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    by Published on 10-22-2011 06:23 PM
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    Writing can be a lot of fun. That's what the essence of Play by Post roleplaying is. It is writing. Don't let those that think less of roleplaying say otherwise. Writing a play by post roleplay is like writing a novel with other coauthors. Everyone is there to have fun.

    So you find a story and you think you might want to join it. So you create a character and post it so that you can get into the game. That's a good thing. Now the fun should start.

    And most of the time it does. Some times however you come into a game and the GM is a hardcase. Its his story and you'll do what he says or else because they have every minute detail already planned out ahead of time and everyone has to follow the plan to the letter. There's no way around it. You either play it his way or you can go find another game.

    If that describes you as a GM, you really need to take a step back and look around. Your group is probably ready to string you up and leave you in the nearest tree.
    Its not fun to have every one of your character's actions determined by the GM. The GM is to set the stage and then the other characters react to that.

    So a major rule for the GM to keep in mind is to be FLEXIBLE. If one of the players posts the unexpected and suddenly you're straight line to the end goal is suddenly not so clear, don't panic. Adapt to it and move on. You can always redirect the story back to your agenda later. Let the players have freedom and fun and the game will continue because they are having fun.

    So if you come into a game where the GM is inflexible and demands that you retract your post because you had the character turn left instead of right, then it might be time to find another game and let the GM have his story.
    by Published on 07-31-2010 05:13 PM
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    I have been adding the smilies that we had back in our phpbb days back to the board rather slowly. I have just added a bunch back very quickly. All the orange smilies we started with have been added back to the board. In addition, I added some Light Yellow that I found on another board. I also have readded the big colored ones and the blue ones with big eyes. Check them out at your leisure.

    In addition the Smiley box has been improved with the addition of a drop down for the smiley categories that I wrote. Now you can select the type of smiley that you want from the drop down. If you would like to see all the smilies we have, just choose "All" from the drop down.

    by Published on 07-10-2010 10:37 AM
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    A few weeks ago I came across some tips for play by post roleplaying. For this article I'm going to share what they said.

    1. Create a solid character. This is the make-or-break of your role playing experiences; a good character will inspire your partners to interact and want to know more about them; a bad character will make it hard to stay focused and motivated. In short, make a character they’ll care about! Avoid perfect characters–you know, the invincible, anatomically perfect, immune-to-contempt, know-everything characters that make it absolutely impossible to wring a good story from or even like. Imperfections and inner conflict in a character are key to any role play.

    2. Pay close attention to your partners’ writing and respond in kind. There is nothing more distressing than putting a healthy few paragraphs or even sentences into scene, dialogue, or description, only to have your partner(s) completely disregard everything you said and write something different. For example, if Partner A’s character trips and falls, Partner B’s character should offer to help them up, or at least notice. Character interaction is essential to the anatomy of role play.

    3. Give your partners something to play off of! The quantity of a role play post is never quite so important as the quality. One can write paragraph after paragraph and yet never say anything significant that will motivate others to respond and propel the story. That aside, writing up a lot of fluff can be difficult in mediums such as chat rooms, where there is usually a text limit. Sometimes, less means more. However, just remember that it never matters just how much you write, it’s WHAT you write.
    It is important to apply #2 because each character is part of the setting and needs to be reacted to by the characters in the roleplay in order for it to be fun for everyone. Now there are situations of course where that is not possible. A room filled with different characters and there’s a group across the room. Of course your character isn’t expected to know what those characters are talking about. But when the character actually “fall” in front of your character, or they start laughing loudly or they say something to your character or whatever action that would affect your character’s actions, thoughts or speech that your character responds to it. Not responding breaks the roleplay and leaves their character in limbo. That’s not fun.

    Also #3 needs to be stressed because many look down their noses at people that write short posts. Just because a post is one sentence long does not make it less than four or five pages of text. Sometimes a sentence is all that is needed. And its also important that there is something that the other people can react to in the post.

    Essentially these rules are the golden rule: Do to others as you would have them do to you. That is the central rule that needs to be followed not just in roleplaying but in life.
    by Published on 07-09-2010 07:50 PM
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    What is Play by Post Roleplaying?

    While traditional tabletop roleplaying is done with the group all together in person and typically with rule books and dice, play by post roleplaying is done over the internet. It is similar to collaborative writing or interactive fiction. Play by post games are typically run on a message board like Quarrels and Quills.

    Play by Post posts are typically in the third person which allows the different players to write their character’s actions and thoughts without it being put back on the player themselves. These posts need to be open ended so that the next person can continue the story unless of course the time has come for the conclusion of the setting to occur. This is typically the job of the Gamemaster if there is one.

    The first post in a thread sets the setting up for the story to proceed. Subsequent posts are then a continuation in how the story progresses with each person’s character chiming in with their actions and dialogue.

    In order for the roleplay to work, there has to be some rules set up and agreed to by the players. Such as all actions that effect another person’s character must be decided by that player. For instance, a player 1 cannot post, “Player 1 stabs Player 2 in the stomach.” Instead, player 1 posts. “Player 1 attempts to stab Player 2 in the stomach.” Then Player 2 can decide if the action succeeds, “Player 2 jumps back and avoid the stab. Then attempts to kick the knife from Player 1’s hand with a roundhouse.” Or “Player 2 is surprised by Player 1’s attack and the knife dives into his stomach. Player one swallowed and fell to his knees as the wound began to bleed. The light began to fade and he couldn’t see. And Player 2 fell to the ground and his life was expired.”

    Another way is for the GM to decide who wins all the battles. Or to use dice which there are many online dice rollers.
    by Published on 06-07-2010 02:48 PM
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    What is Roleplaying?

    Roleplaying is a way for a group of people to come together and tell a story. It is no different than one person writing a short story or a novel. Only instead of doing it alone, you are doing it within a group of two or more people. So if you think writing is okay, then you should believe roleplaying is okay as well. Those that are so opposed to roleplaying do not seem to realize that it is simply telling a story. No one becomes the characters that they are portraying. In that way, roleplayers are like an actor in a play or movie.

    The different people in the group create characters for a setting that has been created typically by a Gamemaster who acts as an editor to bring the story and characters together. Typically the players in the group will have a good guy and a villain in the story. That way the story will be interesting and have many potential plot twists that not even the Gamemaster might see.

    Once the characters have been created, the Gamemaster or one of the players will begin the game with an opening description. There was a time when all roleplays began in a dungeon, then it became an inn. But over time, people have tried to come up with other ways to get their group of characters together.

    Anyway the opening description sets the stage for the other characters to interact. The opening might say the wind is blowing strongly through the area so the other characters will have to deal with the wind. So roleplaying is like putting on a play in this regard. You take on a role in your mind and decide what would your character do. And then you describe what you think your character is going to do as a result of what the other players have done.

    So what is the goal in roleplaying? Is it to win? No. The goal of a roleplay is to tell an interesting story that people want to see through to the conclusion. And most importantly, it is for the players to have fun telling the story. Each character may have their own goals and agenda but their success and failure should not limit the fun of the people involved.


    by Published on 05-19-2010 10:14 PM
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    Hello all

    We now have an Arcade on the site

    It is at http://quarrelsandquills.com/arcade.php

    The link is in the navbar under Forum.

    It can be played by all who are logged in. But scores can be seen by anyone.
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