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Vampyre Lestat
02-26-2006, 04:49 PM
Review by Jeffrey Neary

If a hero is judged by ones enemies, then Wally West should be elevated higher than Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman combined. This issue is the launch of a new arch within the pages of The Flash, one that pits the villainous rogues vs their redeemed counterparts with the titular hero standing in the middle.

Book: The Flash
Issue No.: 220
Story Title: Rogue War Chapter 1
Company: DC Comics
Writer: Geoff Johns
Penciller: Howard Porter
Inker: Livesay
Colorist: James Sinclair

After the events of Identity Crisis, this title has opted to focus on the fate of the deceased Captain Boomerang. In one corner we have the redeemed and federally marshaled former rogues who are seeking information from the corpse of the boomerang wielding villain. In the other corner we have the Captain’s former comrades, joined by his progeny who has taken his namesake, who are seeking to reclaim his body.

Through this issue Johns has managed to introduce new readers to the cast of characters in such a manner where older readers are not forced to look upon this issue as a mere history lesson. Johns has a unique skill where he manages to move a storyline forward by delving into characterization. However, I am left wondering where Johns is taking us when he tells us through Captain Cold’s dialogue that Owen Mercer is not a speedster, which was clearly the case in the pages of Identity crisis. Is Geoff retconning an element that he finds undesirable, or is this a mystery that will be solved by the end of the arc?

Porter, who has returned to the realm of comics through this series, truly captures the sinister reflections of the black hats while enabling us to see the compassion in the eyes of those who were the white hats. Considering that Mr. Porter’s main challenge is that he has to find new ways to depict a “man running fast