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Jason Sanborn
02-18-2006, 01:58 PM
To the casual observer, the Earth of this dimension wouldn't appear that drastically different from our own world. Microsoft still has its monopoly on the computer industry. Apple is dominating the MP3 markets. Hollywood is still cranking out the movies. But all is not as it would appear. This is a world in the middle of its third world war. A war that, as of yet, hasn't resorted to nuclear attacks and mutually assured destruction.

Histories of our to dimensions diverge on March 30, 1981, when John Hinkley, Jr. successfully assassinated US President Ronald Reagan. The further complication happened almost 4 years later, in March of 1985, when the Politburo failed to elect Mikhail Gorbachev as leader of the USSR, after the death of Konstantin Chernenko. Instead of disolving in 1991, as our history books tell us, the USSR continued to grow in strength, retaining its territories in its firm iron grip.

With a still strong Soviet Union, events in the middle east beginning on August 2, 1990, turned out very differently. Iraq, under the leadership of Saddam Hussein, invaded Kuwait, but this time, he did so with the support of the Soviet Union. The US immediately sent troops over to Saudi Arabia, and on January 12, 1991, the US Congress authorized military force to force Iraq out of Kuwait. Unfortunately, with Iraq being backed by the Soviet Union, it proved to be a difficult challenge. This was soon seen as another Vietnam for the United States.

When Hong Kong was handed over to China at midnight, July 1, 1997, this began a new era for the Chinese government. With the British out of their lands, they immediately closed all borders to foreigners, an action which concerned many in the world. Those concerns were made real on November 8, 1997, when the Chinese military aided North Korea in an unprovoked attack on South Korea, ushering in a second Korean War.

The situation rapidly deteriorated as the US, still fighting the war in Iraq, issued a draft, and sent more troops over to aid their allies in South Korea.

If any date could signal the actual start of the third world war, that date would be September 11, 2001. It was the date that the Islamic terrorists brought the war from the middle east onto US soil by hijacking planes and crashing them into the World Trade Center towers in New York and the Pentagon, with a fourth plane being crashed by the passengers before reaching its intended target, which was believed to be Camp David.

Today, it is the height of the third world war. The Islamic Jihad, led by Saddam Hussein, has taken all of the middle east, including Israel and Jerusalem. All of North African countries along the Mediterranean are all members of the Arabic Jihad, threatening to expand further. Battlefronts for the Jihad rage in Greece and Italy, while terrorists take innocent lives within the heart of the allied western countries. Meanwhile, the Asian Communist armies in the far east have claimed almost all the Asian countries, including Japan, with their own battlefronts in the South Pacific including Australia and New Zealand. At the same time, the Soviet Union is pushing its way into Northern Europe, already claiming Norway and Switzerland, with battlefronts currently raging in Germany and England. On the Allied front, the US has seized Cuba, eliminating the communist threat from that location, while it battles on numerous fronts from Europe, to the South Pacific, to even within its own borders from constant terrorist attacks. Other Allied nations are caught in similar battle fronts across the world, or within their own borders.

It is in this climate of war and fear that the Crossovers find themselves thrust into. They would arrive in one of the deserts of California, a couple miles outside the city of Palm Springs, with the highway nearby to guide them into the city.

02-18-2006, 08:09 PM
The 111 highway of Palm Canyon was quiet as usual, distorting any sense of sighting with the excessive heat, and remaining mum with only the occasional vehicle's roar, which moved too fast to even let us catch a breath. *This wasn't a road to walk by; the sun was right in the middle of the sky arrogantly threatening anyone who dared come out at this time of the day. *This would have been like any other day if it wasn't for a flash of light that exploded in the middle of the road disappearing as fast as it came, but leaving something behind… *a young man who was on his knees, covering his eyes by the excess of light surrounding him. *He was wearing a long jacket and dark jeans, he just couldn't be more out of place.

Rubbing his eyes, he stood up a little woozy. *Little did he know that everything had changed from now on.

"¿Pero qué pasó con la luz…?" *His words would be familiar to others, since this was just normal Spanish, but for some reason, his words would make so much sense in English as well… *"What happened with the light…?" *The young man rubbed his eyes once again, adjusting his eyesight to the new environment.

"What the…?"

Jason Sanborn
02-18-2006, 08:46 PM
It was a cold winter's evening. At least as far as Semual knew. There was a roaring fire in the living room, and Semual's master was seated in his high backed chair, feet propped up on a small table, sucking on his pipe.

Semual was forced to do the chores again. His master said it was so that he could learn patience. He didn't want to learn patience. It was boring. He wanted action. He wanted fun. He wanted something other than sweeping the cold stone floors and trying to light a candle with only his mind.

Semual worked his way into the study. His master gave him explicit instructions when he was cleaning in the study. Never, never, never, touch anything on the tables or the bookshelves, under threat of being turned into a newt, or something unpleasant like that. Of course, his master was always threating to turn him into SOMETHING, but never did.

A bright flash of light was seen from the cover of his master's spellbook, which was lying closed on his master's desk. Curious, he walked over to the study. When his master called out, asking what was going on, Semuel simply replied that he was cleaning. A fragment of a gem of some kind was lying on the cover of the spellbook. Semual's eye's gleamed in his greed. That small fragment could earn him a fortune, he was certain.

Semual reached forward and touched the gem, just as his master was walking into the study. He didn't even have a chance to hear his master's shout of alarm when suddenly the bright light surrounded him, and with it heat unlike any he had felt in his 17 years. A thud was heard as the spellbook that the gem fragment was sitting on fell to the sand that Semual was now standing on. A similar clatter to the sand was heard as his master's staff found its way to this new destination along with Semual and the spell book.

By the gods!

Semual stated in shock, shielding his eyes from the blazing sun high overhead.

What happened?

Baron Banter
02-18-2006, 10:33 PM
Archaeologist/Adventurer Oklamhoma Smith was working his way through a dark passage. He was sure that all the clues that he followed were leading him to the lost Vase of Babylon. It is said to be of pure gold with diamonds surrounding it on the side. Suddenly the floor beneath him falls away and he begins to fall. But luckily he has the bearing to grab his whip and throw it out grabbing a beam and swinging to the other side of the opening. That was when he saw it the beautiful golden vase just inches away. He smiles to himself and grabs it.

A split second later, he hear a click and looks up and finds a boulder the size of a plane rolling toward him.


He turns and sends out his whip grabbing a beam again and glides across the hole in the floor. He lands wrong and stumbles and falls to the ground. Its then he sees a purple gem and greed gets the better of him and he picks it up. A flashing light blinds him and when he can see... there's no boulder and there's no tunnel.

Looking around bewildered...

Am I dead?

Then he shields his eyes.

How did I get outside?????????

02-18-2006, 10:50 PM
Trickle was very pleased with himself.

He looked again at the collection of artifacts laid out on the table before him and laughed. He was going to make a fortune with these. At first, he thought that land acquisition he closed last year would yield nothing but a big pile of dirt. But he sent the archeologists anyway, just to satisfy him that the legends had been false.

He had quested after the Holy Nail for years, and here is was before him. He rubbed his hands greedily as he considered the offers that would pour in for the holy artifact and the other relics retrieved from the site.

As he pondered his future riches, a glimmer caught his eye. Looking down, he spotted a small gem. He looked oddly at the out of place gem, because it didn't belong there. How could such a perfectly crafted gem be found besides a 2,000 year old relic?

He doubted it was a mistake. The Archeologists he had sent were the best. They never even touched any of the artifacts when they dug them up, relying on precision instruments and tools to handle the fragile items instead. Their commissions depended on it.

Trickle reached out cautiously with one of his hands, looking around to make sure nobody was looking. He hesitated a bit as thought of the implications of this find. Deciding to think about it later, he reached out for the gem and the world disappeared in a swirl.

When things cleared up he was sitting by the side of a highway, somewhere he didn't recognize. The signs didn't look right and strange looking vehicles were driving on the wrong side of the road.

Given the unbearable heat and the weird cars driving on the wrong side of the road, Trickle assumed he had landed in Uhania (Australia when translated from Glooish)

Thoroughly confused as to how he had landed here, he chanced a look around. Standing around him were strange creatures that he had never seen before. They were hideous, looking like partially chewed pencil erasers.

"Oh Foog!" * :evil:

02-18-2006, 11:45 PM
Karen Arkham giddily descended the stairs down to the secret laboratory of Dr. Hawking. *The man was legendary among the Unseen Eye - as much as any super-secret, compartmentalized society of sinister scientists can have legends - for his successful subversion of Sir Robert Penrose's Big Bang calculations to produce the cunningly-named "Bigger Bang" explosive device and later the key components for the Hawking Death Ray. *Now, if only he could create a Dark Star to power it.

'Ahh, such are the trials of genius,' Karen thought to herself as she entered his lair. *Ominous whirring echoed through the laboratory chamber as Hawking's wheelchair crept up on her from behind. *"Karen. *Arkham," a sinisterly modulated voice played, brokenly, over a miniaturized phonograph, "You are. *Here. *For. *The gem." *A metallic arm extended from his armored, steam-powered wheelchair and pointed. *"This way."

Karen followed the half-mechanical man to his workbench, where a strangely coruscasting gemstone lay encased in a clear glass box. *"You will. *Determine. *How to. *Harness. *The energy. *Which. *Is. Detected. *Stored. *Within," his simulated voice intones, and he wheels away.

Greedily, Karen opens the bx that she might examine the gem more closely. *What powers lay within, she wondered, what destructive potential might she unlock? *The gem seems to grow brighter in response to her desire as she reaches to grasp it.

And suddenly, Karen finds herself blinded by light and suffocated by heat. *Her first assumption is that the gem has exploded in her face but then her eyes adjust to the desert. *The heat, on the other hand, is almost unbearable, and soon she's shed her three petticoats and, fist to the sky, pronounced that the man who invented corsets will rue the day. *Rue! *Rue!

That matter attended to, Karen begins to search for something or someone that could tell her what was going on. *Exasperatedly, she begins trudging towards the strange cityscape she sees in the distance, keeping an eye out for any fellow travellers or perhaps a passing steam carriage.

Maj. James Panyk
02-19-2006, 10:31 AM
Sagittarius thirteen to Lubbock base, c'mon guys pick up the phone. It's too soon to pop those champaign corks just yet, I still need to initiate primary burn.

**The radio crackles to life within Major James Panyk's helmet, breaking the monotony of his own breathing echoing back to him.**

>>Roger that, Sagittarius. We'll save the bubbly until you actually set down on Leoma.

**Panyk reaches out with a silver and grey sheathed arm and flips several of the switches on the control panel that rests less than a meter before him. His other gloved hand maintains its tightened grip over the control stick that will allow him to line up the one man landing capsule towards his destination, the small rose colored shape that seems to glow against the backdrop of the blackness of outerspace. The major takes a moment to savor the sight of the pear shaped object. Leoma, Earth's third moon, an asteroid that's nearly twelve thousand miles long. His destination. One of the first destinations on mankinds journey into the heavens.**

>>Hey, Sagittarius, are you day dreaming on us?

**Panyk glances away from the vision of whats to come that floats several hundred thousand miles past the capsule's main porthole. He looks around at the cramped, almost claustrophobic compartment around him. His eyes check over the many lights and gauges, checking them all and letting his years of training temper his instincts before replying to mission control, housed within a base on the planet so very far below the small space vehicle that floats on the threshhold between a lower orbit over Earth and Leoma.**

All systems are green. Sagittarius thirteen is good to go.

>>Alright, Sagittarius, Doctor Briet has some numbers for you to help align the capsule to- *Cchkkkkkk-cllkkk...*

**Panyk glances over to the radio reciever directly to the right of his helmeted head. The indicators light up, registering some sort of interferance with communications with ground control. A shower of broken glass fills the weightless, airless interior of the space capsule as a small shard of crystal shoots through the starboard porthole and imbeds itself into the control panel opposite of the now broken window into space. Sparks shoot out of the control panel. Cool green lights turn red, the cockpit is bathed in crimson, with danger. Alarms screech within Panyk's helmet. Blinding white light fills the inside of the capsule and consumes the entire vehicle. The lone astronaut assumes this is it, he's dead, and worst of all the mission is a failure.

**In one blinding moment Major James Panyk and the Sagittarius thriteen space capsule are thrown past the veil of reality...

**The light fades, the red lit cockpit comes into focus around the spacesuit wearing major. Broken glass floats around him, more sparks shoot free from the damaged control panel. The major looks out through the various small portholes. Space above, Earth below, but Leoma is gone. The astronaut begins pressing buttons and flipping switches in a desperate attempt to regain control of this situation. The interferance with his radio appears to be gone.**

Ground control! Sagittarius thirteen to ground control, do you read me, Lubbock base!? I was hit by something. It must have been one of those micro-meteors that you eggheads mentioned. I'm okay. The power control station was hit, but I think I can fix it. I also think I got turned around. I may have drifted off course because I can't see Leoma. Do you copy, ground control?

**More sparks fill the cockpit, more broken glass and now little bits of metallic debris join the weightless dance within the capsule. Panyk can feel a hum against his helmet. Vibrations flow through the entire spacecraft. Something, or more likely a lot of somethings are pounding on the capsule. More micro-meteors? With a jerk on the control stick the major activates the capsules retro-rockets, twisting the space vehicle so that he can look around and see exaclty what is hitting him and destroying his space capsule. His eyes widen behind the protective plastic of his helmet as he searches the heavens around him. Something enters through one of the portholes and ricochets off of two bulkheads and a few control panels before its momentum is spent and it drifts past Panyk's face-plate. A single bullet floats past his vision. One of the many that are hitting the outside of the capsule and tearing it apart.**

Oh god! Control! Control! Do you read me!? I'm under attack. I'm being shot at! The reds! It's the damn Russians! They're attacking me! I'm going to attempt an emergency landing!

**Several switches are flipped, buttons are mashed. Metal plates slide down over the smashed portholes. Science instruments and anything that would weigh down the capsule too much are released into the void. The retro rockets fire and sends the bullet hole filled space vehicle falling towards Earth. The capsule falls past the automated satellite that had been spraying it with machine gun fire. The satelite that had mistaken the unknown space vehicle for an enemy attack on the nation that rests far below it. A satellite that proudly bears the image of the United States flag upon it. Once the capsule drops into the Earth's upper atmosphere the satellite stops its violent assault and relays images of the object to its controllers within the United State's military for further analysis.
**The capsule shudders under the strain of re-entering Earth's atmosphere. Panyk peers through the screen of the parascope like device that allows him to view out through the bottom of the caspule for landing on Leoma, but he now uses it to try to aim his landing on Earth. As a rumble fills the cockpit Panyk shouts into the microphone within his helmet.**

Lubbock, I can see the U.S. in the scope! I'm going to try for a spash-down in the Pacific! The capsule's pretty beat up, I'm not sure how long she'll hold up! I may have to eject!

**Another quick glance at the red or died out lights.**

That is if anything's even working!

**Alarms and buzzers fill the inside of the capsule. The cockpit becomes dark except for the glow of the red warning lights. Panyk struggles with the control stick before him. Both hands grip the control mechanism and tries to move it's stubborn length and aim the capsule towards the California coast, preferably the part that has soft water and not the part with unyeilding land. Grunts and groans fills the inside of the space vehicle as the falling vessel fights the astronaut for even the simplest of manuevers. Gravity pulls on the capsule, a barrier of air beats on and tosses the object and heat and flames begins to peel away at whatever the bullets did not tear through. Panyk knows that the capsule is most likely a death trap, his billion dollar coffin. But he's still too high to eject, even if the ejection mechanisms are even working, despite the offline status that the bullet riddled control panel displays.**

Aaaaghr!! Control! Control! If this is the time for last words- ! Rrrgh! If this is it- ! I- I just want you all to know- !

**Flames errupt from the floor of the small cockpit. Flames that jet up and through the small space. Fire fills the air. Panyk can feel the heat licking through the protective spacesuit that was meant to save him from the harshness of space travel. The plumes of red and orange flame fills his field of vision, blocking out the scope that was aiming his landing and the many instruments that he needs to control the capsule. He is now flying blind.**


**The astronaut would not have chosen those to be his final words but the radio beside his head explodes, sending more debris and fire into the chaos that stews within the capsule. Fire, glass, metal, smoke, roaring noise, and death that is always looming over him is the world within the Sagittarius capsule as it falls blindly towards Earth.
**Then there's a light. A dim glimmer of something hovering near the major. He almost thinks its a piece of broken glass but it's not charred or covered with soot and it's just floating in below him and to his left. The desperate astronaut doesn't normally believe in miracles, but he also isn't trapped within several tons of bottle fire and falling towards unseen doom. So, using this glimmer as a sign, something calling to him, he pulls on the control stick with all of his might. The few remaining rockets sends the capsule tumbling into the direction that the glittering thing floats. The glittering moves now. Slowly drifting and eventually vanishes as the capsule is now falling almost directly over the area it was pointing him towards. Air hoses melt and break. Now Panyk is without air. He breaths in a mouthful of smoke and flame, coughing plenty of it back up into his visor. He is once again without a guide and unsure of anything except that it's impossible to survive inside of the capsule for another moment. He isn't sure how high up he is, whether he's too high to eject or not, but he knows for sure that it's too late to stay here. He reaches out a silver gloved hand and punches the ejection button. Nothing happens. The major curses the device while coughing up more inhaled smoke and flames. Again he punches the button. Again. And again. And again. The capsule moans loudly, protesting its pilots escape as the nose of the vehicle is thrown free by an explosion and the seat that Panyk is strapped to is ejected out of the flaming capsule and into the blue skies. The capsule continues its downward plunge while a parachute blossoms out of the back of the major's chair and opens wide to capture as much air as it can. The parachute opens wide and slows down the astronauts fall. The capsule comes to a quick death as it crashes into the dessert, several miles away from the highway. Panyk, sheathed in a silver and blackened spacesuit and strapped into his chair and the parachute and small storage compartment that are welded to the chair, descends slowly towards the desert many miles away from the crashed space craft. He comes to a soft, yet still jarring, landing several meters from a desert highway. The astronaut sits in his chair, panting and caughting, the parachute pools on the desert landscape behind him. A gloved hand reaches up and peels away the soot coated visor from his helmet, letting the blackened plate of plastic fall away. Smoke floats free from the inside of Panyks helmet. More coughing. But soon only laughter is heard.
**Panyk's alive and back on U.S. soil. There's nothing better than that after a disasterous near death experience.**

02-19-2006, 04:54 PM
She'd been on her world when he'd reappeared. He told Kino that things had gotten complicated and that she had to help. Aside from owing him her life, she wanted a reason. The cave and its gems within. One had been broken, shattered in a fight between gods. They were heading to a world called Earth but across a sea of realities. Kino looked shocked as Janus causes her world to vanish and her to reappear before Mt. Rushmore. Janus handed her one of his masks and pointed to the sky. Kino saw the light of a gem streaking towards her and then everything went white.

As the light faded, Kino saw herself standing on a black rock with yellow and white markings. She looked around and drew her bow. The heat of this land was troublesome especially given she'd just been in northland winter.

"Who are you people? And...what...."

The heat was getting to her after all. Kino swayed and dropped her bow.

"....are you....doing here?"

02-19-2006, 06:40 PM
Hal & Logan screamed as they bounced accross the street in a small water bubble which eventually popped, allowing them to climb out.
Rhniph Nalishwa?
That is a good question. Hal replied.
Where are we?

Robert Kain
02-19-2006, 08:39 PM
The year was 3246. *Mankind, in all its technological genius had expanded to the stars. *For the human race, the sky was no longer the limit. *From the very first step outside the reaches of our own solar system, mankind was united like never before. *Encountering new forms of intelligent life across the universe changed mankind in a way nothing could have. *The realization that we were not alone in this universe bonded the people from Earth together. *And together they expanded across the farthest reaches of the galaxy, until the Reik came. * *The Reik are a savage and violent race of reptilian creatures, who thirst for conquest and battle. *Their savagery is only matched by their technological affinity for war however. *And so it was, for whatever reason, they struck. *Some believed that jealousy of the human race was their sole drive, other believe they were threatened by what mankind could truly have become, but that is all speculation. *One by one the colonies of Earth fell in the fires of the Reik. *Billions of lives across thousands of worlds were enslaved or slaughtered, and Earth was no exception. *The planet Earth, as it exists today, is no more than a slave world, run by the Reik where humanity is oppressed under a tyrannical rule. *But there are those who continue to fight, no matter how hopeless their cause seems. *They are known as the United Earth Defense Coalition. *Robert Kain is an admiral in this organization, commander of the Leviathan, the flagship of the Terran forces. *His continuing job is to guard Icarus Station, a research facility hidden in the rings of the plant Saturn. *This facility serves as mankind's last and only hope against the Reik. *For years they have been developing a new viral weapon that shows the promise of being able to exterminate the Reik once and for all. *Up until this point the station has gone unnoticed by its enemies, but that was about to change this day.

Admiral Kain sat behind his desk in his dimly lit office aboard the Leviathan. *A half empty bottle of whiskey, a shot glass, and a burning cigar served as his only company. *He had been drinking again. *He looked over at the pictures of his wife and kids that were arranged about the desk. *They looked so happy, so joyous. *But they were all dead. *Kain had good days and bad days, and this was shaping up to be a bad one. *The Reik had taken everything from him, his friends, family, everything. *He rolled up his left sleeve and looked at the pattern of scars lining his arm, remembering that fateful night. *Before he was an Admiral, Kain was in the Earth Special Forces, carrying out covert missions on conquered worlds against the Reik. *He had the bad luck of coming face to face with one on one mission. *The average Reik is about eight and a half feet tall and weighs about seven hundred pounds. *They were bread for war, and in hand to hand combat, a human stood no chance. *But somehow, some way, Kain managed to emerge the victor. *It cost him his left arm, left leg, and both of his eyes. *The arm and leg were now replaced with the most technologically advanced prosthetic limbs mankind could create. *In fact, if it wasn't *for the scars and his slightly increased strength in those limbs, one couldn't tell the difference. *His right eye was also replaced with a new artificial one, and it worked a hell of a lot better than the last one, allowing him to see greater distances and *multiple light spectrums. *His left eye, however, he didn't let them fix. *Sometimes you just need something to remember these events by, and so he wore an eye patch over his left eye. *Kain unholstered one of the plasma pistols of his which resided on his hip and placed it on the desk. *He had two, the set of them were given to him by the Prime Minister of Earth for his service to the planet. *A month later the Prime Minister was killed when a Reik strike foce decimated his escort fleet on his way to a allied planet. * He picked it up and place the barrel under his chin. *How many days was it that he just wanted to pull the tigger? *It seemed like most of them. *At that moment a voice rang over his intercom:

"Admiral Kane, Commander Keyes is on the line"

"Patch him through"

Kain would reply. *Frank Keyes was the only family he had left. *They knew eachother since they were kids. *Frank was the Commanding officer aboard the Icarus. *Kain would holster his gun as Frank came up on the video screen.

Frank: *"Bob we got some bad news..."

"What the frack do you mean bad news?"

Frank: "Our long range sensors are picking up a Reik strike foce heading our way. *It looks like five capital ships and....the Beast"

The beast was the name given to the Reik high command battle fortress, the pinnacle of their wartime technology. *They didn't know what the lizards called it in their own language, all anyone knew was that when you saw it, it meant your death. *The Beast was seven hundred miles long, the largest ship ever constructed in the galaxy, seven times the size of the Leviathan. *Stories of it decimating entire fleets of Terran ships were known by all in the UEDC. * This news alone hit Kain like a brick to the face as he stood up to run out the door.

"Prepare to jump and at the first opportunity get the frack out of here...We'll hold them off."

Frank: "But you can't possibly take all of them down Bob.."

"All that matters is Icarus. *I'll give you the time you need to jump to some isolated area far away from here. *Your station is the only hope we've got."

And with that the video screen shut off and Admiral Kain exited his office and walked out onto the bridge. *He spared no time barking out orders as he sat down at his captain's chair. *His eyes fell upon that strange crystal sitting on his arm rest. *A mining team found it a couple of weeks back when they were mining for ore in the rings. *They said it didn't resemble any element or compound known to man...The Admiral just liked to keep it around, for luck. *He would need pleanty of it today. *At that moment three Reik battle frigates dropped out of hyperspace in front of the Leviathan. *They were no more than a scouting party, but they wasted no time pummeling the Earth ship with everything they possessed. *

"All hands to battle stations. *Main artillery batteries prepare to enage enemy. *Target the three Reik ships and fire nuclear warheads. *Blow those scaley bastards out of my space!"

Small explosions would vibrate the decks of the Leviathan as the Reik vessels attacked. *And suddenly a half dozen nuclear warheads shot from the missile batteries of the Leviathan and screamed towards the frigates, annihilating them all in a massive display of lights and releasing a shockwave that rocked the Leviathan. *Just then IT came. *The massive hull of the Beast emerged from light speed into view, two significantly smaller capital ships following by its side. *There was no way out of this.

"Ignore the two command ships, head for the Beast, charge main cannon and fire when ready. *Pour everything we have at it!"

There was no way the Levaithan would win this fight, but that didn't matter. *All Admiral Kain had to do was buy Frank enough time to jump away. *Massive explosions tore through the hull of the ship as the Beat unloaded on it with all its fury. *The command deck of the Leviathan rocked back and forth and those inside were tossed about. *The front hull of the ship glowed an intense red hue as its main cannon charged, and shortly after an imense beam of energy screamed forth from the hull and tore into the Beast, ripping a long gash lalong its port side.

"Main cannon has been fired, energy cells recharging Admiral.."

An officer on the deck would shout out.

"Forget it, we're not going to survive long enough to fire it again. *Roll the ship 180 degreese, ready the ventral side artillery arrays. Full speed ahead, aproach the Beast from its underside. *When you get a clear shot let loose with everything you've got."

Admiral Kain had studied the schematics of the Beast night and day for months. *He knew well enough that the only place it was vulerable was from its underside. *Rolling a ship like the Leviathan, at one hundred miles in length, was no small task, but this was the only way they could hurt the invincible ship. *And so the Leviathan slowly but surely rolled upside down and approached the Beast from beneath. *And letting loose with all its arsenal of weapons, the Leviathan began to blast the underside of this mammoth vessel, sending explosions tearing throughout its hull. *The ship righted itself once more as it broke off and began to slowly make its way around the Beast, circling it and blasting away with everything it possessed. *All this time the Reik ships tore through the hull of the Leviathan with their explosive barrages, words of fires breaking out across the ship and hull breaches sucking out the air flew through the command deck...There was only one thing left to do.

"Get Commander Keyes on screen"

Admiral Kain would shout, and in only a few seconds Frank was staring at him through the large computerized screen.

"Looks like this is it old friend. *Get the frack out of here, I'll take care of these scaley bastards. *Its been a pleasure knowing you."

Frank: "Wha...what do you mean Bob? What are you planning on doing?"

"Just get the frack out of here now!"

Frank would grow silent for a few moments, then respond with a salute. *Admiral Kain returned the favor, and the video screen went blank. *Kain would stand up, and grab the intercom, beginning to address his entire crew.

"As I'm sure you all realized this is a fight we simply cannot win. *We're outnumbered, outgunned, and we're banged up pretty badly. *I plan to overload the reactor core of the Leviathan and steer it straight into that fracking scaley ship and send them to whatever God they pray to. *But I cannot force any of you to give your lives. *So for those of you with family still living, for those of you who do not wish to take this course of action, evacuate the ship and no less will be thought of you. *These lizards have taken everything from us. *They have killed our families, annihilated our worlds, and on this day we will make them pay."

Admiral Kain would stand there looking out of the bridge at the massive ship that lied before him. *One of his command officers would call out to him, notifying him that no escape pods were being launched. *And so this was the final moment.

"Overload the reactor, full speed ahead, aim straight for the bridge of the Beast"

And so the Leviathan, flaming and smoking from the hull raged forth at the Reik command ship, still blasting away with all of its firepower to the last moment. *Kain watched at the pointed hull of the Leviathan slammed into the Beast tearing through it in a display of explosions. *He witnessed as they tore up the hull of his ship, growing ever closer to the command deck. *A shockwave tore through one of the lower decks, throwing him back into his chair. *His hand fell upon that strange crystal, the rock, unexplicably glowing and pulsating. *The reactor of the Leviathan would breach ushering forth explosion with a force dwarfing that of a nuclear blast. *The Icarus engaged hyperspace and vanished from sight as the shockwave of this blast alone tore the Beast in half. *People on Earth could see this firey display in the night sky as all four ships were completely annihilated and turned into floating piles of rubble. *But before this could occurr a white flash of light illuminated the command deck of the Leviathan, and Admiral Kain vanished from sight merely fractions of a second before his ship was obliterated.

Admiral Kain opened his one functional eye, seeing the clear blue Earth sky for the first time in a long time. *Was he dead? *Where was he? *What was going on? *All these questions ran through his mind, and the gravity of what had happened merely seconds ago hit him. *He did not know if his crazy suicidal stunt succeeded. *Was the Beast destroyed? *He was supposed to be dead. *How could he have gone from the orbit of Saturn to here in a mere instant? *All that mattered was that Icarus Station survived. *Kain looked about, finding himself standing beside an old paved road in the middle of a desert. *There hadn't been roads like this on Earth for about 800 years. *This couldn't be Earth then. *Kain's technologically enhanced eye scanned the horizon and picked up the view of a city in the distance. *He had better get walking. *And so, still clothed in his UEDC uniform, plasma pistols and all, he began to walk down that long and lonesome road.

Jason Sanborn
02-19-2006, 10:10 PM
Semual quickly discovered he wasn't alone in this scorching desert. People and, er, things, all seemed to have appeared right along with him. All were dressed, or just looked, pretty unusual, unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

Um, hello.

Semual stated cautiously, as he bent down to pick up his master's spell book and staff. His master would definately not be pleased with him for taking these two very precious items.

Then the woman with the bow arrived. She looked dressed for the winter he remembered being outside his home. He realized quickly that the layers of clothing in this heat probably contributed to her passing out, and if he wasn't careful, the same thing would happen to him. Holding the staff and book in one hand, Semual quickly removed his outer garments, just leaving on his loose shirt.

Carefully balancing the outer garments between the staff and the book, Semual went over to the woman and knelt beside her. Even through the layer of clothing, the hot desert sand seemed to burn through his pants to his knees.

Hissing slightly, Semual decided to put his outer garments on the ground, and kneel on those. Setting down the spell book and the staff next to him, he loosened the woman's clothing slightly, and shook her gently.

Hey, Lady. Wake up.

From her appearance, she may have been from his world, he hoped that was the case. The rest, though, he didn't even know what to think.

02-20-2006, 01:52 AM
Karen watches Major Panyk parachute down with some hint of curiosity, then sees his strange suit as she approaches. *'Is he some strange sort of aquanaut?' she wondered based on his strange clothes, but seeing as this seemed to be the middle of the desert, not likely. *'A spaceman?' she wonders. 'Yes. *That must be it.'

She runs up to the strange, suited man who seems to be breathing smoke and flame. *"If you come in peace, surrender all your technology! *If you come for conquest, we surrender!" *Yup, that should cover all the bases. *She suddenly wishes that she'd snuck a ray gun into Hawking's lab.

(edited to make it more clear that she's harassing Major Panyk)

02-20-2006, 02:11 AM
Kino blinked and tried to take a breath. This heat was horrible. He tugged off her winter cloak and pulled off her overcoat moments later. In a few moments she was down to a shirt and breeches, though she kept her boots on after only half a second of touching the hot ground. It was obvious that she didn't often expose much skin and that her age was maybe 19. The most noticable mark on her was a tatoo of flames that ran from her left wrist almost to her shoulder. The fires seemed to flicker as she moved to keep her pack near her and inspect it for any tampering. *Finally she looks up at Semual.

"My thanks to you, preist. But how did you end up here on this strange black rock?"

The Traveller reached into her pack and pulled out a small ceremic mask that fit into her palm and seemed to be listening to it.

"There are others around here. They should be able to help."

Robert Kain
02-20-2006, 08:17 AM
As Admiral Kain walked down the lonely dusty road, the events of the last hour kept playing back in his head over and over again. *Had he made the right decision? *Should he had just taken the Leviathan and jumped away? *No...That wasn't possible. *He had to buy the Icarus time to get out of there, and by the time it had jumped to lightspeed the Leviathan was being held together with no more than some tape and a few bolts. *Jumping to light speed would have torn it apart. *Either way Kain was supposed to be dead. *He almost wanted to be dead. *He had probably been better off dead. *But the more he thought about it the more he realized that the human race needed him. *He had to find a way back into space, find out what had happened to the Icarus, get himself a new ship, and continue fighting those scaly bastards until every last cold blooded one of them were dead.

His eye zoomed in on an odd group of people standing about in the desert. *It looked like some idiot's convention in the middle of nowhere, people dressed in medieval robes. *One man *was in some sort of astronaut gear, though it didn't resemble anything that bore the mark of the UEDC. *And what the frack was that little red thing standing there? *Kain approached the people standing around and looked them over more thoroughly. *It almost looked like some of these people were torn out of time or something. *That could explain the 1000 year old tar paved road he was standing next to. *But even the greatest human scientists of his age deemed time travel impossible. *Hell, if they found a way to travel back in time, the Reik would be no more than a few amino acids in a primordial soup still. *Seeing as these were the only people around for miles, Admiral Kain decided to introduce himself. They clearly weren't military, well, at least one of them could be, but he decided to spare all the rituals.

"Admiral Robert Kain of the UEDC Leviathan....Anyone care to explain to me where the fracking hell am I?"

Baron Banter
02-20-2006, 09:22 AM
Oklahoma Smith takes a a cloth from his pocket and takes his hat off. He attaches the cloth to the hat and puts the hat back on.

After walking a ways, he sees a gathering of the strangest looking people he has ever seen. Well in person anyways.

Medieval robes...

He draws his gun and slowly begins to walk in their direction. The other directions don't look anymore appealing but he might get some answers there. Plus, he has a gun which should give him an advantage. Then he spots the parachute. Under his breath he mutters...

Is there a plane?

He looks for a plane in the air or crashed but doesn't see anything. Then he spots the astronaught in the strange suit.

A knight... Medieval Robes... I must be dreaming...

Maj. James Panyk
02-20-2006, 10:20 AM
She runs up to the strange, suited man who seems to be breathing smoke and flame. *"If you come in peace, surrender all your technology! *If you come for conquest, we surrender!" *Yup, that should cover all the bases. *She suddenly wishes that she'd snuck a ray gun into Hawking's lab.
**The laughter dies down. Panyk glances towards the raven haired girl. His blue eyed stare falls away from her and takes in his surroundings for the first time. Desert? That doesn't narrow down where in California he landed. Where that glittering thing led him towards. The astronaut's attention returns to the strange young woman. The glittering thing was just a hallucination. Just stress. This woman and desert are real. The Russian attack was real. The threat to him and the Sagittarius program is real. The words that woman in glasses speaks peirces the roar of Panyk's still pounding heart. Surrender? Conquest? And why did she talk kind of odd? A real threat to the program, what if the Russians have sent agents to get to him the moment he landed? This girl could be a scout!
**The astronaut's gloved hand reaches up and hastely struggles with the various buckles and belts that pins him to the chair. Within moments he is free from the ejected seat and falls to the side of it. Hours of weightlessness has left him unacustomed to the strength of gravity. He tumbles around briefly, clumsily, before scrambling *back to the chair. His silver sheathed hands unlatch a compartment beneath the seat. He reaches inside and draws a colt .45 automatic handgun. He levels the weapon at the darkly dressed woman as he falls back into the sand.**

Sorry, miss, I don't normally aim guns at women, but this is a matter of national security. I'm sure you know who I am, I've given enough TV and paper interviews for pretty much everyone to know my name, even-

**Panyk catches some sound, in the distance. He turns away from the possible enemy agent and glances at the gathering of even odder looking people and things. His head twists around sharply now. His focus is once again on the woman that had spoken to him.**

What's going on here?

Jason Sanborn
02-20-2006, 10:51 AM
"My thanks to you, preist. But how did you end up here on this strange black rock?"

The Traveller reached into her pack and pulled out a small ceremic mask that fit into her palm and seemed to be listening to it.

"There are others around here. They should be able to help."

Semual reached back with one hand as if massaging the back of his neck.

Um. Not quite. I don't know how I got here.

Semual looked around at the others, not knowing what to make of them. One man calling himself "Admiral Kain" seemed to be in a bit of a foul mood. A little further down he could see another woman with a man in an odd suit of some kind. Then there was the small red thing, he didn't know what to make of that. The other two guys? Well, he was still just as confused about them.

I don't know. They don't look too friendly. You sure they can help?

Baron Banter
02-20-2006, 12:41 PM
When Oklahoma Smith sees Panyk has a gun and is looking at the group and not far from the direction he is coming from, he stops walking and waits for Panyk to turn his head away. When he does he ducks behind a dune and takes aim at Panyk. He is about to fire when the sand kicks up and strikes him in the face. This delays makes him change his mind. He starts around the dune and toward Panyk.

Alright!!!!!!! We don't want any brodies here! Drop the gun, egg!

He's got the gun aimed at the back of Panyk's head.

And I want the Low Down on what's going on! Now don't be a pill and dig! I'm joed.

((1930s slang - http://www.hardtimesfest.rockinrosco.com/slang.htm ))

02-20-2006, 12:59 PM
First there was only him, then this strange young man dressed up as a page from Medieval Age… *then this girl with the attitude, mourning dress and glasses… *and then, there was a monster… *A red round creature that walked and talked like an animated character from “M&M

Robert Kain
02-20-2006, 01:06 PM
Admiral Kain stood there in front of the group, his prosthetic eye still scanning the horizon in every which way. *That's when he noticed a strangely clad man aiming some archaic version of a gun at the astronaut he had previously seen. *The gun itself looked like something Kain had in his collection aboard the Leviathan. *He had a knack for ancient weaponry. *Call it a hobby. Though the *astronaut himself didn't appear to be UEDC, Kain thought if anyone had the potential to explain to him what exactly was going on here, it would be him. *It sure wasn't going to be the walking dot or the medieval looking kid. *He judged by the distance that they weren't far off, less than a 15 minute walk. *If he ran he could be there in three. *Though Kain was a 40 year old man, he kept himself in shape, and that prosthetic robotic leg of his let him run faster than most Olympic sprinters. *And so the Admiral unholstered both of his plasma pistols and took off down the desert to where the action was going down. *

Kain slid to a stop leveling both *guns at Oklahoma Smith, a high pitched noise erupting from both plasma pistols, a signal that the safety was off and they were ready to fire. *He didn't expect the man to know what that sound meant. *The guy's weapon looked like something from the Terran Ancient History Museum in Station City back on Earth. *

"Put down the pea shooter kid before I vaporize your fracking carcass and send your molecules on a roller coaster ride...."

Baron Banter
02-20-2006, 01:31 PM
Smith hears a high pitched noise behind him. He takes his eyes of Panyk and looks toward Kain...

A chopper?

He never heard a chopper do that before. And it looks like something from a dime novel. He swallows hard. He was now in a bad way. If he turns to fire, Panyk gets him. If he doesn't, then Kain does.

Is he one of your hatchetmen? I just want the low down. I needed the bulge and took it.

He slowly returns his gun to the holster.

I'm not looking for the kiss off, Gunsel.

He slowly begins to back away. His hands away from his holster

Robert Kain
02-20-2006, 04:18 PM
Admiral Kain stood there with both plasma pistols aimed directly at Oklahoma Smith. *What in the hell was this guy saying? *It sounded English to Kain, but it made absolutely no sense. *What in the almighty frack was a "hatchetman" or a "gunsel" for that matter? *What backwater hillbilly part of the galaxy was this guy from? *Either way Kain needed some answers and this guy was proving to be about as understandable as a drunken Reik philosopher.

"Do you even speak fracking English? *I need some fracking answers here and someone has to talk. *So does anyone care to explain how the fracking hell I got here? *Going from the orbit of Saturn to whatever planet this is doesn't exactly happen in the blink of an eye. *Well it does, but you kind of need a ship for that, and I was in the process of driving mine into the Reik high command battle fortress. *I should be dead right now, so anyone care to explain why I'm not?"

02-20-2006, 05:23 PM
"They have to. Its the only way people can get home. On my world there was a cave that contained ancient magical items. The gods came and retreived some of them. One was a gem that can take people to different times and realities. In a battle with a great force of destruction, the gem was shattered. Shards came to reside before each here and now reside within each of you.

"There is a shard on this world as well. The damage it can do could be anything. We have to gather the gems together. Once we claim the one on this world, we'll move on to another. Once reassemebled, we'll be sent home."

Looks at Semual half expecting him to accuse her of being insane. Then turns to the mexican standoff.

"Those are the answers that I can give you."

02-20-2006, 07:54 PM
Karen's expression brightens as she prepares to put on her best 'damsel in distress' act for the strange-spoken adventurous fellow training his gun on the spaceman, but then another man shows up with bigger guns, and soon the whole mob of strangers seems to be nearly talking at once.

"They have to. Its the only way people can get home. On my world there was a cave that contained ancient magical items. The gods came and retreived some of them. One was a gem that can take people to different times and realities. In a battle with a great force of destruction, the gem was shattered. Shards came to reside before each here and now reside within each of you.

"There is a shard on this world as well. The damage it can do could be anything. We have to gather the gems together. Once we claim the one on this world, we'll move on to another. Once reassemebled, we'll be sent home."
And finally, someone started speaking in a language she could understand. *Well, not language, as everyone seemed to be speaking mangled versions of the Queen's English, but using words that weren't some sort of deranged slang. *Of course, Karen's mind immediately translated 'magic' to 'incredibly advanced technology' and 'gods' to 'supremely advanced beings' and the whole concept to 'an opportunity to gain world-straddling power' but the information arrived mostly intact.

Scheming already, Karen looks around at the group and decides that the most practical-minded (and thus easiest to buy off) would probably be the scruffy-looking adventurer fellow who had sort-of defused her situation with the spaceman - before another one with bigger guns showed up - and attempts to reach out to him.

"Well, thank you for saving me from this brutish spaceman," she calls out coquettishly to Oklahoma, "Maybe when we all get to somewhere civilized you can help me out of this awful corset."

That seed planted, she takes a moment to eye up the Admiral's guns, the whirring of which indicated a great power within, indeed. *She wants those guns. *Oh, she wants them.

And then her attention is drawn to the strange thing that looks shaped like a giant candy, expecting it to sprout a giant mass of tentacles or expand into a destruct-o-bot at any time. *It would fit in with her current day, at least. *She makes a mental note to examine it closely at the earliest opportunity.

"Oh Foog!"

Karen blinks and replies, "Er, same to you!"

02-21-2006, 02:28 AM
Er-Hm... *I think I'm feeling better... *Logan muttered.
Good. *Then let's see if we can't somehow ask one of these people if know a way back to the farm. *
Approaching D & the Giant M&M, Hal asked:
Excuse me, do either of you know how to find the Degratti system? :?

02-21-2006, 07:41 AM
Trickle watched as the collection of odd creatures gathered and immediately started arguing with each other.

Some had glanced quizzically in his direction, but they seemed to be preoccupied with their own problems.

Then a creature lying on the ground, which appeared to have some parts elevated by another, said something about "Magical Crystals" and Trickle pieced together what had happened. This caused the juices under his shell to bubble in anger as the revelation of what had occurred hit him.


"YOU!" He said, pointing at Semual, " can’t you see that it's shell is broken? You've done well by elevating it's.....um.....whatever you call it, but you need to stop the ..... juices from flowing. Clean the affected area with a disinfectant, preferably alcohol, then wrap it with a clean piece of cloth."

By then most of the others were staring at him.

“What! Is there something standing behind me?

Jason Sanborn
02-21-2006, 09:02 AM
Semual looked dumbfounded at the talking red dot. He could understand what he was saying, sort of. That was to say, the words sounded like his native tongue, but some o0f the words were completely foreign to him. "Gummi Woms?" "Disinfectant?"

Semual looked back at Traveller.

So, you saying we're demons* now?

Semual rubbed the back of his neck again, in a nervous fashion.

Oh, man. That's not good.

Semual could almost picture his master chastising him. All the warnings of demons and how evil they all were. Why didn't he pay more attention to his teachings?

((* Demon = Dimension Traveller. Yes, I'm making an allusion to the Myth books, what I remember of them anyways. Semual is very loosly based on Skeeve. ;)))

Maj. James Panyk
02-21-2006, 09:52 AM
**Okay, so maybe they weren't all Russian agents. That point became a little clearer to Panyk once the barrel of the revolver leaves the back of his head. The words of the woman with the bow begins to seep in. In fact the astronaut slowly lowers his pistol as he rises to his shakey feet. He leans a silver and soot clad elbow on the ejector chair that had carried him into this meeting of oddities. But the many mentions of crystals catches his attention. By the time his handgun is completely lowered, yet still ready to defend the major should he need it, he speaks once more. This time the tone of forceful demands has vanished from his words.**

I saw a crystal after I was shot out of orbit. It led me to land here. So, these crystals brought all of you aliens to my planet? To Earth.

**Panyk glances towards the road to watch a few modern cars drive by, all of which seem so very bizarre in appearance for a man that prides himself in staying up to date in the latest automotive advancements of the early 1960's, his era.**

...or Mars?

02-21-2006, 12:47 PM
(Trickle is beginning to remind me of Rygel from Farscape. *In a good way. *:) )

As Karen watches the strange little creature rant and begins to get a sense of its personality, she can't escape the conclusion that it's just too cute in an ineffectual sort of way, like a declawed cat that keeps trying to swat at her. *She winks at Oklahoma then turns to walk over to the ranting little candy and pat it on the... head? *Top side? *Something.

"Aww, sorry love, I don't think it'll be that easy for any of us. *If you're rich, though, that would probably be really helpful..."

And then the medieval guy talks about demons. *Demons? *How terribly interesting that would be! *Karen curiously rolls her sleeve up and checks for any signs of physical changes. *Aww. *"No, I don't think we're demons," she says, with a slight twinge of disappointment.

The same cars that Panyk noticed now catch Karen's attention. *Seconding his surprise, she murmurs, "Those aren't normal steam carriages..."

02-21-2006, 01:26 PM
“This is demented.

Robert Kain
02-21-2006, 02:21 PM
Kain stood there dumbfounded. *Time travel, trans-dimensional crystals, ancient Gods, demons, magic...What in the frack was going on here! *Kain drew his aim away from Oklahoma Smith and took a few steps backwards away from the crowd. *The barrels of those plasma pistols falling on the crow as a whole this time. *Apparently the girl in the medieval robes was the only one who knew what was going on, but she made about as much sense as that gibberish speaking cowboy. *Kain didn't want to trust any one of these people. *Inter dimensional travel was deemed theoretically possible, but it had never been done before. *Time travel was simply out of the question. *And what was all this talk about magic? *Magic was about as real as a rational and level headed Reik berserker. *And *why should he have trusted them? *Most of them appeared as primitive as a pack of neanderthals. *Whatever races they came from probably hadn't even mastered faster than light travel yet. *Kain then turned to the traveler.

"So you're telling me that glowing rock was the thing that sent me here? *I'm sorry but where I come from we're a little bit more rational than that. *We don't believe in all this fracking magic garbage. *That junk is for children's birthday parties. *Why should I believe a word any of you primitive monkeys say?"

Just then his eye fell upon a few passing automobiles. *Wheels? *They had wheels? *There hadn't been wheels on vehicles since the late 2200's. *With his technologically enhanced eye he was able to identify the specific gasses emitting from the rear end of the automobile, signs of some combustion process. *These backwater primates still used fossil fuels? *Kain's attention drew back to the crowd then. *Of all the places in the universe to mysteriously appear on, it had to be this hillbilly planet.

Baron Banter
02-21-2006, 03:37 PM
Oklahoma Smith smirked when Karen suggested he help her get out of the corset.

Well, I'd be mighty happy to help you get out of that.

When she winked at him he took his hat off and held it while watching her walk away. Then he started listening to what the others were saying.

The gem...

He shakes his head and then slams his hat down on his leg.

Of all the whacky things to do. Picking up the gem... causing this trip for the bisquits.

He follows the gaze of the others looking at the cars passing them on the roads. His mouth falls open.

They're so small.

02-21-2006, 05:04 PM
"We aren't demons. They are pale skinned feinds who thrive on death and destruction."

Traveller pulled a light cloak from her pack and slipped it on as she stood and gathered her bow and arrows.

"I cannot send you back. Through your own actions you were drawn here weather to avoid a final fate or through wonder or greed. I do not understand why these traits were considered good but the fragments have become one with you and you are part of this."

Stares at the cars.

"By Minity's host are people forced to hide in that sort of armor to avoid her heat in this world?"

02-21-2006, 09:07 PM
Karen huffs indignantly at Daniel. *"I'm not a widow! *I'm only twenty-two years old!" she protests and stomps over to Oklahoma's side, batting her eyelashes. *"You can tell that, can't you?"

Maj. James Panyk
02-21-2006, 10:03 PM
**While everyone is busy focusing on how weird everything is, Panyk ducks behind the ejection seat. He peals back an aluminum plate to reveal yet another storage compartment. Within this compartment is a change of clothes, rations, water, a first aid kit, compass, survival knife, portable radio and a small sampling of several types of foreign currency. If a malfunction occured during re-entry the astronaut could have been forced to land his space capsule almost anywhere, so he had to be prepared for a worst case scenario. The major peels off his silver space suit and quickly swaps it for grey pants, a white t-shirt and a pair of boots. He tosses the black sweatshirt into a small duffle bag along with the rest of the gear, his handgun and the spare clip of ammunition. Finally Panyk crouches beside the crumpled up space suit. He pulls out his survival kniife and cuts off the Sagitarrius project and American flag patches off of the silver garment. He pockets both of these patches before tucking his knife securely into his boot and steps out from behind the ejector seat that he used as cover while changing clothes.**

Alright, I'll pay my two bits and hop onto this merry-go-round. You're all too crazy to be KGB. And it seems like we're all lost.
So, in order to get back home we've got to find more gems, right?
Fine, let's do it then.
The name's Major James Panyk, by the way. Test pilot and astronaut for the United States Air Force. And up until fifteen minutes ago I was going to be the first man to set foot on any of Earth's three moons.

Robert Kain
02-21-2006, 11:33 PM
Kain stood there dumbfounded once more. * Three moons? *Earth didn't have three moons! *What was this guy smoking? *For once he was beginning to believe this whole inter-dimensional roller coaster ride could actually be real. *It would most certainly explain the weird looking dot creature. *Kain had been all over the galaxy and not once did he ever see anything that looked like that. *For now he would humor these people, what could he possibly lose? *Those two plasma pistols found their way back into their holsters as two main questions arose in his mind.

"I've been from one end of the galaxy to the other and back. *And seeing as how my Earth doesn't have three moons, this whole magical rock garbage might actually be true. *I've only got two questions then. *One...If and when we ever return to our own dimensions, would we be placed back in the exact spot we left? *You see I ask this because I imagine for me thats in the middle of space outside the orbit of Saturn a midst a whole lot of ship debris right now...And two, you mentioned time travel...So conceivably I could travel to my own dimension only at an earlier time? *Theres a whole race of really nasty things I'd like to make not exist..."

The whole prospect of time travel was like a beacon of hope to Admiral Kain. *With one well placed explosive on the Reik homeworld a good 100 million years before their evolution, he could make it so those damn scaly bastards never even existed. *Mankind would have been free to expand to the stars unhindered and unharmed. *Whatever happened to him as a result of that time change would be insignificant if the human race was never enslaved or attacked by the Reik.

02-22-2006, 06:50 AM
"I cannot send you back. Through your own actions you were drawn here weather to avoid a final fate or through wonder or greed. I do not understand why these traits were considered good but the fragments have become one with you and you are part of this."

"WHAT! OH THAT'S JUST GREAT, ISN'T IT!" Trickle yelled at traveller.

"And to think. I though you were the brains of the operation. But you haven't got a clue, don't you? You're stuck here like the rest of us." He continued.

"Hey Blaster boy?" he called out to Kain, "You seem like the smartest one of the bunch, so far. Have you got a world almanac for this planet Hillbilly, I think you called it. I've got some catching up to do. You better get one with pictures and small words if we're going to have to explain the situation to the rest of these idiots."

"OH NO!" Trickle gasped, "They probably don't accept my Gloovian Express card here. I knew I should have brought my reefing Visa card!"

Trickle started stomping around pouting to himself, mumbling something about credit card companies and their association with the lower planes of existence.

Finally, he turned to the group and said, "Well, we should probably do what the Silver Surfer says and start looking for the crystals."

Tuning to Traveller,"DO YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THAT, AT LEAST?"

Jason Sanborn
02-22-2006, 09:17 AM
Semual didn't know what to make of the situation. The fact was, he was in the middle of some unknown desert, on some unknown alternate earth, with a bunch of what seemed to be crazy people, and, er, things. Semual first responded to Trickle.

Look, Dot. Lay off of her! We're all in the same boat here. Why don't we all look at this as a great new adventure? It's obvious we're going to have to work together, whether we want to or not.

Semual looked at Kain, a little intimidated by him.

Magic does exist. I'm a wizard. Well, apprentice, actually. But that's another story.

Semual picks up the spell book and staff.

I know a little bit about magic, and I'm sure that we can get through this. I don't know about you guys, but the first thing I'd like to do is get out of this heat!

Semual points to the city of Palm Springs in the distance.

There's some kind of oasis over there. Maybe we can find some shade there.

02-22-2006, 03:29 PM
"The crystal fragments will guide us."

Traveller's voice remains calm but her tension is visible. She gives Semual a greatful look then begins walking towards the oasis.

"Can someone explain this black rock to me and any other details of this world that might be relevent?"

Baron Banter
02-22-2006, 05:13 PM
Again Oklahoma smirks when Karen starts buttering him up.

Of course muffin. I know you're no old widow.

Oklahoma was pleased with himself. It usully took longer with the ladies to succumb to his charms. This one was falling all over herself for him he thought.

He returned to listening while Semual was talking.

Yeah we could go there and find a radio or newspaper. That'll tell us what's going on.

Walking along the side of the road, he answered Traveler's question about the black rock.

That's a road and if you don't walk along the side you won't see tomorrow.

Then he remembered the cars were smaller now.

Well they might break now but they were huge where I came from.

02-23-2006, 05:23 AM
"As for where we will be returned, I cannot say for sure. Perhaps the gem will return to the god who had it once repaired and he can guide you home. Though he'll probably confuse you more theh this situation does. Or this world does me. This road thing and those strange armored horses."

Moves to the side of the road and continues walking.

"And this newspaper thing. Is it like a herald? Even then would be simply not be best served by visiting a tavern and learning the local concerns there?"

Robert Kain
02-23-2006, 08:17 AM
The Admiral looked over the crowd once more. *Bunch of primitive little kids. *Not one of them could be over the age of 30. *Not only would he have to play babysitter, but he'd have to play babysitter to a bunch of backwards primates, half of which didn't seem to have a single clue about modern technology. *Kain then looked down at the little red dot that addressed him.

"Blaster boy? *Son I'm old enough to be the father of every last one of these kids. *You call me blaster boy again and they'll be moping up whatever chocolatey goodness resides in that shiny little shell of yours."

His attention then drew to Semual's comments about magic and his status as an apprentice wizard.

"Right kid, you're a wizard. *And I'm a fracking unicorn. *You carry around your little book and pretend all you want but when the stink hits the fan I'll stick to my good old 33rd century guns."

He then looked towards the Traveller. *The only one of the bunch with any hint of whats going on, and she was about as clueless as the rest of the group.

"Honey those are called automobiles. *They're a form of transportation. *Think of it like a horseless carraige powered by machines. *They aren't armored vehicles and I don't imagine one would provide much protection if you shot at it. And if you want to walk into a bar dressed like that and try to learn about this backwater planet, go right ahead. *But you'll draw more laughs than answers. *Either way I'm not about to walk 30 miles in the desert to get to this city..."

And so Kain would step out into the middle of the road, his right hand unholstering one of his plasma pistols and pointing its barrel skywards. *He would stand there waiting for the next car to come driving down the road. *And then he saw it. *A rather large sport utility vehicle. *It was perfect. *Kain would wait for it to grow closer before he compressed the trigger of his plasma pistol and let a single shot rip loose over the roof of the car. *The panicked driver pounded on the brakes and the suv skidded to a stop in front of the Admiral. *With his gun now aimed at the driver he moved over towards the door opening it with his left hand. *And grabbing the man with his technologically enhanced arm, he tossed him 30 feet across the desert floor. *Kain sat in the driver's seat closing the door behind him and looking at the controls of this primative rust bucket. *It was designed simply enough. *How much could the controls of an automobile changed in the last 1200 years? *He rolled down the window then and yelled to the crowd.

"Alright....everyone pile in..."

(I don't know how well this'll work, but I thought it be the most logical thing to do considering they're in a desert. *That and I just wanted Kain to jack a car. *So we'll see how it goes.)

Maj. James Panyk
02-23-2006, 09:28 AM
**As the eyepatch wearing man *fired towards the oncoming car Panyk pulls his own weapon free from the duffle bag that he kept it in. He aims the weapon towards the older soldier as he strides towards the hijacked vehicle.**

Get away from the car! We're not stealing someone's car just because it's convenient! I don't know what things are like on Saturn, but here we have laws. We also know the difference between right and wrong. This is wrong. So get your 33rd century behind out of that car and lets not cause any more trouble than we have to, old man.

Baron Banter
02-23-2006, 10:54 AM
Some newspapers are called Heralds.

He tries to think of some way to describe it.

Its a peice of paper that has all the current events written on it.

The idea of a tavern does appeal to him.

Yeah we could go to a clipjoint. If we knew where one was.

Then Kain hijacks the car to Oklahoma's astonishment and then Panyk pulls the gun.

Put the gat away. He buzzed him already. Don't be a pill and get in the car.

Oklahoma stops at the door.

Or we could just leave ya here. We gotta blow now.

Jason Sanborn
02-23-2006, 11:36 AM
Semual watched dumbfounded at Kain used some kind of magic rod to stop the horseless carriage. Imagine! A horseless carriage! Growing up on the streets, though, taught him the value of occasional thievery. He looked over at Traveller.

I say we take that man's suggestion and use the horseless carriage. Personally, I'd like to know what kind of magic allows that carriage to move on it's own.

02-23-2006, 11:57 AM
Karen looks at Panyk confusedly and nods slowly as Kain refutes him. *Earth certainly didn't have three moons, and the war with the Moon Men had been concluded nearly seventy years ago... how strange.

Favoring Oklahoma with a smile - 'This is almost _too_ easy,' she thinks to herself - she listens to the debate continue, finally resolved by Kain's guns.

She watches in wry amusement as Kain goes about stealing one of the larger steam carriages she'd seen... or 'cars' as these people kept calling them. *What strange people. *Didn't they know that cars were parts of trains? *Oh well.

Seconding Oklahoma - to the best of her ability, given his strange vernacular - she says to Panyk, "Oh come now, be practical!"

Smirking at Semual's comment, Karen replies, "The magic of Science!" and giggles - with a slight hint of megalomaniacal villain laugh tossed in.

Robert Kain
02-23-2006, 01:07 PM
Kain looked over and watched as the astronaut drew his primitive weapon and leveled it off at his head. *With an immediate response Kain rested the barrel of his plasma pistol on the door of the car and pointed it at Panyk. *What the hell did this kid wish to accomplish with that pea shooter? *

"Kiddo I don't come from Saturn, I was born on Earth. *Except on my Earth people like you and me are enslaved by 7 foot tall reptilian monsters from a very unfriendly part of the galaxy. *I have watched these things kill everyone and anyone I have ever come to know and love in my life. *I watched helplessly as they killed my entire family before my very own eyes. *I have stared directly into the eyes of these things and killed them with my bare hands. *And I have seen things that would make you crap your pants and crawl back into your mother's womb. *So don't sit here and try and lecture me on right and wrong. I'll do whatever the frack I please because whatever trouble I get in to from stealing this car pales in comparison to anything I have experienced.. And if you think I'm going to back down because of that little cap gun you're aiming at me, you better pray to whatever God you believe in because your time on this world is going to be very short. *Now I don't know about you, but seeing as we're in the middle of the desert with no water, 30 miles away from this city with the sun beating down on us, I'm taking this car and I'm driving down this road. *If you want to die of dehydration before you even make it halfway there, be my guest. *So you can either put down your slingshot and hop in, or you can walk your little carcass to this city and drop dead on the way there."

Kain would simply sit there in the SUV with his aim trained on Major Panyk awaiting his response. *All that mattered to Admiral Kain was getting back to his own universe and continuing the fight to save mankind, and as of this moment, Panyk was only slowing that down.

02-23-2006, 05:42 PM
Looks at the soldier's second battle of male egos begins. She sighs and debates if these cars were safe. Kino gives a glance to Semual hoping he has some understanding of what Kain is ranting about. And spares a worried glance at Karen's laugh.

"I am not brigand nor a horse theif. Compensate this man fairly. He has no part in our troubles and does not deserve to suffer for it. And put your wands away. This is not the time or place."

Walks over to check on the tossed man and finds him dazed.

"If you think your suffering makes you special old man, then age does not grant wisdom. If you think that kind of hike is beyond your skills, then your world is weak."

"Semual, can you heal this man?"

02-23-2006, 06:30 PM
"All Right!" Trickle yelled at Kain, "That beats walking. But I agree with the Injured.....what is your name, anyway. While we're on the subject, who the Kop are you people?"

"My *name is Trickle. I started life as an Engineer/Inventor. I struck it rich with a few gizmos I invented. Now I collect rare artifacts and travel."

"Right! That's done. Now, back to what I was saying. We don't need to steal the car, but now that we've got it, take the cracked one with us and give him back the car when we get into town. Once we're there, we can get another one; A BETTER ONE!"

"Oh, and by the way, Mr. Blaster. Is that better? I may not be old enough to have children as I am only 76 and still in my youth, but I believe I'm quite a bit older than you."

02-24-2006, 02:35 AM
Karen's ebullient mood dampens as the Traveller brings up the issue of the bystander's plight. *The Unseen Eye's bylaws state quite specifically that if the property of innocent bystanders must be appropriated to further a plot, that said bystander must be taken as a hostage along with their property, which must be returned to them when no longer needed.

"Um, yes, bring him along," Karen seconds, with (for the first time) genuine meekness, "And we should give him this... car back when we're done with it, like the candy said."

In response to Trickle's question, Karen announces, "I am Karen Arkham, woman of Science!" *She unfortunately doesn't have the room in the car to strike the pose that she's practiced in front of the mirror so many times.

02-24-2006, 06:16 AM
((Hey Captain Kill, Hal & Logan are several thousand years old... *Of course they don't look it. ;) ))

Hal raised his hand.
Ummmm... *So with all these rock thingys...
This isn't another adventure is it?
Cause I'm really tired right now I don't think I'm up for another one of these.
Ptew! *Logan said nodding to Hal's remark as he spit out some sunflower seeds.

Jason Sanborn
02-24-2006, 05:33 PM
Semual walks over to Traveller and the wounded man.

I'm an apprentice wizard, not a priest, unfortunately. Maybe there's a priest in the village. We might as well use this "car" and go to the village. We can take him with us, and then he can go to a priest in his village for healing.

Semual looked at the others for a moment, then back to Traveller.

Are you sure we can trust them?

02-24-2006, 07:46 PM
"Trust! Who cares about that!" Said Trickle from the passenger seat of the large SUV.

"If I'm right, then we're stuck together. Ask the space cadet, over there" he said, pointing at Traveller. "No offense, by the way," he directed at Maj. Panyk.

"So come on in or you'll miss the red dot sale!"

With that, he leaned back in the chair, put his feet up on the dash, and cranked up the tunes. Unfortunately, Air Supply was on the radio.

02-25-2006, 05:03 AM
With a nod, Traveller began pulling the man back to his comendered vehicle. She sighed as the strange red thing began speaking again unsure what he ment by a space case but suspecting it was insultive.

"The strange little monster is correct. But we will have to learn to trust each other or we will fail."

She pulled herself and the former driver inside.

"You may call me Kino or Traveller. I am trained in wilderness survival, archery, stealth, and have been gifted by the gods to guard their items. Repair them now I guess."

Maj. James Panyk
02-25-2006, 08:37 AM
**Stealing a car. Panyk wonders how he had gone from being the U.S.'s, heck even the world's, premeire astronaut, from being the first man in history to set foot on a celestial body, to helping others steal cars and beat up civilians. Kain's story does strike a cord with the Major, but only to remind him how far people can fall when faced with such overwhelming adversity. It shows the astronaut how far he could fall on this quest for crystals. He lowers his weapon and puts it back into his duffle bag.**

No, you guys go ahead. I'll walk.

**A glimmer of something fades into existance over his left shoulder and hovers there.**

Maybe we're just going to have to go down seperate paths to find this-

**Crystal. The same crystal that impacted Panyk's capsule appears beside him, without him noticing. But the light it releases is noticed. Panyk turns to look at the source of this glow just as the light consumes him and sends him off on the seperate path that he mentioned, even thought it's not the path that he meant. When the light fades Panyk and his crystal are gone.**

Baron Banter
02-27-2006, 01:42 PM
Oklahoma is sitting in the passenger seat and looks over at all the dials. He recognized the speedometer but the rest of it looked like a bunch of gibberish.

Do you even know how to drive this thing?

He looks at Panyk

Will you just get in the...

And he was gone. He looked at Kain

What did you do?

02-28-2006, 03:42 PM
Karen climbs into the car, curious about what she just saw. *"As impressive as that would be, I don't think the 'Admiral' here actually did anything to his fellow spaceman," she comments, sliding into one of the rows of seats, next to Traveller. *"He's not injured too badly, is he?" she asks her only fellow female.

Jason Sanborn
02-28-2006, 05:08 PM
Semual followed Kino into the horseless carriage. One of the first thing's he noticed once inside was how much cooler it was inside the horseless carriage as opposed to the blazing sun.

Wow! There must be incredible magics at work here. This metal beast is actually cooler inside than outside!

After a moment of shock, he realizes that others are introducing themselves.

Oh, yeah. My name's Semual Eldenbarr. As I said before, I'm an apprentice wizard. Before that, though, I grew up on the streets, so I have a few skills I learned from that experience.

Robert Kain
02-28-2006, 06:27 PM
Kain looked over as Major Panyk vanished from sight. *The fact that the guy up and left wasn't a big deal to him. *The last thing he needed was some self righteous kid holding him back from his duty. *All that mattered to Kain was getting back to his own dimension, and it would go a whole lot quicker now that the boyscout was gone.

Admiral Kain sat in the driver's seat of the SUV. *It was quite a bit different than the automobiles of the 33rd century, but he figured it couldn't be hard to get this primitive bucket of rust going. *He looked over the controls once more. *Easy enough, steering wheel, two pedals, one most likely stop and the other go, and few gauges on the dashboard in some old units of measurement. *He did recognize the kilometers per hour written under the archaic "mph" symbol. *Probably some backwards unit of measurement. *His eyes then fell to the shifter of the car. *He noticed the gauge had 3 options: "R," "D," and "N." *Whatever these symbols meant, he had no idea, but Kain imagined the car had to be in one of these three options in order to go. *The Admiral would turn to Oklahoma then in response to his question about Kain's driving ability.

"I was the Admiral aboard a one hundred mile long intergalactic battle cruiser. *I think can handle driving some hilly billy tin can automobile."

He then turned to Semual. *As long as everyone was introducing themselves, Kain thought he might as well too.

"My name is Admiral Robert Kain. *And up until about an hour ago I was the commanding officer aboard the United Earth Defense Coalition's Flagship, the Leviathan. *I've been fighting wars all my life. *So if something needs killing or just to be plain old blown into oblivion, I got it covered. *Anyway...crank up the tunes dot man...time to ride..."

And with that Kain shifted the car into "R," *assuming it mean run or something along those lines. *He shoved his foot down on one of the pedals, which just so happened to be the gas pedal. *The SUV went racing backwards down the road swerving and weaving as Kain wasn't prepared for such an event. *After about 100 yard of driving in reverse, he mashed the brake pedal, the SUV skidding to a stop and thrusting everyone forward.

"Frack....um....lets try that again..."

And with that comment Kain would switch it to "D," mashing down the gas pedal once more and speeding off in the right direction down the road. *He watched as the needle of the speedometer rose. *There were still speed limits in his time, but they were about the equivalent of 250 miles per hour. *Traffic flowed fast when cars flew through the air instead of on these black roads. *And so thinking nothing of it, Kain began to push the SUV as hard as it could go, speeding into the city limits of Palm Springs. *Kain would speed through red lights and weave in and out of traffic pushing 90 miles and hour. *The SUV would skid around corners, barely staying on the road as the two wheels of one side would lift into the air. *All this time not knowing how highly illegal all this was in the current dimension they were stranded in.

"So.....where are we going anyway?"

02-28-2006, 06:50 PM

02-28-2006, 06:50 PM
"I do not be-whoah!"

Traveller when flailing back and forth at Kain's driving.

"I-First protect me. This is worse then-ow-a crazed horse."

02-28-2006, 08:20 PM
Karen, having had the presence of mind to strap herself into one of the steam carriage's strangely designed and flimsy safety harnesses before Kain's little experiment, isn't tossed about as badly as the others, though the seatbelt ends up digging uncomfortably into her neck. *She instinctively reaches an arm around Traveller to keep her from being bounced about like a ragdoll and begins ranting in Kain's direction.

"You imbecile! Don't you know how to operate a steam carriage!? *Get on the left side of the road, for George's sake! *Slow down! *RED MEANS STOP, YOU INCOMPETENT BUFFOON!"

Jason Sanborn
03-02-2006, 01:44 PM
Semual put his hands forward, holding the seat in front of him as he bounced, unsecured in the back seat. Not only that, but he screamed, loudly. The scream only lasted a moment before becoming extremely car sick, and vomiting on his legs and the floor in front of him. Of course, the vomit also nicely concealed the fact that he had also urinated on himself in the fear he experienced. If he weren't so sick and so terrified, he'd probably be embarassed at this very moment. Some wizard he was turning out to be.

03-03-2006, 05:07 AM
Kino looked up as she was grabbed. She had to push down her first reaction to fight back before she was greatful that she was no longer tumbling in the vehicle.

"Thank you. As I said I beleive the former controler of this thing will be fine. Providing our travel does not kill him. As for where the major went, I have no clue. I was only given a quick summary from the avatar of the two great gods of my planet and he isn't known for straight answers."

She glares at Kain.

"Here will do. We are no longer in the desert but this city with its strange metal formations and multicolored lanterns. We've no more need for such knave like actions."

And lately looks over at D.

"Sir, you've not said much aside from disbeleif or that you wer drugged. I assure you this is not the effect of any potion and we are quite real. What is your name?"

03-03-2006, 07:31 AM
Trickle started singing along to the song that just happened to be playing on the radio at the time.

"Whoooooooooo are you? Who, who. Who, who"
"I said, I really want to know"
"Whoooooooooo are you? Who, who. Who, who"
"I said, who the **** are you?"

His body was bobbing from side to side in beat with the music and his feet tapping against the dash.

Robert Kain
03-03-2006, 01:41 PM
Kain sped through the streets like a psychopath, treating the SUV like a formula one race car when he heard the Traveller speak.

"All right, we'll stop here then."

At that moment Kain pounded on the brakes, large black skid marks rubbing off on the road as the SUV slid across the tar paved street and began to spin around in circles. *Everyone in the vehicle would be jerked to one side as the automobile spiraled about and eventually came to a stop popping up over a curb. *Kain would look around a bit trying to figure out how to shut the car off. *Then, noticing the key in the steering column, he gave it a twist and yanked it out. *The engine of the car died as steam poured out from under the hood. *And the car would sit there half on the road and half on the sidewalk with smoke billowing up from its engine. *It was obviously overheated, Kain was pushing this thing like a race car. *The Admiral exited the car and shut the door behind him, taking a good look at the smoking engine.

"Well these primitive monkeys sure don't know how to make automobiles.."

He then leaned down into the window and looked over the group once more before coming to a conclusion.

"What do you suppose we should do with the walking piece of candy? *These backwards hillbillies probably haven't even landed on Mars yet. *The sight of this little guy will freak them out and cause a panic..."

03-03-2006, 01:52 PM
"Candy? CANDY! What the reef are you talking about? Do I look like a reefing Mercury Bar or something?" Trickle yelled.

"Just to let you know, in case you were getting any ideas, that there is a very good chance that I'm poisonous to you. Have you thought of that?" he continued.

Jason Sanborn
03-03-2006, 09:48 PM
Semual was oblivious to the conversations going on around him. All he knew was that the horseless carriage had finally stopped. Semual quickly climed out and collapsed onto the scalding hot white sidewalk. He wanted to say something in relief, but lacked the strength. He was extremely pale, and still suffering from motion sickness.

Across the one-way street from where they had stopped was a large Hyatt Regency Hotel (http://palmsprings.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp).

((We're in the heart of Downtown Palm Springs. Plenty of places to eat and shop, with a hotel here for kicks. Semual is going to need help walking for a bit, and definately needs someplace cool to sit down. ;)))

03-13-2006, 09:10 PM

"Wait! Something is different!" Said Trickle as he sat upright in the now stopped SUV.

"I don't know what, but I think the world around us just underwent a radical change. I don't think the crystals did anything, our cryptic friend can probably confirm that, but something is not right. It seems as if the world itself turned upside down. All the colours look sharper, but nothing seems familiar." He hypothesized.

"BRRRRRRACCCCCCCKKK! Excuse me." He said felling a bit embarrassed. :redface:

"Either we've undergone some trans-dimensional molecular shift, or that bean burrito I got at that drive through place was a mistake."

03-14-2006, 09:58 AM
Silent, the kid looked around and realized the candy wasn't that wrong. The colors seemed slightly different... not that it helped him any in his current situation. And it definitely didn't ease the smell of Semual's antics... the vomit and urine wasn't making it any easier to stay inside of that old junk of a car.

He turned around and noticed Traveller was still looking at him.

"Sir, you've not said much aside from disbeleif or that you wer drugged. I assure you this is not the effect of any potion and we are quite real. What is your name?"

"My name?" Answering a question with another question was not nice at all, but what was he supposed to tell them? He didn't even know what was going on, or why in all heaven he jumped into that stolen car. He would be getting into prison. Even worse, he would get killed just because he was hanging with the wrong crowd.

"You can call me 'D'..." He said. Of course that wasn't his name, just a stupid letter, but what was he supposed to tell them? All he wanted was to find a phone and call home. He would find his way back out of this lunacy.

03-14-2006, 08:55 PM
"It is nice to meet you Dee. You may call me Kino or Traveler. Now that we have stopped, perhaps you can help me with something. I fear many of us stand out a great deal and your clothing is similer to the man who had this strange metal horse. Can you help us blend in?"

She gives a small smile and recalls what she'd been told by her mentor. Don't stand out especially if there are reasons for people to call trouble towards you.

03-15-2006, 06:07 AM

"I don't think anybody is going to be looking at you with me around. And it's not because I am devastatingly handsome and have a beautifully shiny shell, but because I seem to look like some kind of local confection!" Trickle shivered at the thought and looked nervously at Kain mumbling "cannibal" under his breath.

Looking around, Trickle had an idea. "Hey! Look at all those people coming out of the mall. They're carrying all sorts of stuff. I could hide in one of those bags! How much can one of those bags hold? I weigh 100 regs. Oh! None of you seem to have understood that. Well..." he then hops on Kain's lap and says, "that's what 100 regs feels like. Can you manage?"

03-15-2006, 09:23 AM
The kid studied Kino's eyes as she asked him for help. Trickle's words rang in the background, but there was not much attention to pay to his raving. But Kino... she had been very kind to the kid ever since he realized he was lost in the middle of nowhere. Still, she was the most demented of them all. Her story about the gems and her weirdness about Gods and different realities had the young man completely freaked out. And now, she was asking for help.

"You want me to blend with the people around here?" The kid looked around and things seemed a little familiar, but not entirely. The guys were wearing their pants down their butts, showing some weird boxers and the haircuts and colors were just so wrong. "Do you really think I will blend with these people?" The kid's jeans were tight, his hair cut was short on the back and real big up front. No doubt he was stuck in the 80's, too bad he hadn't realized this wasn't his time, either.

Robert Kain
03-15-2006, 07:10 PM
Kain began to survey the scene around him a bit. Apparently his driving display had attracted the attention of quite a few passer-bys. This was something he could do without, especially with the gang of wizards and the talking peanut travelling with him. He listened as the Traveler asked D for his aid in helping the group bend in.

"Lady I don't know if you noticed, but this kid is just about as out of place here as the rest of us. And no offense kid (he turned to D now) but I wouldn't be caught dead in the getup you're wearing."

That was when he was pounced on by the giant talking candy thing.

"Yeah I can manage. But if I were to say, accidentally drop you on that shiny little shell of yours, I just want you to know I tried everything in my power to save you...Really....Anyway we've been attracting some unnecessary attention so I say we take the walking peanut's advice and get on over to that mall."

03-20-2006, 02:47 AM

Karen looks to Kaine and asks curiously, "What is a mall?" She looks over at the mall. "That's a mall? What a strange edifice. How Colonial."

Karen is still more than a bit disoriented from Kain's wild ride, despite being slightly more prepared for it than some of the others, thanks to prior wild rides in her fellows' mad inventions. She also looks as if she's having trouble breathing, mainly because she is. "A little help here..." she gasps, hand raised, before succumbing to the constricting effects of her badly-jostled corset and passing out.

03-20-2006, 05:58 PM
Kino flicked a knife from her pack and moved over to Karen. She owed the other girl and was trying to figure what had dropped her. It looked like some strange restraint was hidden on her chest.

Traveler slipped her knife under the restraining device and cut it not touching the other girl's skin.

03-20-2006, 10:25 PM

"Ugh! Is that what you guys look like under there? No wonder you walk around all covered up." :sick:

"You guys look like half-melted candles, or like something a poor artist left unfinished."

03-21-2006, 02:53 AM


Karen quickly scurries away and rolls to cover whatever skin was revealed by Traveller's rescue. She coughs and stands up with her back to the group, large pieces of corset falling out as she smoothes her blouse down.

"I'll have you know I've had ...a few... gentleman suitors," Karen says indignantly, flipping a stray strand of hair back into place and generally not quite succeeding at sounding haughty and confident.

Her clothing back to some semblace of presentability, Karen turns back to the group. "Erm... thank you," she says to Kino, blushing and shrinking back slightly, then forces herself back to upright posture and looks thoughtful. "Are there places of commerce in a 'mall'? Perhaps we can find a tailor that will outfit us properly. Though in exchange for what..." She glances toward the hapless bystander whose car they jacked and asks casually, "Do you carry coin?"

Jason Sanborn
03-21-2006, 10:10 AM
Semual was oblivious to the conversations going on around him. All he knew was that the horseless carriage had finally stopped. Semual quickly climed out and collapsed onto the scalding hot white sidewalk. He wanted to say something in relief, but lacked the strength. He was extremely pale, and still suffering from motion sickness.

Across the one-way street from where they had stopped was a large Hyatt Regency Hotel (http://palmsprings.hyatt.com/hyatt/hotels/index.jsp).

((We're in the heart of Downtown Palm Springs. Plenty of places to eat and shop, with a hotel here for kicks. Semual is going to need help walking for a bit, and definately needs someplace cool to sit down. ;)))

The ground that Semual had collapsed on was extremely hot. After a few moments, the pain of the heat, and the slight recovery from the motion sickness, gave Semual the strength to slowly move to his feet. He looked around as if dazed. Not fully understanding what was going on, he staggered towards the mall. All he knew was that it was a building of some kind, which meant out of the sun. He only hoped it would mean out of the heat as well.

The man who's car was jacked was still disoriented from the experience, and extremely frightened. Not knowing what else to do, he pulled out his wallet and tossed it towards the ground in front of Karen.

"Take it! Don't kill me!" he pleaded.

Inside the wallet would be several plastic cards and some wads of green paper. There were a few cards that said "Visa" with a series of numbers, and one that said "American Express." In addition, there was something called a "Driver's License." The green paper had different numbers on them. There were four that said "1", 1 that said "5", 2 that said "10", 4 that said "20" and 2 that said "100."

03-22-2006, 09:20 AM
Oklahoma looked at the injured man.

Who said anything about knocking you off? But we thank you for the dinero.

03-22-2006, 05:52 PM
Kino gave a slight glare as her comrades resorted to more robbery. She then turned and looked at the fragments of the corset.

"A strange restraining device. Though I do see how it would be effective in keeping someone from trying to escape. Restrictive of most physical exertion."

03-22-2006, 07:09 PM

Trickle was looking in the back of the SUV for something to hide in, when he saw the Gym bag. It was Perfect! He unzipped the bag, emptied the contents in the back and hopped in. He zipped up the top and left himself a little space for air and to see what was going on.

"Hey! I'm ready, let's go already!" he yelled.

03-23-2006, 04:42 AM
Karen snaps up the wallet greedily, and flips through the contents, but then withers under Kino's stare and slips it into a pocket. "I only asked if he had any, I didn't threaten him at all," she protests halfheartedly, "He just threw it at us."

That unpleasantness over with, she picks up a piece of the remains of her corset, then tosses it away. "Fashion, actually. I wasn't expecting a trek through a desert today."

03-28-2006, 04:57 PM
Kino sighs and jogged over to Semual.

"I fear we may be the only moral ones here."

Jason Sanborn
03-28-2006, 09:19 PM

Semual was standing just inside the mall entrance, looking around in awe. The air inside the mall was much cooler than outside, and the cool air was already helping Semual recover from the recent experience. When Kino caught up to him, he looked over at her in shock for a moment. He was an apprentice and a thief. Not someone who would generally be considered moral. But if that is what she wanted to believe, who was he to argue differently.

Of course, my master always tried to teach me morals.

That was true enough. Semual conveniently left out the part that he wasn't a very good student.

I think we can find clothes in here. I think that is a tailor over there.

Semual pointed to a women's clothing store just ahead and to the left. He didn't realize that the store only specialized in one gender, and there was a men's clothing store a little farther in the mall, currently out of sight.

04-11-2006, 06:47 PM
Kino noded and walked into the woman's clothing store. She looked around a bit and wondered just how soft this world was. Most of these outfits were indecent and none looked fit for hard traveling. She hoped the others were having an easier time.

04-12-2006, 05:26 PM
((A coupla quick NPCs, hope youse don't mind. ;) ))

:: A young woman dressed in said indecent outfit bounced over to where Kino was sifting through the racks. ::

HI! I didn't know the Renaisance Festival was going on this week! I'm Sandy, can I help you find something in your size? Oooo! Girl, this is SO your colour! You should try it on! Here, I'll start a fitting room for you.

:: Snatching up a few items that looked a little on the tiny side even for Kino's small frame, the sales girl bounced away, jabbering non-stop. The girl's poor co-worker, a rather weary-looking person, looked pointedly at Semual.::

Can I help you? Quick tip: always buy everything a size smaller than you think your girlfriend is.

Robert Kain
04-12-2006, 09:06 PM
Kain walked into the mall looking about at all the stores and people. He wandered around for a moment before coming to a stop in front of a men's clothing store.

"Backwards monkeys...They actually dress like that?"

Kain decided it wasn't his style, and so he began to walk about the mall a bit more, surveying the scene. He stopped on front of another shop with the sign "Hot Topic" displayed across the entry way. He took one step in the door before stopping dead in his tracks. What in the hell was this? A horror show convention? Everyone was dressed in black with massive platform shoes looking like characters from old Earth horror movies. He exited this store as fast as he possibly could. That was when some guy ran up to him, a salesman of some sorts apparently. He asked him if he wanted to sign up for some "cell phone" plan. Kain kind of looked at the man cock-eyed and walked away. A cell sized telephone? What was this monkey blabbering on about? This entire place was insane. It was then that Kain caught the smell of food. He hadn't eaten in nearly a day. And so he began to walk off towards the food court.

04-13-2006, 01:24 PM

Trickle didn't dare laugh at Kain's obvious confusion over the locals, as he was just as confused.

Hanging around in a backpack carried by a maniac like Kain wasn't the way he was used to travelling, but it was a lot better than being dissected by these morons (look at girl in platform shoes).

Kain finally made a sensible move by heading towards the food. "Good move, Kain. I could use some more food. Those burritos have gone straight through me and I'm starving."

04-13-2006, 07:00 PM

Karen eyes the merchandise in the women's clothing store with trepidation. Back in her world, only primitives from the deep jungle and far-off islands like Bikini wore such minimal garments. She watches Kino get snatched up by one of the store clerks, gulps, and slips away, following Kain until he gets to the Hot Topic, which appeared to have at least some presentable long dresses. Still...

Karen feels a pang of guilt leaving Kino to the tender mercies of that store of barbarians. Rolling her eyes at herself, she heads back into the store and looks for Traveller. When she passes Semual she gives him a stern, offended look and continues looking through the store for Kino, unprepared for any salespeople that might be veering her way.

When she finds Kino, Karen butts in, "Dear sister, we are running late to meet the" she pauses to think for a moment "airship, and I believe that Father would be most disappointed to find you in this... attire." Only then does she actually bother to look and see if Kino's still in her original clothing.

Robert Kain
04-13-2006, 10:11 PM
Kain was on his way into the food court carrying the giant M&M in a bag with him when he walked past a group of mallrats. They were all in their early twenties, nothing but children compared to Kain. That was when he heard one of them shout:

"Go back to the sci fi convention geek!"

To Kain, this immediately registered to him as an insult, even if he had no idea what this word "geek" meant. And so in one swift motion he grabbed the guy by his shirt, spun him around planting him against a brick wall, and proceeded to aim one of the barrels of his plasma pistols straight in his face. The man was completely stunned by this display, even more so as Kain lifted him up into the air. He was about to snap the little punk's neck when he heard a shout from the side. Kain turned just in time to see three mall security guards heading his way.


Was the only thing he said before dropping the kid to the ground and taking off running through the mall. He dodged and weaved between mall patrons trying to lose the security guards who were close behind.

04-17-2006, 12:59 AM
Kino looked at the garb confused and trying to figure out what a Ren Fair was. She was all but pushed into the changing room and finally to some peace. Studying the garb, Kino twitched a bit before exiting and trying to slink away. It was then that Karen found her.

"Um, right. Yes. Let us go."

Quickly she tossed the clothing away and headed towards the exit.

Jason Sanborn
04-17-2006, 09:53 AM

Semual looked at the woman in shock.

Girlfriend? Um... Well...

He looked around the shop and noticed that there were other women in the shop as well, all looking at him curiously. Apparently he was in the wrong place.

I think... Um...

Semual could feel the heat rise to his face, and quickly turned and walked out of the store, not wanting to suffer further embarassment. He decided to wait outside the store for Kino to come out. When both Karen and Kino emerged, Semual was watching some men run down the mall in the direction of where Kain was.

I think the big guy, um.. Kain I think, is in trouble.

Outside, high sirens could be heard approaching. Semual had no idea what that was signifying, but he doubted any of this was good.

04-18-2006, 10:05 AM

"Ow ow ow ow ow OW OW OW OW OW OW ow ow ow ow ow ow" :mad:

"OW YOU &*$#@!!" :realmad:

04-18-2006, 04:55 PM
"Wonderful. I swear that man is more trouble then he's worth. Think we should let him deal with it alone?"

04-19-2006, 05:38 PM

Karen hears the sirens on the edge of her hearing and frowns at Traveler. "Yes. And that sound you might be hearing is almost certainly the local contabulary." She grabs Kino by the wrist and hurredly guides her towards Hot Topic. "I believe that we are less likely to 'stand out' in this establishment," she suggests before slipping into the racks of gothy clothing, expecting Kino to follow.

04-24-2006, 08:45 PM

Trickle mumbled to himself, debating his next action. He finally came to a decision and yelled, "FINE! I'll save your skin this time. But you owe me one Kain!"

With that statement, Trickle jumped out of the backpack and took off running in the opposite direction from the Admiral. He was jumping up and down, singing out loud, "Look at me! Look at me! Oh whatever can I be? I am small, I am round, I am running on the ground." With that he jumped into a fountain and laughed hysterically, "Whooohoohoo hoohoo Wooo hoohoohoohoo".

All of the people in the mall turned to look at the strange creature. They soon realized that he wasn't a toy. General consensus on what he actually was was split between those who though he was a monster and ran away in terror and those who thought he was a tasty treat and ran after him. Either way, chaos ensued exactly as planned. Trickle hoped the distraction would give Kain time to escape.

He then took off running towards the nearest exit.

Jason Sanborn
04-28-2006, 11:25 AM

Semual was about to reply to Kino when Karen studdenly pulled her into Hot Topic. Deciding it was best to stay out of the way, he quickly followed after the two women.

Wait for me.

Meanwhile, the police arrived outside the mall, where the Crossovers had entered through. The mall was in a complete state of panic. No one knew what was going on, and most of the focus was on the large red M&M running around the mall, in the direction of the hotel entrance. Trickle would see police beginning to enter the hotel from the street as well, although they wouldn't notice him immediately. Trickle also would notice a toy shop to his left, which appeared to be a good place for a walking, talking M&M to hide.

04-29-2006, 03:28 PM
Kino looked at the garments even more preplexed then before. Most seemed almost indecent to her standards and she doubted few would be of use in a fight or a long journey. She looked at Karen and Samual.

"I almost want to stand out over this. Though blending might be better given the screams and obvious trouble being stirred. By the fiery angels, this land is twisted."

04-30-2006, 07:59 PM

As he ran towards the exit, he saw a blur of colors coming from a store just ahead. He saw that it was some kind of a children's toy store.

Feeling inspired, he ducked into the store and tried to blend in with some of the larger items contained therein.

Clearing his mind of all thought, Trickle's face took on the same vacant expression as all the other toys siting on the floor of the toy store.

Robert Kain
05-01-2006, 04:44 PM
Kain was out of options. Every exit in the mall was swarming with police. There was little he could do except attempt to shoot his way out and vaporize every last cop that got in his way. But these guys were just doing their job. Kain didn't want to make their families pay for some misunderstanding. They had no idea Kain was a high ranking military figure torn out of his own reality and into this one. And even if he told them, they wouldn't understand it or even believe it. So, with all the exits blocked, Kain did the last thing he could think of, he went up. Kain took off up the stairs with a line of police following him, ducking around mall patrons along the way, knocking their boxes and packages to the floor in the process. He came towards and outstretched balcony, running towards the railing at full speed. And with a massive leap, he would jump onto a large light fixture which hung over the mall floor. Any mistake at this hight would leave him a bloody mass on the linoleum floor below. Kain climbed up the chains and wires which connected the fixture to the ceiling, making his way towards a large skylight. The police all stood in awe as this middle aged man began to do things olympic gymnasts wouldn't attempt in a right state of mind. And Kain couldn't have done it without his bio-mechanical limbs. The Admiral approached the skylight, and gripping the chain anchoring the fixture to the ceiling, he thrust his entire body upwards and broke through the skylight, letting large chunks of glass fall to the ground below. He landed on his feet on the roof of the mall, taking off running. Hopefully his crime wasn't important enough for them to bring flying units in on this, but in this backwards reality, stealing a piece of fruit could get the death penalty for all he knew.

05-03-2006, 05:54 PM
"I almost want to stand out over this. Though blending might be better given the screams and obvious trouble being stirred. By the fiery angels, this land is twisted."


Karen looks over the choices and rolls her eyes at Traveller. "You would prefer the constable's shackles?" she asks as she checks the strange bank notes in the man's wallet against the numbers attatched to the garments, which she assumed denoted price. "Oooh, this is fascinating! Garments with printed images on them!" She checks how much money the guy had in his wallet against the t-shirt prices. "A woman with the body of an octopus! Dragging a sailor to his doom no less! Fascinating! I wonder if Moreau hybrids exist in this universe... Oooh, explosives... 'Wanna make out? Whatever could that mean... Robot men! yes! I simply must have this!" She's pulled out a pile of three T-shirts by now, and looks over to Kino embarassedly.

"Hmm, I doubt we have time to get their tailor to make adjustments, so..." she pulls one of the 'Wanna make out' shirts off the rack that looks to be about Kino's size and tosses it to her. "See if this fits you. I'm going to go find what passes for proper skirts in this place." She wanders off. "All of these knickers are so short..." she mutters, examining the various legwear available. "Ahh! This will do I suppose," she determines.

"You there! Clerk!" Karen demands of one of the heavily pierced youths working the counter, "Do you have any place where I might examine the fit of these clothes?" The clerk points her toward the changing room in the back disinterestedly, and she enters. A few minutes of confusion later, she emerges, changed into more 'normal' clothes. "Here! Traveller! Try this on back there," Karen suggests, giving Kino a long skirt similar to the one she found and nudging her toward the changing room. "Sam or whatever your name is, you too," she says bossily, handing him black jeans that are probably about twice his size and the robot-men T-shirt. She then goes to pay for her new outfit with her ill-gotten gains, while wearing it.

Jason Sanborn
05-04-2006, 10:38 AM

Semual looked at the jeans and T-shirt in confusion for a moment. He'd never seen garments like these before. As Karen went to pay, he walked into a fitting room. After a moment of struggling, he discovered that the pants would not stay on, no matter what he did, and the shirt was extremely tight. Realizing he needed different sizes, he put his regular clothes back on and went to search the racks.

Finally, he found a pair of black jeans that were only a little long , but fit without needing a belt. For a T-Shirt, he found another black "Robot Man" T-Shirt that was a little oversized. Of course, he was used to loose fitting clothing, so the oversized shirt was normal to him.

I guess I'll take these.

Jason Sanborn
05-04-2006, 10:44 AM
Out of the store, the mall was in chaos as police and bystander alike watch as Kain pulled a bionic man with incredible stunts, and went through a skylight onto the roof of the building. Within moments the police scrambled into action. Six uniformed officers remained behind in the mall, in case Kain came back inside. Another six officers quickly tried to make their way through the access hallways and stairs up to the roof, knowing that Kain would have an incredible start. Several other officers remained outside on the ground, watching the rooftops to see. One of the officers could be heard radioing for a police helicopter, but it would be a few minutes before it arrived.

Forgotten as a result Kain's antics, no one came into the stores looking for Trickle, Karen, Kino or Semual.

05-05-2006, 02:19 PM

Well, it looked like no one was following him any more. He wondered if Kain had managed to get away.

He tried to inch his way towards the window to see if he could get the attention of one of the others.

05-07-2006, 07:39 PM
(dammit. Now, I'm gonna have to find a new avatar.)

Not knowing what the shirt ment, Kino shrugged then grabbed an overshirt to hid her blades and most of her flaming tatoo. She walked into the changing room and switched outfits with a sigh. It might blend but she doubted the durability of these clothes. After adjusting her pack to still leave access to her arrows and adjusting the wrapping around her bow, she emerges and leaves Karen to pay.

"We should be going."

Exiting the shop, she sees a short man in a strange military outfit run past with one hand across his chest. Kino takes note for a moment before starting to look for Trickle. She wanders for a bit before deciding the only option is to ask. But before she can start two youths, one blonde and the other dark haired, dressed like a mix of wannabe rockers crossed with slackers approach her.

"Have you seen a short military dude?" The blonde asks.

"Possible. Have you seen a strange red thing?"

The dark haired youth replies. "Yeah. Ran that way. It was bogus. I nearly tripped over it."

"Thank you. Your strange man ran that way." Kino motions the way she had come from.

The two youths both make air guitar motions and say "Excellent" in unison before rushing off. Kino stands preplexed for a moment before heading on looking for Trickle.

Finally, she spots him in the window and sighs. "You're going to be a few gold aren't you?"

Jason Sanborn
05-11-2006, 03:47 PM
Things begin to calm down as the police chase after the one they believe to be a terrorist. Most of the people in the mall had filtered out into the hot desert sun to watch events unfold. It would be easy for Trickle to sneak out unnoticed to Kino.


Semual saw Kino walk out to find Trickle, and watched as Karen pulled the wads of green paper out to pay.

Do you have enough of that green paper for these outfits?

05-11-2006, 08:14 PM

"Gold? You have gold! Why didn't you say so?" Trickle whispered. Then he started to move his arms and legs like the robot in the display window. He said, "I Love you" to Kino while winking. ;)

05-12-2006, 03:07 PM
Kino sighs then notices the decrease in people around.

"It is like those strange green strips that Karen got. Do you think you can sneak out? There are strange carts around that we can hide you in."

05-14-2006, 06:39 PM

Karen finishes payment, frowns at the vastly reduced number of pieces of green paper, and heads out to look for where Kino went. "Come, Sam," she says, stuffing the bills back into the wallet and into a pocket in the skirt. She idly wonders if those flexible placards she found in the wallet might be of some use as she looks around.

"Ahh, there you are," Karen comments, walking up to Traveller. "And there... you... are," she says, spying the overgrown candy. "So, how much did you sell yourself to this merchant for?"

05-16-2006, 09:45 AM

Trickle managed to sneak out of the store while the clerk was busy looking through his inventory list . For some reason, he didn't have an entry for a giant red M&M Doll that walked and talked. :scratch:

He did manage to grab a plastic bag and a play sword before leaving. :)

He quickly hopped into the closest abandoned cart, jumped into the plastic bag, pointed his sword and said, "To the food courts!" :drool:

Jason Sanborn
05-22-2006, 02:01 PM
((I'll definately need a new avatar for Semual. I'll look later, when I have more time. ;)))



Semual said with confusion, and realized that Karen was talking about him. When he realized she was referring to him, she was already out the door. He quickened his step, following Karen out of the store. He might have changed his shirt and pants, but he still looked odd carrying his master's staff and spellbook.

He caught up to the others, just as Trickle held the sword high and shouted "To the food courts!"

They actually have courts for food here? I've never heard of such a thing.

Nearby a child could be heard telling his mother that he wanted a talking M&M too, and the mother simply hushed the child and hurried past.

05-22-2006, 09:29 PM
"Somehow I suspect that that thing's is the only world where food holds court," Karen replies to Semual's musing. "However, I'm hungry, and we should probably save him until absolutely necessary," she adds with a wry smile as she begins to push Trickle's cart along, "Let's find something to eat."

05-29-2006, 12:31 AM
Kino walks pushing the strange cart with even stranger being inside. "We need to find the fragment damaging this world. Preferablly before things destabilize further. Several of us have vanished and..."

"....in a desperate chase across several rooftops. The man, a suspected terrorist was shot and killed by police earlier. They are asking if anyone has any information about who he was to please contact them."

"....been killed appearantly." She looks around the food court. "What strange wonders this world holds. It is like a giant inn with many barkeeps. Perhaps they know a good rumor to follow?"

Jason Sanborn
05-30-2006, 09:16 AM

Semual looked around the food court in awe. It was practically deserted, thanks to the insanity just a few minutes earlier. The names next to each food consession stand just added to the confusion.

Look. There's a Burger King. That could be why this is called a court, their King is right in the middle of it. Maybe we should talk to the King.

05-30-2006, 08:13 PM

Trickle rubbed his hands together as they entered the food court. Unfortunately he was stuck with the primitives and would have to help them find their way in this confusing place.

"On second thought, it might be fun to watch them fumble around a bit." He said to himself.

"Hey" he said out loud, "push me over to that 'chiiiineeese' restaurant. Something in there smells great!" With that he stuck a finger out of the hole in the bag he had poked out in the direction of the Chinese restaurant.

06-28-2006, 01:22 PM

"Hey! Aren't you paying attention? I SAID CHINESE FOOD!" :evil:

07-16-2006, 09:30 PM
(Given we have many a world, lets get to the plot with a quick scene cut)

After a breif and relatively quiet meal, Kino and the others headed to the nearby hotel to plot their next move.

"I wish I had more answers for you but its not like he imprinted me with knowledge. We should look for more strangeness perhaps, though what is strange for one of us is probably normal here. Samuel, do you have any ideas?"

Jason Sanborn
07-17-2006, 09:15 AM

Semual sat in a soft couch, so soft, he practically sank into the cushions. In one hand, he held onto his finely carved wizard's staff, in the other, he held his spellbook. Both items used to belong to his master, of course, and if his master ever found a way to traverse the dimensions and find him, he'd be in BIG trouble. BIG, BIG trouble.

Of course, he had other concerns at the moment. Like how to get away from this bizarre parallel dimension and get everyone back home. Even if that meant he'd have to live a life on the run from his master.

Um. Well, I suppose I could try a divination spell.

07-22-2006, 07:03 PM

Karen looks up from a tangle of wires that used to be in the bathroom wall, and away from the war footage on TV. "A 'divination spell'? Bah! This problem will be solved through SCIENCE!!!" she proclaims derisively, then rolls her eyes at footage of a naval skirmish. "This world is advanced, but their machines of destruction are so... dull. Hand me that glass sphere," she adds idly, pointing to what used to be the cover of the light fixture in the ceiling. "And I really need to get my hands on one of this world's Babbage Engines - err, 'PCs'."

Jason Sanborn
07-24-2006, 06:45 PM

Semual handed Karen the cover of the light fixture as she requested.

What is this "science," and how can it help us? I'm sure a good divination spell would help us in this situation.

Semual opened the spellbook sitting on the table.

You can find out all sorts of things through divination.