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02-02-2013, 12:17 PM
Name: Planet M
Location: The loneliest corner of the CG Universe.
Surface Conditions: It’s a world which has been split half into day light, the West, and the other half into eternal night, the East.
Ruler: Sir Gregorn & Vermin a.k.a. Suicide Squad’s
Primary inhabitants: Baron Banter and his family that comes and goes as they please, among them: Qwaring, Qwaring’s Clone #1, Law, the Vampyre Lestat, Shae’la, Quaxo and Baby Anubis (currently missing). Some characters that belong to this world: The vampires Lamiais, Ilona and Vermin, the clones Clonathan III, Clonady, Claundia, Clon Juan, the werewolf Sargulus, the Suicide Squad (Werewolf/Leonius, Zombie and Barbie), the elves Gerimiah Tolas and Pruit and the 99 blue clones of qc#1 and Augur’ia, the earth fairy, plus several undead forces and a bunch of ghouls.
Places of Interest:
The Castle: A big black monument looking rather Transilvanian, which has a Dungeon, secret hallways, a throne room, a library and several other places.
Lamiais Fortress: Built close to the sea, it is a beacon of darkness.
The Elf and Clone Village: Located by the mountains, not too far away from the Castle, is populated by elves and the surviving clones from Clohan.
Disne-stralia: Originally created by Yensid, now it’s a prison continent for the blue clones of cq#1.
Fully Clothed Beach: The only spot of Planet M with sun light. It has been abandoned since ages ago.
The Ruins of Clohan: Once, this was the clone village and it rejoiced with life. After the Army of Darkness took over the planet, most of the clones were killed and only ruins remained.
The Floating Islands of the Fair: As a result of the destruction brought to the planet by the Lawbringers, the Mountain of the Fair exploded into three floating islands that remain over the place where the mountain used to stand.
Unique Planetary Conditions: It’s a sentient planet.
Brief History: Planet M was originally created by Tigers90 as a gift to his father, Meteoro. It has been taken over by several beings, including the Ancient Gods, the Vampire Lestat, Baron Banter, the Lawbringers VNTI, KNCT and VMPR, and finally, its command has fallen into the hands of Sir Gregorn the Virtuous and Vermin, the former leader of the Suicide Squad.

This is a continuation thread, the old thread is 850 by Planet M Titled Planet M

Site Chronicler
02-02-2013, 12:17 PM
This is a continuation thread, the old thread is 850

02-02-2013, 12:17 PM
The blue clones looked at one another and then Meteoro. "Talk?"

They hadn't expected this. Meteoro had long been known for attacking not talking.

"Okay. Well you see. We have been recruited to help these Negation ships to get home. And they need energy in order to do that. The energy is going to come from this planet. And then we're going to rule it once they leave. Thus you're going to be our servants and slaves."

06-07-2016, 06:47 PM
A presence appeared suddenly over the dark planet known as Planet M. The presence was in for a strange experience with the planet. It had become a place of blue clones and the other creatures were getting exasperated by them. The dwarfs had gone on expeditions and slaughtered them like nuisance they are. The elves simply kept moving deeper and deeper into the wilderness that had been established by the god Baron Banter formerly known as Gleejur. The orcs happily crushed the blue clones heads between their fingers but the clones prospered anyway.

The gods had mysteriously disappeared in the middle of a conversation between the blue clones and Meteoro. The clones had looked around back then and shrugged and continued into their oblivious lives. Happily partaking in the procreation process given to them. To the extent that they had not only filled the planet but the planet was overflowing of the simple minded creatures. And the elves were running out of places to go. The dwarfs were getting even more irritable than usual.

But now a new force had come.

"Eh... where am I?" asked the visitor.

Blue Clone #576236365527735: Hey what you doing?" He gave the being a huge grin

"Why is it so dark?"

Blue CLone: Um... cause it like that all the time?

"Is this Apokalypse?"

Blue Clone: Apoka what?

"Apokalypse? You know? Darkseid? Big bad guy?"

Blue Clone looked perplexed. "A dark side is a bad guy?"

The visitor sighs and shakes his head, "I don't thick you're understanding me."

Blue CLone: I understand plenty. You like bad guy and want to go see him."

The visitor shook his head, "no I asked if this was his planet."

"This Planet M."

"I never heard of it."

The Blue clone looked bewildered, "Really? Him fun guy. He like to throw meteys at everyone."

"That doesn't sound like a good thing..."

The blue clone laughed, "It is! Expecially when the next person over is struck and they explode!!!! Its cool."

The visitor sat down on a rock and looked down at the ground, "So I save the world a number of times. I do all these great deeds. Lose my powers. Have my identity revealed by my best friend. Get kryponite poisoning. Meet a guy that looks just like me. And then I explode a few minutes later and end up in the middle of a dark planet I never heard of and talking to a blue guy with the mentality of snail... This is definitely not what I had in mind for the afterlife." He attempts to fly but nothing happens... "And I have no powers. Great..."

And then at that moment a meteorite came flying in from behind and strikes him solidly.

Blue CLone: SEE!!! Its awesome."

The blue clone gives the visitor a kick. "Hey you live?"

"Awesome I get his stuff!!!!!" As he starts beating back the other blue clones.

06-08-2016, 08:42 AM
The blue clones came at #576236365527735 and he whined, "No I next to him when he exploded! I want it." The blue clones kept coming and #576236365527735 grabbed a stick and struck the nearest ones. "MINE!"

"His stuff all ours! We here too!!!"

#576236365527735 was pushed back and he fell into the remains of the fallen visitor and he was covered in blood from him and some seeped into an open wound. "I no want to share." Suddenly his eyes blazed fire and it beat into the nearest clone who shrieked, "Hot hot!!!" And then he vaporized in front of the other clones.

"He got vaporize eyes!!!!" The clones looked at each other and shouted, "I want to be vaporized in unison" and they rushed #576236365527735 and he looked at them and they too were vaporized.

#576236365527735 whined, "Make it stop!!!!"

The others shouted, "No look this way. I want to be vaped!!!!" They ran across the blood of the fallen visitor and some of the blood got on them too.

Meanwhile, back at the castle. An automated warning is broadcasting, "Alien life detected."

"Launch another meteor. We must preserve the planet... even if it is filled with blue nuisances..."

"But sir, Baron Banter left orders that we not..."

"Meteror countermanded Banter's Dexter crap! Destroy the alien force."

Another meteor flew at now #576236365527735 and he had gotten his eyes under control and the other blue clones were upset, "Aw!! I wanted to be vaped."

It was then a female elf appeared at the forest's edge and looked at the gathering of the blue clones. One of the clones spotted her and shouted, "She-elf!!!! Get her! She's no got round belly!!!!" He and several hundred blue clones went toward her. She ran back deeper into the trees. "She get away! She need poked!!!" The clones had one thought for her. The process necessary for the continuation of their race. Regardless of what the elf thought.

Meanwhile back at the scene with #576236365527735, he looked up and saw the meteor coming for him. He grinned, "Oh boy!!!!" He opened his arms wide and closed his eyes. The other clones looked up and ooed at the meteror coming down to crush them all. "This is going to be great!"

There was a loud bang as the meteor hit #576236365527735 and then split in half. #576236365527735 looked around and whined, "Aw man!!!!"