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07-02-2004, 11:25 PM
Once again, let the Journals begin...

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07-07-2004, 08:36 PM
*Widgit's primary intellect core*
*mnemonic submatrix designation: journal*
*file# A-773-89-46*

*Soon after teleporting Qwaring back to his hidden lair I recorded some odd behavior from him. It was during the planning of the construction of a new Boomtube generator for Planet M that this suspicious behavior surfaced. He was in the middle of devising a non evasive means of tapping the planet's own energy stores in order to power the generators space-time targetting systems when he began to dwell on recent issues that have arrisen since his recent "disassembling". Elysia is under attack by the Negation, which leaves the fate of the First undecided, but Qwaring considers this to be an opportunity to aquire more power as soon as the conflict is concluded. Baron Banter, Qwaring's twin brother, had his role as monarch of Planet M usurped by the planet itself, which Qwaring veiws as a loss in his families power base. Then Quaxo, Baron Banter's daughter and Qwaring's neice, and Law, Qwaring's mother, were abducted during, what appears to be, two seperate incedents. And lastly it appears as if someone had altered the timeline and erased a First named Jas from existence. I know from firsthand experience that alterations to the timeline can have disasterous results to the entire universe. All of these problems appeared to weigh heavily on Qwaring's mind.
The following is the telepathic dialogue between Qwaring and myself shortly before and during his odd outbust: *

Qwaring: Purhaps if we used a geothermal power conductor on the generator. That could prove to be less noticable by Planet M's consciousness. No! That would be too slow. Dammit!

Is there something wrong?

No, nothing. Yes. I mean. Everything that's been happening-
I'm having my doubts about the Elysain war. Maybe if I helped-

You could mobilize a fleet of automated warships to aid the First. And your ability to look into the Negation universe could-

No! If I wait I can assume control over Elysia from the victor of this war. The winner, whether it's Negation or First will be weakened from the conflict and easy to defeat. I can easily- Fall into the old trappings of megalomania. I wasn't happy conquering the dozens of alternate Earths during my interdimensional wandering days, so what makes me think I'll be happy ruling another planet.

What was that? Your thoughts sounded different.

But what's the point worrying about Elysia when the timeline is being manipulated by others. All of my work can easily be erased. Those fools! I should build my own time machine and erase the whole lot of them! Proactive vengence. Or-
No! No. Time travel isn't going to work. Maybe I should try to help Shae'la find who's responcible. And kill them all!!!


*Qwaring rose up from his workstation and staggered through the laboritory. He seemed somewhat disorientated. He stopped before a large bank of quantum accelerators and turned to face me.*

Widgit? Status of your duplicates? Please give me good news.


I'm sorry. I have been unable to locate Law or Quaxo. No good news. Yet.

I need to find my mother. And make her abductor pay for his crimes against me... and my family. Maybe I should be out there searching for her myself. The Planet M Boomtube generator can wait. Planet M can blow up for all I care! No! The Firsts will need Boomtubes- You'll control the generator. Stop! But you have to find your mother. She'll need help. I can't-! Vengence must be fullfilled. Stop this!

Qwaring? You don't look well.

*Qwaring had begun to clutch the sides of his head and lean against some machinery for support. His eyes were clamped shut. He looked to be in pain, but I detected no physical injuries.*

You can use the Boomtubes to- You swore not to! -to deliver- It is a scheme worthy of your maker. I won't! -deliver the global- This is insane! -the global antimatter bombs- no. -bombs- yesss - bombs you have hidden and destroy worlds by the thousands!
Get out of my head!!!

*It was at this point that Qwaring released a surge of universal energy that he directed outword in a destruction shockwave. Most of the laboritory was left in ruins. Qwaring then collapsed to the floor. I was momentarily stunned by the psychic backlash released during Qwaring's outburst. He laid on the floor for several minutes and concentrated on restoring order to his chaotic mind. I busied myself with a complete scan of the psionic plane. The source of those mental voices was definately Qwaring. It took him nearly an hour to stabalize himself and return to his work. He kept his mind preoccupied on his work, which seemed to ward off any further odd behavior.
It wasn't until recently that I came up with a possible explanaition of Qwaring's sudden breakdown. His mind and body are made up of several very different components. He is the soul of the dead Secundae, Xalidus. His body is an energy construct that was created by the power ring that is imbedded within his cerebral cortex. He's charged with a vast amount of what can be described as "First energy". His mind also has certain peices of the mental programming that his energy body was built with. All of these parts are vastly different than the others. Could it be that Qwaring's mental components are incompatible. Could he be-



I will continue to observe Qwaring's behavior and assist him to the best of my ability. But if his recent instability is the symptom of a far greater problem I do not know what I will be able to do.*

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(( :eh: Whoa. Nice entry.))

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((Allow me to echo - Whoa. :eh: Nice entry indeed - now I have two insane uncles. :roll:))

Qwaring's clone#1
07-08-2004, 08:37 AM
I'm not insane. :rolleyes: My deal is written right under my name. :cool1:

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((I guess I just need to learn how to dig it. *"Saturday in the Park" starts playing in head*))

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((Wow, Q! That was such a nice entry. Finally Qwaring is breaking apart? I'm really looking forward to these developments. Looks like this multiple disorder personality will cause him a lot of trouble.))

Lawbringer QLNZ
07-08-2004, 02:56 PM
((Wow, Q! That was such a nice entry. Finally Qwaring is breaking apart? I'm really looking forward to these developments. Looks like this multiple disorder personality will cause him a lot of trouble.))
((What do you mean by "finally"? You were expecting this? I wasn't. I only came up with this a few minutes before I wrote it. I only made him insane because I got bored and I didn't like the direction I had going for the character.))

07-08-2004, 09:08 PM
((Well, I said "finally" as in "he had been always so cool about everything, that one day or another, he just had to show a crack somewhere" ;) ))

07-30-2004, 01:41 PM
I purchased this in hopes of using it to deal with my pain but no type of therapy can make this go away. Nothing can change what has happened and no one can help me sleep without reliving my horror again and again. They were only on the planet for about an hour but that hour is turning into millennium for me and every moment lasts a lifetime. And it seems fate is not done with me. He took everything, my home my mother, and my innocence and now I learn I will not only have to bear these scars for the rest of my life but that I will also bear his child. I despise this thing growing inside me and it is becoming the embodiment of all that has happened, of all the ills done upon me. Yet I cannot cast it out. My father is a mystery to me. He either never claimed me or never knew. I cannot do as he did and abandon this child, no matter the fact that I will never see its face without seeing his. I slew the men that were with him and they're blood will forever stain my hands. No matter the curcumstances I can't do that to a child and so I will bear the son or daughter of Emperor Charon. I bear the child of a murder most importantly by mothers murderer. I cannot belive I'm about to do this.

07-30-2004, 06:05 PM
Minity sets up an Orb to record her speach...but then looks at a mirror, and begins playing with her hair and examinig her body...

Mirror, Mirror, who is the fairest...

and when the Mirror does not answer, fire begins to blaze around Minity...


Minity then punches the mirror and watches it shatter...she then sits on a chair and looks directly at the orb...

Immortality is a curse...not a gift!

the orb then stops as Minity stares into space...

08-30-2004, 12:01 PM
((Ayrn, now that was a real nice entry. For some reason, I forgot to check out this thread. :blink: Anyway, now your character is bearing Charon's child? :shocked: Awesome!))

((Minity's entry was grrrrrrrrreat. Very in character if you ask me ;). Real fun!))

09-18-2004, 03:50 PM
From the encrypted diary of Sadeh,
Azure Sunder, September 18, 5004 A.A. (After Altwaal)

When I first met Adam at Scion the Moon, I never expected he could be so useful. *He comes from the future, from a time when United Elysia has been all the First have ever known. *He’s in some kind of research in our time and he’s gathering information from Sinister and Dexter alike. *He wanted to know our ways, good for him he found me. *

At first I was a little reluctant of helping him. *Considering he took me into his ship without consent and all, but as frustrated as I was because all the time I spent taming QLNZ went to waste when he lost the Route 666 Orb, Adam proved being a beacon of hope. *He told me that QLNZ could still lead me to an even bigger source of power, a supposed Talisman that goes by the same name than the Orb. *It can’t be a coincidence that they share the same name… *the Talisman will be mine.

For years I stayed away from Elysia, I had to deal with my life first… *but now things are changing. *There’s a new Elysia united under one rule. *I heard Millenium was assigned as the leader, good. *A little stability will be good for my plans. *They will be caught off guard.

I still cherish the time I kept pulling Orium’s and Ingra’s strings. *When Orium got insane I left. *Things finally went my way, but it wouldn’t be safe for me to stay at Elysia at the moment. *Ever since, I’ve been keeping track of things. *Ingra handled things beautifully and it gave me more information and resources than she ever expected, I saw the rise of Meteoro in power, the coup forced by BigGator5, the united rule of Lord Mattson and Baron Banter, and now, the impending stability of Elysia under Millenium’s might.

It still amazes me how easy it was to get back. *Meteoro had recently become the Minister of Education and founded his Sinister School for the Selfish Arts. *As conceited as he’s always been, he left after one of his unpredictable affairs leaving the School for the taking. *It was perfect when he got lost at the Ministry of Transportation, because I came back to Elysia and walked into the School claiming Meteoro handed me the job. *Fouls! *Everyone accepted me, when Meteoro would have never given me that spot.

Now, things are once again going my way. *First I’ll get the Route 666 Talisman, then I’ll get my political contacts back. *The First is not a race to remain peaceful, this could mean the end of our kind and that’s why we need war. *During war we’re creative, productive and only the strongest survive. *All I need is a full scale war with Planet M against Eden, the Saber Vortex against Kontiltan II, the Matrix Quadrant against Planet Tigers, Tebryna against Chance’s World, Kelesar against Kobalty. *Every planet against the other in a war so big that not even Atwaal would be able to stop.

Then, the First will be cleansed.

10-02-2004, 06:52 PM
--Deep within Night's Castle a lone shadow detaches itself from the darkness and drifts towards a bare wall. Its dark twisted hand moved towards the stone and as it did so the index finger lengthened and sharpened. It rested there for a moment and them began scratching words into the wall in spidery writing.--

This visit from my Father has angered me more than i have been in a long long time. Citing his failings as though it is ment to mean something to me... what does he expect of me? To be the grateful son, pleased to finally be thrown a scrap of caring. He will have to do alot better... but maybe nothing can fix this scar.

Anger is an interesting emotion. Your mind becomes focused and it give way to dark creativity... dark ideas.

The shadows have taken me once more, my mind cast adrift. Unable to bring myself back to my Godly form... i often use to think it was simple insanity... however i feel it is something more.

My Shadows, the twisted deformed creature whisper to me while i am in this state of... catatonia. I didn't hear them but now with my mind focused i understand... i see what they see... i hear what they hear. My mind fragments under the weight of it...

They tell me of a God called Charon... the leader of the Negation whom my people have recently fought. His lawbringers... they are almost as powerful as us... i can... SEE their making. The shadows where there... they remember it.

I cannot help but compare. This is what my shadows are... they are me. Charon cast out his dark emotions and his insanity... gave them flesh. This is what my shadows are... my thoughts... my feelings. Once i thought they were living creatures come to share my solitude... my loneliness. They aren't... i am alone... and have always been so it seems. Mist and Shade are different they have a soul... these things do not. The things they tell me... the things they think are simply my own reflected back to me... all the dark thoughts and dreams of my own. These creatures are and extension of me... my powers.

A wonder if i had chosen the Light would i be followed about by Moonbeams and Rainbows.... ha! it doesnt bear thinking about!

Although another line of my sanity has now snapped... they seem to still retain their uses.

The shadows throughout the Universe read, watch, and listen. They record it all and it is there... there for me to take! Every dirty little secret... every dark deed... every unheard scream... all there for me to hear and see. Information is power... and it seems i have it in abundance... i just never realised it. This is how things come to me... information that i should not have known... my mind reaches throughout the worlds and their past. The potential for this new revelation is simply... delicious.

At the moment i can "feel" one of the shadows scrawling this on a wall of my Castle... a new aspect of myself has been born and my thoughts have caused it to begin a journal of sorts... most intriguing... i will leave it to archive and lose myself to the ever reaching shadows...

This... is ... wonderful...

10-02-2004, 07:57 PM
Wind blows through the massive cathedral window that faces the west. The sun is setting. Another day ends. Pages of an open book flutter with the tickle of the wind upon its aging parchment. A single white feather marks an entry. It reads:

Beloved Neo,

The nights have long grown cold without your presence by my side. The empty bed beside the desk where I write in this old fashioned way of sorts remains just that: empty. I no longer require sleep and now have only memories to recall our lifetimes together. Not even the softness of the bedsheets radiates with your essence, which has long been missing from my life. Can simple words be enough to describe the emptiness that I feel without you?

Things are changing. The worlds we knew are taken from us, and not that which we once knew. Everything is strange, different. I find myself falling deeper into the same shadows that took my grandson's sanity. The First grow idle and even they are lost to me. I have been to the barriers of death and creation and have been given a new chance at life, but to what end? Where do the means for life -my life- come into play in this universe of power and greed. I am the Angel of Life, Overseer of Creation and my purpose is not to be a tool of these vile acts, but to protect those who make them. I find myself with new memories, from the beginning of time that I cannot ever hope to write in this book or in any thousand books. There are things beyond what the First know... and I am the keeper of it all. Every life, every creation, every soul brought into being was at my witness. Millions upon millions upon millions of lives. And yet in all the creation of all the universes I find myself lacking to find the one essence of life that I seek to find more than any other.

Why do you allude me so?

I cannot keep searching. I have gone to the ends of the universes, between the barriers of life and death and still I find nothing.


Our time as the leaders of this universe are coming to a close. There are forces beyond any fathomable length of evil an darkness which haunt the doorsteps of all living beings. I seek only to protect my family. The daughter you left me to bear alone grows more powerful everyday. I look into her future and see darkness. I cannot bear to lose another.

Our line ends with Cao.

I am planning things I had never dreamt of doing, but when an immortal dies, it makes them realize just how vulnerable a thing life is. I will do anything to keep the darkness from claiming another of my own.


I cannot wait for you, Neo. I cannot continue to look back if there is any hope for me to save our daughter. The others are gone. Mattson is grown, wedded now, and my presence grows redundant and worn to him. I cannot stand where he must reign. I have lost my place among the society of the First and because of that I must leave. I will disappear from them all for one... last... time... and this time I bring our daughter with me.

There are things I cannot write here, for the pain that their confusion causes me is still too great. There is only one torture greater than this unmentionable. Forgive me, my love, but your absence brings me only anguish... and I cannot bear it upon a lonely heart anymore. I can no longer wait. Knowing that even in death I will be alone haunts me and no matter where I flee, what life I take, there will always be you. I cannot bring myself to rid my heart of the hope, the dire naive hope, that you may one day return to what is broken and lost without you.

We have made promises to each other, but I cannot hold my end of them when the past continually falls behind the present.

I'm sorry, Neo... my King, my Love. None can ever replace you, my First and True, but in a time when love is supposed to hold fast and keep us alive, ours served no greater purpose than to give me death. And it is death that I now find my heart wedded to.

An Angel of Life falling for an Angel of Death. Could I ever feel more lonely as I do now?

10-03-2004, 01:43 PM
(( :cry: :cry: Oh, Steph, your writing is as touching as ever. *And bringing back the memories of Neo play both in the In Character and Personal levels. * He is deeply missed, both his character and the one behind the writing hand. *Of course, the way you wrote about him is a real homage. *:clap: *I really hope you’re not planning on leaving us ;), that it is only a stage in your character development. *Anyway, congrats on this entry, it reads wonderfully.))

((Night, Night, Night, your post is great, too. *I love the way you’ve been handling your character, I’ve told you so in IM and now I do it in this thread. *:thumleft: *It’s very nice the way your character comes to terms with the idea of his awareness. *As you *mentioned in your post, knowledge is power, and getting a hold of so much knowledge, will make your character quite a strong one! *Kudos, mah man!!! *;) ))

10-03-2004, 03:35 PM
All I need is a full scale war with Planet M against Eden, the Saber Vortex against Kontiltan II, the Matrix Quadrant against Planet Tigers, Tebryna against Chance’s World, Kelesar against Kobalty. Every planet against the other in a war so big that not even Atwaal would be able to stop.
This sounds interesting.

10-03-2004, 05:02 PM
(( *Take's Night's hand in hers and bows* I owe it all to Night. He put me in a good journal-posting mood with his entry. Well done, mate. ))

10-03-2004, 05:05 PM
(( *Take's Night's hand in hers and bows* I owe it all to Night. He put me in a good journal-posting mood with his entry. Well done, mate. ))

((*Takes a bow with Steph* lol thanks, but Steph's totally blew mine out of tha water! But she lets me rant my ideas to her so she helped me out loads with my post too! Kick butt Steph!))

10-03-2004, 05:23 PM
All I need is a full scale war with Planet M against Eden, the Saber Vortex against Kontiltan II, the Matrix Quadrant against Planet Tigers, Tebryna against Chance’s World, Kelesar against Kobalty. Every planet against the other in a war so big that not even Atwaal would be able to stop.
This sounds interesting.

((Well, after trying several times to kill Sadeh, looks like I finally found a motivation for her character :whaat: ))

10-03-2004, 05:48 PM
((I feel sorry for Eden. Fighting in a war with Planet M is never an easy thing to do. I should know because I've tried it twice. ;) ))

10-03-2004, 06:49 PM
All I need is a full scale war with Planet M against Eden, the Saber Vortex against Kontiltan II, the Matrix Quadrant against Planet Tigers, Tebryna against Chances World, Kelesar against Kobalty. Every planet against the other in a war so big that not even Atwaal would be able to stop.
This sounds interesting.

((Well, after trying several times to kill Sadeh, looks like I finally found a motivation for her character :whaat: ))


Matrix Quadrant against Planet Tigers?!!! *:shocked:
And what makes you think my I'll have this? :evil:
HA! I'm an Atlantean, I'll just move! *:smirk: *:razz: *:innocent: *:rofl:

10-03-2004, 07:19 PM
Well, that's what she wants. *:whaat: *I'm not saying she will accomplish her task. *:oops:

8) M 8)

10-03-2004, 07:20 PM
((It might be me... but i think Night and Sadeh should meet))

10-03-2004, 07:52 PM
((You're soooooooooooo right. *:twisted: ))

10-03-2004, 08:59 PM
*BigGator5 sat at his desk and begain to write into his infinite scoll...*

Well, I am back. However for me, it's only been a few days. One day, I'm the leader of House Sinister and the next, I'm a Lawbringer (at lest that's what I'm told). I do not know what has happen to Magin, who was with me. I think she may be dead, so be it. Magin was a pain in the **beep** anyway.

Shortly after I "came out" from whatever happen to me, I found out my wife is in a coma and my Half-Blood son has come to Elysia. My first impulse was to save him from getting killed by another First, but now I want him dead. He's too angry, always has been. I blame myself for not killing him when he was born.

Anyway, I am now the "Council of War" for the united First. I hope to take full advantage of the council seat and use it against my Grandson, Lord Mattson. My Half-Blood son, SG, is also with hm.

When I went to the old Sinister Palace to set up shop, I came across TIE (who had been relished from The Rift) and he wanted to kill me to help his sons escape from their stone horses. Luckly, his daughter was out already and I took her hostage. I took no joy from it, but it was either that or face a being that could not die. There is no fear in TIE.

Theta is now chained up on my bed and under the influence of a sleep spell. She will be safe here, for now. Well, I have to return now. I need to go and plot the take over the Matrix Quadrant, and the death of Mattson and SG. It doesn't matter that they are my flesh and blood, but my survival is paramount. I will just create a new family line and teach them some sense of loyalty into them.

May the will of Altwaal lead me to victory.

*Putting the pen down, Gator cracked his knuckles and looked at the door that lead to his bed chamber. Taking a long pull from a nearby bottle of Elysia Wine, Gator put the bottle down and headed for the door...*

10-03-2004, 09:22 PM
All I need is a full scale war with [snip] the Saber Vortex against Kontiltan II-

((OOC: Actully, I like that idea! M, PM me on what you are thinking.))

10-04-2004, 01:49 AM
I, who was once human, write this not knowing if it will ever be read by anyone other than myself. On my third day in this establishment, I am still unable even to describe where I am. These people, this building, this land, this World I find myself stranded on; all are utterly beyond my comprehension. This paper and pencil I have found in my allotted place of rest are strange to the touch. And for all that I have found friendship in the unlikeliest places, I cannot understand the way these people think.

Take Rupert, for example. He claims to be dead, and in form is as insubstantial as a cloud. But his speech can be heard even by the dullest of mortal ears, and in character he is far removed from the vengeful spirits of which old stories tell. Varis appears nothing more than a soldier, but his surviving a fall from a great height with little more than bruising indicates that he is much more. Grimlock... on the day of my arrival, a mere child; yesterday apparently of an age with myself: what age will she appear to be today?

Laura alone of all those I have met seems a real person, such as I once was. But even she is something greater and deeper than I can fathom. She speaks, equal to equal, with beings of power, the likes of which I have never met. Here they are called Gods, or First. They are so far beyond my understanding that any names I could give them, any words I could use to describe them, would be as pale shadows compared with their essences. But I must try. There are Lady Fan and Lord Prime, the great warriors, who have taken it upon themselves to train Laura in the use of weapons. There is Lord Litke, of unimaginable justice and wisdom.

But most powerful of them all is the Angel of Life. She has been the bearer of tidings which could either save me, or destroy me utterly. I had believed that I was still myself, cursed to share my being with a monster. I was wrong; catastrophically so. I am the monster. I hoped to become myself again. That hope is as dead and cold as the stones in the walls that surround me. The person I was is... gone. I only have his memories now - and, also, the memories of the monster I now am.

If, later, anyone finds this note, I would be most grateful if they could keep it safe, perhaps place it in a museum, a library, a place of learning, for this may be the only record ever kept that what became a monster was once a man. Please just remember this when stories are told of my evil.

My curse will strike me again tonight. I cannot escape it, cannot even hope any more to do so. I can only hope to mitigate its effects, and in my own stupidity I may have denied myself even that small chance.

I have only the daylight hours of this day to discover what I have truly become. If I cannot, tonight I must die.

I am terribly afraid.

10-04-2004, 12:37 PM
((AWESOME POST DAVE!!! *:clap: *And not just because you sang my character praise. I love your post.))

10-04-2004, 09:18 PM
((Real nice post, Dave! *The humanity in your character is just so in there! *Congrats!!! *:clap: :clap: :clap: --sorry, just wanted to clap a little more than Sil :P ))

((Gator, nice entry as well. *Looks like Gator is determined this time to set things right for him. *Cool! *:thumleft: *As for what’s planning Sadeh, you shouldn’t look further than this thread (http://www.cbreview.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=26645#26645). *;) ))

8) M 8)

10-04-2004, 11:55 PM
:oops: *eeeek! *:oops: *Thanks for the comments, M and Sil'... I hope I'm managing to keep a bit of a balance with Eldon's character. I don't want what he's going through to have any easy solutions - I want this to be a pivotal moment for his character, something that changes him forever - but I don't want everything to be all doom and gloom either.

(And I'm still surprised I've managed to keep my sense of humour reined in... *:twisted: *)

10-05-2004, 05:25 AM
((I feel sorry for Eden. Fighting in a war with Planet M is never an easy thing to do. I should know because I've tried it twice. ;) ))

((Dude, you are SO not the only one feeling sorry for Eden. :shock: ))

Jason Sanborn
10-05-2004, 09:03 AM
((Maybe Tebryna could come to Eden's aid. Well since that only means the addition of Jas, Quaxo, and Adult Shae'la, I don't know how much aid that would be, but for what it's worth. :whaat:))

10-08-2004, 02:08 PM
Wind blows through the massive cathedral window that faces the west. The sun is setting. Another day ends. Pages of an open book flutter with the tickle of the wind upon its aging parchment. A single white feather marks an entry. It reads:

I cannot be consoled... for the depth of grief I feel is beyond any hope of consolation.

I leave the world with these last words.

Pages flutter and with a thick, dusty THUD the book falls closed. A feather marks the last entry. Dust catches the light of the western sun and falls to the ground... like every hope in the world falling to despair with no more wind stirs their flight.

10-08-2004, 03:47 PM
(( :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: Please tell me the Silent Angel is not leaving for good. :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: :newshock: ))

Random Character
10-08-2004, 03:47 PM
(I wouldn't put money on it.)

Dragon's Fang
10-08-2004, 03:56 PM
(Please tell me the Silent Angel is not leaving for good.)

((OOC: It will not be the first time...))

10-08-2004, 03:59 PM
((Well, well, well. *Maybe she's giving Sil a little rest and will continue the legacy with Cao. *Am I right? :mrgreen: ))

10-08-2004, 04:36 PM
(Please tell me the Silent Angel is not leaving for good.)

((OOC: It will not be the first time...))

((... if Sil EVER left for good... then WHY, dear Gator, am I still here?))

Dragon's Fang
10-08-2004, 04:41 PM
((OOC: It will not be the frist time you have done this. ;) ))

10-08-2004, 06:51 PM
(Please tell me the Silent Angel is not leaving for good.)

((OOC: It will not be the first time...))

((... if Sil EVER left for good... then WHY, dear Gator, am I still here?))

((Well, you're here, that's good enough for me. *;) ))

10-10-2004, 08:57 PM
From the Burning Pages of Meteoro’s Journal
Elysia, October 10, 5004 AA (After Altwaal)

Should an entry to a diary have a title? *Maybe not, but since this is an unusual chapter in my life, I will write down what I call

The Side-Verse: *Meteoro’s Return

My memory is still frail from everything that happened to me and there are some gaps that I’m still fighting to recover. *It feels like a life ago since I last walked amongst the First. *In fact, it was a life ago.

I remember returning from Tebryna with a very badly wounded Jas. *I remember Brynhild was with us, my beloved would go to the end of the world if I asked her so. *I also remember Quaxo, being deadly worried about her husband, but anything besides that becomes hazy. *We were at Qwaring’s Ministry of Transport. *I remember being taken over by overwhelming rage. *The Ministry was in ruins and I stepped onto something, or I broke something, I can’t remember all too well, the thing is that my Boom Tube exploded in a yellow “BOOM” that I never felt before and then I was no more.

How much pain I must have caused to Brynhild… *My poor girl had lost me for a second time.

I disappeared from Elysia, from the universe, I was stranded into a place that was no place. *Absolute emptiness surrounded me and that was my perdition. *At the moment I thought of that no place as the Side-Verse and the name stuck… *That no place was exactly that, no matter at all, just an overwhelming nothingness… *I’m not a scientist and I never claimed to be one, but the best I can figure what happened is that matter and no matter can’t coexist and that’s how I got sucked dry of all of my First energies, only my immortality was left. *There was a Big Bang and matter was created at my expenses. *New worlds floated around and I fell into one of them, trapped in its gravitational field. *I fell and was broken, trapped in a dry world that had just been created, away from everything I held dear, totally alone for the first time. *Deprived of Brynhild’s embrace, of Lestat’s hatred, of Nestl’s caring, of Tiger’s wisdom, even of the memory of Neo Avatar, my long lost friend. *There I was, all alone. *I can’t remember how long it took me to recover, but I do remember the pain. *Then, I walked through that world. *Absolute loneliness as I’ve never experienced before. *Time passed and years were followed by millennia, one after the other meaning nothing to me. *

Then, madness took hold of me. *My mind couldn’t handle so much loneliness, so much time, so much misery. *My psyche broke and memories fade. *There was no more Elysia, no more Bryn, no more nothing. *I guess I just couldn’t handle having lost so much and that’s how my memory got wiped clean.

Without direction, I saw life burst out of nothingness in the shape of meaningless amoeba. *Long ago I was a proud God, no one made clones as I did, but now, I created life unwillingly at the price of my Godhood and I just couldn’t understand what was going on.

I grew bored as time kept going, animals roamed the world and finally those despicable humans! *How could they result out of my powers? *I had loathed them for so long and now they were the result of my biggest and most miserable time. *I had no memory of my hatred for them, but I build it anew.

I retreated. *Went into a small cliff and made a house away from everyone. *

Time was nothing to me. *My skin rot but I was all too alive. *I lived forever and the humans noticed. *They revered me like a God, but all I wanted was for them to leave me alone. *Somehow they managed to respect my wishes, but every now and then, a foul human ran before me asking for favors I could no longer grant. *I hated them more than ever.

Civilization grew and the conquest of space began. *I knew I wanted out of the world, but not to go to another world, I needed to go somewhere else. *I couldn’t put my mind together, but some humans managed to understand what I wanted and included me in a strange project that was supposed to send me away. *It was headed by a woman called Diana Hunter. *How I loathed her! *But she did manage to lead me into the right direction. *Little did I know that Brynhild had finally found a way into the Side-Verse and had taken the body of this Diana Hunter to help me out of this world without damaging even further my mind. *The project was almost ready and turmoil was starting to grow. *The scientists had already discovered that I was at the center of their Big Bang, that in fact, I could be their beloved God. *I wouldn’t have that, not anymore! *That’s when I got the visit of the most stranger creatures. *Led by the Aqua-Pup, a blue dog made of water and ten other people as strange as it was, came to me and called me Nestl. *I couldn’t understand *what was going on, but they offered to take me away from the Side-Verse and I accepted.

We left the scientist compound in chaos, but I couldn’t care less. *Along with these eleven visitors, Diana and I left the Side-Verse and returned to Elysia. *Sadly, my mind was still lost…

But Brynhild managed to bring memories back to me. *She showed me the golden shackle that was the symbol of our union and little by little pieces of my long lost past came to me. *I couldn’t believe she risked everything to get me back, but thankfully, things turned out right in the end. *

The other visitors: *Aqua-Pup, the Super-Nes, the N-Gage and the Farmers were somewhat disappointed that I wasn’t Nestl. *They left as soon as they found out. *Too bad for them since Nestl himself reappeared right next to us, claiming that he had been searching for me for the last 4 years at the Side-Verse. *A better friend I couldn’t have.

Now, memories are flowing back into my mind and I wonder if I’ll ever be the same. *I want my powers back, but not even my Boom Tube is working anymore. *It got wasted after a couple of eons at the Side-Verse. *That’s when I remembered about the Red Book of Secrets and we’re going after it. *It might contain something that would be able to make me as I should be: *the God of Falling Rocks. *Later we would be going to Planet M to recharge my Boom Tube.

Too much has happened, but I’m finally back. *Brynhild is by my side and Nestl is helping me out. *Things are finally going my way.

10-11-2004, 10:07 AM
((Cool post, M. Interesting story.))

10-11-2004, 10:55 AM
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((Thanks, Mil. *It took a lot of planning and waiting for some other characters to align into the right direction. *Can't believe Meteoro was away since February! *:shocked: *Thanks to Tigs and Nestl for their great imput. *Also to Jas, who originally was going to play one of the characters at the Side-Verse. *And even to Facade who also got a hand on things ;) ))

10-14-2004, 09:12 PM
From the Journal of Alexis

I watch from afar as Millenium begins to rebuild Elysia with a United First. I can not deny my feelings that I feel so far from them. I stand aloof from both the ones I believed to be my people and the ones that truly are.
I feel alone. I could easily feel sorry for myself and dwell in self pity, but what good has that served anyone. I have made my choice, but there are times that despair threaten to take hold. If it were not for my dear William and Shrike I would not feel whole. If it were not for my family, I would have no more ties to the First. Though they love me as if I were truly their blood, I will forever have that lost connection. If it were not for Charis and Iona, I would not even know my own people.
I laugh at how my life has changed, how I have changed. I have begun to build my life anew on the planet that I have created. The creatures that have been given life from the spark of my touch have now become as much my family as my true family. I have come to enjoy being there more than anywhere else. I have also begun to become comfortable in the role of peacemaker. It is a change from my warrior ways, a path that I find much harder.
I am still learning about my gifts and about my Atlantean heritage. The time is coming when I will go to visit Capricia. I am both nervous and excited. She has since had her child and is busy rebuiding Atlantis on Earth, my home. It still sounds alien on my lips, but I am anxious to take Shrike back with me.
It is where my thoughts now travel, my little mischief maker. It is time to remove the essence of Charis and allow the two to be complete. Can one love a child as much as I love her? Yes, I have seen it in my adoptive father's eyes, Meteoro. For all his Sinisterness, he can not hide his adoration and love for me. I leave my written thoughts with family. It is what makes my world go round and drives me.

10-14-2004, 09:47 PM
(( Awwwwwwwwww!!!! *A father couldn’t be prouder!!!! *:wub: :wub: :wub: ))

10-15-2004, 10:55 AM
Musings from the Lord Imperial
Entry Date: 20041015:13:48:45

Plans progress according to the vision.

The Council. *They have been annointed with old and new blood for the betterment of the universe to which I now claim ownership. *Members who stand ready to shoulder the various responsibilities given to them. *I've fashioned an eclectic group, if I do say so myself. *And the 10th member has just accepted his position as my new Council of Innovative Solutions. *I look forward to the first council meeting where they will interact with each other in one room for the first time. *I anticipate an explosive meeting.

Lawbringer NYXZ. *My covert operative in the field is performing according to plan as well, testing and determining several of the Firsts. *His first report proved quite interesting and I look forward to hearing more from him. *For the merest of moments I questioned my sanity when I constructed this mission. *But that moment was fleeting as I reassured myself of it's importance to our survival.

Family. *This is where I admit some failing. *My new royalty has taken much of my time and has left very little for my loved ones. *I've spent little time with the toddler twins and no time at all with the adult twins. *It is regrettable and weighs on my heart. *My heart, Altwaal bless her, seems to understand but how long will this last? *What's worse, I see no end to these responsibilities for they flood me relentlessly. *Perhaps when the council is fully active, I might take some time to reconnect with them. A leader can always hope....


End Entry

Scion the Nun
10-15-2004, 01:49 PM
((Hmmmmm... *a troubled leader... *Nice entry, Mil. *:thumleft: ))

Honor's Angel
10-15-2004, 03:40 PM
((Good entry, but Angel is really going to be mad when she finds out you sent the lawbringer after her.))

From the Empress of Eden.
10/15/04 AA

I feel so alone. My husband is so busy that I don't feel like I even know him anymore. It seems all I have are the girls. Mil became Leader of the First, although I understand it would take him away from us, I hate it. Me, a woman who is supposed to be Dexter. Right now I feel selfish. I love him. We have been through so much together, is it too much to ask to want my husband by my side? I hadn't seen him since the War, then the whole mess with Legna happened. Finally Mil came, rescued me. I barely had my own body back before he disappeared again. He said he was dead? What does that mean? So much happened to him since he left for Elysia to battle Negation. Maybe I should have went, but I had to make sure our daughters were safe. Danae and Pixie, my beautiful little girls. It upsets them that Mil isn't home. It breaks my heart when they ask why he is too busy for us anymore. What can I tell them? Their only 5, they won't understand. Then the older twins, I wonder how much Mil knows about them. He never sees them. Does he know about Adam and Danae? Does he know what Pixie is doing? It hurts me that he isn't home. But I won't tell him that. I can't be selfish. I'm his wife, I have to support him no matter how much it hurts me that is away from us. The people who love him more than anything. I thought when I got married we would be like my parents. They have such a good relationship. For a wonderful time it was, now...Sometimes I wish I could just go home to the Saber Vortex. Eden doesn't seem like my home with out Mil with me. But what will people think then? Besides I might not even be Empress anymore, I killed another Empress. That's forbidden. That scared me that I could feel so much hate. I never killed anyone before. But who can I tell, I want to see Mil and talk to him. He would make me feel better, but he went off again. He's always gone now. Sometimes I really wish I could just be a kid again and only worry about my parents letting me have some toy. But I'm an adult. I know Mom and Dad would let me and the girls come and stay with them, but what would they think if I did that? I'm so confused what to do. Maybe I should go to the Saber Vortex so I can think.

Of course I can't get. This Lawbringer NYXZ came. He wants to test me. Why? Who sent him?

10-15-2004, 03:53 PM
((Great entry Susan. Now you know Angel and the girls are always welcome at the Saber Vortex. ;) ))

Honor's Angel
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((Thanks. Now if things go a certain way, I might take you up on that.))

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((Trouble in paradise... *in Eden, I mean, uh? *Things are really going to turn ugly for Mil. *Beautiful post, HA, I like the direction your character is taking. *She's growing more human everytime. *:thumleft: ))

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((I think Honor's Angel and Scion the Nun should meet. *They haven't really had the chance to have a talk or to spend time together and I think they would connect quite easily given both girl's history.))

Honor's Angel
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((I think that is a great idea M.))

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((When I return from my little vacations, we can contact each other and plan a meeting. *:thumleft:))

Honor's Angel
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((Sounds good to me. :) ))

10-15-2004, 07:37 PM
From the Diaries of Princess Cao
11th Century of the Goddess of Life

Something happened with Mama again today. She looked really pale and groggy, like she just woke up from a nap. I hope she's not sick... Master Aramil said she wasn't, but she's sad a lot. Master Aramil also said that she's haunted by ghosts of the past. I don't understand. Aren't all ghosts from the past? Papa's ghost wouldn't haunt her... Papa loved Mama. Mama said many people died in the war that Papa was killed in, but they wouldn't haunt her either. She's a good Queen.

I hope Mama feels better and that the ghosts leave her alone. Maybe Master Aramil can use his magic to make them go away. He's the only one who has magic on Ardea. He comes from far away, so maybe there are other people with magic. Maybe I can learn magic! I'd be a great Queen someday if I had magic.

Mama's coming to tuck me in soon. She says my handwriting is pretty. All Queens have pretty handwriting. Ganard is going to bring me to the stables tomorrow. I get to start riding my very own horse! I bet she's fast. Maybe Mama and I can ride together tomorrow. That would be lots of fun! I hope Mama feels well enough to go...

11-03-2004, 03:29 PM
From the Diaries of Princess Cao
11th Century of the Goddess of Life

Papa once told me, when I was really little, that dreams can't hurt us and that nightmares are like a play made out of our fears. I thought I understood what he meant... but I don't know now.

I had another dream again... one of the dreams that make me want to forget who I am and go someplace else. I don't know the name of this place... but... it feels like Ardea does, like home. I've never been outside Diorna (mine and Mama's kingdom). How can another place be home if you've never been there? I don't understand.

These dreams scare me. I feel like I'm holding onto a mountain while peeking over the edge. All the time. What if I fall in my dream? Do I still wake up in my bed when the sun rises? Mama always says that they're just dreams and don't mean anything. But they're so real! I try to tell her about them, but she always has a lot of work to do and sends me away. Mama always looks so sad. I wish Papa were here so he could make her happy again.

Scion the Nun
05-03-2005, 09:43 AM
From Scion the Nuns DreamLog
Scion the Moon, May 3, 5005 AA (After Altwaal)

As I travel from the Saber Vortex to Scion the Moon, I take an in between seconds instant to make an entry to my DreamLog.

Its been so long, I know, but life has been hectic in my side as if I ever had a moment to rest

As I return to the moon that was my home, I cant help but wonder at all the wild turns my life has taken. From the bright time I was a powerless clone, to my ascension to House Sinister leadership, as brief as it was. I have to admit I was happier when I used to knock on everyones doors with my friendly Avon calling! Things changed so fast. First I was a simple clone, then a First by marrying BigGator, finally a First on my own right. As I gained power, I was losing pieces of a happier life and now, I just cant go back.

A woman cant unlearn what shes been taught, you know.

Now I return home. The loneliest place Ive ever lived.

Still, I know I have to return because I had a vision. Never had one of those, never even knew I could foresee things, but as my powers evolved, I wonder if theres anything I cant do. Well, I had a vision and Im afraid. I would run away from this universe if I could, but the prize would be too high. I have to stay, because love will always be stronger than fear.

I would have really loved if Honors Angel could have come with me, but she has to deal with problems of her own. I dont resent her, please dont take me wrong, its just that the little selfish in me keeps bugging me. Shes my friend and, just like a child, I wish she would go with me everywhere. Anyway, I wish her the best; I really hope she can finally get to an understanding with Mil. They love each other deeply; but Mil keeps putting that love at stake. Doesnt he realize that he cant keep her at arms length to guarantee her safety? She doesnt want to be safe, she wants to be loved and be supported by the God who means life to her!

Well, I shouldnt spend so much time thinking about other peoples love when I cant handle my own. I wonder what happened with BigGator and Python

As I approach Scion the Moon I wonder about my choices and I have lots of regrets. I should have never betrayed Meteoro, should have never fall for BigGator, shouldnt have pushed Python away Minity should have never been my enemy

Too many regrets I wonder if the First even care about me.

EDITED: *Because I can't tell [/b] appart from [/size] :?

05-03-2005, 11:15 AM
((Hmm. *Nice entry M. 8)))

Scion the Nun
05-04-2005, 08:05 AM
((Thanks, Mil :) )).

Broken Eve
08-04-2005, 10:46 AM
From Eve’s Personal Journal
Elysia, August 4, 10005 AA (After Altwaal-The Wrong Future)

I have memories of growing up. Â*I lived at a small house at the suburbs that were so common in the 21st century Earth. Â*It was a nice neighborhood and I had lots of toys and even a dog called Teto. Â*Everything was nice, but the one thing I remember the most caringly is spending time with my parents. Â*My mother was so lovingly, fun and her laughter still rings in my ears. Â*I loved her so badly that I felt I wouldn’t survive one day away from her. Â*And then, there was my father. Â*He wasn’t as noisy as mom, but he was warm and he loved telling me the secrets of life. Â*I mean, he told me how the sun was created by the joy of the kids and that the birds flew because they were inlove. Â*Even when I was a kid, I knew he was lying, but I wouldn’t care. Â*He made up such wonderful tales that I couldn’t stop asking him about everything. Â*He even told me once that Teto used to be a cat, but since I was growing up so fast, he chose to become a dog.

I loved that life… Â*and then I found out it wasn’t real at all. Â*It turned out I wasn’t even human, I was only a dream a witch called Scion the Nun made up in her head during her sleep. Â*She created me and I couldn’t even meet her, since she died so long ago. Â*When I was stranded at the Realm of Nightmares, I tried so hard to get back to my home, only to find out later that it never existed in the “realâ€