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  • Disney sued for Pirates of the Carribean movies

    Attachment 1670Royce Matthew is again alleging that Disney stole his ideas when they made the Pirates of the Caribbean films. He will have to not only pass the tough legal test that demonstrates the movies are substantially similar to his own, but also that he has brought a timely lawsuit that isn't barred from his previous settlement with Disney over the same claims.

    A decade ago after seeing the PoC movie, he began to contact various lawyers without success so he filed a lawsuit himself in 2005. He claimed the idea of pirates transforming into skeletons under the moonlight due to a hideous curse to be his idea. He managed to get a lawyer and they began the discovery process. Matthew claimed his work had been taken while Disney claimed that the films were independently created. Disney provided art they claimed was from theme part artist Marc Davis during the discovery process. This art convinced Matthew to back off the claim and signed a release form.

    Now six years year, Matthew claims that Disney used false and fraudulent claims to get him to sign the release. He points to a book punished in 2009 that credits the art used in the discovery process to Collin Campbell. He says this shows that Disney altered and tampered with the artwork to create the illusion that it was independently created pirates transforming into skeletons under the moonlight.

    He will have to convince the judge that his claims are not barred by the statute of limitations and that the previous release does not preclude it.

    He's suing Disney, Buena Vista, Jerry Bruckheimer and others involved in the film.
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