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    Re: Planetary Archives.

    Re: Planetary Archives.

    Realms, alternate universes, parallel realities, paradigms and dimensions:
    * A Crack in Reality (A crack in reality)
    * Aisyle (A Dimension Apart)
    * Asgard (Asgard: Janus' Secret)
    * Beyond (The Beyond, The Realm of Beyond)
    * Eidolon Rift (An Untold Tale of the Eidolon Rift, THE RIFT: Rupiku's Eternal Prison, THE RIFT, THE RIFT: Rupiku's eternal prison)
    * Eternity (Eternity: The Bridge)
    * Hall of the Ancients (Mercury Falling, then Rising (in the Hall of the Ancients))
    * Heavenly Earth (Heavenly Earth: k dogg's new home)
    * The Leviathan (The Leviathan
    * Limbo (World of Limbo (Previously Posted on Planet M), The Chaos that is LIMBO)
    * Neverland (The Sprouse's in Neverland)
    * Phyrexian space (Phyrexian Space: The Machine Universe)
    * Qwaring's Pocket Dimension (Qwaring's Pocket Dimension)
    * Realm of Dangerous Exiled Crayons (The Island of Misfit Crayons...)
    * Realm of Darkness (Realm of Darkness)
    * Realm of Living Night (Sanctuary of the Silent Angel: A Dying Beacon of Hope, Neverending Remembrance: A Place of Waiting)
    * Realm of Nightmares (Realm of Nightmares, Realm of Nightmares: The Murder of Tantalus, Realm of Nightmares)
    * Realm of Shadows (From the Shadows)
    * Side-verse (The Side-Verse)
    * Sigil-Bearer Treehouse (The Sigil-bearer Treehouse..., Deep below the Sigil Bearer Tree House. (Collapsed and sealed off), The Sigil Bearer Tree House)
    * Somewhere, possibly an aspect of the Realm of the Dead (Somewhere)
    * Spiritual world (Spiritual World of the Saber Vortex)
    * Subspace (Danik's Hidden Fortress)
    * Temporal Space (Temporal Space)
    * Theatre de Vampyre (Theatre de Vampyre)
    * The Timestream (Somewhere in the Timestream)
    * The Underworld (The Underworld-Celeste's secret hideout)
    * The Void (The Void)
    * Wellspring (The Wellspring, Or Whatever Happened to Ilona?)

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    Name: Faeria
    Location: Once hidden in the Matrix Quadrant but now yet to be known.

    Ruler: Res, dreamy god of House Dexter.
    Inhabitants: This world is filled with angels who interact with dreams and nightmares and also mystic butterflies living mysteriously in symbiosis with the nature of Faeria itself, even if they don't appear to be part of.
    The mains people on Faeria are the angels, divided in four main courts from both dreams and nightmares in a perfect balance.
    -The Court of the Allegresse and the Sadness.
    -The Court of the Fear and the Despair.
    -The Court of the Desire and the Envy.
    -The Court of the Vision.

    These courts live in their own quarters on Faeria even if they are all linked and what one knows, they all know. Along with them, exist three other special courts:
    -The Allegories: they understand the meaning of any dreams and nightmares and are the link between them and reality at the sacred Tree.
    -The Perceptions: they kept living history of all and any dreams and nightmares, recording them at the Fountain.
    -The Warriors : powerful and skilled, they protect Faeria against any intruders and can appear at Res side if needed in the real world.

    Informations: Faeria is a world created by Res where the dream and nightmare are law and order. Its surface is filled with dreamy creations and nightmarish ones, sometimes fully made of dream, sometimes full of nightmare and between them, infinite creations mixing these two essences on differents balance. However, if someone even dare and succeed to come, the first impression will be a pleasant, peaceful, harmonious and delightful to the extremity for the sight, to gradiently change depending on the visitor's very dreams and nightmares. Although the surface is nothing material or physical like most of planets and is made of emotions, some structures on Faeria remain constant in their shapes: The sacred Tree, the gate of Dream, the gate of Nightmare and the Fountain
    The dreamy god's palace is self-contained on Faeria and it is shaped depending on his dreams. The four main places are linked to the palace by the Path of emotions bringing madness to the outsider who would walk on it: he would feel his emotions, even the most little one or hidden one pushed to its limits and over.

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    Re: Saber Vortex

    Re: Saber Vortex

    Countries of the Saber Vortex

    The Saber Vortex is made up of six countries. There used to be seven, but Karlen was destroyed by Anubis and had become the Wastelands.


    Was once the city of artisans before Anubis' attack. It is now the center of commerce and science for the planet. It is also where the grand palace of Sojourn Fan and Optimus Prime can be found. Nearby is the Dexter School of Training.


    Located to the north of the palace and surrounded by towering mountains, there are small towns near them, homes to both the miners and herb healers. The miners mined the mountains for the sacred metals used for tools and weapons. The herb healers gathered the herbs that grew on the mountain sides to make medicines for all of the Saber Vortex. A long time ago civil wars broke out between the groups over the use of the mountains. Lady Sojourn and Lord Prime had ended those though and worked out an truce between the groups that has lasted many years. Lady Sarka, a daughter of both a miner and herb healer, oversees the daily needs of the people Tedline.


    A country of oceans, Ortine is to the east of Tedline and Rinoan. The docks of the Saber Vortex and the islands hidden from many encompassed this country. Aurora's cabin was also considered part of Ortine but no mortal ever found it. The people of Ortine fished and gathered exotic fruits from the islands and shared them with all of the Saber Vortex. For you see under Prime and Sojourn the countries worked together to provide the best for all the planet. Ortine was a country of fisherman and their leader Lord Korron, was the best fisherman in the Saber Vortex. He was an older man and highly respected in this planet. Lord Prime and Lady Sojourn decided he was a good choice to oversee the daily needs of this country.

    The Fertile Plains

    The Fertile Plains is where the crops of the Saber Vortex are grown. Southwest of Rinoan and to the border of Ortine, the plains are the largest area of the planet. However, they are the least populated. Home only to famers with thousands of acres under their control, all the major crops of the world are grown and taken to Rinoan to sell and provide for the other countries. Some years ago the people of the plains branched out and also started ranches of cattle and horses to provide more for the world. Of course the animals they raised are treated with respect. The famers of the Fertile Plains elected Lady Joreal to over see their needs and communicate with the palace if they need help. A wise old woman and coming from an old farming family, she has seen more than eighty harvests in her time. SF and OP agreed she was a fine choice to take care of the Fertile Plains with her vast knowledge.


    Reinbolt is the country of hunters. It was to the east of the Fertile Plains and the west of Roke. A beautiful country of woods and wildlife. The hunters lived in cabins and truly lived from the land. They hunted to provide for the Saber Vortex but used everything from their kills. Fur for clothes, bones for tools, it was all used. The hunters respected the animals they hunted and prayed for forgiveness each time they made a kill and thanked the animal. Reinbolt was overseen by Lord Gartine, a proud and highly respected hunter. He was chosen for the task because he respected both the hunters and the animals. He made sure the people of Reinbolt respected the animals that gave their lives so the people of the Saber Vortex could survive.


    A country to the west of Reinbolt it is overseen by Lord Kellan. It is a group of islands gather in secluded peace. To the south-west lies the biggest island in the archipelago. A large area of lush vegetation, fields of crops and herds of animals. Located on the south-east are the smaller islands, huddling together in protection of one another. The biggest one, where the main seaport is located, boasted of a busy yet clean market place. Fishing vessels come in and out all throughout the day and night. Small but bountiful. A land of both science and magic. Providing a balance among all creatures, special beings or mortal. Here, everyone is educated. Everyone is equal. Everyone is happy.

    Roke's thread

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    Re: Saber Vortex

    Re: Saber Vortex

    The Wastelands

    Formerly the country of Karlen. Karlen was once a grand place. The center of commerce and science for the planet. People came from all over to see its great beauty. That ended the day Anubis, the Ancient God of Death, came to the Saber Vortex. Determined to kill Sojourn Fan and Optimus Prime, he stepped foot onto Karlen and destroyed it. Killing everyone and everything in his way. Although the Matrix Crew and Janassa and Cesar helped restore the Saber Vortex, this dark place couldn't be repaired. It's a reminder of Anubis, the scar he left on the world. Now a scared city of the dead it is forbidden for anyone to enter the desert. With pure darkness and harsh desert storms, even the dragons cannot fly in it. Only one mortal, Saul, who was sent by Lord Prime on a mission has survived it (barely). Those who were there when Anubis attacked, still haunt it. They do not they are even dead and continue their daily activies.

    Posts can be found in the main thread.

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    Re: Saber Vortex

    Re: Saber Vortex

    Aurora's Hidden Cabin

    Located in the oceans of Ortine, Aurora's cabin is hidden from mortals and Firsts alike. A safe and special place for Aurora (OP's mother), she gave it her son so he could come to it and feel near her. It is a special and peaecful place to the Prime family and many members come there to relax and be away from the demands of the universe. Res and Angel were born there and Raine also has found it a special place.

    There is a small cabin on an island that overlooks the ocean and beach. Time flows differently there. Aurora made it that way so she could be gone only a day, but be here for months.

    Aurora's Hidden Cabin thread

    Current posts can be found in the main thread.

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    Re: Saber Vortex

    Re: Saber Vortex

    The Palace

    The grand white marble palace of Sojourn Fan and Optimus Prime rests near the town of Rinoan. It is one of the favorite places for anyone to visit on the world. Many servants live in the palace and serve the royal family. However, they are treated with respect and like old friends than slaves. Many families have generations of people who have served the Prime Family. There is a army who protects the palace and many defensive systems although they aren't used often. The palace is also the center of the planet's defense system. After SF and OP cut themselves off from most of the First, the attacks on the palace and the planet seemed to go down. All matters for the planet are discussed here and mortals are welcomed to the palace.

    The royal family lives in the palace and there are many guests rooms available for visitors. This palace was the site of Angel and Mil's wedding (and alternate future Raine and Cole's). The kitchen is full of goodies, Penny likes the M&Ms the best. There is also a small hospital for the the injured.

    The Palace's thread

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    Re: Saber Vortex

    Re: Saber Vortex

    The Dexter School of Training

    Established by Optimus Prime and Sojourn Fan, the rulers of the Saber Vortex, the school is located near their palace near the town of Rinoan. It was established in response to there being a Sinister School. SF and OP felt there should be a school so Secundae can learn the ways of the Dexter House. The school was SF and OP's dream and they focused very hard to make it a success and were very proud of it. It later merged with the Sinister School under Mil's request for a United Firsts.

    After OP died, SF could no longer give the school the attention it deserved so she gave her daughter, Honor's Angel, the title of Headmistress. She felt the school would give her daughter a chance to move on from her problems with Mil and focus on the future. It seemed to have worked.

    The school's campus was built in a former field and over looks the village. The main building was a two story class room building. It was done in classic oak and had large class rooms. The bottom floor was class rooms and the top was offices for the professors. A wing connected to the left of the building had a library for the students. Behind the bulding was two training arenas. Across the way there were two dorm buildings, one for boys and one for girls. A large recreation building was between them. It housed a cafteria, gym, concert hall, and many other things

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    -Dexter School's thread on Comic Book Review
    -Current Dexter School thread

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    Look how productive I am when I'm bored.

    Anyway updated the planet's bio to include information on its countries and places of great interest.

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