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    Quote Originally Posted by Sojourn View Post
    Sorry for the delay but I have it set up for you:


    I put it under the Adventure Wing, let me know if you need it moved to something else.
    Thanks, Jenny! I agree that Adventure is the best place for it.
    "Sleep to dream, and we dream to live..." -Great Big Sea

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    Campaign/Game Name: Those of the Snow

    Brief Description: This will be an forum that takes place in the frozen expanses of an ice age like world. The people have lived an caveman style of life for centuries. There are large mammals, like mastodons, and tribe villages like you would see in the ice age.

    GMs (if any): I am the only GM, I am new here, so if anyone wants to help, or join as GM, I am open.

    Number of Confirmed Players: Me?

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    Campaign/Game Name: Hogwarts Faculty and Staff

    Brief Description: The Harry Potter books focused on the lives of Hogwarts students, but this story centers around the teachers and staff members who are in charge of educating and protecting these magical children. Set in approximately the Cursed Child time period, it follows the stories of the guardians and caretakers who keep Hogwarts safe. With great power comes great responsibility... and lots of magical headaches.

    Number of Confirmed Players: 2.5 Quaxo and me for sure, and hopefully her friend will be joining us.

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    The forum has been created, MK.

    Writing Bug, we don't create forums for stories that only have one confirmed player. We do have "Theatre of the Bards" for our members that would like to share their own creations. That is where I suggest you would place your story for now. At least until you could get more interest in it.

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    You're welcome.

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