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    "What is this, are you mad?" She looked at him coldly, she looked for a weakness to destroy him, but she found nothing. "Let me go. I don't need to learn humility, I am a prefect queen, a powerful queen." Shandi struck the bubble very angry, but she couldn't destroy it. She was impotent. She had lost her powers. "I order you let me go!!!"
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    [img=left]http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31[/img] Mahn

    "Your whining will take you nowhere, Shandi. You will have to meet others and you will see in time that humility is not such a difficult task for you. Your destiny holds greatness for you. Stop complaining and embrace what's in hold for you."

    Not saying another word, Mahn took hold of the organic bubble covering Shandi and faded away from her world.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ogopogo
    [Ogopogo] never noticed the bubble, floating towards him from the sky, gaining speed and momentum as it came closer to him. And as Ogopogo charged the next group of soldiers, swinging his swords in a scissor-like motion, the bubble swooped down and swallowed him whole.....
    As soon as Ogopogo was trapped inside of the organic bubble, Mahn appeared next to him, with Shandi still his captive, floating by his side. Looking around and holding time in between seconds for those battling around, he made sure he was at the right moment. Yes, the timing was perfect. He was standing at GodWorld once again, this time a few months, probably a year into the past. The Valley of M was falling under the power of Malice and the emoticons were the last defense. They would have to go on without Ogopogo.

    "You are coming with me, Ogopogo. I have a different kind of mission for you. Far, very far away from your own world."

    Time started flowing again but Mahn, Shandi and Ogopogo had already left. A "moment" later, they reappeared in the island stuck in between time and space. One of Mahn's previous abductees was at a space pirate bar trying to find his way into this land.

    "Little Wind." Said Mahn addressing the man who was talking with one of the pirates. "Your mission has been realigned. You will have to come with me." Surrounding Little Wind inside of a new organic bubble, he took him again and faded away.

    ((The story of Ogopogo, Shandi and Little Wind continues in "Go West".))
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    [img=left]http://www.quarrelsandquills.com/album_pic.php?pic_id=256&full=true&user_id=31[/img] Mahn

    Returning from the East side of the island, Mahn took a detour into the future of a place he had already visited: The Bright Universe.

    Elysia was a big world populated by strong creatures believing to be gods, most of them were created, while others were just the offspring of these First beings. Among them was a god who had been known as "M'Fufu" when he was a child.

    Appearing out of nowhere, Mahn froze the flow of time around them and faced him.

    "M'Fume, your destiny needs to be realigned, you will come with me."

    An organic bubble got created around the M'Fume and both of them disappeared from Elysia.
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