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01-09-2005, 05:40 PM
**Hidden among a ring of asteroids, orbiting a red giant classed star, is a small crystal planetoid. This small world is unseen by any telescope and is easy to miss by the sensor sweep of any ship that may wander through this lifeless and isolated star system. It's only when one walks the surface of this planetoid that they can see it clearly, or as clearly as the many mirage and illusion casting effects of the landscape will allow. The surface of this world is covered with glass like columns, crystal mountains in the distance and other natural crystal formations that alternate between being completely invisible or highly reflective. Above there star filled heavens stretched out from horizon to horizon. There are also gray and white asteroids silently float in the airless sky above as if the neighboring asteroids were harmless clouds. There is an ominous silence in this airless place.
The unique properties of this crystal planet creates many illusions to trick anyone on this bizarre landscape. The crystal mountains in the distance might appear to vanish, and then suddenly appear to hover in the sky. The smooth ground beneath someones feet reflects the starscape above, yet leaves their own reflection out of the disorientating illusion. Strange, twisted faces are frozen within the glassy columns along the path, but upon further inspection they appear to be nothing more that warped reflections of the planet's explorer. Further travel will lead to the deceptive landscape becoming more and more surreal. One can see other travelers wandering around in the distance. These others soon melt away into the environment that seemed to have materialized them in the first place. A casual glance skyward reveals the asteroids above streaking down towards the crystal world. But eventually the oncoming asteroids fade away before impacting anything.
Despite the unreal conditions of its surface the real prize of this world is a cavern miles beneath the crystal landscape. This vast chamber is as large as a city, and only a miniscule amount of this space is occupied. The only items within this room are thousands of arcane books, devious machines and mystically powered artifacts. It's a cluttered collection of powerful items that can be used to perfom millions of miracles or destroy a million worlds.
The lone inhabitant of this bizzare world can be seen behind the crystal cieling of this domes chamber. Beneath the semi-transparent roof is a massive, miles wide organism. It's a city sized brain with a galactic sized psychic presence. This is the caretaker of this unholy place. It's massive intellect maintains this planet and the dangerous items it stores. This monstrous being is called Hollos and now sleeps and waits.**

Jason Sanborn
01-18-2005, 09:28 PM
There was a flash of crimson energy in the cavern that held the giant brain that was Hollos. Appearing from Reshnael was Danielle. With her, lying on the ground, was a comatose Saja. Danielle spoke loudly to be heard and acknowledged by Hollos.

Hollos! I bring Saja to you. She needs your help to awaken her.

01-24-2005, 07:57 PM
**Thoughts sweep past Danielle as the unfathomable mind of Hollos awakens. The woman is surrounded by an immense tidal wave of psychic presence, but within an instant it is gone. In the place of the telepathic power an illusionary manifestation of Hollos takes shape in front of Danielle and the comatoes goddess. The inhuman entity takes the form of Keres, the evil phantom that created it, once again. It ressembles a shifting mass of shadows and cloud like matter. This dark thing looks over Saja and Danielle.**

Why should I help her? I revive her and then what? I have watched events unfold outside of my cave. This one has not completed the masters plans. She has not destroyed the First.

**Hollos' form changes into a small child with ebony colored eyes. The little boy kneels beside Saja's unmoving body and continues speaking in the ancient and all consuming telepathic voice of the beast that it represents.**

But she carries some of father in her. If she does not live then whatever's left of father will also be dormant. What kind of son would I be if I allowed that to happen.

**The manifestation once again alters its form and reverts back into Keres' shape. It coldly speaks to Danielle.**

And what would you give to restore Saja?

Jason Sanborn
01-24-2005, 08:09 PM
Danielle paused. After a moment, she responded in a flat tone. There was only one answer that Danielle could give. No matter how much her personality despised the answer, she knew nothing else to say.

I cannot exist without Saja. I am her, and she is me. Through no choice of my own, I must give my own life, should it come to that. Although sacrificing my life, is not a choice I look favorably on, so I hope you have something else in mind, Hollos.

01-29-2005, 02:42 PM
Although sacrificing my life, is not a choice I look favorably on, so I hope you have something else in mind, Hollos.
No, I don't have anything else in mind.

**Without a moments hesitation Hollos calls upon his vast psionic power and focuses it on Danielle. He uses every iota of power that his city sized brain can produce and uses it to break the woman down into the power that had created her. He then tries to drive this energy back into its source, into Saja's body.**

Jason Sanborn
01-31-2005, 09:07 AM
Danielle felt her power being drained away. Her desire for survival caused her to fight back against Hollos. Saja had created her, and she could be better than Saja. Her struggle was of no use, though, Hollos's power was too much for her. She fell to her knees.

No! Stop! I need to live.

Danielle replied weakly. Her plea fell on deaf ears as Hollos continued to draw the power away from Danielle, and push it into the comatose body of Saja. Within moments, Danielle collapsed to the ground, all strength taken from her body. That was not enough, though, as Hollos continued to drain the power away from Danielle.

Danielle's body began to decay at a rapid pace. Her raven hair and pale skin becoming dry, cracked and brown. The flesh withering in moments. Skin, muscle and other tissue rapidly disappearing, revealing Danielle's skeleton, and soon that turned to dust, and the dust itself seemed to return to its natural energy. All the power that once held Danielle together was now gone, sent into the comatose body of Saja, leaving Danielle as nothing but a memory to those that encountered her.

Jason Sanborn
01-31-2005, 09:21 AM
The power once used to create Danielle was being pushed back into its creator. Saja, once a creation Jas's mind when merged with a fragment of Keres, had evolved into so much more. After the battle against Jas, Jas had finally overcome his nemesis, and her soul merged with his, leaving Saja's body as a shell of what it once was, without a soul or a mind to guide it. Danielle was the only remaining piece of Saja's soul, and Hollos was using that knowledge to awaken Saja once more.

The power Saja had invested upon Danielle wasn't complete, though. Danielle had siphoned off part of it when she empowered Winchester. Without the lord here, Hollos could not recapture that energy, provided it even knew of the existence of the empowered human. This lack of power would not change the end result. Saja would awaken.

Saja gasped and her eyes snapped open. The gasp was an involuntary reflex, as she no longer needed to breathe. The power that once made her human was gone. She had returned to the mist form that she was "born" with. Saja sat up, and looked around, incredibly disoriented. Her memories of her time on Reshnael were gone. Everything after the time that Narthan sealed her powers was a void.

Saja looked at Hollos.

What am I doing here? What happened?

02-06-2005, 03:04 PM
**The Keres shaped Hollos nods to Saja and speaks to her in his all-present telepathic voice.**

Welcome back, daughter of Keres.

You are here because an aspect, that you split off from yourself and I just merged back into you, had brought you here. You were brought here because you have failed in our father's grand design. You fought the First and lost. You were left in a coma.

**Hollos turns around and begins walking towards several hundred stacks of arcane tomes. While walking away from the pale woman he leaves one comment behind.**

I am very dissapointed in you.

Jason Sanborn
02-07-2005, 12:20 PM
The telepathic words of Hollos continued to ring in Saja's mind. She didn't know what Hollos was referring to regarding aspects and coma, but the word "failed" rang the loudest in her mind. After a moment, she shouted out in anger and frustration.


The power of the emerald flame inside her reacted to the emotion, and caused an explosion of green energy around her, destroying anything nearby that wasn't protect, and merely blackening other items that were protected.

This is not over, Hollos! I may have had a temporary set-back, but I will not fail again. I WILL NOT FAIL!

Saja opened a stealth portal in front of her and left Hollos behind. She had plans to make, so that the next time she faced the First, she would not fail.