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Musings of a Mystikal god

This is where I'm going to create character posts to get back into the feel for my character, Mychael the MystikChronicler. All posts will be written IC unless I add OCC: to the front of the blog title.

  1. Where no god should ever tread: Part 1

    The sun set slowly on the horizon, and Mychael couldn't stop staring at the red glow that outlined the mountain range in the distance. "What am I doing here," he asked as he turned towards the house.

    The house. Not his house because he was a wandering god. Exiled from his home and all those he knew. Now he dwelled in a modest house that helped him to hide his true nature. Gone were the days and years of granduer and extravagance. The thatched roof barely kept out the rain ...