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    Under the Bright Lights


    Seeing that Sara and Hirsch were alright, Riff managed to rein himself in long enough to hear what James had to say. Or rather, the

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    Whispers from the Peaks (GW2)

    Nairn Tuckamore

    The norn had skidded sideways through the snow, blades crossed, prepared to leap into the wolf's maw if she had to...and

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    Start of Term

    Rosemary Bain

    As Barclay charged past her, she gave Lucie a significant look and rolled her eyes. The jackdaw chortled briefly in reply before

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    Mek-Sha Nightlife

    Teizi Lin and Dallyn

    They'd been skirmishing on the beach when she spotted the Sith approaching the house with purpose. Her tenored presence

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    Monkey Kitty

    Under the Bright Lights

    Gilda Fishblatt

    Gilda was terrified that she had metaphorically lit a bomb and detonated her life. She had been so happy. With Isaac, with

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    Monkey Kitty

    Under the Bright Lights

    Isaac Fishblatt

    "We don't have much in the way of armaments," Isaac admitted. "We don't typically need it. Our lives here

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