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  • Welcome to a new Beginning

    Hello everyone!

    This is the new Quarrels and Quills.

    Okay so it looks just like the old Quarrels and Quills. But we're on a new server thanks to Kulit. So we're NEW even if we're now 12 years and 2 months old.

    Hope everyone enjoys the new Quarrels and Quills!

    Now get to posting in the stories and have a good time
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    1. Monkey Kitty's Avatar
      Monkey Kitty -
      Thanks for your hard work in getting this set up, and thanks to Kulit for hosting us!
    1. Sojourn's Avatar
      Sojourn -
      Yes, thank you for working so hard on the transition, Lairston. And thank you, Kulit for hosting us on the new server.
    1. Optimus Prime's Avatar
      Optimus Prime -
      Thank you, Lairston for your hard work. And thanks, Kulit, for hosting us.
    1. Xetal's Avatar
      Xetal -
      Thanks for all the hard work by everyone - a splendidly simple transition for a plain-vanilla user!
    1. Lairston's Avatar
      Lairston -
      You're welcome everyone
    1. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin's Avatar
      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin -
      Thanks. This does look good.
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