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Posted by Rye-Glinn (Member #1073) on Tue May 11, 2004 11:58 am
As The Cataclysm
took off of Elysia, Rye-Glinn turned to Frax.
No one gets away from me!!
We're going to an Outpost in sector 297.
You ready? http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
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Posted by Fraxlyr Mon (Member #1063) on Tue May 11, 2004 12:05 pm
((*Puff! Pant!* Too many Felix's!))

"Don't worry, buddy, almost there."

the Cataclysm's engines launched, and within twenty minutes, the sleek ship was within orbit of the Outpost.

"Sector 297. Here we are. So who we lookin for here?"

Posted by Nestl (Member #99) on Tue May 11, 2004 2:29 pm
((I know what you mean Big S! Check the character / clone list... I have 15 active characters right now!!! http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_confused.gif ))

Posted by Rye-Glinn (Member #1073) on Tue May 11, 2004 2:42 pm
As the outpost came into view, Rye-Glinn explained:

The Crylic is a base specifically set in place to track the movement of First across the Universe. The Emperor thought it would be a good idea if we were seriously planning on attacking Elysia.

One of the "escapees" was a First. We simply go onboard and...
Rye-Glinn was interrupted by the Crylic hailing them.

Vessel, this is the Crylic. You do not have permission to be in this...
Listen! Rye-Glinn shot back:
I have orders from BGTR to find a...
We repeat! Leave this system now or we will be forced to use extreme measures!
Damn. Taking a deep breath.
Alright Frax... Time to break some rules again. http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_confused.gif
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Posted by Fraxlyr Mon (Member #1063) on Tue May 11, 2004 4:44 pm
"Pfft. So what else is new?" Frax's avatar mumbled as he brought the Cataclysm closer to the outpost and charged weapons. "These days it don't seem like you can get anything done in this army without punching someone in the damn face first......"

The ships communication system activated and Frax spoke quickly and angrily to whoever was on the other damn end.

"Yo, this is the Negation Extreme Response Vehicle, The Cataclysm, and unless ya been livin out here in the dark for the past two years, then this cruiser'll be I.D. enough. Either you can help us the hell out, or I can make sure you have a pretty bad day, even by your standards.

There was no response for a few moments.

".................I assume you've heard the rumors about planet Shiroy.............

You can either pick up that poor excuse for a walkie talkie, or find out if the rumors are true.........."

He waited for a response and watched Rye-Glinn to see what he intended for their next move......

Posted by Rye-Glinn (Member #1073) on Wed May 12, 2004 2:10 pm
Please wait.
The comm finally screeched back.
Punching the dash board, Rye-Glinn hollered:
We don't have time for this!!! http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_mad.gif
The invasion counts on us accomplishing our tas...
Please wait.
Turning to Frax.
Forget this. Take us in.
We're boarding them.
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Posted by Fraxlyr Mon (Member #1063) on Wed May 12, 2004 6:57 pm
"Okie dokie, doggy daddy." despite the gravity of the situation, Frax's tone was rather playful.

Activating the Cataclysm's attack force, Frax teleported twenty Mark 13 droids into the hangar of the outpost, lead by one of the ships CL Mechs.....

Frax's Mech

The Mech lead the small invasion force, taking the hangar totally by surprise. As the troops and defenses activated, the droids spread out and engaged them each individually.

The Mech leapt into the air and opened fire on the internal defense system, ripping it apart. Turning on landing, it ploughed its metallic fist through three other defenders. Within minutes, the hangar was secured by the Cataclysm's forces.

With a slow, grating noise, the Cataclysm attached itself to the secured hangar, allowing Rye-Glinn to step on board, accompanied by Frax's blinking avatar.....

Posted by Rye-Glinn (Member #1073) on Thu May 13, 2004 10:59 am
As Rye-Glinn stepped out of the ship he grinned at Frax's avatar.
Now it's MY turn. http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
Walking to the docking hangar doors, he pressed the a few buttons on the control panel, and it opened.
Within seconds, they were face to face with a dozen Negation soldiers.
Freeze!! One hollered, but it was too late.

Rye-Glinn threw himself on him, grabbing him in the face. The soldier slumped to the ground dead. The other officers were shocked. All firing on Rye-Glinn the blasted at him with everything they had.
But, Rye-Glinn had not become the Negation's greatest assassin by being shot.
Even at point blank he dodged their fire, knocking away guns and grabbing hold of them, sucking their life away.
Within seconds, the entire squad was decimated.
Whether by firing and hitting each other, or Rye-Glinn sucking their life away, they all lay dead.
Rye-Glinn stood in the middle of them, a large burn in the center of his chest where he had been shot. He simply grinned.
One of them got lucky. http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
Then, turning and motioning for Frax to follow, he continued down the hall.
After absorbing as many souls as he had now, Rye-Glinn felt refreshed. ... He could once again take a shot to the chest... He was ready for anything now...
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Posted by Fraxlyr Mon (Member #1063) on Thu May 13, 2004 5:10 pm
The animated face on Frax's avatar raised a grudgingly impressed eyebrow. Rye-Glinn hadn't seen a machine attempt a shrug of resignation before, but he saw it now in the avatar, and it just looked plain weird.

The avatar floated over to the CL Mech, and linked itself safely into position where the face should be.

Moving as one, the droids darted down the corridors in an almost military fashion, training their guns on doors and windows and making sure the place was secure.

The Mech followed Rye-Glinn down the corridor. Looking around, the avatar leaned closer to him.

"Hey chief, what we sposed to be lookin out for anyway? Place seems a little dead at the mo..... if you'll pardon the expression."

Posted by Rye-Glinn (Member #1073) on Mon May 17, 2004 12:55 pm
Seeming to ignore his companion Rye-Glinn fiddled with the wiring in a control panel on the wall. As he wrapped two wires together the door in front of them whizzed open, showing a large control room, with about 70 Negation officers at control panels, dials and switches.
Turning back to Frax's avatar he smiled:
THIS is what we're looking for.
Stepping into the room, he hollered:
Alright everyone, stay calm. We're here on official Negation business.
If you had listened to us before, it may have avoided a great loss of life.
Please tell me you're going to cooperate now.
But, Rye-Glinn's answer came from an officer, higher up on another level as he pulled out a blaster and fired at the intruders.
Rye-Glinn charged towards another officer who was pulling out his gun and rolled out of the incoming fire. Reaching the soldier, Rye-Glinn punched him in the face, his ligis killing him. Then, using his chair as cover, Rye-Glinn grabbed his gun and, with the accuracy only an assassin could show, he picked off his opponents one by one.
Yelling to Frax, sarcastically:
You want to help me here? Cause I can do this all on my own!!!! http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_mad.gif
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Posted by Fraxlyr Mon (Member #1063) on Mon May 17, 2004 4:53 pm
Frax sighed as the Mech thundered forward. "Complain, complain, complain all damn day. Why am I not surprised?"

The droids ripped into the room, following the Mech. Bouncing from the walls and ceilings, they engaged the Negation troops.

"This is ridiculous! We always end up having to take down our own men! I thought that was what the enemy was for!"

The robots tore through the room, accurately protecting both the Avatar and Rye-Glinn from well aimed shots.

Frax wouldn't let on about it, but he was having his robots aimed to wound or capture. Or both. The thing about Frax was that he would quite happily wade in with guns blazing and slaughter enemy soldiers, but he didn't like doing it with people who were supposed to be on the same side. It wasn't what he had signed up for.

The struggle over, Frax's avatar looked about it in disgust.

He saw a twitch.

Reaching down, the Mech hauled a mildly wounded soldier from some wreckage and held him up.

"Hey! We got a live one here! And I think he's ready to help us with our inquiries!" He looked at the panic-stricken soldier

"Whatever THOSE might be..." he added.

But very quietly.


Posted by Rye-Glinn (Member #1073) on Mon May 17, 2004 7:12 pm
Rye-Glinn got to his feet and smiled:
It's about bloody time.
Stepping up the dangling Negation pawn, Rye-Glinn asked:
You've been monitoring Elysian orbital activities, correct?
The soldier nodded.
Can you bring up and cataloged info on what happened to a "Dragon's Fang" that took off from there a few days ago?
I, uhhh... Don't think I can do...
No more games!!!! Rey-Glinn hollered with the voice that had tortured and interrogated countless.
I'll find them myself!!! Which monitor would it be on!?!?!
The soldier pointed feebly. Nodding, Rye-Glinn walked over there and emitted his top priority clearance code, given to him by the Emperor himself.
Unlike Frax, Rye-Glinn couldn't care about the loss of life around him. In years gone by, Charon himself had sent Rye-Glinn to kill off unproductive parts the Empire who couldn't live up to their end.
This was no different.
Bringing up the file, Rye-Glinn sorted the information rapidly, and found that they were no longer there. They had gone into hyperspace.
Scanning the projectory, he found the next file and noticed that they had met up with another ship, "The Rising Sun."
From there, they had used a Boom Tube to go to "Charon knows where."
Standing up Rye-Glinn growled:
Damn!!!! They used a Boom Tube!!!
We'll never find them now!!!
Then, catching Rye-Glinn off guard, the beaten Negation soldier spoke up:
Sure you can... We've been tracing Boom Tubes in this very station.
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Posted by Rye-Glinn (Member #1073) on Mon May 17, 2004 8:10 pm
What!?!?!? Where!?!?! http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_eek.gif
The Negation officer did his best to grin, then pointed to a workstation in the corner:
This si "Boom TubeDetection central." http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
Rye-Glinn ran over to the terminal and began searching through files excitedly:
Here it is!!! I should have known BGTR would have thought of this!!
Pulling up the file:
It says the two ships went to a system... Bla, bla,bla... Here!
They Tubed in between two neighboring planets:
Named Demetria and Clemetria!!!
Turning to Frax:
Alright! We've got what we came for! Let's go!!!
Running past the mech, he paused to say something to the Negation officer, but didn't really know what to say.
... Ummm... Thanks. ... And ummm... Sorry about the mess. http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
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Posted by Fraxlyr Mon (Member #1063) on Tue May 18, 2004 4:32 am
And with that, Frax teleported Rye-Glinn and the robots back to the Cataclysm and prepared to set out into space once more....

(( Nes, as i don't know what you have planned for the dynamic duo, go ahead and have the ship land any old where you want it.))

Posted by Nestl (Member #99) on Tue May 18, 2004 9:55 am
((I pmed you a bit on the basics. http://archive2.rpgtools.us/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif ))
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