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02-26-2006, 02:24 AM
Lobo on the cover, only he’s not. Batman hitting on Cyblade. A man with three metallic arms in one side who doesn’t lose balance. A feast of weird speeches and one-dimensional characterizations awaits you in each page of this one-shot special!

WARNING: This column contains highly smart-assed comments of which, neither this web site, nor this scriptwriter may be held responsible for. This is the result of a delirious mind which may simply lash out because it feels like it. Any response will be seen under this same light, so feel free to act irresponsibly and say whatever comes to your mind without fearing the consequences.

We’re about to abuse the JLA / Cyberforce #1 one-shot special, so, fasten your seatbelts because this rant begins now.

Writer: Joe Kelly; Penciller: Dough Mahnke; Inker: Norm Rapmund; Editor: Mike Carlin

With this comic book special, you have two choices: buy it or leave it. As easy as it looks, it might not be such a simple choice, because this is the landmark that will be launching the upcoming Cyberforce monthly series next year. But believe me, if this is a show of things to come, they better run faster than Velocity because they’re going to get a mob of mad fans behind!

What was this all about? That’s easy. Two teams, two universes, one highly priced comic book. The famous and the almost forgotten, together for the first time. They join forces because evil, in the shape of cybernetic enhanced zombies controlled by the possessed Ripclaw, former member of Cyberforce, are destroying Budapest. Believe me, this book is filled with surprises, because they actually meet and don’t fight! Wait. They fight a little later… Hmmm… Interesting plot twist. It completely took me by surprise.

Anyway. How can we forget the era of the sexy broken backs, ant like waists and Jim Lee clones? Well, Cyberforce is one of the infamous children of the 90’s; that’s for sure, and they will be back with a vengeance next year. So, turn back the clock a decade and get ready for the all new, all the same Cybeforce! New plot twists have been hinted, like they're not really human beings after all, but the result of alien experiment or something! This is getting weirder than that Dynasty episode about the alien abduction! There’s people already lining up to get this upcoming series. Well, not really, but you get the idea.

Finally, was the book impressive at all? Well, Mahnke’s art is impressive. He definitely likes to draw Velocity and the fact that she looks naked even if she’s fully dressed must really turn him on. As for the storyline, I basically forgot what it was about. So, let’s not dwell on it. Enjoy the art, forget the story. That’s as much as you’ll get. Still, if you want to see Batman hitting on Cyblade and telling her that she could actually be his partner, you have to check this book. Batman has never been this out of character before! Congratulations, Joe Kelly, you made it into a new low.

The score?


Three ews out of five, because the art was pretty.

8) M 8)