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    RPZ Café - NEW LOCATION, Same Lousy service

    RPZ Café - NEW LOCATION, Same Lousy service

    Hi there,

    Welcome the the RPZ Café. A place to kick back and discuss various topics in a relaxed atmosphere. My bar is fully stocked and my bouncer is paid, so ID's are manditory for anything stronger than Chocolate Milk.

    I got that guy at the door from a place called Godworld. Seems he got sacked after some nutjob tried to blow up the place. He came to me looking for work. I figured he's a 25' foot tall Minotaur Demi-God, so unless you're Theseus, he'll manage.

    Now a few friends might drop in to discuss some games we're thinking of kicking off here at the Quarrels & Quills. Feel free to jump into the discussion or not.

    If I'm not here, one of the others will help you. If no one is around, just help yourself. Just remember that the guy at the door is watching.

    So I'll just kick back, pop open a frothy one and wait for customers.

    "Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the Right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you."
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.


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    Re: RPZ Café - NEW LOCATION, Same Lousy service

    Re: RPZ Café - NEW LOCATION, Same Lousy service

    Jacen walks in to the bar,nodding to 'The Narrator' and continues on to the bar taking his customary seat at the far end of the bar."Hey Ooze,I'll have an Ice Tea.I was wondered how long it would take you to get the cafe going."

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    "I want a RockTini and I want it now. Spiced rocks, please, and just a bit of cinammon "

    "Mr. Bell, that's my seat "

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    get outta my seat rock man...that's my...whoops, sorry, my table is next to this one...

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    The God of Falling Rocks looked at the dog-person. "Were you talking to me? I'm the regular bully of the place. I really hope you reconsider."

    "Bartender! Give him only milk! "

    "See? I'm bad. I'm real bad. "

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    milk....and you think you're bad...here, have some dishsoap mized with liquid detergent and a drop of vodka for taste....now that's bad...

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    You do have a point.

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    GO looks at Metoro and says, "Well, you're the God of falling rocks, aren't you? What KIND of rocks would you like in your drink?"

    GO then mixes a Long Island Iced Tea for Jacen and places it in front of him.

    Grabbing a bowl, GO then pourred some milk in it and placed it in front of the odd little dog person.

    "Are you Ogopogo or Opogopo?"

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    depends.....you gonna be naughty or nice

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    The God of Falling Rocks was swamped once again in his thoughts

    "I think I would like a stalagmite with my RockTini."

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