View Full Version : Infinite Crisis #5

03-03-2006, 01:32 AM
Review by Kenne Morrison

Infinite Crisis #5
Written by: Geoff Johns
Penciled by: Phil Jimenez, Jerry Ordway, & Ivan Reis
Inked by: Andy Lanning, Jerry Ordway & Art Thibert
Colors by: Jaromy Cox, Guy Major & Rod Reis
Letters by: Nick J. Napolitano

It’s Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and the rest of the DC heroes in an infinite crisis of identity-shattering proportions! In the fifth chapter, questions get answered, heroes go missing, and the remaining heroes make their plans to bring the Infinite Crisis to a halt. With just two more chapters to go it remains to be seen just how much will change for the DC universe. Will there even be a universe for DC to recover from? The answer is yes, but it’s more dramatic to think for a second that there might not be.

Okay, let’s see what’s up. The true masterminds behind not only the infinite crisis itself but the events that lead up to the crisis have been revealed. Their plans have been set into motion, and this is the first issue where we get to see what some of the ramifications are for those plans. While I fail to see how this issue was supposed to explain why the DC is jumping one year later this month, this wasn’t a horrible issue. As I said before, we got some answers to questions that had been put forth earlier. There were also a few scenes that tugged a little at the heart string. We had the introduction of a new hero. Not to mention plenty of good action scenes. The only thing that might have been wrong about this issue was that with so much going on that it might be hard to follow everything. You definitely should give this book, perhaps the whole series, at least two or three reads just to get the whole story.

I can give nothing but praise for the art in this issue. It flows nicely considering that there were multiple artists working on the book. The only complaint I can give was that I felt the Lois Lane of Earth-2 was just a little creepy. It was the eyes. They were too wide and wild-looking. BRR! But all in all, this was another fine piece of an exciting story. I just hope that after it’s all over that the rest of the DC universe can maintain that level of excitement and change. I feel this issue deserves a 4.5 stars out of 5.