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  • Uncertain Future

    As of today, I am no longer employed. My position is apparently no longer needed and they no longer have a place for me in the company.

    Unfortunately, that change of events puts the future of Quarrels and Quills in jeopardy. I will be looking for a new job, of course, but I have no idea how that is all going to work out. I don't want the site to go down, but I don't know if I'll have much of a choice.

    I'm in the process of moving to a less expensive server, and that will take the rest of the month to complete. This, of course, leaves me with the question of what to do. I cannot justify the expense, when I have no income coming in. Then with Michelle's continued health issues and medical expenses, it makes it even more difficult.

    I am looking for ideas and feedback here. I'm calling for help to keep the site running. Please make your voice heard here, in one way or the other, to help me determine what path I need to take.
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    1. Quaxo9's Avatar
      Quaxo9 -
      I don't know what to say right now, Jason, but perhaps can you get me some numbers? What do you need - exactly - for this to work? I work better with boundaries and deadlines and I think that will help perspectives.
    1. Sojourn's Avatar
      Sojourn -
      I definitely would like to know some numbers to see how we can help out.

      Although in the worst case scenario I am an administrator over at the Crossgen Forums (Lucky from the old CGMB started them) and I'm sure we could move the stories over there. Although we'd have probably have to add new forums or sub forums for all the stories. I can email Lucky about this if it comes to it.
    1. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
      Jason Sanborn -
      I'm going to be shutting the current server off at the end of the month, after I move everything to the cloud server. Because it is a cloud server, the resources, along with the price, are variable. I'm still setting things up, so I can't say an exact price just yet. I'm trying to keep the resources as low as possible. As of right now, if things don't require more, then I'm looking at about $50 per month, as opposed to the $100 I'm paying for the current server.
    1. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
      Jason Sanborn -
      Just to add about the timeline, I will be looking into my finances over the next few days to see how long I have. I'm expecting the new server will be covered until end of June at least. I will have more specific answers in the next week or so.
    1. Sojourn's Avatar
      Sojourn -
      Well $50 sounds more reasonable for the server. Corey and I sometimes have tight months, but we could at least donate $5 to $10 a month to help you out. I wish it could be more but with Teddy and the house it always seems like something is coming up.
    1. Estrecca's Avatar
      Estrecca -
      Ugh. Double ugh. I seem to have a talent for resurfacing at bad times. My best wishes and sympathies in this time that must be so difficult for you. Does this place have paypal subscriptions or some such thing? I'm unemployed myself, but I should be able to cough up a few euros a month if that helps.

      EDIT: Never mind. Just saw them. Let me see how much I can give...

      EDIT 2: $5 monthly it is, I fear. Times are though.
    1. Qwaring's clone#1's Avatar
      Qwaring's clone#1 -
      I'm sorry to hear about your troubles, Jason. As I'm sure you've noticed, I haven't donated as much to this site as I used to. That's because I've been paying off medical bills for most of this year and didn't have anything extra. I've recently paid off my bills and I should be able to start donating again in a month (June 8th).
    1. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
      Jason Sanborn -
      Welcome back, Estrecca. It is great to see you again. Thank you so much for your help in that. Even $5 per month will be very beneficial.

      Q, your donations have been a big help all this time. I understand all too well how medical bills can be an issue. It is one of my concerns with this job loss. Michelle is still recovering from the last surgery. Thank you for everything you've done in the past.
    1. SilntAngl5's Avatar
      SilntAngl5 -
      I will help too. Please let me know what's needed.
    1. Xetal's Avatar
      Xetal -
      Check your PM, Jason...
    1. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
      Jason Sanborn -
      Thank you, everyone, who has offered their support. There are a couple ways to support: You can do one time, or recurring payments via PayPal through the site: http://quarrelsandquills.com/payments.php You can pay me directly via PayPal at jsanborn@simplicitypoint.com I'm sorry I wasn't here the past few days. I got sidetracked with everything going on.
    1. Sojourn's Avatar
      Sojourn -
      Can I make a suggestion? Could you put a donation link on the main forum page? Like at the top where you have Allos, Blogs, etc links. It'd make it easier for me to remember where to donate at.
    1. Lairston's Avatar
      Lairston -
      I added that. Thanks for the idea Jenny.
    1. Mrs_Lt_Emerson's Avatar
      Mrs_Lt_Emerson -
      Soon as I can set up a paypal, even though I"m not to sure when that will be at the moment, I'd like to help out. With the hubby deployed and its just me here at home I can spare a little extra for bit. I've got a few things to settle first.
    1. Jason Sanborn's Avatar
      Jason Sanborn -
      If anyone doesn't have PayPal, but would like to pay by check, that is an option. There is no business entity for the site, so it would be addressed to me personally. If you would like to do that, contact me via PM for the information.

      I really appreciate all the support from everyone here. Even donations as little as $5 have been a big help. The site is stable for a while now, and hopefully I will be settled into a new job before we reach a critical point again. I will keep everyone informed of how things are going.
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