View Full Version : A House of M #5 Review (11 Aug 2005)

02-26-2006, 05:44 PM
Review by Kenne Morrison

W: Brian Michael Bendis
P: Olivier Coipel

How do you react when you learn that the world you're living in is false and everything you've always wanted is a fantasy? This is the situation that the Marvel heroes face in House of M. In part 5, more heroes wake up to the lie, and they're not happy! The pooh pooh's about to hit the fan.

When Wanda Maximoff, the mutant Avenger Scarlet Witch, loses her hold on reality, it’s up to the New Avengers and the Astonishing X-Men to decide what to do with her. However, things get out of hand, and a new reality is born. A reality where Magneto became ruler of the world, and Mutants are the darlings. Scott Summers and Emma Frost live a normal life as husband and wife; Peter Parker becomes a superstar wrestler as Spider-Man with a wife, Gwen Stacy, and child; Carol Danvers lives a wonderful life as the greatest super-hero, Captain Marvel; and the Avengers and X-Men don’t exist. These are just a few of the wonders that have taken place in this new House of M.

Last month, a mutant named Layla Miller discovers that she has the ability to restore people’s memories of the world as it’s supposed to be. When Wolverine (who already knows that House of M is wrong) goes rogue from his job as a S.H.I.E.L.D agent, he’s brought to Luke Cage’s human resistance where he discovers that Hawkeye is alive. When Layla Miller restores the human resistance’s memories, Hawkeye is hesitant to have his memories restored. I guess I don’t blame him seeing as how he’d be forced to recall his death and all. Everybody decides to go to Emma’s house to give her a wake-up call. Needless to say, she isn’t happy.

For the first four issues, I’ve been pretty unimpressed with this series. It lacked substance to me. I couldn’t feel the story, but with this issue, that all pretty much changed. This is the issue that rocked and made this series live up to the hype. Why? Because the heroes are awake and they’re having to deal with the pain of having their heart’s desires only to discover that they aren’t real. Spoilers below, I warn you.


Doing a little walk through Layla’s mind, Emma explains to this young girl that she has a unique gift, and it’s within her to bring all the heroes together to try and find a way to restore the world to how it’s supposed to be. Emma assures her that they’ll awake the others together starting with her “husband