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Thread: Awesome news!

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    Awesome news!

    Awesome news!

    I just got a call from Shayne (Millennium). He was calling me to announce that he's a happy new father for the second time. The newest addition to his family, Jhordyn Amauri, was born a few hours ago. For obvious reasons, he won't be on the boards for a while, so he asked me to post the announcement. When he has time, he'll be back to let everyone know more.

    Congrats, Mil!
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    Way to go, Mil.

    Lord Mattson, LM, Matts, its all the same.

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    Super congrats Shayne!

    Now Jason you tell him he is not allowed to post on these boards unless we get pics of Jhordyn.
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    From one dad to another, congrats Mil. Try not to spoil your little one too much, that's the grandparents job.

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    Congrats Shayne and family.

    I second the idea that he can't come back until we get pics.

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    Congrats to the happy family.
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    Re: Awesome news!

    Re: Awesome news!

    Thanks everyone. I really hadn't expected to jump online, but that's what happens when your excited and exhausted in the same breath. Can't sleep. Anyway, I'm still going to be around. Especially in RP, there are just too many good SLs going on at the same time. Just ask for patience. And for those who wanted some pics, they're coming. But hopefully this one can tide you guys over til I get some more appropriate stuff together...

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    Had a picture of Step too, but just as I was about to post it, I felt the cold grip of death around my neck. I took it as an omen. I figured that I liked my life just a little too much.
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    Woot! Congrats Shayne!

    Man, you have beautiful girls! (wise move on the "pics of the wife" thing, btw)

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    Re: Awesome news!

    Re: Awesome news!

    Beautfiful girls, Shayne (must take after Step ). Congratulations!
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