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    I don't generally talk about this, as I don't want anyone to feel obligated in any way. The fact is, Quarrels and Quills is hosted on its own dedicated server. I pay for this service each month from my PayPal account. The money comes from side jobs that I've done and a couple other sites hosted here, but that doesn't always cover the full cost. The Google Ads don't really make much at all. This means the remainder comes out of my own personal finances.

    I don't mind paying these costs, but there are times that it does make it tight for me. If you are able to give anything at all to help me offset the costs, that would be greatly appreciated. You can either do one time payments or set up a monthly recurring payment if you have the ability to do so.


    Everything I get from this will always go back into the site. If you cannot help, do not worry about it, just continue to enjoy the site and the friends here. This site is free to join and participate, and will always remain that way. Thanks to everyone for making this a very fun community of friends.
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    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    Tsunami: Before the Tsunami Waves (IC)

    Fleta and Tuck

    "You're welcome," Tuck told Corrine.

    "Oh, yes," Fleta agreed.

    Tuck brought

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    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    Tsunami: Before the Tsunami Waves (IC)

    Lizette, Guiles, and Gil Gerhard

    Gil nodded. "Yes. May we never forget." He smiled thankfully at Dutch.

    Lizette turned

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    Anne Elizabeth Baldwin

    Tsunami: Before the Tsunami Waves (IC)


    Cadie sighed in relief as she felt the rope begin to move, and Roman's grip good and strong on her hand. She hung on tight as the others

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    Jason Sanborn


    Good to see you, my friend!

    Yeah, I'm glad they did too. Not as bad as the one up by LA. Now they have mudslides and deaths because of

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    wow. Glad they got that under control.

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    Jason Sanborn

    The General CGR OOC thread - Part 4

    On Aevum, the First I've been waiting to reveal has now made her formal appearance.

    Jason Sanborn Today, 09:50 AM Go to last post
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