something special about you. ;)

So the others....

*looking over to Louis she smiled, he was very beautiful. then looking back to Lestat*

Well, I do not know your intentions but I would very much like to know if any and who is still around. http://eteamz.com/sites/kulit/images/newhappy.gif

"I promise you nothing but a bit of fun" Lestat said with a wink. "Not unlike my promise to Louis so long ago...Unfortunatly, he is not having fun. Perhaps your presence might change that."

He looked outward and sent his mind over the globe seeking any hint of his old familiars. "I am unsure as to who we might encounter...But isn't the joy in the quest and not the actual discovery?"

As his mind reached out he felt the presence of a mortal nearby and allowed his thoughts to circle her own.

07-13-2004, 08:57 PM
*She lost herself in thought looking around...almost ignoring the human almost them*

Why is he so sad, Louis I mean? I figure someone like me, who asked for what I became, would hate it more then someone rapped into it. Maybe I've been hiding for too long and now I am more then ready to enjoy everything I have and what fate has now dealt me. It has been almost three hundred years since I've enjoyed adventure and I say it is high time for some fun. ;)

Julie Stratford
07-15-2004, 08:22 PM
The Immortal, smilied. Ramses would scold her for engaging in such dangerous curiousity. The vampires could not hurt her, but their existence was so fascionating to her. Like the Eygptian artifacts she studied, these creatures were ancient and exotic.

Vampyre Lestat
07-16-2004, 08:38 AM
"Louis asked for something he did not want, and now he broods about what he has had to sacrifice. It is sad really. And it is making me sad as well. I say we go into town and enjoy ourselves with the locals. There was a bistro up the road that always provided the tastiest evildoers."

Distracted, Lestat looked in the direction in which the observer was watching.

"Do not mistake invulnerability with immortality little one." Lestat said with a grin. "I had mistaken you for a mortal earlier, but your thoughts betray you. " He approached her carefully. "Care to join us for a bite?"

Julie Stratford
07-16-2004, 12:47 PM
The immortal smilied and crossed the threshold and made a polite bow towards the stately frenchman. Alas, I do not need blood to sustain my longevity, as you do. My thirst come from an oddly different source, she emphasized with a coquetish grin.

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
07-21-2004, 05:22 AM
Louis looked at Bianca...

I was tricked long ago to give up almost everything I was. Now, I have to give up the rest to get off this... boring place.

Louis turned to Lestat.

Some times things are not always what they seem. And you only find out when its... to late.

Vampyre Lestat
07-21-2004, 07:31 AM
He turned to Julie and took her hand.

"Then we will be sure to find something to quench your appetite."

At that moment he heard Louis' sniveling.

Whispering to Julie so all could hear. "Again, Merciful Death does not own up to his own decisions. "

Focusing on the Ladies Lestat beckoned them forward. "I have a great desire to learn more about the both of you..shall we head into town?"

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
07-22-2004, 05:27 AM
Annoyed at Lestat's words once again. Louis looks at the women and then at Lestat and just shakes his head. Then decides to try and ruin Lestat's evening with the women...

I don't think they will ever learn. How long have you done this?

Vampyre Lestat
07-22-2004, 10:53 AM
Annoyed at Lestat's words once again. Louis looks at the women and then at Lestat and just shakes his head. Then decides to try and ruin Lestat's evening with the women...

I don't think they will ever learn. How long have you done this?

"You seem to be the one with the obsession of chronicling my life, you tell me?" Lestat said with a sly grin. "Come Louis, Let us have some fun for once."

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
07-23-2004, 05:50 AM
Louis looked at Lestat and then the women. A bloodlust that he's felt since that day begins to build within him. It disgusts him to no end. But he has been fighting it for so long and he is tired of the fight. Finally after debating it in his head, he shouts

No Lestat! It's wrong and you know its wrong!

But a part of him lusts for the blood. It tells him that its only two. What's two? Plus they are probably evil. Killing evil is never bad.

07-23-2004, 08:50 AM
*Smiling at Lestat she nodded*

I'll tell you just about everything I have to offer...all six hundred years of it....and if you're nice I'll tell you what a horrible creature I was alive. ;)

*Listening to what Louis said to her, she folded her arms and tilted her head slightly. It hit her immediately she'd seen him around the 1870s in Paris! ....she smiled as she approached Louis and knelt beside him speaking gently*

There is much we can learn from each other. I especially need to be reacquainted with being in the company of others...and it is important for you to let go of this rage you have built up inside. Let us go to town together and if you wish I'll feed off of the humans, not that I really thirst, and then you can feed from me. That way you don't have to fight your thirst and you kill no one. Had I not been so fearful of Armand this deal could of started back when you were in Paris. *she wrinkled her button nose and smiled looking into his beautiful emerald eyes*

Vampyre Lestat
07-23-2004, 09:13 AM
(OOC: Just as an FYI, what year do you want it to be on earth during this story? )

07-23-2004, 09:24 AM
((I assumed it was near present day....you pick the year))

Vampyre Lestat
07-23-2004, 09:26 AM
((I assumed it was near present day....you pick the year))



((perfect, just checking. ;) ))

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
07-23-2004, 10:12 PM
Louis looked at Bianca and her eyes brought him in. He thought about the deal that she offered and no one else had ever done. And he suddenly felt like he did so long ago with... Claudia. He took her hand into his and smiled.

Yes I would like to go to town with you.

07-25-2004, 08:41 PM
*She pounced up and gave Louis an innocent kiss on the cheek*

I'm glad you'll join us!

*Turning to Lestat, she smiled impishly*

Well, shall we go?! ;)

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
07-31-2004, 05:13 PM
Louis was taken by surprise by the kiss and slowly brought his hand up where she kissed him after she asked Lestat if he was ready to depart.

08-26-2004, 12:18 PM
Whether the Vampyre was here or not, she had arrived, quite overdue really, and walked upon the cobblestone road to the stone steps. She gazed upon the crimson wooden door of the theatre with a calm, cool expression. There was no reason why she chose the mortal way of approaching this saloon for the undead. There was no reason at all except that she merely wished to take her time. Time was in abundance for those who could no longer die.

The massive doors opened before her without the aid of hand nor wind. Fancy that. All the time in the world, yet no time at all to open the door herself. Perhaps there were more dire issues to her travels. In a swift, sweeping motion her eyes observed all the pictures and paintings upon these ancient walls. Every fiber was analyzed, broken down, and restored again as part of the whole. All in one second. Such an abuse of time. The golden chandelier that dangled above her grew brighter with her passing beneath it and then dimmed to the elegant calm that a parlours are known for. In her courteous promenade, the golden haired beauty made her way down one of many aisles that thrust their way between the seats. Again the candles flickered with unusual life as she passed and the ones about the stage remained brighter than most as she finally reached the denouement of her travels.

She wore crimson attire (http://www.costume.virtualmuseum.info/images/victorian.jpg), something she thought perfect for the occasion. With the petticoat down, the long hem of the dress dragged on the dusty floor, though it never got dirty. The round brimmed and heavily feathered hat she wore, a typical thing among victorian women of high standard, was tipped forward against the light and pinned in the neat nest of golden curls that crowned her skull. Several dared so much as to hang down her straight back. Her hazel eyes were dark and mysterious as she craned her neck to the empty seats. Her bosom swelled as she drew in the sweet, unnecessary air about her. It tasted of death.

"To be," she whispered with enough volume for her voice to carry to the back of the theatre ", or not to be. That is the question."

Vampyre Lestat
08-27-2004, 08:04 AM
As they made their way down the path to the local tavern Lestat paused as he sensed a familiar presence.

"Louis, be useful and escort the ladies to 'The Wicked Monk', I will meet you there shortly."

He walked slowly back up the hill and to the theatre noticing that the doors were ajar. The Vampyre approached them slowly sensing a familiar energy signature in the air. This residual aura was familiar to him, yet varied from that which he was formerly exposed. Then he heard the voice. The voice that confirmed who had arrived and entered his sanctuary.

Using the tip of his cane he opened the door further and opted to answer the query.

"How about we try a little of both?"

08-27-2004, 12:46 PM
The way the ruby rouge upon her lips shone could be seen easily, especially now that the golden haired woman looked up to the Vampyre. A single corner of her mouth way coyly tugged at by a devious smile and the sequins inlaid beneath the feathers of her hat shone. The candlelight about her remained bright, undampened by the vampyre's presence.

"I do believe I've played both games, just as you have."

Sil paced the length of the stage like a cat on a mission, taking a careful one step... two steps until she'd circled to the front of the stage and looked down upon him.

"So tell me, Vampyre... do I suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, or take arms against a sea or trouble so that by opposing them I end them?"

The play of the shadows across her face made her voice seem darker and more malicient. Perhaps it simply was.

"But tell me this, Vampyre: How do I kill what cannot die?"

Vampyre Lestat
08-29-2004, 05:08 PM
"Suffering is a part of existence." Lestat said as he levitated upward and walked upon the stage. He moved gracefully backwards allowing the lights to keep their focus upon her.

"If I knew the answer to your final question, I would not be standing here." His eyes closed and his teeth were hidden allowing him to take to the darkness only to appear behind the golden goddess adorned in red. "Who do you seek to kill?"

Louis De Pointe Du Lac
08-29-2004, 05:12 PM
As Lestat requested of him, Louis escorted Bianca and Julie to the Wicked Monk. He put his arms around both ladies as he led them. He was enjoying himself for the first time in years.

He walks over to the bar.

Blood wine.


08-29-2004, 05:31 PM
Despite his valiant attempts, the lights dimmed as he stepped upon stage. Those closest to her flickered with light while the ones closest to him died down to an eerily romantic setting. It gave the stage an off kilter effect, but showed the harsh contrasts of their characters in the difference of light. But yes, the visible focus seemed to be upon her. Sil's voice was a bit placid, cool and calculated. Her gloved hands rested before her lap in a crossed position even as he disappeared and reappeared behind her. She did not fear him. She could feel him, wherever he went.

"If I knew the answer to my final question then no you would not be standing here."

Like this were a play, she faced the audience, keeping her back fearlessly to the vampyre.

"It's you I seek, Lestat. If death were a deep enough punishment for what you've done then I would spend immortal hours searching for the way to kill you."

She turned to him, the hem of her victorian dress swirling like a tidal wave of blood across the stage floor. Her knee-high boots clicked softly, echoing in the empty theatre.

"So what do I do, old friend? How does one styme or expel the desire to torture and kill when one has never felt or harnessed these urges before?"

She took those cautious, cat-like steps again, once... twice, until she was mere inches before him. Her dark hazel eyes looked up at him from beneath the brim of her hat. Her manner was intriguingly different... almost seductive.

"What would a Killer of Killers do?"

Vampyre Lestat
08-29-2004, 05:58 PM
With a dramatic expression of pure surprise Lestat let his cane fall to the floor and he brought his hand to his heart.

"I am the one you seek to kill? I am the one in which you seek revenge?'

He laughed as he walked to the right of the stage entering into his own monologue.

"And what have I done to earn this honor? How have my actions transgressed upon you this day? Or perhaps in this case it is my inaction that prompted you to face your enemy? That is what I am this day, am I not? The eternal enemy of the First no matter what decision I make?"

His looked reflected his trademark smirk. "And you are here to ask me how I would dispose of myself." he paused. "I would already have a plan in mind before I entered the home of my intended prey."

08-29-2004, 06:23 PM
A smile of her own touched the corners of her ruby painted lips.

"Dear Lestat. I have known you my whole life. You have known me for a portion of yours. I am not foolish enough to try and kill what cannot be killed. My revenge, or what pitiful notion of revenge I had ever felt is neutralized by several facts."

She circled into the lymelight and stole his monologue, making it one of her own.

"One: You were not yourself. Two: You are my friend, and because of that I take every action I can before wishing you dead, truly and unescapably dead. Three: I seek not revenge because for revenge one needs to feel anger. I on the contrary do not."

She turned her head to look at him, but kept her body facing the audience.

"I feel nothing for you. You betrayed me in the worst way one can betray another. You may be the enemy of all the First, but you have overlooked one very important thing: I am not a First."

Perhaps this would shock him, had he not already felt the difference in her presence before he came to greet her upon the stage. Were this a play, the audience would be shocked. She was something more, greater. Her transgression back to life had changed her.

"I come to ask you how you would dispose of what cannot be killed because you know your only weakness. Weaknesses or weakness are vulnerabilities. I once wished I could make you feel as vulnerable as I did, but for one who I now doubt feels any emotion what-so-ever, I doubt that possible too."

She paused and changed her direction slightly.

"I asked you a question without seeking an answer. The only question I wish an answer to is the ne I'm about to ask..."

She looked up, and the way the stage's lighting shone upon her face made her seem radiant and beautiful. The shadows, that were dark and omnious only increased her beauty where on others it would hinder.

"Do you regret it?"

Vampyre Lestat
08-29-2004, 07:26 PM
From afar he looked directly into her eyes. Slowly he approached. He did not glide, nor did he saunter. One foot then the next giving away nothing is the way in which he moved. His face was blank. No emotion was revealed and his eyes were quite cold. When he stood directly in front of her he spoke.

"If the Prince of Lies were to tell you that he did, would you believe him?"

08-29-2004, 08:01 PM
When he got close, he would see her eyes were glazed with tears. She, being much shorter than the Vampyre, looked up to him. She did not move nor tremble at his closeness. She did not show further distress at his lack of emotion, for that was his way, she knew. but she also knew him when his way with her was kind, gentle, loving, and above all, loyal. Here the audience would hold it's bated breath. her words were soft with a touch of emotion. She was his friend. Despite what he could ahve potentially done to her by that single act, she did not want to abandon him. But she needed to know... if he were to remain thus.

"Were the Prince of Lies my friend... yes. Would that make me a fool?"

Vampyre Lestat
08-29-2004, 08:17 PM
He reached into his pocket and handed her his pristine handkerchief and offered it to her.

"Those who seem to form a bond with me tend to be titled thus."

08-29-2004, 08:29 PM
She reached a gloved hand for the handkerchief but instead pressed her palm to his and interlocked her fingers with his. This mere piece of cloth formed a barrier between them both, a symbollic way of showing the audience how his action put a thin barrier between them. Her fingers tightened about his own and she looked up at him and held back her tears. She still seemed sad. So terribly sad.

"So was I a fool to ever trust in you? In my most desperate hour was I destined to be betrayed by you for showing you the smallest bit of compassion and friendship? Was that your intent this entire time? To kill what had not been killed before?"

She was becoming emotional, but in this play, this drama of events, it was how she truly felt, despite what her character had become since her return. The tears returned again.

"Do you think me foolish for trying to befriend one who cannot be befriended?"

Vampyre Lestat
08-29-2004, 08:42 PM
His own temper rose in proportion to her own emotional state.

"Intent is irrelevant. The pathway to hell is paved with good intentions. What my intent was when we last met has nothing to do with what occurred, but if it had..does that change what occurred?"

He let go of her hand allowing the handkerchief to fall to the floor.

"Would you consider yourself a fool if you jumped into the fires of hell with a hope that you would not get burnt?"

He stopped his onslaught. 'The Question you ask me is the question you need to answer yourself."

08-29-2004, 08:59 PM
When he began to yell, she stepped back, pulling her hand from his at the same time his left hers. She watched the kerchief fall to the floor. She did not move, but looked up to him with those dark hazel eyes. She was small compared to him, short, so small that she almost seemed like a child before an angry father.

"If you had succeeded in your plight... intent would have been all that mattered."

She stopped and made to answer the question she had asked.

"I do not think I am, but I asked you because if you were able to see through my eyes, knowing what would happen then, then perhaps you would think me so."

She took a glove from her hand and then the other, squeezing them tightly as she brushed a fingertip beneath her eyes. An Angel's tear. She lifted it on her fingertip and watched it fall. It solidified before it hit the ground and lay there like a tiny unbreakable crystal. She stared at it and then looked up at him with a soft intelligence replacing the torrent of emotion in her eyes.

"Why do I care what you think? I shouldn't. You could have erased my entire existence by destroying the sole remnant of my fragmented essence that walked the living realm. I would have never existed and whether or not you or anyone would have wished to remember me after death... I would be nothing. My children would die where they stood and been forgotten. Cao, my daughter who knows nothing of the Houses or rifts or power between our kind would have be lost. I know these consequences that came so close to happening and still I care. I am a fool."

She turned from him and faced the audience with her head bowed delicately to her chest. It lifted only so that she could turn and look at him. She bent,s till half turned from the empty audience and picked up his kerchief. She walked one step, two steps, careful cautious steps and held the kerchief close to her.

"I suppose I'll be a fool for the rest of my existence then."

She held the cloth out to him.

Vampyre Lestat
08-30-2004, 11:14 AM
"I would be putting it mildly if I said I completely understood what has happened and is happening to you, especially in the context of how the action or inaction by my hand might have unleashed the consequences that you paint so vividly. I do know one thing. In this incarnation or any other I have always been a killer. Right now I look at you and my mind calculates a way to strike. Human or God. Apparition or Mortal. All things that have a beginning, have an endand I am the tool of that transformation. I am the instrument of that change."

He grabbed the cloth but allowed their hands to be connected by it.

"Today I can be your protector, pursuer, attacker or otherwise. I know not, as the role shifts much like a breeze that takes a candle's flame and twists it."

He smiled. "It is up to you to determine if you wish to remain in my company, for I can make you no promises as to my current, or future, intent."

08-30-2004, 01:45 PM
She listened to him, all the while their hands connected with that thin barrier between them. Her fingertips, now gloveless, made a gentle rubbing motion upon the back of his hand in such a slight way it was probably invisible to the audience. Her eyes held that glassy look that tears bring but she did not look away from him. Her eyes stared at him so directly that it might almost seem unnerving to him how this shy creature was so abrupt and violent at the same time. She let out a teary sigh and laugh at once, the one females are famous for.

"Dear Lestat"

She spoke to him in a loving manner.

"Had my true intention been to leave your side I would have done so when the cloth first fell."

The smile upon her ruby lips faded only slightly. She dropped her crimson gloves upon the stage and brought her hand to his cheek. She cradled his jaw and ran a thumb across the skin that rippled from his smile. Her fingertips felt the sculpted muscles that undoubtedly connected to the fangs within his mouth. Such a delicate maneuver. So much radiated from her touch. So much floated behind her dark hazel eyes. She shifted and Lestat just might have caught a shimmer of white wings... or perhaps it was just a trick of the light. It was gone in the second it'd appeared. How long had she been standing here silent? Sil blinked and looked up at the Vampyre, running a thumbb across his cheek.

"I remember that smile."

It was all she said. It was all she could say.

Vampyre Lestat
09-08-2004, 04:44 PM
"Indeed you do." *Lestat said as it transformed into a playful smirk. "But that might be due to the fact that you fear what ususally follows it."

He looked over his dear friend and asked the question that should have been asked when she first appeared.

"You are as stylish and graceful as ever, but different.Tell me, what has happened to you? "

09-08-2004, 06:19 PM

She shook her head. Her blonde hair waved a bit beneath her hat and her eyes grew softer still.

"It is because it once brought me so much comfort. Now it brings only curiousity."

She gave him one of her very own peaceful smiles. It faded softly. She took her hand from him and bowed her head, facing the audience and walking to the front of the stage.

"I've changed as so many often do... but for reasons no one could understand. Everything changes, has changed... even here."

She gestured sadly to the widened space between them. She kept herself half turned from the empty seats of the theatre. Light dimmed and focused on her, and in the limelight came a sparkle of white that formed an elegant set of white angelic wings. Her hazel eyes looked upon him and she gave him a soft, sad smile.

"I have joined your ranks... perhaps a lighter side of that spectrum. I cannot die. *A new cast has taken me and I followed their call because I wanted to live. Now I shall live forever."

She turned to him, wings opening gently. The soft rustling of feathers echoes throughout the empty theatre.

"Do you still feel bonded to me, Vampyre? Or with the change in me... in us... has that faded too?"

Vampyre Lestat
09-13-2004, 11:16 AM
"Yes, but curiosity is typically a precursor to death." *Lestat said as he raced toward here and took the hat from her head and fashioned it into a black top hat of the victorian age and placed it atop his own brow. "Just ask the cat."

He smiled again and forced her into slight waltz as he took her hands and glided her across the stage.

"Unkillable. *Unstoppable...which makes our bond..Unbreakable..wouldn't you say?"

09-13-2004, 12:52 PM
With the lack of her hat, her golden hair tumbled from her head, falling like a cascading waterfall down her back to the ruffles of her skirt and petticoat. She protrayed no shock as he rushed to her. Her celestial eyes slowed each motion down to almost snapshot like frames before compacting them all together into the fluidity of his movements. It was entertaining to her, but force! The very idea! The Angel went along with his fanciful dancing, placing a hand on his shoulder and holding the lead tenderly. Her skirts swished about her high-heeled, knee high boots and calves. She gave him a winsome smile.

"Should I ever meet that cat, I'll be sure to ask."

She blinked softly and from some place of sound production music that was appropriate for their dance began to play. It was like an orchestra had appeared in the pit of the stage and begun their rounds of symphonic joy. To him her smile changed and grew more adult-like, more feminine, and, again, more seductive. She let out a laugh and continued to be led by him.

"That, my dear Vampyre, I can honestly say I like the sound of."

She smiled to him and in the middle of their dance leaned forward to lay the rouge of her lips upon his chin. Since he was considerably taller than her, it was all she could reach.

"And you are still as charming as ever, my friend."

Her hazel eyes looked upon him as her feet entermixed with his steps, complimenting him in so many more ways than in this simple dance. For a long moment her piercing hazel eyes studied him. Her mind reached out to his, brushing it gentle to see if he would allow her passage inside.

"Lestat... may I be blunt?"

Vampyre Lestat
09-13-2004, 01:26 PM
He stopped as if insulted by the question, but then raised his eyebrow and gave a revealing grin.

"Blunt! * I wouldn't ask you to be anything but."

He crossed his arms and gave her a look that was indicative of pure anticipation.

"Speak to me."

09-13-2004, 08:45 PM
Sil stops and opens her mouth slightly, staring up, very up at Lestat. A trick of the light? Impossible this time, there was a definite shape of massive white wings behind her back. They spread wide and that single motion lifted her gently from the ground. They disappeared just as quickly as they appeared. Her hand grazed his cheek and an arm moved slowly yet agily and removed the triumphant crown from his noble brow. Sweeping it behind his neck, the Angel of Life rose to his height and brought her lips to Lestat's.

She'd disobeyed him. She did not speak. Instead she found it appropriate, and perhaps not, for her actions to speak for her. Her eyes closed and her hand held his cheek, feeling the sculpted muscles there. Her other arm held him tightly even as the ascent her wings had given her began to fail. She was much shorter than he and would have to let him go soon, but for now she remained connected to him in more ways that just their minds and their experiences. Her lips radiated warmth, kindness, peace, calm, strength... everythign and anything needed for life to reign. In his mind was a single thought forming, swirling amid the may things that lay between the bridge of their minds. A single thought just out of reach. It was something like admiration but more... So much more.

In an instant it left him. Her breath made the softest of noises as it escaped into the space between their lips. Sil's hazel eyes opened; dark lashed looked up at him and there was a tinge of scarlet in her cheeks, as if she were embarassed by the whole thing. Slowly the space between them widened as she floated back to the ground. Her hands slid from his cheek and the hat came with her. The friction was resistance... like she did not want to let go. Not again... She swallowed and whispered.

"I've missed you."

Vampyre Lestat
09-13-2004, 08:59 PM
His instincts told him to succumb. * The sensation was overwhelming, but a cold fire that resided deep within him forced what could be potential bliss and twisted it into white hot anger. * He pushed away from her angrily as his eyes became red and his voice demonic.

"What are you doing?" He roared as he pulled away and disappeared into the shadows hiding from the feelings that manifested. *"Do you seek to find the thing that can cause me pain and exploit it?" *The voice's origination point moved at random. * "Give me a taste of happiness and then destroy it right in front of me?" * Winds blew out all the candles in the theatre except one that resided in the middle of the stage. *"Do you seek to dance with the devil knowing the fate of all that seek my embrace?"

He stood off stage directing his comments at Sil. * "I may be evil, but I am not evil incarnate."

09-13-2004, 09:59 PM
He fled from her, into the shadows. The one candle that remained did not need to, for a glow of light radiated about her. It blended in with that candle light to magnify it. Her body made noise as she fell and rolled upon the stage, coming to a halt just shy of center. She looked up to where he disappeared. Her blonde hair hung like splintered curtains before her eyes. She lay there, as Ophelia lay before the reflective grave that took her breath from her body. The only oceans were in Sil's eyes, but even they were quieted by the change within her.

"It is wrong for me to say... but now you know how I felt when you betrayed me. The one thing that causes you pain. Yes perhaps it is right I deal you such a harsh blow. I cannot kill you. It is not within my power or jurisdiction. It would not be enough though... just to kill you."

With a turn of her head, she followed the voices path. Their was neither anger nor sorrow in her voice. Neither was there regret. There was only truth. Heat emerged from her eyes at his retorts. With a bang of her fist upon the stage, she emphasize her words.

"I gave you happiness because that is what companions do. I am that and more so to you in ways I cannot possibly wish to fathom or comprehend. I. DESTORY. NOTHING."

She pulled her fist from the stage, trembling with unsatiated rage, placed it back down as support to her body weight. She made no move to get up, clearly in the limelight of interrogation. In the light of her body, her wings, though transparent, appeared to him.

"I danced your dance, Lestat. I danced with the devil by candle light on a stage in front of an audience of souls. I know the fate of your entanglement. I've lived it out and come back again for more."

Realizing her tone, the Angel closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She appeared meek, innocent, and almost child-like before his ever-presence. Her eyes stared up into the darkenss before her, at the spot he disappeared. Golden hair was brushed back from her face. She reached out with her mind to see if he'd accept or reject her. Her voice was soft again.

"I may have originally come here with intentions of hurting you... but I am not that cruel."

Her legs pulled in under her skirts and petticoat. and she made as if to stand, but for some reason thought better of it.

"I meant what I said. I've missed you. Surely, somewhere inside that iron heart of your you've felt the same. Our bond won't let it be otherwise. My actions could have told you better than any words that came from my mouth. If you cannot handle how intense that may be within you... then I'm sorry. I greatly misjudged you."

She stood and brushed the stage's dust from her crimson attire, looking to the darkness. The wings faded once more and with a raise of her hand and a closing of her fingers to her fist, she caused the light to fade to a very bare minimum.Still her light somehow made her nearly clear for all to see without illuminating anything else. Her inner light made her shine like a white lotus upon a black pond.

"You find comfort in darkness. Find it and be soothed."

Vampyre Lestat
09-14-2004, 07:18 PM
"Are you my reflection?" *Lestat said from the rafters as he looked upon the beacon of light.

"Pain and Pleasure merged into one. * Light and Dark. * Death and Life. *Both sides of the same coin."

He descended forcing the candle's light to illuminate the room like a sun.

"You hate and love me equally and feel the desire to give into both. * Ahh Sil..." *He paused as he landed beside her. *"I have transfered my own gift and curse upon you."

The cane flew from across the room and landed in his hand which he used to tap the floor and trace a perfect circle. *

"And here we are, back at the beginning."

09-15-2004, 09:53 AM
The Angel of Life looked up to the Prince of Lies as he descended from the heavens and let the sweet scent of his words roll upon her. From above he'd see her wings again, a transparent shimmer as she followed his descent with eyes that teared to the point that one might think she watched Lucifer's first fall. His questions only made her eyes swell with he desire to weep, for it was true, what he said... all of it.

"Look into my eyes, Vampyre. Tell me what you see..."

She raised her hand to wipe at her eyes, but with a soft shake of ehr head, let them fall again. In that tiny shuffle of golden hair and negativity her eyes closed and opened. Tears spilled over and hung like dew on a spider's web in her long eyelashed. One even went to far as to grace her cheek with its presence.

"You know the answer to that question: pain and pleasure. I am your reflection. Life and light..."

She reached out and took his free hand with hers, cupping it gently between the soft skin of her palms. The light radiated off her presence adn her hazel eyes, though swimming with the glossy shine of tears, radiated their own inner beauty. Her touch... it brought the comforting feel again. Pleasure and strength, peace and calm. Odd how she constantly radiated such things but lack the capacity to know.

"... except... without the fangs."

She let out a laugh, trying to ease herself back into her role as an Angel: calm, placid, an observer of both good and evil but a part taker in neither. This time she removed a hand to brush underneath her right eye. A tear rolled down her left cheek in response.

"The truth overwhelms us all."

She looked up, so very up, and the wingless Angel of Lies before her.

"And where do we go from here?

Vampyre Lestat
09-15-2004, 11:07 AM
"What do I see?" *Lestat said as his gray eyes peered into her own. *His hands moved to her face to steady her allowing him to take a prolonged look. * "The Universe."

A finger moved to the corner of her lip giving him the impetus to make a remark. *"Never underestimate the power of a decent set of canines."

His hand made its way to her shoulder allowing him to place it around her. *Strategically he guided her off the stage as he responded to her last query.

"Where do we go? *Anywhere in the world."

09-19-2004, 09:37 AM
At his gentle touch along her lips, the Angel smiled softly up to the Vampyre. She allowed him to guide her all the while thinking. The Universe. To his last remark, the golden haired woman looked upon him intensely, yet in her eyes was an inquisitive quirk of adventure and secrecy.

"Why just the world, dear Lesat. Why not the universe?"

She stopped as they neared the last row of seats.

"Yes... there is a place I'd like to show you if you'd join me."

To the Prince of Lies she extended her arm and looked up to him with those deep, piercing eyes of hers.

"Shall we?"

Vampyre Lestat
09-22-2004, 01:03 PM
"You make me long for the days where I could have taken you somewhere special." * He said with a slight frown. *"I have been cursed yet again, dear one" *Lestat said as he took her arm. *"For I must depend on you to physically remove me from this world."

He smirked as he awaited her response.

"Please, be gentle."

09-23-2004, 12:50 PM
The Angel's quirk of a smile turned upwards further, just at the corners, giving her that air of crimson seductry again. A brisk wind whipped roughly through the theater causing the candlelight to flicker and dim to it's most minimum potential. She still remained the beacon of light, perhaps a bit painfulf or the Vanpyre's eyes. A mix of pain and pleasure. Her hazel eyes, so knowledgable yet innocent despite the seductiveness of her beauty, flickered with candlelight. The light around her grew, covering her crimson attire and arching behind her back. They formed wings and her crimson attire was replaced with white robes overlapped with a layer of crystal blue. It would be only a moment for him to see her. The light surrounded the Vampyre's vision until it was all he could see... but this light, this heavenly light, would not harm is dark-preferenced senses. This light was different... it was life.

"Come with me..."

Light. Blindingly beautiful enchanting light. Her face was before him, smiling a coy smile of knowing. Then...

Dark. (http://www.cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=668)

Vampyre Lestat
12-20-2004, 08:37 AM

12-20-2004, 09:16 AM
**Among the relics of the theatres history there is an old, partially burned backdrop draped across a clutter of old props on a table, in the backstage area. This fire damaged, painted cloth, which would have functioned as the background of one of this theatre's plays, before time had caused it to begin to decay, depicts a grand ball room filled with people in formal wear. It would have served as the background of a party scene for a play about a werewolf trying to pass himself off as normal despite the effects of the full moon occessionally peaking out through the clouds. Now the partial piece of the backdrop only sits upon a random selection of ancient items and gathers dust and continues to decay.
Or at least that's what it is intended to appear as. Hidden deep within the fibers of this burnt relic lies power. Power that is more than any First would dare to imagine. It's this power that has kept its presence hidden from others for the centuries it has remained hidden here. And it is this power that allows the mind occupying the backdrop to observe events all over the globe. This mind is imitating the background that often strives to blend in with while watching the entertainment that the world around it can offer.**

12-21-2004, 07:29 AM
Off in a dusty and lonely corner within the Theatre resided an old Victorian portrait of an astute elder man sitting down on what must have been his throne. *The age of the piece was rather old at first glance with it's dull colors and slight cracks, nevertheless the facial depiction was one of small contentment. *Slowly, however, the face of the painting changed from a caucassion older man that of a dark-skinned and much younger looking man with perfect white hair flowing down his shoulders. *The contentment gave way to a look that bordered the fine line between confidence and arrogance. *The Victorian garb easily shifted away to a more contemporary monochromatic suit of deep blue. *The hand that was carefully placed on his lap moved to grip the upper framing allowing Millennium to step foot out of the portrait and into the Theatre. *Fixing his collar and cufflinks, he wanders around in search of the one who sired his current existence. *Speaking openly to an empty audience...

"Am I deceived so easily? *My new sight told me that the one I seek was here, yet he is not. *Where was my error?"

Vampyre Lestat
12-21-2004, 10:59 AM
A red orb of compressed Universal Energy seemed to fire outward from the mirror that resided on the far wall of the room. * *As it was pulled and distorted by the influence upon it a voice seemed to radiate outward from its core.

"My, My, even Dorian himself would be jealous of your arrival." *

As the humanoid depiction of Lestat was fabricated by the orb, The Vampyre moved forward.

"You speak of Deception." *Lestat speaks with a smile which can be seen through his transitioned aspect. * *"A subject that seems to be quite appropriate, especially concerning my son's fate."

Lestat stood before Millennium and continued.

"Tell me, are you a gambling man?"

12-22-2004, 06:21 AM
Spying the red orb emerge and form into a different version of The Vampyre Lestat made him raise an eyebrow. *Bowing his head to him he replies...

"Flatterer. I am merely exercising just the tiniest of tidbits that I have learned from you is all. As ever you remain the Master of Entrances, a title I presume I shall not soon usurp."

Tilting his head to the side, he glances over this new form while his new sight takes over and comes to an interesting conclusion that he speaks forth with another smile...

"Bellona. Oh my. You've been making interesting bedfellows lately, haven't you?"

But when Lestat mentions deception and Qwaring's fate, he chuckles and lowers his head. *It seems that the secret has reached his ears before he could bring it to him himself...

"Yes, I do like to gamble some. It always depends on the stakes and the thrill of the game. But I'm curious, how much of the tale's secrets have you uncovered?"

12-22-2004, 08:48 AM
**The force inhabiting the tapestry obseres the two arrivals and listens in to their conversation. The transitioned one, the ever entertaining Lestat, and the leader of the First, Millennium who has quickly become another entertaining subject to watch. The presence studies these two closely. It is reasonably sure that Millennium won't detect its presence, interwoven into the fabric of the decaying cloth, but Lestat's recent ascention may have opened his senses enough to catch a glimmer of its energy hovering in this place. But the presence does not care if the transitioned vampyre can sense him, because no matter what today is shaping up to be a very interesting one in the continuing drama of this ancient theatre and the world surrounding it.**

Vampyre Lestat
12-22-2004, 11:53 AM
"I may know some..or all..depending on what you have to add. * But to make my words clear...It was foolish to gamble your success in the prior conflict on how I might react."

He moved closer and sat in a chair as he offered one to his companion. *He sat and looked around the room and felt that they were not alone..but opted to not react to the presence as it were until the time was right.

"Bellona has given me a gift of sorts..and I see her mark on you as well. * She is a captivating creature, isn't she?"

But then his tone altered into something a bit more serious.

"My son is trapped. * He will be entering into a battle for his mind and his life. * So my mind tells me to thank you..but my sorrow wants me to take it out on you."

He paused as his aspect transformed into something more human.

"But that would be illogical."

12-22-2004, 06:10 PM
Taking the seat offered to him, he listened intently as always to Lestat's words. *After rubbing his trimmed goatee for a few seconds of thought, he sought to give some answers...

"Allow me to fill in some blanks then. *

He who designs the trap holds the key to exit it as well. *He can leave at any time. *And while the battle that Qwaring wages may be fierce, I have all confidence that he will emerge victorious and stronger for it. *It is assured. *Trust your son, for his infinitely clever mind will prevail above all. *And if I needed any further proof of that I need not but to look at where he derived his winning spirit from. *What I'm saying is, do not hold onto that sorrow. *When you see him again, he will be whole."

He leans back in the chair.

"Now granted, the gamble did have a random equation to which we did not have a satisfying answer for. *We knew full well that we could not manipulate the Great Manipulator himself. *So while we chose to ever so slightly steer everyone else to where we needed them to be, we chose to be flexible when it came to you. *There were countless secondary protocols that we were prepared to run depending on your involvement. *It was quite a relief (and interesting) to see that you chose to fight Minity, another random participant in the overall scheme. *By the way, it was quite the thrilling fight you both had. *Such fire."

At the mention of fire, his mind races and quickens at the thoughts of Bellona.

"And then there's Bellona. *A rare and fine wine. *You are correct, she is very much a captivating creature. *Primal and yet delicious at once. *Is your apparent transition a result of your kiss?"

Vampyre Lestat
12-22-2004, 07:17 PM
"The Dark gift has been a catalyst of change within me. *But Bellona's blood in combination with that damned helmet has changed me into something new."

He focused on Mil's words and beamed with pride like a father listening to his son's accomplishments.

"...but we have other matters to discuss." *He said as the destroyed room became whole again.

"As it pertains to my son. * I have no doubt that the will walk out of that realm intact. * The battle that will ensue will have a clear victor...but the winner might be the aspect that despises me as opposed to the boy that still sees me as a loving father. * *That glimmer of hope is one that is a weakness to our kind. * * I should not care for my son's fate..but I do. * I lost him once....I could not bear to lose Xal again."

Then he smiled.

"And the battle with Minity.....Let me tell you if it were not for Lord Mattson and my respect for him, I would not have been able to restrain myself. * Though, you did have my sword despite my initial betrayal....but even you can acknowledge that I could have easily taken the helm for myself."

And then the prevailing thought returned. * "It is quite hard to betray one's children. * *Though, my hesitation is a weakness that others will long to exploit should they become aware of it."

Lestat leaned in.

"But the current conflict proves why you are the Leader of the First. * *I'm sure the ruse will upset some....." *Lestat whispers mockingly. *"but what they don't know...won't hurt them. * *The meeting proved that they long to bicker. * *A leader leads..he does not follow. * *You are on the right path."

Then Lestat took a moment to pause and reflect on the obvious.

"I thank you for coming to me...and trusting me with what you have to say. * *You know you have my support. * But something tells me there is something else on your mind. * A reason for your arrival. * *Am I right?"

12-23-2004, 08:24 AM
His grin widened a bit more.

"True, you could have taken the Helm for yourself. *But where would the fun have been in that? *Using a device or weapon is no fun. *It is too easy, too boring. *But working your influence through the soul of a god or goddess is strange fruit. *To whisper the right elixir of words, whether they be true or not, to evoke a specific reaction or movement is vastly more entertaining. *Would you not agree?"

Taking a moment for a deep breath.

"I ....originally agreed to Qwaring's plan as a means to payback a favor I had owed him. *He was instrumental in reuniting my twin daughters before doom would befall them. *But as the plan took shape, I saw this as another opportunity to study those who I lead. *Their reactions. *Their loyalties. *And after analyzing the preliminary data I've come to certain conclusions. *One of them is that the Council is without a chain of command. *When the leader "fell", confusion overcame first instead of precise action. *This troubled me. *Enemies can strike whenever and wherever and if we are not prepared then we'll lose. *I will not have that on my watch. *To that end, I will appoint one such command. *If I should fall, Honor's Angel as Lady Imperial will take up leadership as it is her right as my wife. *But if she isn't able or should she fall, then..."

He stands up and looks of in the distance. *Turning back to Lestat, he sends a telepathic image of who will assume the role. *The image of this female would no doubt make him smile.

"I tell you this first because I need to take a breather from the throne to attend to an important matter that is dear to me. *What I need to do involves Honor's Angel as well, so the weight of Elysia will fall upon this goddesses shoulders. *I need not ask for you to look out for her because you already do so. *But she will need guidance on another level. *You know of what I speak of."

He turns again and takes a few steps forward...

"And now this brings me finally to the other reason why I've come. *You perceive correctly that there is more. *You already know the secret regarding your son and of the goddess who will sit on the throne while I leave. *But before I leave, I need guidance from you. *I would normally ask Jas as well but my new senses tell me that he is scattered into three pieces for some strange reason. *So I ask this. *How can one properly balance the weight between ruler and marriage? *I wish to be both but the how's escape me. *Can I not be a great leader and a great husband?"

Vampyre Lestat
12-23-2004, 08:50 AM
He nodded in agreement to his choice of successor. *

"Honestly?" *He laughed as he uttered the word. *"You can't. * The struggle will be like wrestling a tidal wave. * You can hold it off and try to keep the damage to a minimum..but your enemies will find them and use them to influence you."

An illusion took form that depicted Xal's death at the hands of one of his enemies. * The scene changed to images of Lestat wiping LAW's memory and then doing the same to Baron Banter.

"I did this for them. *I distanced myself from them to protect them. * *Removing all traces of my existence from their body and mind."

The room altered back into that of the current time.

"If you love your children. * If you love your wife. * *Then erase all traces of them from you. * * Otherwise, every decision you make..or do not make..will put them in harms way. *Jas will tell you that there is a way to balance those tenets. * He is a fool. * *He puts my grand daughter in the path of danger everytime his morality forces his hand. * He is a noble individual..but he thinks that his weaknesses are strengths."

The vampyre looked upon *his kin and winked. * "Which is something you easily exploited for the sake of my son. * *Imagine if your intent was less than honorable."

An image of Louis, Gabrielle, Marius, Armand, Jessie and David flashed in the nearby mirror.

"The Dark gift give you power..but it also gives a curse..and that curse is solitude. * Make a choice. * Leadership or Marriage. * *But you cannot have one and truly be loyal to the other."

12-23-2004, 12:15 PM
The illusion of Xal's death coupled with LAW and Banter's memory wiping troubled him. Logical in it's simplicity, Mil's brow furrowed as he wondered if he could ever bring himself to do the same. If he could do the same with Angel, Danae and Pixie. To reach deep down in his gut and summon the fortitude necessary to do that. Would it be worth it? Could he really separate himself from the ones he loved in order to protect the ones he loved and be an effective ruler? He quickly shook his head and denied it.

"No. You would have me to accept that there is no way to be both? There has to be examples of gods throughout history, kingly gods who have made both happen. To lead the throne and house."

Vampyre Lestat
12-23-2004, 12:39 PM
"And with each story I guarantee you that each story came to a tragic end. That is..."

A book of Fairy tales flies into the Vampyre's hand. "...unless you decide to live in the fictional world that resides within the pages of this book."

He stood and walked over to his companion and stood beside him and whispered while handling Mil the aforementioned book.

"If they cannot kill your loved ones they will hurt them. IF they cannot hurt them they will turn them against you. Imagine the Lord of Time aging your precious love at a rockets pace until there is nothing left. Imagine Charon kidnapping your children and taking them to a reality where they will be slaves for an eternity..and then when you finally find them..they spit in your face for allowing this to occur."

Lestat turned looked upon the tapestry that hung on the far wall.

"And I am merely speaking of the threats we know of.....That crown is a target upon your back."

Facing Mil once again he had the image of Minity form in the palm of his hand. "Minity. One of the most powerful and stunning women I have ever known. She has a weakness however." In his other hand....the image of Lord Mattson appeared. "Now that he is a secundae..his enemies will show up in droves to stop him."

And then the image of Night was created through the combined energies that made up the images of Mattson and Minity. "And is not one of his own enemies..His child. Did you not raise the level of conflict in that little family dynamic with your tests."

The images changed into those of Mil's own family.

"The second your enemies find your weaknesses...they will exploit them. And Family is a weakness that is obvious to all. You cannot protect them at all times. The only way to protect them...is to show the world that you do not care about them. That you hate them and their destruction will be something you covet."

"Otherwise....you are merely being selfish by keeping them within your heart."

12-27-2004, 05:41 AM
As the book of fairytales is given to him, Mil begins to feel just a twinge of queasiness. *He wonders if it is because of the weight of Lestat's words or because somewhere deep inside Lestat's words are only feeding a notion he had already considered before. *Each example given to him about others hurting his loved ones burns him to the core. *He unintentionally clenches his fists and almost bursts off to go punish the Lord of Time as if the scenario were happening right that minute. *Imagination spins vividly went he is given the spot about Charon enslaving his daughters. *He could almost taste the hatred behind the spit that Danae and Pixie gave him. *The prospect of that happening turned his insides raw. *Struggled he did against the hurt as he tried to console himself even as he tried to formulate proper defenses against such threats.

But when Lestat made note that those are only the threats we know of, his heart sank even more so. *Though he didn't say it outloud, Mil knew this to be true. *And he cursed himself for realizing that.

Next was the tale of Mattson, Minity and Night. *And for the first time he found some hope. *A spark that made him smile. *But he kept it to himself a bit longer.

And when he saw the images of Angel, Danae and Pixie his smile got wider. *He leaned in to the images and whispered to Lestat...

"You've missed two..."

...he winked at him before standing tall again and speaking again...

"You bring forth a mighty arguement. *Hard, cold and truthful. *It is the other reason why I came to you with this, for I knew that you would not spare my feelings. *You would give me brutal honesty and I thank you."

He closed the book of fairy tales and kept it close to him.

"But I'll take the Fairy Tale. *Just because it has not been done yet doesn't mean that it cannot happen. *"Truth is stranger than fiction", and if that is the case then I will make it so that my reality far exceeds the happy endings these pages hold. *

When you showed me Mattson, Minity and Night you reminded me of something. *Hope. *Though Night is his enemy, Mattson still loves him and hasn't turned his back on him. *And though Night tried to take down Minity, she yet prevailed, on her own, without the help of Mattson. *She is fully capable of taking care of herself against any and all of his enemies. *Just as I know that Angel is fully capable of taking care of herself."

He placed an image of himself in the one depicting his family. *The image of him hugs and holds his family.

"I shall make my own "Happily ever after". *It may be selfish. *But that's my nature. *I know that I cannot protect them everytime. *But I do know that they can handle themselves in the spots where I may not get to them. *My enemies will no doubt be legion, but they will not prevail. *I will not abandon my family in order to protect them. *To do that would dishonor my love for them."

Vampyre Lestat
12-27-2004, 06:39 AM
The Vampyre Laughed and had to sit down to the comedy being spoken by his ally.

"Hope? Do you truly come to me and your only response to what I have said is Hope?"

After regaining his composure he rose and approached Mil. He placed his hands on his shoulders and spoke frankly.

"Hope is an illusion that creatures such as ourselves use to prey upon the weak. I'm sorry to say that you have now opted to guard your family with an illusion."

Lestat shook his head in disbelief.

"You have opted to enter a world of fear and pain. These ties will be exploited. If you think releasing them is too difficult to handle...Imagine watching them die before your very eyes."

Then it hit him.

"In fact"

He placed his hands on the sides of Millennium's head and forced the images, feelings, emotions and pain that Lestat witnessed and experienced when Xal died. Before, it was merely a scene...but in this instant Millennium was Lestat and he was living through the moment as if it were happening right now.

((I'm not sure if this battle was archived. I'll see if I can secure the link for your reference, if you want it. * Found it:

http://cgthreads.simplicitypoint.com/de ... ?t=43&p=10 (http://cgthreads.simplicitypoint.com/default.asp?t=43&p=10) *

This is where the final confrontation begins. *The story starts earlier in the thread.))

12-28-2004, 04:09 PM
((Much thanks. That link helped a lot. 8) ))

Before he could retort the ideal of hope and vampyres to Lestat, he was seized on a purely psychic level by his maker and force-fed a very personal and intimate moment from the past. His face writhed in anguish as Mil hopelessly fought against the intrusion. As Lestat let him go, Mil dropped to his knees with a look of stark anger gazing through Lestat and off into the distance. Vacant eyes supped on the images that rushed him as a voice echoed faint but familiar words from the ether...

"S'my fault. sorry..."

Totally lost in another person, Millennium became Lestat in the last moments of Xal. He stood and assumed the very same stance that Lestat had that fateful day when Xal screamed before his secundae body went limp and died. He bore the pain of that day as it was his very own. The day that he witnessed LAW's tears flowing down as she looked upon her son's failing health. The dark gift enabling him to taste in the heaviness as she blamed herself while she shook uncontrollably and rocked Xal back and forth in her arms.

And finally, the furious anger of a father who would spare his family this misery. Mil himself drew his hand up as he acted out Lestat's motion to create an illusion of the events and wiped their memories of the truth. From birth until death, Xal's existence was erased as far as Banter and LAW were concerned. The re-enactment only faded at the conclusion of Louis' words to him. Words that were echoed out yet again...

"I agree with your actions, Lestat. Sparing them of this pain is the correct course. But what of your's?"

And just like that, reality snapped back to Mil as he heaved his breaths and tried fighting back tears of the moment. He looked up at Lestat with weary eyes.

"You .....never did answer his question..... did you?"

Vampyre Lestat
12-28-2004, 04:52 PM
"My punishment is that I remember. * Every detail...every facet...Forever until entropy has replaced all things including me."

He took his friends hand and squeezed it. * Lestat spoke earnestly yet with a spike of anxiety folded within it..

"Do you see now? *Do you see that of what I speak? *Valias was my child, much like you are now. * My friend...who turned against me. * * My family destroyed due to the actions of a former ally turned enemy. * Yes, Xal returned...as Qwaring..and now he fights this Abyss thing. * *It never ends. * The price of power is pain. * Spare your family. * Do what is right by them....or those feelings you share with me will one day be your own. *Learn from my experience."

((Amazing post man.))

12-28-2004, 06:18 PM
**This is what the presence in the backdrop has been wishing for during its time of solitude in this ruined theatre. Such wonderful drama unfolding before its psychic awareness. Its ability to precieve events of the entire planet became focused on the two vampyres and their conversation. It drank in every movement and each scrap of emotion it could pick up with its multitude of senses. Thoughts and actions played out for this entities enjoyment. It still watched the planet but most of its mind was focused on watching these two and their unfolding story.
Although, none of this suprises the disguised entity. It has been present during most of Lestat's recent visits to this place. It was even around during Xal's death. Such a tragic day, if it had been more than woven cloth and ambient energy it would have wept, out of a mix of sorrow and joy it feels at observing these events.
The entity now focuses on the present situation. Its attention is drawn further into the conversation as it waits to see how this will end.**

((Very nice stuff, guys.))

12-29-2004, 05:30 PM
The squeeze of his hand further cemented Mil's perceptions back to reality as he stood to his feet, his mind still reeling from the potent experience folded into a scant few minutes. With a newfound understanding through a slice of Lestat's past, he looked to the vampyre with a new heaviness even as his voice took a more graven tone...

"The veil of ignorance that held me fettered is now torn asunder.... leaving me to weep it's passing. I freely admit that I was happy in it, basking in it's glow as it kept the fairytale I so desperately wanted alive. Now ...it is fleeting."

He quietly considers what his next move will be. For some strange reason, he feels cold.

"I will need time. Time with them. To enjoy them. To memorize the smiles of wife and daughters both. I will need that at least to help bring me warmth when solitude's grip finally takes me."

((Thanks! And the same to you both. *Praise coming from you two is awesome indeed.))

Vampyre Lestat
01-01-2005, 03:04 PM
"You should take that time. * Memorize every detail of it. * Love your wife and share that love with your children....then do what you must to keep them eternally safe."

Eye to eye with his companion he spoke softly.

"What I shared with you. * I do out of trust. * I do to spare you and your kin that which has tortured my own brood. *I hope you understand that."

He looked upon the tapestry in the distance and spoke aloud.

"With regard to business, I will find your substitute after I speak with the Atlanteans. * *In my current state I hope to be a link between the First and the Transitioned beings. * Though that would depend on you...as I am no longer a first...do I still retain my seat on your council?"

01-04-2005, 05:05 AM
"Your seat on the council?"

Welcoming a reprieve away from heavy thoughts, he switched gears along with Lestat...

"A valid but unnecessary question. Qwaring still stands as Council of Intelligence not because he is a First, but because he is the best man for that position. It is no different for his father. And to be this "link" you speak of has a lot of promise, so it has my blessing. There hasn't been enough progress between our races and this would provide untold opportunities on many levels. My only concern is how will they receive you. You've gone from the top of one ladder to the bottom of another..."

But then he smiles when he thinks about who he is talking about.

"How foolish of me. I seem to forget to whom I speak of. You'll probably welcome any "bad blood" that may come your way. Very well then.

I go now to handle a little bit more business before I meet back with my family, even as you go to establish a new link with the Atlanteans. Do handle them with care. They may be supreme beings but they too are fragile. And I thank you for your council and your trust, although it is with a heavy heart that I receive both. *Until when next we meet..."

He fades away from sight back to Elysia.

Vampyre Lestat
01-04-2005, 06:59 PM
As Millennium faded away Lestat smiled. * *He knew that the lad was the perfect leader for the first, but hoped that he had the will to do the wise thing, as opposed to decisions that were immersed in the emotional. * However, he knew another conversation was tot be had shortly.

Lestat returned to his chair and turned it so it was facing the tapestry in the back of the room and sat.

"Well, I don't have all day."

01-05-2005, 08:11 AM
**The crowd of formally dressed people on the surface of the decaying cloth turn and look at Lestat. A gathering of flat, painted people staring with glowing orange eyes. This errie moment retuns to normal, and the painted backdrop returns to an inanimate object as soon as a voice booms across the distance between the first row, its source, and center stage, Lestat.**

I'm sorry you had to wait, but I wanted to see if you could sense me first. I knew you could, but some tings you just have to see.

**The man sits, reclyned and supremely comfortable, in a seat in the first row. He looks to be a young twenty-something man, but his glowing orange eyes can not conceal the ancient soul that dwells within him. His hair is dusty brown and very short. He is looking upon Lestat with absolute amazement, as if seeing him for the first time. The transitioned vampyre can feel the energy flow from this man's gaze. He studies Lestat with pure omnipotence. After a moment of this focused study the man rises from his chair, dusts off his incredibly well made black suit and leaps onto the stage in front of Lestat. His lips curl up into a broad grin as he holds out his hand to Lestat.**

I'm Setca, Atlantean and your biggest fan. I watched all of you biggest scenes, as well as your smallest, which were entertaining in their own way.

Vampyre Lestat
01-05-2005, 10:51 AM
Lestat paused in a speechless stupor as he was amazed by the energy and words that radiated from this ancient creature. *His new found talents gave him a glimpse of the creatures raw power yet his lack of sophistication with these abilities made any detailed level of assessment rather impossible. * His thoughts were running rampant within his mind but the initial question seemed the most appropriate. * Was this the being that his son had mentioned?

"Biggest fan? *Youof me? *How long have you been watching?"

01-05-2005, 11:36 AM
**Setca shrugs before replying in a modest fashion.**

I've always kept an eye on Earth, even before my transition I observed the humans. But you didn't come to my attention until a decade before you became Lestat, the Blood god.

**Setca holds up his hands, with his index fingers and thumbs held out into two "L" shapes, and uses this gesture to "frame" Lestat's face, like some movie director would do. The powerful entity tilts his head while he considers some subtle aspect of Lestat's subquantum energy field.**

But you're not a blood god anymore. Oh, sure, you can control blood, but you can probably control everything else equally as well.

**The brown haired man claps his hands together as he stops studying Lestat.**

I always knew you were destined for big things. A big player on the small stage of Earth, but on Elysia, the big time, that's where you really got your chance to shine. I knew you were exactly what that tired old story needed, and now I get to see how you'll effect the stage that I and my peers exist on.

Vampyre Lestat
01-05-2005, 11:47 AM
"So you watch and study without any sort of involvement?" *He said as he circled the enthusiastic being. * "You do not exert your influence upon those who are lower than yourself on the proverbial food chain?"

Lestat smiled impishly and then whispered softly. * "A clear lie."
The newly transitioned being moved into the dark area of the stage as he continued to speak..but his volume rose slightly. *"Be it mortal, immortal, god or transitioned beingeveryone exerts their influence in some form or fashion. * Everyone has an agenda. * *You see me as an actor on the stagethen what is your role? *What is your agenda? *You are far from being an innocent observer?"

Three lights focused upon Setca as Lestat made his presence known from the control booth. * *Through the speakers that manifested Lestat's voice echoed through the hall.

"Tell me Setca, what do you covet?"

01-05-2005, 12:12 PM
**Setca covers his face in an embarrassed fashion and speaks between an amused chuckle.**

You think I'm one of those do-nothing cosmic observers.

**The powerful being looks out over the seating before the stage and points at it.**

It's true that I'm the audience, but I'm not limited to that.

**He points backstage at the clutter of ancient relics of the theatre.**

I'm also the background and props.

**His eyes twinkle with orang energy, that if it were not contained within him could easily tear apart the fabric of space across this continent, but this power is easily held in check by Setca's ancient and powerful mind.**

And on occassion I am the director and producer.
I believe you know one of the peices that I directed. It's called, The Birth of a Blood God.

**Setca sends Lestat a breif flash of the incedent that turned the vampyre into a god from, Setca's point of view. The Atlantean is careful to dull the amount of information sent through this flash, since he doesn't want to overwhelm Lestat with the amount of information that he observed. Setca only shows Lestat enough to let him know the source of the power that brought about his evolution. The Atlantean was disguised as some inanimate object and used his own power to raise Lestat into godhood. Setca smiles proudly at the memory of his handywork.**

I feel it was some of my best work.
As for what I covet, drama. Every life in this cosmos produces some amount of drama. I do what I can to experience this drama at its finest, even if that requires me to add a new cast member to the tired story of fueding gods.

Vampyre Lestat
01-05-2005, 01:04 PM
"And so the truth is revealed to the Prince of Lies." *Lestat's voice echoes through the speakers and throughout the hall. * A second later he stands behind the ancient Atlantean.
"Every act of creation is first of all an act of destruction" *The Vampyre quotes the legendary artist aloud with a shakespearian delivery. * *"Yet I would hate to think that you would view me as a pawn, my dear benefactor. * So I would rather see us as partners."

A gleam crosses his eyes as he focuses on the details of his Ascension from vampire into Vampyre. *"You realize that there is an extensive list of people who would seek your head for my creation."

Though..the jest has teeth to it as Lestat thinks ahead.
"So tell me, now that I have reached a higher planehow would I best add drama to those who see themselves above it all? *For I predict that an audience with your peers would be an interesting way to get the ball rollingdon't you agree?"

01-05-2005, 01:30 PM
No, you were never a pawn. When I direct I only point the actors in the right direction, give them what they need and let them do what they want. If you required anything more from me I wouldn't have chosen you.

**When Lestat mentions those who would like to take revenge for his ascention Setca laughs louldy.**

I am beyond fearing anyone. Who can hurt me? Who can find me? Who even knows about me? Even if everyone that you have ever wronged gathered together and attacked me as one they wouldn't even come close to harming me. Not the whole me, anyway.

**The Atlantean strokes his chin thoughtfully and silently ponders the situataion, before answering quietly.**

I've never had anyone ask for my direction before. How utterly amusing. Hmmm.
I believe we should go see Alexis. I think she would welcome you, since she is still closely tied to her life as a First and views you as family. And we can see where things go from there. No sense in over planning this, the suprises are too much fun to weigh down with plotting.

Vampyre Lestat
01-06-2005, 08:59 AM
No, you were never a pawn. When I direct I only point the actors in the right direction, give them what they need and let them do what they want. If you required anything more from me I wouldn't have chosen you.

**When Lestat mentions those who would like to take revenge for his ascention Setca laughs louldy.**

I am beyond fearing anyone. Who can hurt me? Who can find me? Who even knows about me? Even if everyone that you have ever wronged gathered together and attacked me as one they wouldn't even come close to harming me. Not the whole me, anyway.

**The Atlantean strokes his chin thoughtfully and silently ponders the situataion, before answering quietly.**

I've never had anyone ask for my direction before. How utterly amusing. Hmmm.
I believe we should go see Alexis. I think she would welcome you, since she is still closely tied to her life as a First and views you as family. And we can see where things go from there. No sense in over planning this, the suprises are too much fun to weigh down with plotting.

"I like to plan my entrance...everything else flies forward based on my whim."

Lestat's form transferred back to his Transcended aspect.

"Inspired by Charon." *He said with a smile. *"So, shall we be off to this convergence of higher beings?"

He allowed the skull pendant and the Atwaal's Gauntlet to remain showing on his energy form as he smiled at his current companion yet eternal benefactor.

"This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

01-06-2005, 05:50 PM
**Setca nods in approval of Lestat's choice of forms.**

Excellent, it shows off your power nicely. And displaying your weapons is another fine touch. Weapons and power still holds meaning to some of those we will meet with. I can't wait to see their reaction to your appearance. Even though some of them can foretell such events, it's still exciting to see their reactions to the actual moment.

**The Atlantean smiles at Lestat's last comment.**

I see interesting times ahead of us. And for the universe.

**The brown haired man steps towards the rotted backdrop. He walks into the painted cloth until his legs are submerged in its surface. Before continuing any further he speaks to Lestat one more time.**

Go on ahead to the gathering, I know you can sense it. It's not hard to detect them. I'll see you at the gathering, since I'm already there with them.

**Setca walks into the backdrop and melds into it. Within moments he is just another painted on figure in the crowd. The backdrop seems to return to its lifeless state. But within its fibers Setca's intellect continues to observe all.**

Vampyre Lestat
01-06-2005, 07:18 PM
A rush washed over the energetic form of The Vampyre Lestat. * The being that had just spoken with him was a participant in his growth since his time on this very planet. * He had always put on a show, yet was never aware that someone was always watching.

Emulating his benefactor's directorial framing Lestat lifted his hands to form the frame against the nearby door. *Red energy cascaded over the molding and extended inward creating a crimson tapestry which The Vampyre passed through.

02-10-2005, 05:22 AM
Descending onto a chair on stage, Janus floats down. In each hand he holds the simple smiling and frowning play masks. Seemingly studying them, he pauses for a moment before he causes a spotlight to appear on him

Hail, o' prince of lies. A ghost of yesterdays and tomorrows seeks an audience. Come, dark sword-bearer and hear of the sins of the light sword-bearer. Let us discuss lies and truths and the wounds both can make. Let us have a resolution to prior events and future deeds.

Vampyre Lestat
02-10-2005, 07:16 AM
Lestat and his companion appeared in the back of the theatre where the light originated. * *His guest was seated and remained in her invisable state.

He put a finger to her lips and seated her. * "Stay here. * This should be interesting."

He lept over the balcony and landed on the perimeter of the beam of light that shined upon his guest. *Slowly he walked along it as he clapped.

"Excellent. * Excellent performance I must say." *

He pointed to the posters that adorned the theatre. *

"But, unfortunately, you are not on the billing for tonight's show. * Perhaps you are seeking an audition."

As he drew closer he realized that the lad was familiar to him. * Tell me your story my dear fellow and perhaps I might be able to assist in the crafting of an ending of a highly dramatic sort."

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
02-10-2005, 04:09 PM
Sitting in the theater chair LAW nestled in and looked around. *Nice place she thought I hope the show is good.

02-10-2005, 04:59 PM
It is kind of to be on the billing when I'm not in existence in this form yet. Am I the scion of your past sin, transitioned by killing the Ancient Janus? Am I the original Janus deciding to play in these games of First for my own reasons? Or am I a warning bearer speaking of an impending flood, dark days, and a menace to come? Or maybe I am all and none of this.

Raises the masks with each question

If I am your past sin returned, I am here show you my family legacy will shine beyond your lies. But how can that be true when I stand in the shadows and envelop myself in secrets and lies. Or maybe I just want to forge a lie that even you will respect. After all defeat takes many forms. Sometimes an act of emotion can crush more then a fist. Lord Mattson saw this. But for him, the downward spiral begins. When it ends, he will face darkness itself and a new age shall begin in his lands.

Walks around the stage making a spiral of planets appear behind him.

And then there are the mirrors of self that arrive here. Leave it to M to bring a new mess to these lands. But they are only the heralds of darker threats. Two roads stand before us. One if Nestle's sin returned. A sin he forged for love and it was resurrected by love. Will it be Robin who dies to stop the flood this time. But even more dangerous then that is the sleeping waters will awaken and supplant their templates.

The other road leads to a prevention measure that has grown beyond its design. The force holding this hides but its hands may fall to its own toy.

Vampyre Lestat
02-10-2005, 07:34 PM
A Human Lestat appeared behind Janus and placed his hands upon his shoulders.

"Family Legacy? * Nothing more than attempt to secure immortality. * *I could resolve the problem for you in an instant if you so desire. * Eternal life....the cost...Eternal Solitude." * He laughed. *"Yet, you speak of the past, and more specifically your origins, *most cryptically. * Trying to immerse the truth within the lie. * *Makes me wonder, are you affluent at this skill or merely trying to convince me that you are." *

A curious look linked itself to the smirk upon his face as wind overtook the human Lestat forcing its way past Janus and halted upon the front row where an aspect of the Vampire Lestat crouched on the back of a patron's seat.

"And much like truth and lies are bound, so are the concept of vision and blindness. * *Lord Mattson was able to extend his Vision across the cosmos, yet he was blind to events that transpired before him. * A fatal flaw, to say the least. * One that others would seek to exploit if given the chance. * But this is his cross to bear"

Lestat stood on the back of the chair and extended his arms outward as he burst into flame and the ashes scattered. * From the roof the Secundae Lestat descended hovering due to his demonic wings.

"And M...All of them. *The female aspect, the sinister god...the golden hero. * *How many times will he be born so that I might kill him. *Yet out of them all, I probably respect him the most. * He reminds me of my benefactor....Magnus." Lestat pauses. *"But this emotional creature chooses to ally himself with the human * *Nestle. * Why? *Because there is more to this human than meets the eye."

The wings retracted as Lestat touched upon the stage and the secundae grew into the First known as The Vampyre Lestat right before Janus' eyes.

"The bearer of the blade of God. * The one I was manipulated to confront. * A being who thinks me dead. * This fabrication I crafted merely to see the expression upon his face when I return. * That man is rooted in the foundation of the First itself. * He has ties to a creature that despises us all."

Lestat moved forward.

"I say let the dam break. * Let the waters pour over us all and let us be changed by it. * *These Gods perpetrate an existence of prevention of the inevitable. * They resist change and struggle against it."

The Transitioned Lestat reclaimed his aspect and continued.

"But my focus right now is you. * *Are you a ghost..a premonition...or the warning you claim to be? * Have I killed your father...your mother...your family? * *You speak of Sins. *.I have committed so many and I will continue to do so when the mood strikes. * *Do you come to attack...to form an alliance...or merely plot? * *I am intrigued....a state which is rarely attained when you have lived as long as I have."

02-11-2005, 04:52 AM
Immortality seems to be something that draws me to it with a curse of rest denied attached. While I do not suffer your thirst, it seems interesting times will always envelop me. Well you are responsible for the death of one of my parents, I come before you more to test my lies before one of the best before they must be tested against those who may learn the truths and prevent my hand from moving unseen.

Waves a floating chessboard into existence and begins moving the pieces about.

There comes a *time when even a master has to become a piece on the board. But if the piece's power is known, then it is planned against. Therefore, your domain becomes the most useful.

Cloaks the pieces in shadows and uncovers them in checkmate

A piece unseen or misrepresented is a hundred times harder to defend against. The water given malice by Nestle knows this well. He also knows that the best weapons against the First are the First. Think of it. What has brought them together time and again. One of their own. Negator. Gator. Qwaring. All dared great power and all brought the First together to stop them. Even you have brought them together. And time and again Mattson, Meteoro, Nestle, and others stand at the fore. But Nestle has vanished. Meteoro is sidetracked by his wife's vanishing. And for Mattson, shadows and reflections devour his land and his time beneath him. So with this, who will serve as flood breaker? Will new pillars arise or will these trials finally wash the First away? Or vampyre, will those who ascended show the new way of the universe to the First?

I manipulate a few of the reflections now. I will see the queen in time. But first, I need to know if my lies and hidden truths will keep my hands unseen or unpredicted at the least. As I travel down the roads of sin required and will shatter the hearts of those who matter in my travels, I need to know if this dark path is dark enough and if it can survive those who know my heart. I need to keep my truths secret even from the goddess of those. So master of lies and manipulations, do I strike you as novice or elite?

Vampyre Lestat
02-11-2005, 11:24 AM
He put a hand to his face and pondered the situation. * *"It is an interesting position you put me in. * *Shall I be truthful and tell you what I think, or shall I mislead you to further my own amusement? *Would you be able to tell the difference? *What shall motivate me to take either path? * Its an interesting quandary." * "If *you could read my face then you know that I have already made my decision when you entered my home."

He moved closer to Janus and forced the lights about the stage to illuminate at maximum intensity.

"Truly, I am indebted to your parents. *Which does not necessarily mean I am indebted to you. * I will not make an apology for what I have done to them, but I will assist you in your endeavors."

A deck of cards flew from Lestat's hand and crafted an intricate manor in the sky which collapsed at the slightest gesture.

"Your ruse is sound. * Your lies are clever. * But you must remember, at some point, if the right question is asked any lie will fall like a house of cards. * *You must stack the deck so you will prosper no matter where the cards fall."

His eyes looked deeply into his guest's eyes and he moved from side to side giving him a parallax view of the subject. *

"The mysterious aura you wear upon yourself will force people to question your origins and intent. * They will dig deeply. * They will look for flaws. * They will seek to uncover your treachery. * * Strength must be covered in weakness. * *Lies must be covered in truth. * And betrayal must be covered in trust. * *Then and only then will you be able to reveal your agenda."

A white piece on the board changed to black and made its move against the other pieces in succession.

"And above all else.the lie is only effective if you believe it yourself." *The Vampyre smiled. *"You are no novice. * Clearly even I can see that."

02-11-2005, 04:57 PM
Janus smiled

Then I suppose the game begins. We shall have to have drinks when this is all over. Keep your wife safe for if it is the plague not the water which rises, she is vulnerable. And that would be a great loss for everyone.

Fuses both play masks into one as he vanishes. The mask descends to the table.

Vampyre Lestat
02-11-2005, 05:30 PM
As Janus vanished Lestat bowed respectfully in his direction. * He levitates the mask to his hand and he looks at it carefully.

"We will meet again, my friend."

He looked up to the balcony and with a motion of his hand his wife was rendered visible.

"Its amazing how much trust people have in a being who is so prone to betrayal."

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
02-14-2005, 08:23 PM
Watching the stranger vanish she looks at Lestat.

What will you do *now?

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
02-22-2005, 05:35 PM
Are we leaving this place?

Vampyre Lestat
02-23-2005, 12:15 PM
He faced her and smiled as he placed the mask on his face and allowed it to be absorbed into his skin.

"Leave, why would we leave. * *This is my home....This is our home." *

He opened a window and exposed the view of Matrix Glade. * A world in the Matrix Quadrant. * But the image was faint.

"They are building a Theatre here. * *A new one. * *It will allow us to root ourselves within the Matrix Quadrent as well as Planet M and every other place that houses a Theatre de Vampyre. * * *Through this, we can be everywhere."

And then he looked outward as if hearing something new.

"Besides, I predict that our granddaughter will be arriving soon. * * I wouldn't want to miss her."

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
02-28-2005, 03:44 PM
She looked around at her new surroundings her new home. *It wasn't Planet M, but she seen potential. *A sadness ran through her and she sighed. *

It would feel more like home if our boys were here.

Then smiling at the thought of seeing her granddaughter.

Has she changed much? *I bet she got big.

02-28-2005, 04:40 PM
Within the Theatre sat three Egyptian Mau statues made of the finest jade known. *The details shown in each of the statues were remarkable to the point where one would truly mistaken them for real cats from a distance. *They sat erect and alert as if watching for a distant moment to happen. *A light glimmered from the eyes of the middle cat as the glossy finish shedded away to uncover true fur, while it's tail began to move in pendulum-like fashion. *One lazy stretch was all it took for Toonces to make his appearance here in the Theatre. *Taking a hop down to the ground, it strode close to the god and goddess and silently sat in wait with them.

Vampyre Lestat
03-02-2005, 08:08 AM
"They will be, my sweet." *Lestat said as he gazed upon her. *"Both are detained for a moment...but this will also be their home if they need it to be." *

He smiled. * "And your granddaughter is going through a time right now. * But I will most assuredly help her if she desires it."

Then he saw his loyal companion and friend and froze. *Shock was quickly replaced by joy as he knelt down to greet his companion and began to pet his silky coat. *The moment was surreal. *It was almost as if Lestat, Law and Toonces were transposed in time and space across all of reality. * *The creature did not speak but his eyes conveyed a message of utmost understanding. *It was almost as if his arrival in this place at this time was predestined.

He put his head down to that of Toonces and conveyed a simple message. * "Thank you."

03-02-2005, 12:19 PM
The surreal oneness in mind and understanding was as warm and comforting as a blanket on a cold night. *The moment further cemented their strange connection which was discovered on the day they met. *Looking his elder in his eyes, Toonces did nothing else other than nod to Lestat in an outward show to accept his appreciation.

Mortin Steel
03-04-2005, 10:16 AM
the Mortin's appear out of a rip that leads to Planet Tigers
they continue to fight undistracted by the others in the room,again each blow becoming more powerful then the last
but as quickly as they appeared they disappeared it to another rip back to Planet Tigers
(all rip disappear after they are entered or exited)

03-08-2005, 07:23 PM
Etherea's form drifted through the cosmos. She was within the Theatre de Vamprye, yet she was not. In essence her form was everywhere, a part of the air, part of the stars, and part of the sky. She looked down upon the tiny world that held Lestat's Theatre, and she watched. She knew the future of all things in all dimensions, in all worlds. To her, the past, present and future we're all the same. When she smiled, the heavens moved and the sky shown with the brilliance of a new star. When she spoke, the universe trembled unable to contain the amplified echo of her voice. Yet none would hear, unless she allowed it. Today, however, she only desired to observe.

You too will soon know the truth. I do hope you are ready Lestat.

Vampyre Lestat
03-09-2005, 10:54 AM
He lifted Toonces as he stood and shared the moment with his wife. *But then the appearance and disappearance of the twins forced Lestat to smile as he opted to return his focus to his wife and companion.

"Have you met Toonces, my love." * He smiled as he gave a look expressing to her that Toonces was safe to pet.

"If I had been born a cat. * I would be Toonces. * He is a good friend..and quite loyal."

The Vampyre laughed. *"Well, perhaps Toonces and I are not EXACTLY alike."

03-09-2005, 05:56 PM
Toonces calmly looked up at his elder and his wife with eyes that have seen way past the normal nine lives. *At first glance, the cat looked normal.... common... everyday. *But to those who are extra sensitive to the finer details, countless stories of the lives of men each more enthralling than the last could be found deeply imbedded behind the cat's watchful retinas. *A comforting glance to LAW would convey that it was alright to pet him. *And when his elder made the crack about similarities between them, he flashed him a look that would have easily been translated as amusement.

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-10-2005, 06:22 PM
LAW smiled at Toonces and raised her hand up to pet his head. *Rubbing behind his ears she looked up at Lestat.
He's very handsome. *He reminds me of... Thinking for a moment ...I just can't place it, but looking at him makes me feel at home, and safe. *I am happy we have loyalty.

03-11-2005, 07:59 AM
Instead of an audible "purr", Lestat and LAW would feel Toonces' low purr vibrate through many of their other senses.

03-13-2005, 06:25 PM
((I think LM went offline so im just pretending he posted and Minity left the palace already- lol))

Minity appears outside of the Theater, her dark red hair flowing, she wears a long white gown and for the first time she doesnt hide her pregnant stomach...it isnt large, but it is still obvious, the rose that Lestat gave her is still attached to her arm...she doesnt use telepathy, but instead speaks allowed, *and hopes Lestat will hear her...

Lestat...I have need of your council...may I enter?

03-13-2005, 06:31 PM
His head turns quick in the direction of the voice. *It is unfamiliar to him, but he stays ever calm and soothed knowing that new drama has just arrived at the front door.

Vampyre Lestat
03-13-2005, 06:38 PM
As he heard her voice Lestat smiled. *

"We have company." *The Transcended being spoke to his beloved as he placed Toonces in her loving arms and turned to face the door. * *He rose his arms and forced the lights to fully illuminate the Theatre. *Then as he approached the door he forced them to open inward.

As the distance closed between them Lestat noticed the change that had taken place within her but did not comment out of respect. *

"Please enter, Queen of the First, you are always welcome here."

03-13-2005, 06:43 PM
Minity still felt somewhat disturbed but tried to hide it by smiling greatly, she quickly rushed to great Lestat...

Oh thank Altwaal you are here...I am in great need of your...

Minity then notices Law is here and quickly rushes to greet her...

You didnt tell me your wife had returned, its great to see you!!

Minity then turns to Lestat and giggles slightly as places her hand on her stomach...

What do you think? Im not sure it suits me...

Vampyre Lestat
03-13-2005, 06:52 PM
The Vampyre gave a friendly grin and responded. * "I'm not known for my factual announcements." *

Then he placed a hand to his chin as he looked upon Minity. *

"Will wonders never cease. * *But might I add that you look absolutely radiant. * The look truly suits you. *Don't convince yourself otherwise." *

He waved his hand and had several chairs from the theatre levitate and make themselves available. * *

"But, with all due respect, I doubt you are here merely *for the purpose to share with us the wonderful news. * *You *seemed troubled. * Tell me." *he said as he took his seat. *"What is on your mind."

03-13-2005, 07:02 PM
Minity's smile seemed to slowly fade as she quickly took a seat...

Its just that lately...my telepathy is out of control, Lestat, i hear everything...Im not used to not having control and I have no time to meditate and so many keep coming and asking for my aid...and its ironic when the majority of them dislike me...I just...I was wondering if you could help me turn off a portion of the telepathy, not all of it...just enough so I can keep it under control until I have enough time to fully rest...

and I also desperately need you to make sure I have not damaged my child...

Minity pauses for a moment to burn away some of the tears that well up...

Im sorry, but I have been pregant for much longer than I should be, for I fear the Nuns curse, so I have been stunting the childs growth so it doesnt mature, and I dont want to dissapoint my husband again...

minity holds her head towards the ground as she waits for Lestat to speak

Vampyre Lestat
03-13-2005, 07:15 PM
His smile shifted into that of concern as he took on a human aspect and took a kerchief from his pocket and handed it to her. *Quietly, he placed a hand a few inches from her abdomen and moved it from left to right as if he was clearing steam from a mirror. * *All present were able to see what he was seeing through this supernatural window. * * His hyperdimensional vision attuned itself to the aura of the child. * *In a manner of speaking, for that brief moment he possessed the child. * He felt the heartbeat. * He focused on the child's thoughts. *Then, without sparing another moment he returned to his own form.

"First things first, The child is healthy. * Fret not about its condition. * The being within your womb will share your strength. * It will take much to harm it."

The window faded from reality as he leaned in and looked upon his friend.

"I have two simple words for those who do not like you. * However, since I am in the company of elegant ladies, I will refrain from using them. * But yes. *I can help you as long as you trust me. * *However, if you did not...I doubt you would be here."

He thought for a moment and commented. * "Forget Scion's curse. * *They only have power if you believe in them. *HOWEVER, if it is necessary to have her remove it in order to set your mind at ease...It should not be difficult for the master of manipulation to force her hand."

"I cannot speak as confidently about yours and Mattson's relationship. * But I can tell you this...he adores you. * Keep that close to your heart and you will not disappoint him."

(let me know if you need me to undo anything I have posted. )

03-13-2005, 07:23 PM
Minity smiles and lets out a sigh of relief...

You truly are a dear friend...and Mattson is going to deal with the Nun as we speak..

Minity touches her stomach and smiles thinking about the glory of her unborn child...

he will be strong...

Minity sighs again...

is there anyway you can tune my telepathy, also here...

Minity creates a blue orb of fire and passes it to Lestat...

it holds all the knowledge of the Atlanteans according to Danik...Im sure you must know some of it...but he visited me in person and basically told me there was little I could do with it...well by giving it to you, Im doing something with it and there isnt a thing he can do to stop me!

Vampyre Lestat
03-13-2005, 07:39 PM
Lestat laughed as he greedily took the orb within his hand. *Upon touching it transformed back into this Crimson transcended aspect.

He crushed the orb in his hand forcing the energy to flow up his arm and deposit itself within his cranium. * After a moments pause a familiar smirk crossed his lips.

"Thank you. * *Oh Minity thank you so very much."

He took his hand and placed it over *her forehead. * *Slowly he read her aura and had his hand match it as he changed its molecular density and merged with its essence. * *She was a powerful telepath. * Much more powerful than he had ever encountered. * *But he forced his other hand to join in the effort and began to alter the Universal Energies that resided within her.

The Mind Gift within him began to draw upon the universal energy surrounding the Theatre forcing the lights to dim as he wrestled with her unbridled power. * *The structure of her mind taxed his consciousness until he found a solution to her dilemma and imposed a binary switch within her mind.

A psychic explosion send him flying off of her and back into the confines of his chair.

"I did what I could...though it was not exactly as you might expect and I hope I have not earned your ire after I report to you my findings" *His body began to attune itself back to his own aura. * "I placed a mental switch within your mind. *With a mere thought you can turn your psychic power on or off. * *But there is a complication. * *Much like a dam the pressure of your telepathy will build behind this mental wall and will need to be released at regular intervals. * If not...your mind will burst and the symptoms you have faced before will seem like a mere head cold."

(Let me know if that works)

03-13-2005, 07:54 PM
(its great!! thanks)

Minity couldnt resist a sinister smile after seeing Lestat fly back...she had forgoten how powerful she actually was...

Its a very good thing I came to you...i doubt anyone else would have succeeded in even forcing there way into my mind...and believe me once I have time I will re-tune myself to the universe and allow my telepathy to grow from there

Minity soon turns the "mental switch" to off and finally it is...

quiet...oh...it hasnt been this quiet in a long time

you have no idea how much this means to me...even if only temporary, its like...just a weight has been lifted

Minity stands and light seems to radiate from her brighter than before, as if she finally accepted the joy of her pregnancy...

would it be alright if I stayed awhile longer...its been too long since I have been able to talk with civilized beings...with the exception being my husband of course!

Minity smiles at both Lestat and Law, and then sits down as if she knows the answer is undoubtedly yes...she creates a cup of warm tea, and giggles at the thought of gossip...

Have you been keeping tabs on Jas lately...he may force our hand soon, with the path he is traveling, he clearly seeks the throne and now uses his knowledge in a much more sinister fashion...however...he doesnt seem to use his telepathy as often as he once did...and he has become quite rude...Ive never liked him, but his behavior was intolerable!

((hope its ok that Minity sat down, if not I could have her give you both big hugs and leave- lol))

Vampyre Lestat
03-13-2005, 08:17 PM
(110 percent.)

"Stay for as long as you like."

A backdrop of a comfortable living room descended and became real as a butler arrived from offstage offering drinks and food to all those in attendance. * Small end tables appeared next to each chair as a matter of convenience.

"Interesting. * It would seem that my Grandson-in-Law is undoubtedly not in his right mind. * *Interesting how the God of Truth is seeking to Manipulate various parties. * *I must give him a lesson in subtly if he doesn't end up with his head on a post."

He pauses as his mind reaches out to Quaxo.

"If manipulation is his forte..I'm sure I could give him a lesson he will not soon forget. * *Though, perhaps he has yet to approach me for I am the one who can truly expose his truth for lies."

Blood rose from his hand and took the form of a bust of Jas. * *He made a fist destroying the manifestation.

"So he seeks the throne huh? * I'd hate to see what happens to him when he tries. * *Any word on his co-conspirators? * I'm sure he is not foolish enough to go into this endeavor alone."

03-13-2005, 08:35 PM
Minity giggles...

he basically said he is talking to the council and showing them that neither myself nor Millenium is fit to rule and that he was the only one meant to rule a "United Elysia"

but I have proof he isnt himself...Quaxo came to talk to me...that was...different....to say the least

Minity roles her eyes

She did blame me for his sudden change, but hopefully i was able to convince her otherwise...and now I have to Gators in my throne...and Danik spoke through one of them saying how there was this threat...blah blah blah...he is all powerful and he needs to threaten me of all the First to do his bidding...

Vampyre Lestat
03-14-2005, 07:44 AM
"So hes going after Millennium too, huh?" *Lestat said with a smile. *"I wonder who HE would deem worthy of the throne? *I'm sure he isn't going to be biased when making that determination."

His sinister gleam turned into a caring one as he heard Quaxo's name. * "Don't be too hard on her. * She is a good soul who has just been under the boot of a difficult man. * *I hope to give her some of the spirit that we have in common."

But then her words stuck him.

"Wait a second, Danik threatened you? * Interesting. * I wouldn't concern myself with it at the moment. *However, when I do meet him. * And I will meet him. * I'll convey our mutual displeasure."

In the background spirits took physical form and dressed in elegant attire. *They spoke in hushed tones to give the effect that they were at a social gathering.

"So are things well with you and Mattson? *It would seem that things have been better between the two of you in lieu of recent events."

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-14-2005, 08:04 AM
Minity still felt somewhat disturbed but tried to hide it by smiling greatly, she quickly rushed to great Lestat...

Oh thank Altwaal you are here...I am in great need of your...

Minity then notices Law is here and quickly rushes to greet her...

You didnt tell me your wife had returned, its great to see you!!

Holding Toonces and petting his back she smiled at Minity and was excited to hear her speak.

((Sorry i am late :) ))

Vampyre Lestat
03-14-2005, 08:13 AM
Minity still felt somewhat disturbed but tried to hide it by smiling greatly, she quickly rushed to great Lestat...

Oh thank Altwaal you are here...I am in great need of your...

Minity then notices Law is here and quickly rushes to greet her...

You didnt tell me your wife had returned, its great to see you!!

Holding Toonces and petting his back she smiled at Minity and was excited to hear her speak.

((Sorry i am late :) ))

(Morning sleepyhead)

03-14-2005, 08:30 AM
(( HIII LAW!!!!))

Minity smiled at Lestat and Law...

I hope you have fun with Danik...that being seems to have psychological issues

and Quaxo...we will see what comes...I was a bit rude when she came to me, I couldnt believe she put up with some of the things jas put her through...it seems insane

He is nothing like Mattson, and we seem to be very happy, he is a very understanding and caring God, perhaps one I dont deserve, but he is mine

Minity smiled warlmy at the thought and drank more of her tea...

How are you two doing...you both also seem quite happy...I do wish you wouldnt stay locked up in here so often though...I may have to convince Mattson to make a door that connects the Theater and the Palace of the Quadrant directly!

Vampyre Lestat
03-14-2005, 11:52 AM
"Thats all I needed to hear." *Lestat says as he walks to a nearby wall and transforms it into a window that opens up into the Matrix Glade.

"With your permission, of course, I am able to have the Theatre link itself to the Matrix Quadrant. *So we might be able to visit each other more often. * It will be a subdued presence, obviously, but a presence nonetheless."

He walked behind Law and placed a hand on her shoulder. * "I'd say things are quite well for us....But I leave that honor to the lady."

03-14-2005, 04:15 PM
Id love to have the door there...and letting LAW answer is probably the smart choice!! ;)

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-14-2005, 08:54 PM
I am doing great. It's good to be around again. I do hope to see my sons, as well as granddaughter soon. There is so much to catch up on. I definitely need a new wardrobe. Looking at her old Mystic clothing.

Looking at Minity's belly

Whens the blessed day?

03-14-2005, 09:00 PM
oh you look wondeful...

Minity touches her stomach...

technically its past

she giggles slightly...

but it should be in a couple of months now...

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-14-2005, 09:14 PM
If there is anything I can do just let me know. *I am at your service.

03-14-2005, 09:20 PM
Minity smiles

well thank you...and I offer you the same assistance

Vampyre Lestat
03-15-2005, 06:25 AM
Puzzled by the statement Lestat could not help himself. * "Did you say Past?...as in you should have already given birth?" * *With a devilish grin he continued. * *"Does this involve time travel? * I hate time travel."

03-15-2005, 06:53 AM
Minity laughs

Noooo...Ive been making sure it doesnt grow...although...I did come from a different future...perhaps I already have children running around...

Minity gets a disturbed look and thinks to herself for a moment and then shrugs...

well as long as my children are beautiful and glorious it matters not!

Vampyre Lestat
03-15-2005, 06:57 AM
He moves over and sits on the edge of the end table before Minity's chair and looks upon her with an expression of understanding with a twinge of concern.

"Min, *if this is about the curse...you must not allow it to have an impact in the natural development of your child."

03-15-2005, 06:59 AM
well we dont have to worry about it any more...Mattson is going to take care of it and...I guess I will just see where fate takes us...

Minitys touches her stomach and smiles

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-15-2005, 05:19 PM
LAW touches Minity's hand

Your children will be beautiful and glorious. *Don't worry it will all work out.

03-16-2005, 06:30 PM
::Arriving just outside the ornate doors of the Theatre from Tiger's Planet were three rather jovial travellers. Quaxo looked up at the doors and traced the Lestat family symbol on the knocker before lifting it and letting it fall with a decided thump upon the dark wood. Stepping back a bit, she winked at TJ and shifted Iolair in her arms so he could see what lay ahead of them. Her heart thumped a little more strongly and she tried to swallow her nervousness, but she couldn't help it. This would be the first time she'd actually meet him face to face, not across a conference room table or a battlefield. And this place...it felt like home. Though she was nervous, she was somehow comfortable too.::

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-16-2005, 07:46 PM
Hearing a thump at the doors, LAW looked up at Lestat puzzled.

Expecting others?

03-16-2005, 08:00 PM
Also from Planet Tiger's a fourth individual arrives unknown by the other three. Banter remains in the shadows. He feels like he has been here before. But he doesn't know why. If he had his full memory he would know his brother died here.

03-16-2005, 08:03 PM
Minity raises her eye brow and places her arms over her stomach in a protective manner...

id tell you who it is...but Im enjoying the feeling of no telepathy...

03-17-2005, 06:15 AM
Resting peacefully with LAW, Toonces gives only the slightest of glances at the door. *The expected visitor finally showed up. *But a further sense reading concluded that another was close by seemingly using shadows for cover. *He kept his head up and alert for what may happen.

Vampyre Lestat
03-17-2005, 08:47 AM
He looked at Toonces first and smiled. * They were both thinking the same thing.

"Yes. *I was actually expecting some company." *Lestat said to Law and Minity. *"If you will excuse me for a moment."

He said as he shifted to his human appearance. *Black shoulder-length Hair and van dyk with matching egyptian tattoos along his arms, shoulders and back.

Then he paused and thought to himself. *"Too intimidating."

He shifted once again and took on the aspect that resembled his human appearance before Magnus imposed the vampiric gift upon him. * Long wavy blond hair with blue eyes and adorned in victorian age garb. * He lifted his well manicured hand to the door and opened it to see his kin and their traveling companion.

"Come in..and make yourself at home."

03-17-2005, 09:21 AM
::She actually bent her head a little to look around the edge of the door as it opened. What she saw surprised her some, as she didn't know that her grandfather could change his form in that manner. This revelation was received with a slight curious twitch of her brow, but nothing more, as her entire face lifted into a smile.::

Thank-you grandfather. A visit has been a long time in coming. I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long? Oh, I don't know if you've met - this is TJFox. She was kind enough to join me for the various journeys I've been undertaking lately.

::The trio stepped inside and Quaxo's eyes adjusted to the dimmer lighting immediately, so the presence of LAW and Minity did not escape her. The presence of the former shocked her a good deal more than Lestat's change of face (so to speak ;) ) and it showed.::

Grandmother?! When did you return? Uncle Qw...

::"Uncle Qwaring was looking for you." was what she started to say. If not for him, she wouldn't have known that LAW was missing in the first place. Swallowing her words and attempting to recover, she approached her grandmother and squeezed her hand as still still balanced Iolair in her arms. Catching some movement out of the corner of her eye, she suddenly remembered Minity's presence - and her manners. Turning from LAW, she bowed slightly to the Queen of the First, then addressed Lestat.::

I didn't realize you had company, or I might have delayed our coming further. Have we interrupted anything?

Vampyre Lestat
03-17-2005, 12:09 PM
"InterruptHush yourself child. * You are my kin and my kin can never be an interruption." *He smiled. *"And no need to call me GrandfatherYou make me feel like an old man and despite being alive for hundreds of thousands of yearsI am still young at heart. * Call me Lestat."

He leaned down to come face to face with little Iolair and manifested a small rattle for the child to play with. *He looked over at TJ Fox and smiled. "Tis a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Mi'lady."

He faced the stage and as his eyes glowed crimson the scene began to change. * * The comfortable cosy living room became a flat two-dimensional backdrop and lifted into the rafters as another backdrop descended depicting a lavish dinging room. *As the images in the room extended and became tangible, the former party guests became servants of every sort who eagerly yet professionally began placing food and drink upon the majestic table..

"Minity, Law and Myself were having a wonderful conversation about family" *Lestat said as he made a gesture for his guests to sit and eat. * He made sure a heaping plate of sesame chicken was placed on the table before a reserved seat that was currently empty. * Iolair was attended to by two stocky yet pleasant nannies while Toonces had his own butler who fed him food that humans would work a lifetime to afford.

03-17-2005, 12:18 PM

Minity nods in appreciation towards Quaxo...

dont worry, Im in a much better mood right now...i just needed some fresh after dealing with everything...

Minity seems to cast an illusion over her stomach, making it look as if she were not pregnant...as calm as Quaxo was...she didnt fully trust...

Thank you for the food Lestat...it looks exquisit!

Minity gives Lestat a look hoping that he will read her thoughts and find that she is unsure if she should tell Quaxo about jas' abrupt appearance at her palace

Vampyre Lestat
03-17-2005, 12:22 PM
"Only the best for my guests. * Enjoy"

He returns the look and uses his power of suggestion to put a thought in Minity's brain. In the past this power has been used to manipulate others, but in this case it was merely being used to communicate.

*In due time....I do not want to overwhelm her. But she must know. Granted, if preferred, I can be the messenger if you rather not broach that subject.*

03-17-2005, 12:30 PM
TJ smiled back at Lestat. "This is for you," she said as she took the wine decanter out of the box, "It's from Alexis and Shrike."

After watching the room change and big feast prepared TJ laughed and commented, "We just came from a meal at Alexis' but I'm always ready to eat." She then held up the dessert box. "Uh, well, I guess I have dessert covered."

She then turned to Minity and smiled. "It's a suprise seeing you here but it's always good to see you."

03-17-2005, 01:10 PM
::Iolair was fascinated by the new faces and scenery. His eyes wandered about the room, catching the slightest of movements, while his hand held onto his mother's hair.::

::When given the rattle, he began a thorough examination of the new toy. He held it with both hands, feeling it's surface, and turned it about. He could feel a slight vibration as something moved within the toy, but couldn't hear it rattle. Growing bored with this minor discovery, Iolair proceeded to test how the toy felt against his gums, covering it with drool in the process.::

::Finally, Iolair gave his prize a hearty shake, but as nothing out of the ordinary happenned, he simply let it go, unintentionally sending it flying in a high arc back in Lestat's direction.::

03-17-2005, 02:34 PM
Forever young? I suppose if anyone can make it work, it would be you. Lestat it is.

:: Her head bent in agreement and she smiled as Iolair played with the rattle Lestat had given him. To Minity, she turned a clear eye, the smile still on her face, but uncertainty as to how the goddess would react to her played over her features.::

As am I. *Though I'm not sure how long that will last, considering. she finished in her head*

I'm glad to hear that you can take comfort here. You're right too - this is quite the spread!

*laughing along with TJ* Most of the food at Alexis' didn't make it into mine or Iolair's mouths, so maybe I can catch up to you on this round!

::Quaxo noticed the nannys waiting to take care of Iolair for her, which was a relief. He was so very active. Handing him off to one of the rather rotund ladies, she turned to take her seat, and so didn't see him promptly lose his grip on the rattle. Instead, her attention was focused on grabbing a hold of the nearest chair back to steady herself. Her breath caught in her throat as the room spun. She closed her eyes and quickly lowered herself as naturally as she could into the seat. Was it due to her pregnancy? No, it felt different. It was an intense feeling that gripped her insides and cried out to for attention, but she didn't understand what could make her feel this way. The feeling soon passed, and though a shade paler than before, she opened her eyes and re-affixed a smile in place. The empty chair soon caught her eye and she couldn't help but inquire as to its purpose.::

Well, you seem to be the popular ones tonight. Another guest yet? Handy to have gifts that let you know when people are going to drop by.

((btw - that little thing Quaxo experienced was linked to what occurred on Tebryna))

Jason Sanborn
03-17-2005, 03:26 PM
From the darkness, a very faint and incomplete telepathic message reached into Quaxo's mind.

~Oriena...here with you....my strength...love encourage...~

03-17-2005, 03:37 PM
::Upon hearing this very unexpected message, Quaxo turned a whiter shade of pale. It was as though her heart stopped beating in her chest. Even though she knew he wasn't there, she couldn't keep her eyes from darting around the room. He sounded like he was so far away - and it had sounded like her Jas. The one she had married. Where WAS he? To the others at the table, she appeared to be frozen in place, while her nails dug into her legs under the table. Eventually, the sensation of pain reached her, and blinking, she relaxed enough to reform less sharp extensions. She didn't really know what to say, for she couldn't fully describe the series of sensations she had just experienced. And so, Quaxo reached out a rather unsteady hand to her water goblet and occupied her mouth with the prescribed actions that typically follow - barely managing not to spill - and hoped she could come up with something that made sense if and when she was asked to give reason for her behaviour.::

Vampyre Lestat
03-17-2005, 08:19 PM
"Why thank you TJ." * Lestat said as he took the flask and tasted a bit of it forcing scales to manifest across his body for a split second. * "I must savor this..and extend my thanks to Alexis and Shrike as well."

Then he noticed a change in his granddaughter.

"You know, I can pinpoint the precursors to a lie from a mile away."

03-18-2005, 04:50 AM
::Her head cocked to the side and she regarded him curiously. Was he assuming that she would lie to him? If so, he was sorely mistaken - but she wasn't just going to spill her guts to him either. Especially not in front of Minity. She'd rather not dish out ammunition, so she evaded the implied question - this time.::

Really? Well, I'll have to remember that the next time someone decides to try it so I can warn them ahead of time. Provided I like them enough to warn them, of course.

03-18-2005, 07:43 AM
Minity smiles and finishes another glass of tea and then stands up...

well...I must thank you for your hospitality...you guys have much to catch up and I shall leave you to...

She goes next to Lestat and gives him a kiss on the cheek, and then rushes to LAW to give her a hug, she pets toonces and nods towards Qauxo..she then points a quick finger at TJ...

Dont be a stranger! ;)

and then Minity waves at the shadows as if someone else was there and she disapears in a burst of energy...

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-18-2005, 04:55 PM
LAW smiled broadly when her granddaughter appeared in the door way. *Looking from Quaxo to Iolair she couldn't wait to put her arms around both of them. *Not hearing her start to mention qwaring, she got up to embrace them.

I got back a while ago. *You look well. *And the little one is so adorable.

Looking toward TJFox

Nice to see you again. *Everyone has changed so much. *

Sitting at the table soaking in the company and the atmosphere LAW took a deep breath and was relieved to be home.

She heard Lestat talk of lies and then interrupted quickly before he chased everyone away.

Lies? *Among family lies are non existent and if they were then they would only be small white ones.

Smiling at the lie she just told she hoped that the subject would be change so everyone would relax.

After idle chit chat and drinking, Minity took her leave. *LAW hugged her tight.

Please keep in touch and remember if you need anything I mean anything at all call me.

Turning her attentions back to her granddaughter LAW smiled and didn't know where to begin a conversation but wanted to know everything.

03-20-2005, 05:28 PM
::Quaxo returned Minity's nod, internally heaving a sigh of relief at her leaving. She didn't know what it was that made her so uptight around that woman, but it was nice to see that she was civil enough when not surrounded by her hoards of angels. There was something off about this visit of hers, but at the moment Quaxo couldn't put her finger on it. Her mind was in far too many places at once. Her eye fell on Toonces and she marvelled at the attention he was receiving. Bending her head in a respectful manner, she addressed Toonces in his native felid tongue.::

<Beg pardon, sir, but I do not believe we have been introduced. I am Oreina - oh, you already know me? Of course, I should know by now that a familial scent never truly fades.>

03-21-2005, 07:45 AM
Giving the butler a look that could be interpreted as him saying...

>Thank you Mr. Jeeves.<

...Toonces perused over the kingly selection before him and licked his chops in eager anticipation. A decorated napkin appeared on his collar so no food would fall on his shiny fur, just before he began to dig in. Barely reaching his eating groove, the Quaxo leaned in and spoke to him in his native tongue which pleasantly caught him off guard. The napkin levitated up and wiped his mouth of some crumbs so he might address her properly...

>Greetings Oreina, I am Toonces. It is well with me to meet your acquaintence personally even though I knew of you already through your connection with my elder. I see that you are not unversed in the art of Feline, although your accent could use some work. Tell me, how have you come across the divinity of the language?<

03-21-2005, 08:17 AM
Looking toward TJFox

Nice to see you again. Everyone has changed so much.

"Nice to see you too!" TJ said with a smile. "The last time I saw you was...my father's seance I think..."

Her voice trailed of as she took a seat next to Quaxo at the table and began to eat. She raised an eyebrow when she noticed Quaxo's behavior but said nothing of it figuring that if Quaxo wanted to talk about it, she would. TJ was dissapointed in Minity's sudden leave. She had hoped that they would be able to have some time to talk. TJ waved good bye to Minity and then turned her attention back to her food but she couldn't help but notice, out of the corner of her eye, that it looked as though Quaxo was having a conversation with the cat.

03-21-2005, 09:27 AM
::A wide smile opened across her face as Toonces' speech delighted her. True, she had spoken the language with those present on Tebryna, but they were not learn'd like this particular creature.::

> Faith, not to sound boastful, but the tongue comes naturally to me as though it were my own. Evidently, I struggle with some nuances as a non-native, but I confess I have few to converse with - even fewer as well spoken as you, Sir Toonces. With any luck, that will change and I will lose this ghastly human accent. It is even more pronounced when I speak equine! <

03-21-2005, 01:24 PM
>Yes. I always did find the human accent a might discombobulated. So robotic. So droll. I will never comprehend why my elder does not completely evolve away from it. But you do have some talent in the divine word. Yes, perhaps in a few centuries under my cruel tutelage you will be able to master the Feline tongue. But mention not to me about the equine! Oh may Altwaal help you if you do so again! On the evolutionary scale they rank somewhere between toe jam and navel lint. Noble animals indeed.<

Only Quaxo and Lestat would be able to recognize the utter disgust written on Toonces' face concerning horses.

Vampyre Lestat
03-21-2005, 03:10 PM
After saying goodbye to Minity and returnint to the table Lestat looks over at Toonces and notices a familiar face.

"Ok...who mentioned Horses?"

03-21-2005, 03:33 PM
Toonces looked at Lestat and then calmly nudged his head toward Quaxo indicating that it was her. There was only one other animal that held more distaste to Toonces than the equine and that was obviously the canine. Had that been mentioned Toonces would not have made a face. Instead he would have went nuclear, a sight that no god or goddes should ever want to see in their existence.

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-21-2005, 08:36 PM
((:rofl: ))

Horses? I didn't hear anything. In fact, I don't think I seen a horse in ages.

LAW reaches over and pats Toonces on the head. She pours more wine.[/i][/b]

03-22-2005, 09:29 AM
::Quaxo couldn't help but smirk. The whole thing amused her greatly. Toonces was surely a typical cat and then some - believes he is above all creatures, but seems to have some power to back that up. Inwardly, she reflected how glad she was that she didn't show up in her pegasus form.::

> I beg your pardon if I have offended you by the mere mention of the species. I will not deign to mention them again in your presence. As for the offer of tutelage, I would love to gain the finer points of the language, however I do not have overmuch time for centuries of schooling. <

::Her eyes indicated Iolair and a matronly smile softened her features as she watched her own at work on his dinner. Not really paying attention, she picked up her wine glass, but as it approached her lips, she realized her mistake and almost hurriedly replaced it to take up her water goblet once more. Barely remembering to switch back to Elysian, she addressed her grandmother.::

Nor have I. *winks at TJ* Anyhou, I suppose I have a bit of news that should be shared first among family.

::She paused for a second to take a sip of water and build a bit of melodrama. ( ;) )::

Our family will be expanding - by two, actually.

::Her cheeks flushed lightly and the gentle smile seemed to be permanently affixed on her lips. Right now she wasn't thinking about the ramifications of her pregnancy with Jas' current condition. She was thinking about her family and wondering what their respective reaction would be.::

03-22-2005, 09:40 AM
Banter decides to make his presence known and a portal opens up in the room. He steps out into the room through the portal. He looks around.


He looks around.

Nice place you have here father, mother.

It doesn't look recent so why don't I remember it?

He looks at Quaxo.

Expanding family?

03-22-2005, 10:15 AM
::The ever attentive Iolair took a break from food-sculpting as someone new entered the room through a portal. Dazzled by the colorful entrance, he made a little gurgling sound as he rolled back in his chair and clapped his smudged little hands together.::

Vampyre Lestat
03-22-2005, 12:42 PM
Lestat beamed for multiple reasons.

"Out of the shadows he comes." he said as he walks over to his boy and gives a fatherly hug. "You know there was a time that existed before you were conceived." He released his son and looked him over. "No worries, my lad..I won't bite. But I do suggest you eat...I put out a plate especially for you."

And then Quaxo's revelation forced is smile to grow even wider. He moved until he was standing before her before her and mirrored an action he had preformed when Minity had alerted him to her current state. His hand waved inches above Quaxo's belly allowing Lestat to see the growing children.

"He has my eyes." Lestat uttered as he waved away the momentary window. "I wonder, will they be sinister, dexter, or take after their grandfather and deny both. I hope they do not share their fathers obsession with the Truth." He said with a wink as he looked into the eyes of the unborn children's mother.

03-22-2005, 01:18 PM
Banter smiled as his father let him know that he knew he was here the entire time. After hesitating, he returned his father's hug.

Thank you father. I haven't had anything to eat in a while.

He looks over the food as his father checks in on his grandchildren.

I wonder if they will have wings like Iolair?

He smiles as he sits down and prepares a plate.

And he should deny like me. :)

Vampyre Lestat
03-22-2005, 01:21 PM
"And what would you be denying this time?" Lestat asked his son as he looked over at his winged grandson.

03-22-2005, 01:34 PM
He looked where his father was looking at Iolair.

I deny anyone's authority over me. :mrgreen:

By the way have you seen him fly?

03-22-2005, 01:34 PM
::Quaxo was pleasantly surprised to see her father - though she mentally kicked herself for not noticing his presence beforehand. She rose to greet him as well and hugged him joyfully. Lestat seemed gladdened by the news as well and seemed to be able to gaze inside to see what others could not. With a smile, she affirmed what Lestat had seen.::

Yes, twins.

:: His wonderment of their abilities caught her momentarily off-guard as she hadn't even thought of it. She was about to add that she had not chosen to ally with any particular house either, but then he mentioned Jas. Outside, Oreina still smiled, but her eyes...her eyes relayed the emotions of sadness, confusion, anger and longing that the mere mention of her husband's name evoked in her. However, as the conversation kept pace around her, she ignored the questions that she so dearly wanted to ask and the answers she wasn't sure she wanted to hear and joined in.::

Well, like their great-grandfather and their mother, I hope they don't feel the need to ally themselves with a particular house. Although, I suppose I never denied the Houses - I just never chose one. And Altwaal HELP me if they both have wings! Honestly! Don't even breathe the words!

::She laughed as she scooped up Iolair, nuzzled his head, and passed him to Lestat before looking curiously at her father.::

Don't breathe those words either. At this rate, I'll have a flying two year old! Oh well, at least I don't own any vases!

03-22-2005, 03:15 PM
(Images of Snow's kids from Fables come to mind for flying 2 year olds)

03-22-2005, 03:49 PM
((You shouldn't be giving me ideas... :rolleyes: ))

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-22-2005, 04:31 PM
At the news of Quaxo having twins LAW jumped up from her seat and ran to hug her.

That is such great news. When is the expected date? We have much to prepare.

Hearing her son's voice LAW turned to see him standing there. Her heart raced and she hugged him so tight.

Barron, it's so good to see you. I am so glad your here. We have so much to catch up on.

03-22-2005, 04:45 PM
Toonces begins to eat his food again when Quaxo announced the new additions that will be coming to the family, which gave him pause yet again. For the most part he received the news rather well as this would bring more joy to the house of Lestat. So long as the little rugrats never tried gabbing at him with their indecipherable "baby-talk" with their goo-goo's and ga-ga's he would be fine.

When Baron Banter made his appearance finally, Toonces slowly went back to eating his food but never taking his eyes off of the prodigal son. Banter's presence was strong yet ...almost troubled in the same instance. A being in which intrigued Toonces' curiosity greatly.

03-22-2005, 04:53 PM
::Hugging LAW tightly, she revelled in the moment. This was family. This is what finding out this sort of news should be like. In so many ways, this pregnancy was already shaping up to be very different from the last. At least this time, she wouldn't have to go through it alone. However, she also doubted she'd be able to engage in battle at 5 months with twins. Shrugging her shoulders, she replied to her grandmother.::

Well, as evidenced by the fact I can still wear this *points at corset-like top* I'm not very far along. However, I'm not really too sure how long my gestation period will be. I ... lost track of the days last time, and my ferality tends to exert itself and so I'm not too sure how that affects my physiology. In fact, the physiology of my children could dictate how long my pregnancy will last. I guess we'll just have to wait and see. It would be nice if they were precocial though, wouldn't it?

Fat chance of that. *she thought to herself with a laugh*

03-23-2005, 05:28 AM
Banter returned his daughter's hug.

Its good to see you too Oreina.

A wide grin appeared on his face.

I can't believe you're making me a grandfather again!

He chuckles to himself. He thinks its great to himself. He then leaned down and kissed her on the forehead.

Lets hope things are smoother this time.

When his mother grabs him in a bearhug in joy. Banter returns the hug.

Its wonderful to see you too mother. We definately have a lot of catching up to do. When you just disappared I had no idea where you were.

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-23-2005, 06:15 AM
Yes well sorry for the scare. It's all in the past so let's move on to the present!

Turning her attentions to her granddaughter while still holding BB's hand.

What names do you have picked out? Names after the father?

Vampyre Lestat
03-23-2005, 06:26 AM
"And where is the daddy to be. " Lestat said as he held the winged boy in his arms. He played a variation of peekaboo by shifting his appearance between his transitioned aspect and his mortal aspect as he spoke.

"Don't tell me that he continues to despise me even after I brought him back from the dead."

03-23-2005, 07:20 AM
::Iolair enjoyed watching the transformations immensely, as evidenced by the flapping of his little wings and his bouncing in his great-grandfather's arms everytime the vampire shifted his appearance.::

::The baby's eyes studied every aspect of the two appearances, noting the smallest of differences: the hair, tint of the eyes, shade of the skin... and there was something about the teeth, something which made Iolair very curious.::

::As the vampire assumed his transitioned aspect again, Iolair ducked his head and slapped his small and still food-covered hand onto Lestat's cheek, pushing upwards in hope of gaining a better view and shoving his greasy thumb up the vampire's nose in the process.::

Vampyre Lestat
03-23-2005, 08:20 AM
For a moment he altered his form to catch the little devil's thumb in his nose and keep it there as if to say. "Ah na na." But then released it before the child would find it uncomfortable. The food and layer of grease upon his body and skin was quickly reverted to energy which was used to levitate the brave child.

03-23-2005, 09:13 AM
No, I haven't even started to think of names yet. With Iolair, as soon as I saw him, all the names I had painstakenly chosen suddenly made no sense. I suspect it will be the same way this time around.

::Her face drew taught, her eyes deadened and her skin paled a half shade at Lestat's words.::

So, you truly believed his story? I admit that I was a little more skeptical - to the point where he found my sword up to the hilt in his chest. He's alive, though, which maybe come in handy as I'm starting to think I was mistaken. Only one thing do I know for sure - the man in Jas' body right now is not the whole of the man I married. His Dexter self is out there somewhere - I can hear him calling to me. In fact, I heard his voice not too long ago. My Jas MUST still exist somewhere - his spirit is misguided perhaps? Lestat, I confess I know little of the spiritual realm. Could you tell me about the Dexter half of my husband - the one who was in Qwaring's mind when he...well, you know - you were there, I don't need to tell you. *sighing deeply, her gaze dropped to the floor, a pained look on her face* So, I guess my question is, is there still a chance I can bring him back and reunite him with his body, or am I just mad?

::Even Iolair's antics didn't make her smile. She was back to contemplating the horrible dilemma before her. Her husband's body and the beast within, the man claiming to be her husband but in a different body with different memories, or the ghost of relations past? ::

Vampyre Lestat
03-23-2005, 09:58 AM
"I believed that he believed he was telling the truth. Whether his words were accurate..I do not know." He said as he gently bounced Iolair from one hand to the other allowing the child to float through the air like a balloon.

"But he is no worse a companion than the man wearing your husband's face who seeks to usurp the throne for his own schemes. Despite his Sinister or Dexter loyaltiesJas is an unbending fixture adhering to the standards that he imposes upon himself. But when met with an unmovable force such as stress or pain, in lieu of bending..he snaps in two."

He allows Iolair to remain hovering in the air as he walks closer to his granddaughter.

"We are who we are..Good and Bad, Heroic and Villainous. When I attacked your fatherthat was me..Not Sinister Lestat. When I play with Iolair..that is me..not Dexter Lestat. We excuse or explain our actions by aligning to houses..or creating this Jekyll and Hyde analogy.Unfortunately, one cannot separate the man from the monster."

He frowned as he addressed her.

"Unless he can find Balance.this cycle will never end. Saja, Ruwach, Sinister Jas.are you willing to deal with these in order to hope that the sun might shine again on the face of the man in which you are in love? And if this face should appear again is he able to protect you from his darker aspects? Must you contend with the storm in order to find the peace? Are you willing to put your children in jeopardy?"

03-23-2005, 03:32 PM
As TJ listend to the conversation between Lestat and Quaxo, a sudden jolt shot through her head. She closed her eyes to and began to try to find where that sensation had come from. She then noticed something that she hadn't felt for quite some time.

~I'm back to full strength? Hmm...and then some...~ she thought as she opened her eyes.

A sly smile crept across her lips and her eyes began to glow a bright violet as she sent out a telepathic message to a former friend.

03-23-2005, 03:49 PM
:: Quaxo allowed herself a half-smirk at Lestat's thoughts on Ruwach, for they mirrored her own. However, her head snapped up with the news that Jas was attempting to usurp the throne. That was madness! She found herself getting angry at him, but that anger soon transferred to her grandfather after his assessment of Jas' so-called shortcomings under pressure. Her loyalty to her husband and her innate stirring to defend what was right made her eyes glow fiercely - but she held her tongue - and listened. She wasn't sure what to think of his speech. Lestat was right, people did hide their actions behind Houses, but didn't split psychoses exist? If a man and a monster live in the same body, could they not be torn asunder by the same force which put them together? To his questions, she began to respond, but caught short of drawing breath at the last of them. Sitting upon the arm of a chair, she propped her right arm against the back of it and leaned her head in her hand. A hot tear ran down her left cheek, followed by another. Slowly, she raised her face to look at Lestat - and consequently her son as well - and he would see the silent sadness being squeezed from her body as her heart was torn and gut was twisted within her. In barely more than a whisper, she voiced her reply.::

I would deal with them all and a hundred more. I would remain by him through all his rages. I would face each and every storm with a passion that only he and I know. But the children. The children.

::And here lay the true agony of it. Heart and soul, she was pledged to Jas, but she could not - would not - subject her children to the same upraising as she had experienced. She could not ask them to brave the storm with her, for she was now their protector. It was their welfare that mattered most now. If that meant that she could no longer be with the one whose soul seemed to be forged for the sole purpose of complementing hers, if that meant that she had to deny herself and her children a husband and father, if that meant that she could no longer fulfill her duties as a wife - in order to be a mother, then it would have to be. The realization hit her so hard that she seemed to have taken a physical blow to the stomach. Her right hand covered her mouth in an attempt to hold in a sob, while her left arm curled around her abdomen - already protecting those still forming there. She sqeezed her eyes shut and her shoulders heaved with the effort it took not to make an outburst. She never knew that love could hurt so much. ::

Vampyre Lestat
03-23-2005, 08:38 PM
"The children come first. Which is why I had to manipulate my families minds to forget me....so they would be free from the monster that is me...and the enemies I have created as that monster."

He looked over at Banter and LAW but not before noticing the change in TJ's Aura. Iolair was still levitating nicely and he raised a platform for Toonces to stay eye level with the family.

"But they found me all the same, but not before Xalidus....your Uncle Qwaring died. Despite his return his death haunts me till this day."

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-24-2005, 05:58 PM
LAW listened to Lestat talk while watching him play with Iolair. At the mention of wiping her and her son's minds she sadly touched her head and looked at him understanding why he did it but hurt that she lost so many years. When he brought up Xal's death her heart sunk but her gaze fell back upon Iolair and she couldn't help but smile at the innocence.

03-24-2005, 06:44 PM
Banter swallowed and cleared his throat when his father mentioned wiping his mind. He thought about saying something but then looked at Toonces and thought he was looking strangely at him. His eyes began to glow slightly gold as he looked at the cat and it got his interest.

03-25-2005, 05:08 AM
::Her breaths still came in more heaving gulps than regular breaths, but the tears were drying on her cheeks nearly as quickly as they had appeared there. She fired a glance at Lestat that seemed to say "If that's supposed to make me feel better, it's not working". Pausing, and seeming to look off into the darkness at some unseen atrocity, Oreina mulled over what her grandfather had just said.::

So, it seems to me that no matter how you try to protect them, you will fail in the end because a family cannot be broken by sheer will of a single member. *eyes flicker up to Lestat's* That IS what you just said.

::Falling into silent contemplation again, Quaxo ran through all sorts of hypothetical situations in an attempt to plan for her future and for that of her children. Her eyes finally drifted to Iolair, who was floating on air in a carefree manner, oblivious to the decisions being made for him this day. The decision on whether he should be raised with his father or not. It's not like he wouldn't have a father FIGURE...he had his grandfather and great-grandfather to fill that role - at least, that's what she told herself. All she knew for certain is that she had to leave her desires out of the equation and focus on what was best for the children. What was best was not living in an abusive household, therefore they would have to be removed from the source of the abuse. She couldn't bear to think of removing the source itself, unless....::

I know my husband better than anyone and I know that as he was prior to that fateful battle, he would never lay a finger on the children but in loving discipline. I have an orb from Minity that will disrupt the synapses in Jas' body so that the other part of him can re-enter, but first I need to know whether it still exists. I know you said that you cannot separate the monster from the man, but to me, that is what has occurred. If we can fuse the man and monster once more, the monster will be subdued and I can help do that. I know I can. Please, is there any chance that my children can grow up in an unfractured family?

::The desperation in her voice was evident, and her eyes pleaded with him to give her the answer she desired - that Jas could be made whole again and that everything would be all right. ::

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-25-2005, 04:54 PM
LAW felt her granddaughters pain and went over to her to comfort her. In a low sincere voice

You know you will always have family here that will take care of you and your family. You also have our support in all your efforts that you may need. If you need to leave Iolair here while you sort things out I will watch him for you for as long as needed.

03-26-2005, 10:21 AM
Banter's return stare amused Toonces slightly. *Tilting his head for a moment, he sits up and administers an amplified Jedi Mind Trick which broadcasts to Banter one simple telepathic message...

>Your new name is Jeeves. *You will bring more salmon for me to consume.<

He then raises a paw that points in the direction of the kitchen.

03-26-2005, 11:02 AM
Banter suddenly feels the uncontrollable urge to get Tooches some salmon. He stands up and walks into the kitchen. He checks the refrigerator.

Mom, dad, your cat's hungry.

He pauses.

Does he have some sort of control over others or something? I feel strange.

He looks through the refrigerator

No salmon.

He thinks for a second and finally remembers the words that will produce a salmon.

Asha dag

A salmon suddenly appears at Tooches feet. He returns to the room mumbling to himself...

Butler... I'm a butler...

This doesn't seem right...

Oh well...

((edited to reflect the below ;) ))

Vampyre Lestat
03-26-2005, 11:20 AM
(Toonces could defeat most of the First Single handedly....pawedly....ok..running to the store...will respond when I get back. * *BB....If Lestat was a Cat...he would be Toonces. * *Keep that in the back of your mind.)


03-26-2005, 12:51 PM

Toonces begins to nibble on the salmon like a spoiled rich kid while still giving Banter a look that undoubtedly said, "Stay near. *Your services may be needed again".

Qwaring's clone#1
03-26-2005, 01:28 PM
((Ha ha! BB has to feed the cat. It doesn't get lower than that. :rofl:

**The clone then rushes off to go change the kitty litter in Toonces' box, before the cat, aka "the master", has to use it.**))

Vampyre Lestat
03-26-2005, 01:32 PM
The antics between Toonces and Banter put a momentary smile on Lestat's face. * *He felt sorry for his son...but could not help but cheer on his feline companion. * *After a momentary pause he returned his attention to his granddaughter. *Her words were sharp and on point, a trait she undoubtedly inherited from himself.

"Did I fail? *Or did I show everyone that I am willing to do what is necessary to keep my family safe. * *That I can make the hard decisions needed to be made even at the cost of my own happiness?" *

He touched her face and looked into her eyes as his own words stung him. * *To protect her from harm, he would be better off telling her that Jas did not exist. * Hopefully, then she would make a stone of her heart and not allow the varying aspects of Jas to be able to hurt her or her children. * She would return to her family and move on knowing that her ancestors would protect her. * * But the other aspect of his mind wanted to give her hope. * *He wanted to let her know that the good man still existed and was closer than she could ever contemplate. * * He made his choice. * IF the basis of Jas' philosophy was correct, and that light would prevail over the darkness, then he would find a way to return...and until then...his wife needed to be strong...and needed to be protected.

I'm sorry my dear. * All that remains is the monster. * The man no longer exists."

03-26-2005, 06:18 PM
::She nodded to LAW as she offered her love and assistance, but she couldn't speak, her heart was too heavy. Her eyes turned to Lestat as he touched her cheek, the tears having made them brilliantly shiny. For now, her feral self was in check and her grandfather could gaze directly into her veridian irids. He would be able to watch her heart break - no, shatter - as he said the words. The awful words she didn't want to hear. That her husband, whom she loved more than life itself, was gone. Gone for good this time. He had disappeared with Qwaring as Minity had predicted. Her whole body contracted as though shrinking away from the truth blazing before her and she leaned her head into Lestat's hand as she squeezed LAW's in both her own. For a moment, she sat propped against the chair, eyes pressed shut, seemingly frozen in time in the comfort of her family. In that time, her heart started to bind itself together. At first it was slow in coming, each shard seeming to pierce organs and tissues as it moved back towards the origin, and she visibly winced with the laborious task. Then, as she felt the support of her loved ones, and ran over the words so plainly spoken only moments before, she realized that she had an answer. True, it was not one she was wanting, but all she had really desired was an answer from which she could move. An anchor that would direct her in the way she should go. Now she could plan, and somehow, that was a great comfort. Oreina opened eyes that heralded the inner strength she had been commended for time and again. She had direction and purpose and love for the family she had left. Relaxing her grip on LAW's hands, she massaged her grandmother's fingers and offered a brave smile to her grandparents and father each in turn. So the old adage was true. Blood WAS thicker than water. Admittedly, she was still pained by her loss, but these revelations helped to ease the burden so cruely placed on her shoulders. Standing, she gave Lestat a hug, whispering a "Thank-you" in his ear, then offered the same affections to LAW and Banter. Finally, she plucked her son out of the air and held him close. Remembering that TJ was there, she attempted to offer some sort of explanation or apology, but no words would come out. She felt drained - both emotionally and physically. Instead of speaking, she offered a smile tinged with a sad hope and reached out her hand to give TJ's a squeeze. It was good to have friends. Yes, with all these things going for her, she just might make it through.::

03-27-2005, 09:21 AM
::Iolair grew silent and quite motionless in his mother's arms. *Gently gripping her shirt, his eyes grew wide as he studied his mother's features while her attention was turned to her friend.::

::A small hand touched Oreina's wet cheek. *Iolair's eyes glittered and shone, no longer with curiosity, but with an understanding most unusual for one his age. *It would seem almost unmistakenly clear the baby knew what his mother felt, although oblivious to the why. *To Oreina, those little blue eyes would seem to implore her, almost saying "don't".::

::The more observant of bystanders would notice the baby's chest glow for just a second, hardly visible beneath his shirt.::

03-27-2005, 09:31 AM
::Her face immediately turned to her son's as he touched her cheek. His depthless blue eyes stared into hers. It was as though he could feel what she was feeling. Of course! The mind link! As unbearable the pain was for her, Quaxo knew her son didn't need to go through it as well, so she offered him a smile and spoke to him through their link.::

~Don't worry, my son. Everything will be alright. I'm not going anywhere and now you have your great-grandparents to look after you too. ~

::She kissed his forehead tenderly and extended every feeling of warmth and love she had to Iolair. The feeling would surely wash over him and drown out the cries of pain from her heart. She had to be strong for him. She had to be strong.::

Vampyre Lestat
03-27-2005, 10:43 AM
The pain she was feeling washed over him and struck directly at his heart. *But he did not allow it to show. * *The logical choice had been made and time will heal the wounds. * *For this he was sure. * He forced the stage to change once again. * The simple dining room reflected a vast plantation housing a mansion with rooms enough for all.

"You will always have family. * No matter what burden falls at your feet...we will be there to help you."

03-27-2005, 09:07 PM
((Ha ha! BB has to feed the cat. It doesn't get lower than that. :rofl:

**The clone then rushes off to go change the kitty litter in Toonces' box, before the cat, aka "the master", has to use it.**))

((The clone must die. It's that simple.

03-27-2005, 09:13 PM
When Quaxo came over to him and gave him a hug, the thoughts of being a butler faded and Banter hugged his daughter with all his heart. And as he hugged her, he whispered in her ear.

I will be here for you this time Oreina. You won't have to go through this alone.

His eyes began to fill with water as he thought of how he wasn't there before. Then he smiled at Iolair.

03-28-2005, 05:00 AM
::A small smile crossed her face, but the perceptive would see that there wasn't much heart in it. She didn't have enough strength of spirit right now to put into appearances. Quite simply, she was tired. Her curious nature shone through for a moment as she watched the stage turn into an outdoorsy scene centred around a large mansion and its grounds. People going about chores wandered about and she wondered why she couldn't smell them. Those thoughts faded to the background, however, as the ever-present pain throbbed in her chest as though to remind her that she had other things to think about. She passed a grateful smile over her family members - each professing to be there for her and Iolair - finally resting on Lestat. ::

Thank-you so very much. Right now another burden is that I am also without a home as I know he will be watching Tebryna for my return. Would you happen to have an extra room?

::Her free hand gestured to the enormous building with a hint of amusement playing on her face.::

03-28-2005, 12:55 PM
Toonces squinted his eyes at Oreina and revealed his speech to her...

>Hush child. *HE is singular and weak, much like a limp noodle. *Unworthy of your concern. *Instead, rest in the strength of your family.<

Vampyre Lestat
03-28-2005, 06:36 PM
"Too small?" *Lestat said as he forced the house to double in size. * "Your room is set up, as is Iolair's. * Should Shae'la show..there is a room for her as well." *Then he looked over to TJ. *"I've also made up a room for you as well, TJ."

He walked over to Toonces and petted him gently.

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-28-2005, 07:43 PM
[quote="Qwaring's clone#1":25gzun4i]((Ha ha! BB has to feed the cat. It doesn't get lower than that. :rofl:

**The clone then rushes off to go change the kitty litter in Toonces' box, before the cat, aka "the master", has to use it.**))

((The clone must die. It's that simple.[/quote:25gzun4i]

((No one touches the Clone!!!!! :nope: *I will not tolerate sibling fighting. *:naughty: ))

LAW looked at the huge mansion and stretched.

It will be nice to get refreshed and relax.

Looking at Lestat she went to ask him if they would shared the same quarters or separate, since she has been away for so long but resisted and smiled relaying instead on nature to *take its course in matters. *

03-29-2005, 07:48 AM
*"I've also made up a room for you as well, TJ."

"Oh, wow, thanks! I could use a place to stay while I gather my thoughts but I promise I won't stay long."

Vampyre Lestat
03-29-2005, 08:21 AM
"Stay as long as you like..and feel welcome enough to return should you feel the desire."

The group walked off the stage and into the reality in which the house resided. * * No longer were they only in the Theatre..they were on a world in which a Theatre resided. * *To some it might disconcerting..to others it was no different than walking through a cloud only to emerge into clear skies.

03-29-2005, 11:09 AM
::Nodding her appreciation to Toonces, even though she didn't overly appreciate his metaphor, she found herself rolling her eyes at her grandfather's antics. ::

Show off. *she muttered with a grin* Thank-you for readying a room for us. As loathe I am to admit it, I'm exhausted. I don't think I've had a moment's respite since ... Starron. Hmm - that was awhile ago. *walking up beside TJ before stepping off stage* I'm glad that you can stay! I...Whoa.

::Stepping through into a new reality made her world spin for a second and she lightly placed her hand on TJ's shoulder. She actually felt a bit nauseated, and grumpily chalked it up to no sleep or being pregnant - not to her not being used to that sort of transition. The feeling soon passed and with an embarrassed smile, she let go of TJ once more and kept moving towards the house. Once inside she found servants waiting to take them to their rooms and stifling a yawn, she turned back to the small company before heading down an ornate hallway.::

'Night all!

::It was definitely strange to have someone to say "good night" to. Even stranger to have an actual bed in an actual house. Some rest had been long in coming and she willingly, though she hesitated a bit until she found out that their rooms were adjoined, gave Iolair to a nanny before entering her own room. Her jaw could have hit the floor. Never had she seen such opulence. The whole room was done in ivory fabrics that set of the deep tones of the walnut furniture. A four poster bed took up most of the room, but the room itself was so spacious, that one would never realize the size of the bed until they sat on it. Magnolia blossoms decorated the border above the wood paneling that ran about a third of the way up the wall, and bunches of the flowers were scattered in vases around the room. Large glass-paneled doors led to a balcony that overlooked the yard and orchard of the plantation.::

::Oreina unbuckled her sword belt and laid the weapon across the bench at the end of the bed. Pulling off her boots and the rather tight outer corset she wore, she wandered out onto the balcony. Somehow, she couldn't bring herself to lie down. Her mind was running a marathon already and she knew that once she laid down it would only get worse. She was almost afraid to sleep - to let her guard down - to let her mind run rampant. And so she stood with her palms on the bannister, arms straight, looking intently into the landscape until darkness began to fall. Some unknown force, perhaps the change in light or temperature, snapped her from that reverie and she pushed herself back and rubbed her sinuses with both hands as she yawned. That was it. Her body was telling her that it had had enough of this nonsense and was going to shut down whether she liked it or not. Oreina's mind managed to understand this carnal need and got her turned around and flopped onto the bed before she simply collapsed where she was. She was asleep before her head hit the pillow - but that didn't mean that her thoughts ever stopped turning over. Her body shut down and part of her mind seemed to entertain the premise of sleep, but nevertheless, her thoughts continued running about as though begging to be set free. When one enters this sort of situation, there is little else to do but dream. But what sort of dreams are spawned out of these types of musings?::

03-29-2005, 04:50 PM
As they all enter the new setting, Toonces teleported in a newspaper and levitated it after him as he made his way to his litter. *He became pleasantly surprised that it was all cleaned out and smelling fresh for him. *A privacy barrier went up just as he began pawing through the comics section of the paper before he utilized his restroom.

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
03-29-2005, 05:57 PM
((Was the newspaper to read or to wet? :p ))

LAW watched as everyone made their way to their rooms. *She held Lestats hand as he escorted her down the hall. *Her heart grew louder in her ears. *She didn't know if he would join her or not. *She needed to pinch herself to make sure she wasn't dreaming, in fact *she didn't want to dream ever again.

03-30-2005, 07:57 PM
((Was the newspaper to read or to wet? :p ))

((Some mysteries are best left unanswered. :lol: ))

Toonces emerged later from his private throne with a sash of toilet paper unknowingly stuck to the bottom of one of his paws.

03-31-2005, 07:30 AM
"Thanks again, Lestat," TJ said with a smile, "and I will definitely take you up on you offer."

She then went to look for her room. Once it was found she rushed in and jumped on the bed. Stretching out, she yawned and closed her eyes but instead off sleeping she decided to test her powers. Opening her eyes, she slid off her bed to sit on the floor and lit a nearby candle with her purple flame. Smiling, she closed her eyes once again, reaching out and settiling into the mind of another.

04-01-2005, 08:55 AM
::Her breathing was regular and her left arm slipped under the pillow, almost meeting her right as it draped over the top. She was descending lower and lower into the deepest levels of slumber one can attain. Right now, very little would rouse her from her state. If she had a choice in the matter, she would have drawn herself back up to the surface once more so she could remain attentive for any of Iolair's cries, but it was almost as though she were being forced into the bottomless pit of her subconscious by the weight in her soul. Even so, as her mind was drawn into the depthless blackness, a picture began to form in front of her astral eyes. It was a scene that brought feelings of recollection and trepidation and her physical self moaned and whimpered though it had no knowledge of why.::

She opened her eyes slowly, though she didn't need to see to know where she was. The sounds and smells testified to the fact that she was on Tebryna. Looking down at herself, she found that she was much further along in her pregnancy and she was naked. With a thought, she covered herself with a layer of shiny, red-ticked fur around her central core, leaving her arms and legs bare to soak up the sunlight. Now what was she doing here? She was looking for someone. But someone was chasing her. All this information flooded back to her and she began to run as her heart rate soared upward. Why didn't she recognize anything? She knew every inch of Tebryna, but right now it was like a maze. At every turn there were obstacles that kept her from moving forward: rockfaces, thickets of thorns, tangled vines. Climbing a tree, she tried to get up above the canopy so she could get her bearings, but it was as though an invisible barrier was keeping her in the midst of the forest. She needed to get out to find Iolair. A feeling came over her that made her blood run cold, though truly she was very warm from her exercise. Something or someone she feared was coming. She had to hurry. Jumping to the ground, she kept running through the maze, becoming more frightened and confused as she made wrong turns and had to double back when she hit a wall. They were getting closer. Nearing a panicked state, she pushed through a tangle of vines, not caring if she was scratched in the process. She felt stinging in her cheek and on her arms, but she ignored it and blindly pushed forward until she tumbled into a clearing. The house! She had found the house! Tears of relief poured down her face and she ran to go get Iolair from where she had left him sleeping. Bolting up the stairs, she came up short at the sight in front of her. There stood Jas over their son with a bloodied knife in his hand, the Seer at his side holding Iolair's heart in his hands. Both turned to look at her when she came in, twin diabolical smiles on their faces. Jas approached her, knife still in hand, with an apologetic look on his face.

"Oreina, how good of you to come. Now you can watch how we rid this universe of Dexter filth forever. Together, we will ascend to greatness without these do-gooders to stand in the way of the throne. I will rule Elysia and you will rule by my side, that is, IF you bear me sons." He was right in front of her now and he placed his hand on her swollen stomach for emphasis. She could see her own face even as she could see his. She was horrified and he was terrifyingly jubilant. Suddenly, she felt someone behind her and turned to look. With a gasp, she swung fully about and into Jas' arms, bothof them now facing the figure on the stairs. A pale woman in a black catsuit stepped into the room with a sword drawn - HER sword! Saja laughed at Quaxo and lifted the blade under the woman's chin as Jas held her closer. "Hah, you call yourself a mother? You couldn't even save your infant son. What makes you think you'll do any better with these two?" The sword dropped to the level of the children. Saja's face drew nearer. "I don't think you deserve to be his wife or to carry his children."

She felt herself growing angry and knocked the sword aside as she pushed Saja away. Pulling herself out of Jas' arms, she began backing towards the window, her fear overtaking her anger. How could she stand against three powerful beings? Her eyes rested on Jas and in a whispering voice, she asked him "How...how could you? Our son!" To this, the three of them threw their heads back and laughed. Stepping towards her, Jas smirked as his eyes glowed Sinister red. "Why, none of this would have happened if you hadn't run away from me. I was willing to love you and care for you. But no, you had to chase off after a fairy tale. You haven't been faithful to me. Oh, and I never considered Iolair MY son. He was made with that OTHER me - the Dexter one. I won't have a Dexter child to be my heir. Believe me, we had a much better use for him."

Now the Seer stepped forward as well, with the slimey grin on his face that she had seen once too many times. Still holding Iolair's tiny heart, every sound seemed amplified as she watched drops of blood - her son's blood - fall and splash on the floor, staining the wood with crimson icor. With a sneer, he told her, "Well, I got what I wanted in the end after all - and I have you to thank for it. You were so caught up in this bootless search that you left your son unguarded. How careless of you. With any luck, there are too more waiting for me in there." With that, he licked his lips and stretched out to touch her. It was too much to bear. Oreina lept for the window but suddenly found black bars over it. The room darkened and the walls became black and the floors ebony. The bed that held little Iolair was gone, but his blood stained the walls and the floor. Indeed, the red was the only colour in the room. Red blood. Red eyes. Red energies. One of Jas' hands, encased in Sinister energies, closed around her throat and lifted her from the floor. His eyes burned into hers as he spoke.

We can't have you running off now, so you'll have to go somewhere my meddling sisters won't be able to find you. Heh, even better, I'll 'take care' of my sisters just to make sure. I'll see you in a few months, my darling wife. The last three words were said with sarcastic venom and he laughed before throwing her down to the floor. But the floor was no longer beneath her - she was being cast into a dungeon of sorts. She was falling, falling, falling and she couldn't tell which way was up. The laughter of the three echoed all around her as the walls closed in. With a crunch of bones, she landed in a tiny cell with no windows. So small. Her breaths came in gasps and she cried - from physical pain, from sorrow over her son, from fear of the Seer, Saja and now her husband and finally from the realization that it was all her fault. A terrifed scream escaped her lips as she clawed the walls frantically, looking for a way out, anything! She had to save her babies. After the first scream died out, it was renewed and they continued to ring throughout her prison even as THEIR laughter covered her. The covered her ears, curled into a corner and screamed for everything to go away. For everything to be right again. For her son to be alive. For her family to be together again and happy. She screamed for the fairy tale she thought she had.

::As all of this went on inside her head, the physical world mirrored what she had seen. Scarlet threads and spots dotted the purity of the sheets as blood flowed from the cuts on her face and arms she had gained from scratching herself with her claws. Feathers from the pillow floated down about her, having escaped through the tears in the casings. Her body thrashed about, a cold sweat was upon her brow and her eyes fluttered rapidly - open, yet unseeing. Finally, the last thing to make its way from the recesses of her nightmare were the screams. These echoed down the hallways of the mansion, a testament to the torchered soul contained within.::

Vampyre Lestat
04-02-2005, 11:07 AM
Blood spilt was never unnoticed especially within his own home. * *

He turned to Law and kissed her gently. * *"I cannot join you right now...I have matters to attend to...Rest...Relax and fret not."

His human guise glowed with crimson energy as he teleported away and found himself standing over Quaxo. * *He watched as the blood poured from her wounds. * With a modicum of power he forced the cuts to heal and the blood to remain within her form. * But this was merely addressing a symptom....he needed to address the route cause.

He forced a chair to slide over to him and he sat. * *Closing his eyes he had the Mind Gift take dominance as he forced his mind into Quaxo's body. * *In the realm of dreams...he stood beside her.

"You will not face this alone. * *Not on my watch."

Jason Sanborn
04-02-2005, 04:54 PM
The nightmare continues here.

04-05-2005, 08:43 PM
((Let me know if I'm intruding in any way, but I happen to have a little time tonight and thought I'd dust off a character of mine for a post or so. If needed I can edit this post to where ever it is that unwanted posts go.))

...gave Iolair to a nanny before entering her own room.
**The nanny, a short, plump woman in a large victorian gown, carries the winged infant into the room that has been prepared for him. The woman's gray hair is tied back into a flawless bun, her round face shows wisdom in every crease and wrinkle. She holds the small Secundae in her arms as if he were a thing of fragile crystal, yet firm enough so he can feel her presence and keep him safely within her embracing hold. Their destination is a large nursery, filled with enough toys and childish distractions to entertain a dozen children, but all is meant for Iolair. A small group of servants busy themselves in this chamber, trying to make sure everything is perfect for its tiny occupant. An orange eyed glare is all that the nanny needs to dismiss these servants and send them marching out of the room. The short nanny sets the child down within an ivory crib. She gives Iolair a loving smile before her shape melts into a haze of orange energy. Moments later this energy transforms into the form of a lean, brown haired man in black formal wear. He leans down over the crib in order to whisper to its tiny occupant. Even though his face has been transformed into a thin, masculine shape it still has the same smile as the nanny did, except with a hint of mischief behind it. His voice is a soft whisper that carries a low, soothing tone to it.**

Sshhh, sweet child, sleep now. There are so many within this place that will stop at nothing to keep you safe. So many in this universe that would try to change or create your fate.

**The man's orange eyes look down at the sigil that's hidden behind the babies shirt.**

Branding a baby, honestly. Never would I do such a thing. Even I have my limits, Iona.

**His last comment was intended for another, who is not present but can probably still hear him. The man's smile becomes more crooked, and seems to loose some of its compassion. His eyes glow in contrast to the darker thoughts that races through his vast mind.**

Or do I? Hmmm.

**The man leans in even closer to the infant. His voice is saturated with his fantastic energies. Only he and Iolair can hear what he says, and in the childs case he will not understand or even remember these words until the proper time.**

~Your birth was made possible because your great-uncle Cloney gave up a portion of his vast store of power to keep you strong. But they don't know what that energy is, I doubt anyone knows what he is. They haven't been watching. But I know. And so I give you this; call upon me and I shall turn back time and restore that energy to what it was when it was within your great-uncle. When you need it the most, say my name and I will give you a small part of what the clone has. Just call your friend, Setca.~

**A small breeze blows through the nursery and carries the transitioned being off into nothingness as he lets go of his physical form and drifts away. Within moments the nursery is left with only Iolair. Moments after that the real nanny arrives to watch over the infant, in the mind of this created caretaker she has been here the whole time. None of the servants, and possibly the gods and goddesses of this house, will never know of Setca's visit.**

((Nothing planned, no ideas, and I don't expect anything to come from this. I just thought this would be a nice little scene, if nobody minds of course.))

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
04-06-2005, 08:19 AM
LAW went to reach for her husband and say anything to try to keep him there with her, when he vanished. *Starring out into nothing feeling the same emptiness he always left her with every time he left. *She knew they were different maybe even drifted apart. *The silence and emotional absences were apparent. *She knew she had been away, but a lifetime ago they vowed a bond so strong nothing would ever tarnish, or even separate them spiritually the way she felt right now. *Going over everything in her mind, her thoughts about the last few years and century's she tried to think of what she could of changed to make her love strong again. *Blinking back into the present she fumbled for the door and pushed it open. *She had the revelation she was looking for. *Rolling her eyes back into her head her heart sank and then she began to weep cursing herself for the mistake she had made long ago. *Making her way to the bed she flopped on it burying her head into her pillow muffling her cries as she always did. *After a moment she sat up and took a couple of deep breaths to try to compose herself. *Wiping her face, she closed her eyes and channeled her CHI sending it out to everyone in the mansion as a good night kiss making all who receive it feel warm and safe as well as refreshed in the morning. *She knew what she had to do and accepted it.

Jason Sanborn
04-06-2005, 09:47 AM
((Interesting twist, Q. I like it. :D))

04-06-2005, 09:54 AM
Toonces felt the wave of CHI which lightened his mood making it his transition to sleep much easier. *He was out like a light in no time...


04-06-2005, 09:59 AM
((That cat looks so cute but kinda dead :| ))

04-06-2005, 02:12 PM
((Must be a La Brea carpet - looks like he's being sucked right into it :shock: RUN TOONCES! RUN!

And a big :thumbup: to Q! I was intrigued by Setca in the first place, now it seems like we may have a run-in in the future ;) ))

04-06-2005, 05:21 PM
((Thanks, Jason and Quaxo. I'm glad you approve. If you want to know exactly what Setca is offering ask me in a PM and I'll explain.

Hmmm, it looks like Law needs a hunky poolboy to keep her entertained while the vampyre is away.

*Looks down.*

Oh my, I seem to be bleeding from my pores all of a sudden. How on- ?

*Collapses as his blood boils and freezes at the same time. Manages to gasp out an apology.*

...sorry... dumb idea... things look good as they are... I meant maybe Law should prepare the blood of a hunky pool boy for her wonderful husband for when he returns...

*Passes out as his blood is returned to normal.*))

04-06-2005, 05:38 PM

Vampyre Lestat
04-06-2005, 07:20 PM
((Well done))

04-06-2005, 07:44 PM
Banter has retreated to the prepared room. He has been pacing the room however. He wants to retrieve his spell books from the secret place that he placed them when Planet M was taken over and he fled. He feels his magical spells are getting rusty from his lack of studying. But he doesn't want to leave.

Finally, he decides that his father probably has a library here so he exits the room he's been given and starts searching for a library.

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
04-07-2005, 01:58 AM
(( :rofl: @ Q ... She starts to think about hunky pool boy, the hot sun sweat all over his tan buff body his smile, the seductive stare... Wait a minute who am I where am I...Damm mind wipe. **shakes fists at Lestat*))

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
04-09-2005, 04:44 PM
As morning approached LAW walked to the window starring out at her new home. *Stretching and sighing she got dressed and made her way down to the kitchen area. *Servants were busying themselves preparing for the day. *She sat at a large table while the staff quickly placed food and drinks in front of her. *Thanking them she picked at her breakfast thinking of her past and what she needs to do for her future. *

04-12-2005, 12:50 PM
Hmmm...well that's interesting. Guess it's time to go.

TJ stood up and looked around for a minute. She wanted to go say good-bye to Quaxo but figured that she was sleep and didn't want to disturb her. Hopefully I wont be gone for too long... she thought as she reached out her hands in front of her to open a portal. But, instead of a portal, TJ disappeared in a puff of purple energy.

04-15-2005, 06:47 PM
Her essence was everywhere, watching over everything from the Theatre de Vamprye, the events on Tigre, the Matrix Quadrant, observing all within this tiny little universe. Like a giant eye looking out over a grain of sand, there was nothing that escaped Etherea's knowledge. She filled the universe with her being, she was the universe. No rock moved, no tree grew, without her knowledge. She roamed the halls of the Theatre de Vamprye, unnoticed by its occupants or the living Theatre itself. Gliding across the floor, as if her feet never touched the earth below, Etherea passed through the walls of Lestat's sanctuary. She passed by Toonces, and with a touch of her hand, pet the regal feline. Though he would not sense her, he would feel the slightest pressure upon his fur. Etherea made her way to Quaxo's room, where she knew Lestat would be. She passed through the door and sat upon a chair, as if she were there visiting all along. Her ever seeing eye watched the events of Quaxo's nightmare, only when it had begun to end did Etherea rise from her seat. She passed by Lestat, circiling around him searching his thoughts. As her essence left the room, she gave Lestat the first sign of her presence, she whispered his name.


04-16-2005, 09:38 AM
Banter felt uneasy. Like something was wrong but he didn't know what. He looked up from the book that he was reading and nothing was there. But he felt like he was losing something. Something important. He closed the book and stood up. He grabbed at his head for a second and felt a little strange. But then he was fine and continued out of the room. He decided he was hungry. When he got to the kitchen he found his mother in deep thought about something.

Hello mother.

While he waited for her to say something, he retrieved a plate and some food and sat down.

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
04-16-2005, 10:43 AM
Realizing her soon had entered the kitchen she smiled at him reaching across the table to touch his hand.

Hi BB. *How are you? *It's been so long since we had a chance to talk like *this. *Is all going well in your life? *Please humor me and tell me all I have missed.

((Hey did ya get the postcard? *:wink: ))

04-16-2005, 06:45 PM
((Yep! Earlier this week :D ))

Well my son in law is split up into Dexter and Sinister halfs. Which is really strange if you ask me. Don't you think?

Banter's eyes begin to glow a bright gold.

I mean how does he survive split like that? I don't know how I would hangle having two versions of myself running around. Esp if the Sinister part was tormenting my family.

He sighs.

And its really breaking my daughter's heart. :(

I watched my grandson Iolair for a while so that Oreina could go check in on Shae'la. And there's now two of her. Did you know that? She came back from the future and won't tell us anything that happens. :?

I always think that's a bit rude but she won't budge.

And now Banter turns to what he wants to know.

So where have you been?

04-18-2005, 07:59 AM
::A gentle breeze, laden with the heavy scent of magnolias, floated through the open balcony doors and lightly ruffled the layers of crepe looped over the canopy and bedposts. As though responding to so some internal wind, Oreina's body shifted slightly as well, the whisper of the satin sheets on skin mirroring the rustle of the wind in the trees. A sigh soon followed, and one's attentions would be drawn to the face of the greeter of the morning. Twin trails had made their way from her eyes and down her porcelain cheeks, but they were disappearing as their supply was cut off and the breeze floated over them. The heady scent that passed over the sleeper's face did not fail to be noticed and she drew a deep breath and held it, as though by doing so, the sweet floral would permeate all her senses. Purifying. Awakening. Christening the new day. Scarlet eyelashes fluttered softly, as though the veridian orbs beneath were playing peek-a-boo with their surroundings. Another deep sigh and the regal head turned on the pillow to regard the one keeping vigil over her. Her hand slipped to his knee, thumb stroking the curve of his kneecap, as a quiet smile blossomed on her mouth and in her eyes. A smile that whispered thank-you where words would have seemed out of place in such a serene setting. It was a perfect morning - a new day - and she was compelled to remain in it for as long as possible.::

Jason Sanborn
04-18-2005, 04:46 PM
((Okay, this thread is about to get jumbled. I'm sorry, but we need to move the threat along as well. ;)))

Appearing in Lestat's library was the Champion of Peace, Shae'la. She looked tired, and her eyes and cheeks were stained from tears. She had left Pax behind on Earth, and went to Tebryna, in search of Quaxo, the only one she felt would truly understand what she was going through. Not finding Quaxo at home, she decided to turn to another of her family. Her great-grandfather, Lestat. As the Champion of Peace, Pax had told Shae'la that the two would always be at odds, just as she and Bellona were. Shae'la disregarded that and knew that her grandfather was family, and she truly understood him, at least as much as anyone could understand Lestat.

Grandfather Lestat? Are you here?

((I'm not expecting Quaxo or BB to show up. This was a scene planned with Lestat to get his "touch" into the New Threat as planned in the OOC Thread.))

Vampyre Lestat
04-18-2005, 07:11 PM
He had returned the mental hug with his Granddaughter and opened his eyes as his mind entered his body. * With a smile he departed from the room as he placed a thought into Quaxo's mind. * "Our mind can be a prison..or a key to unknown power. * *Choose the latter."

He pondered the earlier presence he had felt. * He wondered if this was the moment of his further ascension. * But, another matter took priority. * Family had to come first. * * But a part of him split off and rocketed upward and outward. * * There were things that needed attending and one form was ill equipped to perform the task.

Soon enough he found himself in the Library where he greeted Shae'la.

"I am here my dear. * *And you look absolutely beautiful" * He extended his arms as he approached yet paused. * "But something is wrong. * Sit and tell me."

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
04-19-2005, 06:26 PM
Well my son in law is split up into Dexter and Sinister half's. Which is really strange if you ask me. Don't you think?

In her head she seen the irony in his question and giggled.

I mean how does he survive split like that? I don't know how I would Hangul having two versions of myself running around. Esp if the Sinister part was tormenting my family.

She looked at BB as if he had three heads.

Did your memory get erased recently as well? Never mind continue your story.

He sighs.And its really breaking my daughter's heart. :( I watched my grandson Iolair for a while so that Oreina could go check in on Shae'la. And there's now two of her. Did you know that? She came back from the future and won't tell us anything that happens. :?

Well I am sure she has her reasons.

I always think that's a bit rude but she won't budge.

Perhaps when the time comes she will share.

And now Banter turns to what he wants to know.

So where have you been?

She started to fidget with her napkin and looking around the room nervously. She didn't know how to respond to his question. She was hoping to avoid it for as long as possible but now she knew she had to tell her tales.

Well I am not sure where to begin. At the fight on Planet M I got sucked into the earth and there I wandered the dark. I had to be on the move because there was something stalking me. I couldn't find my way out and all my powers were blocked. I got so tired and I couldn't hide. Finally I was captured. My captor was none other than the Lawbringer Lestat.

She spared him the details of the torture and things she endured, she decided she would take them to her grave. Continuing her story...

I don't know how long I was hostage but one day my arms and legs were free from their bondage and I began to wander the underworld once again, always running from him. He didn't find me. While I was running I kept slipping into portals that jumped from world to world until jumped into a portal that was familiar, The Orphanage. From there I am now here with my family again.

Not a very exciting journey, but I am glad to be home.

04-20-2005, 03:12 PM
Banter's eyes squinted as the anger began to build. Both his daughter and mother taken by nutcases at the same time and held as hostages. This angered him to no end. Both on the planet that he was in control of at the time. This was his fault.

I'm sorry mother. I should have made the planet a safer place. :(

Thank Elysia that you escaped from him and made it back to us.

Lestat's Abused Wife(LAW)
04-20-2005, 03:45 PM
It's no one's *fault BB. *Everything happens for a reason. *Yes I am glad to be home.

Jason Sanborn
04-20-2005, 03:49 PM
He had returned the mental hug with his Granddaughter and opened his eyes as his mind entered his body. With a smile he departed from the room as he placed a thought into Quaxo's mind. "Our mind can be a prison..or a key to unknown power. Choose the latter."

He pondered the earlier presence he had felt. He wondered if this was the moment of his further ascension. But, another matter took priority. Family had to come first. But a part of him split off and rocketed upward and outward. There were things that needed attending and one form was ill equipped to perform the task.

Soon enough he found himself in the Library where he greeted Shae'la.

"I am here my dear. And you look absolutely beautiful" He extended his arms as he approached yet paused. "But something is wrong. Sit and tell me."
Shae'la sat down at Lestat's request.

Pax probably won't approve of my being here....

Shae'la said after a moment. She paused and wiped some tears from her eyes.

I don't think she approves much of me as her Champion now.

Vampyre Lestat
04-20-2005, 09:13 PM
He offered her his handkerchief and sat beside her.

"Pax looks upon you like a Master does an apprentance. * When it comes to matters other than the chosen profession, I doubt she would approve of much."

He waited before he spoke giving Shae'la a moment to compose herself.

"Speak with me. * Tell me what is wrong."

Jason Sanborn
04-21-2005, 11:45 AM
Shae'la took the hankercheif and spent a moment trying to relax and take control of her wayward emotions. As she did so, the Cha'i inside of her began attempting to exert more influence over her. She could feel its pressures, but she still managed to retain control of herself, for now.

I think something happened to me when Pax made me her champion. The Cha'i within me *is no longer content in its role, and has been trying to exert its will over me. When Pax tried to give me more strength, I lost control, and struck her. But it wasn't me doing it, it was the Cha'i. I'm sure of it. I never felt so out of control before.