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  • Guild Wars 2 gets Last Stand at Southsun expansion

    Attachment 1673ArenaNet's free update for Guild Wars 2 expands the tropical island that was just introduced into the game earlier this month. So ArenaNet has released a second batch of content offered this month which is unusual.

    Players can expect a new enemy, the underground Canarch, who plan to unleash a new monster to wreck havoc on the island and there will be new abilities added for group scrimmages and some cosmetic changes.

    Unlike other games, it is not a subscription based game nor a free game. Instead people buy the game and then they can make in game purchases to enhance the cosmetics of their characters. ArenaNet keeps players interested with dynamic story events and free monthly expansions.
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    After the funeral (with Sojourn)

    Pamela Allerton // Peter Allerton

    Pamela smiled sadly when her uncle mentioned that was Aunt Bess. It was just in her personality.

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    Discussion and comments

    She's not a murder suspect. lol

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    Optimus Prime

    House Escape In Character

    Dylan Wilson

    Dylan didn't like the look that Jim gave him. It was frustrating to know there was little he could do. It was

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    Optimus Prime

    Hell hath no fury

    Jake Turner

    "That's fine. I'm sure we'll figure something out."

    Jake replied to Angie, a little distracted.

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    Optimus Prime

    Court Case

    Brandon Wallace

    Brandon was relieved to be walking out of the police station. For someone who had rarely gone to the principal's

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    Optimus Prime

    Court Case

    Vince Quincy

    Vince watched Andi lead Brandon and Angela out. It would only be a matter of time before the boy would be led

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