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    [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Since we have an entire forum for this RP game, feel free to post in here the bio of your character and you'll get feedback from the other players.

    These are the links to the characters bios:

    James R. Braddick
    Little Wind
    Mikaine Industries Cybernetic Unit #2829 (MICU-2829)
    Ryan Johnson

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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    I'm getting a sense of deja vu.
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    Really? And what did you see?
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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    this thread reminds me of the Bio forum your ran on the CB.
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    Oh, I see . Well, I guess old habits are hard to leave .
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    Mikaine Industries Cybernetic Unit #2829

    Original Setting: Futuristic Sci-fi setting.

    Mikaine Industries was a high-tech organization with military ties. Over 90% of their products were sold to the military. The Mikaine Industries Cybernetic Units (MICUs) were among the products for the military.

    MICU-2829 was once a human, like all MICUs before and after him. He was a soldier in the military that was killed in the line of duty. His military contract, though, allowed his body to be given to Mikaine Industries to be implanted with cybernetics and returned to the field of battle.

    The date of MICU-2829's death was June 1, 8645, which was over 250 years ago. His recorded age at the time of his death was 32 years. Any other information about his previous life was erased by Mikaine Industries when the company closed its doors in 8794.

    Despite the closing of Mikaine Industries, the MICU series of cyborgs remained in service, maintained by the military and other industries that came after them. It seemed that the secret of creating successful cybernetic beings ended when Mikaine Industries closed its doors.

    That was, until the arrival of Rueben Gallendan. He was a scientific genius far above anyone that came before. In the year 8843, he created the Gallendan Battle Android. It was the first successfully built artificial intelligent lifeform created, ever. It was always believed that a human brain was needed, which is why the cyborgs were maintained. Rueben Gallendan proved otherwise.

    The first Android, named Rueben after its creator, became the prototype for a new line of battle androids designed to replace the aging cybernetic soldiers of the long defunct Mikaine Industries. On January 1, 8890, the MICUs were pronounced obsolete and sentenced to be scrapped, their cybernetics recycled to use in the creation of more androids.

    MICU-2829 was among a small number of MICUs that managed to avoid their fate. They scattered among the universe, hiding from the military they once served, fighting when it became necessary for survival. The MICUs may have been dead once, but their human need for survival still remained strong.

    MICU-2829 was captured on May 28, 8895. He was scheduled to be terminated on June 1, exactly 250 years, to the day, since he died. It was on the date of his proposed termination, that he was abducted and taken to the island outside of time and space, giving him yet another chance in life.
    QC1: From this day forth you shall be called "Sprinkle Berryweather".

    Kevin Flynn: The Grid. A digital frontier. I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What did they look like? Ships, motorcycles? Were the circuits like freeways? I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day... ...I got in!

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    Interesting character you cooked up in here! It's going to be interesting seeing him interact with the others.
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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios


    Try'at is the son of the Norse God Tyr,and the Egyptian Goddess Ma'at.

    starting with a bit on Ma'at and Tyr.



    * Woman with a feather on her head
    * A feather

    Ma'at was the goddess of truth, justice and harmony. She was associated with the balance of things on earth.
    Ma'at was the daughter of the sun god Ra.
    Pharaohs are frequently shown in wall reliefs making an offering of Ma'at to the gods-showing that they are preserving harmony and justice on earth.
    The vizier who was in charge of the law courts was known as the 'priest of Ma'at'.

    The Lore of Tyr

    Tyr is a god misunderstood and in large part forgotten by today's neo-pagans. When most of us think of Norse warrior gods, visions of Thorr and his hammer flash before our eyes, and when one thinks of leadership or kingship we see Odinn and maybe Freyr. Yet Tyr was very important to our ancestors, as evidenced by the fact that a day of the week was named after him, and two of the eight high holidays were dedicated to him.

    Much of the mythology of Tyr is at present lost except for the story of the binding of the Fenris Wolf, the son of Loki and Angrboda, as told in the Prose Edda. In short, the Norns warn the gods that Fenris is dangerous, and will one day kill Odinn. The gods, alarmed, decide that they must bind him. They create a strong chain and ask Fenris if he is stronger than the chain. He allows the gods to try to bind him so that he can prove his strength. He easily breaks both that chain and the next, which is twice as strong. But when they try a magical ribbon made by the dwarves, Fenris, suspicious, ups the ante because he fears that despite their promises, they won't unbind him if he can't break free. Not wanting to be called a coward, he finally agrees to be bound if one of the gods will lay his hand in his mouth as a pledge of troth. "And each of the Ases looked at the other, and none of them was willing to lose his hand, until Tyr reached forward his right hand and lay it in the mouth of the Wolf." Needless to say, the wolf can't break free on his own, and they don't untie him. Tyr loses his hand, the wrist becomes known as the 'wolf joint,' and Tyr picks up the name of Wolf Leavings.

    Tuesday is named after Tyr because in the Roman calendar that day was Mars' day, and the Romans associated Tyr with Mars. This seems strange given that we have no myths associating Tyr with battle, but the binding of Fenris gives us some insight into the association. Fenris is the savage beast who knows no bounds, and, because of his trustworthiness and honor, Tyr alone is able to fetter him. The Norse warriors are oft associated with the berserker image, the warrior raging out of control. But it is the self-discipline of Tyr which allows the warrior to martial his power. Further, the true warrior wants nothing more than justice, which is why he must bind the chaotic forces which would destroy it. Tyr fights only the just war.

    Dumézil argues that Tyr, (also Tiwaz and Zio, cognate to Zeus), is more properly understood as the legal half of the dual first function of law and magic. Odinn gives up an eye for a more magical or mystical sense of vision, while Tyr sacrifices his hand so that the violence of war is bound by cosmic justice. Just as the eye needs to be sacrificed for true vision, so too does the right hand, a symbol of one's honor, (as in the handshake), need to be sacrificed for true justice. It is not uncommon for first function figures to go through some sort of mutilation (e.g. the Celtic Nuada of the Silver Hand, and the Roman heroes Horatius Cocles and Mucius Scaevola). Tyr's weapon was the spear, another sign of first function deities.

    Some of the symbols associated with Tyr are the spear, the hand or glove and the North Star called the Tyr-star or The Nail. Medieval fairs were started by raising a pole in the center with a glove on top. With the cry, "the glove is up," the Fair was opened, and the law of the Fair took effect. A Saxon rune poem states that the Tyr-star keeps faith with princes.

    Tyr is associated with two holidays, Disting (Imbolg) and Thingstide (Lughnasadh). Both are Things, in which the people can ask that the law be exercised on their behalf. Disting is the time of swearing of oaths, (the signing on to war-bands and Viking crews), as it is the beginning of the war season. Thingstide, the end of the war season, is the annual time of making treaties, marriages, and was the time for trials. The legal practices, like wergild and strictly controlled duels, were not abstract, but were designed to stop a fight. Tyr's loss of his hand to Fenris in a knowingly false bond may have resulted in what Dumézil called "a pessimistic view of the law" where we do what we must to keep the peace.

    Tyr's followers not only need to keep their oaths, but must also take an active role in enforcing justice. Their judgment must include both sides of the situation. After all, it is because Tyr is the only one willing to feed Fenris that Fenris trusts him. In today's world an eco-warrior who follows Tyr would recognize that while the paper mill cuts down trees, the recycling plant may produce more pollution. True justice is served not by letting violent emotions rule our actions, but by binding the violence both in ourselves, and in that which threatens the justice and peace of our world.

    now for Tyr'at

    The image I have for Posting is much smaller.

    his appearance is like his Av,though he has a pendent with the eye of Ra on it hanging around his neck.the Tattoo on his arm is the Eye of Ra.

    he doesn't have the fur cloak.His pants are dark brown and his boots black.

    I'm using the same Bio as before cause I like Tyr'at the way he is.though I need to add the being King part though it wont make much difference right now.I'm also posting this i my Bio page to.
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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Ok, time for the intergalactic serial killer....

    Name: James R. Braddick
    Age: 53 (appears in late 20's)
    Height: 6' 3"
    Current place of residence: Cell #19876G Tartarus Maximum Security Prison, Planet Tartarus


    James is a member of a particular offshoot of the human race, known to the galaxy as the Chrodos. By whatever mystery which allowed this race of people to evolve, the Chrodos grew to be superior to normal homo sapiens in nearly every aspect. They possess superior strength, speed, senses, and agility, beyond that of a normal human, as well as a slower rate of aging. Because of this, their entire race thrived on war and conquest. Their brains themselves also developed far beyond human capabilities, enabling even the lowliest of soldiers to be tactical geniuses on the field. James himself possesses brown eyes, short black hair, and a muscular and athletic body.


    Though some may think Braddick is nothing more than a psychopathic killer, the truth is he is intelligent, cold, and calculating. His primary motivation is simply self preservation, caring little about what happens to those around him. He generally does not kill out of enjoyment, but necessity. He will kill or destroy anything which stands in his way, and when he does so, it is without mercy or restraint. His time in the military left him a tactical genius and he always thinks ten steps ahead of his opponents. He is also willing to enter combat against seemingly impossible odds. He takes no pleasure in killing women and children, and avoids doing so if at all possible.


    Braddick's life is a neverending story of war and bloodshed. He was born on January 9, 10056 on Chrodos Prime. At the time of his birth, the Chrodos people had already long since begun their conquest of the galaxy. Believing themselves superior to all other forms of life, they enacted a brutal wave of destruction and butchery across the galaxy. From infancy, the Chrodos were trained to be the most efficient killers possible. Throughout his childhood, Braddick was taught battle tactics, weapons usage, and anatomy and xenobiology to make him the best soldier he could possibly be. By the age of 20 he was already in command of his own military unit responsible for infiltration and sabotage. The Chrodos never revelled in mindless slaughter, indeed there was a code of honor amongst their people, yet they were willing to enact whatever means necessary to achieve their military goals. Though their conquest was widely successful, pride got the best of the Chrodos, and soon the overwhelming numbers of their opponents began to take their toll.

    The decimation of Chrodos Prime marked the end of the war, and the beginning of the systematic extermination of the Chrodos people. In retribution for their atrocities, the Chrodos were hunted down and executed. However, Braddick had a knack for survival. He went underground, becoming a freelance assassin for some time, all the while being hunted across the galaxy. Braddick excelled greatly in high risk, usually political assassinations, being solely responsible for the outbreak of civil war in 3 star systems. However it was an assassination mission at an orbital embassy above the planet Tarsonis that contributed the most to his infamy. The assassination attempt was successful, yet bounty hunters complicated his escape, which eventually lead to the destruction of the space station and nearly all 467 of its inhabitants. Braddick managed to escape, and in the preceding years became wanted for strings of murders on 12 worlds across 5 star systems. In 18 years since the end of the Chrodos war, he was captured 3 times and transferred to maximum security prisons in various locations across the galaxy, escaping from them within months. He was finally captured 6 weeks ago by an army of space pirates seeking the bounty on his head, and was transferred to the Tartarus Maximum Security prison on the planet Tartarus, where his execution is imminent. And so he sits in his cell, on this barren volcanic world awaiting his own death.
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    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Re: [OOC] Abducted! Bios

    Name: Ryan Johnson (changed his last name to be more generic since the original concept in the OOC thread)
    Age: 25
    Height: 6'0"
    Weight: 215lbs
    Hair: Brown
    Eyes: Brown

    Ryan's looks are generic; neither homely nor handsome Ryan is ultimately forgettable. Moment's after he walks away you'll barely recall his face.

    Ryan was abandoned as a child. Well not so much abandoned as forgotten. He was left still strapped in the shopping cart at the local grocer by his parents. None of the employees remembered a family with a baby that day, and no parents reported a missing 1 year old.

    Ryan spent most of his youth in state housing, as he was always overlooked for adoption. He eventually found a foster home with a kind elderly couple who'd never had children. The couple died not long after Ryan's 18th Birthday. Leaving him alone again.

    The last 7 years, Ryan has worked as a stocker at the same local grocer he'd been forgotten at as a child.
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