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Thread: [IC] Abducted!

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    [IC] Abducted!

    [IC] Abducted!

    "My son was abducted!"

    "Where is my wife? A man took her!"

    "Who took my android away?"

    "The King is missing!"

    "The sorceress is not here? Where is she?"

    "Where's the pilot of the spacecraft?"

    "Where did that darn mutant go?"

    Through time and space, through uneven realities, different voices exploded in anger and fear under the same sense of abandon and impotence. Their loved ones, their hated ones, their allies, enemies, workers, teachers, sons, mothers, had been taken away by the same man.

    [img=left]http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31[/img] Few have grown to know him and those who did live so far away in a distant future that no one really wants to happen, because the future is such a real bad thing.

    An elder elf, a mother to many, once said "he's a man with a burden" when she saw this man right before he took her firstborn son away.

    A man with no time, he travels through different eras and universes, capturing men, women and strange creatures and takes them into an island that floats in the middle of nowhere; an island that has been accommodated with different kind of villages, cities and even underwater domes; a place where some of the abductees are set free and given tasks as if wanting to make them better beings; while others are thrown into dungeons to suffer all kind of tortures.

    There are only two ways out of the island: To be set free by this man or to die trying to understand why.

    Today, the man of the future arrives with a new batch of uneven creatures.
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    [img=left]http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31[/img] Mahn

    Curiously enough, this man of the future is named just "Mahn", even if he couldn't be more detached from manhood and humanity. He does have a goal that could be perceived as a noble one, though, but little is known about this supposed disaster that affected his era or about the role he did play in his rightful time. Some thought he was an all-powerful ruler, while others insist on him being an opportunist who took hold of a technology that granted him the chance to mess with the past to create a future that would fit his wants only.

    The one thing everyone agreed upon is that Mahn saw himself as a chess player, moving the pawns from one side to the other in order to realign facts and events, and he planned to twist them to achieve his goal.

    Today, even if it sounds irrelevant when we are talking about a man who travels through eras, he was grabbing a new batch of creatures he needed to realign in the currents of time and space. He had specific goals for each one of them and the first step was to abduct them!

    The first one was a little eight year-old girl, young enough to have no future set in stone; who was in the middle of her classroom trying to pay attention while thinking of something else. Bending time was a useful tool, because Mahn appeared in the classroom in between seconds and surrounded the girl in a bubble right over her size. Everything around them was frozen; everything but Mahn and the girl.

    "Your destiny needs to be redefined, Regan," said Mahn to her and the next second they were gone; leaving an empty space in the classroom and a very surprised teacher.

    Another moment and Mahn and the bubble containing the girl appeared in the middle of the space in a strangely bright universe. There was a magnificent woman floating adrift, as if sleeping in the middle of nowhere, beautiful like a Goddess and incandescent as any man's desire.

    "Minity… Look what the Time Paradox did to you… You'll play a big role in universe, but your skills and your new abilities need to be honed." He surrounded the dormant Goddess in another bubble and the three of them disappeared.

    Only to reappear in the middle of a city where everything seemed so normal that it was just boring. In between seconds once again, everything seemed so still, as if with no life at all. Everything was frozen but a man who looked at the newly arrival with horror.

    "Ryan, it's unbelievable how inconsequential you are to your environment. What a waste of air and space. You will be redefined by my hands and you will suffer, but you will learn and grow." A new bubble surrounded the frightened man as they disappeared.

    They stopped next at a dark office where a man was sitting behind his desk with a keen look in his eyes. "Your detective skills need to be taken to the next level, Little Wind. Your paranormal abilities need to grow. You'll play a key role in your timeline and you're coming with me, now!" Not letting the man respond; he got surrounded by a new bubble and they left.

    The next stop was a world populated by Gods in war. So much power trapped in such a small rock. Standing still in front of one of the Gods, Mahn spoke to a tall white haired man who was accompanied by a twisted and powerful woman. "Tyr'at. Your destiny is loaded with war, love and betrayal and your actions will define the fate of GodWorld, but you are erratic and that can't be allowed." Not letting the God react, a new bubble captured him. Mahn turned to the woman who was frozen in between seconds, but her awareness would never go dormant. Alsbeth… you had so much future, but look what's happened to you now… Mahn touched the Goddess' face with the back of his hand, vanishing with his bubbles, leaving her behind.

    Mahn and his abductees did several stops through the most unusual worlds and timelines, abducting all kind of people and carrying them all in separate transparent prisons, until they reappeared in the middle of an island which was stuck in between time and space.

    All of the bubbles were placed on the ground and finally opened, releasing their prisoners.

    "Welcome to the island. You will be disoriented, but you have all the time in the world to get used to this place that will be your home for now on. Each of you has a goal. Some of you will know which it is, some won't, but you won't leave until you've accomplished it."

    "This island has different towns, cities, villages, even underground kingdoms. You should be able to find one that suits your needs. For now, you're on your own."

    And with those final words, Mahn vanished.
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Minity awakens as Mahn vanishes, she looks somewhat confused as she rubs her head...it pounds as if she had partied non-stop for centuries, but she knows that is not the case, in fact she was on her way home to visit her new husband Lord Mattson...so...

    How did I get here?

    Minity turns to the first person she sees as her dark hair falls in her face, she points down at the first person she sees, which happens to be feable old man who was simply passing by...

    You...you will tell me where I am!

    Her eyes glow with power as she readies to incinerate this poor elder if he cannot provide her an answer she seeks
    Mother of the Dawn and Daughter of the Sun
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!


    Regan looked at the tall, beautiful woman with the temper and smiled to herself. After a brief moment of disorientation cause by the teleport, she had come to a few conclusions. Getting agry would only interfere with getting home.

    Turning to the Goddess, Regan said, "I don't think he knows. He looks like a simple peasant and wouldn't have the knowledge of how to transport a Goddess across space, dimensions and possibly time. If we stay calm and look at our situation for a moment, our Host will likely reveal themselves. Only a being of tremendous power could have done this, so I doubt he fears you or any of us."

    "I just want to get home to my family. I have a science project due next week and I have a good shot at winning the state science fair this year. My vampiric rose is ages beyond what those other dweebs will come up with."
    Irony, it's like goldy and bronzy only it's made out of iron.

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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Minity turns to the child who would dare speak to her, she raises her arm to lash out and then stops, she places her hands on her knees and brings herself down to the childs level, Minitys dark eyes stare into Regans as if she is scanning the her while she speaks...

    You speak to quickly child, I simply mean to learn our current location, and I am one of the few members of my race who know that their are those who possess power greater than my own, but they rarely come into direct contact with my kind, especially an influential one like myself...

    Minity stands up, breaking eye contact and begins to look around...

    All I need do is make enough trouble for the locals here for the grand master of this game to become annoyed and present himself to me, which at that point he will tell me of his plans and I will then convince him that I cannont and will not help him and he will send me home...its quite simple...you may come if you wish.

    Minity simply begins walking towards a busy market street as piles of cursed gold fall from her lustrious hair, causing the people of this area to begin rioting and looting everything in sight...
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!


    Regan looked at the others, shrugged briefly and followed the scantilly clad Goddess.

    "I'm Regan. Aren't you cold wearing only that?" She asked the lady, as she ran up to stand at her side wishing that her coat had come along with her.
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    Minity smiled slightly, it had been a long time since she had interacted with mortals face to face and without a false pretense...

    No no Regan, I am never affected by the weather unless my energy is depleted...and only foolish gods allow their energy to fully run out

    Oh and where are my manners, I am Minity, Goddess of the Sun, Daughter of Appollo, Wife of Lord Mattson, and Council Guardian of my people

    Minity waves her hand and suddenly all the rioting blood thirsty civillians are handed a number of different weapons...Minity smiles as she senses that her curse has taken over much of this city...she quickly encases a spell shield over herself and Regan to make sure the girl isnt caught up in the riot as they continue walking to the center of the city...
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    Re: [IC] Abducted!

    Re: [IC] Abducted!


    Ryan's thoughts race, "Where am, what... this place? Aaaah!"

    Looking around Ryan takes note of all his traveling companions and the pre-established island residents; he sees all manner of man, creature, mystical being and cybernetic horror. Nearby he eyes a Goddess speaking to a young girl, he's not sure how he knows she's a Goddess but he does.

    "Excuse me ladies?" he says meekly. They walk towards the market having left him unnoticed. Ryan slumps his head and shoulders as he turns away just in time to miss the unfolding chaos. Eventually he wanders onto a seemingly empty beach, plops himself down on to the sand and lies on his back.

    "Great," he thinks, "As if I didn't have enough trouble being noticed in a world of normalcy, now I get to contend with gods and talking animals for attention. Well no more. This nightmare Twilight Zone episode I'm in is my chance for a fresh start. From here on out, I'm going to be important; people will respect and notice me."

    And with that thought he falls asleep, dreaming about grander exploits and a future of fame... or infamy.
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    [img=left]http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31[/img] Mahn

    Mahn's life was a busy one. How old he was would be anybody's wonder, since his cold face had been so tampered with that you wouldn't know if he was 40 or 5.000 years old. He never even cared about explaining himself to others, after all, he came from such a distant future that he felt as dealing with ants instead of sentient and thinking creatures. He had a task and every passing moment and every little task accomplished, moved him closer to his goal.

    With this in mind, he appeared in the year 8895, June 1st to be exact. As usual, time froze around him and it affected everyone but his intended victim: a cyborg that was about to be disassembled.

    "MICU-2829, your destiny hasn't been fulfilled yet. There's a chance that you can change your world and I will make sure it happens."

    A bubble surrounded the android and both of them disappeared only to make their reappearance in the year 10.109 at a prison planet named Tartarus, inside of a cell where a man is waiting to be executed. Time stood still as Mahn and the android in a bubble looked at the murderer.

    "James R. Braddick. You've lived long, but your life doesn't have to stop here. There's a bloodline that needs to be erased from history and your hand will put an end to it."
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    ((FYI: MICU-2829 is a cyborg, not an android. ))


    He died exactly 250 years ago today. His past life existed only in his memories. Not that it mattered, considering that past ended the day he became MICU-2829, a cybernetic soldier, one of many. Unfortunately, all such cyborgs have been deemed by the government to be obsolete, and were scheduled to be terminated, their cybernetics recycled in the creation of the military's latest "tool" the Rueban Series of Battle Androids.

    MICU-2829, along with several other "obsolete" MICUs managed to escape their fate, and scattered among the universe. The military wouldn't give up their prizes so easily, though, and the Rueben Series were sent out to capture the defected cyborgs. MICU-2829 had managed to evade capture for just over five years, but a team of Ruebens finally managed to find him, capture him, and bring him to his termination.

    MICU-2829's date of termination was set, and he found the date ironic. Exactly 250 years, to the day, from his first death was the date set for his second, and final death. He sat calmly on this day, in his cell, awaiting his execution. He did not expect the stranger to appear in his cell.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mahn
    MICU-2829, your destiny hasn't been fulfilled yet. There's a chance that you can change your world and I will make sure it happens.
    What're you tal---?

    MICU-2829 started to say before the bubble surrounded him and he found himself in another cell, with a man he'd never seen before.

    ---king about?

    MICU-2829 finished. There was no real break in what he was saying. It was simply that they transported in the middle of his question.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mahn
    James R. Braddick. You've lived long, but your life doesn't have to stop here. There's a bloodline that needs to be erased from history and your hand will put an end to it.
    What's going on?
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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