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  • Warner Brothers planned Dungeons and Dragons film in trouble?

    Attachment 1667News that Warner Brothers has aquired the rights to make a moved based on Dungeons and Dragons may not be true after all. Hasbro, owners of Wizards of Coast, has filed a lawsuit to stop the planned move claiming that it has not authorized the movie. Instead, Wizards has an agreement with Universal pictures.Earlier this month, the news said that Warner Brothers already has a script from David Leslie Johnson. Johnson wrote Wrath of the Titans and Red Riding Hood. The script, Chainmill, is based on a game designed by Gary Gygax before he launched Dungeons and Dragons.

    The film was to be produced by Roy Lee and Courtney Solomon, who directed the 2000 Dungeons and Dragons film starring Jeremy Irons. With Alan Zeman being the executive Producer of the project. Solomon's studio claims it has the right to make a sequel or prequel to the 2000 film.

    The Dungeons and Dragons brand that has generated over $1 billion dollars since it launched in 1974 and the news claimed that Warner Brothers is treating this property as a major priority. They hoped to catch the interest of those who are enjoying the HBO series Game of Thrones and those who enjoy the Peter Jackson Hobbit adaptations.

    But Hasbro has filed a lawsuit against Solomon's Sweatpea Entertainment alleging that it has no right to make a film that exploits the Dungeon and Dragon brand. It seeks a declaration that it owns the rights to the property and wants an injunction to stop the planned Warner Brothers film. Warner Brothers is not a defendant in the lawsuit.

    Further the complaint states that the sequel rights would revert on a rolling basis on the earlier of five years from the U.S. release or seven years from the final director's cut.

    Sweatpea meanwhile has produced two TV films for the SyFy Channel: Wrath of the Dragon God in 2005 and The Book of Vile Darkness in 2012. They claim that this reset the sequel rights five year reversion clock but the Hasbro lawsuit claims that since it was not released as a theaterical release it did not.

    We have made three pictures so far, and we’re going to make more -
    including the tentpole project that is currently in advanced stages of development with Warner Bros," says Solomon in a statement.
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