View Full Version : Birds of Prey #80 (18 Apr 2005)

02-26-2006, 03:53 PM
Review by Shiela Tiongco

Hero Hunters - Finale: The Cold Light of Day
W: Gail Simone; A: Ed Benes

"Thorn's been shot!" a devastated Black Canary cries at the end of #79. Indeed, Rhosyn Forrest a.k.a "Rose and Thorn", was shot by a Metropolis Cop as she flew off her bike when it toppled over due to a shot tire, courtesy of Huntress' excellent shooting skills.

Ever since Oracle's move from Gotham, readers are now presented the chance to explore different parts of the DCU from the Birds' perspective. Just like any other city, Metropolis, despite its grand structures, and not to mention home to the Big Blue Boyscout himself, has its share of dirty cops as well - and they are all after Thorn.

Black Canary and Huntress get acquainted with John Mercado, and they want to make sure that things go right, but will all three of them, along with the Metropolis' Finest, be enough to stop the slash-happy Thorn?

Every issue that Gail puts out is considered a treat. From the way each character is presented through their different personalities to how they all take part in advancing the story. Black Canary's charm and humor and Huntress' raw approach provide a superb balance that makes each interaction very entertaining. It is interesting as well, that from what I gather from the stair scene, Huntress could also possibly be rubbing off on Dinah.

If you think this issue only wraps up Rose and Thorn's story, think again. Just when you think that things are mellowing down with the Birds backtracking over previous cases, Gail delivers a blow that I for one, didn't see coming. It's presented in such a way that will take the reader through the roller coaster that is the characters' emotions and realizations.

Let it be noted that this is Ed Benes' last issue on Birds of Prey, and his work on this book will be missed by many. His art is so real, from clothing details to facial expressions, from mannerisms to action sequences. His art never seemed static, it was always moving; as is the perfect compliment to Gail's flowing dialogue.

Thank you for the great work, Ed. We all can't wait for your return on BoP.