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  • Happy 13th Anniversary Quarrels and Quills!

    It might be hard to believe but Quarrels and Quills is now over 13 years old!

    Q & Q was created by Jason Sanborn and Lairston to give the former Crossgen RPers a new home. In 2004, Crossgen, the comic company that brought our community together, went bankrupt and the posters had to find a new home. Q &Q (then called Comic Book Review) was created and has been here ever since.

    Here's to many more years to come.
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    1. Sojourn's Avatar
      Sojourn -
      Quote Originally Posted by Millennium View Post

      ::Happily receives huggles::

      I've actually been doing great. Life is really good, if not really busy. How's that family of yours? Everybody has got to be sprouting so tall by now
      We're doing good. Busy with work and the boy. Who's 12 now. He starts 7th grade next week and is running Cross Country and plays football. And you're right, he's almost as tall as me.

      How is your family?
    1. Optimus Prime's Avatar
      Optimus Prime -
      Quote Originally Posted by Millennium View Post
      What's good OP! I'm good man, just trying to make it through these last semesters. From the looks of things, you and Sojourn have been helping the others keep this place alive
      Glad to hear it and see you back. And we've definitely been trying to do that.
    1. gurglingooze's Avatar
      gurglingooze -
      Congrats! Haven't logged in in a while. I'm still alive, but am now living in the Middle East. (UAE)
    1. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin's Avatar
      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin -
      Then welcome back, gurglingooze!
    1. Sojourn's Avatar
      Sojourn -
      Welcome back, gurglingooze! It's great to see you again.

      I hope all is well for you.
    1. Optimus Prime's Avatar
      Optimus Prime -
      Welcome back, GO!
    1. Quaxo9's Avatar
      Quaxo9 -
      ooze!!! Good to see you! Welcome back!
    1. gurglingooze's Avatar
      gurglingooze -
      Thanks All
    1. Tigers's Avatar
      Tigers -

      *whispers* Ooze!

      We've missed you! Violet's missed her brother Vallan! LOL
      Good to see you! I was just thinking of you not long ago too, wondering how you were!
    1. M.I.M.E.'s Avatar
      M.I.M.E. -
      *peeks into the thread*

      *looks around at the familiar faces*

      *does a happy dance*

    1. Meteoro's Avatar
      Meteoro -
      Yikes! The IT clown!
    1. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin's Avatar
      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin -
      Welcome back, M.I.M.E.!
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