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Posted by Daniel Lynch (Member #1965) on 01-30-2003, 05:31 AM
((OOC: Due to mounting pressure and several people asking me to get this started, I'm bowing to peer pressure. I apologize for it being 1000+ words (huzzah!) for a post, but it's get things kicked off and explains a lot. My only request is that any visitors respect the sanctity of the sanctum ( http://archive1.rpgtools.us/threads/graemlins/wink.gif ) and come to the outside since you can't come in unless Satorr let's ya. Thankies. I hope you all enjoy.)

DLs broken body slowly materialized on the floor of his castle. He laid there silent, battered and broken from his battle with Odin. He was barely aware of his surroundings, he stirred a bit trying to sit up but he couldnt. The severe stabbing of pain only caused him to fall unconscious back to the floor.

As the last bit of his conscious mind fluttered away into some unknown dream, he breathed his last breath.

A cold trail of steam emanated from his mouth and spread out, winding, feeling, and teasing out the walls of the chamber. At once it began seeking out the cracks in the old walls and seeping into them. Then the walls begin to move.

From a distance, one could see DLs castle, his gift from Neo, changing shape and form. The castles doors and window shrank and vanished as the walls took on solid fronts. The corners of the castle rounded out creating posts at each corner. The roof of the castle took on the shape of a dome as it built layer after layer working towards the peak. When all but the uppermost of the dome was finished, a fifth shot up from inside, this tower extending high and far into the heavens. As a final touch, the scales that once hung above the castle moved instead to the front of it where the entrance once was. Large stone hands shot out and grasped it, and the front of the castle formed a statue that clung to the scales tightly. There was no entrance, no exit. A cold cackle of energy wove across the exterior surface. There would be no teleporting in either.

The insides of the sanctum took on odd shapes like the random connections in a brain. Odd staircases running into one another, some going to rooms others going to nowhere. A sense of clarity to it all, but nothing visible to any observer.

When it had finished taking on its form, a voice was heard throughout the inside of the castle. This will do.

In the middle of the newly formed sanctum, laid the lifeless DL. The spirit that had overtaken and rewritten the building turned its attention back to him.

Draperies from the central hall reached out and quickly plucked the arrows from his flesh. Walls reached out with candelabra limbs and cauterized the wounds. The snakelike drapes set his broken bones and gave of themselves as bandages. Throughout all this his limp body remained unresponsive.

The sanctum shifted about again. Bending walls and moving large metal chandeliers as close as it could get them to the young god. In a sudden surge of energy, powerful arcs of electricity shot through his body. Nothing. Again. Nothing. Again. There was a stir. The God of Balance shot up quickly and then fell back to the ground.

He moved slowly, regaining his composure. Fighting off the pain. He heard a voice from all around.

Heed me, Delasco. Rise and face me once again. With those words the floor lifted DL up into a small throne and turned him towards a blank wall.

DL spoke slowly and painfully, Do not... call me that. That is not my name... here.

The castle wall facing DL stretched out from its smooth surface. Slowly a face begin to form and it spoke again to DL.

You are Delasco, firstborn son of dark Lord Sedelius.

The name of his true father rattled him, DL sat up sharply and winced from the pain.

Do not utter his name... here. He... will hear you...

Then you do remember, young one. You remember where we come from, what we endured to survive your Fathers wrath?

I was... happy in my ignorance... Satorr.

I know, forcing myself out over your mind was very difficult, I had to wait until you were again old enough for your mental abilities to manifest. Manipulating them after that was childs play.

You were the one... who taught me how to use them in the first place, then icy cold takes over DL as he remembers the last few weeks, why did you make me forget? Why? These people, they are my family now. My parents, Sil, Kulit, Neo - they are my family.

FORGET THEM! When your Father comes to this place... this Elysia... who do you think will be the first people he will kidnap and torture? These fools you call your family will be among his first victims.

No. He will not... come here. He doesnt... know where we are...

He does, Delasco, he knows where you are. As soon as I reawakened your memories. He knew.

DL angrily stumbled forward in the chair, rage filled his eyes and the wall in front of him flattened out at his very thought. He spoke fiercely.

Youve damned us all! Another entire universe for my father to conquer. You fool! The pain from DLs broken limbs struck him again and he sunk back into the chair.

DL muttered, I should never have saved you. I should have let you die at his hand, Satorr.

As DL collapsed back, the face on the wall again emerged and spoke to him.

But you didnt. I raised you, Delasco, I taught you everything you know. When your Father discovered my plot to assassinate him, I knew I was dead. Imagine my surprise when I realized that my star pupil had taken my consciousness into his own mind mere seconds before his father took the life from my body.

It has brought me nothing but misery. Saving you only exposed me. I was a fool to think he wouldnt know. He banished me here, de-aged and amnesiac. Things would have been fine again, if not for you and your meddling. With the mounting pain and stress getting to him, DL eased back into the throne.

Rest now, young Delasco. There is much work to be done before your Fathers inevitable attack. Items to collect. Alliances to forge. A family to forget again, but we will need one of them now to help heal you faster.

Dont... call... me Delas... DL passed out from strain and sunk fully into the chair.

Satorr retreated his visage into the wall. He focused his mind and shaped his mental voice to match that of his wards and sent out a call.

Kat... Mom? Are you out there. I need you....
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Posted by kat (Member #1995) on 02-02-2003, 03:25 AM
>>>Far away in her uncle's Tower, Kat feels a call in her mind. It is her sons voice...there is a coldness behind it, but the ways he'd been acting, maybe that was to be expected. Slowly she began to fade..<<<

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(I say we finally get this thing going!)

>>>Kat stood tensely in front of the Sanctom, watching her unfamiliar surroundings with her newly heightened senses. There were no doors, no windows. Her son had brought her here. And where was he?"


Posted by Daniel Lynch (Member #1965) on 03-26-2003, 09:25 PM
::Satorr heard Kat approach and began to create an opening for her, but he felt a sudden disturbance.

He turned his attention back to his young ward and searched his mind quickly to find the problem, but DL's mind could not be reached.

Satorr panicked, ignored Kat's call, and began to concentrate on searching out DL's fleeted consciousness hoping that it was somewhat still reachable.::

The Onyx Forest Tavern (http://www.cgforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=41;t=000407;p=2)
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::Monitoring the events in the Onyx Tavern closely, the hallways and corridors flexed pushing air throughout the building, an eerie and almost humanlike sigh of relief could have been heard had anyone been present.

Satorr quietly rearranged the Sanctum's front to create a small door and tuned it so that only those that Kat brought in could pass.

He waited::

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>>Having just come from The Onyx Forest Tavern (http://www.cgforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=41;t=000407), Kat and Sil appear before the Sanctom, one shrouded in pure dark, the other in mists. Kat turns to her mother.<<

"Before we look for entyway, I must tell you some things."

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::Silver mist colored cloaks shrouded Sil, draped in the light mists that awaited her command loyally at her feet. Her hood was drawn, sleeves hanging down like curtains of shimmering softness. The hem of her robes just missed touching the ground, and light silver-sandaled footsteps brought her to a halt. She turned her head to her daughter, a faint yellow gleam passing across her vision before vanishing behind stones of hazel hue. Softly, slender fingers touched her stomach::

"I'm listening."

Posted by kat (Member #1995) on 03-28-2003, 06:13 PM
>>Kat's tongue felt thick in her mouth. She breathed deeply and began in a matter-of-fact tone.<<

"When I died, I lost most powers I had during life. I no longer heal, nor can I deal with plants. I cannot commune with animals, nor speak to the earth as I once did. No longer do I share powers similar to that of my family, to you, save one. My telepathic abilities have increased greatly, to the point of weakness. But more strange, is the agility, the strength, the power, and the sensory. I can see beads of sweat on a forehead across the room, I can hear their fearful heartbeats, I can sense the warm blood flowing in their veins. I can hear every breath, smell what the ate that morning, if they've made love recently. I am no longer a healer, but a hunter. I am the other side, mother. This is why I asked you to come. There would be nothing I could do for Daniel."

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"Then we'll combine our efforts, my daughter. When joined, opposites cover a braoder range than things that are the same. I have every confidence in you. I always have."

::Sil looks to her daughter a moment and touches her stomach. She purses her lips for a moment::

"You says your senses are heightened.. that you can hear hearts beating..."

::Softly she reached over to touch her daughter's hand, touching her slightly rounding stomach at the same time::

" I have something to ask of you... tell me... Is this one's strong?"

Posted by kat (Member #1995) on 03-28-2003, 11:31 PM
>>Kat leans closer, smiling. She never thought she would be doing THIS... The beat is steady, strong, but soft. The child isn't too old yet, so it makes perfect sense.<<

"It's a good heartbeat mother. A strong heart."

Posted by SilntAngl5 (Member #1656) on 03-28-2003, 11:51 PM
::Slight relief took hold of Sil's features and she relaxed, giving her daughter's hand a squeeze. She whispered softly, so softly that if it were anyone else but her daughter they would not have heard::

-vsw- "Thank Altwaal."

::Sil wanted this child... more than anything else in the universe. She and Neo tried so hard for it... not that she was complaining about the work involved. Call it a dream come true. She looked to her daughter, confident, a half grin spreading across the corner of her mouth. Eyes shone::

"Let us go and save your son."

Posted by Daniel Lynch (Member #1965) on 05-14-2003, 08:55 PM
::The entryway to the Sanctum opened before Kat and Sil directly and awaited their entry::

::Satorr thought carefully about how next to proceed. His tinkering with his ward's mind had become near catastrophic. DL's mind had been split in four directions. Each piece of his mind had embodied itself and would wreak havoc if unchecked. He must find a way to convince DL's false parentage to help or his plan's for domination would be forever thwarted::

Posted by kat (Member #1995) on 05-18-2003, 01:06 PM
Kat enters slowly, not quite trusting. A door that appears without any physical explanation does not sit well with her. It is magic surely, but she still feels unatease(what? that's a word(well, it is now)!). She turns and extends a slender hand, fingernails of frosted blue black.


Posted by Daniel Lynch (Member #1965) on 07-31-2003, 02:09 AM
::Monthes had passed since Satorr had felt any trace of DL's shattered mind. He had been aware of the four distinct bodies as they spread out and away from the sanctum, but in an instant they had vanished. He strained at capacity to find them, but to no avail. He could only hope that somehow the four portions had reunited.

He regarded the lifeless body before him as a sign that no such gathering had occurred. Still, in all the months that passed, the body did not show the hint of decay. For that, there was some degree of hope to be had.

The members of DL's family that had once came in search of his whereabouts had long since left. There had been a few scoundrels that Satorr had let into the halls only to amuse himself. Trapping them in endless mazes and watching them as death claimed them. Soon even that had grown tiresome.

But, in truth, Satorr had been alone for sometime and it had driven him quite mad. Man was not meant to exist in the form of brick and mortar after all.

So he sat, pining to himself at his loss. In times of great stress, he would use his abilities to pantomime the body before him and interact with it. It was a revolting sight and such acts were followed by great guilt. Guilt was perhaps the most sane emotion he was capable of in his diminished state. At one such weak moment, he had admitted to himself that these circumstances were entirely his doing.

Had he not thirsted for more power and lured his young ward to his side, they would both be home in their own universe. Safe. Alive. And most importantly he would be able to enjoy the pleasures of being a living, breathing man.

In the end, all Satorr had was safety from the outside. He controlled the walls and energies inside DL's sanctum and he knew of no one powerful enough to enter. He would be safe here, with only his own demons to keep him company.::
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Posted by SilntAngl5 (Member #1656) on 08-03-2003, 06:02 PM
::Just his demons to keep him company? Hardly. There were much more than demons present here, but perhaps only the Gods of this universe could feel them lurking about. Simple things, energies of things past and gone, disbursed from beings of great power... power. Power that had long since been forgotten or extinguished. Sometimes it found itself again, just a faint blip from the original intensity of its former zenith, but enough to create a spark. All something needs is a spark to catch flame and ignite.

In Satorr's Sanctum there was one such spark. A shimmer of faint Dexter energies was seen. A blind trail of lost essence leading to nowhere, just collecting for one last flame before dying out completely. That flicker of Dexter powers turned into a shower of gold. Golden hair with golden laughter, long, sleek, elegant in the form of a slender beauty. A goddess, or what once was, in shimmering silver robes that turned the darkness about her into a faint, silver glow. She sat, on a stone bench or upon a felt covered chair. Her hands wove into the air and silver mists wove in compliance with the directions those slender hands guided them. Before her, on the ground sat a child, perhaps one of her own, perhaps a random Secundae from the orphanage. That mattered little. There was a light in this child's eye as it heard the laughter of the phantom of Dexter's beloved Goddess of Motherless Secundae. A phantom, merely a ghost image from the past that those energies experienced, but to any random person who saw, it would look real, thick with life blood and energies as they spiraled to keep the ignition going, to survive and prolong their inevitable fate. Soft laughter echoed throughout the sanctum as this fantasy picture continued, a simple weaving of energies... a trail of a once thriving essence that led nowhere but darkness::

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((OOC: As agreed with Daniel, here’s the next chapter in Satorr’s Sanctum destiny.))

~Coming from the Realm of Darkness (http://www.cgforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=41;t=000526#000024) , Anubis and Celeste arrived in front of Satorr’s Sanctum.~

This is my gift to you, Celeste. Destroy it with you own hands! http://archive1.rpgtools.us/threads/graemlins/8.gif
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Posted by Daniel Lynch (Member #1965) on 08-07-2003, 05:39 PM
::The loud roar of Satorr echoed throughout every hall of the sanctum for he had seen the arrival of the golden haired goddess and felt the stab of her violation.::

Did she really think he would not know of her presence?

::As a normal man would rant about madly, so did Satorr with his hallways shaking as limbs. His wall shook as bricks contorted to close off the passages around the room the goddess had arrived in. Soon he had trapped the slender beauty into one small room.

She did not react to her predicament but rather continued about her business with the small secundae.::

She is not even startled?? She must think her powers to be awesome indeed to not fear me!!

::Satorr refocused his attention on her only to find... she had gone.

A phantom, he realized. Another phantom. The depression set in on him heavily. He had again been victim to his own mind. To know that he was losing the one thing he had always held dear was worse than death. If only brick and mortar could die there could be some hope of a final peace. But Satorr knew he was now doomed to be eternal. His own madness would only make it seem that much longer.

Just as he lapsed back into his passive state - he felt something. Two beings had appeared. For a moment he moved to defend himself - but then he thought of the phantom his mind had conjured. This pair would be no different. ::

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Posted by Anubis (Member #2356) on 08-07-2003, 06:19 PM
~Anubis sat down on a rock observing the moves of Satorr’s Sanctum. It was made of stone and crystal, yet it had more life than the impressive Jackal God. At some point he felt jealous, but he smiled once again knowing that its days had come to an end.~

Dear, come here, Celeste.

I’ve been monitoring this place for a while now. It’s beauty is appalling. Don’t get confused by its look, it might seem like any castle or palace you’ve seen, and you know you’ve seen a lot, but this one is different. This one contains the soul of Satorr. It is as alive as you or… well, I was going to say “me” but you know as much as I do that I’m beyond that.

As I told you a few moments ago, this is my gift to you. But don’t keep it, destroy it. Because death and destruction is what brings us together. And as a proof of my love, I’m taking a break from my hunting to delight ourselves with some “meaningless” killing.

~He took Celeste by her waist and kissed her again.~

Go ahead, it’s all yours.

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Posted by Celeste (Member #3492) on 08-08-2003, 03:31 PM
Celeste looked around the beautiful place, the Satorr's Sanctum was made of stone and crystal. It made the beautiful palace she had on Mount Olympus pale in its wonder. It was the jewel of this universe. It was more beautiful than even Venus. Although the Satorr's Sanctum was beautiful on the outside, inside she sensed pain and depression. The soul inside it was trapped in madness. Its madness was hidden by the outer beauty. It was haunted and screamed for freedom. Kissing Anubis back, she looked up at him.

It is far too beautiful for this universe. It's life and it's beauty appalls me because it makes me think it is greater than myself. It may be beautiful on the outside but the soul is haunted and is mad. We would be doing Satorr a favor by destroying this place.

Kissing Anubis.

This is such a wonderful gift and you are right death and destruction it what first brought us together. That was what attracted me to you when I first saw you.

Besides "meaningless" killing is fun and such a good hobby. Plus this is a good way to prove you love only me and are over that little First. I had enough of dealing with a man who loves another. I did that with Zeus, I won't allow another man to love another before me. I swore to myself that no man would be allow to do what Zeus did to me, and that includes you Anubis. Zeus will pay for what he did to me soon enough. However, this Sanctum is a nice break from revenge and a place to just enjoy "meaningless" killing and destruction.

Kissing him once more, she unleashed a large explosion of her energy in silver waves. The waves hits various parts of the Sanctum at once with a large amount of power. The walls began to shake at Hera's power.

Posted by Anubis (Member #2356) on 08-11-2003, 02:12 AM
~Delighted by Celeste’s lust for destruction, Anubis smiled in an eerie way. His quest for bringing death and destruction to those Firsts who opposed him was far from being over, but he rejoiced in this little break to just enjoy what they were good at: bringing death.~

~Celeste’s attack to Satorr’s Sanctum gave him a rush he had almost forgotten, while seeing his old-time-new-mate rejoice in her power.~

Posted by Celeste (Member #3492) on 08-11-2003, 01:11 PM
She smiled as the shaking walls crumbled at her power. It been so long since she just destroyed things for the heck of it without games and plans in mind. She rejoiced in the sensation and she remembered why she loved death so much. She then sent out 7 silver energy balls in 7 directions that sent out her power and destroyed what was left of the Satorr's Sanctum. The once jewel of the universe was now fallen and destroyed. As for the soul that was kept there, who knows what its fate was. If it was mortal it was dead, but if immortal...Its madness was added by the destruction and chaos that Hera had given to its home. Looking at Anubis.

That was fun.

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Posted by KLitke (Member #1326) on 08-12-2003, 02:34 AM
With a bending of reality, KLitke appeared. What had happened here? Why did he feel almost...drawn to this place?

After a pause, he nodded. Sil. It wasn't her, but he could feel something like her. Not her, not any longer in any case...but she had been here. Well, not her. An apparition, a ghost of sorts, perhaps. That had to be the reason he was drawn here...right?

KLitke shook his head, unable to lose the feeling that something else had drawn him here. Now was not the time. KLitke reached out with his mind, searching for Meteoro, and with a bending of reality, he disappeared.

Posted by Anubis (Member #2356) on 08-12-2003, 03:13 AM
~Anubis was smiling delighted at the show of death and destruction brought by Celeste when he flinched. Someone... one of those hateful Firsts had just been there...~

I sensed one of them, Hera... ~An angry rush filled his soul.~ If they think they can mock me, they’re way wrong. It was KLitke, I’m sure of that.

~He looked at his hand... a hand that would always show the scar left by the Firsts since it lacked a finger, the one cut off by KLitke.~

Hera. We have to resume this hunt. I won’t feel at ease until we’ve killed all of those accursed Firsts!

I can’t locate KLitke right now, but oh! can I sense that damn mortal who dared defy me! Prime Knight, your final hour has come!

~Not even allowing her to react, he surrounded her in the dark cloud and teleported to Scion the Moon (http://www.cgforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=41;t=000521;p=5#000 186).~
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Posted by Celeste (Member #3492) on 08-12-2003, 04:47 PM
Sensing another being there for a moment she wondered who it was. Looking at his hand which was missing a finger.

Another one who hunted you? Well this was fun, but it is time for the hunt to continue.

She left with him.

Posted by Cid (Member #2763) on 08-12-2003, 05:19 PM
Cid appeared and looked at the ruins.

Such a shame. More of your handy work "dear". So I missed you. Oh well I'll find you soon enough.

Using the Boom Tube which was now a tracking device, he set against what was once a wall. It held Hera's power and would soon allow him to track Celeste. Soon enough he pin pointed her location.

This time your lover won't save you.

He left to find Celeste and Anubis.

Posted by kat (Member #1995) on 08-12-2003, 08:11 PM
Coming from Lord Matteson's Keep (http://www.cgforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=41;t=000130;p=46#00 1830), SF, OP and Kat appear on the grounds of what was once Satorr's Sanctom.

Kat's breath in took sharply as she surveyed the damage. She felt a slow, creeping madness coming from the soul of the place. And Daniel.. his body, his soul.. he was destroyed. Pointlessly.

She screamed. It was a raw, sharp sound that filled the heads of any around. It was beyond human, and full of pain. After she closed her mouth and fell to her knees, the sound still resounded around, trailing off slowly.

Kat could not cry, she was physically unable, but her irisless eyes had turned a sickening blue, the color of unspilt blood. She tried to speak but her voice choked, deep in her chest. She tried to move, to turn to SF and OP, but her body seemed frozen, kneeling before the giant heap of rubble. Her arms hung limp by her side. She stared at what had once been the building containing her son's body, and some form of his essence, or soul, the place that was the only chance of reuniting his quartered body, as far as she knew.

She stared.

And she stared.

Posted by KLitke (Member #1326) on 08-13-2003, 01:11 PM
With a bending of reality, KLitke appeared, near Kat.

I was just looking for you...

Posted by kat (Member #1995) on 08-13-2003, 02:10 PM
"They say Anubis is back," Kat said simply, still not moving, still staring.

Posted by Optimus_Prime (Member #2560) on 08-13-2003, 04:41 PM
Optimus knew the minute he arrived here he wouldn't like what he saw. Senseless destruction, Celeste and Anubis' work. Why go after DL though? He wasn't part of the original battle. It made no sense. The place was once grand he had heard and now there was only destruction and death. To think what a difference a few moments make. They were too late to help Daniel like they were too late to help Lord Matsson...


He looked at Kat but didn't know what to say to her. He saw Dexter's Leader and nodded to him.

Anubis is on the loose again.
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Posted by sojourn_fan (Member #2164) on 08-13-2003, 04:47 PM

SF looked around the Satorr's Sanctum and saw the destruction. She knew that another one of her family was dead, DL's death made no sense though. At least with Dad she knew why Anubis went after him, why kill DL, what did he do? When would it stop? How many more would have to die before this terror ended? She looked at her Aunt Kat and knew there was nothing she could say to ease her pain. She realized they were too late and it pained her that her cousin was lost too. Another death that had to be avenged. She looked at her uncle.

Anubis did this and must be stopped.

Posted by Optimus_Prime (Member #2560) on 08-15-2003, 11:07 AM
Sighing in defeat.

There is nothing we can do here. SF, want to talk to Cid about Celeste? At least we'd be able to help Raven that way.

Posted by sojourn_fan (Member #2164) on 08-15-2003, 11:08 AM
Feeling defeated too.

Yeah let's go to him.

Looking at Kat.

I'm so sorry, just know that Anubis will pay for this. I promise.

They teleported to Saber Vortex. (http://www.cgforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=41;t=000501;p=23)