View Full Version : Witchblade 87 (16 Aug 2005)

02-26-2006, 06:18 PM
Review by Shiela Tiongco

W: Ron Marz; P: Chris Bachalo; I: Jon Holdredge

Sara Pezzini has been reassigned to One Police Plaza. Needless to say, it would now be more difficult to keep her secret now that she's not under Joe Siry's care.

People die in alleys all the time, but Sara is positive it isn't because of natural causes. A new city, a new boss, a new partner, and even a new pet parrot will not distract the workaholic detective in Sara. First day on the precinct and she's out to investigate a series of deaths that one else even bothered with.

It looks like Ron Marz is making do without the rest of Witchblade's cast. Jake McCarthy is still out of commission, and now the yet to be introduced Samantha Peyroux will be taking over the role of Joe Siry. As a fan of the older stories Witchblade, I can say that I have an attachment to those characters, and will most likely still be hoping to see them in future arcs. However, I fully appreciate Marz's take in giving Sara a whole new playground and better stories. One where there are mysteries, both supernatural and ordinary, that she can solve along with the Witchblade. This time, we find Sara actually thinking and using her skills rather than the past let's-use-the-Witchblade-so-we-can-shred-Sara's-clothing-off days.

The jump from Mike Choi's work to Chris Bachalo was disorienting at first. Sara looked a lot younger and Patrick Gleason looked goofier. But after a while, Chris' work stands out in that charming way where every panel looks natural - like seeing captures of an animated episode of Witchblade rather than seeing panels on paper. The details are excellent; from every nook and cranny of the rooms, to the villain's costume, up to of course, Sara with the Witchblade in full force.

This issue is a good introduction to a new mystery and readers will be presented with a balance of dark mystery and humor.