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Here's a thread that will act as a source of information for locations. Just as the bio thread acts as an introduction and quick reference for characters, this thread will do the same for important places on the various worlds of the CG Reborn RP.

I don't have a format in mind. I would only suggest indicating which thread or world this location can be found on in order to limit confusion.

List of worlds and locations:

The Temple of Unspoken Prophecies (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/2501-Worlds-Building...?p=212495&viewfull=1#post212495)
The Three Eras of Emporium (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/2501-Worlds-Building...?p=216455&viewfull=1#post216455)

Angel's Orphanage (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/2501-Worlds-Building...?p=212835&viewfull=1#post212835)
City of Airee (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/2501-Worlds-Building...?p=212784&viewfull=1#post212784)
Palaces of Nero (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/2501-Worlds-Building...?p=212783&viewfull=1#post212783)

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12-13-2012, 08:24 PM
The Temple of Unspoken Prophecies

World: Emporium

Location: Within the Taroc province of Rekōdo. West of Clow, by the coast.

Description: Not all visions of the future are safe for public knowledge. The priests and priestesses of the temple act to keep these prophecies a secret from those that could be hurt by them. A priest or priestess of the temple is trained in the ability to erase a dangerous vision of the future or past from the mind of another and absorb it into their own mind. The higher level priests and priestesses have taken a vow of silence, so that they can never speak of what they take from others, but they do write it all down. The temple is filled with vaults containing books and scrolls of prophecies, major and minor, that have been collected and concealed over the ages. The temple itself acts as a home to the priests and a repository for their collection of dangerous prophecies.

The temple is divided into three sections: public areas, priest areas and the inner vaults.
Public areas - These parts of the temple are open to the people of Rekōdo. Here is where the lower level priests that have not yet taken a vow of silence, known as emissaries, meet with outsiders to provide assistance with mystical studies or guidance on problems someone might have with their mystical divinations. Located in these areas are meeting chambers, offices, guest quarters, meditation rooms and libraries (which do not contain any books of forbidden knowledge).
Priest areas - These portions of the temple are where the emissaries and mid-level priests, known as travelers, make their homes. Here they eat, sleep, study, meditate and work. These parts of the temple are off-limits to the public. Located within these areas are kitchens, dining halls, priests quarters, meditation chambers, workshops, storage and libraries for the continuing studies of the priests.
Inner Vaults - This is the heart of the temple and extends deep underground. The vaults are a series of chambers located within a maze of stone passages deep within and beneath the temple. The vaults are where the thousands of books containing dangerous prophecies are kept. The maze surrounding the vault chambers is a maddening challenge for any who try to navigate its confusing halls. Often times an outsider trying to make their way through the maze will find themselves running across the exit to this area of the temple ten times more than they'll ever see an actual vault chamber. This part of the temple is cared for and protected by the highest level of priest, called archivists. The archivists are the only ones that are capable of navigating through the maze with perfect efficiency. Access to this area of the temple is forbidden to all except the higher level of priests or upon request by the ruler or high council of Rekōdo.

Characters of Note: The priests and priestesses (men and women serve equally in the temple) of the temple are the primary inhabitants of the temple, since almost all of Taroc avoids this place unless they have a desperate need of its services. Sometimes scholars of the art of divination will come to the temple to learn from the priests.
There are three levels of priests: emissaries, travelers and archivists.
Emissaries - This is the lowest level of the temple hierarchy. Priests at this level are new recruits, apprentices of travellers, priests that have chosen not to advance to other levels or former traveler priests that have finished their time as travelers and have decided to remain in service of the temple. The emissaries are not restricted by a vow of silence, and so they act as the voice of the temple to the public. When a visitor seeks the guidance of the temple it is an emissary they will deal with. The emissaries will also speak on the behalf of the higher level priests. They also act as caretakers for the temple, which involves cleaning, cooking, repairing and seeing to the needs of other priests and guests of the temple. Emissaries only have access to the public and priest areas of the temple. They have no access to the vaults unless they are accompanying a guest of the temple that has permission to enter the vaults.
Travelers - An emissary that has completed their apprenticeship with a traveller can take a vow of silence and advance to the role of traveler. The traveller treks out into the world, seeking dangerous visions and prophecies from the seers of Taroc. Each traveler is accompanied by one to three emissary apprentices to aid them in their mission, while also learning from them. The traveler has been trained with the ability to erase the prophetic vision of others, which results in the traveler absorbs the vision into their own mind. Once a dangerous vision is captured in this manner the traveler returns to the temple to meditate, study and record their captured prophecy on the books contained within the vaults of the temple. They must properly adjust to the newly gained vision and regain their spiritual center before they can undertake another mission in the outside world. Travelers have full access to the public and priest areas of the temple, and limited access to the vaults. They only enter the vaults as part of their task to record their collected visions.
Archivist - Decades of collecting dangerous visions eventually takes its toll on the spirit and mind of a traveller. When the burden becomes too great a traveler will find themselves wandering into the depths of the temple. There they will undergo a days long magical ritual. The traveler will either exit the maze of vaults with all of their collected visions purged from their mind and free of their vow of silence, or they will remain within the vaults and ascend to the level of archivist. Those who are purged of their collected visions can choose to remain with the temple as emissaries of move on to the outside world.
Those who become archivists act as caretakers and guardians of the maze, vaults and the books kept within. The ritual that has made them into archivists has also attuned them to the magics contained within the temple, which grants them abilities to attack and defend with mystical powers. When protecting the vaults an archivist can hurl ethereal bolts of agony, project shields of impenetrable radiance or shroud the books, vaults or themselves in deceptive illusions. They also gain a supernatural sense of all that happens within the maze and vaults. They can detect some of what happens in other parts of the temple, but within the maze of vaults they are almost all-seeing.
The archivists are never seen outside of the maze or vaults. In fact, no one is sure where they sleep or eat since their part of the temple provides doesn't contain food or living quarters.

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Palaces of Nero

World: Planet Nero

Fotia's Palace


Built centuries ago by King Asher, the palace is home to the Royal Family when they are in Fotia. In one of the wars between Fotia and Pagos, Pagos' army had destroyed the original palace and King Asher rebuilt it to show his kingdom's power. It was built from native stones, with high towers for guards, and strong walls to protect the perimeter. A large garden is found inside, as is a menagerie of animals that Queen Ember (Barrett's adoptive mother) loved.

Eirini's Palace


The newest of homes to the Royal Family. It was built after the Great War ended and the city of Eirini was established as a city of peace between the warring kingdoms. The large home was originally designed to be cut in half. One half to serve as a residence for Queen Ember of Fotia when she was in Eirini and the other half for King Lars of Pagos. Both sides were decorated to suit the rulers' individual tastes. Now it serves as the primary home for Selene, Barrett, and their sisters, Gwynn and Garnet.

Pagos' Castle


Built centuries ago by King Randal, this place is home to the Royal Family when they are in Pagos. It was built high in the mountains to protect the castle from Fotia's attacks in the past. From the towers, the rulers can oversee much of their kingdom and much of the capital city. The natural cold weather has made the castle the perfect place for the alien invaders to be held captive, since they cannot survive in cold temperatures.

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City of Airee


World: Planet Nero

The City of Airee is a city that is floating in the sky of Nero. It's city and ruling castle are all on a floating island. It is not under the rule of Selene and Barrett, but instead is an ally to the Royal Family. It has stayed hidden for centuries by the Etneral Clouds of Zion until its people came down to land to search for their missing priestess. Full of proud and hard working people, the city is ruled by Seven Wise. When they learned peace had come to the lands below, they were open to the idea of having allies.

Honor's Angel
12-21-2012, 04:50 AM
Angel's Orphanage


World: Nero

The orphanage is located in the City of Eirini on Planet Nero. It is home to Angel, her husband Milson, the children that they have adopted, and Marta (the biological aunt of their adopted son Esaias). Even before there was peace in Nero, the orphanage had always existed, although it has been rebuilt over the years. Unwanted children across Nero are brought to its doors where its current caretaker, Angel, cares for them until either the children are adopted out or she adopts them because they don't want to leave. It is a three story house, built with river stones, and with simple but nice decor inside. There's no point of having fancy things when money is better spent on the children who ages range from infancy to adolescence that live there. There is also a large fenced in yard for the children to play in as well.

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The Three Eras of Emporium (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/1787-The-World-of-Emporium?p=156505&viewfull=1#post156505)


Pre-Rekōdo – Considered the 1st Era of existence. Spans the beginning of Creation, when Liar’Adon made Dragons to rule the air, men the earth and the things in the sea to rule the water. This was done for his wife, Deanna, a mortal woman chosen from among the first people of the world. It is considered a primal time of disorganization, wild magik, and miniature rule. There were no official Provinces with borders, but affiliates, tribes, clans and growing fractions of groups. Border Wars were common as each area vied for power and land. Men also fought the Dragons and the things of the Sea retreated into the watery depths, wanting nothing to do with the war of air and land.

The Forgotten War – Considered the end of the 1st Era. First major war that founded the Provinces (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/1787-The-World-of-Emporium?p=179353&viewfull=1#post179353) and Rekōdo. Tribes and gatherings had grown large enough to develop a common magikal trade, culture, tradition and way of life. With the desire for land and power, the tension between areas grew too great and war was born once more. The First Guild Masters (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/1773-The-Character-Bio-Thread?p=216453#post216453) appeared from the leadership of War. When the war was done, with massive casualties from the still semi-wild and lawless magik in use, these leaders founded the Provinces of Rekōdo. They established basic laws to control magikal use. The First Ancestors decided to never let their Spirits rest so that the true ideals of their Provinces would live on in the next chosen leaders. They gathered together after they had stabilized what was now Rekōdo, the world to be recorded henceforth, and used their power to find a leader, whose line was true to that of Deanna, the Mother of the World, chosen of Liar'Adon. After a time when order was made, the Founding Masters gathered and gave their Spirits up so that their wish to remain true to their Provinces traditions and roots and knowledge might come to pass. Their Spirits found a suitable descendent and it was so each time a Master passed. At the First Passing, this was considered the beginning of the 2nd Era.

The Great War – Twenty years ago to the present. Considered the beginning of the 3rd and current Era. The Great War was considered the war that would end all wars. It nearly destroyed what had been built of Rekōdo from its great founding. When the war ended, a treaty was signed on the Island of Tradisi off the Shamaa coast. The Treaty of Tradisi was the official end of the war and is a day celebrated all over Rekōdo in every Province. It was at this time the The Five Magikal Laws were created as a from the Great War. The King and current ruler of Rekōdo passed a few years after the war ended, passing on the rule to his youngest of two children.

The Current Guild Masters (scroll up for more) (http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthread.php/1773-The-Character-Bio-Thread?p=181497&viewfull=1#post181497) seek to maintain the fragile peace between each Province and ensure Rekōdo's longevity on their world.

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The Heli'Dom and Faraking Island

World: Emporium

Location: Within the Taroc Province of Rekōdo (http://www.itsalltrue.net/camera/IMG_0314.JPG), off its northwestern shore

Description of Faraking Island: (( Coming Soon... ))


Description of Faraking Island: (( Coming Soon... ))


07-08-2013, 02:11 PM
The Island of Capios and the Aile Bones

World: Emporium

Location: The Island Guild of Enchantry of Rekōdo (http://www.itsalltrue.net/camera/IMG_0314.JPG), in the channel between Faraking Island (Taorc), Maginus and the western coast of the Unsettled Lands.

Description of The Aile Bones: (( Coming Soon... ))



Description of the Island of Capios: (( Coming Soon... ))



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Brutus & Farrah's Home

http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll145/sojournfan/teikahome.jpg (http://s287.photobucket.com/user/sojournfan/media/teikahome.jpg.html)

World: Teika

Teika is the home world of Brutus, God of Shadows, and Farrah, Goddess of Stories. They are brother and sister and rulers of the small planet. Their home, not large by First standards, is a mansion to mortals. Brutus is the true ruler of the small planet since his sister is often focused on a book.

Farrah's Library

http://i287.photobucket.com/albums/ll145/sojournfan/teikalibrary.jpg (http://s287.photobucket.com/user/sojournfan/media/teikalibrary.jpg.html)

The library is where Farrah spends most of her life, writing away in the thousands of books that fill it. The walls of the library are lined from floor to ceiling with shelves.