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    Re: Saber Vortex

    Re: Saber Vortex

    The Cat's Claw Pub

    This pub is owned by Cole's family. Located near Reinbolt and the Fertile Plains, the pub is a popular place with hunters and farmers. It is currently ran by Cole's older brother Cody. Cole grew up in a house near the pub and it was here where he first met the dragons. The dragons weren't easy to understand then and they wanted to play music. Thrilled that Cole could understand them, they made him their band manager. Cole also took Raine here on one of their first dates.

    His family still lives there and recently his birth mother came to talk to his father about Cole.

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    Added Cat's Claw Pub as a place of interest.
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    Planet Information:

    Name: Abargah
    Location: Matrix Quadrant
    Surface Conditions: The planet is mostly desert with a few scattered oasis around and some small rivers and an ocean to provide water. The towns often are sheltered with a grand palace for the sultan who rules it and there are always marketplaces. It can get very hot on the planet with temperatures reaching 120 degrees in the direct sun.
    Ruler/Owner/Governing Body(s): The planet is divided into differnet city states that are ruled by sultans from their capital cities.
    Primary inhabitants: Humans who have adapted to the heat and desert animals.
    Brief History: Abargash is a small planet that is often left to its on devices. Located in the MQ it's people worship Aurora the Goddess of the Sun and have many temples built in her honor. They believed she brought life to their planet and all new life from a plant to a baby is because she has blessed them. After Aurora's marriage to Lord Mattson they began to worship him as well. Since he is the God of vision, the people, especially the sultans, pray to him for guidance in decision making.

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