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    Summer is here! Well, if you're in the Northern Hemisphere. Lol. If you're in the Southern Hemisphere, beat the cold and enjoy the summer sun with us.

    In honor of summer and Quarrels and Quills 13th Anniversary, you're invited to a Summer Block Party. Enjoy some good food, play some games, listen to good music, hop in the pool, and hopefully catch up with some old friends and perhaps make a few new ones as well.

    The party is hosted at the Crossgen Campaign forum. Bring a friend and let's have some fun!

    Join us here: http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthr...r-Block-Party!

    ~Staff of Q &Q
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    1. Xetal's Avatar
      Xetal -
      I had no less than four e-mails inviting me to this party! Thought I'd better show with the usual firkin of Old Peculier, but it looks like I'll be starting it alone....
    1. Sojourn's Avatar
      Sojourn -
      Lol, I had four as well. The system gave me an error and I didn't think it sent at all.
    1. Anne Elizabeth Baldwin's Avatar
      Anne Elizabeth Baldwin -
      Actually, it looks like Sojourn started it, Xetal. It's down in the role-playing threads, but I, for one, and "playing" myself.

      Here's the link to the first (and currently only) page: http://quarrelsandquills.com/showthr...er-Block-Party!
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