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Thread: [OOC] Abducted!

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    *if you build it, they will come....*

    who said that ????
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    Bob the Builder?

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    Re: Abducted!

    Re: Abducted!

    Welcome Back Cap!
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meteoro\";p=\"13053
    Anyway, about Abducted! we can start thinking about what we would like to do and next week we can start building it. You know, once we're back to work so we can have some fun on the net .
    back to work? I've been working through.
    then again,I am working at a Shell......
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    Okay, the [IC] thread for Abducted! has already been posted, feel free to ask any question here or just jump over there if you already know what's your character.

    Remember that the setting was created in a way that it will allow from mutants, to elves, to Gods, to astronauts. And if a character really grows into his or her own story and environment, it can move into his/her own roleplay game.

    Abducted! was planned as a starter RP game. So, expect the cast to change and new players to join anytime .
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    After being hit by the paradox energies it would be really easy to get re-started with RP if Minity ended up here...

    *starts plotting*
    Mother of the Dawn and Daughter of the Sun
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    What's a Minity?
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    a psychotic goddess

    It was a name of one of the First in the Crossgen comics and her name was supposed to represent the feeling of femininity...is that how you spell it- lol

    I just stole the name though because it was pretty!
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    Ohhhhhhhhh! Having a Goddess in the island will certainly stirr things up!

    You're more than welcome, Min!
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    Quote Originally Posted by GurglingOoze\";p=\"13310
    What's a Minity?
    A hot thing.
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